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The Last Faith (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 1.5.2)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for The Last Faith on Nintendo Switch (originally released in November 2023 in North America, Europe, and Japan)!

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The Last Faith – Ver. 1.5.2

  • Release date: May 15th 2024 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Gameplay Pause Feature: The game now pauses automatically when the full-screen UI is open.
  • Starter Combat Styles Changes: Starting classes now feature varied equipment, enhancing the initial gameplay experience.
  • Lost Nycrux: Dying in boss arenas now causes lost Nycrux to spawn outside the arena at the last checkpoint visited.
  • Shop Interface Improvement: Shops have been updated with an “All” tab for easier navigation and item selection.
  • Map Screen Enhancement: The map screen now displays the area where the player died.
  • Balancing Tweaks: We’ve made significant balancing improvements to enemies and bosses, aiming for a more challenging and fair gameplay experience.
  • Weapons and Spells Balancing: Both weapon and spell mechanics have been fine-tuned for better balance and diversity in combat strategies.
  • Achievement Fix: The Last Faith Achievement is now obtainable. Players who previously had this stuck should relaunch the updated game to trigger the achievement.
  • Controller Remapping Added
  • Player Stat Respec Added
  • Added NPC Markers on the Map
  • Stigmas are now activated with a single button.
  • Beast Mode is activated by the Hold+Action button.
  • Marksman Buffs and Game Balance Tuning
Weapons and Spells
Primary Weapon Rebalancing
  • Ethereal Great Blade Nerf: Adjusted following player feedback for balanced gameplay.
  • Invulnerability Period Reduction: Reduced the period of invulnerability when using the Skill attack of the Ethereal Greatblade and Skullcleaver.
  • Illygarth Boreal Blade Buff: Enhanced for improved performance.
  • Scythe, Spinal Chain Blade, and Nightfall Blade Skill Nerf: Slightly reduced effectiveness based on player feedback.
Secondary Weapons Enhancement
  • Doppietta Power Increase: Now more powerful.
  • Nightbane Pistol Power Increase: Enhanced for greater effectiveness.
  • Blackhall’s Double Menace Power Increase: Strengthened for better performance.
  • Federal Admiral’s Cannon Power Increase: Upgraded for increased potency.
Spell Rebalancing
  • Increased Spell Damage: All spells now have increased damage output.
Starter Combat Styles Changes

Starting load-outs are now unique to each Combat Style. Unselected load-out weapons can still be found throughout the world.

  • Magnetic Powder
  • Nightfall Blade
  • Nightbane Pistol
  • From Mark: Mechanical Bomb
  • Nighttide’s Rout
  • Barsov’s Electrocution
  • Blue Haemolymph Shard
  • From Mark: Nightbane Pistol
  • Nightfall Blade
  • Mechanical Bomb
  • Combustion Powder
  • From Mark: Nightbane Pistol
  • Skullcleaver
  • Healing Injection
  • Ampoule of Erlim’s Tears
  • From Mark: Nightbane Pistol


  • Resolved an issue preventing the camera from properly transitioning to the player if they moved far from the boss.
  • Fixed a problem that stopped action stun animations from triggering when executed at the end of a stun animation.
  • Implemented actions to prevent boss fights from not concluding properly.
  • Actions taken to help avoid bosses getting stuck in charge animations.
  • Addressed an issue causing bosses to continue walking after the player’s death.
  • Eliminated contact damage from every boss that previously had it.
  • Introduced invulnerability for the player immediately after death.
  • Added or improved particles and camera shake to every phase 2 transformation and ultimate pattern for all bosses.
Giant Patron
  • Corrected a bug in Deep Forest that caused enemies to be stuck on an invisible wall near the Giant Patron arena.
  • Added a warning to the ultimate pattern.
  • Reduced the delay randomizer for falling spikes in the ultimate pattern.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the boss to slide if hit by a strong knockback.
  • Resolved a bug that sometimes prevented the fight from ending properly if the boss was killed while jumping off the ceiling.
  • Added 50% armor while the boss is stuck in the ceiling.
  • Blood puddles no longer bypass invincibility frames.
  • Enhanced the hitbox collider in phase 2.
  • Fixed a bug causing the boss to start another pattern while jumping near a wall.
  • Addressed an issue with camera functionality when the boss was in the air.
  • Corrected the ceiling rock warning display near walls.
  • Actions taken to help prevent a bug stopping the boss from spawning.
  • Increased action cooldown for all patterns.
  • Added a 3-second cooldown after performing an escape jump.
  • The triangle from the beam pattern now targets the player. The beam pattern starts stationary with a slower movement speed.
  • Added a sound effect when the boss lands after the meteor and beam pattern.
  • Removed the boss’s reaction to the player using consumables.
  • Prevented the boss from jumping across the entire arena to start his tornado pattern. If too far, he will first jump to the middle.
  • Reduced the hitbox for dark orbs.
  • Added a damage cooldown group to meteors and dark orbs.
Leena and Yegor
  • Fixed a bug causing Leena to become unresponsive if Yegor was killed as the Platform pattern started. Addressed an issue with platform thunders reacting to Yegor’s triple Thunder pattern.
  • Corrected a bug causing firebeam previsuals to linger after Leena died on a platform.
  • Fixed a bug preventing platforms from rising if Leena and Yegor died simultaneously.
  • Yegor can now be damaged in the platform pattern, but with 70% armor. Leena has 50% armor while casting the firebeam pattern and an additional damaging collider close to her.
  • Lowered the cooldown for the platform pattern.
  • Fixed an issue causing the camera to lose its static state after the first attempt.
  • Fixed an issue preventing an extra fire projectile during the escape with a solo buff.
  • Yegor: Reduced damage collider and prevented knockouts during platform pattern.
  • Increased charge time for Yegor’s platform pattern to allow easier escape.
  • Added particles to indicate a buff after a partner’s death.
  • Yegor’s Max Poise Increase: Enhanced max poise after Leena’s death (85%→140%).
  • Leena’s Fire Projectile Damage Removal
  • Prevented Yegor from growling while Leena speaks in the intro.
Burnt Apostate
  • Resolved a bug causing the boss to remain in the air if killed during a jump attack. Fixed walk animation issues near walls and corrected spritesheet offset values.
  • Addressed display and damage value issues in the tornado pattern.
  • Fixed a bug causing the fire sword to briefly disappear in some animations.
  • Resolved an issue preventing the dash attack from bypassing Iframes in phase 1.
  • The solo player camera now activates as soon as the boss starts the ultimate tornado pattern.
  • Added ground warning for boss landing after the ultimate.
  • Now casts an additional projectile in phase 2.
  • The air dive pattern can now be chosen as a regular pattern.
  • Slash after dash and projectiles from phase 2 now share a damage cooldown group. The phase 2 slash after dash charge time matches phase 1 duration.
  • Gains +40% armor while casting fire projectiles.
  • Added a maximum distance limit to dashes.
  • Removed one phase 2 slash projectile, which now appears earlier. Removed auto-aiming from the projectile pattern.
  • Decreased the warning time for the regular phase 2 fire tornado pattern.
  • Reduced the number of waves in the ultimate pattern by 2.
  • Fixed a problem causing the boss to get stuck near the gate.
  • Increased the hitbox of the fire sword stab attack.
Starlight Beast of Illygarth
  • Addressed a bug causing the cinematic background on death not to display correctly near the right arena corner.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the boss from shaking during the death animation.
  • Resolved an issue causing ice blocks to go underground if spawned very close to a wall.
  • Corrected an issue causing explosion and trail effects to display in front of an ice block.
  • Increased start animation speed, added more charge time, and made the flash effect play earlier for Claw Dash.
  • Reduced the time of active damage frames for ice pillars, improving chances for players without airdash.
  • Falling Swords pattern now explodes from both sides simultaneously.
  • Decreased damage and collider size of harmful wind during the Falling Swords pattern.
Macewhip Nighthunter
  • Resolved a bug preventing the fight from starting properly if the player lured the boss out of his intended position.
  • Removed autoaiming from the air whip attack.
  • Prevented scenarios where the death cutscene didn’t end.
  • Added a lightning strike at the end of the combo.
  • Added 2 seconds to stun protection.
  • Reduced both the starting and regular cooldown for the flamethrower.
  • Decreased the starting and regular cooldown for parrying.
  • Lowered the regular cooldown for healing.
Manfredd the Accursed
  • Fixed an issue causing the boss’s corpse to be semi-invisible if he died at the start of teleport.
  • Added sound to intro teleports and adjusted the smoke effect for consistency with gameplay.
  • Raised the likelihood of the Kick pattern being selected.
  • Increased the charge time and made the warning for the shadow clone dash pattern clearer to the player.
  • Slowed the animation speed for the shadow clone slashes pattern.
  • Slowed the start speed of the leg stomp pattern.
  • Attack cooldown reduction has been removed in phase 2.
Old Wymond
  • Resolved an issue with camera bounds.
  • Lessened the delay before the boss can start moving after the intro.
  • Decreased action cooldown.
  • Added 3 seconds to stun protection.
  • Added particle effects to ground slash and death animations.
  • Enhanced poise during phase 2.
  • Will now attempt the ultimate ground waves pattern as soon as health drops below 50%.
  • Removed invulnerability from the ultimate ground waves pattern.
  • Eliminated auto aim from the charged attack.
  • Removed frames showing transformation into Cold One Beast.
  • Added electricity effects to phase 2.
Cold One Beast
  • No longer growls while speaking in the intro.
  • Action cool down reduction.
  • Extended stun protection by 3 seconds.
  • Included particle effects for slash and death animations.
  • Increased poise during phase 2.
  • Will attempt the ultimate ground waves pattern at health below 50%.
  • Removed invulnerability from the ultimate ground waves pattern.
  • Removed auto aim from the charged attack.
  • Corrected a bug causing dark traps to fall underground upon boss death.
  • Lowered the fire status buildup from projectile explosions.
  • Phase 2 no longer initiates instantly; the boss now completes a special animation before entering it.
  • Increased attack cooldown from 3 to 5.
  • Increased escape cooldown from 1.8 to 2.5.
  • Raised the damage of dark pillars and introduced a cooldown group (40→100)
  • Reduced self harpoon damage from 15% of max HP to 10% of max HP.
  • Extended the trap damage interval from 0.1 to 0.2.
Laddak Phase 2
  • Fixed a bug allowing the moon-shaped projectile to deal damage twice.
  • Increased charge time and added a flash effect before the first moon-shaped projectile is thrown.
  • Enlarged the hitbox.
  • Decreased the maximum fly height.
  • Introduced thunders in the background activated after transformation.
Caterina & Annabella
  • Addressed an issue preventing the fight from resuming if a boss fell below ground.
  • Lowered the health threshold required to stop resting after attacks in phase 2 by 5%.
  • Reduced damage from the scissor pattern.
  • Fixed a bug where dark pillars would momentarily shift position after landing.
  • The scissor chase pattern will no longer respond to the player being behind; Annabella will flip only when near an arena corner.
  • Caterina will now teleport to the opposite corner after executing the Dark Pillar + Shoot combo pattern.
  • Enhanced the phase 2 transformation.
Harbringer of Nightmare
  • Resolved issues with transitions between some attacks.
  • Fixed a bug causing an additional boss scream before scene transition.
  • Added thunders in the background activated after transformation.
  • In phase 1, the head will rest near water level after attacking. In phase 2, one head will rest near water, the other at medium height.
  • Added animations for heads moving up or down to position for attack or rest.
  • Heads now instantly get into position for the death animation.
  • Implemented measures to prevent the boss from becoming invisible or moving out of bounds.
Nyxaroth the Eldritch Wight
  • Corrected an issue preventing shaking in the death animation.
  • Added a damage cooldown group to meteors and dark orbs.
  • Crystal pattern will now unlock later in the battle, and phase 2 will begin right after it reaches 50% health.
  • The boss will now teleport more frequently during the encounter.
  • Added particle warnings to the meteor pattern for better visibility.
  • Increased the head collider size, bringing it closer to the ground, which enables more weapons to deal critical damage.
  • Meteors will now fall from only two directions during phase 2.
  • Reduced the detection range to locate the boss after destroying the crystal from 15 to 13.5 units.
  • Reduced the radius of the circling ice pattern when moving towards the center.
  • Enlarged the hitbox for lightning strikes.
  • Increased the hitbox size.
  • Lowered the maximum fly height.
  • Implemented measures to prevent a known issue that caused the boss to ascend to excessive heights.
  • Phase 2 now initiates with the ultimate pattern, and visual particles have been incorporated to signal this change.
  • Introduced a warning indication for the scythe throw pattern.
  • Enlarged the warning size for thunder strikes to more accurately reflect the actual hitbox.
  • Extended the cooldown duration for the shield pattern by an additional 4 seconds.
  • Enhanced the casting speed for lightning slashes in the ultimate pattern by 30%.


  • Contact Damage Removal: Removed contact damage from all enemies that previously had it.
  • Double Flip Prevention: Implemented actions to prevent the issue of enemies flipping twice in a row.
  • Flip Animation Speed Increase: Enhanced flip animation speed for all enemies by 6%-25%.
  • Mobility During Flipping for Flying Enemies: Flying enemies are now able to move while performing flip animations.
  • Flying Height Adjustment: Flying enemies will more frequently lower their flying height.
  • Reduced Stun Protection: Decreased stun protection duration by 3 seconds for Stray Hound, Faceless One, and Swamp Hound.
  • Randomized Patrol Start: Enemies will now initiate patrolling with a random starting animation offset.
  • Randomized Rest Behavior: Added randomization to enemies’ rest behavior.
  • Universal Stun Vulnerability to Explosions: All enemies are now susceptible to being stunned by explosions.
  • Stun by Throwable Objects for Smaller Enemies: Small and medium-sized enemies can now be stunned by throwable objects.
  • Red Flash Indicator for Execution: Enemies will flash red when they are ready to be executed.
  • Persistent Shadow on Flat Ground Death: Shadows won’t disappear instantly if an enemy dies on flat ground.
  • Increased Reactivity of Certain Enemies: Enhanced the reactivity of enemies from the Junas Ministry, City of Erlim, and Ordens Regnant Palace.
  • Strengthened Specific Enemy Groups: Enemies in the Ordens Regnant Palace, Highwalls of Mythringal, and The Junas Ministry have been strengthened.
  • Weakened Snow Area Enemies: Enemies located in snowy areas are now slightly weaker.
  • Voice Sound Updates: Added new voice sounds for Old Vigilante, Vile Clergyman, Cathedral Priest, and Progenie.
  • Shooting Mechanic Adjustment: Removed the quick flip ability while shooting for Frozen Wight, Bootleg Corsair, Infected Wanderer, Swamp Hound, and Hallowed Rider.
  • Projectile Bounds Adjusted: Added projectile bounds for Frozen Rotted Cold One and Flying Abomination, eliminating the ability to shoot behind themselves.
  • Stun Protection Increased: Enhanced stun protection by 2 seconds for all enemies, with an additional 1-second increase for giant enemies. Endurance settings for Sister of Sacrament and Hallowed Priestess of Sacrament have been changed from medium to high.
  • Action Cooldown Reduction: Lowered action cooldown for Vile Clergyman, Accursed Maiden, Sister of Sacrament, Hallowed Priestess of Sacrament, Giant Patron, Grotesque Courtier, White Lady, and Ornate Swordsmanster. Also, implemented damage reduction while attacking for Accursed Maiden, Ornate Swordsmaster, Masked Obscenity, Sister of Sacrament, and Giant of Sacrament.
  • Transition Animation Fix: Corrected the poor transition from flip to idle animations for Deranged Woman and Voracious Terror.
  • Smoother Air Flip Animations: Enhanced air flip animations for winged enemies, including Voracious Terror, Rotted Cold One, Frozen Rotted Cold One, and Flying Abomination, to be smoother.
  • Hit Protection Removal: Removed hit protection during attacks for Stray Hound, Faceless One, Comrade Mutated, Primitive Cold One, Infected Pilgrim, Infected Wanderer, Sick Defiler, Old Vigilante, Swamp Hound, Frost Corpse, Bootleg Corsair, Ghastly Critter, Summoner Witch, Infected Witch, Afflicted Manservant, Hallowed Rider, Grave Digger, Flying Abomination, Rotted Cold One, Frozen Rotted Cold One, and Putrid Deformity.
  • Enhanced Attack Mechanic: Introduced a charge effect to enemy attacks that bypass Iframes for Necrogash, Bereaved Maiden, Cold One Shielder, Giant of Sacrament, Frozen Necrogash, Slithering Monstrosity, Dreadful Wench, Stray Cold One, Grotesque Courtier, Voracious Terror, and Maiden of The Deep.
Deranged Woman
  • Trap Alert Enhancement: Added a warning to the blood trap.
Grave Digger
  • Enhanced Trap Warning: Added a warning to the blood trap.
  • Improved Evasion Behavior: The Grave Digger’s runaway behavior is now more reactive.
Grave Hound
  • Increased Reactivity: Enhanced overall reactivity.
  • Cooldown Removal: Removed run cooldown.
Faceless Child
  • Bug Fix in Enemy Orientation: Fixed a bug that prevented the enemy from facing the player correctly after landing.
  • Voice Line Adjustment: Reduced the number of voice calls in the combo animation to minimize voice line spam.
  • Run Cooldown Elimination: Removed run cooldown.
Winged Pale Lament
  • Beam Bound Reduction: Reduced the bounds of the beam.
  • Charged Attack Animation Improvement: Increased the start speed and duration of active damage frames for the charged attack.
  • Color Consistency Fix: Fixed an issue that resulted in one Winged Pale Lament appearing in a different color.
  • Jump Strength Reduction: Decreased the strength of jumps.
Hallowed Rider
  • Projectile Catching Fix: Resolved an issue preventing the catching of projectiles.
  • Projectile Behavior: Projectiles now always travel in the caster’s direction and self-destruct if the caster dies or after a time limit.
  • Melee Attack Update: Increased charge time before melee attack, which can now be parried and no longer knocks down. Dodge now grants 50% armor instead of invulnerability.
Maiden of the Deep
  • Explosive Death Addition: Added damage to death explosion.
  • Damage Splitting: Split damage into three distinct instances – firing, recoil, and flip.
  • Dreadful Wench
  • Death Animation Damage Fix: Corrected an issue preventing damage during the death animation.
  • Extended Rest Period: The Dreadful Wench will now have a longer rest duration after attacking.
  • Projectile Collider Bug Fix: Resolved a bug affecting projectile damage collider post-explosion. Slowed the start animation speed of flip attacks.
Slithering Worm
  • New Healthbar: Added a healthbar.
  • Instant Collider Disappearance: Damage collider vanishes instantly upon death.
  • Attack Balancing: Reduced the damage and increased the cooldown period for repeated attacks.
Bereaved Maiden
  • Run Damage Hitbox Reduction: Decreased the hitbox size for run damage.
  • Flip Attack Adjustments: Lowered the flip damage value, reduced the hitbox size, and the number of active frames.
Summoner Witch
  • Projectile Frame Rate Consistency: Ensured projectiles behave uniformly across all framerates.
  • Iframe Bypass Removal for Small Projectile: Small projectiles can no longer bypass Iframes.
  • Explosion Damage Delay: Added a brief delay before explosion damage frames activate.
Primitive Cold One
  • Varied Damage Scaling: Differentiated damage scaling between run attacks and quick slashes.
  • Animation Flicker Fix: Corrected the animation flicker in the quick slash attack pattern.
Stray Cold One
  • Post-Landing Attack: Will attack if the player is in close/medium range after landing.
  • Jump Damage Removal: Eliminated damage inflicted by jumping.
  • Attack Hitbox Expansion: Enlarged the attack hitbox area for greater reach.
  • Cooldown Group Addition: Implemented a damage cooldown group for both attack and ground break actions.
  • It is now easier to perform a parry.
Briney Marauder
  • Run Attack Issue Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented the termination of his run attack.
  • Detection Range Enhancement: Detection range has been increased.
  • Run Cooldown Reduction: Reduced the cooldown time for run attacks.
Putrid Deformity
  • Stuck Prevention Measures: Implemented actions to prevent the issue of getting stuck while falling.
  • Increased Attack Charge Time: Increased the charge time required for attacks.
Frozen Wight
  • Hitbox and Damage Frame Reduction: Reduced the hitbox collider and the active damage frames for the recovery attack.
Ghastly Critter
  • Voice Warning and Shooting Preparation: Added a voice warning and increased the charge time before shooting.
  • Detection Range Reduction: Decreased the detection range.
  • Dodge Armor Duration Shortened: Armor gained from dodging now ends more quickly.
  • Prevention of Falling Off Platforms: Modified to prevent falling off platforms during jumps.
Frozen Wraith
  • Reaction Speed Increase: Increased reaction speed when the player is detected but not directly faced by the enemy.
  • Beam Pattern Status Buildup Fix: Fixed an issue causing too high status buildup in the beam pattern.
Voracious Terror
  • Enemy Orientation Fix During Flight: Addressed an issue preventing proper orientation towards the player while flying.
  • Charge Attack Hitbox Reduction: Reduced the size of the hitbox for charge attacks.
Frozen Necrogash
  • Claw Projectile Display Fix: Corrected a display issue with the claw projectile appearing on the wrong layer.
  • Flip Attack Charge Time Increase: Increased the charge time for flip attacks.
  • Claw Projectile Lifetime Reduction: Decreased the claw projectile’s lifetime by 2 seconds.
Glowing Pest
  • Damage Cooldown Group Addition: Added a damage cooldown group to projectiles to mitigate excessively high damage.
Giant Patron
  • Invisible Wall Bug Fix: Resolved a bug in Deep Forest causing enemies to get stuck on an invisible wall near the Giant Patron arena.
  • Recovery Time Reduction: Decreased recovery time after attacks.
  • The enemy in Broken Pass will now attempt to maintain a greater distance from its target to avoid situations where the player could attack it without receiving any retaliation while on high ground.
Sister of Sacrament
  • Death Fire Damage Fix: Addressed an issue preventing death fire from damaging the player.
  • Dodge Rest Removal: Removed the rest period after performing a dodge.
  • Continuous Dash on Breakables: Dash now continues even upon hitting breakables.
  • Delayed Spin Attack Damage Frames: Active damage frames for the spin attack will now appear slightly later.
Hallowed Priestess of Sacrament
  • Dive Range Increase: Extended the range of the dive attack.
  • Death Explosion Damage: Death explosion can now inflict damage on the player.
  • Additional Armor During Dive: Added +50% armor while diving down.
Vile Clergyman
  • Shooting Prioritization: Will now prioritize shooting more frequently.
  • Close-Range Firing Damage: Added firing damage when the player is in close proximity to a gun.
Grotesque Courtier
  • Iframes Bypassing Attacks: The first attack of the combo and flip attack will now bypass invincibility frames (Iframes).
  • Reduced Flip Attack Cooldown: Decreased the cooldown time for flip attacks.
  • Enhanced Behind Range Detection: Increased detection range from behind.
White Lady
  • Reduced Flip Attack Cooldown: Decreased the cooldown time for flip attacks.
Ornate Swordsman
  • Armor Boost While Attacking: Now has 40% armor during attacks.
  • Enhanced Detection in Water: Increased detection range while hiding in water.
Masked Obscenity
  • Double Damage Issue Fix: Corrected a problem that caused the player to receive double damage.
  • Increased Optimal Range: Expanded the optimal range for staying away from the player.
  • Quick flip has been removed from the shooting pattern.
Strange Presence
  • Iframes Ignoring Grab: The grab attack now ignores invincibility frames.
  • Resolved an issue where this enemy would teleport out of the scene if the player stood next to a ledge.
  • Fixed an issue where Eryk would become misaligned with the enemy if they were grabbed while getting onto a ladder.
  • Addressed an issue where the player could force the enemy to flip from above or below, canceling the teleport animation.
Slithering Monstrosity
  • The grab’s active frames are now activated after a delay.
  • The grab hitbox has been modified to prevent catching the player when they are behind the enemy. Additionally, its range towards the ground has been increased, making it impossible to avoid the grab with a roll.
Old Vigilante
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to execute this enemy, even if they weren’t stunned.
Bug Fixes
  • Spell and Item Damage Fix: Fixed a bug that prevented some spells and items from dealing damage to certain traps and bosses.
  • Music Resumption Issue: Resolved an issue causing the music to resume after the Voracios Terror miniboss fight.
  • Manor Cinematic Flicker Fix: Addressed an animation flicker in the Manor cinematic.
  • Credits Display Fix: Corrected the display of credits on various resolutions.
  • Sprite Effect Application Fix: Fixed a bug preventing sprite effects from being applied to the player during boss death cutscenes.
  • Map Screen Glitches: Resolved various small glitches on the map screen.
  • Cutscene Music Stopping: Fixed issues with music stopping in some cutscenes.
  • Lady Dorothea’s End-Game State: She now accepts livers in her end-game state.
  • NPC Dialogue Repetition: Fixed an issue where some NPCs would repeat dialogue unintentionally.
  • Abberant Form Stuck Fix: Players no longer get stuck when hit in Abberant Form.
  • Infinite AirDash Glitch: Resolved the Player Infinite AirDash glitch.
  • Wall Stuck Issue in Abberant Form: Fixed an issue where players could sometimes get stuck in walls using Abberant Form.
  • Leena’s Bow Damage Display: Damage numbers now show correctly for Leena’s Bow in the inventory.
  • Stigma Use on Ladders: Stigmas can no longer be used whilst in the ladder-grab animation, preventing player control lock.
  • Barsov Electrocution Effect: Fixed the spell effect remaining on screen when falling from a platform.
  • Dried Cold One Livers Drop Fix: Ensured Dried Cold One Livers are dropped as intended.
  • The Last Faith Achievement: Fixed the achievement on PC.
  • “Unborn of the Midnight Aristocracy” Quest: Can now be completed.
  • Boss Item Inventory Addition: Boss items missing from inventory due to previous bugs will be added automatically.
  • Drowned Crypt Note Duplication: Fixed an issue where the same note could be found twice.
  • Frost Bombs Spike Damage Scaling: Ensured damage of spikes from Frost Bombs scales properly.
  • Wooden Ladder Sound Fix: Fixed issues where some wooden ladders made metal step sounds.
  • Abberant Form Activation Requirement: Can only be activated when the Power Bar is at 100%.
  • Nycrux Multiplication Fix: Nycrux acquired from floating lost nycrux after death are not multiplied by power-up effects.
  • Elevator and Electrocuted Status Issue: Fixed an issue caused by using elevators with the Electrocuted status.
  • Chain Gates Icons on Minimap: Now shown correctly.
  • Resolution Tracking: Changes in resolution are now tracked.
  • Softlock Prevention: Fixed a rare issue where players could be softlocked if grabbed by an enemy while entering a door.
  • Saving Issues: Actions taken to solve various saving issues.
  • Leena’s Bow Firebeam Issue: Fixed a problem causing the firebeam from Leena’s Bow to continue casting when the player was grabbed or fell during casting.
  • Arena Completion Marking Issue: Resolved an issue marking the arena as complete if the player died to Strange Presence’s grab on the last wave.
  • Skill Focus Consumption Issue: Fixed a problem with player skill focus consumption while pressing certain button combinations.
  • Double Jump After Charge Attack: Fixed an issue with performing a double jump after a charge attack and quick subsequent jump.
  • Veiled Maiden Vanishing After Laddak: Fixed an issue that made the Veiled Maiden vanish after defeating Laddak, potentially blocking players from reaching the true ending.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented raindrops from appearing in “Broken Pass”.
  • Old Wymond Bug: Resolved an issue where Old Wymond’s corpse could be found even though he was present and alive in another location.
  • Addressed a display issue with Barsov Electrocution on elevators.
  • Shop Item Visibility Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented items in the shop from being shaded out when players did not have sufficient Nycrux after a weapon level increase
  • Controller Remapping added.
  • Player Stats Respec: After giving the Teacup to Helenya, players can reset their stats to the original level 1 class chosen.
  • Instant I-frames on Dodges
  • Charms can now be equipped independently, without the necessity of having any Stigma equipped.
  • Stigma and Beast Mode Activation Changes: Stigmas are now activated with a single button. Beast Mode is activated by Hold+Action button
  • Transformation Attack Adjustment (Beast Mode): Removed the unintended buff where transformation attacks in Beast Mode inflicted additional fire damage when fire powder was applied to the Nightfallblade.
  • Completion Score Adjustment: The completion score should now accurately reach 100%.
Gameplay and Weapon Updates
  • Decreased the Nycrux and stones cost for all firearms.
  • Nightbade Pistol and Doppietta Damage Increase
  • Federal-Issue Belt Bullet Increase: Increased the quantity of bullets received from 3 to 5.
  • Blunderblade Price Adjustment: Reduced its cost in Mariano’s shop to 4800.
  • Increased the duration of all Elemental Powders by 10 seconds.
  • General Power Absorption Tuning on spells and weapond
  • Reduced the Power cost and increased the usage time for Stigma Catalysis.
  • Increased the power and scaling of the Nighttide’s Rout.
  • Lowered the focus cost for the Nightfall blade skill attack.
  • Explosive barrels, frost trap boxes, and Nycrux bombs now deal more damage to enemies and less to the player.
  • Blood Trap Explosion Hitbox Size Reduction
  • Elemental powders on weapons no longer affect Eryk’s beast mode attacks.
Map Improvements
  • NPC Display on Map: All NPCs are now displayed on the map.
  • Lost Nycrux is now shown on the map
Miscellaneous Updates
  • Game Pause on Full Screen UI: The game now pauses when the full screen UI is open.
  • Nycrux Spawning Mechanic: Dying in boss arenas causes lost Nycrux to spawn outside the arena at the last checkpoint visited.
  • Grapple Hook Addition in High Walls of Mythringal: Added to avoid dead ends.
  • Ground Addition Under Ladders in Damned Ruins: Included in the Osseus Fortress scene to prevent dead ends.
  • Extra Chains for Elevators in Ordens Regnant Palace: Added to enhance visual feedback.
  • Ledge Grab Improvement: Adjusted to make it easier to grab certain ledges.
  • Persistence of Ice Spike Traps: Now remain destroyed after leaving the room.
  • Nycrux Bombs Effectiveness: Now consistently break destructible doorways and walls.
  • Exploit Fixes for Hungry and Starving Essence: Addressed and resolved.
  • Charm Equipment Logic Change: Altered to allow equipping charms without a stigma equipped.
  • Expanded Inventory of The Old Wymond: Now includes Blue Haemolymph Shards.
  • Lady Dorothea’s Stock Update: Sells an infinite stock of Demishade Ore after receiving 3 livers.
  • Blue Haemolymph Shard and Chunk Rebalancing: Adjusted the focus charged.
  • Cutscene Addition Post-Federal Inquisition: Implemented to indicate the critical path clearly.
  • New “All” Tab in Shops: Introduced for easier navigation.
  • Abberant Form Balancing: Adjusted for late-game balance.
  • Enhanced Damage for Boxes/Vases: Improved when thrown against enemies, scaling more with Strength.
  • Map Screen Updates: Now shows areas where the player dies from falls and unreachable outline edges.
  • Arena Gate Issue Prevention: Actions taken to address gates not opening as intended.
  • Breakable Object Smoke Adjustment: Aligned with the size of the breakables.
  • Electricity Trap Hitbox Reduction: Decreased the hitbox area.
  • Movable Box Landing Effect Removal: No longer plays on scene load.
  • Time Slow Removal from Specific Attacks: Applied to various player attacks for consistency.
  • UI Visibility During Boss Intros: Disabled UI display during cinematic intros for certain bosses.
  • Ice Trap Mechanic Change: Now breaks on player contact, with reduced damage and status buildup.
  • Automatic Enemy Targeting in Arenas: Implemented for enhanced gameplay.
  • Adjustment to White Flashes: Made slightly darker.
  • Spectre’s Lament Spell Particle Improvement: Enhanced for better visual effects.
UI and UX Updates
  • Weapon Level Status Update Fix: Corrected an issue where, after increasing a weapon’s level, the status of other weapons was not updated. This led to some non-levelable weapons not being shaded out or some materials not updating.
  • Controller UI Reimplementation: Enhanced the UI to display the correct icons for various controllers
  • Improved support for unknown controllers
  • Credits can now be skipped after they have been watched once.
  • Remapping keys on the keyboard will now automatically swap keys if the chosen key is already in use.
  • Popup Screen Interaction Change: Players now need to hold a button to close popup screens instead of just pressing it once.
  • Enhanced Item Purchase and Level Up Mechanic: When buying items or leveling up, players can now hold the button to continuously increase the numbers, instead of needing to press the button individually each time.
  • Improved Item Identification: When picking up special items that trigger a popup screen, the type of the item (e.g., Charm, Stigma, Melee Weapon) is now displayed below its name for clearer identification.
  • A new cutscene has been added to Esk Mansion to visually depict a gate opening when players successfully complete a puzzle.

How to download updates for The Last Faith for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for The Last Faith, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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