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Fire Emblem Fates: DLC “planning” for Europe, My Nintendo discount, 3DS Theme

Fire Emblem FatesYesterday, Nintendo sent a press release about the European release of Fire Emblem Fates, recapping details already covered with the Japanese and North America release of the game. However, it does provide some additional details, such as the “planning” for DLC, and a special My Nintendo discount.

First, the PR confirms that the third path, Revelation, will be released on the Nintendo eShop on June 9th. For players who want even more content, DLC distribution will start on launch day (May 20th). New maps will be released periodically until July, most likely following the same release pattern as North America.

Those 11 maps will provide “a series of extra challenges, opportunities to gain more experience and money”, and will even allow players to recruit a new character. The second wave of DLC will start in late July, with 6 additional maps. Once again, the release pattern will most likely be the same as in North America. To play buy the additional map, you will have to go to the Dragon’s Gate (which becomes accessible from Chapter 6 onwards).

Just like in North America, there will be some free additional content for players along with the two waves of DLC.

But that’s not all: Nintendo will also add a special reward to My Nintendo in Europe. Players will be able to trade 20 Gold Coins for a 10% discount coupon on Fire Emblem Fates from the Nintendo eShop. Said coupon will be valid from May 20th to June 16th.

Finally, all players who buy Fire Emblem Fates from the Nintendo eShop before June 17th will get a free Nintendo 3DS Theme:

  • Fire Emblem: Two Kingdoms

Fire Emblem Fates (3DS) comes out on May 20th in Europe. Our My Nintendo Rewards page has been updated with the new reward.

Source: Nintendo PR


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