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Super Mario Maker (Wii U): new costumes available (Dr. Kawashima, Undo Dog)

Following the release of Super Mario Maker, in September 2015, Nintendo frequently added new costumes for Mario to the game. Generally, players had to complete special courses made for the occasion, though many of them could simply be unlocked immediately via the corresponding amiibo figure. The costumes generally included special sound effects, and other audio-visual effects.

Unfortunately, Nintendo stopped adding new costumes for Mario on a regular basis, though we do get the occasional additions (such as Marie and Callie, in July). In fact, a new one was added yesterday: the one and only Dr. Kawashima, from the Brain Age / Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training series.

Neat detail: it can even transforms into “Evil Kawashima” (from Brain Age: Concentration Training / Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can you stay focused?)!

Here’s one picture for that Dr. Kawashima costume Mario:

Also, last month, Nintendo added another costume Mario to Super Mario Maker: the Undo Dog, a character that originally appeared in Super Paint.

Here’s one picture for the Undo Dog costume Mario:

Unfortunately, neither the Dr. Kawashima or Undo Dog costumes are available in Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS, and there’s a “good” reason for that. After all, costume Mario are, quite simply, not available in this portable version of the game, period.

Source: Nintendo


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