Penguin Wars


Daily news (July 16): Puzzle & Dragons Gold / NBA 2K20

Today’s Daily news: teaser trailer for Puzzle & Dragons Gold, latest set of screenshots for NBA 2K20, latest character profile for Indivisible, latest set of videos for Katakoi Contrast: Collection of Branch, latest video clips for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, and Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers, and some DLC for Penguin Wars!

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Daily Briefs (Aug. 8): Team Sonic Racing / Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk

Today’s Daily Briefs: gameplay video for Team Sonic Racing, trailer and release date for Jake Hunter: Ghost of the Dusk, gameplay trailer for NBA 2K19, latest set of Famitsu previews, release date for Penguin Wars, launch trailer for Overcooked 2, livestream recording for LEGO The Incredibles, updated pictures of the Limited Editions for Mega Man 11 in Japan, and livestream recording for Okami HD!

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Daily Briefs (July 25): Dragon Ball FighterZ / RPG Maker MV

Today’s Daily Briefs: trailers for Base Son Goku and Base Vegeta in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Japanese release date and details for RPG Maker MV, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild collaboration for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in the west, soundtrack sample and video clips for Etrian Odyssey X, Japanese release date for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, latest player showcase picture for NBA 2K19, latest video clip for V-Rally 4, latest screenshot for RemiLore: Lost Girl in the Lands of Lore, Pro Yakyuu Famista Evolution now available for pre-purchase on the Nintendo eShop in Japan, picture of the final packaging cover for Penguin Wars, latest character trailer for LEGO The Incredibles, livestream recordings for Mega Man 11 and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, and launch trailer + livestream recordings for Mega Man X Legacy Collection!

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Daily Briefs (April 25): Octopath Traveler / Dark Souls Remastered / Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Today’s Daily Briefs: Japanese boxart for Octopath Traveler, latest trailers for Dark Souls Remastered and Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, Japanese release date for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, launch edition and delay for Penguin Wars in Europe and North America, Behind-the-Scenes video for MotoGP 18, more screenshots for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy, LEGO The Incredibles announced for Japan, latest DLC Pack for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, latest player showcase for Tennis World Tour, pictures of the Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack for Minecraft, trailer and screenshots ofr Sanrio Characters Picross, latest screenshots for Urban Trial Playground, pictures of a Nintendo Switch Dock Extension Attachment!

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Daily Briefs (March 16): Blazblue Cross Tag Battle / Valkyria Chronicles 4 / Penny-Punching Princess

Today’s Daily Briefs: European release date and new DLC characters revealed for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, latest trailer for Valkyria Chronicles 4, character trailer for Penny-Punching Princess, latest event for Rocket League, blog post for Code of Princess EX, latest countdown pictures for Attack on Titan 2, plenty of screenshots for SD Gundam G Generation Genesis, livestream recording for Gal Gun 2, boxart and release date for Penguin Wars in Europe and North America, latest video clip for Blade Strangers, latest screenshot for Tennis World Tour, Japanese trailer for Portal Knights, and new character for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope!

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eShop news (Dec. 9): Brawlout / Enter the Gungeon / Stardew Valley / Hammerwatch

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: release date and trailer for Brawlout, release dates for Enter the Gungeon, upcoming content for Stardew Valley, Hammerwatch, Outlast, and Polygod announced for the Nintendo Switch, massive update for Ultimate Chicken Horse, various tidbits about Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, latest devblog post for Wargroove, Legrand Legacy releasing on Nintendo Switch in Q1 2019, Bleed coming to Nintendo Switch next week, video clip for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Kickstarter udpate for Yooka-Laylee, launch trailer for Human: Fall Flat, Accolades Trailer for Mantis Burn Racing, and update for Penguin Wars!

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