Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice demo now available, anime prologue in English

Update: the demo for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice is now available in Europe and North America.

While you wait for the download to finish, here’s the anime prologue, now in English:


It’s been a few weeks since we last heard about Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, but today, Capcom finally broke the silence with some pretty good news. The company announced that the game would be released on September 8th in Europe and North America, where it will cost $29.99 / £24.99 / 29.99€.

Wondering when the demo version will be released? The answer is… two weeks earlier, on August 25th! According to Capcom, the demo version includes “a section from the first courtroom scenario in the game, and allows players to slip into Phoenix’s shoes in the Kingdom of Khura’in and get a taste of the newest gameplay feature, the Divination Séance.”

Capcom also revealed a brand new trailer, which can be found… just below!

Here’s some of the characters that will appear in the game:

  • Ema Skye: she first appeared in the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (in the 5th case, from the Nintendo DS version). She has finally passed her certification exams, and is now a full-fledged forensic investigator. In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, she returns to assist Apollo in his defense of Trucy Wright;
  • Trucy Wright (Phoenix’s adopted daughter): she finds herself mixed in an unfortunate incident that takes place during one of her magic shows. Unfortunately, Phoenix Wright is in Khura’in while this happens, so it’s up to Apollo and Athena to uncover the truth. The victim in that particular case is one Mr. Reus, one of Trucy’s co-performers.
  • Bonny de Famme: a fledgling magician who appears in Trucy’s show. She wants to help Apollo in any way she can, but it looks like she’s also hiding some secrets of her own…

Next, here’s some screenshots and artworks for the game:

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice (3DS eShop) comes out on September 8th in Europe and North America. The demo version will be released on August 25th.

Source: Capcom PR


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