Ace Attorney 6: returning character confirmed, release date, trailer, demo, and more

Gyakuten Saiban 6Today, Capcom showcased Ace Attorney 6 during a livestream on AmebaFresh!, and revealed quite a lot of new things for the game. For starters, the returning characters that fans have been speculating about ever since the game’s reveal is indeed coming back: Maya Fey will be in Ace Attorney 6, and will assist Phoenix Wright during the parts in Kurain Kingdom.

Here’s some artworks and screenshots for Maya Fey, along with a short video (without sound):

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Next, we have a brand new trailer for the game (the second one). It introduces Maya Fey, but also shows various new segments we hadn’t seen before. More importantly, it reveals the release date of the game: June 9th, which is quite earlier the previous two entries in the series (Ace Attorney 5 and Dai Gyakuten Saiban Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken, both released in July).

Ace Attorney 6 will therefore come out when the the anime series (which debut on April 2nd) is in full swing!

Here’s the second trailer for Ace Attorney 6 (click here for a subbed version):

Good news for players who really want to try out the game: a demo version is available right now on the official website: click here to check it out (be careful: it takes a long time to load!). Obviously, it’s entirely in Japanese, but at least, you don’t need a Japanese Nintendo 3DS to be able to try out the game, check out the animations, and listen to the soundtrack a bit.

Here’s a trailer for the demo:

But that’s not all: Capcom also announced pre-order bonuses for the game, which are as follows:

  • two short episodes, featuring Phoenix Wright vs Miles Edgeworth (in Kurain Kingdom), and Apollo Justice vs Klavier Gavin (in Japan). Those short episodes contain gameplay (with cross-examination, and investigation), and are obviously not canon. One thing to note is that those are exclusive to pre-orders (in Japan), though it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Capcom releasing them as paid DLC down the line;
  • Ace Attorney 6 pixel dot Nintendo 3DS Themes (Geo, Amazon, and Tsutaya)

And just like with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, if you get the game before June 29th, you will be able to get a set of three costumes for free (most likely becoming paid from June 30th):

  • Athena Cykes: maid outfit
  • Phoenix Wright: Furio Tigre outfit
  • Apollo Justice: student outfit

Ace Attorney 6 will get a special edition including:

  • the game
  • a drama CD
  • a tote bag
  • postcards
  • keychains

Next: the Twitter campaign. Capcom has finally revealed the rewards for each tier:

  • Tier 1 – 6 000 tweets (chibi Apollo Justice, Athena Cykes, and Phoenix Wright icons and wallpapers)
  • Tier 2 – 12 000 tweets (costumed Apollo Justice, Athena Cykes, and Phoenix Wright icons and wallpapers)
  • Tier 3 – 18 000 tweets (Ace Attorney 6 anime prologue)

If you’re interested, there is a second campaign (only for people living in Japan), with a stainless bottle to win!

Finally, a third stage play for the Ace Attorney series, this time based on Ace Attorney Investigations, was announced. It will take place from July 15th to July 24th.


You can watch the recording of the livestream by clicking here! It features quite a lot of gameplay footage.

And if you cannot play the demo version, here’s a recording:

Ace Attorney 6 (3DS) comes out on June 9th in Japan. A European and North American release has already been confirmed.

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