Sonic Colors Ultimate: Original Soundtrack release + sample, latest pictures

SEGA have announced that the Original Soundtrack album for Sonic Colors Ultimate will be released on September 29th worldwide. It will be available at retail in Japan (price: 3 300 Yen for 2 discs), but also on various digital music platforms.

Here’s the cover and the tracklist for the album:

Disc 1

01.Reach For The Stars(Re-Colors)
02.Tropical Resort – Act 1(Remix)
03.Tropical Resort – Act 2(Remix)
04.Tropical Resort – Act 3(Remix)
05.vs.Rotatatron & Refreshinator(Remix)
06.Sweet Mountain – Act 1(Remix)
07.Sweet Mountain – Act 2(Remix)
08.Sweet Mountain – Act 3(Remix)
09.vs.Captain Jelly & Admiral Jelly(Remix)
10.Starlight Carnival – Act 1(Remix)
11.Starlight Carnival – Act 2(Remix)
12.Starlight Carnival – Act 3(Remix)
13.vs.Orcan & Skullian(Remix)
14.Rival Rush – Start
15.Rival Rush – vs.Metal Sonic
16.Rival Rush
17.Rival Rush – Win
18.Rival Rush – Lost
19.Reach For The Stars – Opening Theme -(Remaster)
20.Speak With Your Heart – Ending Theme -(Remaster)

Disc 2

01.Theme of Sonic Colors(Remaster)
02.World Map(Remaster)
03.Planet Wisp – Act 1(Remix)
04.Planet Wisp – Act 2(Remix)
05.Planet Wisp – Act 3(Remix)
06.Aquarium Park – Act 1(Remix)
07.Aquarium Park – Act 2(Remix)
08.Aquarium Park – Act 3(Remix)
09.Color Power – Jade Ghost
10.Asteroid Coaster – Act 1(Remix)
11.Asteroid Coaster – Act 2(Remix)
12.Asteroid Coaster – Act 3(Remix)
13.Terminal Velocity – Act 1(Remix)
14.Terminal Velocity – Act 2(Remix)
15.vs.Nega-Wisp Armor – Phase 1(Remix)
16.vs.Nega-Wisp Armor – Phase 2(Remix)
17.Boss Stage Clear(Remaster)
18.Speak With Your Heart(Rainbow Mix)

Speaking of the soundtrack, SEGA have shared a sample: vs. Rotatatron & Refreshinator (Remix), by Jun Senoue:

Finally, here’s the latest set of pictures for the game:

Sonic Colors Ultimate (Switch) comes out on September 7th in Europe and North America, and September 9th in Japan.

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