Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp possibly releasing on November 21st?

Last month, Nintendo finally revealed the Animal Crossing game for smart devices (first announced last year), which is called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. It’s slated for a Late November release worldwide, though it was soft-launched in Australia on the same day it was revealed (a common practice for mobile game, that allow publishers to test various things out ahead of the global launch).

While it’s technically possible to play even from outside Australia (you need the apk on Android, and an Australian iTunes account on iOS), there’s some drawbacks in doing so (mainly, no link with My Nintendo unless you switch your account to Australia). If you really can’t wait to play the game, here’s some good news: it could very well be released as early as next week.

As of writing, nothing has been announced or even teased, but there are a couple of signs pointing towards a November 21st release. First of all, the countdown-like event that was launched last week with Google Play in Japan (check out this post for more details).

As you’ve probably noticed, the last day for that event is on November 20th. It would be pretty weird if such an event wasn’t meant to coincide with the launch of the game itself, so a November 21st release is definitely plausible.

The second sign is the new set of Log-in Bonuses for the game, that went live today. The previous two both lasted 10 days (October 25th to November 4th, and November 4th to November 14th), and yet this one lasts only 7 days (November 14th to November 21st). And November 21st just happens to be the day right after the last update for the Google Play event… certainly not a coincidence.

Update: there’s actually two more signs. First, the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Friend Finder game runs until November 22nd (November 21st in some regions). Next, the apology gift for players who didn’t get the log-in bonus between November 13th and November 16th is available… until November 21st. That date is coming up way too offten to be a coincidence at this point!

Hopefully, Nintendo will make an announcement in the next few days… If the release date truly is November 21st, we should be hearing about it this very week!

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