Rocket League getting a retail release later this month

Rocket League was released in November on Nintendo Switch, and it’s been among the best-sellers on the Nintendo eShop ever since. If you’re the kind of players that prefers to buy their games at retail, here’s some good news for you: Rocket League is getting a physical release later this month, distributed by Warner Bros..

The release date is not the same depending on the region:

  • January 16 for North America
  • January 24 for Australia and New Zealand
  • January 25 for Central Europe
  • January 26 for remaining Europe, Israel, Middle East, Russia, and South Africa

The retail release of Rocket League will cost 39.99€ / $39.99: that’s about 20€/$ more than the digital (not taking taxes into account), but there’s a good reason for that… the game comes with some DLC!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Rocket League Full Game
  • Supersonic Fury DLC Pack
  • Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC Pack
  • Chaos Run DLC Pack
  • Aftershock DLC Car
  • Marauder DLC Car
  • Esper DLC Car
  • Masamune DLC Car
  • Customization Items inspired by DC Comics’ The Flash
  • Limited Art Print by Psyonix Concept Artist, Jay Zhang

Unfortunately, Rocket League is indeed one of the games that suffers from the infamous “Switch tax”: it’s 10€/$ more than on other platforms, once again due to “cartridge manufacturing costs”. At least, there’s no mandatory download for this one!

Finally, here’s the boxart:

Rocket League (Switch) comes out at retail on January 16th in North America, January 24th in Australia and New Zealand, January 25th in Central Europe, and January 26th in the rest of Europe and Israel, Middle East, Russia, and South Africa.

Source: Psyonix


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