Nintendo Switch news (Jan. 27): official specifications, more accessories

Today’s Nintendo Switch news: official specifications now available in English, but also…

  • Nintendo Switch accessories

Nintendo Switch – Official specifications

Earlier this week, Nintendo of Europe updated the official website for the Nintendo Switch. The most important part (the one with actually “new” details) is the Specifications section, which provides some interesting details (previously available only in Japanese, which is why they went by mostly unnoticed).

Here’s the various tidbits from the Specifications section:

  • Communication features: Bluetooth 4.1 (besides Wireless LAN);
  • microSD card slot: Compatible with microSD, microSDHC and microSDXC memory cards. Quite interestingly, a Software update will be required for microSDXC cards, but it’s not clear when it will be available;
  • Internal battery: Lithium ion battery / battery capacity 4310mAh. As mentioned previously, the battery is non-removable, but naturally, Nintendo plan to offer paid replacement via Nintendo Customer Support;
  • USB ports: two USB 2.0 compatible ports on the side, one on the back. The one at the back is 3.0, but at launch, it will function as a USB 2.0 port. An update will add USB 3.0 support;
  • Connectivity functions for the Joy-Cons: Bluetooth 3.0 (Joy-Con (L)), Bluetooth 3.0, NFC (Joy-Con (R));
  • Internal battery (Joy-Cons): 525 mAh Li-ion battery. Last 20h, and take 3.5h to charge. This was previously known via a Nintendo rep, but this confirms it;
  • Screenshots: some games may have sections where it is not possible to capture screenshots.

Source: Nintendo
Thanks Dystify for the heads up!

Nintendo Switch accessories

Today, KeysFactory revealed their own set of accessories (for the Japanese market), with the following:

  • screen protectors [launching on March 3rd];
  • silicone cover for Joy-Cons [launching on March 3rd];
  • hard cover for Joy-Cons [launching in March];
  • pouch for the main unit [launching on March 3rd];
  • hard case for the main unit [launching on March 3rd];
  • front cover [launching in March / April];
  • game card holder [launching in March / April].

Here’s what those accessories look like:

Source: Famitsu

The Nintendo Switch will be launched on March 3rd, worldwide.


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