Fire Emblem manga put on hold/cancelled

Back in July 2015, at one of the concerts celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Fire Emblem series, it was announced that a manga based on the series would begin serialisation in the monthly edition of Young Magazine in Fall 2015.

Shin Kibayashi (who wrote the story for Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright / Conquest / Revelation) was supposed to write the scenario, while Yuusuke Kozaki (character designer for Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright / Conquest / Revelation) was supposed to draw the manga itself.

Fast foward one year later, and we still haven’t heard a thing about that mysterious Fire Emblem manga. But unfortunately, it looks like Yuusuke Kozaki is the bearer of bad news… According to a message he posted on Twitter, the whole project has been put on hold (if not downright cancelled):

Regarding the Fire Emblem manga, due to various circumstances, right now the plans have essentially been suspended. Everyone who was looking forward to it, we are deeply sorry. Personally speaking, I would like to draw Fire Emblem as a manga one way or another.

Unfortunately, Yuusuke Kozaki doesn’t explain why the Fire Emblem manga is most likely never going to happen. Did they editorial staff at Young Magazine, who was supposed to serialise it, change their mind? Is Nintendo simply saving the manga for the next mainline Fire Emblem game (that should be released in 2018-19)?

It doesn’t look like we’re ever going to find out why, but at least, Yuusuke Kozaki’s message make it clear a new Fire Emblem manga isn’t going to happen any time soon…

Source: Yuusuke Kozaki
Via: Serenes Forest


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