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Japan: more sales data for Week 45, 2017, Nintendo Switch (Media Create, Dengeki)

Week 45 (Media Create)

Today, Media Create published their weekly report on video game sales in Japan during Week 45, 2017. It reveals that total Software sales topped 429 000 units, which is 63.25% of Week 44 sales… a second week of drop, in other words.

Media Create point out that no less than 23 new titles were released this week, but the vast majority of them didn’t sell all that much.  In fact, only one of them managed to sell at least 10 000 units! Therefore, it’s not all that surprising that at the top of the charts, we find previously released titles such as Super Mario Odyssey.

As for Hardware, sales topped 113 000 units, which is 110.43% of Week 44 sales. It looks like the increase in sales is pretty much exclusive due to the Nintendo Switch, including the Super Mario Odyssey bundle. That one sold 24 000 units, which is a pretty interesting number: that means that it accounts for only 1/3 of total sales for the game this week (about 73 000 units).

This is pretty good news, because that means people are buying the game because, well… they want to play it, not because it’s the default option for getting a new Nintendo Switch. This is a radically different situation than for Splatoon 2, where the bundle was virtually the only way to get a Nintendo Switch. Then again, it’s not that surprising since it’s a full-fledged system-seller, and people were going to buy it with the console anyway.

Source: Media Create

Day 1 sell-through (Media Create)

This week, we have the Day 1 sell-through for a couple of games (nothing for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon because it launched on Friday):

  • [WIU] [NSW] [PS4] Dragon Quest X: 5000-nen no HarukanaruKokyou e Online (Square Enix) – 70%. Quite interestingly, this new version of Dragon Quest X sold more on the Wii U of all platforms!
  • [3DS] Tamagotchi no Puchi Puchi Omisechi: Ninki no Omise Atsume Maseta (Bandai Namco Games) – Poor debut.

Source: Media Create
Via: Media Create

Week 45 (Dengeki)

Degenki report that Super Mario Odyssey sold 71 000 units during its third week on the market, bringing the total since launch to over 650 000 units. This time more than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch only), with 590 000 units sold to date. It’s now the third best-selling game on Nintendo Switch, behind Splatoon 2 (1.34 million units) and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (840 000 units).

As for Sonic Forces, it sold 6 162 units, and the gap the PlayStation 4 version is quite close (less than 1 000 units).

As of Week 45, the Nintendo Switch has sold 2.17 million units in Japan, which isn’t quite as much as the Wii during a similar timeframe (3.35 million units, with 12.76 million units LTD), but there’s no doubt the gap wouldn’t be nearly as big if Nintendo had shipped enough consoles to meet demand (in fact, it’s possible there would be no gap at all, or the Nintendo Switch would be in the lead, with ample stock).

Still, the Nintendo Switch is still well ahead of the Wii U, which sold 1.3 million units during a similar timeframe (3.29 million units LTD). Of course, beating the Wii U is no achievement at all: it’s the absolute minimum, and it would be quite problematic if the Nintendo Switch was only barely able to outsell it.

At launch, the Nintendo Switch sold 336 000 units, and during the launch week of Super Mario Odyssey, it sold 127 000 units (its second best week). During the two weeks that followed, the console sold 75 000 units and 72 000 units respectively.

The Nintendo Switch is completely dominating the market, with a 73% market share during the launch week of Super Mario Odyssey. Of course, that share dropped in the following weeks: 58.1% the week right after, and then back up to 61.7% the following week. But overall, the Nintendo Switch is accounting for about 60% of total Hardware sales in Japan, which is a mighty fine performance.

It certainly makes you wonder just how much sales will increase in the future, especially as Nintendo’s production capacity improves.

Next, here’s Software sales for each platform:

Platofrms This week This week (%) Fsical Year Fiscal Year (%)
PS4 200,379 45.6% 5,664,357 34.1%
PS3 2,818 0.6% 123,165 0.7%
Vita 19,068 4.3% 946,375 5.7%
Switch 149,609 34.0% 4,201,903 25.3%
Wii U 2,878 0.7% 211,450 1.3%
3DS 64,308 14.6% 5,430,324 32.7%
X One 730 0.2% 12,035 0.1%
Total 439,790 100.0% 16,589,609 100.0%

And here’s Hardware sales:

Platforms This week This week (%) Fiscal Year Fiscal Year (%)
PS4 24,811 20.5% 910,881 25.5%
PS3 35 0.0% 6,898 0.2%
Vita 2,863 2.4% 141,923 4.0%
Switch 75,875 62.6% 1,596,168 44.7%
Wii U 26 0.0% 4,084 0.1%
3DS 6,343 5.2% 456,564 12.8%
2DS 10,199 8.4% 448,823 12.6%
X One 1,027 0.8% 3,454 0.1%
Total 121,179 100.0% 3,568,795 100.0%

Finally, here’s the Top 50 Software: coming soon!

Source: Dengeki
Top 50 data compiled by ZSaberLink (ResetEra)

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