Nintendo: Earnings Release for Q1 2016-17 to take place on July 27th

NINTENDO_LOGOEarlier this month, Nintendo confirmed that the 76th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders would take place on June 29th (next week). During that meeting, shareholders will have to vote on several proposals, such as the (re-)election of Directors, Partial Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation, and more.

And today, Nintendo announced that the Earnings Release for Q1 2016-17 (April 1st to June 30th) would take place on July 27th (most likely at 4PM JST, as usual). Unlike the other Earning Releases, this one should not be followed by the usual meeting with investors, as usual.

There’s several reasons for that:

  • Q1 is always the least important quarter for Nintendo
  • the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders takes place one month before, so there’s no real need for a meeting with investors so soon after it (especially for such an unventful quarter).

In other words, the next meeting with investors will most definitely be in October, following the Earnings Release for Q1+Q2 2016-17 (April 1st to September 30th). Naturally, Nintendo will only announce later this year.

Source: Nintendo


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