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Apex Legends (Switch): all the updates (latest: Hotfix)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch (originally released on March 9th 2021 in North America, and March 10th 2021 in Europe and Japan)!

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Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Hotfix)

  • Release date: May 10th 2024 (North America) / May 11th 2024 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Explosive Holds have been temporarily opened due to a crash. While we work on a fix, you’ll no longer need an Ordnance to open them.
  • Level 1 backpacks have been removed from the loot pool in Solos matches.
  • We recently identified an issue with the previous Season’s Breakout Rewards which prevented some players from completing the Gifting Challenge. We just rolled out a fix for this issue and granted the associated rewards to affected players.
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Respawn (Twitter) / Respawn (Twitter)

Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Hotfix)

  • Release date: May 8th 2024 (North America) / May 9th 2024 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • fix for Heirlooms. You can once again equip them as usual!
  • Known issues:
  • we’ve temporarily removed the Requeue feature in Ranked matches while we work through some issues. We’re working on a fix for this and will let you know when it’s ready to be turned back on!
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Respawn (Twitter)

Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Upheaval)

  • Release date: May 7th 2024 (North America, Europe) / May 8th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


Alter is an agent of chaos, primarily concerned with having fun and bringing about the end of the world. Everything is a game to her, and she is always looking for an advantage. Her kit adds an entirely unique dimension to the Apex Games, allowing her to create void passages through geo or escape through the Void to her Nexus when her enemies believe they have the upper hand. Her ability to craft unsuspecting rotations through the world will sow new levels of disorder in the ring and she can’t wait to watch the whole place burn.

For more details on our newest and most devious Legend, check out our Highlights Blog. Read more about her abilities below.



Can remotely interact with a deathbox to claim one item. Cannot be a shield core.


Creates a portal passageway through a surface.


Create a regroup point that all allies can remotely interact with to open a phase tunnel back to that location.


Level 2 Upgrade Options    
Ultimate Cooldown Reduce Ultimate cooldown by 30s.
Void Vision Extend highlights and see health bars after exiting Tactical.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Eternal Nexus Void Nexus no longer times out.
Tactical Cooldown+ Reduce Tactical cooldown by 10s.


In case you missed it, Solos will be taking over Duos from May 7, 2024 to June 24, 2024. We’ve taken aspects of some of our most popular modes and integrated them to keep things interesting: use your Battle Sense to detect nearby enemies, tear things up with pre-kitted weapons and attachments, and keep the fight going with auto heal and Second Chance mechanics.


The following maps will be available in Pubs and Ranked for the first half of this season:

  • Broken Moon
  • Kings Canyon
  • World’s Edge


Read the full breakdown of the Broken Moon updates in our Upheaval Highlights blog here.


The pantheon of Apex Artifacts is expanding. Check out our dedicated blog for all things Apex Artifacts including lore connections and customizations.



Care Package

  • Wingman returns to the floor
    • Projectile size reduced to pre-care package values
    • Damage reduced to 45 (was 50)
    • Skullpiercer Elite removed
    • Hipfire accuracy reduced
    • Now takes Boosted Loader Hop-Up
    • No longer takes magazines as an attachment
  • Devotion enters the Care Package
    • NEW Reverse Hipfire: sustained hipfire will tighten accuracy instead of widen
    • Damage increased to 16 (was 15)
    • Magazine size increased to 54 (was 48 at purple)
    • Reserve Ammo: 324
    • Empty reload time significantly reduced

Gold Weapons Rotation

  • Nemesis Burst AR, Triple-Take, Peacekeeper, Prowler PDW, Longbow DMR

Guaranteed Weapons out of Loot Bins

  • The first loot bin opened by an unarmed player will always contain a weapon

Dev Note: Bringing knuckles to a gunfight isn’t the most engaging gameplay, so we’re improving weapon acquisition consistency in the early game. When completely unarmed, opening a bin will guarantee at least a low tier weapon.

Retrieving Banners from Death Boxes

  • Collecting a banner will no longer lock the player out of critical gameplay actions
    • Running, shooting, punching and reviving will all break out of the banner collect animation while still registering as a successful collection
    • Players can immediately interact with a Death Box a second time while the animation is playing or continue holding the interact button to collect and enter a Death Box in one flow

Dev Note: It’s happening, it’s finally happening! I’ve died, you’ve died, we’ve all died trying to help our allies get back in the fight, but at least now we can’t blame grabbing the banner! Collecting banners is a positive action in Apex and for too long we’ve punished that action with a brief moment of pure helplessness. We’re putting your gun quite literally back in your hands, so get out there and save some Octanes and Wraiths!

Survival Items + Support Bins

  • Survival items now only spawn from a support bin’s tray if the team is in need

Dev Note: Survival items have been feeling abundant lately so we’re reducing their frequency in support bins by only spawning them when players meet specific requirements (like needing a Mobile Respawn Beacon when you’ve got eliminated allies)


30-30 Repeater

  • Skullpiercer Hop-Up removed

Dev Note: The 30-30 has been dominating the mid-long range for a few seasons and our recent adjustments weren’t quite enough to dethrone it. Removing the Skullpiercer should create some space for other Marksman and Sniper rifles to shine.

Charge Rifle

  • ADS recoil improved and stabilized

Dev Note: The Charge Rifle remains a high risk-reward weapon, however the risk slightly outweighs the reward. We’ve taken a smoothing pass at its recoil so it shouldn’t be quite so unwieldy when firing.

Longbow DMR

  • Skullpiercer Hop-Up removed
  • Barrel Stabilizer attachment removed
  • Base recoil significantly improved
  • Projectile gravity reduced
  • ADS in and out time reduced

Dev Note: We’ve always considered the Longbow a great entry level sniper that’s easy to run. Over time, we’ve come to realize that being a good entry level weapon and requiring lots of attachments to come online are at odds with one another. Simplifying the Longbow’s loot chase to make it more base level approachable is intended to improve its early game effectiveness and overall consistency as a sniper.


  • Now takes Boosted Loader Hop-Up

Dev Note: The Triple-Take is a strong weapon on paper, but it can feel a bit sluggish to maximize damage output. Providing quick reloads and extra ammo in the mag allows players to keep pressuring for longer with more chances to punish.


  • Skullpiercer removed from the loot pool
  • Boosted Loader added to the loot pool
    • Reloading while near empty will speed up reloading and overload the next magazine with extra rounds

1x Digital Threat Optic

  • Removed from loot pool and all locked set weapons

Dev Note: The Digi represents a sharp power spike in Apex—a single loot item that both counters and synergies with a specific Legend. Its power ebbs and flows with the Legend meta in a way that proves very difficult to tune. We’re giving the 1x Digi a hiatus while we investigate healthier optic based perks.



  • Arc Snare
    • Changed to left-hand cast
    • No longer stows weapons or interrupts consumable use when launching
  • Phase Breach: inspired by some Alter tech, nearby enemies will be highlighted for players traveling through the Void

Dev Note: It’s about time, huh? Allowing Ash to fire her Arc Snare with her off-hand has been something we’ve wanted to do for a while now. Holstering and redrawing her weapon to use the snare put Ash at a disadvantage in combat and minimized a lot of her play options. Ash should now be able to be much more active with her snare and apply pressure more aggressively when successful.


  • Whistler: damage from a planted smart bullet increased to 10 (was 5)
  • Upgrades
    • Care Package Insight: removed
    • NEW Sling-Shot: improves Ballistic’s base sling weapon to a blueset at Level 2 and a purpleset at Level 3

Dev Note: We’re replacing a lackluster perk with something more interesting, especially for those Ballistic players that like tapping into their sling weapons in non-Ult scenarios. Three Tac related upgrades is plenty, let’s make some room for that third weapon.

Breakout: Level 2
Lasting Bullet Smart Bullet duration in-world is tripled.
Care Package Insight Reveal Care Packages. 
Upheaval: Level 2
Lasting Bullet Smart Bullet duration in-world is tripled.
Sling-Shot Sling weapon levels up with each upgrade selection.


  • Beast of the Hunt
    • Cooldown increased to 4m (was 3m)
    • Knocks with Ult active no longer extend duration
  • Upgrades: Level 3
    • Tactical Cooldown: removed
    • Taste of Blood: buffed HP gain on knock to 50 (was 25)
    • NEW Long Hunt: knocks extend Beast of the Hunt duration

Dev Note: Beast of the Hunt has a lot of power baked into it considering perfect vision through smoke, increased move speed, and a generous extension timer. We wanted to break that down to see if players lean into a specific playstyle and ax the uninteresting hidden power of a decreased Tac cooldown. Bloodhound synergizes very well with two of the most popular Legends at the comp level, but we want to be mindful of their appeal across skill bands. We’re not doing anything big to this approachable Legend until we gauge their place at the top-end in a digi free world.

Breakout: Level 3
Taste of Blood Gain 25 hp on knocks while Ultimate is active.
Tactical Cooldown -5s Tac Cooldown
Upheaval: Level 3
Long Hunt Knocks extend Beast of the Hunt duration.
Taste of Blood Gain 50 hp on knocks while Ultimate is active.


  • Piercing Spikes
    • Cooldown decreased to 20s (was 25s)
    • Long Cast upgrade integrated into base Tactical
  • Dark Veil
    • Dark Veil length increased to 45m (was 40m)
  • Upgrades
    • Long Cast: removed
    • Long Veil: moved to Level 2
    • NEW Ferro-Door: fully rebuild and reinforce missing doors with Passive.

Dev Note: Catalyst could use some love after her Ult nerfs, and Sister Spikes needed some competition. Hopefully making Tac charges more available with a baseline cooldown buff and creating a situationally strong alternative via passive upgrade helps strike a balance. Now that the Ult upgrades are decoupled, there are some difficult choices to make at both levels that we suspect are influenced by match flow. Will you hunker down with a friendly zone pull, or will you need an upgraded wall to help with rotations?

Breakout: Level 2
Sister Spikes Increase max number of active Spikes by one.
Long Cast Increase Spike throw range by 40%.
Upheaval: Level 2
Long Veil Increase Ultimate length by 15m.
Sister Spikes Increase max number of active Spikes by one.
Breakout: Level 3
Resilient Veil Increase Ultimate lifetime by 5s
Long Veil Increase Ultimate length by 15m
Upheaval: Level 3
Ferro-Door Fully rebuild and reinforce missing doors with Passive.
Resilient Veil Increase Ultimate lifetime by 5s.


  • Gas damage and slow now stops immediately after Caustic’s squad is eliminated
  • Gas damage ramps from 4 → 10 max (was 5 → uncapped), damage on knocked players down to flat 4 (was 5)


  • Radiant Transfer
    • Can no longer target a Revenant while Forged Shadows is active
    • When Revenant activates Forged Shadows, any temporary shield generation ends immediately. Revenant will keep any temporary shields generated before activating his Ultimate.
  • Upgrades
    • Battery Collection: removed
    • NEW Battpack: can stack up to 3 Shield Batteries per inventory slot (doesn’t stack with Gold Backpack)

Dev Note: Conduit maintains a healthy pick rate and has cemented herself as a strong Support pick even after her last round of nerfs. We don’t want to hit her effectiveness as a Legend that pushes the tempo in combat. This is a targeted nerf to one of her synergies that felt more exploitable than we’d like.

Breakout: Level 2
Battery Collection See Battery Count of death boxes.
Bigger Jam Jammer damage radius increased by 20%.
Upheaval: Level 2
Battpack Stack up to 3 batteries per inventory slot.
Bigger Jam Jammer damage radius increased by 20%.


  • Neurolink
    • Network Traffic upgrade now integrated into base kit
    • Squadcount banners are now visible anytime the drone is in a deployed state
  • Upgrades: Level 2
    • Tac & Ultimate Cooldowns: removed
    • Network Expansion: moved to Level 2
    • NEW Quick Ping: improved drone handling (faster accel/decel)
  • Upgrades: Level 3
    • NEW Satellite Imagery: drone scan persists for an additional 1.5s
    • NEW Hackathon: cut the drone cooldown in half, gain a speed boost anytime he uses his Ult or the drone is destroyed

Dev Note: Crypto’s upgrades at the start of Season 20 left a lot to be desired. We hope this suite of changes resonates with a couple different playstyle types—particularly when it comes to players’ affinity to pilot the drone more actively vs. passively.

Breakout: Level 2
Tactical Cooldown+ Reduce Tactical cooldown by 10 seconds.
Ultimate Cooldown Reduce Ultimate cooldown by 20%.
Upheaval: Level 2
Network Expansion Passive & Ult range increased by 25%.
Quick Transmission Improved drone handling.
Breakout: Level 3
Network Expansion Passive & Ult range increased by 25%.
Network Traffic Deploying the drone calls out squads in the area.
Upheaval: Level 3
Hackathon Double drone recharge rate; gain speed boost when it explodes.
Satellite Imagery Drone scan persists for 1.5 seconds.


  • Upgrades
    • Big Bang: removed
    • NEW Ring Master: gain access to Ring Consoles
    • Scar Tissue: 
      • Simplified and buffed damage mitigation to remove lingering burn effects
      • Take a flat 20 damage when crossing The Motherlode instead of 37 (50% of 75 hp) over time
    • Wreckless: fixed explosive damage mitigation not being applied on continuous Knuckle Cluster hits (should only take about 32 damage from a full Knuckle Cluster now with Wreckless)

Dev Note: Fuse is destruction and chaos. The goal of these changes, whether it be a new strategic-level upgrade or a simplification of a convoluted damage model, is to bring some method to the madness.

Breakout: Level 2
Big Bang See ordnance through walls & death boxes.
Scar Tissue Take 50% damage and ignore slow effects of The Motherlode.
Upheaval: Level 2
Ring Master Gain access to Ring Consoles.
Scar Tissue Take 20 damage and ignore slow effects from The Motherlode.


  • Mobile Shield: throw anim speed increased (~2.5x faster)
  • Castle Wall
    • Will now destroy incoming projectiles headed towards the front of the wall while energized. It will not destroy projectiles fired from behind the wall nor bombardments from other Legend’s Ultimate projectiles.
    • Castle Wall energized duration increased to 1m (was 30s)
  • Upgrade – Stronghold: increased energized duration to 3m (was 2.5m)

Dev Note: The Castle Wall’s in-game strength rarely matches the grandeur of its presentation. More often than not, the wall serves as a grenade beacon to surrounding threats knowing that Newcastle just jumped to an ally in distress. An Ultimate-level wall should not fail as much as it does, especially on a Support Legend that’s built around turning the tide when his squad starts losing the advantage. The wall now requires more calculated counterplay and makes the Stronghold upgrade a more compelling option. We were also finding the long wind-up when tossing his Mobile Shield left him pretty vulnerable trying to get back to his weapon, so we’ve sped up the animation to let him be more reactive with it.


  • Upgrades
    • Wreckless: removed
    • Mad Hops moved to Level 2
    • Thick Skin: now Level 2 and 3, updated to take 5 less Stim damage to reflect that it can be selected twice (was -25%)

Dev Note: Octane has a “Plus Ultra” tattoo, so we shouldn’t inhibit his ability to double down on his tac or ult. While Wreckless was thematically fun, Octane already has one of the best forms of explosive damage mitigation that’s less hidden: stim away.

Breakout: Level 2
Thick Skin -25% Stim damage
Wreckless -50% Explosive damage
Upheaval: Level 2
Mad Hops Gain an extra Launch Pad charge.
Thick Skin Take 5 less Stim damage.
Breakout: Level 3
Mad Hops Gain an extra Launch Pad charge.
Airborne Agility Change directions with Launch Pad double-jump.
Upheaval: Level 3
Airborne Agility Change directions with Launch Pad double-jump.
Thick Skin Take 5 less Stim damage.


  • Upgrades
    • Falling Stars: Pylons will stop spawning Arc Stars when her squad is eliminated
    • Split Circuit: no longer reduces shield regen capacity


  • Into the Void and Dimensional Rift: nearby enemies will be highlighted for players traveling through the Void


  • Broken Moon shattered
    • New POIs: Cliff Side, Experimental Labs, Solar Pods, Space Port, Quarantine Zone, Underpass
    • Breaker Wharf updated
    • New rotations to switch things up and keep squads on the move
  • Added new possible Ring Console, Survey Beacon, and Crafter spawn locations to World’s Edge and Storm Point, and further evened out the probability of a prop spawning at any specific location
    • World’s Edge
      • Added possible Ring Console spawn locations to Mirage à Trois and Survey Camp
      • Added possible Survey Beacon spawn locations to Survey Camp and The Geyser
    • Storm Point
      • Added possible Crafter spawn location to Command Center
      • Added possible Survey Beacon spawn locations to The Wall, and the unnamed POIs Northeast of Checkpoint and at the edge of the map East of Storm Catcher



  • Six week Duos takeover 
  • 50 players
  • Second Chance Respawn
    • Automatically respawn once if you die in the first 4 rounds
    • Second chance converted to EVO if unused by the round cutoff
  • Battle Sense: HUD indicator when enemies are within 50 meters
  • Auto Heals
    • Health regenerates out of combat
    • Auto heal starts after each kill
  • Additional adjustments to loot pool, circle sizes, and round times to accommodate solo play


  • Lockdown added to rotation: Zeus Station, Monument
  • Mixtape Map Rotations
    • Default rotation
      • Control: Production Yard, Thunderdome
      • Gun Run: The Core, Wattson’s Pylon
      • Lockdown: Monument, Zeus Station
      • TDM: Skulltown, Zeus Station
    • Mixtape rotation (5/24-5/28)
      • Gun Run: The Core, Wattson’s Pylon
      • Lockdown: Monument, Zeus Station
      • TDM: Skulltown, Zeus Station
    • 1st Week of Pride Month (6/1-6/7)
      • Control: Barometer
      • Gun Run: Wattson’s Pylon
      • Lockdown: Zeus Station
      • TDM: Zeus Station
    • Mixtape Rotation (6/11-6/17)
      • Control: Barometer, Caustic Treatment
      • Lockdown: Monument, Zeus Station
      • TDM: Skulltown, Zeus Station
    • TDM 24/7 (6/18-6/24)
      • Rules
      • Scorelimit: 35
      • Time Limit: 10 minutes
      • Increased health regen
      • Skull Town, Zeus Station, Monument, Thunderdome, Wattson’s Pylon, Fragment
  • LTM Rotations
    • 5/24-5/28 Control: Production Yard, Thunderdome, Caustic, Barometer, Lava Siphon
    • 5/31-6/3 Control: Production Yard, Thunderdome, Caustic, Barometer, Lava Siphon
    • 6/11-6/17 Gun Run: Skull Town, Zeus Station, Thunderdome, Wattson, Fragment, The Core


  • All players in a premade Ranked squad must be within 3 Rank tiers of each other or they will not be allowed to progress to matchmaking
  • No tuning changes to be made to ranked scoring for the launch of Upheaval

Dev Note: While we are happy with how Breakout Ranked was received, there is some feedback that we want to address for the start of Upheaval. As always, we’ll be monitoring feedback and data for any required tuning changes during the season and any major updates required for the future. 

Season Reset

  • Where you ended in your last season of Ranked will determine where you start in Upheaval
    • If you ended your last season in Rookie, you will be reset to 1 RP
    • If you ended your last season above Rookie, you will be reset to Bronze IV

Split Timing


  • Split 2 will take place at the same time as the .1 patch, not a week after like in previous seasons


Upheaval Ranked Rewards

  • Your end-of-season rewards will now be determined by the highest Rank tier you achieved during the entire season
  • Split Rewards: your season-end reward badge will be animated if you match or surpass your Split 1 Rank in Split 2
    • If you do not achieve this, you will get the normal version of your badge


  • Improved end ring generation system


  • Equipping an Evac Tower or Mobile Respawn Beacon will no longer close the inventories of all other players in the match
  • Firing Range: fixed some edge cases where Legend change was available when it shouldn’t be
  • Fixed occasional crash when interacting with an enemy’s crafted banner
  • “Mischief Medic” no longer appears as “Highlighted Healer”
  • Olympus: players can no longer enter/exit Vault without key
  • Survey Beacons and Ring Consoles should now be pingable again from the map
  • When hip firing with the Devotion, it will now properly track its reticle


  • Ballistic: duration of speedy whistler restored to 2s
  • Bloodhound
    • Passive markers no longer appear for teammates not on player’s squad
    • Players can once again be scanned by two Bloodhounds at the same time
  • Catalyst: fixed Dark Veil not charging for a short duration off of spawn
  • Crypto:recall audio when the drone is far away from you is audible once again
  • Maggie: Removed drill burn audio for players in the area of effect while phased
  • Removed Wraith Shadows from the void if you aren’t playing as Wraith
  • Wattson: resolved bad spawn points for Arc Stars generated from the Falling Stars upgrade


  • Additional security improvements
  • Airdropping Replicators now project a beam upwards as they are descending to help differentiate them from other airdrops
  • Back by popular demand, you can requeue at the end of Pubs BR and Mixtape matches
  • Ballistic: can now add any locked-set weapon into the sling where it will be converted to the proper locked-set tier and restored to its original state when being moved out (red-tier still not allowed)
  • Death Box Flyers: option to automatically ping the location of the Death Box will be prompted when knocking it from a Flyer’s grasp
  • Improved the choice of consumables that are auto-selected when either reaching full health, reaching full shields, or when dropping your last selected item. The new choice should more intelligently select shield consumables or prioritize syringes for quick healing. These changes were made to help new players have more optimal outcomes. 
  • Improved use interactions with doors when self res is available
  • Map spawn audit for all Mixtape Modes: Phase Runner, Habitat, Thunderdome, Zeus Station
  • Upgraded to the latest version of Easy Anti-Cheat


  • Should now go through all translucent surfaces like windows
  • Players can now request for Grenades (Arc Stars, Frag Grenades, and Thermites)
    • Works similar to healing items: hold the Grenade button to open the Ordnance Wheel, hover on an ordnance item, select Ping to request


  • Airdrop location adjustments
  • Control
    • Moved C capture point to landing pad
    • Adjusted spawns attached to B capture point


  • Improved accuracy and visual fidelity of baked environment lighting for static outdoor objects
  • Improved accuracy of baked lighting for dynamic objects, to avoid situations where Legends would appear unlit
  • Significantly improved CPU performance of the Rendering Hardware Interface (RHI), mostly benefitting the PC DirectX 12 beta
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Respawn

Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Hotfix)

  • Release date: April 19th 2024 (North America, Europe) / April 20th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • restores progress to players for the Seer, Fuse, and Rampart Breakout Legend Challenges
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Respawn (Twitter)

Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Hotfix)

  • Release date: April 11th 2024 (North America, Europe) / April 12th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • fixed an issue causing the Breakout Legend Challenges to lose progress.
    • We fully completed all Challenges for Seer, Fuse, and Rampart for impacted players. Make sure to update your game, and you should be good to go.
  • Caustic no longer gets slowed by an enemy Caustic’s gas
  • The end rings will no longer be placed over lava on World’s Edge
  • Invisible walls on Broken Moon on Switch have been removed
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Respawn (Twitter)

Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Hotfix)

  • Release date: April 8th 2024 (North America, Europe) / April 9th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Ranked parties now have a limit of a 3-rank tier difference between players
  • Previously earned Ranked badges should now display the correct rank
  • A fix for Connection error Code:Cloud when reconnecting after a crash
  • You can now correctly see previews of gifted items when receiving them
  • Various minor fixes for localization, items, and cosmetics
  • Several fixes to address Switch stability
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Respawn (Twitter)

Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Hotfix)

  • Release date: April 2nd 2024 (North America, Europe) / April 3rd 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following to the game:

  • fixes issue causing accounts to experience lost progress and/or content
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Respawn (Twitter)

Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Shadow Society Event)

  • Release date: March 27th 2024 (North America, Europe) / March 28th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Hold fast with your squad and defend your domain in Lockdown, the first 4-squad free-for-all battle for dominance. Squads will spawn in with standard TDM loadouts and seek out Capture Zones, which will periodically spawn throughout the small, mayhem-filled maps: Thunderdome, Skulltown, Zeus Station, and Monument. Earn points by capturing zones, holding them uncontested, and eliminating other players. The first squad to 500 points wins.


Apex Artifacts are an all-new universal Mythic Melee cosmetic that can be wielded by any Legend—starting with the “Cobalt Katar”. Equip your Apex Artifact via the new Melee tab, available after selecting a Legend. The “Cobalt Katar” can be acquired through Shadow Society Event Packs† as a part of the limited-time event.


Uncover 36 cutthroat themed limited-time cosmetics, with Legendary skins for Mad Maggie, Horizon, and more! Each Shadow Society item received during the event will also count towards Milestone Rewards—bonus rewards you’ll collect as you progress through your collection. You’ll automatically earn Milestone Rewards after unlocking 5, 10, 20, and all 36 items.

All 36 items (including the “Cobalt Katar” Apex Artifact) can be acquired via Shadow Society Event Packs with no duplicates of event items.

Complete your collection before the event ends and you’ll automatically receive the “Cobalt Katar’s” matching Death Box cosmetic.


Earn Reputation by completing daily event challenges, then head to the Shadow Society Reward Shop to choose your own rewards and see your progress with event badges. Apex Packs will also be available in the Reward Shop and offerings rotate weekly. 

A limited amount of Reputation can be earned per day by completing challenges and they refresh daily.


Care Package

  • First set of Care Packages
    • Care Package weapons removed
    • Seasonal Gold weapons now spawn in their place (R-301, RE-45, Mastiff, Devotion, 30-30)
  • Second and third set of Care Packages are unchanged

Dev Notes: Over the seasons, we’ve been improving the lethality of crate weapons to increase excitement and usefulness. This has led to early Care Package weapons feeling disproportionately strong, so we’ve decided to push them to later in the game rather than pulling back on their strength. Offering gold weapons in their stead keeps the early drops relevant but not as dominant.

Weapon Spawn Rates

  • Assault Rifle and Marksman Rifle spawn rates normalized per zone

Dev Notes: Normalizing these spawn rates should smooth out the looting experience and ammo economy across maps when it comes to weapon variety. Ex. the 30-30 had a higher spawn chance than a Triple Take in high tier zones—they now have the same spawn chance in high tier zones.



CAR (from Season 20 launch, missed in Patch Notes)

  • ADS vertical recoil slightly increased

EVA-8 [Care Package]

  • Blast pattern tightened
  • Initial projectile size increased
  • Improved handling
  • Reduce ammo reserves to 64 (was 96)

Dev Notes: We’re satisfied with how the EVA-8 is performing in very close quarters combat, but it falls a bit short just outside of barrel-stuff range. We hope an improvement to its blast pattern, projectile size, and handling speed will round out its place as a CQC monster.


  • Energize time slightly reduced to better match the animation

Dev Notes: The Rampage LMG energize time was slightly misaligned with the buff kicking in, resulting in unintentional interruptions right as it was about to finish. This adjustment tightens all that up.

Wingman [Care Package]

  • Ammo Reserves decreased to 72 (was 90)
  • Can no longer equip the 1x Digital Threat
  • Optic is no longer locked and can be replaced

Dev Notes: At the start of the season, we locked the optic to the 1x HCOG as a stop-gap fix to remove the Digital Threat from the Wingman. Digi on Wingman represents an immense power spike, and our preference is to keep the power of the Wingman in the weapon and not the optic.




  • Upgrades
    • Ammuvision: removed
    • Lasting Bullet: moved to Level 2
    • NEW Speedy Whistler: successful hits with Tactical give a 2s burst of speed (Level 3)

Dev Note: Ballistic didn’t receive the full suite of upgrades we wanted to give him on launch, and these upgrades won’t be his last. Decoupling Extra Bullet and Lasting Bullet (alongside the addition of Speedy Whistler) creates more versatility with the Tactical on a Legend that’s more one-dimensional than some.


  • Rolling Thunder: Cooldown increased to 4.5m (was 4)
  • Smoke Launcher
    • Cooldown increased to 35s (was 33)
    • No longer deals damage
    • Smoke duration decreased to 11s (was 18)
    • Smoke particles now dissipate faster
  • Upgrades: Level 2
    • Big Bang: removed
    • NEW Tactical Cooldown: reduces Tactical cooldown by 5s
  • Upgrades: Level 3
    • Cover Me: Auto-Ping no longer tracks the player who triggered double time
    • Refuge : Heal Rate increased to 3.5 HP/s (was 3HP/s)

Dev Note: Bangalore’s smoke has been dominant for a while now. We thought about reducing smoke charges, but keeping two with a shorter lifetime encourages more plays with the smoke than longer plays IN the smoke (limiting its omnipresence in fights). Adding the Tactical Cooldown in place of the Big Bang promotes a more meaningful choice between two core components of her kit. The Cover Me tracking potential was doing more work than intended, especially through smoke, so we’ve dialed this back to point you in the right direction rather than provide perfect positional info.


  • Upgrades
    • Odin’s Glare: moved to Level 2
    • Tactical Cooldown: moved to Level 3


  • Gas Damage now increases by 1 each tick (was 5/5/6/6 etc.) 
    • Downed players still only receive 5/tick
  • Gas Slow effect now only applies on first damage tick for 2s
  • Upgrades
    • Particle Diffuser: moved to Level 3
    • Residual Toxins: moved to Level 2

Dev Note: Caustic’s Particle Diffuser upgrade makes it much harder for players to escape his larger gas cloud and getting that early in game could be quite oppressive. We’ve moved this upgrade to spike his power in the late game specifically. The goal of the gas changes is to create more counterplay options when playing around gas; dipping in and out of it should still be punished with the Gas Slow, but moving within it is now a possibility for willing test subjects as long as they don’t experiment for too long.


  • Radiant Transfer
    • Cooldown Increased to 31s (was 26)
    • Regen Interruption delay time increased to 2s (was 1)

Dev Note: Ahh yes, Revenant’s best friend Octane Conduit. She continues to be a strong pick, given her ability to maintain pressure by supporting aggressive allies in flights. Part of the counterplay is to interrupt her shield regen with damage, but we are seeing that it’s all too easy to evade briefly and have the regen kick back in almost immediately. Increasing this delay not only stops the regen for longer, it also cuts into the overall duration of the regen and its potential healing—making it more possible to combat her total healing output.


  • Upgrade – Wreckless: explosive damage is now reduced by 50% (was 25%)


  • Upgrades: Level 2
    • Tactical Cooldown+: removed 
    • NEW Tactical Cooldown++: Tactical Cooldown reduced by 25s (making the cooldown time equal to its deployment duration, so you always have DOC)
  • Upgrades: Level 3
    • Gift Wrapped: removed
    • NEW Gold-Plated: next Package spawns with Golden Gear 
      • EVO Cache, Gold Knockdown Shield, Gold Backpack
      • Also contains 1 Shield Battery, 1 Medkit, and either a Phoenix Kit or a Mobile Respawn Beacon

Dev Note: Gift Wrapped was a pretty strong choice that revived a lacking Support pick in higher levels of play. However, it didn’t feel entirely on brand for our combat medic and it led to some issues controlling the power spike and frequency of Care Package weapons. We’ve replaced this with a more deterministic draw for gold items that Lifeline can use to support her squad. Rapid Response was also a popular choice; let’s see if a cooldown-free DOC makes this decision more interesting.


  • Upgrade – Wreckless: explosive damage is now reduced by 50% (was 25%)


  • Upgrade – Zipline Zen: damage reduction increased to 50% (was 25%)


  • Forged in Shadows
    • Knocks no longer refresh the Tactical during Ultimate
    • Tactical Cooldown is no longer shorter during Ultimate
    • Ultimate Cooldown Increased by 60s
  • Upgrades
    • Agile Assassin: removed
    • Tactical Cooldown: moved to Level 3
    • NEW Ultimate Cooldown: reduces Ult Cooldown by 30s (Level 2)

Dev Note: Revenant has been a powerful contender in Ranked for a few seasons. This change aims to reduce the frequency of his Ultimate and pushes using late game upgrades to improve his Tactical (instead of giving him more frequent movement in his most powerful state). Agile Assassin was a cautious addition at launch, knowing the power of Revenant. However, it required too small of a window to take advantage of the minor charge-time improvement it gave to be viable, so it has been removed.


  • Focus of Attention: decreased activation delay to 1.2s (was 1.4)
  • Upgrades
    • Artist’s Reach: moved to Level 2
    • Long View: moved to Level 3
    • Racing Hearts: removed (now integrated into base Tactical)
    • NEW Ultimate Cooldown: reduces Ult Cooldown by 30s (Level 2)

Dev Note: Seer’s upgrades were seeing one-sided pushes to regain his lost range and scan duration, and Tactical upgrades didn’t change how hard the ability is to land consistently. These changes push Seer to make a choice on his Ultimate early on, and then tap into one direction of his Tactical in the late game—which has been adjusted to hit more frequently.


  • Upgrades
    • Tactical Cooldown: moved to Level 3
    • Ultimate Cooldown: moved to Level 2

Dev Note: Wraith was one of a couple legends with a Level 3 Ultimate related cooldown option, but this didn’t give her enough time to maximize the Ult’s effectiveness as a rotational tool in earlier stages of the game. Swapping this with her Tactical Cooldown now makes our interdimensional skirmisher’s choices less one-dimensional as you now have to choose between Tactical improvements.



Map Rotation

  • Pubs
    • Storm Point
    • Olympus
    • Broken Moon
  • Ranked
    • Storm Point
    • Olympus
    • World’s Edge
  • Mixtape
    • Control: Barometer, Production Yard, Thunderdome
    • Gun Run: Monument, Skulltown, Thunderdome
    • TDM: Monument, Thunderdome, Zeus Station
  • NEW LTM: Lockdown
    • Capture and hold zones to score points
    • Lockdown map rotation: Thunderdome, Skulltown, Zeus Station, and Monument
  • Three Strikes Updates
    • Revive time reduced to 2.0s
    • Players revived with 100% health and 0% shields
    • New minimum guaranteed loot system – ensures you respawn with a competitive version of your loadout and inventory.
  • Mixtape
  • Control: Players respawning on the Mobile Respawn Beacon enter a skydive when they exit the dropship ( instead of free falling down as they previously did )
  • Kill Replay
    • Now show hitmarkers and damage numbers
    • Round-winning replays now show the killer’s banner
  • NEW Map: Monument
    • Supports TDM, Gun Run, and Lockdown
  • EVO Harvester
    • Changed sound fx that play for both the player and their teammates collecting EVO
    • Removed problematic spawn locations on Storm Point near map edges
  • EVO Rewards
    • Changed for respawning and reviving teammates to prevent exploitation
    • Changed for scanning Ring Consoles to prevent excess EVO gain
  • Wildlife & NPC: Spiders, Prowlers, and other NPC will now respect the rules of the ring, take appropriate ring damage, and be affected by heat shields
  • Dynamic resolution scaling no longer incorrectly decreases resolution on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S which could cause a blurry image especially in Performance Mode
  • Kill Replay
    • Fixed issues with phantom healing UI displaying in round-winning Kill Replays
    • Fixed some issues with flickering and mispredictions on some weapons when firing
    • No longer crashes client with some weapons while firing
  • Mirage’s Heirloom “Too Much Witt” correctly shows its name in kill feed and death recap
  • No longer lower the loot quality within the Icarus ship’s vault if Solar Array is the Hot Zone
  • Ranked: placement now appears consistently after player or squad is wiped
  • Resolved performance hitches after playing a plethora of games back-to-back
  • Wattson’s pylons are now properly interrupted by large doors
  • World’s Edge: resolved invisible collision issue at Monument preventing shooting
  • Ballistic
    • No longer generates ammo when swapping weapon from sling in the inventory
    • Lock-on will be more reliable in close range
  • Crypto: resolved drone being destroyed by EMPs from invisible players in Firing Range
  • Added security measures: we have designed and have rolled out layered protections for Apex Legends to help ensure a stable and safe build.
  • Ammo loaded into extended magazines will now be refunded to the player if the extended magazine is removed
  • Crypto: new VO line when drone is destroyed by the environment instead of another player
  • Default Legend pick (whoever you were in Lobby) now shows as your selection to teammates unless you hover over another legend
  • NEW Firing Range options
    • Dummy Highlights On/Off
    • Lock Legend Upgrades
  • Jumpmaster selection updated to make it less likely that you’re the jumpmaster if you’re under level 5 or were the Jumpmaster last match 
  • Reduced FPS stuttering
  • Reactives now appear at the top of lists and have a shimmer effect

Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Breakout)

  • Release date: February 12th 2024 (North America, Europe) / February 13th 2024 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


Every 2 weeks, a new Legend becomes free-to-play for the rest of the season. Each Legend will have a set of challenges to permanently unlock that Legend. Complete all Breakout Rewards Challenges before the season ends to unlock more rewards like the Reactive “Top Tier” Flatline and the Legendary “Runaway Renegade” Wraith.

Check out the full breakdown, including Legends and chase rewards, in our Breakout Rewards blog.


The following maps will be available in Trios and Duos for the season:

  • Olympus
  • Storm Point
  • World’s Edge

Breakout brings a complete rework to Crafting, streamlining the system. Welcome to Crafting 2.0, legends!

Replicators have quite a few changes, including a fancy new paint job. They are now free to use, and no longer require crafting materials—we’ve removed them and crafting rotations. When you open the crafting menu, you’ll see that the available options have been reduced: Shield Battery, Medkit, Ammo, and Player Banners. Printing any item will exhaust that replicator specifically for you. You’ll need to find another one if you want another item, so choose wisely.

To offset the single-use system, the number of available Replicators have been increased across the board. Every game will start with 12 Replicators spawned at the start of the match, with an additional Replicator airdrop at the start of Round 4 to add some late-game opportunities. We’re also including a few quality of life changes for Crafting:

  • Decreased interaction time with Replicators
  • Inventory can now be accessed from the crafting menu
  • Printed items left alone will auto-eject from the Replicator after some time

With crafting materials gone, Rampart has been figuring out how to get more customers through her door, and what better way than with a Fire Sale!

All Big Maude paintball weapons are now free, but they will take time to dispense from their vending machines. Once a player has claimed their free weapon, they cannot get another. Loba will still be able to steal a second gun with her Black Market. There is also an increased variety of weapons to choose from, but gold kitted weapons are no longer offered at Big Maude.


This season we’re introducing the Legend Upgrade system for BR modes—an in-match progression system that deepens the Apex Legends experience by allowing you to tailor your Legend to your playstyle. Players will gain EVO points in a variety of new ways across the Battle Royale to level-up not just your armor, but your Legend—unlocking unique ability upgrades at Levels 2 and 3. With each match being a fresh start, the plethora of possibilities adds a new level of strategy and meta.

Click through the menu below for the upgrade trees for each Legend and check out our Breakout Highlights blog for the full breakdown on Legend Upgrades.

  • Added Tags: a 3-4 character piece of flair ahead of players’ usernames that appear everywhere usernames do
  • Events moved into a dedicated tab in the Lobby (out of Seasonal tab)

Crafting 2.0

  • Crafting Rotation is no more, all weapons and loot are back on the floor
  • Crafting options reduced to Shield Battery, Medkit, Ammo, and Player Banners
  • Inventory can now be accessed from the Crafting menu
  • Rampart’s Big Maude
    • All paintball weapons are now free, dispense time increased
    • Increased variety of weapons, but gold kitted weapons no longer offered
    • One free weapon per player, per match (Loba can steal a second with Black Market)
  • Replicators
    • Each individual Replicator is now single-use per player, per match
    • Every game will start with 12 spawned
    • Decreased interaction time with instant printing
    • Printed items left alone will auto-eject from the Replicator after some time

Care Package Weapon Rotation

  • EVA-8 enters the Care Package
  • Prowler returns to the floor

Gold Weapons Rotation

  • R-301, RE-45, Mastiff, Devotion, 30-30


  • Base damage reduced to 39 (was 42)
  • Ammo capacity
    • Base capacity unchanged (6)
    • White Magazine reduced to 7 (was 8)
    • Blue Magazine reduced to 8 (was 10)
    • Purple & Gold Magazine reduced to 10 (was 12)
  • Skullpiercer headshot multiplier reduced to 2.0 (was 2.1)
  • Dual Loader removed as an integrated Hop-Up, now only loads 1 shell per reload
  • Marksman Stock reload speed bonus normalized to match other sniper weapons
  • Reloading 3 shells in a row now increases reload speed by 20% for the remainder of the reload

EVA-8 [Care Package]

  • Damage reduced to 6 (was 7)
  • Fire rate increased to 3 (was 2.4)
  • Recoil reduced to better match the much faster fire rate
  • Hammer Points: 20% damage increase against flesh (+1 damage)
  • Gold Shotgun Bolt: shells reloaded on slide increased to 2 (was 1)
    • Note: this change only affects the Care Package EVA-8


  • Damage reduced to 20 (was 21)
  • Hipfire spread increased
  • Spread delay increased to 0.28 (was 0.21)


  • Can no longer equip Barrel Attachments

Prowler [Floor]

  • Reverted to non-Care Package version 
    • Damage decreased to 15 (was 16)
    • Select Fire Hop-Up removed
  • Burst delay increased to 0.28 (was 0.24)
  • Spread delay increased to 0.28 (was 0.15)


  • ADS vertical and horizontal recoil increased


  • Hipfire spread reduced

SMG Ballistics

  • Projectile gravity increased across all SMGs
  • Projectile launch speed reduced across most SMGs (Prowler unchanged)

1x Digital Threat

  • Can no longer be equipped to SMGs
  • Spawn rates reduced by 20%

Laser Sights

  • Spread multipliers reduced
    • White Laser Sight adjusted to x0.9 (was x0.8)
    • Blue Laser Sight adjusted to x0.8 (was x0.6)
    • Purple Laser Sight adjusted to x0.7 (was x0.4)

Heavy-Rig Legends (Gibraltar, Caustic, Pathfinder, Newcastle, Revenant)

  • Now use medium-rig first-person movement animations
  • Actual game speeds have not changed, these Legends will feel less sluggish when running

Support Legends

  • Extended Supply Bin contents have been improved (see below)


  • Sling: Sling Weapons now have all White attachments while equipped
  • Tempest: effect radius for ally range has been increased to 90m (was 13m)


  • Tracker: Raven scan’s Ult Charge is now gated behind the Hunting Ravens upgrade


  • Dark Veil: 
    • lifetime decreased to 15s (was 25s)
    • length decreased to 40m (was 55m)


  • Radiant Flash
    • Cooldown increased to 26s (was 21s)
    • Temporary Shield generation rate decreased to 15HP/s (was 20HP/s)
    • Temporary Shield generation time increased to 9s (was 8s)
  • Energy Barricade
    • Mine duration reduced to 45s (was 60s)
    • Mine HP reduced to 200HP (was 250HP)
    • The distance at which mines are removed when deployed too close to one another has been increased by ~100%


  • Surveillance Drone
    • Speed of drone recall has been increased slightly
    • Transitions going in and out of drone are now faster


  • Gravity Lift: cooldown increased to 25s (was 20s)


  • In modes with Upgrade Cores enabled, Lifeline’s Care Package now has a 50/50 chance to drop an extra piece of smart equipment (vs. large consumable) instead of an Armor

Mad Maggie

  • Wrecking Ball
    • Will no longer be destroyed on first enemy hit
      • Instead, the Wrecking Ball will trigger an explosion then keep going, allowing for a second explosion to trigger later
      • The same player cannot be hit again by the ball for 2s after first impact
      • Players can only be affected by the shellshock and knockback effects once
    • Will now bounce through devices it hits and destroys


  • Jump Pad: audio falloff of double-jump has been adjusted to be slightly less audible from long distances


  • Insider Knowledge
    • Scanning Care Packages now awards 50% Ult Charge (was 100%) and 15s Ult Cooldown (was 10s)
    • This also applies to Ring Console or Survey Beacon scans

Map Updates

  • The Apex Games Museum on World’s Edge has an all-new exhibit that honors the history of the Outlands and the origin of the Games. Filled with interactive kiosks, artwork and red carpet flair, the museum has many interesting tidbits of information, community artwork and even some easter eggs.
  • Special celebration dressing in the form of flags, banners, and even the return of our larger than life Legend balloons can be found on every map. This year features an all-new cast designed with the Breakout aesthetic in mind. 
  • Tridents, jump balloons, gravity cannons, loot bins and more have a fresh look to compliment the theme of the season.


Feel the energy as the crowd comes alive in our first custom Mixtape map!

  • Immerse yourself in the action of a focused 3-lane multiplayer map, designed for fast-paced gameplay
  • Playable for all mixtape game modes: Team Deathmatch, Gun Run, and Control
  • Get hyped listening to the cheers from the crowd in the arena stands
  • Mixtape
    • Updated Loadouts to reflect Weapon Meta changes
    • Gun Run: removed Charge Rifle, added Kraber
  • NEW LTM: Straight Shot—check out the collection event blog for more details
    • Players spawn above a random POI and skydive in, no Jumpmaster
    • Weapons spawn kitted at different rarities, streamlining loot
    • Reduced Lobby to 30 players and shorter rounds
    • Requeue with your party directly from the death screen

Check out our Breakout Highlights blog for more details on Ranked Reloaded.

  • Level requirement now 20 (was 50)
    • Entry cost will return: 20 RP per Tier starting at Silver
  • Player Rankings now visible
  • Promotional Trials have been removed
  • Provisional Matches have been removed
  • Ranked Tier RP requirements will have some increases
  • RP value will be used to matchmake. For full-stack premades, the highest RP value in the squad will be used.
  • Splits are returning
    • Start at 1 RP at the beginning of the Season, split will drop ranking by 6 divisions
  • Updated Bonuses
    • Challenger Bonus: earn a 50% bonus on a elimination of a higher ranked player that was contributed to
    • Top 5 Streak Bonus: for maintaining a placement streak of 5th or better, earn up to a maximum of a 40 RP bonus
      • 2 match streak: +10 RP
      • 3 match streak: +20 RP
      • 4 match streak: +30 RP
      • 5+ match streak: +40 RP

Extended Supply Bins 

  • Extended Supply Bins now give Smart Gear
    • Players can find gear upgrades for Knockdown Shields, Helmets, and Backpacks in the hidden shelf
    • Small chance of granting purple gear if a player on the squad has white gear or none at all
    • Small chance of granting gold gear if the entire squad has purple gear
  • More reliably gives Heat Shields & MRBs when needed
  • Increased likelihood of getting Med Kit over Syringes

Ring Exploit Prevention

  • Players spending too much time outside the Ring will be warned, then eliminated
  • Double-clicking in the Melee Tab now equips items
  • Firing Range dummies no longer clip through damaged doors
  • Heat Shields and Legend Ult items can no longer be placed on Tridents
  • In-match Challenge display now lists all 5 challenges
  • Player created pings can once again be removed
  • Players will no longer teleport into the building overlooking the fight night ring via Trident
  • Valkyrie can no longer get under the turbine on Olympus
  • Voiceline while picking up enemy Banner Cards no longer indicates it is a squadmate
  • Most in-game dialogue is now synchronized between clients
  • Squad members can now be muted while spectating
  • DX12 (PC) fixed several causes of crashes
  • Ash Ult, Rampart Tac/Ult, Wattson Tac/Ult, and Loba Ult can no longer be placed out of bounds
  • Conduit’s Tac now appears for observers
  • Mad Maggie’s Ult now destroys Gibby’s Tac
  • Mirage decoys that are destroyed by Catalyst’s Piercing Spikes no longer keep the trap active nor make hit sounds briefly after dying
  • Destructible Legend abilities have consistent damage feedback
    • Objects which previously showed red (flesh) damage numbers will now show as gray and the damage numbers will indicate if the object is destroyed
    • Increased visibility for gray damage numbers
  • Firing Range: Nessie was inspired after watching some centuries old videos and wanted to change things up a bit. The yellow and purple polka-dots look quite dashing.
  • Gun Run: changed the Victory notification for the winning team to say “You Are the Champion” instead of “<Team> is the Champion”
  • Per Optic ADS Sensitivity: added an option for Seer Passive which controls how quickly you can turn while unarmed and using Heart Seeker
  • Performance Mode aim assist has been tuned to feel similar to 60Hz mode
  • Added advanced haptics and adaptive triggers support for PlayStation and PC consoles
    • If you encounter an issue, please ensure to connect the controller via USB and complete any updates


  • Event Tab: dedicated tab appears when there is an active Event (previously under the Seasonal Tab)
  • Death Menu: added a Squad Tab where you can access your groups information, report, and mute VoIP/pings while you’re dead
  • Legends Tab: selected Legend will not reset to featured one when your cursor is not over a Legend
  • Melee Tab: Death Box icon is now clickable
  • Store Tab: new subtab containing offers that were previously in Featured, Specials, Seasonal, and more with improved navigational flow and presentation
  • General GPU rendering optimizations for FX
  • Improved Low Res FX rendering quality
  • Improved Volumetric Lighting
  • Optimized FX after stepping through a Catalyst wall for better GPU performance
  • Optimized FX when taking damage from Fuse’s ultimate for better GPU performance

Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Ignite Mid-Season)

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:

Crafting Rotation

  • R-301 and Volt leave the crafter and are back on the floor
  • Hemlok and Alternator enter the crafter
  • Mastiff
    • Tactical reload time reduced to 0.9 (was 1.03)
    • Empty reload time reduced to 1.6 (was 1.7)
    • Draw Time reduced to 0.45 (was 0.8)
  • R99 
    • Damage reduced to 11 (was 12)
    • Damage reduced to 12 (was 13)


  • Piercing Spikes
    • Now require line-of-sight to an enemy player to activate
    • Spikes that have not been activated will still slow players


  • Improved Horizon audio to make “falls” less silent
    • Hard landing audio adjusted to match other legends
    • Soft Landings now play audio in world ( not just for Horizon )
    • Gravity Lift exit audio range increased to make it easier to hear characters who exit


  • Castle Wall: impact will now destroy Conduit’s Energy Barricade mines
  • Mobile Shield: can now be destroyed by enemy Crypto EMP
  • Delayed balance adjustments from the season 19.0 patch are now fully integrated


  • Amped Walls are no longer destroyed by friendly Crypto EMP or Mad Maggie’s Wrecking Ball

Map Rotation

  • Kings Canyon
  • Storm Point
  • World’s Edge

Storm Point

  • Added and adjusted cover at ZEUS Station & ECHO HQ
  • Added Ring Console to Coastal Camp
  • Added Trident to Barometer
  • Adjusted the position of the Ring Console, Survey Beacon and Crafting Station at Lightning Rod
  • Reduced volume of ambient audio at ZEUS Station & ECHO HQ
  • Removed Ring Console, Survey Beacon and Crafting Station from Thunder Watch
  • Resolved a number of additional bugs and rat spots
  • Restored missing Ring Console at Command Center
    • Added four new staircases at ECHO HQ to improve vertical navigation around the perimeter
    • Rooftop of ECHO HQ is now out of bounds, Zipline and rooftop hatch has been removed
  • Wattson’s Pylon
    • Adjusted position of the ziplines at Wattson’s Pylon to improve consistency of mantle jumping
    • Reduced amount of ultra rare loot at Wattson’s Pylon
  • ZEUS Station
    • Added additional cover and ziplines at ZEUS Station for mixtape modes only
    • Increased the speed of the redeploy balloon zipline at ZEUS Station by 25%

Map Rotation

  • Control
    • Hammond Labs and Production Yard are out
    • Lava Siphon and Caustic Treatment are in
  • Gun Run
    • The Core, Estates, and Wattson’s Pylon are out
    • Skulltown, Fragment East, and ZEUS Station are in
  • TDM
    • ZEUS Station, Skulltown, and Phase Runner are out
    • Wattson’s Pylon, Party Crasher, and Overflow are in


  • Added new Legend voice lines that occasionally play on respawn
  • Lowered Ratings reward for assists in Control 5 per assist (was 20)
    • This is in response to a recent change where we started counting assists in Control and TDM based on the whole team and not just within your individual squad
  • Extended Supply Bins
    • Added a cap to the number of heat shields a team can receive from the secret drawer
    • Added a cap to the number of medkits a team can receive from the secret drawer
  • Firing Range: players dying with a Nessie in their inventory will no longer find the Nessie deleted. Sorry Nessie Hunters!
  • Players no longer get stuck due to spamming holosprays while skydiving
  • Players no longer drop out of Wraith’s portal before reaching the other side
  • Resolved small chance of getting 5 items in secret drawer of Extended Supply Bins
  • Resolved bug preventing audio engine from properly utilizing fast storage drives when reading compressed audio data
  • Startup logo video audio volume now respects the master volume slider
  • Storm Point: players should now be able to use Evac Tower through the ceiling hatch in Command Center
  • Trident collision should no longer occasionally push players through walls and floors
  • Ash: Ultimate can no longer be used with Tridents to get under map
  • Bloodhound: Niflheim Hundr skin’s raven now white (was black)
  • Catalyst
    • Piercing Spikes ability description now shows the correct max number of traps
    • Piercing Spikes can now be pinged again
    • Ultimate no longer shows as ready in inventory without being fully charged
  • Conduit
    • Fixed Energy Barricade V-Shape deployment when looking directly at the ground
    • Tactical can no longer be used on respawning team still in dropship
  • Crypto: fixed Crypto taking ring damage while standing in a heat shield if controlling his drone in the ring
  • Loba: restored movement speed while holding Tactical if it was activated while standing still
  • Mad Maggie
    • Fixed damage numbers not showing correctly when hitting Revenant’s ultimate shroud with Wrecking Ball
    • Passive no longer works through Catalyst’s walls
  • Revenant: no longer occasionally becomes invincible during his ultimate if his shroud is broken while marked by Vantage’s Sniper
  • Vantage: corrected Sniper Ult bullets damage to marked targets when breaking Gibraltar’s arm shield or Revenant’s ultimate shroud
  • Wattson: Ultimate correctly recharges shields when placed after Bangalore’s smoke
  • Abilities that outline players should no longer stop functioning after killing an enemy
  • Silence abilities should no longer cancel auto healing
  • Voice chat is no longer heard outside of the squad in TDM and Control


  • Caustic Treatment: weapons cannot be used on the supply ship
  • Damage not taken while inside the respawn ship
  • Players no longer occasionally spawn in a skydive state when respawning on Kings Canyon
  • Players no longer lose invulnerability while still on the dropship when spawning on the MRB
  • Fixed issue with dynamic resolution not reacting fast enough to high graphics load. Improves frame rate stability on consoles
  • DX12 (PC) video memory (VRAM) usage is now reduced by 1.5 – 2GB
  • DX12 (PC) improved graphics performance with parallelization of rendering workloads
  • Upgraded Nvidia Reflex SDK to v1.8 and adds support for latency markers


  • Improved visibility for jammers
  • Ultimate SFX can no longer be heard in other Firing Range instances

Mirage’s Decoys

  • Improved issues against terrain that would cause destruction/floating
    • Any destroyed by terrain will now be refunded
  • Improved to more correctly copy the ADS state of the player
  • No longer mimic reviving or execution animations


  • Voice line added when Newcastle removes one of his own Castle Wall segments

Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Ignite Update)

  • Release date: October 31st 2023 (North America, Europe) / November 1st 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Rowenna grew up amidst a war, but in a move that turned the tide, one Monarch Titan sacrificed itself to end the fighting. In the years after, her home planet of Nexus established ties across the Outlands, introducing Rowenna to the Apex Games. The Games represented everything she aspired to–heroism, hard work, sacrifice—and she became a dedicated fan.

When her elder sister Diwa suffered a terrible injury at work, Rowenna resolved to support her family no matter what. She stole the battery from the Monarch, still rusting on the hill, and had a combat rig built with its battery at the core. She used it to qualify for the Apex Games, and even though the battery exposes her to poisonous radiation, she refuses to give up. No one else was going to get hurt to support her family. Rowenna’s choosing to have hope for her dreams or die trying. Now, it’s Conduit’s chance for a day in the sun.

Check out more on our newest and brightest Legend, Conduit, in our highlights blog and read on for details on her abilities.


Gain a burst of speed when running toward a teammate out of Tactical range.


Blast your ally with energy, regenerating temporary shields for them when in danger.


Deploy an array of shield jamming devices which damage and slow enemies.


The following maps will be available for public matchmaking in the Battle Royale mode:

  • Broken Moon
  • Olympus
  • Storm Point

A new feature that launched during Resurrection is live: in-game notifications for banned players. This notification will appear in the kill feed when a player in your current match has been removed. This alert will only be triggered by our anti-cheat systems and will not display when someone quits a match, loses connection or is kicked for AFK. This is the first of many steps the team is taking to improve visibility and player feedback when users are actioned.

NEW Feature: Promotional Trials

In Season 19, players will enter a Promotional Trial state when they reach the peak of their tier. During a Trial, LP loss and gains are frozen, allowing the player to focus on completing the trial:

  • Completing the conditions of a Trial within the given match count limit (either by winning a game or completing the alternative) will allow promotion into the next tier with a 250 LP promotional bonus
  • Failing to complete the Trial within the match limit results in the Trial ending and a loss of LP based on the player’s performance
  • Trials are time limited to 5 matches, increasing by 1 game each time a player fails and then reenters the same Trial, up to a max of 10 retries
  • Promotional Trials are skipped during Provisional matches
Trial Tier Main Condition Alternative Condition
Rookie → Bronze Win a game During the Trial:

  • 3x Top 10 placement
  • Get 3 Kills/Assists
Bronze → Silver Win a game During the Trial:

  • 3x Top 5 placement
  • Get 6 Kills/Assists
Silver → Gold Win a game In 3 different matches complete both:

  • Place Top 10
  • Get 3 Kills/Assists
Gold → Platinum Win a game In 3 different matches complete both:

  • Place Top 5
  • Get 6 Kills/Assists
Platinum → Diamond Win a game N/A
Diamond → Master Win a game N/A
Ranked Tuning

If you missed our recent reddit Dev Team Update, we’ve made some tuning adjustments for Ignite’s Ranked:

  • Increasing the amount of Rating Bonus given to help players’ ranking catch up to their skill bracket
  • Reduce the bonus that is withheld and thus the difficulty of climbing, when players are actively pushing against their skill ceiling
  • Provisional Bonuses are adjusted to land players closer to the expected statistical 1.5 tier drop at the end of their 10 provisional games

Ranking difference restrictions for 3 stack premades has been REMOVED. Players will now be able to play with friends no matter where they are on their climbs—with the caveat that your squad will face more difficult battles if there’s a bigger discrepancy between your skill.

  • Cross Progression will be rolling out in phases across existing platforms—read more in our detailed blog here
  • Holosprays can now be deployed while skydiving

Crafting Rotation

  • RE-45 and 30-30 Repeater leave the crafter and are back on the floor
  • R-301 and Volt enter the crafter
  • Boosted Loader removed from crafting rotation
  • Digital Threat optic removed from crafting rotation
  • Hammerpoint Rounds added to crafting rotation

Care Package Weapon Rotation

  • L-Star EMG returns to the floor
    • Removed Disruptor Rounds
    • Projectile size reduced
    • Improved recoil pattern
    • Reduced randomness in the early part of the recoil pattern
    • Damage increased to 17 (was 16)
    • Barrel attachment improved to match other weapons
  • Wingman enters the care package
    • New hop-up – Skullpiercer Elite: ignores helmet headshot damage reduction
    • Boosted Loader hop-up attached
    • Base damage increased to 50 (was 45)
    • Projectile size increased
    • 110 ammo

Care Packages

  • Care Packages will now always have 1 weapon at all stages of the game

Gold Weapons Rotation

  • Havoc, RE-45, C.A.R. SMG, L-Star, Longbow DMR


  • Boosted Loader: removed from floor loot
  • Turbocharger: Removed 1 damage reduction when equipped

30-30 Repeater

  • Increased hipfire spread

Bocek Bow

  • Faster initial draw speed
  • Select Fire button now toggles Shatter Caps
  • Tightened Shatter Caps blast pattern

Charge Rifle

  • Improved bullet drop ballistics
  • Increased projectile size


  • Damage reduced to 21 (was 22)

Longbow DMR

  • Increased projectile size


  • Increased Amped Shot projectile size


  • Double Time: reduced duration to 2s (was 3s)
  • Smoke Launcher: smoke lifetime reduced to 18s (was 23s)
  • Rolling Thunder: stun duration reduced to 6s (was 8s)


  • Piercing Spikes
    • Core no longer blocks projectiles, allowing bullets to pass through
    • Max in-world count reduced to 2 (was 3)
    • Throw range decreased by about 50%
  • Dark Veil
    • Cooldown now starts after the wall comes down
    • Reduced lifetime to 25s (was 30s)

Passive Updates

  • Pathfinder’s Insider Knowledge: can now scan Care Packages after allies have already scanned them
  • Wraith’s Voices from the Void: reduced look time required to trigger (feels more reliable/consistent)

Ultimate Updates

  • Newcastle’s Castle Wall
    • Reduced recovery time on landing
    • Increased max leap height
  • Revenant’s Forged Shadows: reduced time extension window for assists to 3s (was 30s)
  • Vantage’s Sniper’s Mark: bullet count increased to 6 (was 5)


  • Addressed a number of bugs and rat spots
  • Addressed known exploits to get underneath the map

Kings Canyon

  • Addressed multiple rat spots
  • Fixed geo holes in world between Relic and Caustic Treatment

Storm Point

  • Added two Mixtape maps based on new POIs (ZEUS Station and Wattson’s Pylon)
  • Addressed a number of bugs and rat spots
  • Players now respawn with the shields and weapons that they had when they were eliminated
    • Body shield and helmet level are preserved
    • Knockdown shield is reset to white
    • Backpacks are removed
    • Inventory will contain some ammo for their weapons, two syringes, and two shield cells
    • Weapons are maintained, unless that weapon was a care package weapon, and all weapon attachments are removed, including from kitted weapons
  • Replicator, Ring Console, and Survey Beacon spawn rates have returned to being even across all POIs

Mixtape Map Rotation

  • Control
    • Caustic Treatment and Siphon are out
    • Barometer and Production Yard are in
  • Gun Run
    • Skulltown and Fragment are out
    • The Core is in
    • New map: Wattson Treatment
  • TDM
    • Fragment and Habitat are out
    • Phase Runner is in
    • New Map: Zeus Station
  • Closed an exploit that allowed players to survive ring damage longer than expected using the Phase Runner on Olympus
  • Death Boxes can no longer fall into unreachable areas – or lava
  • Heat Shields can no longer stick to Tridents
  • Heat Shields no longer provide protection above them on higher ground
  • Holster weapon UI no longer appears when healing outside the ring
  • Knockdown Shield FX no longer remains on while spectating
  • Longbow’s Dawn’s Awakening skin no longer has visible barrel with scopes
  • Nemesis’ Demon’s Whisper skin no longer obstructs player view
  • Provisional badge icon restored on Ranked match summary screen
  • Rarity display now updates after equipping from store or pack opening
  • Resolved occasional “[UI] Array index 100000000 is out of range (array size 45)” error when launching the game
  • Revenant now faces direction he is shooting in third person view
  • Skydiving into an exiting respawn dropship will no longer propel the player along with it
  • Squad sorting now consistent between HUD and Inventory
  • Swapping to lower tiered armor after taking damage no longer requires refreshing the Death Box
  • Resolved rare cases where the priority system would kill certain local player weapon sounds at an incorrect time
  • Fixed squads’ animated poses sometimes ghost slightly on each other
  • Loba: Tactical is no longer canceled when thrown on a tower near Containment
  • Mirage: resolved not breaking cloak sometimes when switching weapons
  • Revenant
    • Assassin’s instinct
    • Digital threats now highlight enemies after being highlighted by Assassin’s Instinct
    • Fixed cases where enemies were not being highlighted correctly
    • Highlight no longer interferes with other legend highlights
    • Highlight now applies to Mirage decoys
    • Forged Shadows shroud no longer gets stuck on indefinitely (previous hotfix)
  • Wattson: fences now collapse when the round ends, preventing ongoing damage audio in post-match screen
  • Added Offscreen Portraits setting
  • Caustic: restored “Shield Cracked” VO in German
  • Firing Range: blue Nessie stays hidden for now… but a new challenger has appeared
  • Implemented additional security measures
  • Mixtape: assists are now awarded for Assisted Kills by ALL Teammates in modes where multiple squads are teamed together
  • Pings
    • Ping Enemies on the map: double-clicking the Ping Button will place an Enemy Ping on the map at that position
    • Reply to Enemy Pings with Ok, Hold On, and Wait ping reply options
  • Rampart: players can now pick up their amped walls while in placement mode
  • Revenant 
    • Add vibration support when Forged Shadows shield is damaged, and when the shield reforms or breaks
    • Improve vibration support when charging Shadow Pounce

Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Resurrection Update)

  • Release date: August 7th 2023 (North America, Europe) / August 8th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

For almost 300 years, Revenant was under the Syndicate’s thumb with the help of Hammond, and all he wanted was to escape. Now, suddenly, he starts to glitch—someone has launched a new protocol. He finds that he’s able to see enemies low on health, unleash a powerful leap forward, and forge a shroud of shadows around him that blocks incoming damage. But he also knows how to hold a grudge. 

Check out Revenant’s new look and new abilities for yourself! He’s unlocked all season long, and you can complete challenges throughout the season to unlock him permanently. Read the full breakdown of Revenant’s rework and get behind the screens in our highlights blog here.

With great new abilities, comes a new class—Revenant is now a Skirmisher.

PASSIVE: Assassin’s Instinct

Highlight nearby visible enemies who are low on health. You crouch walk faster and have improved wall climbing.

TACTICAL: Shadow Pounce

Unleash a powerful pounce forwards. Hold to charge for farther distances.

ULTIMATE: Forged Shadows

Forge a shroud of hardened shadows around you that blocks direct damage and regenerates after breaking. Your shadows and tactical are refreshed on knockdowns.


The following maps will be available for public matchmaking in the Battle Royale mode:

  • Broken Moon
  • Kings Canyon
  • Olympus

Ring behavior across maps in the BR has been updated with targeted tunings; including ring size, damage, and timings to several game phases to improve pacing in early and mid game. Here’s an in-depth look:

  • Ring Size Changes
    • Ring 1 has increased 10% in radius per map, resulting in ~20% larger Ring 1 surface area
    • No other Ring sizes changed
  • Ring Damage Changes
    • Ring 2 Damage increased from 3 per tick to 4 per tick
    • Ring 4 Damage reduced from 20 per tick to 15 per tick
  • Timing Changes
    • Round 1 
      • Preshrink time reduced from 90s to 75s 
      • Shrink speed on small Maps reduced from 167 to 160
      • Shrink speed on large Maps reduced from ~180 to ~165
      • Shrink time standardized to ~260s on each map 
    • Round 2 
      • Preshrink time reduced from 165s to 120s
      • Shrink speed reduced from 160 to 140
      • Shrink time increased by ~25s per map 
    • Round 3
      • Preshrink time reduced from 135s to 90s
    • Round 4
      • Preshrink time reduced from 105s to 90s
      • Shrink speed reduced from 100 to 85
      • Shrink time increased from 40s to ~50s
    • Round 5
      • Preshrink time reduced from 90s to 75s
      • Shrink speed reduced from 50 to 40
      • Shrink time increased from 40s to 50s
  • Maximum match length has been shortened 
    • Small maps: reduced to ~19.0 mins (was ~21.5 mins)
    • Large maps: reduced to ~20.0 mins (was ~22.5 mins)

Read the full breakdown of this season’s ranked changes in our July 2023 Ranked Blog and check out an update on Ranked Rewards in our Resurrection highlights blog.

  • LP Table Adjusted: LP Gain overall has been reduced. 
  • Diamond+ Cost Adjustments: 50% increased losses.
Placement S17 S18 S18 Diamond+
1 200 150 150
2 175 100 100
3 150 85 85
4 125 70 70
5 100 55 55
6 80 40 40
7 60 25 25
8 40 10 10
9 24 0 0
10 20 0 0
11 -25 -30 -45
12 -25 -30 -45
13 -25 -30 -45
14 -35 -50 -75
15 -35 -50 -75
16 -35 -50 -75
17 -35 -50 -75
18 -35 -50 -75
19 -35 -50 -75
20 -35 -50 -75
  • New:A small portion of Elimination bonus is exempted from bonus withholding due to mismatched MMR and LP. This value increases based on the player’s MMR.
  • Skill & Rating Bonuses have been dramatically reduced.
  • Elimination bonuses are increased slightly
    • We mentioned in our July 2023 Ranked blog that we would be bumping up the Elimination Bonus slightly. In our attempt to reduce the Master spike, we identified the need to instead reduce the overall points given within the whole system. Instead of bumping as planned, we took a different approach and reduced placement scores to make eliminations more valuable when compared to the now lowered placement score.

Armor Changes

  • White to Blue evo points required increased to 200 (was 150)
    • Crafted evo points increased to 200
  • Fixed overflow damage on level up applies to the next tier

Crafting Rotation

  • Rampage and R-99 leave the crafter and are back on the floor
  • Nemesis and Mozambique with Hammerpoint Rounds enter the crafter
  • Double Tap Trigger and Hammerpoint Rounds removed from rotation
  • Boosted Loader and Disruptor Rounds added to rotation
  • Medkit price increased to 20 (was 15)

Care Package Weapon Rotation

  • Hemlok Burst AR returns to the floor
    • ADS Recoil increased
    • Damage reduced to 22 (was 23)
    • Headshot multiplier reduced to 1.75 (was 1.8)
  • Prowler Burst PDW enters the care package
    • Damage increased to 16 (was 15)
    • Select Fire Enabled defaulting to Full Auto

Gold Weapons Rotation

  • Hemlok, Peacekeeper, Alternator, Rampage, Charge Rifle

Loot Spawn Changes

  • Blue and Purple Weapon Attachment spawn rate reduced by 20%
  • Blue and Purple Armor spawn rate reduced by 30%

Charge Rifle Rework

  • New ballistics and projectile
    • Removed hitscan
    • Removed pre-fire laser
    • Projectiles have player passthrough: 80% damage retained
    • Opens doors
  • Projectiles gain damage with distance
    • 50 meters: 75 Damage
    • 300 meters: 110 Damage
  • New charge mechanics
    • Holding the trigger down will increase charge
    • Releasing the trigger will decrease charge
    • Fires at 100% charge
  • Added Extended Sniper Mag attachment slot
    • Base: 4
    • White: 5
    • Blue: 6
    • Purple/Gold: 8
  • Ammo Consumption per shot reduced to 1 (was 2)
  • Handling timings adjusted
    • Tactical reload time decreased to 3.5 (was 4.0)
    • Empty reload time decreased to 4.6 (was 5.1)

All SMGs (R-99, Alternator, CAR, Volt)

  • Strafe Speed:ADS strafe scale reduced to 0.75(was 0.85)
  • Headshot multi reduced to 1.25 (was 1.5)


  • Vertical Recoil slightly increased
  • Ammo capacity reduced
    • Base Ammo reduced to 17 (was 19)
    • White Mag reduced to 20 (was 21)
    • Blue Mag reduced to 23 (was 24)
    • Purple/Gold Mag reduced to 26 (was 27)

M600 Spitfire

  • Added Barrels for improved stability
  • ADS Recoil improved
  • Hipfire spread slightly improved


  • Blast pattern tightened


Boosted Loader (Hemlok, Wingman)

Reloading when near empty will speed up reloading and overload the next magazine

  • Hemlok overload ammo: 9
  • Wingman overload ammo: 3

Disruptor Rounds (Alternator, Peacekeeper)

Increases shield damage

  • Alternator shield damage increased by 20%
  • Peacekeeper shield damage (per pellet) increased by 25%

Double Tap Trigger (EVA-8, G7 Scout)

  • Removed from floor and crafting bundles


  • Frag Grenade
    • Outer Radius increased to 350 units (was 320)
    • Inner Radius increased to 125 units (was 96)
  • Thermite
    • Adjusted fire VFX to better match damage area

Revenant has been reborn

  • Updated class to Skirmisher (was Assault)
  • New abilities (see above)

Ultimate Cooldowns

  • Bangalore: Rolling Thunder to 240s (+60s)
  • Catalyst: Dark Veil to 150s (+30s)
  • Gibraltar: Defensive Bombardment to 180s (-90s)
  • Horizon: Black Hole to 210s (+30s)
  • Loba: Black Market Boutique to 150s (+30s)
    • Ultimate Accelerants grant 25% ult charge (up from 20%)
  • Mad Maggie: Wrecking Ball to 120s (+30s)
  • Pathfinder: Zipline Gun to 180s (+60s)
  • Wraith: Dimensional Rift to 180s (-30s)

Tactical Updates

  • Ballistic’s Whistler
    • Reduced delay before an overheated weapon starts cooling down to 1s (was 2s)
    • Reduced how long it takes an overheated weapon to cooldown to 8s (was 12s)
  • Loba’s Burglar’s Best Friend
    • Cooldown reduced to 25s (was 30s)
  • Seer’s Focus of Attention
    • Slow Duration reduced to 0.5s (was 2.5s)
    • Silence Duration reduced to 8s (was 10s)
    • Firing Speed increased to 1.4s (was 0.9s)
  • Broken Moon
    • Maps added to Mixtape: Production Yard & The Core (Read more about these maps in our highlights blog here)
    • Multiple rat spots removed
  • Kings Canyon: multiple rat spots removed
  • World’s Edge: smoothed Legend movement on road edges
  • Crafting Workbenches, Survey Beacons, Ring Consoles
    • Removed ‘exclusion radius’ that caused some POIs to get these objects more than others
    • All POIs now have an equal chance of receiving a Ring Console, Survey Beacon or Crafting Workbench
  • Control
    • Capture Bonus bounty reduced ~20%
    • Capture time reduced to 10 seconds (was 20 sec)
    • Score limit reduced to 1000 (was 1250)
    • Spawn waves removed: players should spawn instantly at the location they choose including Home Base, Captured Points, and MRB (Note: MRB will still use the dropship)
    • Timed events: Airdrops, MRB, Capture Bonus should all start ~30% sooner in match-time
  • About Game Mode button now works while in game modes
  • Adjusted sizing and positioning of elements on the Switch’s communication wheel to give it more breathing room
  • Consumables UI no longer freezes while in use and reviewing inventory
  • Dying or swapping Legends with a Golden Backpack full of large healing items no longer causes the items to be thrown from the player in Firing Range
  • Challenges no longer flip to NBR version when tracking in Ranked matches
  • Fixed black line in Kill Feed when a player dies out of bounds
  • Fixed persistent gift notifications after returning to lobby
  • Fixed players from different teams being able to ride in the same trident if they interacted with both a mounted Sheila and the trident simultaneously
  • Fixed Support Bins occasionally being prevented from providing Survival items (Heat Shield or Mobile Respawn Beacons)
  • In-game map no longer clips behind the challenges on 16:10 resolutions
  • Players should now properly spectate the player who knocked or killed them (without being knocked), and not who killed their teammates or who thirsted them from the downed state
  • Players can no longer get stuck inside a Trident’s collision box
  • Pinging Icarus Vault from the map (with vault key in inventory) won’t present a malformed string
  • Predator badge no longer fades away on Champion screen
  • Reduced the animate in time of death recap in Control, Team Deathmatch, and Gun Run
  • Spectres no longer stand in Catalyst’s Piercing Spikes
  • Unitframe consumable progress now updating in the inventory screen
  • Using remapped controls on a Gamepad/Controller no longer prevents pinging from the map
  • Fixed players seeing the ranking of players they are spectating
  • Fixed animations not playing audio in rare cases
  • Improved prioritization for certain enemy movement sounds
  • Players movement transitions no longer occasionally play duplicate audio events
  • Ballistic
    • C.A.R SMG doesn’t default to heavy ammo after being converted to a golden gun in sling with light ammo
    • Tempest no longer applies to teammates when friendly fire is enabled in Firing Range
  • Pathfinders voicemails during an Ash heirloom inspect no longer stretched on 16:10 resolutions
  • Gibraltar and Bangalore
    • Fixed ultimates not triggering if thrown on Ziprail Launcher and Skydive Towers
    • Fixed ultimates not cooldown if they’re killed while holding the ultimate grenade
  • Horizon: Lethal Lass skin no longer obstructs ADS on Prowler with 1x HOLO
  • Loba: Lunar Wolf skin no longer has broken mesh
  • Rampart: Sheila’s ammo counter now correctly rotated
  • Broken Moon:
    • Added building west of the core to minimap
    • Loot tick now correctly drops loot at Production Yard
    • Removed invisible collision above playing field
  • Olympus: indoor props without collision no longer blocks picking up loot
  • Firing Range:
    • Ballistic’s Whistler is no longer heard across Firing Ranges when shot at the ground
    • Dummies no longer occasionally shoot while set to inactive
    • Small door’s audio and FX no longer heard/seen across Firing Ranges
  • Left most ammo on squad member unitframes now represents their currently equipped weapon
  • L-Star: low ammo indicator now only appears when ammo is actually low
  • P2020: fixed high inaccuracy with first shot using ADS
  • Firing Range
    • Dynamic dummy spawning now remains off when you die
    • Legend ultimates will be fully charged after loading into the Firing Range, swapping Legends, and dying
    • A new nessie… and more!
  • French
    • In-game/lobby chat now available when language is set to French on console
    • Corrected French translation for R-301 Mastery Challenge Level 20
  • Kill feed will now call out when a player has been removed from the match
  • Multiple stickers can now be placed
  • Players can longer interact with enemy holosprays through walls
  • Ranked progress bar no longer bounces value while sitting on Match Summary screen
  • Seer: Exhibit AR throw indicator is no longer offset from ground
    • (no longer gives false impression of where the Ultimate will land)
  • Support Perk – Crafting Banners: after grabbing the first banner, you can now immediately grab the second one as well
  • Weapon Mastery:
    • New animated celebration sequences when unlocking and completing trials, as well as mastering weapons
    • New animated icon in the HUD weapon element when a weapon is level 100

Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Arsenal Update)

  • Release date: May 9th 2023 (North America, Europe) / May 10th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Before the Apex Games, a more brutal competition held sway: the Thunderdome Games! Here, sibling fighters Sok Leng and Kit Siang Phua reigned supreme. They were joined by August Brinkman, Sok Leng’s eventual husband. But when August’s selfish playstyle led to Kit Siang’s death, August would retreat from the Games, from Sok Leng, and from their young son, Nate.

August spent decades as a recluse. When Nate decides to follow his family’s legacy into the arena, August returns to strike a deal to reenter the Games in his son’s place.


Store a third weapon in the sling. Access via inventory or Character Utility Action Button. The sling weapon cannot take attachments.


Shoots a projectile that heats up an enemy’s gun as they shoot. Overheating causes damage. Hold the Tactical to lock-on.


Nearby teammates get faster reloads, faster-armed move speed, and Infinite Ammo. The sling weapon will be upgraded to gold.


Read the full breakdown of the new points of interest and other changes in our full blog here.


Important TLDR:

  • New matchmaking by hidden skill rating, with skill adjustments made on premade sizes to account for the competitive advantages gained
  • New Scoring system that emphasizes winning the battle royale
  • New Bonus system that conditionally rewards wins and compensates losses
  • No more split reset, with a full seasonal reset started off with 10 provisional games
  • Ranked will now require account level 50 to play

Read the full breakdown of the new points of interest and other changes in our full blog here.


Weapon Mastery is our first new long-term progression system outside of account level! As we look to make Apex Legends more approachable for new players, this system incentivizes learning about the strengths and character of all our weapons. The goal is to deepen player engagement across the board regardless of who you main or which mode you prefer.

At the season launch, all players will start with every weapon at level 1 and can start progressing their weapon levels by using them in any game mode. Having a weapon in hand, dealing damage, securing kills, and fighting with style will all generate Weapon XP for that weapon. Every 20 levels, a weapon-specific trial will unlock for you to test your skill with that weapon and reward you for completion. Get your weapon to level 100 and finish all five trials to fully “master” that weapon and earn the final rewards. Each weapon mastery track will earn players weapon-specific badges, lifetime performance trackers, legendary weapon mastery banner frames, and a Legendary Weapon Apex Pack for each weapon.


Read the full breakdown of all the updates coming to Firing Range in our full blog here.


The Evac Tower is the latest loot item to hit the Outlands. This portable Jump Tower can shape the battlefield in your squad’s favor by offering a quick escape or setting up a deadly assault. Harness the power of the skies, but be careful when you use it – players can destroy the Evac Tower and leave you high and dry!


Pings are the main method of non-verbal communication in Apex Legends, and coordination is the key to victory! This season, we’ve updated the system to better serve the game as it exists today. We’ve removed some Pings from the default Ping Wheel with lower usage rates, added several new pings, and added quality of life improvements to how pinging operates in game. Our goal is to give all players, especially those not using voice chat, access to some quick combat ‘phrases’ to help orient team action.

On the default Ping Wheel you will see 3 new pings:

  • Avoid Area
  • Enemy Audio
  • Regroup

You will also see an expanded set of options when you are Downed or in Dropship for the initial drop into the BR. 

Lastly, we’ve improved Pinging from the Map behaviors in the following ways: 

  • In-game objects that have map icons (Respawn Beacons, Crafters, Wildlife, etc) can now be Pinged from the map; creating accurate waypoints with callouts 
  • When pinging generic waypoints on the map they will have more accurate placement in World Space 

Crate Rotation

  • L-Star EMG enters the crate
  • RE-45 returns to the floor

Weapon Crafting Rotation

  • Alternator SMG enters the crafter
  • Sentinel enters the crafter
  • EVA-8 returns to the floor
  • 30-30 Repeater returns to the floor

Gold Weapon Rotation

  • Flatline, Triple Take, Spitfire, Mastiff, Volt

Loot Spawns

  • Improved Vault Loot
    • Increased chances of gold loot
    • Added light mags to spawn pool
  • Improved Cargo Bot Loot
    • Removed small healing items, Mobile Respawn Beacon, White Armor,  White Backpack
    • Adjusted Large Healing and Heatshield spawns to allow for more desirable loot spawns
    • Removed gold weapons from purple tier Cargo Bots but increased spawn chance in gold tier

L-Star EMG [Crate]

  • Added Disruptor Rounds: 60% damage increase against shields
  • Base Damage Reduced to 16 (was 17)
  • Projectiles now have passthrough: 60% damage retained
  • Projectile growth increased
  • Improved recoil pattern
  • Removed barrel
  • Ammo Stockpile: 324
  • Reduced VFX brightness when hitting unarmored targets

30-30 Repeater

  • Projectile size increased when fully charged

Triple Take

  • Projectile size increased
  • Improved hipfire spread
  • Tightened bullet pattern when fully choked
  • Ammo per shot reduced to 1 (was 3)
  • Magazines sizes adjusted to match the new ammo costs
    • Purple Mag: Increased to 10 shots (was 9)

R-99 SMG

  • Removed 1 bullet from base and all magazines
    • No Magazine reduced to 19 (was 20)
    • White Magazine reduced to 21 (was 22)
    • Blue Magazine reduced to 24 (was 25)
    • Purple & Gold magazine reduced to 27 (was 28)

Charge Rifle

  • Reduced shots per magazine to 3 (was 4)
  • Reduced spawn rate


  • Dark Veil
    • Scan Highlights & Diamonds are no longer visible through the Dark Veil


  • Class changed from Skirmisher to Support


  • Now gets slowed to weapon sprint speed instead of weapon walk speed when targeting with her tac

Assault Class

  • Smart loot gains have been adjusted to reduce skipping an upgrade tier
    • It will now be less likely to jump from White to Purple or Blue to Gold
  • Optics are now given based on team rather than just Assault Legend who opens them
  • Added special drop rate for Gold Optics

Skirmisher Class

  • Care packages are now automatically pinged for the team on reveal.
    • This includes empty Care Packages that have already been looted by another team

Support Class

  • Support Bins will now guarantee at least one Battery in one of the Secret Compartment slots
  • Support Bins will now award MRBs if your ally is dead, even if you don’t have their banner card.
  • Legend Banners can now be crafted by ANY player who has a Support Class Legend in their Squad
  • New Podium screens for Gun Run and Control
  • Display a message in the Kill Feed if Leaver Penalties are disabled for the match due to an unfair match
  • Control and Gun Run will indicate the team’s MVPs on the intro podium
  • Control and TDM have updated loadouts (Crate Weapon changes and updates based on weapon meta/pick rates/kill rates)
  • Gun Run and TDM now have XP Bonuses for Match Completion and Match Completion after Join in Progress


  • Map rotation: Barometer is out, Olympus: Hammond Labs is in
  • Weapon Evo Change: No longer Evo weapons automatically when a new Rating Tier is reached. Players now reach the new tier and their weapon will Evo when the player holsters and then unholsters their weapon in any form (reload, weapon switch, manual holster, rides a zipline, performs a skydive, etc)

Gun Run 

  • Weapon Track update for new crate weapons.
  • Added an additional XP bonus on the last weapon knife kill

Team Deathmatch

  • Map rotation: Skulltown is out, Phase Runner is in
  • Prowler: fixed ADS while crouching
  • IMC Armories: fixed spectres taking too much damage from arc stars
  • Fixed Duos showing NBR challenges instead of BR challenges
  • Fixed comms wheel not being usable when a game is over
  • Fixed players glitching inside of loot bins
  • Fixed spectators not receiving audio queues for all types of launch pads/jump pads
  • Fixed flickering of banners during victory and end of match screens
  • Scoreboard is saved when a game is finished now, not post-podium sequence
  • Lifetime Stats numbers no longer overlap for more than 7 digits
  • Various lobby ultrawide UI improvements
  • Ash: 
    • Steps are no longer louder if heirloom is equipped
    • Fixed UI loop when crouch inspect is canceled early
    • Ultimate will now persist for the entire duration even if Ash dies while it is active and while players are still traveling through it
  • Bloodhound: White Ravens already in flight can no longer be scanned for free Tacticals and Ult charge
  • Caustic: Fixed traps destroying when placed near closed doors that are then opened
  • Crypto: 
    • Drone can no longer be accessed after being knocked
    • Drone no longer occasionally teleports behind a wall after you throw it
    • Fixed drone sometimes spawning in the middle of the world when thrown into a wall
  • Loba: 
    • Fixed visibility issue with Black Market when Bangalore’s smoke is behind
    • Amount head peeks over cover while crouching adjusted to match other Legends
  • Mad Maggie: Improved reliability when hitting objects that the ball will damage or destroy
  • Octane: Removed the double jump hint from the Launch Pad in cases where it would incorrectly show as an option (e.g. after a Pathfinder grapple)
  • Rampart: multiple cover walls can no longer be placed in the same spot on a Trident
  • Seer: Dummies in the firing range will now have the same footstep behavior as other players when moving inside of Seer’s Ultimate instead of behaving like other AI (Prowlers, Spiders)
  • Valkyrie: Ultimate cooldown no longer set to 75% after being canceled while in Death Totem protection
  • Wraith: 
    • Fixed ultimate being usable while ziplining
    • Mythic finisher “Whiplash” no longer pushes players outside of play area
  • Mixtape
    • Fixed shields dropped by killed enemies being empty
    • Fixed players leaving a match will no longer try to join the same match if its join-in-progress window is still active
  • Team Deathmatch
    • Fixed grenades not dropping on player death
    • Fixed Estates map image displaying the night variant of the map in the Lobby
  • Control
    • Fixed Custom Match Observer issue where it was difficult to close the Map Screen if an Observer had it opened before players spawned in the match
    • Fixed teammates death icon not appearing on the map if the map wasn’t open when the teammate died
    • Fixed ordnance not auto-equipping to the ordnance slot if the player spawned out of bounds
    • Fixed reserve ammo counter not displaying when switching weapons from Rampart or Vantage’s ultimate ability
  • Removed Auto-Taunt Prompt on Enemy Killed
  • Can now ride ziplines while playing the banner pickup animation
  • Bullet impact VFX on snow reduced
LiveAPI Improvements and Documentation

This season will have some updates to the LiveAPI based on player and developer feedback. These include improvements to existing functionality and messages, new events, and extensive additions to documentation including some examples in Python.

  • Support for Secure WebSockets (WSS) server connections
    • Configurable SSL verification, to allow self-signed certificates
  • Request validation through pre-shared key mechanism that can be specified through `cl_liveapi_requests_psk`
  • Newly added game event broadcast delay that affects only real-time WebSocket connections, configurable through `cl_liveapi_ws_event_delay` 
  • Additional documentation and snippets added to events.proto file
    • Includes sample values, code snippets in Python and expected API behavior
  • Change for API request acknowledgements not behaving as intended
    • Introduction of the RequestStatus message for more detailed explanations
  • Fix for 4KB message payload truncation seen mostly when using JSON data format
  • Fix for PlayerRevive event where the revived player field was incorrectly typed as a string instead of a Player message
  • New WarpGateUsed and ObserverAnnotation events
  • Downgrade of most uint64 fields to uint32 to ensure serialization as numbers and not strings in JSON
    • All timestamp fields remain as uint64. Developers should take note when using JSON data format instead of Protobuf.

Apex Legends – Ver. ???

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
  • EVA-8 enters the replicator
  • 30-30 Repeater enters the replicator
  • Longbow DMR returns to the floor
  • Volt SMG returns to the floor

Ash – Arc Snare

  • Cooldown decreased from 25s to 20s
  • Travel speed increased from 700 to 1200
  • Tether activation delay and snare grow time decreased by about 50% (The Arc Snare will more reliably hit intended targets)
  • Hide in-world item UI’s when aiming down the sight.
  • Hide in-world crafting UI’s in the center of the screen when aiming down the sight.
  • [Custom Match] Minimum player requirement for Team Deathmatch has been lowered to 6.
  • [Perks] Extended Supply Bins will more reliably give survival items in some cases when they are needed.
  • [Perks] Weapon Supply Bins will more reliably give attachments to teammates in specific edge cases.
  • [Perks]  Both Weapon and Extended Supply Bins no longer spawn in close proximity to Bins of the same type. 
  • Fixed a bug where re-rolling Daily Challenges would not produce the intended result of providing a non-mode dependent challenge.
  • Fixed issue with players experiencing a loud start-up noise when starting a Team Deathmatch game with reactive weapon skin equipped.
  • [Seer] Fixed bug where Seer could always see enemies with his passive since the UI updates to the minimap.
  • [Octane] Fixed the bug where players could not cycle their weapons when using the Stim tactical while on a zipline.
  • [Pathfinder ] fix for cases when landing onto a Jump Pad after using any length grappling hook will cause it to go extended cooldown.
  • Fix for cases where players could not reload their gun when standing close to Wattson’s Pylon and aiming at it.
  • Reduced the smoke VFX for Peacekeeper’s “Frostbite” reactive skin for better visibility in low-light areas.
  • Fix for cases where the minimap would show a completely different location for Crypto when using the drone.

Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Revelry Update)

  • Release date: February 14th 2023 (North America, Europe) / February 15th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:





In Revelry, Legends have been reorganized on the Legends Screen according to their Class. You’ll be able to see their associated Class perk on top of that Legend’s unique abilities.     
This reorganization will help players identify Legends that play or support the team in a similar manner, and help them understand the new roles easier. There will be 5 Classes:

  • Assault
  • Recon
  • Skirmisher 
  • Controller
  • Support

Every Legend Class also now has an associated gameplay perk that grants the Legends of that class access to new strategic options in the game.

At casual levels of play, these new gameplay benefits will be fun new bonuses to engage with and empower decision-making.

At higher levels of play, a squad make-up now determines what gameplay elements the team will have access to, and what they’re leaving behind.


(Enemy Locations)

Read more about how Remastered Legends will work in our developer update here.


At the launch of Revelry, we’ll be debuting Team Deathmatch to the Apex Games –  a no holds barred brawl between two teams of six – which will be available for the first three weeks of the season. This has been our most requested mode, and we’re excited for players to check in out.

In Team Deathmatch players will be able to select their Legend and weapon loadouts, similar to Control, with respawns occurring automatically after death. The first team to score 50 kills wins the match and make sure to keep an eye out for periodic airdrops throughout the map which come loaded with Care Package and gold-kitted weapons.


Following the first three weeks of Team Deathmatch, we’re thrilled to introduce a brand new way to enjoy some of our more highly requested LTMs on a permanent rotation with our Mixtape Playlist. This new mode queue provides players with the opportunity to jump right into frenetic and engaging combat experiences between our quick respawn modes: Control, Team Deathmatch, and Gun Run. These modes give ample opportunity to experiment and practice with weapons and Legends outside of our core BR experience, with little downtime between fights and respawns.


It’s been a while since we unleashed a new weapon and the wait will be over when Revelry launches with a new energy weapon: The Nemesis, a new energy class assault rifle that fires four rounds per burst. With a ramping burst delay that decreases the time between bursts and simulates a fully automatic weapon, we’re hoping to see this potentially unseat favorite standbys like the R-301 and Flatline.


This month is also the 4th Anniversary of Apex Legends™ and we’re celebrating with the Anniversary Collection Event featuring an all-new community content reward track and lots of celebrations happening in the game including login rewards✝ during the first two weeks of the season, with week one featuring Crypto unlocked and one Crypto Thematic pack for all players that login, and week two unlocking Ash plus one Ash Thematic pack for all players that login. Also, every map in the rotation will have special decorations and we’ll have the return of a fan favorite that we’ll reveal closer to the launch.

  • Added options to customize your firing range experience
  • Dummies can now strafe left and right! You control how fast they move, whether they should crouch, and their shield level.
  • Dynamic stats appear any time you deal damage, letting you track your performance.
  • Hit indicators help you keep track of spray patterns.
  • Unlimited ammo means no more trips back to the gun racks to reload.
  • This is the first of several rounds of updates to the firing range, so we will keep an eye on how the community uses the new tools.

New to the Outlands? Try the new Orientation Match system, meant to create an easy introduction where new players can get their bearings and learn the core mechanics of Apex Legends. To participate in Orientation matches you have to be a brand new player or party up with a new player to take out some bots before joining the regular matchmaking queue.


Legendary Shotgun Bolt

  • New shotgun bolt rarity tier added to floor loot and crafters
  • Gold Perk: Automatically reloads rounds while sliding. Activates while equipped or stowed.

Care Package Rotation

  • Hemlok Burst AR enters the Care Package
  • Rampage LMG returns to the floor

Weapon Crafting Rotation

  • Longbow DMR enters the crafter
  • Volt SMG enters the crafter
  • G7 Scout returns to the floor
  • C.A.R. SMG returns to the floor

Gold Weapon Rotation

  • Nemesis, Rampage, PK, Wingman, R99

Anvil Receiver Hop-Up [R-301, Flatline]

  • Removed from floor loot and crafting

Hammerpoint Rounds Hop-Up [Mozambique, P2020]

  • Added to floor loot and crafting
  • Rarity tier increased to Legendary


  • Reduced base ammo capacity to 19 (was 20)


  • Increased damage to 12 (was 11)

Assault Rifles

  • Significantly reduced hipfire accuracy


  • Reduced damage to 13 (was 14)

Hemlok Burst AR [Care Package]

  • Damage increased to 23 (was 20)
  • Headshot Multiplier increased to 1.8 (was 1.75)
  • Improved recoil
  • Integrated Boosted Loader Hop-Up
  • Boosted Loader: Faster reloads at low ammo that overload the magazine with 9 extra rounds


  • Spread pattern adjusted to be tighter
  • Added Tactical Stocks attachment to improve reload speed and handling
  • Increased projectile size at close range


  • Added Tactical Stocks attachment to improve reload speed and handling
  • Increased projectile size at close range


  • Increased projectile size at close range

Rampage LMG [Floor]

  • Reverted to non-Care Package version
    • Damage reduced to 26 (was 28 in Care Package)
    • No longer auto-energizes when picking up
  • Energy decays slower when not firing


  • Passive – Heartbeat Sensor
    • Audio from Seer’s passive is now more audible to enemy players
    • Activation is now delayed to match raise animation of weapon or unarmed
    • Lock-On indication will now only show on heartbeat cadence of target
  • Tactical – Focus of Attention
    • No longer shows full body scan on scanned targets
  • Ultimate: Exhibit
    • No longer reveals on initiation
    • Duration reduced from 30s to 25s
    • Cooldown increased from 120s to 180s


  • Passive – Tracker
    • White Ravens
      • Ethereal White Ravens will now occasionally spawn near Bloodhound when no enemies are around.
      • White Ravens can be interacted with or scanned to trigger them to fly towards the nearest enemy player
      • The White Raven will leave a misty trail behind for Bloodhound to follow, and will share this direction with their team on the map.
      • Using a White Raven will recover 25% Tactical / Ultimate charge
      • Scanning a White Raven will fully refund the Tactical Charge
  • Tactical – Eye of the Allfather
    • Reduced full body scan time from 3s to 1s
    • Diamond target on scanned enemy is unchanged
  • Ultimate – Beast of the Hunt
    • No longer recharges or speeds up the cooldown rate of Bloodhound’s Tactical
    • Will launch a White Raven that flies towards the nearest enemy
    • Killing an enemy while in Beast of the Hunt will also trigger a White Raven


  • Passive – Now you see me…
    • Mirage and his ally now remain cloaked after a revive for 3s
    • Weapons remain stowed while cloaked
    • Drawing your weapon will remove the cloaking effect early
  • Mirage Clones
    • Bamboozles are now only triggered by bullet fire and melee
    • Enemies who are bamboozled now receive notification on their screen
    • Bamboozle icon marker now tracks the Bamboozled player’s movement 
    • Bamboozle icon marker duration increased from 2.5s to 3.5s  


  • Passive – Insider Knowledge
    • Pathfinder’s passive benefits are no longer gained by scanning Survey Beacons
    • Pathfinder’s passive benefits (Ultimate charge and 10s Ultimate Cooldown reduction) are now gained by revealing Care Packages with the Skirmisher ability 
  • Ultimate – Zipline Gun
    • Max Range increased by ~60%.
    • Max Speed increased by 66%. 
    • Acceleration and exit speed adjustments.
    • Targeting improvements, including updated visual and audio cues.
    • Can no longer place the end station on OOB zones. 


  • Ultimate – Dimensional Rift
    • Max Portal Distance has been doubled  (~76m to 152m)
    • Portal Duration reduced from 60s to 45s
    • Wraith now increases speed over time when creating longer portals


  • Tactical – Gravity Lift
    • Increased weapon spread in Gravity Lift
    • Increased vertical speed of Gravity Lift by 10%


  • Passive – Combat Revive
    • Reduced the slow penalty on Lifeline when initiating a revive
  • Ultimate – Care Package
    • Decreased the drop animation speed of Care Package from 14s to 8s
    • Increased the deployment range of Care Package

Ranked queue will now rotate through all maps in play, 24 hours per map. The maps for the first split are:

  • World’s Edge
  • Storm Point
  • Broken Moon
Quality of Life
  • Added map rotation previews to the game mode selector in the lobby.
  • Players can now be any team in Gun Run.
  • Increased the odds of becoming Team Nessie in Gun Run.
  • Team Nessie is now viewable for all teams.
  • Added new indicator on HUD unit frames for the Ratings Leader in Control.
  • Consumables now show a progress bar for teammates next to their unit frame on the HUD. Similar to reviving. 
  • Added damage to the scoreboard in Control.
  • Increased the minimum distance between airdropped replicators and other airdrops.
  • Map Features when accessing the Full Map now reflect currently selected Class Perk info. Additionally, the Hot Zone map feature description is removed from the Full Map while the Hot Zone is hidden from the map. 
  • When in Firing Range, players now regain full health and shields when they reselect their legend in the legend select menu.
  • Added ability to ping for an optic even if the optic attachment slot is filled.
  • Slightly increased audio for enemies attaching, riding, and detaching from Ziprails.
  • Adding Credits to Items inspired and designed by Creators.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for Crypto’s drone reticle not being centered when on 16:10 resolutions.
  • Fix for players not being able to emote if they were dead during the champion sequence.
  • [Control] Fixed an issue where the MRB disappears if the player holding it leaves the match.
  • Various UI bugs and improvements to the private match flow.
  • Various bug fixes to some cosmetic items.
  • Fix for the weapon camera in the Loadouts tab not resetting to the correct position when exiting a weapon from the Charms subtab.
  • Fix for footer buttons in the seasonal quest not being clickable.
  • Fix for the players’ crosshairs being present sometimes during the champion sequence.
  • The hide hints option no longer hides the waving person icon on items your teammates can use.
  • Fixed a bug where if a team was empty in Gun Run the HUD would display incorrect information.
  • [Emotes] fix for emotes camera sometimes passing through walls.
  • Removed exploit that allowed players to remain out of bounds longer than intended.
  • [Seer]Fixed an issue where Seer’s ultimate could be crushed by swinging doors.
  • [Seer]Fixed an issue where Seer’ s ultimate and Crypto’s drones would block large sliding doors.
  • [Seer] Fix for cases where Seer would have issues scanning Crypto.
  • [Seer] Fix for when Seer’s passive heartbeat sensor works through Catalyst’s ult when placed on uneven surfaces.
  • [Seer] Fix for cases here Seer’s tactical can get users stuck if used when they are crafting.
  • [Valkyrie] Fixed bug where her animation warps in the in-flight meal emote.
  • [Newcastle] Fixed bug where the Ultimate is not refunded/is not placed if a user is getting hit with Seer Tactical right when using it.
  • [Crypto] Fixed an issue where Crypto’s drone would be destroyed when he’s knocked but not eliminated.
  • [Crypto] Fix for bug where Crypto’s Drone scanning can block Catalyst from reinforcing doors.
  • [Crypto] Fix for cases where his Ultimate stops from deploying if Crypto gets downed
  • [Catalyst] Fixed bug where their Tactical makes it difficult to interact with ziplines, death boxes, and loot bins.
  • Fixed bug where the player is unable to use melee attacks through Catalyst’s Ultimate.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be stuck after being hit by Seer’s tactical while using a crafting station.
  • Fixed an issue where Seer’s move speed would be higher when in ADS while unarmed with the heartbeat sensor disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where Crypto would not be scanned by Seer’s tactical while he was piloting his drone and the drone was not also hit by the tactical.
  • [Vantage] Reduce the number of accidental tactical activations on controller when pulling out or putting away the ultimate with both bumpers.
  • [Vantage] Increase visibility of Sniper’s mark by adding on-screen prompt, similar to scans.
  • [Vantage] Using tactical in areas blocked by geo, can result in the player getting launched into the air
  • Fixed an issue where when Newcastle’s Ultimate was interrupted it would not correctly refund his Ultimate.
  • Fixed an issue where Newcastle would continue to target allies while phased with his Ultimate.
  • Fixed a rare issue were Newcastle’s tactical could get hung in the air and not deploy
  • Fixed an issue with the Black Hole that allowed it to pull players through walls and around corners incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where swapping legends in Firing Range would crash if bleeding out as Revenant.
  • Fixed an issue where swapping legends in Firing Range while in Crypto’s drone would crash.
  • Fixed an issue where Newcastle’s ultimate could fail to deploy on landing.
  • Fixed an issue where a spectator swapping between two players being healed by DOC would crash the spectator.
  • [Lifeline] Fixed ultimate cooldown appearing to need 101% charge.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ultimate is ready prompt could appear while the player is still skydiving.
  • Fixed bug where the previous Season rank is being shown on enemy gladiator cards. 
  • Reduced accidental launches on controller.






Apex Legends – Ver. ??? (Eclipse Update)

  • Release date: November 1st 2022 (North America, Europe) / November 2nd 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

As a teenager on Boreas, Tressa Crystal Smith and her coven of friends prayed for and by the light of their broken moon. But fate brought her up to it when she ran away at fifteen to join a terraforming crew working to rebuild the moon. She took to the work, feeling a connection between her work with ferrofluid and the rituals of her past. But the unwelcome arrival of the Apex Games brought her peaceful life to an end. Now she joins the Games as Catalyst, a Legend determined to bring change and defend her home. She can use her ferrofluid to reinforce doors, form piercing spikes and obscure the playing field with high ferrofluid walls. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and by the time her opponents make the call? It’ll be far too late.

  • PASSIVE: Barricade – Reinforce doors, strengthening them and locking them to enemies’ spaces where doors have been destroyed can also be reinforced.
  • TACTICAL: Piercing Spikes – Throw out a patch of Ferrofluid which turns into spikes when enemies are near. Catalyst remains immune to enemy spikes.
  • ULTIMATE: Dark Veil – Raise a permeable wall of Ferrofluid. Enemies who walk through it will be slowed and partially blinded for a brief time.

The Legends are dropping onto not only a Broken Moon, but a divided one. Explore the beauty and serenity of the Eternal Gardens and Bionomics, or venture to the moon’s dark side and visit marred, industrial locales like The Perpetual Core and Breaker Wharf. Grapple, climb, or use jump stations to access new Zip Rails and traverse the jagged terrain. Built for locals to quickly navigate the slopes and chasms of Cleo, they’re just the thing for Legends in a hurry.


The following maps will be available for public matchmaking in the Battle Royale mode:

  • Broken Moon
  • Olympus 
  • World’s Edge

Whether you’re introducing a new friend to Apex Legends or welcoming back an old one, you don’t just want to catch them up on the story. Share the freshest Apex style with other players via the new Gifting system, which allows you to purchase bundles and cosmetic items in the Store tab for your in-game friends.


Stickers are a brand new cosmetic we’re introducing this season that lets players equip stickers to healing items! Whether you are regen-ing your shields or healing with a syringe you can now do it in style!  All players will get the Shattered and Deathbox stickers for free when Eclipse launches. Players can also unlock 20 new Epic Stickers for a limited time from the Sticker Pack Series 001 available in the Special Stores Tab 11/1/22 – 11/22/22 only and not available in the general loot pool. Things you can apply stickers to:

  • Shield cells
  • Shield batteries
  • Syringes 
  • Med kits
  • Phoenix kits 

Having trouble deciding on which Legend to unlock next? Want to try a few different tacticals and ultimates before pulling the trigger? Now you can! In the Firing Range, all Legends are unlocked, giving players the ability to test out Legends that they don’t own yet.



  • Entry Requirement: Level 10 → 20

Crate Rotation

  • Mastiff returns to the floor
  • RE-45 enters the crate with Disruptor Rounds

Gold Weapon

  • R-301, Devotion LMG, 30-30 Repeater, EVA-8, Prowler Burst PDW

Anvil Receiver [R-301, Flatline]

  • Added to floor loot and crafting bundles

Double Tap Trigger [EVA-8, G7 Scout]

  • Rarity tier increased to legendary
  • Improved Recoil for burst fire Scout

Turbocharger [Devotion, HAVOC]

  • Damage reduced by 1 when equipped

Hammerpoint Rounds [Mozambique, P2020, RE-45]

  • Removed from floor loot and crafting bundles

Boosted Loader [Hemlok, Wingman]

  • Removed from floor loot and crafting bundles

Kinetic Feeder [Peacekeeper, TripleTake]

  • Removed from floor loot and crafting bundles

Crafting Rotation

  • M600 Spitfire enters the crafter
  • Peacekeeper enters the crafter
  • Havoc returns to the floor
  • P2020 returns to the floor

Rampage LMG

  • Begins charged on first-time pickup from the supply drop
  • Removed heat decay over time

Rampage & Sentinel

  • Can re-charge the Rampage and Sentinel before previous charge has expired


  • Ammo capacity increased from 4 to 5
  • Widened blast pattern
  • Damage per pellet reduced from 14 to 11
  • Projectile growth reduced
  • Reload can now be canceled with ADS


  • Damage increased from 12 to 14
  • Disruptor Rounds increase damage against shields by 30%


  • Reduced recoil at the beginning of the pattern
  • Stow animations adjusted to better match timings

Volt SMG

  • Reduced projectile speed
  • Increased projectile gravity

Triple Take

  • Rate of fire increased from 1.2 to 1.35
  • Choke charge time reduced from 1.1 to 0.75


  • Increased blue magazine size from 24 to 25
  • Increased purple magazine size from 27 to 28


  • Projectile growth reduced
  • Ring 1 Preshrink Time increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Updated the UI tabbed navigation system and presentation.
  • Updates various menus to use the updated tabbed navigation system.
  • Ziplines can now be pinged from a distance.
  • Decreased the time required to pick up two teammates’ banners from their deathboxes by canceling the initial banner pickup animation when you grab a second banner.
  • [Storm Point] Fixed an issue where a zipline was missing in the building on North Pad.
  • [Kings Canyon] Fixed bug where players could not ping Wraith’s Portal in her Town Takeover
  • Fixed a bug where decimal numbers showed up on the Stats screen when they shouldn’t.
  • [Vantage] Fixed a bug where Sniper’s Mark damage multiplier would continue even after a player is downed.
  • [Vantage] Fixed bug with Vantage’s passive ability displaying “Team of 3” when less than 3 players are alive in the squad.
  • [Revenant] Fixed a bug with the “Revelations” skins where players would experience the camera clipping into Revenant’s shoulder after exiting Shadow Form.
  • [Valkyrie] Fixed bug for cases where Valkyrie would remain in her Skydive animation after interacting with a Replicator.
  • [Crypto] Fix for bug where Crypto’s “Biwon Blade” heirloom wouldn’t be visible while using a Survey Beacon.
  • Fixed a bug during the tutorial where the first loot bin could become inaccessible if a player attempted to open it while standing between the bin and Bloodhound.
  • Fixed the bug where some players with custom controls couldn’t jump.
  • Fixed the bug where the timer would show the incorrect time for when the next Ranked Season will start.
  • Fix for cases where loot bins could crush a player to death if they got caught between the lid and a wall.
  • Fix for cases where players could get stuck inside the Replicator if they were knocked down while using it.
  • [3030 Repeater and Mastiff] Fix for cases where players were unable to aim down sights until reloading is complete when done at certain times.
  • Fixed bug where the User Location on the minimap wouldn’t update properly to show the direction the player is facing during the skydive sequence.
  • Fix for bug where the Legend Ability Ui would flicker when going into Legend select before the match starts.
  • Fix for Firing Dummies to take damage appropriately based on hit location.

How to download updates for Apex Legends for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Apex Legends, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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