Daily news (November 27): Empire of Sin / Immortals Fenyx Rising

Today’s Daily news: pictures for Empire of Sin, but also…

  • Immortals Fenyx Rising
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Othercide
  • Remothered: Broken Porcelain
  • Pokémon GO

Empire of Sin

Here’s some pictures for Empire of Sin:

Empire of Sin (Switch) comes out on December 1st in Europe and North America, and February 25th in Japan.

Source: Gamer

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Here’s the latest set of pictures for Immortals Fenyx Rising:

Immortals Fenyx Rising (Switch) comes out on December 3rd worldwide.

Source: 4Gamer

Nintendo Switch

Bloomberg have reported that Nintendo have added Sharp as an assembler of their popular Nintendo Switch console. Within the next few weeks, the first consoles manufactured in Sharp’s plants in Malaysia will hit shelves (however, production volume is expected to be limited).

This moves comes as part of a global strategy to stabilize production, but also to hedge against trade tensions between the United States and China. Diversification of the supply chain is indeed a way to circumvent possible taxes on devices manufactured in China (that’s why the console is now manufactured in Vietnam, though most units still come from China).

The report from Bloomberge also states that all Nintendo Switch assemblers are planning to operate at maximum capacity through the end of the year. That’s quite unusual, as December generally sees a lull in production following the fulfillment of holiday demand. This may be a sign that Nintendo are going to ship more than they did last year in Q4 2019 (10.8 million units).

Source: Bloomberg


A few weeks ago, Othercide received a new mode: the Dream Mode. And next month, a new type of mission will be added: Penance.

Here’s some details:

Penance is a brand new type of mission that forces a balanced offensive and defensive playstyle. In it, swarms of enemies approach and will inevitably attack your daughters. However, rather than blindly fighting their way out of it, each daughter must slay a specific number of foes to fill their Penance gauge and leave the battlefield. Be sure to not have one of your Daughters killing too many enemies, or your remaining Daughters will have to fight alone to reach Penance! Meanwhile, the changes to which maps can appear should keep each mission feeling varied and interesting throughout a campaign, adding even more replayability.

Source: Focus Home Interactive PR

Remothered: Broken Porcelain

Here’s the latest set of screenshots for Remothered: Broken Porcelain:

Remothered: Broken Porcelain (Switch) comes out on December 3rd in Europe and North America.

Soiurce: Famitsu

Pokémon GO

Niantic have announced that Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard Y, Mega Pidgeot, and Mega Houndoom will all be leaving Mega Raids on December 1st. They will be replaced by Mega Charizard X, Mega Gengar and Mega Abomasnow.

Source: Niantic


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