Bike Rider DX: details and scans for the latest entry (3DS)

Earlier this week, we learned from Famitsu that Spicysoft was working on another Bike Rider DX game, once again for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s called Chou Charisou ~Atsumete! Choujuu Hunter (lit. Bike Rider DX ~Assemble! Monster Hunter), and will be released on February 24th in Japan (where it will cost 680 Yen). According to the magazine, development is 70% complete.

As the title implies, the focus of this new entry is monsters: after all, the game features over 40 “super beasts”, but also 7 giant bosses. It seems to be packed with content, such as 70 courses for the Story Mode, a Time Attack mode (without the bosses, naturally), and online leaderboards. Looking to have some fun with friends? No problem: Chou Charisou ~Atsumete! Choujuu Hunter will have a multiplayer mode (up to 4 players)!

But that’s not all: Chou Charisou ~Atsumete! Choujuu Hunter will also have some collaborations as DLC. Here’s those mentioned in Famitsu:

  • Monster Hunter X (no date given)
  • Steins;Gate (no date given)
  • Egu-splosion (available at launch, for 200 Yen)
  • Kamen Rider (available at launch, for 200 Yen)

Finally, here’s the scans from Famitsu magazine:

Chou Charisou ~Atsumete! Choujuu Hunter (3DS eShop) comes out on February 24th in Japan.

Source: Famitsu
Via: Japanese Nintendo


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