SympathyKiss: promotion video

Idea Factory have shared a promotion video for one of their upcoming Otome Visual Novels on Nintendo Switch: SympathyKiss (releasing on November 17th in Japan).

Here’s the video:

This brand new Otome Visual Novel is being directed by Aoki Hiroe (who previously worked on Lover Pretend, releasing this December in Europe and North America!), with Fuji Rito in charge of both character designs and Art (and who also worked on Lover Pretend).

The cast includes:

  • Kajiwara Gakuto as Saotome Mitsuki
  • Umehara Yuuichirou as Minato Kouhei
  • Okitsu Kazuyuki as Kobase Youji
  • Yamashita Seiichirou as Yoshioka Rokurou
  • KENN as Tainaka Nori
  • Uchida Yuuya as Usui Shuuya

SympathyKiss (Switch) comes out on November 17th in Japan.


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