Gal Gun 2 refused classification in Germany

If you’ve watched footage of Gal Gun 2, you already know that the game features some pretty… risqué content (to say the least). And it looks like it was a tad too much for the USK (the German equivalent of the PEGI, well known for their continued ruining of boxarts), who refused to give it a classification.

In order to release games in Germany, a USK classification is mandatory. It’s technically possible to release un-classified games, but those are treated as adult-only releases, and suffer from strict restrictions. Unfortunately, it looks like PQube isn’t going to try and release the game in Germany, after unsucessfully appealing the decision.

Here’s what the publisher said in a statement sent to Rice Digital:

Unfortunately our appeal against this decision has been unsuccessful. Given that Gal*Gun: Double Peace did receive classification in Germany, we’re doubly disappointed that we cannot bring the highly-anticipated title to our fans in Germany. However, we will have to accept and respect the decision of the USK.

Of course, the USK decision doesn’t really change much for players who were looking to purchase Gal Gun 2: they will still be able to change the region of their Nintendo Account to download it from another Nintendo eShop (European or not), or even import the physical version.

Gal Gun 2 (Switch) comes out on March 15th in Japan, and later this Spring in Europe and North America.

Source: Rice Digital


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