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eShop news (July 17, Round 2) – Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition / Night Call

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition announced for the Nintendo Switch, latest trailer for Night Call, latest video for Mable & The Wood, second Developers Shootout blog post for Colt Canyon, latest screenshot for Ciel Fledge, latest screenshots for Shakedown Hawaii, latest video clip for Rad, latest Software update for Brawlhalla, and latest video for Paladins!

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eShop news (July 13) – RISE: Race the Future / Mighty Switch Force! Collection

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: latest car showcase for RISE: Race the Future, latest characters introduction for Mighty Switch Force! Collection, latest screenshot for Cosmic Defenders, latest video clips for Shakedown Hawaii, Blasphemous, Runner Heroes, and Solo: Islands of the Heart, and latest videos for Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble, Paladins, and SMITE!

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Daily news (June 26, Round 2): Attack of the Toy Tanks / Arcade Archives

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: Attack of the Toy Tanks announced for the Nintendo Switch, several Arcade Archives titles announced, latest video for Dandy Dungeon -Legend of Brave Yamada-, DLC costumes for Samurai Shodown, pictures of the Psikyo Shooting Library retail releases in Japan, latest video clip for Crossniq+, and latest videos for SMITE and Paladins!

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eShop news (May 3, Round 3): European Conqueror X / Kingdom of Night

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: details and screenshots for European Conqueror X, latest stretchgoal reached for Kingdom of Night, latest screenshot for the upcoming additional stage for Undead’s Building, launch trailer for Shadows of Adam, latest video clip for Thief Simulator, launch trailer for Duck Game, video clips for When Ski Lifts Go Wrong, and latest videos for Paladins!

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