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Dragon Ball Fusions to get a Day 1 update in Europe

A few weeks ago, we learned that Dragon Ball Fusions would get an update in Early 2017 in North America, adding online play, new characters, new features, and more. It wasn’t clear whether Europe would get a similar update, since the game is launching almost three months after North America.

But today, Bandai-Namco announced that Dragon Ball Fusions would get a Day 1 update in Europe. It will not be required to play (though it most likely will be for online features), unlike most Day 1 patches, but it will add some new content.

First, we have some new characters (which are all from the latest update for the Japanese version of the game):

  • Trunks (Super)
  • Goku Black
  • Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black
  • Super Saiyan Trunks (Super)
  • SSGSS Vegito
  • Zamas
  • Fused Zamas

But that’s not all: the update will also add new clothes, new titles and new Special Moves.

Based on the contents of that update, it’s probably safe to assume that features such as online play are available from the get-go in the European version of Dragon Ball Fusions. The patch for North America most likely includes contents/features already available in the European version, along with the contents of the European update.

Here’s some screenshots and art for the characters included in the Day 1 update for the European version of Dragon Ball Fusions:

Dragon Ball Fusions (3DS) comes out on February 17th in Europe.

Source: Bandai-Namco
Screens via: Gameblog


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