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Daily Briefs (Sept. 22): Zelda manga (JP) / Rhythm Paradise Megamix

Today’s Daily Briefs: cover for the latest Zelda manga compilation book in Japan, but also…

  • Rhythm Paradise Megamix
  • Ubisoft and the NX
  • Senran Kagura
  • LEGO Dimensions
  • Minecon 2016

Rhythm Paradise Megamix

Here’s a short gameplay video for Rhythm Paradise Megamix (on Nintendo 3DS), releasing on October 21st in Europe:

Zelda manga

Next week, the latest compilation book for the Legend of Zelda manga (similar to the Legendary Editions in North America) will be released in Japan. This one includes both the Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Here’s what the cover looks like:

Our Upcoming Releases page has been updated!


Ubisoft and the NX

Yesterday, GameSpot published an interview with Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft. It mainly covers new hardware, including the infamous and mysterious NX. He confirms what was already obvious: Ubisoft is bringing more than just Just Dance to the NX. What else is the company working on? Unfortunately, he doesn’t reveal anything more!

He also explains that players are generally more open to new things at the beginning of a generation:

What we see is, players are more open when new hardware is coming. So we have the chance to come with something we have never done before, because we know that if we are the first there, people will try our game and maybe we’ll be able to get into that new genre. As our people wanted to do a game like ZombiU, they were happy they could just use the Wii U to do it. For us, a machine is a tool of expression, but when everything become stable it’s less open to innovation. We always want innovation.

Click here to check out the full interview!

Senran Kagura

This year, the Senran Kagura series celebrates its 5th Anniversary. Marvelous opened a special website for the occasion: click here to check it out! Also, the website teases something for 2017, though it’s not clear for which platform it will be…

LEGO Dimensions

Here’s a TV Commercial for LEGO Dimensions (on Wii U):

Minecon 2016

Are you headed to the Minecon 2016 this year? If yes, make sure to drop by the Indie Zone if you want to try out the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack and Shovel Knight, from Yacht Club Games/Inti Creates!


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