Sonic Forces: all the details, pictures, videos, GIFs from the official Twitter account

In the past few years, publishers and developers alike have taken to social media (such as Twitter or Facebook) to not only make announcements about their games, but also share new (and not really new) details about them. And if you’re reading this post right now, it’s because Sonic Forces is getting a similar treatment!

In this post, you will find all the details, pictures, videos, GIFs, and more, shared on the official Twitter account in Japan!

October 27th

Today, SEGA introduced the Wolf: a type of custom character, that has a pretty handy ability: when you choose it, your character can attract nearby Rings. That way, you can easily grab rings even when you’re concentrating on something else!

October 26th

Over the past few days, SEGA shared the following:

  • Egg Pawn, a recurring enemy, and the main units of Dr Eggman’s Army. They are pretty weak, and are far from the most dangerous elements of that army;
  • Course Branch: in levels, there’s alternate paths for you to take, and they are often elements that point towards them (such as a string of rings, for example). Those alternate paths can lead to items, or can be mere shortcuts, and they’re definitely worth checking out!
  • Wispon Power: Cube. As the name implies, this power allows you to turn nearby enemies into cubes, that you can then destroy by dashing through them. Of course, you can also climb on the cube in order to reach a high area, for example.

  • Wispon Power: Drill, that uses the Yellow Wispon. If you press the trigger a few times, you can launch a devastating rush attack. If you hold the trigger down during a jump, you can rush back down to the floor.

  • Slide: when running, you can go and slide, relying on momentum to carry you. When you slide, your character can “tackle” enemies, and kill them in one hit. It’s also pretty useful when your boost gauge is not filled up!

  • Acceleration gimmick: there’s various mechanisms to be found in the levels, but one of the most common is the one that allows you to speed up significantly. The Dash Ring is one of them, and it’s often the starting point of a branching path.

October 20th

Today, SEGA shared a screenshot of “Guardian Rock”, a mission where your Hero Character is on their own. The landscape is pretty weird, with Dr. Eggman’s facilities right next to pyramids. It looks like a powerful defense robot can be found in that level.

October 19th

Today, SEGA a screenshot and some details for one of Dr. Eggman’s battle mechas, called Egg Dragoon (one of the bosses in the game). It’s equipped with a pretty impressive gatling gun, drills, and wings of light. And despite its size, it looks like this mecha can move pretty swiftly, and its attacks are pretty flashy.

October 18th

Over the past few days, SEGA shared some details and screenshots + footage for the following:

  • Moto Bug: ladybug-like robots, from Dr. Eggman’s army. They have a pretty stylish and military design this time around, but other than that, they’re the same old enemies.
  • Stomp: a technique that allows you to break various things (such as crates) using a stomp. Who knows what you could find in those… what about a nice bumper for example?

October 16th

Over the past few days, SEGA shared some details and screenshots + footage for the following:

  • Red Sterlings: some “coins” that you can collect. There’s 5 of them in each stage. In order to find them all, you will need to search everywhere, and do some pretty tricky plays!
  • Lightning Wispon: allows you to use the “Ivory Whip”, a whip made of electricity. Thanks to that whip, you can hit enemies from above, which is pretty useful if they’re well protected from the front. This Wispon also allows you to use a special technique, to zap through levels.

  • Green Hill: an iconic stage found in many Sonic games, with lots of greenery, checkered rocks, and the infamous loops. Unfortunately, that region wasn’t spared by Dr. Eggman…

October 13th

Over the past few days, SEGA shared some details and pictures/footage for the following:

  • Classic Sonic, a different Sonic from another dimension. In the past, Modern and Classic Sonic already saved the world together, but who knows why Classic Sonic came to this dimension this time around…
  • Spin Dash: an iconic action Classic Sonic can perform. While kneeling down, press and hold the Jump button (or hit it repeatedly, if you prefer) to start spinning on the spot. After that, stop pressing the Jump button, and watch Sonic go! This speedy technique can be used to gain speed, but also defeat enemies… one stone, two hedgehogs!

  • Drop Dash: another of Classic Sonic’s techniques. If you press and hold the Jump button during a jump, you can activate a Spin Dash when you land!

  • Burst: one of the Wispon powers. This one has a different effect depending on the Wispon powers used at the same time. But in all cases, this power allows you to throw fire. You can also use it to send your character flying in the air!

October 9th

Over the past few days, SEGA shared some details and pictures/footage for the following:

  • the HQ of The Resistance, the organisation made of volunteers, fighting Dr. Eggman’s army alongisde Sonic. Its Captain is Knuckles, known for his brilliant strategies and bold leadership.
  • Wire attacks, that you can use by pressing the jump button while jumping. You can use a grapling hook-like device to latch on to enemies, and attack them. You can also have it latch on to various devices in the air, as you can see in this video clip:

  • Grind: one of the actions you can perform in the game. You hop onto a rail, and slide down it at high speed. There’s many such rails in the game, with various actions to perform while on them: jump to a different rail, defeat enemies, and more.

October 6th

Today, SEGA shared a screenshot of the Avatar: the original character you can create for yourself. That characters plays a central role in the story, as a member of the Resistance, fighting by the side of Sonic and the gang.

October 5th

Today, SEGA shared a GIF for an element commonly found in 3D Sonic games: the homing attack. You can use it by press the Jump button again while jumping. A homing attack allows you to kill enemies you lock on to, and reach various mechanisms (such as the zipline seen in the footage below). Homing attacks can also be used to move around without even touching the ground!

October 4th

Today, SEGA shared a GIF showing a capsule filled with white Wisp. If you free them, you can fill up your Boost Gauge! By the way, Wisps are mysterious alien creatures, that allows Sonic and co. to get various powers.

October 3rd

Over the past few days, SEGA shared the following:

  • some already known details about the story. The Dr. Eggman has managed to conquer 99% of the planet, with the help of Infinite. Naturally, friends of Sonic have set up a Resistance, and you will get to join them with your original character!
  • some details about Sonic.. though if you’re reading this, you already know pretty well who Sonic is!
  • a GIF for a Ring: that famous item that anyone who has played at least one Sonic game in their life knows about. In Sonic Forces, they’re once again scattered everywhere in the levels, and as long as you have one, you will not die if you get hit by enemies. You will instead lose some rings, until you don’t have any more of them.

  • some details about Sunset Heights, a town that was almost completely destroyed by the Death Eggrobots. In various places, the Resistance is fighting Dr. Eggman’s army. In order to bring hope to the people of the city, Sonic joins the fight!
  • some details about the infamous Boost. When you defeat enemies, or use the power of Wispons, you fill up the Boost gauge. When it’s full, you can press the Boost button, and speed up lie crazy… and send flying anything or anyone in your path!

Sonic Forces (Switch) comes out on November 7th in Europe and North America, and November 9th in Japan.

Source: official Twitter account



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