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Indie news (April 18): RIVE / Chompy Chomp Chomp Party

Today’s Indie news:

  • RIVE
  • Chompy Chomp Chomp Party
  • VoxelMaker
  • Stone Shire


RIVEA few weeks ago, Two Tribes announced that RIVE was delayed to September… and would be their last game. Gamereactor recently had the opportunity to chat with Collin Van Ginkel, who explained that they have been making games for over 15 years. Unfortunately, they have reached the point where they might not want to spend another 15 years doing that.

RIVE was only supposed to take 6-9 months to develop, but it’s now been 2 years since they started, and the game will not be released until September. Right now, the team simply doesn’t feel like starting a new big project.

You can find more gameplay footage for RIVE on Gamereactor!

Chompy Chomp Chomp Party

Last week, Utopian World of Sandwiches announced via the game’s official website that Chompy Chomp Chomp Party would be released on May 19th in North America. It’s already available in Europe.

Our Upcoming Releases page has been updated with this new date.

Head after the break for the rest of this post!


A new update for VoxelMaker is available. Here’s some of the changes included:

  • Glowing blocks.
  • Transparent (glass) blocks.
  • *Much* faster, more interactive rendering.
  • Automatic drawing of ground with shadows.
  • Configurable sun color.
  • Background music.
  • Model auto-saving.
  • New sample models.
  • Improved color editor with RGB values.

Source: Miiverse


Yesterday, RCMADIAX announced Tap Tap Arcade 2, which is coming out in July in North America and Europe. It will include Squeasy and Volcano. Our Upcoming Releases page has been updated with this new game and the new date.

Stone Shire

Today, the developer of Stone Shire posted a message on Miiverse, in order to announce that development of Stone Shire (which came out on May 21st 2015 in north America) would be paused. Instead, he will focus on a new (smaller) game, which should be announced in the near future.

Also, Ver. 1.1.1 of Stone Shire is coming soon, and will fix performance issues.


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