Pokémon World Championships 2016


Pokémon Sun and Moon: new trailer showcases starter evolutions, Festival Plaza, more

Today, The Pokémon Company revealed a new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon, along with tons of new details and some screenshots: evolution of the starters, Ash-Greninja, Pokémon Apelago, Festival Plaza, Pokémon Global Link, demo version, Pokémon Nintendo 2DS in Japan, and more!

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Pokémon news (Sept. 13): Pokémon Sun and Moon scans / Pokémon Shuffle

Today’s Pokémon news: some additional scans for Pokémon Sun and Moon, new content for Pokémon Shuffle, latest update for Pokémon Comaster, first episode of Pokémon Origins now on YouTube, Pokémon World Championships 2016 interview, and promotional video for Pokémon Ga-Olé!

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Pokémon Sun and Moon: new Pokémon revealed (Crabrawler), trailer, videos, more

Today (August 19th), during the opening ceremony of the Pokémon World Championships, a new Pokémon was revealed for Pokémon Sun and Moon: Crabrawler! Check out all the details, a trailer, and some videos in this post!

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Pokémon news (Aug. 18) – Pokkén: over 1 million units shipped, more

Today’s Pokémon news: over 1 million units shipped worldwide for Pokkén Tournament on Wii U, Pokémon event at GameStop this Saturday, registrations now live for the latest Battle competition, and reminder about the Shiny Mewtwo distribution!

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Pokémon news (August 12): Pokémon World Championships, more

Today’s Pokémon news: more details and livestream schedule for the Pokémon World Championships, preview pages for the Pokémon Sun and Moon manga in CoroCoro magazine, McDonalds sales boosted by Pokémon in Japan, preview for the next episode of Pokénchi, and promotional videos for the Pokémon Expo Gym in Japan!

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Pokémon news (May 27): Pokémon GO / Pokémon distributions

Today’s Pokémon news: plenty of new screenshots for Pokémon GO, several Pokémon distributions in Europe and North America, and plenty more!

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Pokémon news (April 20) – Trademarks / Pokémon Symphony / Pokémon TV

Today’s Pokémon news: some suspicious trademarks, two dates for Pokémon Symphonic Evolution in France, a massive update for Pokémon TV, and more!

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Pokémon news (March 10): Pokémon Comaster revealed, more

Today’s Pokémon news: Pokémon Comaster revealed for mobile platforms, Pokkén Tournament tourneys announced for Japan, Ditto plushies, and more!

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Pokémon news (Dec. 10) – Pokkén: Sceptile confirmed; Pokémon World Championships

Today’s Pokémon news: Sceptile confirmed for Pokkén Tournament, date+ rules for the Pokémon World Championships, update for Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, and more!

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