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Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch (Switch): all the updates (latest: Ver. 1.1.6)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch on Nintendo Switch (originally released on November 3rd 2022 in Europe, and November 15th 2022 in North America)!

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Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch – Ver. 1.1.6

  • Release date: ???
  • Patch notes:
  • Added a rolling animation: horses in your pastures will occasionally lay down and roll on their backs. This has no impact on gameplay, we just think it’s super cute!
  • Added blueprints for some missing decoration items (Well variations, Serene Zen Garden) in chests across the game world.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the Crater Lake race.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur during Lilli’s Low Point, Party Time and An Unusual Visit missions.
  • Fixed special characters showing up in breeding stable mails
  • Fixed an issue where the horse would sometimes play a shaking animation in the middle of races under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue where horses were kept after selling them and earning fame.
  • Fixed an issue where buildings from the estate could disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to mount the rival horse during the Reconciliation mission.
  • DLC info banner now opens automatically when first opening the game. After that, you can still open it from the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug with the Arabian tack sets where reins would sometimes float behind the horse’s foreleg when dismounted.
  • Fixed an issue with the Vertigo trait mission where some places in the game would negatively impact the horse but not count towards quest progression.
  • Fixed an issue where Limited Edition DLC contents Noble Armor, Dark Armor and Elegant/Celtic Armor were missing in Tack Shed
  • Fixed an issue that prevents players from dismounting the horse in some cases.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when inspecting horses in the pasture or breeding stable.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not give any input to the character after triggering mount and feed actions at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD will disappear and the camera will not work as intended after selecting ‘Start Race’ and ‘Start Race (No Rival Preview’ at the same time.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur randomly throughout the gameplay.
  • Fixed a collision issue that prevents player from climbing the stairs to reach the top of the pirate ship at the Pirate Cove.
  • Fixed an issue where the horse remains in leashed state when the player leashes the horse at the stable and resets to the estate.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur while inspecting DLC horses.
  • Fixed an issue where the collision is ignored during jumps, leading the character to go out of the world area.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur when the player quits the game to main menu after leashing the horse.
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Microids

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch – Ver. 1.1.5

  • Release date: November 3rd 2023 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Added Horses in Pastures: your owned horses now spawn in pastures you build on your estate. You can saddle and mount any pasture horse to make it your active riding horse.
  • Added Shaking reaction: your horse will now shake off water from their coat after riding through water and after being washed
  • Added a new music track variationfor the Pirate Cove area
  • Added 6 new riding outfitsto the player’s wardrobe
  • Added usable hitching posts – you can now tie your horse to many fences or rails that were previously only decorative
  • Improved feedback for when horses are stressed/terrified and fixed faulty stamina consumption on stressed/terrified horses
  • Rebalancing: The Race against Lili in the Meet Lili Mission is now easier to beat for the quest to continue. If you’re chasing that challenge, you still have the higher scores to compete with though! Please Note: this fix unfortunately won’t affect old saves, if you’ve already interacted with the race/leaderboard.
  • Rebalancing: Your horses don’t get dirty and unkempt from failing jumps quite so quickly anymore. And remember: a dirty or unkempt horse is not slower! The only downsides of a dirty horse are the aesthetics, and the fame you gain from races.
  • Wild Horse Genetics Adjustments: We’ve tweaked which genetic combinations show up in the wild herds. Specifically, we’ve increased the chances that the Palomino and Buckskin phenotypes have a higher chance of spawning in the wild, and increased the chances for solid horses (without Leopard or Tobiano markings) to spawn in some herds.
  • Fixed the “Rare Horses” event that Kikki tells you about: The special horse herd now spawns correctly and is marked on your map.
  • Map Markers for Events: Related to the above, we now have map markers showing up for all special events that you receive mails for, to make it easier for you to snatch those extra resources or rare horses.
  • Special events now end, either when the player completes the event (e.g. by picking up the additional resources) or when the player rests.
  • Fixed an issue with horse genetics where Palomino horses would falsely look like Chestnuts in some gene configurations
  • Fixed the feathers’ color on Irish Cobs: The long hair on Cob’s feet is now colored correctly based on the color of the horses’ lower legs (“points”) rather than that of their main coat
  • Fixed several potential crashes during main missions.
  • Fixed a bug where main mission mails would sometimes not show up in your mailbox correctly.
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Microids (Steam)

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch – Ver. 1.1.4

  • Release date: March 8th 2023 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
Major Improvements

Several improvements to performance optimization and resolution scaling. What this means for players is reduced ‘blurriness’ and fewer hitches/lags when moving through the world. This will be most noticeable on Nintendo Switch, but may improve the experience on other platforms as well.

Extended Camera Settings

You now have several more options to customize your camera behavior.

Try the different settings to find the experience that works best for you!

Fast Travel between Home Bases

You can now unlock fast travel between the Emerald Estate and your Homesteads!

Balancing Adjustment

We’ve added more Sandcastles in the world and increased the number of peppermints you get from Esmee for a favor point.

  • Collision triggers
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Microids

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch – Ver. 1.1.3

  • Release date: January 4th 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed a critical bug where the game would stop saving eventually. With the patch, your autosave should work as usual again if it previously stopped saving. Unfortunately, we cannot restore completely corrupted save files, but the patch will greatly reduce the chance of save game corruption in the future.
  • The save game changes also fix decoration slots within building slots (including obstacles in riding hall and riding space). These were previously not saved correctly. It’s possible that some decorations need to be rebuilt after the patch, but they will be saved correctly from now on.
  • Fixed a bug where gene test results would not be cleared properly when switching horses, and some horses would show the wrong genes as a result.
  • Fixed gene testing for leg markings. Note that unfortunately some issues with the face markings remain. Also note that in some cases the Tobiano gene will cause more white leg markings than what the Markings section displays.
  • Gene testing now displays the full pattern string, including dominant and recessive genes.
  • Fixed a bug where horses with the “Food Lover” trait would be much slower than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where wild horses would not respawn properly after resting. Note that sometimes, the same horse may reappear multiple times after being scared off.
  • Fixed a bug where a chest would spawn a small Gazebo instead of the Gazebo blueprint.
  • Fixed a bug where some quest horses would be ‘mixed warmblood’ instead of purebred Selle Français. This fix will only affect new saves, not horses that were already caught/found.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would fall through the ground if they chose “Reset to Estate” while leading their horse.
  • Fixed the button mapping for the Rename Horse option so you can do it without using the touchscreen.
  • Removed pink face markings that were wrongly displayed on the horses.
  • Fixed that some areas would not count properly towards completing “Vertigo” or “Afraid of the Dark” trait missions.
  • Fixed that wild horses would sometimes have both “Vertigo” and “Uneasy with Heights” (or: both “Afraid in the Dark” and “Uneasy in the Dark”) traits and that the relevant trait mission couldn’t be completed as a result. Unfortunately, further issues with some traits not getting removed after completing the missions (Out of Shape, Lazy Jumper, Lazy Sprinter) are still being investigated. If you have this problem, please consider sending us your save file!
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Microids

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch – Ver. 1.1.2

  • Release date: November 19th 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed a critical bug in Mission “Lost in Sight” where players could not talk to Gabriel to complete the mission
  • Fixed a critical bug in Mission “Meet Lilli” where the mission wouldn’t continue after beating Lilli’s initial high score
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in the stable menu when switching quickly through sorting tabs
  • Fixed the camera for horse customizations
  • Fixed a bug where a black screen would appear after breeding or after swapping horses
  • Fixed a bug where the avatar’s clothes would occasionally disappear during minigames
  • Fixed a bug where the Lap information wouldn’t update properly during the Sneaky Ways race
  • Fixed a bug where the user couldn’t control the sensitivity settings using a controller
  • Fixed a visual issue (floating dishes because of a missing table in Saint-Elige Village)
  • Fixed a collider issue near the gate to Azurine Valley so the user cannot glitch through the wall anymore
  • Fixed a collider issue where it was possible for the player to get trapped after jumping over a fence near Shipwreck Shore
  • Fixed a bug where Dirty and Crusty conditions would not be properly displayed on the horses (dirt texture shown inconsistently)
  • Fixed that dialogues no longer remain on screen when teleporting back to Estate
  • Fixed the Greenwood Hills gate interaction so the gate can be properly unlocked once the player has the key
  • Fixed an issue where some tutorial messages would show up too early after the player pets the starter horse
  • Fixed a critical bug where horses would get stressed from Jumping
  • Fixed a bug where the mission marker would not show up during the mission “A Lesson in Style”
  • Fixed a bug where the race timer would show up during gameplay after the user quit during a race
  • Fixed a bug where (with DLC enabled) wild horses would show up as Mixed Warmbloods instead of Selle Francais (and breeding them could result in Irish Cobs)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when repeatedly jumping off the vantage point above the estate
  • Horse no longer comes into the player’s home when whistled for (this led to camera issues when mounting indoors)
  • Fixed a display issue where the construction slot pole for a bridge on the estate would go missing
  • Breeding Menu now shows Traits instead of Conditions
  • Fixed some issues where bridges would sometimes disappear after being built.
  • Game menu no longer gets truncated on 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ratios
  • Removed faulty placeholder messages that would show up in the player’s mailbox after completing all missions
  • Fixed a bug in mission “A Hearty Welcome” where Gabriel would continue moving before the player actually crossed the river
Known issues

Aesir Interactive is working on further bugfixes and performance improvements. These are some of the most urgent issues we are aware of and working on fixing:

  • Working on fixing Genetics Testing, currently the same result is shown for different horses.
  • Working on fixing building placement issues, decoration slots within other buildings are not getting saved properly
  • Will fix button mapping of Rename Horse function on Switch. Can be worked around by tapping the name on the Switch’s touch screen.
  • Investigating Performance issues and improvements on Switch (blurred rendering)
  • Investigating Savegame issues (autosave no longer working)
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Microids (Twitter)

How to download updates for Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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