No More Heroes 3: latest video (Beam Katana)

In a little over two months (on August 27th), the long-awaited No More Heroes 3 will finally be released on Nintendo Switch. Marvelous have been sharing trailers for the game on a regular basis (such as the overview trailer a few days ago), and today, they shared a brand new video showcasing the Beam Katana.

Travis Touchdown’s iconinic weapon is back in this third main entry, and it works pretty much like in previous No More Heroes games. You use it to cut down and slice hordes of enemies, complete with large effusions of blood and other special effects.

And just like in past entries, the Beam Katana has a built-in battery that gradually depletes as you use it to mow down enemies. Once it’s fully depleted, you won’t be able to do much with it, which is why you need to recharge the it regularly. Of course, Travis’ “unique” way of recharging it is back!

Here’s the latest video for No More Heroes 3, showcasing the Beam Katana:

No More Heroes 3 (Switch) comes out on August 27th worldwide.


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