Nintendo Direct: all you need to know (latest presentation: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, November 1st)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct November 2018

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various Nintendo Direct presentations: when they take place, what they’re all about, how you can watch them, and more. We’re also going to have links to our articles about the various games and services showcased during each presentation.

NB: since this page was created on January 9th 2018, we’re only going to list presentations airing in 2018 and later. Also, we will have an archive post for each year at the bottom of this page.

Nintendo Direct – What is it?

Nintendo Direct are presentations streamed live over the internet (YouTube, Twitch, NicoNico), or uploaded right away for special presentations (Mini or Micro, for example) showcasing upcoming games and services for Nintendo platforms (Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS).

Unannounced games and services are frequently revealed during those presentations, which also provide further details and footage for previously announced titles.

Nintendo Direct – Next presentation

  • What: Nintendo Direct
  • When: November 1st 2018 (worldwide)
    • Europe: 3PM
    • UK: 2PM
    • North America (ET): 10AM
    • North America (PT): 7AM
    • Japan: 11PM
  • Duration: about 40 minutes
  • Focus: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (final pre-launch presentation)
  • Regions: Global
  • Links and livestreams:  
  • Games and services showcased: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch)

Previous presentations

  • What: Nintendo Direct
  • When: March 8th (Europe, North America) / March 9th (Japan)
    • Europe: 11PM
    • UK: 10PM
    • North America (ET): 5PM
    • North America (PT): 2PM
    • Japan: 7AM
  • Duration: about 30 minutes
  • Focus: upcoming Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS games, including Mario Tennis Ace (Nintendo Switch). There will not be details on games for smart devices in this presentation.
  • Regions: Europe, North America, Japan
  • Links and livestreams:  

  • What: Nintendo Direct E3 2018
  • When: June 12th 2018 (Europe, North America) / June 13th 2018 (Japan)
    • Europe: 6PM
    • UK: 5PM
    • North America (ET): 12PM
    • North America (PT): 9AM
    • Japan: 1AM
  • Duration: about ??? minutes
  • Focus: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch (temp.), other Nintendo Switch games and services launching in 2018, more;
  • Regions: Global
  • Links and livestreams:  

  • What: Dragalia Lost Direct
  • When: August 29th 2018 (North America) / August 30th 2018 (Europe, Japan)
    • Europe: 5.30AM
    • UK: 4.30AM
    • North America (ET): 11.30PM
    • North America (PT): 8.30PM
    • Japan: 12.30PM
  • Duration: about 13 minutes
  • Focus: Dragalia Lost
  • Regions: North America and Japan
  • Links and livestreams:  

  • What: Nintendo Direct
  • When: September 13th 2018 (North America, United Kingdom) / September 14th 2018 (Europe, Japan)
    • Europe: 12AM
    • UK: 11PM
    • North America (ET): 6PM
    • North America (PT): 3PM
    • Japan: 7AM
  • Duration: about 35 minutes
  • Focus: upcoming Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS games, Nintendo Switch Online
  • Regions: Global
  • Links and livestreams:  


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