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Death Road to Canada (Switch): all updates (latest: NERVE Update)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Death Road to Canada on Nintendo Switch (originally released on May 8th 2018 in North America and Europe, and September 15th 2022 in Japan)!

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Death Road to Canada – Ver. ??? (NERVE Update)

  • Release date: June 21st 2023 (North America, Europe) / ??? (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Major System Changes
  • Followers now use weapons according to tier lists assigned for each weapon! This is a big change, but it got through a large period of feedback in testing. Let me know if you’d like any changes here in future updates
  • Characters will vastly prefer higher tier weapons to lower tier weapons
  • If a character is presented with two melee weapons in the same tier, they will then use their stats like in the old system to judge what they pick up/use (they tend to greatly prefer fast weapons)
  • Special character weapons also tend to have a tier assigned, so they know how much to value their own stuff
  • Halloween Event extended! It used to be just on Halloween Day itself. Now it will run from October 25 to November 1
  • Tnomey can now be bought from up to 3 times per game, instead of a strict “1 Tnomey purchase per game” limit. This requires a Zombo Point unlock
  • Unomey is selling more stuff! There’s the above upgrades for Tnomey, and now upgrades to get your Max ZP up to 75, then 99
  • Character customization choices greatly expanded, all around!
New Character Customization Details
  • New cosmetic choices for custom characters! New hats, tops, and bottoms
  • New beards/facial hair!
  • Adjustments to the male head with the really long chin, RIP
  • New glasses, including a heart shaped pair of glasses
  • New Unlockable Hats
  • Level 2 Hat Unlock now also unlocks new glasses!
Other Fixes/Minor Tweaks
  • Bugfix for a very long standing mystery bug that made weapons on the ground more valuable than weapons in your hand! This could lead to bugs where you’d get stuck picking up a weapon forever
  • News shut off for now to give that a break for a little bit
  • “firecrackers” capitalized to make it like all the other weapons
  • Updated hats/shade texts for the unlock statues
  • Swapping should now skip dead buddies in more cases
  • Preventing a crash if swapping buddies when they’re all dead
Modder Notes/Under the Hood Stuff
  • Modders: Added .wielded_score so you can check how much a character values their current weapon
  • Under the Hood: Further iOS version work
  • Additional notes: this update is planned to be released alongside the MANDIBLE Update on consoles. It is currently in testing.
  • Source: RocketCat Games (Steam) / UKIYO Publishing (Twitter)

Death Road to Canada – Ver. ??? (MANDIBLE Update)

  • Release date: TBA
  • Patch notes:
Major System Changes
  • You can now assign buttons to quickly swap to the previous/next character in your group, without having to pause the game! This is a big change, that should hopefully add some extra flexibility to your zombie plans
  • Duffle Bag added. This will show up in Trader Camps where you don’t have a car, or in new indoor-only trader camps where you don’t have access to your car. Interacting with this will let you access your “Trunk”!
  • Cleaned up the Zombie Head code, and added 12 new zombie heads
  • Zombotown’s Info Shack now includes a section to give credit to Death Road to Canada mod makers that contribute to the game (More to come!)
  • New hairstyles for random and custom characters!
New Locations
Rare Trading Camp: Final Hospital Added
  • Cleaning Lady rare special character was moved here, with buffs!
  • Multiple +vitality, all-u-can eat
  • Cheap group healing
  • Source of medical training until you run out of food
  • The Golden Scalpel, and more
Rare Trading Camp: Mechanical Fortress
  • Tool Shop where you can buy gas powered or electric tools, including the new jackhammers!
  • Special feature for Electric Tool Shop where the first purchase gets DOUBLE CHARGED
  • Used Car Lot, pick from 3 random cars. This includes cars you usually can’t just find when on foot.
  • Expert Garage, where you could get full repairs or even get ALL CAR MODS at once!
  • Tool School for as much mechanical training as your food supply can handle
  • ROBO SHACK with two new and powerful robot special characters, designed by Professor Sycamore!
  • Has two variations! One has a recruit, and the other has a guarantee of a random but nice ranged weapon
Public Park
  • Has multiple variations and random bits!
  • You can find things like a recruit, new car, magazine, gas, and tools at random
New Characters and Weapons
  • Jack Hamm added to the trader camp recruit pool. He’s a construction worker with an electric jackhammer that recharges over time.
  • Punch Bot, from the Mechanical Fortress rare trading camp. A robot carefully designed for the perfect punching experience. Has a general strong uppercut, then two charge-based punching moves that hit in a big AOE. One of these moves also has a button-hold charging up component to it!
  • Speed Bot, also from the Mechanical Fortress. A robot designed for the perfect speedy experience. Has a charge-based move that makes it speed forward quickly, a recharging nailgun that fires faster the longer you continuously shoot it, and a slot open for equipped weapon use.
  • Obama added, probably
  • New Fireworks vendor added to the general trader rotation! She sells 4 new fireworks weapon types, all great for distracting zombies
  • Jackhammers added, in both electric and gas variants. A slower but stronger chainsaw, with a lot of knockback
  • Firecrackers added, they distract zombies as they pop and the final explosion will do damage and knockdown
  • Mount Dingus added, “the crappiest firework”. Emits colored smoke that distracts zombies for a good amount of time, but doesn’t do anything COOL
  • Roman Candle added, shoots multiple fireworks that knocks zombies down and distracts
  • KO BOOMER added, an overstuffed Roman Candle. Banned in most countries pre-apocalypse. You should probably drop it and run after awhile
Previous Location Tweaks
Starting Location “Quiet Factory Tweaks”
  • Two guaranteed drops of 20-30 gas
  • The worst Executive Office loot drops for the “execweapon” roll have been combined into one, reducing the possible options from 4 to 3. This means instead of getting “an extra golf club”, you’ll get that plus a grenade and medical
  • Same as above, but for the “execsupply” roll. This means you’l never get 5-20 bullets alone, instead you’ll get that in addition to a grenade and a 50% chance for 20-30 extra gas
General Tweaks
  • Factories will usually contain 6 different gas cans, with 15-25 gas each (90-150 gas total), hopefully making them a strong pick for refueling your car/chainsaw
  • Factories also get the execweapon and execsupply changes that the Quiet Factory got, except the “chance of extra golf club” now has a 50% chance of being replaced by an Uzi with 30-50 bullets. This was formerly a 10% chance
  • All standalone house and apartment locations, including the starting options for looting a House or Apartment, now give one extra commonranged drop. This means a guaranteed pistol, shotgun, or cowboy rifle with ammo, with a tiny chance of Uzi or AK47
Weapon Tweaks
  • Ultramop power nerf, 1.2 -> 0.8
  • Ultramop knockback buff, 1.5 -> 2
  • Ultramop Cleave buff, 1 -> 4 extra hits
  • Debutante Umbrella power buff, 0.8 -> 1
  • The best weapon, the Tire Iron, changed so that the AI don’t favor it as much
Other Fixes/Minor Tweaks
  • Fixed the Grain, Scratch, etc effects
  • Fixed an error with Broomy spawning, and it starts lying down
  • Changed traderarcade-fire’s exit message if you avoided fire damage
  • Fixed incorrect numbering for the survival preptrader
  • Fixed camera not properly following new leader in a different map when switching characters
  • Magazine chance removed from farm locations, as this just bugged out if you got a rescue event on top of this.
  • Farm tractors can now be looted for gas
  • Weapondef conflict fix
  • Mysterious Past + Martial Artist no longer gives points in shooting
Modder Notes/Under the Hood Stuff
  • Added warning case for accessing a NULL thing
  • Added pwn sound effect
  • MANDIBLE.df added to decks.df
  • Changed tnomey-spawn to support indoor and outdoor spawning
  • Removed cleaning lady’s cleaner-test event from recruitdecks
  • CAR_BUS added as a stub
  • New word for generating a parked car but without the usual extra gas or tire iron, see the Park locations for implementation of this
  • Additional notes: this update is planned to be released alongside the NERVE Update on consoles. It is currently in testing.
  • Source: RocketCat Games (Steam) / UKIYO Publishing (Twitter)

Death Road to Canada – Ver. ??? (LIVER Update)

  • Release date: October 27th 2021 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
Major Changes
  • 6 new recruitable playable Special Characters! Technically 10 Special Characters, if you count each JoJo reference as two characters (I do). See more info below in the Special Characters section
  • Added a News Box to the title screen, as the old news method seemed too jarring. We will use this mostly to announce either major update changes or announce future games we launch. You can turn this off in the News Options if you want, it remains off until another update happens
  • New Perk: Pyromaniac. You get a Blowtorch that regenerates between missions, and immunity to fire. You can pair this with Phoenix to retain fireproofing after your first death, or combine it with Specialist to sacrifice all weapon slots to upgrade your Blowtorch to a Napalm Launcher! Have fun
  • New Trait: Fast Learner. Start with low skills, but gain double points to Shooting, Medical, and Mechanical skill every time you get a respective skillup for one of these. This effect stops at 4 in each skill, and if you get a skillup at 3, you’ll still shoot straight to skill 5
  • MORE UNLOCKABLE HATS added, with conditions for unlocking them
  • Added more hair and head options, and new skin color options. The weirdest ones are not used by the random character generator, but you can use them in the Custom Character maker and as Familiar Characters
  • New Rare Location: MILITARY DEPOT. Lots of zombies, lots of explosives
  • New Rare Trader
  • New Arcade Machine added to the Arcade Rare Trader Camp
  • New Weapon: Golden Axe
  • New Weapon: Heavy Golden Axe
  • New Rare Trading Camp: PREPPER PARADISE
  • New Weapon: LIL’ DAWG
  • New Weapon: Golden Pistol
  • New Weapon: Survival Knife
  • Trader that sells higher ammo versions of the Bazooka, Grenade Launcher, and Napalm Thrower
  • BIG DAWG is now sold in PREPPER PARADISE, for a cheaper price
  • Healing Spray XL with 10 charges instead of 3
  • New Event: Turret Thief
Special Characters
  • 4 anime reference characters that temporarily summon 4 other anime reference characters. [sfx: The JoJo theme of your choice]
  • Summoned Stamps have infinite energy, they simply don’t get tired. They also do not bleed, so an injured or dead Stamp will not attract zombies
  • Having a Stamp User in your team can lead to finding more Stamp Users in Road Events. The more you have on your team, the faster you find the next Stamp User, though you can still find all of them (eventually) with just one Stamp User in the team
  • Made a special character that is far bigger than previously thought possible, dwarfing the Mecha Mountie in size
  • BROOMY, who gets a very special attribute that may be hard to figure out at first
  • DELTA, the supersoldier/dog, who is a dog/supersoldier trained by the US GOVERNMENT to have enhanced combat potential and super-accuracy with firearms
  • DELTA is capable of getting +3 over the normal maximum for the Shooting skill
  • DELTA has two carrying slots, DOUBLE that of a normal dog. No one knows how or why
Tweaks and Fixes
  • Giant buff for Sacrificial Altars. In exchange for losing 2 health, a surviving character now gets Strength, Fitness, AND Shooting instead of just a chance for one of those. If someone dies to the altar, in addition to the previous loot table, it will also give the entire rest of the team a point in strength, fitness, or shooting at random
  • CIVILIZED NERF: Only gives 1 point in medical and 1 point of mechanical now. Still gives the extremely overpowered combo of good personality stats, though
  • GNOMEY REVAMP (blaring siren)
  • Gnomey no longer gets maxed medical, a MASSIVE NERF
  • Gnomey now summons temporary allies at a high chance whenever he hits a zombie, a MASSIVE BUFF
  • Gnomey has a small chance to summon many things at once
  • Gnomey has a chance to summon the Punch Quest guy, who stays for the entire mission
  • Punch Quest gauntlets shoot punch energy
  • Secret method for getting 2 Punch Quest gauntlets that can be equipped by anyone
  • Fireman (Rare Trader Camp Recruit) buffs
  • Fireman now takes 15 food to recruit instead of 10
  • Fireman gets a recharging Napalm Launcher like a Pyromaniac + Specialist does, at around level 2 recharge. Their napalm launcher has 20 max capacity instead of 25
  • Fireman gets a max slot capacity of 2, down from 3, but a lot better than the 1 you’d get with Pyromaniac + Specialist
  • Superdogs can now bark without dropping their weapon
  • Shotgun Seller now sells Double Barreled Shotgun instead of BIG DAWG
  • Rambeux Knife buffed from 1 to 0.7 cooldown
  • The Road Pause Menu now lists the speed of your car
  • Temporary characters now drop their weapons when they disappear
  • Blowtorch and Napalm Thrower are now both unbreakable
  • Hekatarius event can now give fireproofing to solo survivors
  • Pukeyballs are buffed, due to OVERWHELMING demand. They stack higher now
  • All temporary summons are now set at MAXIMUM AGGRESSION SETTINGS. This includes Pukeyballs, chickens, robots, and Stamps

Death Road to Canada – Ver. ??? (KIDNEY Update)

  • Release date: September 14th 2020 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • NEW UNLOCKABLE HATS (insert flashing text here), accessed via a Ugnomey location that can be bought for Zombotown for 30 ZP. This will unlock Challenge Statues that will lead you on the path to getting your sweet new hats
  • New pop-up Character Select menu for co-op multiplayer! Have a non-leader player press start to bring this up
  • In co-op multiplayer, players can control Rat Recruits if there are no normal recruits to pick. These are very weak, but still get to influence the world with their claws. The goal is to have less waiting around if you run out of people in a multiplayer game. More work on this system is coming!
  • NOTE: Your old custom characters that used Fireproof (which was removed) will become unable to move. You will have to change their trait manually to fix this.
  • Four Jerks Mode added. This lets you start the game with the option to recruit an additional 2 Custom Characters, so that you can start with a full car. Zombie amount is increased +30% to compensate, but you still get easy bandits.
  • Four Jerks Mode EXTREME added. +150% zombie amount, with cruel bandits.
  • Four Jerks Mode gives 3 zombo points per win, EXTREME gives 10 per win
  • Four Jerks EXTREME now gets the harder ending, like O*P*P does
  • Vsync support added in Options
  • Added support for car headlights/taillights
  • Rare Arcade Special Trader Camp back in, after a major bugfix
  • New arcade machine added to Rare Arcade, that gives the fireproof stat to one character for 10 food
  • Bryu and Saguts stats changed a little, and they can no longer take weapons
  • Long hair options for characters now draws over the back properly, instead of getting hidden
  • New button in New Game Start to randomly pick custom characters for the leader and buddy
  • Added extra smileys for over the usual max or under usual minimum levels, with flashing effects
  • New randomization options for randomizing specific character parts, instead of the whole character
  • New Trait! Dingus Savant gives 1 extra max point to shooting, mechanical, AND medical, but has a -1 max health and -2 max morale penalty. It’s intended for someone that wants a super “win every skill check” support character, but without Civilized’s “win every personality check” benefit, less severe downsides to Civilized/Berserk, but also lacking the early game power. Let me know what you think! It’s pretty nerfed from the original implementation of it
  • Phoenix gets fireproofing now, and loses it on death
  • Nurturing and Inventive now give +1 to the maximum of mechanical/medical, respectively!
  • Civilized gives 1 point less each to mechanical/medical
  • Over-max medical (7 or higher) now lets you heal up to 5 times, previously 3!
  • Over-max mechnical now gives a tighter repair variance, 71-100%, up from 50-100%
  • Top Seller now gives you more food, generally about 50% more than base. Let me know if this should be even higher, dimly considering making it double the food
  • Travel Light now gives a point of fitness, just a little buff to make it more enticing
  • Ex-Wrestler loses the -1 penalty to Strength and Fitness maximums, now gets -3 to max shooting
  • Bow and Arrow now gets +2 strength as a freebie
  • Trademark Weapon Perk change: Loses extra stats, but upgrades replace the Aluminum Bat with a Sturdy Machete
  • Removed the weaker Trait-specific Special Trademark Weapons, as the Sturdy Machete is stronger than many of the old ones
  • Buffed some additional Special Trademark Weapons: Nurturing gets a Bonesaw now, Inventive gets an Electric Leaf Blower that recharges, and Light Eater gets a Sturdy Cleaver. Specialist now gets a Knight Sword as its (only) weapon
  • Bows now get a lot more from Strength stat, and draw much faster at all levels of strength
  • Bows now take count over-max values for Strength. A TSTC character with a bow will draw it nearly instantly
  • Bows now take stamina for drawing and holding the string, and draw much slower if fatigued
  • Bow draw effects are more obvious when you’re at max draw, if not fatigued
  • Bow and Arrows + Specialist starts with the full 60 arrows now, and loses the extra phantom bow in slot B
  • THE JERK STORE is back and better than ever.
  • OPP mode expanded to add the following characters: Broom, Hermit, Bryu, Saguts, Clown
  • Hardware store loot rebalanced a little, snow shovels put in as possible spawns
  • Samedi gets a resurrect saying now, and her death saying is changed slightly
  • Samedi gets something that is exactly like Phoenix, except for the new Fireproofing
  • .unfireproof word added, used currently so that Phoenix loses fireproofing on the first death
  • Phoenix trademark weapon is now the Hot Poker. I’m vaguely interested in buffing Trademark Weapon, so this is a first step there
  • Fixed a UGnomey typo: “Toilets will also now have a higher loot chancez!”
  • Roaming Capybara moved more Northeast, hopefully not too far
  • If the console is enabled, extra error reporting will get turned on for modders in all builds
  • If the console is enabled, enable CTRL+R, F5, and CTRL+number script hotkeys for modders
  • Fixed a bug where smoke was leaving numbers in the stack
  • Car beep pitch is now higher
  • The PRONOUN BUG in the endings is finally fixed!!!!!
  • Changes to chars_recycle() function. This should hopefully make the game become less buggy in very long playthroughs, such as Endless Mode. Needs more testing to see if this screws anything up
  • Some small tweaks to character customization graphics.
  • Additional notes: the release date is for the PC version of the update.
  • Source: RocketCat Games (Steam)

Death Road to Canada – Ver. ??? (JEJUNUM Update)

  • Release date: October 31st 2019 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • Some new faces and hairstyles, for both men and women
  • In trading camps, your resting characters will now be forced to show up. This is to make it so you can do things like sell their weapons to traders if you want, or put their weapons in the trunk
  • Weapon slot locking now overrides the “do not use this” AI setting. Have fun blowing your team up with this!
  • Mall loot tweaked to be less horrible, now with much less chances of useless filler. No more double chance for umbrella shops or skeletons. You can still get a horrible mall, but it’s much less likely
  • Mall Rescue variation also loses most of its useless filler
  • Mall Siege loot just slightly less horrible but still bad. You can no longer get an entire mall of umbrellas, at least (though you can still get a mall of skeletons, or a mall with half skeletons, half umbrellas
  • Scripting language tweaks
  • Additional notes: the release date is for the PC version of the update.
  • Source: RocketCat Games (Steam)

Death Road to Canada – Ver. ??? (ILEUM Update)

  • Release date: October 2nd 2019 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
List of Changes
  • 3 new events. The Last Internet Connection, Death Car to Right Here, and Cloud Watching.
  • 2 new rare events added, Wonkor Burger and Trust Building Exercise
  • Player 2 should now be able to give up control
  • Player 2 should now be able to pick new characters
  • Fireproof special recruit now gets a 20 charge Napalm Launcher, losing the 200 charge blowtorch
  • 50 charge Napalm Launcher added as a Fire Sale 8th option to the 10 food list
  • The bandit events for the ones that take everything and the weapon stealing ones tweaked to be slightly less harsh
  • New weapons added to weapon buyer
  • Overpowered and Endless mode added to game-info streak tracking
  • Changes to how Fireproof works so it’s statmod based instead of a Trait check. This will allow new methods to gain fireproof that doesn’t eat up your Trait slot completely
  • Checks to make sure previous fireproof things don’t break with this change
  • Napalm Launcher will spawn in the Inferno locations, replacing the flamethrower
  • Napalm Launchers found on the ground give 50 charges
  • Burning locations now have a slightly higher chance of flamethrower
  • Fast Food event now has a title
  • Blowtorch and similar weapons will now properly work again, instead of characters swinging them around like a melee weapon at full ammo
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if you replaced your playable character in a trading camp with a full team, when the playable character was the only character not resting
  • Tweaked a hash table function which could lead to some crashes, especially on the Switch
  • AI Weapon Locking added! Select a weapon twice to lock it. AI followers will try to use whatever weapon is locked, and they will try to not drop it
  • If you lock an empty slot, they should treat it like it’s a weapon and not replace it. This was added for characters with good unarmed skills or if you want a dog to not pick up anything
  • Dogs now have a realistic poop system
  • Cloud Saving in (launched earlier this month)
  • New Event: Fast Food, can YOU challenge the Big McDowell?
  • New trader added, Heavy Ordinance Trader. Sells the new Grenade Launcher, Bazooka, and Land Mine
  • When a square is selected and flashing in the Swap Meet weapon menu, it will show a flashing lock indicator to hint to players that the locking feature exists
  • New weapons: Tableware (spoon, fork, butterknife), rake, hoe, wood saw, blacksmith hammer, land mines, bazooka, electric leaf blower and weed whacker, grenade launcher, electric chainsaw, haunted tableware
  • Rakes and Hoes added to farm loot
  • Blacksmith hammer, woodsaw, electric chainsaw/blower/whacker, rakes and hoes added to hardware store loot
  • Electric Chainsaw how has 80 juice when found instead of 250
  • Electric Blower and Whacker now have 50 battery
  • Fix for Moody’s Plasms Rifle
  • Tableware added to kitchen loot table, spatula chance halved (NERF)
  • Replaced ghost mansion turret rewards with haunted tableware set and 3-5 food
  • Removed pistol, snubnose, regular rifle from forest bunker end loot, added both turret types
  • Secret city bunkers how have a 30% chance of green turret, 10% chance of red
  • Mansions now have haunted furniture, the ULTIMATE weapon
  • Mansion kitchens now have a small chance of haunted tableware
  • Rocket launcher now fires more slowly
  • Fairy bat added
  • Charge-based ranged weapons now use reload for shot time and cooldown for melee, like regular guns
  • Character strength added to bow draw speed
  • Fixed a bug with swapping a knocked bow with another
  • Characters in Canada Crossing now invincible for a bit at the beginning of the round
  • Dirtier Yallmart floors, as a test to maybe make the world more filthy
  • Reduced items spawning behind immovable objects
  • Fixed a particle effects issue when smashing trees and bushes
  • More particle fixes
  • Tweaks to some collision things
  • Fix for a UI exploit that let you skip events
  • AI followers should now get out the same side of the car as the player
  • Ammo Emporium Dog no longer drops his claws on death  Special boxing trainer no longer drops boxing gloves on death
  • New code to make it so the game doesn’t confuse Mechamountie for Mason
  • Code optimizations
  • Buffer overflow fix
  • Many behind the scenes tweaks and memory leak fixes

Death Road to Canada – Ver. ??? (ILEUM Update)

  • Release date: October 2nd 2019 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
Update Changes  

Major Features
  • The game now supports up to 4 players at a time!
  • Joystick can now be unassigned from Player 1 and assigned to Player 2 instead
  • 3 new gameplay modes added!
  • Endless Mode in. Let me know how far you get!
  • Over Powered Party Mode added. This lets you start in a special map that lets you recruit any rare character in the game
  • Quick Death Mode added. It’s Short Trip to Heck, but with the difficulty tripled
  • Removed the “pick a new character” text event when the leader is killed. Now it works similarly to how joining in as a multiplayer buddy would work, meaning you should be able to choose a new character more seamlessly. This only takes one second to kick in
  • In multiplayer, player-controlled characters will teleport to the leader’s room after one second. This was done to drastically reduce the waiting time when the other players are inactive. This is turned off if the character is grabbed
  • Event Picker Cursor splits into P1 through P4 cursors as players join, all can be used
  • Players 2-4 now have more control over menu choices. Whoever picks first makes the choice
  • If the leader dies and there is another player, the leadership will go to that player. Camera will swap over, they will get pause menu control, and the Leader crown will pop over their head
  • OPP mode has a FORBIDDEN HUT that lets you recruit characters that may break the game. Have fun with that, but also NO REFUNDS
  • Special ending wave tweaks for OPP. The ending fight takes about twice as long as in other modes. I may later also make the harder modes have a
  • longer ending fight wave, such as in KEPA Mode
  • Endless Mode shows your days in, instead of days left
  • Endless Mode tracks your highest day reached in the game mode select screen
  • The game will run a quick check to clear your control settings to make them compatible with the new 4-player changes.
Tweaks and Fixes
  • The ability to press escape to quit a menu added to more menus, for now mostly the supply and weapon traders.
  • Changed effect of camp2-zwatch for Sound Sleepers that have no loyalty
  • Text adjustments in camp2-bwatch and camp3-trap for Sound Sleepers
  • Weegee event now gives a different effect for the fire result if Fireproof
  • Fix for the walking event with the yelling car, which would have a reveal error if you had an Oblivious character
  • Car Detour event no longer nukes your gas if you’re in a 0 gas consumption car
  • Irritating Trademark Weapon is now a recharging Air Horn
  • IRRITATION HORN has 20 charges for maximum cooling it
  • Revamped recruit system on recruit-yes and recruit-replace, now most will give “pick more” with a full group and let you cancel the recruit.
  • Exceptions to above: Familiar Face recruiting, which uses a different system that would have problems with this. Recruiting dogs by feeding them and recruiting rare camp recruits, which have food costs, so the game forces you as to not waste the food.
  • Jerk recruiting uses the new system, but it probably shouldn’t? Not sure.
  • Changed two recruit1 events to no longer use the old “3 choices or leave behind system”, as the new system makes this even more obsolete.
  • Removed nodeathdrop from Rambeaux
  • Buffed Ninja-countdown from 4-5 to 6-8
  • Moody will no longer use his Rocket Launcher if he’s controlled by the AI. I did NOT agree with this change, but did it grudgingly.

Death Road to Canada – Ver. ??? (GIZZARD Update)

  • Release date: July 6th 2018 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • Added touch screen controls to all buttons in the game.
  • Added the “Challenge Chicken” to unlock area for viewing achievements
  • Separated Save files, so now each account will have its own save rather then sharing.
  • Added the Last Mall on Earth, a new special trading camp. Has gas trader, weapons buyer, recruit campfire, 6 random traders, and a guaranteed rare 7th trader!
  • Added the ability for trading camps to force a rare trader
  • Fixed a hospital generation bug
  • Changed how the on-death attributes work. Now Phoenix, Shield of Hope, and the July 4th and Bort characters will not drop their weapons on resurrection.
  • Adjusted a bunch of city generation code for less getting stuck on trash.
  • Made that really narrow city no longer generate door-trash. – Moody added
  • New weapon support added for Rocket Launchers and Electric Tools
  • New weapons for Moody: Off-Brand Plasms Rifle, Moody Launcher, Moody Chainsaw
  • You can no longer sell no-drop weapons to the Weapons Buyer, partially due to how exploitable this was on Moody
  • New Song Added: One More Road. Plays during credits and as a random road song.
  • Snubnose Pistol will now replace normal pistols 20% of the time
  • Double-barrel Shotgun will now replace normal shotguns 10% of the time
  • Ruined Trading Camp/Fire Sale: Removed the flaming car that was right next to you as you spawned.
  • Fix for a crash caused by completely empty rooms
Canada Crossing Changes
  • Snow plows added as border gates.
  • The former back line of Mounties that didn’t attack/blocked your way are now above the snow plows.
  • If the game detects you’ve never won, a Mountie now gives you a message of hope as you’re running to the border gate. This text event stops showing once you beat the game in any mode.
  • If you’re playing on one of the “Easier Bandit” difficulties (Normal, Rare, Familiar, Long Road, Short Road), the ending zombies will stop attacking you right before THE BIG REINFORCEMENT arrives. This is mostly to stop beginning players from dying in a hilarious way.

Death Road to Canada – Ver. 1.02

  • Release date: July 6th 2018 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available. This update brings the following:

  • fixes the Sleep framerate bug
  • changes the game icon

How to download updates for Death Road to Canada for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Death Road to Canada, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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