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Club Nintendo (Europe/Australia): Goodbye Coin now available

A few weeks after Nintendo announced that the Club Nintendo would close at the end of September (in Europe and Japan), the company sent a newsletter in order to tell players about the upcoming batch of goodies, which would be the last. The Goodbye Coin (similar to the Year of Luigi coin) was one of them, and many were expecting it to be the very last item to be added to the catalogue… and they were right!

The Goodbye Coin, the very last item to be added to the Stars Catalogue of the Club Nintendo in Europe and Australia, is now available! You can order yours by clicking here, provided you have at least 2 000 stars left (1 000 stars only in Australia). It comes with a little pouch, to keep the coin safe.

A commemorative ‘thank you’ from Club Nintendo

This attractive coin is stamped with the waving Super Mario Bros. plus ‘thank you’ in Japanese on one side, and the Club Nintendo logo on the other. It even comes in a special velvet, drawstring pouch, perfect for keeping this pretty penny safe!


Please note: the coin is silver-plated only. Coin is approx 40mm in diameter and 3mm thick. Pouch is approx. 50mm x 60mm.

As usual, we recommend you place an order as soon as possible if you’re interested in this Goodbye Coin! And since this is the last item to be added to the Stars Catalogue, now is the time to spend all the remaining stars on your account: you have until September 30th in order to do so.

If you’re not sure what to get, click on the source link below!

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