WarioWare: Move It! – Overview trailer; more details and footage (Story Mode, Extra Stages) + commercials

Early next month, the next entry in the WarioWare series will be released on Nintendo Switch: WarioWare: Move It! (out on November 3rd worldwide). And ahead of that garlic-breathed release, Nintendo has shared the usual overview trailer, showcasing everything the game has to offer.

Here it is in both English and Japanese:

And that’s not all: Nintendo also shared some more details about the game, this time focusing on Story Mode. In this mode, you get to tackle various stages: in each one, you play Microgames selected at random. Which ones you get depends on the character associated with the stage (Wario, Mona, etc.).

For example, the Wario stages use the “Choo Choo” Form (where you have to hold both Joy-Cons upright in front of you), while the Mona stages use the following forms: “Nobiagari” (English name TBC) (you hold both Joy-Cons sideways while raising your arms) and “Naruhodo” (English name TBC) (you hold both Joy-Cons upright, one above the other).

If you keep clearing stages, you will eventually come across powerful bosses: defeat them to move on to the next stages!

Once you’ve cleared all the stages in Story Mode, a new map with Extra Stages will appear. In those Extra Stages, you will get to tackle Microgames with various rules (official English names TBA!):

  • Muscle ★ Exercise: play a series of Microgames that will have you move and shake your body like crazy. Perfect for those looking to get their daily dose of exercise!
  • Two-Player Battle: a competitive mode where two players play the same Microgame at the same time. The first player to lose all 5 lives loses!
  • Karakuri Kawaribanko: one player tackles the Microgames while the other assists them by moving the karakuri stage around so that the game screen is always visible. The key is cooperation!
  • Iki Pittari: features Microgames focused on co-operation.
  • [High Score Stage] Gekimuzu: in this stage, Microgames move on to the next at great speed right from the start.
  • [High Score Stage] Thrilling: a series of tough Microgames where one mistake means Game Over!

In High Score Stages, if you get a certain score, you will be able to tackle extra stages, so keep honing your skills and give it your best!

Here’s footage of the Extra Stages:

Finally, WarioWare: Move It! features a Museum. There, you can replay all the Microgames you’ve already played at least once in Story Mode to your heart’s liking, without any restrictions (you can even set the difficulty level). There’s over 200 Microgames to play, and it looks like you will be able to unlock something nice by clearing every single one of them!

And as an extra, here’s not one, but two commercials from Japan:

And if that wasn’t enough for you, here’s a commercial from North America:

WarioWare: Move It! (Switch) comes out on November 3rd worldwide!

Source: Nintendo


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