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eShop news (Dec. 1, Round 2): Pikuniku / Incredible Mandy

Today’s Nintendo eShop: development completed for Pikuniku, behind the scenes video for Incredible Mandy, Kickstarter update for My Girlfriend is a Mermaid!?, Revertia announced for the Nintendo Switch, InkyPen delayed, latest screenshot for Picontier, latest early pictures for YIIK, release date for Sine Mora EX in Japan, latest livestream recording for Swords & Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon, latest video clip and equipment set for Feudal Alloy, latest video clip for Beholder: Complete Edition, launch trailers for Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, ABZÛ, The First Tree, Screencheat: Unplugged, and Akihabara – Feel the Rhythm Remixed, and latest The Download and Nintendo eShop Highlights videos!

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eShop news (Nov. 26, Round 2): Incredible Mandy / SEGA Ages OutRun

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: main theme revealed for Incredible Mandy, SEGA Ages OutRun out this week in Europe, latest screenshot for Double Cross, character profile for Rise Eterna, latest countdown profile for Nairi: Tower of Shirin, and latest video clips for Shakedown Hawaii and Castle of Heart!

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eShop news (Nov. 22): Incredible Mandy / I am the Hero

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: video for Incredible Mandy, more screenshots for I am the Hero, R3 announced for the Nintendo Switch, update for A Robot Named Fight!, latest screenshot for Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics, latest GIF for Transiruby, latest countdown illustration for Nairi: Tower of Shirin, and character introduction for Nippon Marathon!

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eShop news (Oct. 18): Magic Scroll Tactics / Duke of Defense

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: Japanese release date + trailer + screenshots for Magic Scroll Tactics, Duke of Defense announced for the Nintendo Switch, footage for Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon, more screenshots for Puyo Puyo eSports, latest monster profile for Tied Together, Japanese release date + screenshots for Snake Pass, and latest video clips for Shakedown Hawaii, Save me Mr Tako, Zarvot, and Incredible Mandy!

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eShop news (July 28): Incredible Mandy / The Jackbox Party Pack 5

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: some screenshots for Incredible Mandy, latest game revealed for the The Jackbox Party Pack 5, trailer for Gelly Break, screenshots for SubaraCity, Pixel Action Heroes announced for the Nintendo Switch, latest screenshot for Another Sight, Battle Pass 2 trailer for Paladins, latest video clips for Speed Brawl, Feudal Alloy, and Bad North, and launch trailers for Banner Saga 3 and Crossing Souls!

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eShop news (July 24, Round 2): Cytus α / Incredible Mandy / The Shapeshifting Detective / SubaraCity

Today’s second round of Nintendo eShop news: Cytus α, Incredible Mandy, Yet Another Zombie Defense HD, The Shapeshifting Detective, and SubaraCity all announced for the Nintendo Switch, latest screenshot for Flipping Death, and concept-art for Feudal Alloy!

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