Pinball FX3: Jurassic Park getting 3 tables on February 20th

This year, the very first Jurassic Park movie turns 25, and what better way to celebrate than with… some pinball tables? Zen Studios has announced that a set of 3 Jurassic Park and Jurassic World-theme tables (themed around the history and lore of the film franchise) would be added to Pinball FX3 on February 20th, as paid DLC.

Here’s details about the tables:

  • Jurassic World table: features film dialogue, action inspired by iconic film scenes (including training Raptors, neutralising Pteranodons, escaping the Indominus Rex, or feeding Mosasaurus). There’s even a mode that transforms pinballs into Gyrospheres;
  • Jurassic Park table: features film dialogue, cinematic moments from the film (including the T. rex chase on board an iconic Jurassic Park keep, Velociraptors hunt, and more);
  • Jurassic Park Pinball Mayhem table: features Isla Nublar. Tasks you with keeping escaped dinosaurs at bay, dealing with emergencies, rescuing trapped workers, and returning the park to its former glory. You can even “play” as a Stegosaurus battling an hungry T. rex!

Here’s a trailer introducing all three Jurassic Park tables for Pinball FX3:

Unfortunately, we don’t know how much the tables will cost, just that they will be sold as part of a pack releasing on February 20th on all platforms (including the Nintendo Switch).

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Source: Zen Studios PR


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