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My Time at Sandrock (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 1.3 / Next: Online)

On this page, you will find all there is to now about the various updates for My Time at Sandrock on Nintendo Switch (originally released in November 2023 in North America, Europe, and Japan).

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My Time at Sandrock – Ver. ??? (Online)

  • Release date: Summer 2024 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following to the game:

  • adds online multiplayer on consoles
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Pathea Games

My Time at Sandrock – Ver. 1.3

  • Release date: May 28th 2024 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
New content and features
  • Added a new DLC pack, Monster Whisperer. If the builders like the monsters that appear in Sandrock, they can purchase the new DLC to obtain a specific toolset to capture their favorite monsters.
Here’s the new free content:
  • Added a brand-new pet training and combat feature, so your adorable pets can now join you in epic battles!
  • Added the Sand Buggy Circuit, and once Catori World is completed, you can ‘ride through the sands’!
  • Added a cooking function to the Factory. Now, builders can cook delicious food as they like, providing a convenient way to create recovery items.
  • Added the third and fourth levels to the Dead Sea Ruins, bringing new challenges. Plus, a new special weapon awaits!
  • Made X your pet after marrying Fang.
  • Made Rambo your mount after marrying Logan.
  • Made Merle and Rambo two-seaters.
  • Added the ability to take family photos with your kids.
  • Added automatic fertilization to the greenhouse core through the Magic Mirror.
  • Added an automatic sandstorm wall that raises and lowers itself when a sandstorm is coming, allowing for hands-free protection.
  • Added a currency tab to the backpack, allowing you to view all your currency in one place. You no longer have to interact with shops to check your balance.
  • Added new graphic settings for brightness and contrast. [Currently available only on PC; console versions will be updated later.]
  • Added a controller button layout diagram, which can be viewed in the button configuration settings.
In Game Experience
  • Adjusted the effect of Survival Knowledge Level 2 in Combat Knowledge.
  • Adjusted the crafting system so that items are no longer sourced from the Sandworm Terrarium, Sandfish Aquarium, and Sandfish Pond.
  • Adjusted the price index so that it now affects items traded with currency.
  • Increased fish prices and optimized fish-related orders.
  • Increased the respawn rate of Shellipedes.
  • Improved how the cursor snaps to map icons in controller mode.
  • Optimized the item information display; you can now see if an item is on display at the museum.
  • Optimized the commission types for the later stages of the game; more vibrant orders will appear more frequently.
  • Optimized the issue of kids’ demands being too frequent.
  • Optimized children’s facial appearance.
  • Optimized Sandrock residents’ protective measures against sandstorms.
  • Optimized the filtering method for items in the special gift tab.
  • Optimized the attribute descriptions on the character attribute UI.
  • Optimized the Action Wheel.
  • Optimized the notifications when unlocking dungeons.
  • Optimized the townspeople’s reaction on the player’s birthday.
  • Optimized multi-language support for text images in dialogues.
  • Optimized the factory prompts to reduce excessive notifications for idle situations.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Li-Jun didn’t leave Sandrock after completing the main storyline.
  • Fixed an issue where proposals during a date could fail.
  • Fixed a bug where the default item selection in the worktable might be incorrect when there’s a quest requirement.
  • Fixed a bug where relationship influence didn’t correctly affect shop prices.
  • Fixed a potential freeze when initiating a spar while an NPC is dismounting.
  • Fixed an issue where gift boxes from the quest for NPCs to deliver gifts to your door would be deleted after 7 days.
  • Fixed an issue where skipping the festival setup time might prevent the festival’s subsequent events from triggering.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC names would repeat during quest dialogues.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs didn’t close their eyes while sleeping.
  • Fixed an issue where the cooking apprentice couldn’t unlock Sandfishsticks and Hot and Sour Fish.
  • Fixed a bug where defeating Commander Lefu didn’t unlock the Encyclopedia.
  • Fixed unexpected configurations in the Encyclopedia.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Just What I Always Wanted!’ achievement not triggering correctly when receiving bonuses from festivals or birthdays.
  • Fixed an issue with post-marriage hand-holding that would trigger at inappropriate times.
  • Fixed a bug where interacting with other NPCs while riding with an NPC caused dismounting.
  • Fixed a problem where Jane wasn’t centered on the screen when interacting with him.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of Sandrock characters listed in the social interface was counted incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with NPCs wouldn’t trigger jealousy.
  • Fixed a problem in the “Cornered Beasts” quest where players could fall to their death after triggering the event in Logan’s house.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Product Recall” quest where tourists would overlap with each other.
  • Fixed a bug in the “A Little Bundle of Joy” quest that caused Mabel’s eyes to turn white.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Buckin’ Bronco” quest where the cabinet door wouldn’t open during investigation.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Sandrock Strikes Back” quest where a trapdoor might not open.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Juiced Up” quest where the Super Filtration Core was missing in some save files.
  • Fixed an issue in the “License for Ransom” quest where the quest objective couldn’t refresh in some save files.
  • Fixed an issue in the Iron Chef Free Cities quest where it couldn’t be triggered in some save files.
  • Fixed an issue where the post-marriage quest “Big Day” didn’t properly complete after hosting the party.
  • Fixed an issue where Justice might not stop following the player after the battle at the Northern Ruins.
  • Fixed an issue where a conflict between the ‘Haru’s Trial’ quest and a pregnancy dialogue triggered upon waking could cause the game to freeze.
  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t receive a dividend email after the Catori World quest.
  • Fixed a bug in “The Mama Tree” quest where the tree would turn green before the quest was completed.
Visual and Audio
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would get stuck after triggering the CG in the ‘Away from It All’ quest.
  • Fixed an issue where items from home machinery would float after being blown away by a sandstorm.
  • Fixed an issue where having two infant children could cause them to overlap.
  • Fixed a CG bug where Jane wouldn’t appear during a marriage proposal.
  • Fixed a problem where Andy’s hair wouldn’t load properly due to a conflict with the child system.
  • Fixed an issue where the depth of field was inconsistent when interacting with large creatures.
  • Fixed a problem where, after divorcing an NPC, their name wasn’t correctly removed from the bed placement settings.
  • Fixed an issue where black rocks might appear in the Northern Abandoned Ruins.
  • Fixed an issue where player and Andy’s models would overlap in photos.
  • Fixed an issue where female players experienced glitches when wearing the Starlight Cloak.
  • Fixed an inconsistency between the facial customization environment effects and those in the game.
  • Fixed a problem where the damage numbers displayed in incorrect colors when the player took damage from certain traps.
  • Fixed an issue where wall lamps wouldn’t light up during the day.
  • Fixed an issue where the cooking station wouldn’t display quest requirements.
  • Fixed a problem with the advanced assembly station where the interaction key would show incorrectly after using auto-assembly.
  • Fixed an issue where the source description for the Armor Display Piece 1 was incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where the icons for commission type quests were displayed incorrectly.

My Time at Sandrock – Ver. 1.2.2 (New Year, Better Me Update)

  • Release date: March 26th 2024 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
New content and features
  • Introduced a plethora of Kickstarter Backer Co-designed content, ranging from quests and weapons to hairstyles and interactive scenes! Offering you increased character customization, combat options, and emotionally compelling stories.
  • Introduced two new play/date activities,’Merry-Go-Around’ and ‘Roller Coaster,’ playable post the Catori World opening ceremony, enhancing your overall enjoyment!
  • Introduced a new challenging end-game dungeon located in Lab 7, named Dead Sea Ruins, providing to the ultimate test for your combat skills!
  • Introduced a new type of indoor stairs – Fixed Vertical Ladders, taking up less space than regular stairs, and providing more room for decorating your dream house!
  • Introduced a feature where Builders may receive letters from parents during festivals and significant events.
  • Included banners for smoother seasonal transitions, ensuring a clearer distinction between the changing seasons.
  • Implemented a post-marriage cooking system, allowing you to savor delicious dishes prepared by your beloved.
  • Introduced the effect of the terrain turning green after reaching a certain point in the story.
  • Introduced a festive in-game letter for a joyful Chinese New Year, along with Spring Festival Couplets, Year of the Dragon Firework, and Firecrackers.
  • Enabled certain NPCs to share cherished photos post-marriage, creating memorable moments viewable in the story album.
  • Unlocked Magic Mirror planting function.Now, with the assistance of the Magic Mirror, you can effortlessly manage tasks such as harvesting, watering, and other planting actions.
  • Overall frame rate and stability (Currently maintaining around 30 frames per second in the early stages and 28 frames per second in the later stages, a significant improvement from the previous version which had around 22 frames per second in the later stages.
  • Optimized shadow rendering at both distance and nearby, making them more crisper.
  • Optimized grass display, increased the display distance of grass, and added a gradient effect to distant grass, preventing the sudden appearance of grass in the distance.Optimized the display effects of grass from a top-down perspective.
  • Optimized the UI loading and exit speed.
  • Optimized the clarity of certain UI elements.
  • Optimized eye highlights for children, mounts, and animals.
  • Optimized certain art effects in specific scenes to enhance the beauty of Sandrock’s vistas.
  • Optimized loading performance while riding Yakmel cart
  • Optimized the position of the character camera.
  • Optimized camera rotation and movement speed in picture mode.
  • Optimized stuttering in some UIs during continuous switching.
In Game Experience
  • Adjusted the configuration of Unsuur’s Deputy Hat and added two sets of default outfits with hats as accessories.
  • Addressed a prior issue where upgrading machines mistakenly returned defective ones, specifically the water tank, which can now be discarded and sold.
  • Adjusted the selling locations for DLC-related items, now conveniently available at the premium store in City Hall.
  • Adjusted the logic of the post-marriage recurring quest ‘Fishing for Two.’ Now, completing the quest objectives requires actively engaging in sand fishing.
  • Enhanced AI behaviors, bringing vibrancy to the Blue Moon Saloon and Catori World, with NPCs interacting more dynamically, including holding children and pets playing with received gifts
  • Elevated cinematic presentations in specific quest storylines for a more immersive gaming journey.
  • Modified the factory queue limit, shifting from a fixed 20 to a dynamic restriction based on production capacity, granting you more flexibility in managing your workshop.
  • Improved NPC’s mahjong AI during games, adding an extra layer of fun to your gaming experience
  • Increased texture precision for the players’ character
  • Refined the visual effects in the gift-giving UI, making it easier for you to share gifts with friends and lovers.
  • Repurchase Workshop licenses in the City Hall store if unexpectedly lost. Simply complete the ‘Becoming Official’ mission to restore access!
  • Optimization of NPC facial shadows (Resolved the issue of unattractive facial shadows for certain characters at specific times)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where Jane lacked assistant configuration after marriage.
  • Fixed a potential game freeze issue when deleting a character and loading another character’s save.
  • Fixed a problem where interacting with the mount during the ‘following’ state would cause the mount to enter a ‘Stay’ state.
  • Fixed a problem where some NPCs following the player couldn’t be correctly dismissed.
  • Fixed an issue where Logan didn’t close his eyes during interaction and kissing scenes.
  • Fixed the problem where the birthdays of pet animals were not unlocking.
  • Fixed a problem in the Northern Plateau region where the lack of advanced Granite prevented obtaining Emeralds through mining.
  • Fixed the discrepancy between the voice and text in the way children address the Builder character.
  • Fixed an issue where Musa wouldn’t leave Sandrock at the correct time.
  • Fixed a problem where the game would freeze after a player’s character death and choosing to load a save, then closing the interface.
  • Fixed an issue with Elise’s behavior after the ‘Takin’ it Easy’ quest.
  • Fixed two unexpected old photos given to Mort.
  • Fixed an issue where a thumbnail would be incorrectly added to the album after playing the acupuncture cutscene.
  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs’ AI would spin in circles due to being unable to reach their destination points.
  • Fixed an issue where one wall indoors in the Amirah’s home was missing collision
  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze during the conversation with parents on the second day of the Summit event when having two children.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t interact with Logan after defeating a boss monster in Lab 7 and choosing to wait for a while.
  • Fixed NPCs disappearing deep in the desert during the reforestation period.
  • Fixed an issue where Cooper may remain inside a room and not come out.
  • Fixed abnormal behavior of Venti after the Another Night Out quest
  • Fixed the problem of NPCs crowding at the door for an extended period after completing the Model Free Cities quest.
  • Fixed the persistent display of an abnormal quest icon above Cooper’s head after completing the quest ‘Him’.
  • Fixed the abnormal camera position during the assembly in the quest ‘Something in the Air’
  • Fixed the problem where the locations of collectible items were not shown on the map after completing the Collateral Damage quest.
  • Fixed the problem where changes in the executor for arranged tasks by the Workshop Helper were ineffective.
  • Fixed the character’s behavior of standing up after using the Yakmel Stop while riding a mount.
  • Fixed the issue where gifts could be sent without the corresponding items when using a controller.
  • Fixed the freezing problem when reaching specific locations in the Logan Hide-out.
  • Fixed the problem with the close-range attack of the RX-67 not hitting enemies properly.
  • Fixed an issue where firearms weren’t hitting targets accurately.
  • Fixed a slight delay when switching magazines after continuous firing with the pistol.
  • Fixed the problem where the Control Cat’s attack could damage the console.
  • Fixed the issue where the Scrooge McMole in abandoned ruins could not be targeted or attacked normally.
  • Fixed the problem where DLC outfits worn by NPCs could revert to default clothing after loading. Your DLC outfits will no longer automatically change back.
  • Reintroduced polluted areas in the “Clear the Air” quest to address progression-blocking issues caused by disappearing pollution areas
Visual and Audio
  • Fixed issues where grass color differed from the ground color after seasonal changes and turning green.)
  • Fixed the issue of cable car interactions disappearing unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a bug where machines incorrectly displayed a sand accumulation icon despite having no sand.
  • Fixed the issue of guide arrows disappearing abnormally during sand fishing.
  • Fixed an action error when using the handheld Power Drill to recycle a chest.
  • Fixed the issue where the color of task bubbles in the interaction bubbles did not match expectations.
  • Fixed a problem where wearing Goggles caused some hairstyles to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sandfish Aquarium couldn’t display fish.
  • Fixed the issue with abnormal camera angles when holding the Techno Floppy Disk Box
  • Fixed the lack of stage-breaking effects for limestone.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in the interior and exterior of Mian’s house.
  • Fixed occasional appearance of bubble burst effects in the main scene.
  • Fixed an issue in the “Let’s Play Mahjong” quest where the faulty sound of the mahjong table wasn’t properly removed.
  • Fixed overlapping NPCs at the school.
  • Fixed abnormal model issues with the train
  • Fixed an issue where certain accessories would cause hair to become transparent
  • Fixed an issue in the “True Love’s Treasure” quest where the balloon treasure chests were not visible.
  • Fixed the problem where the item model turned black after switching languages while holding an item
  • Fixed the issue causing character jittering during carousel rides.
  • Fixed the issue where the ruins of Matilda’s house were not visible in all save files.
  • Fixed an issue where donated items in the museum weren’t displaying correctly
  • Fixed stuttering during bullet flight.
  • Fixed an issue where some monsters’ skill effects were not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed abnormal display of Logan during combat.
  • Fixed the problem of character footstep sound effects and effects disappearing on terrain.
  • Fixed the issue where there was no sound for fireworks during the Winter Solstice Festival.
  • Fixed the issue where wedding background music continued to play in the town after the wedding ended.
  • Fixed the issue where the sound effect for kicking trees did not trigger correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where the background music during the Bullfighting Festival preparation phase did not play correctly.
  • Fixed the problem of abnormal noise occurring during gameplay.
  • Fixed the significant frame drop issue at specific locations in the Lost Paradise dungeon.
  • Fixed the significant FPS drop issue in the Greeno Factory ruins.
  • Fixed the FPS drop issue when obtaining items.
  • Fixed excessive exposure on the main menu.
  • Fixed the issue of excessive exposure in some dungeon scenes.
  • Fixed the significant FPS drop issue on the second floor of the Blue Moon Saloon.
  • Fixed a problem where fog effects didn’t appear correctly at the start of a new game.
  • Fixed the abnormal display of night-time lighting effects.
  • Fixed the issue of abnormal ground reflection at night in Cattail Carnival.
  • Fixed instances of objects floating in the air
  • Fixed some display problems with hairstyles.
  • Fixed irregular terrain display problems deep within the desert.
  • Fixed anomalies in the display of children’s eyes
Gameplay and Systems
  • Fixed an issue in the “Pet Detective” quest that prevented some older saves from progressing to the next quest.
  • Fixed occurrences where the “Him” and “Sunrise” quests couldn’t initiate in certain saves.
  • Fixed an overlap issue in triggering ‘A Grand Idea’ and other quests, preventing them from initiating.
  • Fixed a problem with the “Eagles in the Oasis” quest not correctly completing, which caused other quests to become stuck when triggered.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC accessories were displayed incorrectly after participating in the ‘Sandrock’s Next Top Model’ quest.
  • Fixed a logic exception issue in the “Leaving the Nest” quest caused by reading a letter first.
  • Fixed a bug where placing another Factory Control Panel through home editing wouldn’t recycle machines from the old factory.
  • Fixed a situation in the “Into the Abyss” quest where conversation with an NPC triggered other quests
  • Fixed an interaction problem in the “Just Give a Whistle” quest, allowing engagement with Elsie afterward.
  • Fixed an interaction problem with Matilda and Burgess before the charity speech.
  • Fixed a problem with the quest prompt circle not being removed correctly after completing the ‘One Small Step for Sandrockers’ quest.
  • Fixed a freeze issue with the ‘Starship Enterprising’ quest when triggered outside of the main scene.
  • Fixed an issue with monsters spawning above level 100.
  • Fixed an issue in the Catori World quest where players may experience uncontrollable movement.
  • Fixed abnormal behavior of Andy after the “One Flew Over the Bandit Nest” quest.
  • Fixed some stones in the sand sliding track that would get players stuck.
  • Fixed the issue with the Commission Board not displaying the switch button correctly
  • Fixed the issue where NPCs were teleporting during The Kidnapping quest.
  • Fixed the issue where indoor wall decorations affected outdoor loads.
  • Fixed the problem with the Magic Mirror’s functionality.
  • Fixed the issue where Matilda’s house disappearing caused the problem of being unable to proceed with the ‘Install the Jacuzzi’ quest during locktown.
  • Fixed the issue where NPCs got stuck at the beginning of sand painting, preventing the normal progression of the activity.
  • Fixed an issue where the quest tracking UI would abnormally appear during dialogues.
  • Fixed various logic and display issues in certain UIs.
  • Fixed the spacing error in firearm aiming UI
  • Fixed the issue where the laser glove’s laser hit point did not align with the reticle.
  • Fixed a problem in the factory where items would vanish when producing more than 100 in a single queue.
  • Fixed the issue of getting stuck when entering the home editing interface from the backpack.
  • Fixed some configuration errors in the Encyclopedia.

My Time at Sandrock – Ver.

  • Release date: January 31st 2024 (North America) / February 1st 2024 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed the problem causing players to experience a game freeze during the ‘True Love’s Treasure’ quest. Players can now progress through the quest and seek the treasure with Logan!
  • Fixed the issue in the ‘Eagle and the Storm’ quest where Gust would hover in the air and gathering points were in the sky. Gust and resources now stand on the ground, these obstacles blocking interaction have been removed.
  • Fixed the bug that caused Matilda’s house to disappear, thereby hindering the completion of the main storyline quest.
  • Fixed the social relationship UI problem, allowing players to scroll down and view all characters.
  • Fixed the bug where Unsuur was wearing the Deputy Cap, resulting in a bald appearance. The charming Deputy of the Civil Corp has now returned to his normal look.

My Time at Sandrock – Ver. 1.1.4

  • Release date: January 22nd 2024 (North America) / January 23rd 2024 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
New content and features

New Quests

  1. Add new non-romanceable side quests involving some Portia’s old friends and Sandrock’s new friends.
  2. Add new romanceable quests for Fang, Logan, Nia, Qi, Grace, Amirah, Owen, Ernest, Catori, Jane, Unsuur, Pablo, Venti, Burgess, and Elsie.
  3. Add post-wedding quests; Connect with your partner for more romance and delightful moments.”
Workshop upgrades
  1. Add home placement feature, you can locate your Workshop Load to optimize your workshop layout
  2. Add Greenhouse and Factory features to enhance production in the workshop.
  3. Add wardrobe function, display your beautiful outfits and keep things organized.
Gameplay features
  1. Add Northern Starship Hazardous Ruins, challenge your skills and earn valuable resources.
  2. Add children feature, birth or adopt up to 2 babies with your beloved NPC in town.
  3. Add NPC outfitting, alternative clothing unlocked by the Kickstarter crowfunding stretch goals.
  4. Add NPC DLCs
  5. Add post-wedding following features, exlopre Sandrock together with your love.
  6. Add sandpit in the upgraded museum, enhancing the fishing experience.
In Game Experience
  1. Adjusted the display size of some assembly items, providing better visual aesthetics for organized objectives.
  2. Altered the placement direction of outdoor sofas and chairs, ensuring a more natural and appealing arrangement.
  3. Addressed the issue of not being able to ride cable cars while mounted, ensuring seamless transportation.
  4. Balanced and adjusted the difficulty of the battle with Haru, offering a more engaging and challenging encounter.
  5. Fine-tuned jumping and dismounting mechanics for a smoother and more responsive gameplay experience.
  6. Refined the buttons in the credits interface to enhance your interaction experience.
Quality of Life
  1. Expanded the maximum size of workshop rooms from 15×15 to 20×20 for more creative and spacious designs.
  2. Extended the flight distance for Throwing Proficiency Level 2, providing increased throwing capabilities.
  3. Increased the disengagement distance of NPCs in the following state, offering more fluid and natural interactions.
Customization Options
  1. Added more beard options for players who prefer a bearded look and additional face options for a variety of appearances.
NPC Interactions
  1. Added more NPC wishes to fulfill, diversifying interaction possibilities.
  2. Expanded photo and interaction options with NPCs, providing a richer social experience.
  3. Introduced more options for increasing NPC favor, enhancing relationship dynamics.
  4. Included more photo options with mounts for capturing memorable moments.
  5. Enhanced rewards for museum donations, recognizing and rewarding players for their contributions.
Visual Improvements
  1. Adjusted the visibility range of resource points for a more balanced exploration experience.
  2. Optimized the gradual appearance and disappearance effects of objects, ensuring smoother transitions.
  3. Enhanced the Mahjong mini-game for a more enjoyable gaming experience.
  4. Improved how the map displays information, providing clearer navigation.
  5. Refined the early encounter with balloon chests by strategically placing rocks in the vicinity, offering a more engaging gameplay experience.
  6. Streamlined how items are displayed when required by both missions and assembly stations, improving accessibility.
  7. Tweaked the camera for some missions, enhancing the overall player perspective.
  8. Optimized the logic for displaying/hiding item descriptions, now recording the status of these actions within a single gameplay session, ensuring a more seamless experience.
Aesthetic Refinement
  1. Refined Catori’s height details to align more accurately with expectations

Bug Fixes
  1. Addressed quest-related problems where non-essential follow objects weren’t handled correctly.
  2. Addressed the inconsistency between relationship and marriage data, preventing freezes when modifying nicknames.
  3. Addressed potential errors in the assistant log interface of the Magic Mirror.
  4. Addressed the problem where state errors occurred when repeatedly interacting with objects that could be picked up while already holding another object.
  5. Addressed the issue where choosing to hold a chainsaw/drill during hand-holding resulted in incorrect animations.
  6. Addressed conflicts between initiating sparring and starting quest processes indoors.
  7. Adjusted the timing of train chimney special effects to match expectations.
  8. Corrected the problem of neck gaps when players wore certain equipment.
  9. Fixed an issue causing potential loss of existing save files during the saving process.
  10. Fixed the problem where the game couldn’t be paused.
  11. Fixed the issue where the circle was not able to be removed before the completion of Pet Detective.
  12. Fixed the issue where the school could not be accessed when New Teacher is started.
  13. Fixed the issue in Eagles in the Oasis where Fang created a new trend with two hats.
  14. Fixed the issue that special effects wouldn’t be removed after completing Buckin’ Bronco.
  15. Fixed the issue where the door to the home is slightly higher than the ground.
  16. Fixed the problem that some ponytails will appear as molded hats.
  17. Fixed the issue that frequently switching whether the appearance is displayed or not will lead to an abnormal effect.
  18. Fixed the issue that the player’s movement is ghostly when going up and down the stairs.
  19. Fixed the problem that the guidelines in the upper left corner may be stacked.
  20. Fixed the problem that the player’s mom and dad don’t have daily conversations.
  21. Fixed the issue where the tracking icon is incorrectly displayed on the map.
  22. Fixed the issue where NPCs sleeping on the bed would cause clipping problems after loading saves.
  23. Fixed the problem that some map icons are not controlled by map options.
  24. Fixed the issue where some plants in the town were moving around abnormally.
  25. Fixed the problem that the queue will disappear abnormally when using the Recycling Machine or Raw Stone Sifter.
  26. Fixed the issue that there are no hidden item descriptions option when viewing Sandstone’s character icon.
  27. Fixed the issue that the art effect of the cutscene “Welcome to Sandrock!” is not as expected.
  28. Fixed the issue where Catori would be incorrectly hidden in certain situations when taking a picture with her.
  29. Fixed the issue where there may not be chairs and instruments when Hugo is playing.
  30. Fixed the issue that the connections in the social interface are displayed abnormally.
  31. Fixed the issue where the Recycler could not be assembled successfully after retrieving all the materials.
  32. Fixed the issue that Elsie’s animation is abnormal during battle.
  33. Fixed the issue that the Undersea Laboratory area loses materials at night.
  34. Fixed the issue that the mounts that have been ridden do not follow correctly.
  35. Fixed the issue that the yakmel station (greenhouse) could not be selected because it was covered by the map mask.
  36. Fixed the problem that players would appear bald when equipping certain hats.
  37. Fixed the issue that when equipping some of the hats, the appearance without the hats will appear bald.
  38. Fixed the issue where during the Winter Solstice, both Matilda and Trudy would go on stage to speak.
  39. Fixed the issue where the countdown disappeared during the event the Bright of Sun.
  40. Fixed the issue of floating rocks in the Valley of Whisper.
  41. Fixed the problem where some furniture couldn’t undergo refinement.
  42. Fixed the bug in the Mahjong minigame where fulfilling the conditions for ‘Kan’ sometimes couldn’t be executed.
  43. Fixed the problem where Boxing Jack’s attack might not trigger a hit animation after breaking the player’s guard.
  44. Fixed the issue where the NPCs won’t take off their sandhats properly.
  45. Fixed the issue where some posters would be blurred.
  46. Fixed the issue where the cable on the wreckage wasn’t there.
  47. Fixed the issue caused by the simultaneous initiation of “Graceful Farewell” and “A Penny for Your Thoughts.”
  48. Fixed an issue in the quest ‘Something in the Air’ where only items in the backpack were being considered.
  49. Fixed an issue in the ‘Pet Detective’ quest where there was no prompt during the Showdown at High Noon.
  50. Fixed a problem where the grass-stomping animation during CGs had a script failure.
  51. Resolved abnormal stretching of Owen’s cloak during the Whac-A-Mole minigame.
  52. Resolved an issue where the loading distance of treasure chests was too close, causing visual glitches.
  53. Resolved abnormal progression caused by Owen getting stuck in Jane’s confession story plot.
  54. Resolved the performance issue caused by models after Act 3.
Visual and Audio
  1. Addressed display problems with certain chairs and plants in the town
  2. Addressed the NPC image blurriness in the social interface.
  3. Addressed camera shaking during the Old World Movie Script holding the prop.
  4. Addressed the display error in the unlocked recipe list for machine upgrades.
  5. Addressed the issue where Planting Knowledge caused an abnormal display of watering status.
  6. Addressed the problem where player and NPC positions could overlap after entering and exiting scenes
  7. Corrected an issue where boss monster health bars would disappear based on distance during combat.
  8. Corrected the error of misplaced fireworks in the opening CGs of Catori World.
  9. Corrected the tone configuration error in Cooper’s gift-related dialogues.
  10. Fixed the issue where the player’s face had unexpected shadows.
  11. Fixed the issue that the art effect of shadows in various scenes was not as expected.
  12. Fixed the issue where the sword aura of Altair RX-67 is skewed.
  13. Fixed the problem that Jane’s post-wedding petname sound is wrong.
  14. Fixed the issue where pet items may not be available for sale.
  15. Fixed some art inconsistencies during certain cutscenes.
  16. Fixed missing facial expressions on the Magic Mirror.
  17. Fixed the issue where the crossbow of Geegler Associate did not have a hit sound.
  18. Fixed the issue with missing sound effects for golden treasure chests.
  19. Fixed the issue where the special effects on the train chimney were misaligned.
  20. Fixed the issue where the icons for sandrunning/sand drawing during play/dates did not match expectations.
  21. Fixed slow loading issue in the Day of Memories, trapping the player inside.
  22. Fixed the issue of candles in the graveyard being lit during the day.
  23. Fixed a problem in the Shipwreck Ruins where NPCs were being teleported to the boss room, causing a progression deadlock after losing their follow.
  24. Fixed the black screen issue in Andy’s room during the ‘Andy’s Last Wish’ quest.
  25. Fixed an issue with an incorrect stone at the entrance of the Northern Spaceship Ruins.
  26. Fixed an issue with the abnormal texture display of Acacia Tree.
  27. Fixed an issue with the player’s incorrect actions during the Medal of Honor CG.
  28. Fixed the problem of abnormal behavior when riding the Carousel with an NPC follower.
  29. Fixed abnormal stretching of Owen’s cloak during the Whac-A-Mole minigame.
  30. Fixed the incorrect display of the prompt icon for the Fire Powered Generator.
  31. Fixed the issue where Owen’s behavior would be abnormal if the reunion plot with Logan and Haru was not triggered.
  32. Fixed an issue where completing the quest ‘The Freshmaker’ would remove other outfits when Grace wore the Insulated Backpack.
  33. Enhanced Logan’s appearance by fixing hair and hat clipping issues in CGs.
  34. Fixed the problem where Fang would still sleep at the clinic after getting married.
  35. Resolved the problem of abnormal texture display of Acacia Tree.
  36. Resolved the problem where Rian and Dan-bi could get stuck in bed when waking up.
  37. Resolved the problem of incorrect beard hiding when wearing certain hats.
  38. Rectified errors in home planting land when exiting the current save.
  39. Rectified the abnormal appearance of Bumble Ant and Wild Yakmel in the Workshop area.
  40. Resolved the assembly page display glitch for the mahjong table.
Quest and NPC Related
  1. Addressed a problem in the ‘Practice What You Preach’ quest that prevented triggering in some older save files.
  2. Aligned Heidi’s relationship influence as expected.
  3. Aligned Unsuur’s voiceover with the text in the ‘Stacks’ quest.
  4. Corrected the objective error in the ‘Just Give a Whistle’ quest.
  5. Fixes issue where the school could not be accessed when New Teacher is started.
  6. Fixed the issue that quest “Leaving the Nest” would conflict with other missions in the clinic.
  7. Fixed the issue where the main quest wouldn’t trigger after Buckin’ Bronco.
  8. Fixed the issue that Quali-tea over Quanti-tea would get stuck.
  9. Fixed the issue that in Who Heals the Healers Fang would be sleeping in a weird position.
  10. Fixed the issue where Fightin’ ‘Round the World would have a disappearing kangaroo.
  11. Fixed the issue that the meeting date of Trudy’s letter does not correspond to the calendar.
  12. Fixed the issue where NPCs that were not in the town appeared at the wedding site.
  13. Fixed the issue where the lack of lizards in the Undersea Laboratory Ruins prevented the opening of the trapdoor.
  14. Fixed the issue where NPCs did not move after the quest – Dan-bi and Rian had their child was triggered.
  15. Fixed the issue where talking to Jasmine after the “Fall from Grace” mission could cause a freeze.
  16. Fixed conflicts caused by having too many missions at the City Hall entrance.
  17. Fixed the issue where giving Qi a Heart Knot resulted in one extra being returned.
  18. Fixed the problem where Logan’s Hideout could not be freely entered after the “One Flew Over the Bandit Nest” quest.
  19. Fixed the issue where during the quest of “Class Reunion”, Ginger would not lie down.
  20. Fixed the issue where during the quest “Away from It All”, getting stuck on the road.
  21. Fixed the issue where the mission ‘The Six Star Commission’ had an extra icon that wasn’t removed.
  22. Fixed the potential repeated triggering issue in The Quest for the Panacea.
  23. Fixed the issue where the Musa letter triggered Arivo’s quest twice after replies.
  24. Fixed the problem with Logan successfully proposing without completing the mission True Love’s Treasure.
  25. Fixed the issue where the quest “Spread Your Wings” had unexpected behavior after failing.
  26. Fixed the issue where the quest: Diego’s Mask, Epilogue would freeze after triggering the cutscene.
  27. Fixed the issue where the quest “Sunrise” would trigger during a sandstorm.
  28. Fixed the traigger conflict between the summit plot and the quest “Him”.
  29. Fixed the problem with the DLC Alienware T-shirt pack not sending emails.
  30. Fixed a problem where certain main story quests might not trigger after completing the “Builder Cruise x Operation Flowergate” quest.
  31. Fixed a bug causing interaction problems when rapidly switching NPC interactions.
  32. Fixed an issue in the quest ‘Pen’s Last Words’ where killing the monster prematurely could result in a freeze.
  33. Fixed NPC behavior not being removed correctly after a mid-failure in the ‘Andy’s Last Wish’ quest.
  34. Fixed a bug where getting stuck could occur after marrying Logan in the ‘Andy’s Last Wish’ quest.
  35. Fixed an issue in the ‘Pet Detective’ quest where there was no prompt during the Showdown at Highnoon.
  36. Fixed non-essential NPCs walking onto the stage in ‘Sandrock’s Next Top Model.’
  37. Fixed frequent interruptions during NPCs’ performances in ‘The Six Star Commission’ quest.
  38. Fixed playtime counting discrepancies in the ‘Promise for a Rose’ quest in some old saves.
  39. Fixed the potential issue of abnormal results when frequently interacting while submitting assembly materials.
  40. Fixed the problem where failing to unlock the interaction with Pen resulted in being stuck after the Masterclass quest expired.
  41. Fixed Elsie’s behavior issues after the ‘Battle of the Bands’ quest.
  42. Fixed the Pet Detective quest, which got stuck at 49/50.
  43. Fixed the issue with Owen potentially disappearing in the Blue Moon.
  44. Fixed the issue where players couldn’t play Sandrunning during the quest ‘Back in Town.’
  45. Fixed the problem with the ‘Appetite for Construction’ quest where the water tower disappeared; Sleep to the next day to ensure it has been corrected if you encounter it.
  46. Fixed the bug where unlocking relevant information in the Encyclopedia was not occurring after receiving currency.
  47. Fixed the issue in the quest “Who’s the Muscliest of Them All” that could lead to a black screen after loading in certain situations.
  48. Fixed the bug where triggering both the ‘Hand-Foot Co-ordination’ and ‘A New Look’ quests simultaneously caused the quest progress to get stuck.
  49. Fixed the problem where the ‘Mission Unpossible’ quest would lead to the game getting stuck when triggered while riding a horse.
  50. Fixed the issue of conflicts between the “Him” quest and other quests.
  51. Fixed the problem with the ‘Appetite for Construction’ quest where the water tower disappeared.
  52. Fixed the issue where upgrading machines incorrectly returned lower-level machines.
  53. Fixed the conflict issue between ‘Quali-tea over Quanti-tea’ and ‘A New Look’ quests.
  54. Fixed the issue of being unable to exit Logan’s house after entering during the ‘When the Dust Settles’ quest.
  55. Fixed the issue of lack of the Stage recipe.
  56. Fixed the potential black screen issue when holding a wedding at the Church.
  57. Fixed the issue of no music at the entrance of the station in the mission One Night in Sandrock.
  58. Fixed the issue of abnormal disappearance of the interaction prompt outside Logan’s house.
  59. Fixed the dialogue option mismatch issue in the mission Trial by Kiln.
  60. Fixed the problem of monsters still appearing in the desert cave after Larry and Xena moved in.
  61. Fixed the issue of Owen possibly exhibiting incorrect behavior after the fireside meeting ends.
  62. Fixed the issue where compressed cookies appeared in adventure machine rewards.
  63. Fixed the issue where using a Pickhammer to mine ores was not affected by the basic knowledge of stone resources.
  64. Fixed the issue where Elsie would revert to her initial appearance after completing the Fashion Show mission.
  65. Fixed the issue where it was possible to continue triggering romance plotlines after breaking up.
  66. Fixed the issue where receiving congratulations from Haru after rejecting Logan’s proposal.
  67. Fixed the issue where the marriage lock status of NPCs did not match expectations.
  68. Fixed the display of the source of Chromium Steel tools.
  69. Fixed the issue where monsters would stutter when approaching the player during an attack.
  70. Fixed the issue where the end-game summary in non-Chinese languages displayed incorrect months.
  71. Fixed the issue with the dialogue where the name of the item was missing after giving a wish item.
  72. Fixed missing facial expressions on Magic Mirror.
  73. Fixed the issue where not setting a voice would result in incorrect initial options under settings.
  74. Fixed the issue where the Six Star Commission could not be triggered.
  75. Fixed the issue where the color palette was not visible when selecting a skin color.
  76. Fixed the issue where deleting a selfie from the album the actual file still remains.
  77. Fixed the issue that the mole abandoned ruins were too dark.
  78. Fixed the issue that the game will get stuck when the player rides a mobile suit on Planting Mode after 3:00 AM.
  79. Fixed the issue that NPCs will visit the player’s home without considering weathers.
  80. Fixed the issue that the game will get stuck during Justice’s romance quest.
  81. Fixed the issue when Lupita’s eyes are blinking, her eyelids don’t close.
  82. Fixed a bug in the ‘A Family Reunited’ quest that caused a freeze when relationship types changed.
  83. Resolved a bug that caused a freeze upon re-entering the clinic after Larry wakes up.
  84. Fixed the trigger conflict between the summit plot and the quest “Him.”
  85. Fixed the problem with the DLC Alienware T-shirt pack not sending an email.
  86. Fixed the issue that caused a freeze when mounting to take Penny’s “Battle of the Bands” quest.
  87. Fixed a problem in the Shipwreck Ruins causing progression deadlock after losing NPC follow.
  88. Fixed the issue where NPCs would visit the player for inviting play during a sandstorm.
  89. Fixed the problem where NPCs visiting to give gifts on the player’s birthday did not have the blessing words bubble.
  90. Resolved the problem of resource points not refreshing correctly during snowy weather, impacting the retrieval of specific mission-related collectibles.
  91. Resolved the problem of Pen continuously following the player after the quest ‘Masterclass.’
  92. Resolved the problem where Professor Luo’s departure prevented Nia’s proposed plot from triggering.
  93. Rectified conflicts between the quest ‘Him’ and other plotlines.
  94. Resolved the situation where a delayed Day of Memory resulted from an early Dance Off, and the clock alarm reminder was not adjusted appropriately.
  95. Resolved the bug where giving a Heart Knot while Roomi refused to accept them would result in receiving 2 Heart Knots.
  96. Resolved the logic abnormality in post-marriage quests after divorce.
Gameplay and Systems
  1. Addressed a problem in the Eufala Salvage Ruins where minerals could spawn inside buildings.
  2. Addressed the problem of getting stuck in the wall after waking up when placing the Elegant Large bed in a corner.
  3. Addressed the problem in the Valley of Whisper where no monsters spawned after clearing the poison mist, causing bounty orders to be uncompletable.
  4. Corrected the problem where, after marriage, Mi-an returned home to sleep.
  5. Corrected the drop rate issue for the Cactus Flower.
  6. Corrected the abnormal disappearance of NPC names above their heads after the end of the Day of the Bright Sun.
  7. Fixed the issue where the Magic Mirror attended Haru’s trial.
  8. Fixed the issue that other missions may be triggered incorrectly when switching scenes.
  9. Fixed the issue that NPCs turn back into hiding objects after being found in the day of memories event.
  10. Fixed the issue where NPCs are blocked when the train stops on the platform.
  11. Fixed the issue where the boulders on the way to the Undersea Laboratory were incorrectly refreshed.
  12. Fixed the issue where non-participating NPCs appeared on stage during the dance competition.
  13. Fixed the issue where the mounts that have been ridden do not follow correctly.
  14. Fixed the issue where the Undersea Laboratory area loses materials at night.
  15. Fixed the problem that the snow cover position of some buildings is wrong in winter.
  16. Fixed the problem that there is no pathfinding data in the deep desert.
  17. Fixed the issue that choosing not to use player voice does not work when entering the game for the first time.
  18. Fixed the issue where the camel doesn’t move when riding with Nia.
  19. Fixed the problem where sparring with NPCs would not be judged as a draw when the time exceeded.
  20. Fixed the problem of not getting props when you talk to Fang for the first time.
  21. Fixed the issue that choosing not using player voice does not work when entering the game for the first time.
  22. Fixed the issue where after placing the show room, continuing operations could result in items floating in mid-air.
  23. Fixed the problem where after leaving home, the effects on the home fence would appear every time.
  24. Fixed the issue where items wouldn’t drop out of the chest after opening it.
  25. Fixed the problem where sitting in a chair while holding a home item wouldn’t hide the item.
  26. Fixed the issue where the prompt icon for the Fire Generator could be easily obscured.
  27. Fixed the issue where Grace still carried the Fresh Keeping Backpack after the Funnel.
  28. Fixed the strange controller vibration issue during the battle with the Cat monster BOSS.
  29. Fixed the abnormal behavior of the vulture after leaving combat.
  30. Fixed the issue where monster gathering points disappeared from the map.
  31. Fixed the issue where some speech bubbles for married NPCs lacked voice acting.
  32. Fixed the issue where Penny did not stay at the inn on the day he arrived in town.
  33. Fixed the issue where Elsie returned early after the mission Buried Secrets.
  34. Fixed the issue where some ponytails caused the player to appear bald in cutscenes.
  35. Fixed the issue of abnormal model display Penny during CGs.
  36. Fixed the issue where Ginger and Gust did not have daily conversations.
  37. Fixed the abnormal behavior when NPCs rode together with the player.
  38. Fixed the issue where NPCs would continue celebrating even after the Winter Solstice.
  39. Fixed the issue where NPCs will visit player’s home without considering weathers.
  40. Fixed the issue of triggering romantic plots even after marrying Amirah.
  41. Fixed the issue where inappropriate dialogues would occur after Grace’s return.
  42. Fixed the issue with duplicate delivery of letters from Ginger.
  43. Fixed the issue where a date with Logan could turn into a play event.
  44. Fixed the issue where NPCs would stutter when approaching the player during an attack.
  45. Fixed the inconsistency in skin tone for female Builder face type 7.
  46. Fixed an issue in the ‘Pet Detective’ quest where the password was persistently incorrect in specific old save files.
  47. Fixed an issue in the ‘Cheery Conspiracy’ quest where Fang couldn’t reach the target location.
  48. Fixed the problem of bushes and stones appearing unexpectedly within the Workshop area, making them unremovable.
  49. Fixed the issue of slow loading for some buildings.
  50. Fixed a problem where the train blocking the platform unnecessarily prevented NPC movement.
  51. Fixed the trigger conflict between the summit plot and the quest “Him”.
  52. Fixed an issue where NPC outfits were not restored after completing the ‘The Next Top Model’ quest.
  53. Fixed the issue where curing health didn’t work properly.
  54. Fixed the issue where NPCs sleeping on the bed would cause a clipping problem after load saves.
  55. Fixed the issue where the trigger of the Haru in the scene- Logan’s camp was not as expected.
  56. Fixed the issue where giving gifts on festivals or NPC birthdays didn’t get extra favor rewards.
  57. Fixed the problem that the art effect of shadows in various scenes was not as expected.
  58. Fixed the problem that some NPCs cannot get married.
  59. Fixed the issue that Mi-an’s seat is incorrect when reading at home.
  60. Fixed the issue that the indoor home editing screen can’t choose to change materials.
  61. Fixed the problem with some monster skill effects.
  62. Fixed the issue where the highlight stroke would disappear after switching items in the item bar.
  63. Fixed the issue that Grace’s sleeping animation is abnormal.
  64. Fixed the issue where the NPCs did not move after the quest – Dan-bi and Rian had their child was triggered.
  65. Fixed the problem where accessories not in the appearance section would still be displayed.
  66. Fixed the issue where Boxing Jack’s attack might not trigger a hit animation after breaking the player’s guard.
  67. Fixed the problem where players couldn’t play Sandrunning during the quest ‘Back in Town.’
  68. Resolved the issue where Krystal dislikes wishlist items.
  69. Rectified the problem where Boxing Jack’s attack might stomp on the player’s head.
  70. Resolved the issue where the Dive Buzzard, in certain situations, couldn’t correctly execute leaving combat behavior.
  71. Rectified a problem in the ‘True Love’s Treasure’ quest that triggered even after marrying other NPCs.
  1. Corrected the unexpected positions of the two buttons in the refining results.
  2. Corrected the scenario where, after marriage, Mi-an returned home to sleep.
  3. Fixed the issue where the player’s movement does not behave as expected when blocking with the shield.
  4. Fixed the issue where Matilda’s mech was blocked by obstacles when firing lasers in the second stage.
  5. Fixed the issue where shooting can still be fired when the camera is switched by the storyline when aiming.
  6. Fixed the issue where textures may not scroll after changing them in the home edit screen.
  7. Fixed the issue where show/hide item descriptions may not work in some cases.
  8. Fixed the problem that the page direction of the refining result is not as expected.
  9. Fixed the issue that players can talk to the Sandrunning Admin again during preparation time.
  10. Fixed the problem of incorrect display when opening the donation interface.
  11. Fixed the issue that the page direction of the refining result is not as expected.
  12. Fixed the issue where switching languages would temporarily display other images.
  13. Fixed the issue where some accessories would not fit the head properly when the player is bald.
  14. Fixed the issue of female players exhibiting abnormal behavior in some cutscenes.
  15. Fixed the strange shadow of the desert snake.
  16. Fixed the issue where the display distance of collectible objects did not meet expectations.
  17. Fixed the issue where scrolling down was not possible in the museum reward interface.
  18. Fixed display issues in the social interface when renaming pets with excessively long text.
  19. Fixed overlapping issues with mail names in the mailbox interface for some languages.
  20. Fixed the issue where paging was not possible when summoning a mount with the horse whistle.
  21. Fixed the Sweetheart Cake gifting issue where the nickname couldn’t be changed.
  1. Adjusted the presentation of NPCs visiting for play.
  2. Corrected Nia’s inappropriate marriage gifts.
  3. Eliminated the lingering quest circle after completing the ‘The Goat’ quest.
  4. Improved item description accuracy when moving items in the backpack.
  5. Modified interaction for the Adventure Machine bottom icon.
  6. Fixed invisible models in the Inspection mini-game.
  7. Fixed the issue of abnormal light sources in the abandoned ruins of the salvage company.
  8. Fixed the issue that there is no footsteps sound when players wear goggles.
  9. Fixed the issue that some minerals’ model display distances are not as expected.
  10. Fixed the issue where the knowledge points can be added over the limit.
  11. Fixed the issue that voice play may be terminated accidentally.
  12. Fixed the issue that some NPCs cannot get married.
  13. Fixed the problem that wedding preparation may still be a wedding preparation on the wedding day after the wedding preparation.
  14. Fixed the problem of Cooper not being able to walk to the designated place when he sings.
  15. Fixed the problem where pet items may not be available for sale.
  16. Fixed the issue where, after placing the show room, continuing operations could result in items floating in mid-air.
  17. Fixed configuration errors in favorability levels influenced by NPC relationships.
  18. Fixed the level requirement error for the vanguard pants.
  19. Fixed the issue where following objects could prevent the progression of some missions.
  20. Fixed the issue where exiting the game would incorrectly trigger automatic plant recycling & receive exp logic.
  21. Fixed the issue where loading non-sleeping autosaves resulted in different weather.
  22. Fixed the issue where the bed placement did not gray out when it did not meet the requirements.
  23. Fixed the freezing issue when snapping photos with NPCs.
  24. Fixed the stable freeze issue after upgrading and retrieving.
  25. Fixed an issue with FPS drops during the Winter Solstice fest.
  26. Fixed the slow loading issue in the Day of Memories, trapping the player inside.
  27. Fixed an issue with elevators loading slowly in the Salvage Company backyard.
  28. Fixed an issue where DLC items weren’t available for purchase in the store.
  29. Fixed a problem in the Dance Off where controller inputs were not fixed buttons.
  30. Smoothed out conflicts between the quest ‘Him’ and other plotlines.
  31. Fixed dialogue errors in the quest ‘In Bloom’.
  32. Fixed various text errors in some languages.
  33. Fixed the issue of having two billboards in the CGs of the ‘The New Mascot’ quest.
  34. Fixed an issue in the Abandoned Mine dungeon where there was an area triggering drop protection abnormally.
  35. Fixed an issue where Andy’s behavior would be abnormal if the reunion plot with Logan and Haru was not triggered.
  36. Fixed a dialogue error caused by a conflict between Professor Luo’s arrival and welcoming Amirah’s parents.
  37. Fixed an issue where the Super Filtration Core was still unattainable.
  38. Fixed the issue where completing the quest ‘The Freshmaker’ would remove other outfits when Grace wore the Insulated Backpack.
  39. Fixed the issue where dismounting your mount after using the Salvage crane was impossible.
  40. Fixed the problem where plants on certain terrains exhibited abnormal model and texture displays in specific situations.
  41. Fixed a bug that caused a freeze upon re-entering the clinic after Larry wakes up.
  42. Fixed the issue where waiting for the Bus Station to be built wasn’t completed during the ‘Another One Rides the Bus’ quest.
  43. Fixed the bug where Bronco doesn’t move in the cave during the ‘Mission Unpossible’ quest; if Bronoco is too far, move closer to him.
  44. Fixed the bug where NPCs visiting to give gifts on the player’s birthday did not have the blessing words bubble.
  45. Fixed a problem whereby certain main story quests might not trigger after completing the “Builder Cruise x Operation Flowergate” quest.
  46. Resolved issues where Sandrunning dates were shown on the map before built the Sandrunning place.
  47. Fixed the issue that the player can talk to the Sandrunning Admin again during preparation time.
  48. Fixed screen tearing/shaking problems.
  49. Fixed the problem where changing NPC outfits in a mission could lead to abnormal unlocking of equipment slots.
  50. Fixed the issue where Logan’s Hideout could not be freely entered after the “One Flew Over the Bandit Nest” quest.
  51. Fixed the disappearance of the barbecue grill during the Winter Solstice.
  52. Fixed the problem with object display distances not meeting expectations in the Paradise Lost.
  53. Fixed the issue where some NPCs might not be visible in the Church on Sunday weddings.
  54. Fixed some effects in the combat knowledge system that didn’t meet expectations.
  55. Fixed the issue where the Burgess freeze caused by the Geegler story.
  56. Fixed the issue where following objects could prevent the progression of some mission.
  57. Fixed the issue where the Musa letter triggered the Arivo’s quest twice after replies.
  58. Fixed the incorrect name during the Inspection.
  59. Fixed the problem of object distance display in the Catori World.
  60. Fixed some NPCs’ pathfinding issues when their path was blocked.
  61. Fixed the issue where X may stand in a wrong position on Fang’s shoulders.
  62. Fixed the problem of triggering dialogues twice when ending the date.
  63. Fixed the persisting issue where the Super Filtration Core was still unattainable.
  64. Resolved the issues related to triggering other quests during the ‘Away from It All” quest.
  65. Fixed Fang’s persistent cloak issue in the ‘Between the Lines’ quest.
  66. Fixed the problem of Lil Gecko speaking human language after being awakened.
  67. Fixed the problem where NPCs were being teleported to the boss room, causing a progression deadlock after losing their follow.
  68. Fixed the issue where Fang would still sleep at the clinic after getting married.
  69. Fixed the problem where NPCs would visit the player for inviting play during a sandstorm.
  70. Fixed the problem where sending gifts on horseback would cause freezing.
  71. Fixed the problem of conflicts between the “Him” quest and other quests.
  72. Fixed the problem with the Doomshroom avatar displaying incorrectly in bounty orders.
  73. Fixed the issue where the player’s partner would mistakenly appear from the side of the bed during the Lockdown.
  74. Resolved the black screen problem caused by Qi’s guess plotline and conflicts with other Clinic plotlines.
  75. Resolved the black screen issue in Andy’s room during the ‘Andy’s Last Wish’ quest.
  76. Resolved the situation where a delayed Day of Memory resulted from an early Dance Off and the clock alarm reminder was not adjusted appropriately.
  77. Rectified item name errors in the Commerce Inspection mini-game.

My Time at Sandrock – Ver. 1.0.4

  • Release date: November 2nd 2023 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available.

  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: game

How to download updates for My Time at Sandrock for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for My Time at Sandrock, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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