Minecraft (Nintendo Switch): Software updates (latest update: Ver. 1.19.30)

In this post, you will find all there is to know about the Software updates for Minecraft on Nintendo Switch (originally released on June 21st 2018 worldwide).

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Archives: launch to February 2019.

Minecraft – Ver. 1.19.30

  • Release date: September 20th 2022 (North America, Europe) / September 21st 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Vanilla Parity:


  • Modified the Fireball entity’s collision box to match Java Edition
  • The Enchanting Table now produces a sound when enchanting an item
  • Amethyst blocks no longer produce sound when jumping off them
  • Fixed the bottom texture of the Melon block to match the top texture (MCPE-31035)
  • The item stack popup animation will now only play when a new item is added to the stack (MCPE-23995)
  • Fixed an issue where Light Blocks would be removed when placing an Armor stand over them (MCPE-151856)
  • Changed some structures names in the /locate command to have underscores, like in Java Edition (e.g. ancientcity -> ancient_city); the old names will still work but will not show up in the autocomplete
  • Fixed an issue where Boats with Chests would not drop the Chest’s contents when destroyed by the /kill command (MCPE-160186)
  • Eating a Stew will now leave the empty Bowl in the slot it was eaten from (MCPE-56367)
  • Drinking a Potion will now leave the empty Glass Bottle in the slot you drank it from rather than the first empty inventory slot (MCPE-26436)
  • Oak and Mangrove Fence Gates are now flammable (MCPE-160098)


  • Fixed Hoglin and Zoglin hitbox size and hit range to match Java Edition (MCPE-65424)
  • Increased Sculk Shrieker and Sculk Sensor generation rates in Deep Dark and Ancient Cities to better match Java Edition (MCPE-153525)
  • Modified the Cat’s head position while sitting to match Java Edition (MCPE-46668)
  • If a Villager has a Nametag, it is now displayed along with their trade tier (MCPE-152644)

Spectator Mode (Experimental)

  • Capes are no longer rendered while in Spectator Mode (MCPE-156929)
  • Spectator players in Lava Cauldrons no longer display the burning animation (MCPE-160331)
  • Players in Spectator Mode are no longer affected by the Powder Snow fog effect (MCPE-156683)
  • Sadly, any leashed animals will not follow spectators anymore (MCPE-157065)
  • Players in Spectator Mode no longer emit particles while sprinting (MCPE-160397)
  • Spectator players with status effects applied no longer emit particles (MCPE-160398)
  • Endermen no longer become angry at players in Spectator Mode (MCPE-156742)
  • Players in Spectator Mode can no longer interact with Sculk Sensors by swimming in water or lava (MCPE-153879)
  • Players switching into Spectator Mode will unhook any fishhooks attached to them
  • Players in Spectator mode can no longer be pushed by explosions (MCPE-156687)
  • Powder Snow no longer emits particles when spectators move through it (MCPE-153876)
  • Big Dripleaf no longer tilts when touched by players in Spectator Mode (MCPE-156686)
  • Players in Spectator Mode now keep their inventories and equipped items on death (MCPE-156681)
  • Spectators can no longer attract mob’s attention when holding their favorite food (MCPE-153882)
  • The /testfor command can now target spectators (MCPE-158042)
  • The Spectator game mode can no longer be entered via the /gamemode 6 command, only via /gamemode spectator
  • Spectators using touch controls can no longer break Boats and Minecarts (MCPE-158307)
  • Parrots sitting on a player’s shoulder now hop off when entering Spectator Mode
  • Animals and mobs with follow_owner behaviour no longer follow Spectators
  • Animals and mobs with find_mount behaviour no longer try to mount Spectators
  • Spectator Mode players won’t have cold feet and now the Frost Walker enchant does not affect water
  • Pufferfish no longer react to nearby spectators



  • Fixed a bug that rarely caused the Villager’s bounding box to become desynced with the server when sleeping
  • Fixed a bug causing an occasional crash when loading players in beds
  • The game no longer crashes when browsing Marketplace
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when resuming the game on Xbox
  • Fixed a bug where deleting cloud synced worlds would not delete the cloud version of the world when the player deletes the world locally
  • Fixed PlayStation 4 audio stuttering issues while framerate is low (MCPE-158902)
  • Fixed a crashing issue related to undyed Shulkers
  • Most common Marketplace connection issues will now automatically resolve themselves when conditions improve without needing to restart Minecraft (MCPE-155025)
  • Fixed performance issues when Striders are being ridden by baby Striders (MCPE-146478)
  • Fixed a crash that would occur on some devices when loading in worlds with texture packs applied (MCPE-160800)
  • Fixed a crash when uploading a world with no name using “Play on Realm” button


  • Music is now included in the mobile app and no longer has to be downloaded from Marketplace
  • Fixed issue where player would see inside of Top Snow when diving into it while wearing Elytra
  • Fireballs can no longer travel through portals to prevent an issue where they could become permanently stuck (MCPE-160938)
  • Pressing the Ctrl and Alt keys together will no longer make the Alt key get stuck down


  • Endermen no longer get angry at Creative players (MCPE-42977)
  • Fixed a bug causing Leads to break with Allays after the owner player changes dimensions (MCPE-158955)
  • The Goat’s ram animation was modified to slowly lower their head when preparing to ram (MCPE-129477)
  • Reduced the Enderman’s teleport range to 32x32x32 to ensure that it cannot despawn itself by teleporting (MCPE-152268)
  • Allays and Bees should no longer get stuck on Lanterns or other low hanging objects (MCPE-155777)
  • EDU Toggle: NPC names default to only being displayed while looking at them


  • Mud Brick Slab can now be placed as a top slab via commands (MCPE-157852)
  • Banners now spawn correctly in newly generated structures (MCPE-160696)
  • Coral Fans now look identical when placed facing North, West, East, and South (MCPE-125311)
  • White Glazed Terracotta is no longer missing from the Creative Mode inventory and is once again accessible through commands
  • Seagrass and Kelp are no longer classified as Coral Decorations in the Creative Mode inventory (MCPE-44034)
  • Fixed a bug where some blocks that require a supporting block (for example Carpet or crops) did not appear on Maps when placed on a non-full block or above an air block (MCPE-159713)
  • Iron Bars are no longer missing from the Creative Mode inventory and are once again accessible through commands (MCPE-160253)
  • Piston’s animation when extending and retracting is now smooth (MCPE-155987)
  • It is no longer possible to get an aged Sapling in the inventory by block-picking


  • Fixed dropped items getting stuck at the edge of flowing water (MCPE-157167)
  • When on fire, the fire overlay no longer clips through held items (MCPE-147776)
  • Mangrove, Crimson, and Warped Planks can now be used to repair Shields (MCPE-158940)
  • Fixed a regression where an undamaged tool, such as Pickaxe, when name changed on an Anvil, would fail to work correctly when used for the first time (MCPE-152637)

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where the name tag background was slightly offset (MCPE-160254)
  • Fixed a UI bug where enchanted leather items would have parts of the texture not displaying the glint animation (MCPE-98929)
  • Added new disconnection error messages to better highlight the area in which the disconnection occurred
  • Character Creator offers in Marketplace will no longer lose their thumbnail images upon exiting the Dressing Room
  • Added a Retry button to the Xbox cloud sync prompt
  • Item stacks now are merged together after assigned tick threshold
  • Added a missing settings button on packs in the updated Create New World screen
  • Added a new disconnection error message – “Unable to connect, please restart your client”
  • Fixed an issue causing messages with non-unicode characters to have incorrect spacing
  • NPC names now default to only being displayed while looking at them
  • The arrow within the crafting Pocket UI now fits appropriately without any clipping issues
  • The “Cannot connect to Marketplace” error will no longer be erroneously read by the Text-To-Speech reader
  • Raid bar no longer becomes stuck after breaking Beds to cancel a raid (MCPE-152851)


  • Player textures and UI elements should no longer turn pink after playing for an extended period time on highly populated servers (MCPE-105487)
  • Fixed an issue where certain water textures with waterlogged blocks displayed the wrong texture (MCPE-156281)
  • Fixed an issue with flowing Lava and Water textures not animating on some iOS devices
  • Sky in The End dimension will no longer look like static upon entry while it is raining in the Overworld (MCPE-148843)

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

  • Updated Add-On templates for 1.19.30 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation, are available to download at aka.ms/MCAddonPacks

Copy Coordinates

  • Added keyboard shortcuts that allow players to copy either their current coordinates or the coordinates of a block
    • Control + Alt + C is the default for copying current coordinates
    • Control + Alt + X is the default for copying coordinates of selected block
    • Needs the “Enable Copy Coordinate UI” enabled in Creator settings


  • Numerical actor properties (float and integer) will now always clamp their values into the range of values specified
  • minecraft:instant_despawn no longer affects players
  • Command selector now gets the same position for the player that the command origin player position gets
  • Fixed a bug where the text-to-speech feature would read the entire “My Content” page, both highlighted and non-highlighted items
  • Non-Parrot mobs on a player’s shoulder will now adjust their position when the player crouches (MCPE-153996)
  • Enables creators to add geometry up to 0.875 units outside of the regular block unit cube on any one side
  • Fixed a bug where some custom items (from Creator Features packs), after being used, were duplicated upon player’s death (MCPE-128897)
  • Added server property ‘disable-custom-skins’ to block untrusted skins on a server wide level
  • Text to Speech no longer ignores the volume setting on startup
  • Clarified the documentation for equipment_count to indicate it only counts equipped armor, and how to query for held items (MCPE-136134)
  • Limit which queries can be used in Actor Property-related Molang expressions. Property defaults can only use query.had_component_group and set_property can only use property and query.has_property
  • BlockDisplayNameComponent will no longer append ’tile.’ and ‘.name’ to given display names and in turn, will display their given raw strings if no appropriate localization can be found


  • Added a paste button to the Command Block screen
  • Added a waterlog field to the /structure command and the load tab of Structure Blocks to allow players to properly waterlog a structure when it’s being placed under water
  • The “/execute at” command now properly executes filters from the specified ‘at’ position (MCPE-156283)
  • The “/execute if block” command now displays integer values for block positions (MCPE-156285)
  • Fixed a bug where a “%” was prepended to player names in the chat output of “/scoreboard players reset” (MCPE-151389)
  • Attempting to kill a player in Creative Mode using the “/kill” command now displays a message informing the player that it cannot be done (MCPE-16732)

GameTest Framework

  • Fixed a bug where function length would return undefined
  • Added function lengthSquared – Returns the squared length of the vector
  • Added stackOverflow as a possible WatchdogTerminateReason for the beforeWatchdogTerminate event
  • IRawMessage – Interface object representing a message
  • rawtext : (string | IRawMessage)[] – (optional) A list of text objects used to build a message
  • text : string – (optional) A string containing plain text to display directly. Only valid when used as a sub member in a parent rawtext or with member
  • translate : string – (optional) String representing a translation identifier to translate text in the player’s selected language
  • with : (string | IRawMessage)[] – (optional) A list of text object arguments used to fill values in the translate text. Ignored when translate is not present
  • say(string | IRawMessage) – Used to broadcast a message to all players
  • tell(string | IRawMessage) – Send a message to a player
  • Fixed a bug where Dynamic Properties would not persist when using worlds hosted on Bedrock Dedicated Server or Realms
  • Pack dependencies on native modules can be declared using the module name without the need to specify a UUID, using the “module_name” attribute. The module name matches the import statement (e.g., “mojang-minecraft”)
  • Removed mojang-gametest module version 0.1.0; packs using “mojang-gametest” specific APIs must be updated to use GameTest version 1.0.0-beta
  • The “mojang-gametest” module 1.0.0-beta requires “mojang-minecraft” module 1.0.0-beta
  • Removed usage of minecraft:unwalkable block component and added block creative group and category to the block description
  • setVelocity will now throw an exception when called on player types
  • Renamed class Items to ItemTypes
  • Add a content error when default or set_property expressions include side-effects, such as Molang variable assignment
  • Commands
    • Added new sub-command /script watchdog exportstats – Exports a file containing memory usage and object handle statistics
    • Can now switch hotbar slots while targeting a block while in a Boat (MCPE-156814)
    • The ‘/execute at’ and ‘/execute as’ commands will now execute at the correct relative rotation (MCPE-156277)
    • ‘/execute at @e run kill @e’ no longer crashes the game when there are items on the ground
    • Added chat output when entities are skipped by “/ride summon_ride no_ride_change” (MCPE-129486)
    • Added function getAll(): ItemTypeIterator – Returns an iterator of all available item types
  • Memory Watchdog
    • script-watchdog-memory-warning – Produces a content log warning when the combined memory usage exceeds the given threshold (in megabytes). Setting this value to 0 disables the warning. (default = 100)
    • script-watchdog-memory-limit – Saves and shuts down the world when the combined memory usage exceeds the given threshold (in megabytes). Setting this value to 0 disables the limit. (default = 250)
    • Increased slow code warning threshold from 2 ms to 6 ms
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.19.22

  • Release date: September 1st 2022 (North America, Europe) / September 2nd 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on some devices when loading in worlds with texture packs applied (MCPE-160800
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.19.21

  • Release date: August 23rd 2022 (North America, Europe) / August 24th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue that caused Villagers’ professions to not reflect in their clothing (MCPE-160475)
  • Fixed a bug where graphical artifacts appear while playing on some devices
  • Fixed a bug where the names hovering above mobs were slightly offset (MCPE-160254)
  • Fixed an issue that caused some blocks on Marketplace worlds to appear as “update blocks” on Realms
  • Paid emotes can no longer be equipped for free
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.19.20

  • Release date: August 9th 2022 (North America, Europe) / August 10th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

New Features:

  • Added the updated Create New World screen on Nintendo Switch


  • Zombies now have a 10% chance to be able to break doors on hard difficulty (MCPE-79636)
  • Implemented new Marketplace error screen art and messaging
  • Timeout when connecting to a multiplayer game has been reduced from 180 to 90 seconds
  • D-Pad Left can now be held down again to move the cursor left in menus (MCPE-155976)
  • Instantaneous effects (Potions, Tipped Arrows) can no longer be applied to dead mobs and players
  • ‘So Below’ music track now plays in Basalt Deltas (MCPE-70890)
  • Redesigned the menu toggle switches to make it easier to distinguish between the on and off states

Known Issues:

  • Due to an unexpected crashing issue, we have had to temporarily revert the fix for MCPE-105487, which can cause textures to turn pink after playing for long periods of time on a server
    • This means that this bug may continue to occur until we have a solution. Thank you for your patience while we continue to work on this important issue – we hope to have it finally fixed as soon as possible!


Performance / Stability

  • The game no longer crashes when browsing the Marketplace
  • Fixed a crash related to Spawn Eggs (MCPE-159302)
  • Prevent client/server portal travel desync on low render distance settings (MCPE-158167)
  • Fix potential crash when returning to the Overworld from the Nether or The End
  • The game no longer crashes when entering Coin Starter Bundle Screen
  • Fixed bugs where client state can get out of sync with server if using an item is cancelled or failed
  • Improved the performance of the locate biome command to mitigate stalls on the server while searching for a biome that is far away (MCPE-157609)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when connected devices, like gamepads, were missing
  • Fixed a crash that was caused by a Villager changing its profession while trading. The Trade screen will now close if the Villager changes professions mid trade
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Pistons were extending or retracting near moveable blocks and Arrows
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when teleporting and killing an entity in the same tick


  • The Wandering Trader’s spawning now matches Java Edition and it will no longer spawn in water, lava, or underground (MCPE-46911)
  • Fixed a bug where Bows could fail to shoot an Arrow the first time they were used, this also affected Crossbows and with throwing Tridents (MCPE-159467)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the new Wild Update music to not play in the Wild Update biomes when in Creative mode
  • Fixed an issue that prevented fisherman Villagers from offering to buy Boats at max level
  • The secret door that leads to the Redstone room in the center of an Ancient City now opens/closes properly (MCPE-156718)
  • Lava in Buckets will no longer disappear when failing to be placed or dispensed into partial blocks (MCPE-50664)
  • Fixed an issue where enchantments on ranged weapons on mobs were not being applied (MCPE-113623)
  • Fixed volume level of Amethyst step chime sound when walked on by a mob
  • Fixed an issue where some items with durability would fail to be created from the Creative inventory
  • Ancient Cities have more frequent Sculk Patch generation (MCPE-154229)
  • Player no longer takes damage from entering a Nether portal if it is placed at Y=-21 or below (MCPE-154888)
  • Fixed an issue where scores on scoreboards were not being ordered properly (MCPE-141427)
  • Fixed a bug where fishing hooks would drop loot when killed with the /kill command (MCPE-142329)
  • Player’s Soul Speed is now properly activated and de-activated on Soul Sand (MCPE-157152)
  • Fixed a bug causing health_boost to display incorrect health values, causing the player to turn invisible and unable to interact with the world on dying
  • When trading, the Villager plays the correct sound based on the item in the input slot (MCPE-152555)
  • Skulls in Ancient Cities now better match the orientation they have in Java Edition (MCPE-153547)
  • Enable event filters in the root definition to be evaluated independent of sequence or randomize when a format_version of 1.19.20 or higher is specified
  • Fixed issue with health boost extra life not staying (MCPE-153504)


  • Polar Bears no longer panic when attacked
  • Tadpoles flopping while on land now more closely match Java Edition and fishes in speed (MCPE-154316)
  • Piglins will now stop attacking if the player puts on Gold Armor (MCPE-65516)
  • Jobless Zombie Villagers are no longer unable to ride Minecarts or Boats (MCPE-76831)
  • Ravager is now able to destroy Mangrove Leaves, Azalea, Azalea Leaves, Cave Vines, Dripleaves, Spore Blossoms, and Hanging Roots (MCPE-156551, MCPE-125322)
  • Releasing a bucketed custom mob now spawns the correct type of mob
  • Fixed the order in which a bucketed mob is created when released, which means any Actor Properties on it will load correctly
  • Allays can now pick up and drop items at their owner when in a Boat (MCPE-156377)
  • Allay can now always pick up dropped Scaffolding blocks (MCPE-157512)
  • Allay now correctly stops dancing when music from Jukebox ends
  • Allays now look at targets such as players (MCPE-158222)
  • Fish do not shake anymore when placed in an isolated water block
  • Fixed a bug that caused Wolves to spawn red when summoned with entity_born or on_tame events
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Witches to stop spawning. The Witch Hut structure is now set as a surface spawner for Witches (MCPE-60552)
  • The Ender Dragon can no longer destroy Crying Obsidian, Respawn Anchor, Light, Deny, Allow, Border, and Jigsaw blocks (MCPE-158343)
  • Fixed a bug causing baby mobs with the minecraft:behavior.sleep goal to have a shrunken hitbox (MCPE-46040)
  • Allays and Bees are now less likely to get stuck in non-full blocks (MCPE-155777)
  • Wardens can now detect a player sneaking on top of a Sculk Sensor (MCPE-155804)
  • Warden can now let itself fall up to 20 blocks down, instead of just 3 (MCPE-158304)
  • Allays can now pick up armor pieces with a different durability than the one they are holding (MCPE-158339)
  • Entities that die completely now have their data removed from world file (MCPE-155283)
  • Fixed a bug which could cause mobs to not load into the world if their saved y-position was greater than or equal to 25


  • Removed “Wood” from the names of Mangrove Wood Planks, Stairs, and Slabs (MCPE-156791)
  • Twisting Vines and Weeping Vines with no support now pop even when the random ticking speed is set to 0 (MCPE-69305)
  • Hanging Mangrove Propagules no longer drop a Propagule item when silk touched if not at max growth (MCPE-156821)
  • Muddy Mangrove Roots can now be placed sideways (MCPE-153721)
  • Hanging Mangrove Propagule no longer changes color when certain blocks are placed nearby (MCPE-156570)
  • End Portal Frame Block is now named “End Portal Frame” instead of “End Portal” (MCPE-76821)
  • Amethyst Block has been renamed to “Block of Amethyst” (MCPE-125821)
  • Mangrove Log, Mangrove Wood, and Stripped Mangrove Wood can now be used to craft a Campfire with Charcoal (MCPE-157271)
  • Campfires can once again be stacked correctly (MCPE-159398)
  • Fixed a bug where Pistons sometimes did not drop the Piston item when broken by the arm (MCPE-158314)
  • Sounds of the Smithing Table when a Villager is working are now the same as sounds when the player uses the table (MCPE-79716)
  • Bells can no longer catch on fire or be destroyed by fire
  • Mangrove and Azalea Leaves no longer prevent tree growth (MCPE-154980)

Sculk Blocks

  • If two vibrations are emitted at the same time, Sculk Sensors will now react to the closest one (MCPE-155793)
    • If two vibrations are emitted at the same time and at the same distance, Sculk Sensors will now react to the one with the highest frequency
  • Sculk Sensors now detect a Creeper exploding with a frequency of 15
  • Sculk Sensors now detect an End Crystal exploding with a frequency of 15 (MCPE-153733)
  • Sculk Sensors now detect a Fish being let out of a Bucket with a frequency of 12
  • Sculk Sensors now detect a TNT being fired out of a Dispenser with a frequency of 12
  • Vibration particles are now always oriented towards the target Sculk Sensor (MCPE-156648)
  • Sculk Catalysts now play the blooming sound effect when blooming (MCPE-153562)
  • Sculk Catalysts do not spread Sculk anymore on players’ death if the Keep Inventory gamerule is set to True (MCPE-157884)
  • Sculk Catalysts do not get covered in Sculk Veins anymore if a mob dies on top of them
  • Sculk Catalyst now blooms when a mob with no experience dies next to it
  • Sculk Sensors can now also detect Bees, Chickens, Allays, Phantoms, and Ender Dragons flying (MCPE-153725, MCPE-154055)
  • Sculk Sensors can now emit the whole range of Redstone signal strengths, based on the distance a vibration has been emitted at. Previously, the output was either 1, 15 or even
  • Sculk Sensors no longer detect Boats staying still in water (MCPE-155368)
  • Reduced Sculk Catalyst experience drop from 20 to 5
  • Sculk Patch Features can now be placed on additional block types (MCPE-156669)


  • Fixed bug causing FOV to stutter when sprinting while the player has a speed effect applied
  • With data-driven block tessellation, geometry box pivot-base rotation now rotates around the correct pivot point
  • Fixed x-ray vision when Top Snow falls on top of player so it now behaves as a solid block when Top Snow covers player’s vision (MCPE-150709)
  • Fixed an issue with RTX on Windows where point lights were unintentionally accumulated for emissive blocks (MCPE-159485, MCPE-159488)

User Interface

  • The Toggle Perspective hint now shows the player’s assignment instead of the default assignment
  • Saddled Pig’s tooltip changed to “Ride” instead of “Mount”
  • Added content warnings for large icons for texture tessellation (e.g. objects in hand)
  • Hover text for can_place_on blocks for items in inventory is now in a consistent order between game saves (MCPE-153516)
  • Goat Horn sound is now placed in the Jukebox/Note Blocks sound category in Settings (MCPE-154885)
  • Fixed the Add Server feature not saving IPV6 addresses (MCPE-66233)


  • Updated the Realms Plus FAQ to clarify that all Bedrock platforms can purchase Realms Plus (MCPE-157869)
  • Fixed an error where creating a new Realm would navigate out to the Play screen instead of returning to the Create New World screen

Spectator Mode (Experimental)

  • Removed emotes functionality while in Spectator Mode
  • Player can now place blocks where spectator is hovering
  • Players now have their hands back when they are holding a map when they have one item in offhand and one in main hand, curious how they held it without hands…
  • Spectators’ heads are now properly rendered as semi-transparent
  • Character Creator head items (hats, hoods, helmets, etc.) are now properly rendered semi-transparent while in Spectator mode
  • Capes and animated back items are no longer rendered while in Spectator mode (MCPE-156929)
  • Spectators can no longer use or get affected by portals (MCPE-156684)

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

  • Updated Add-On templates for19.20 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation, are available to download at aka.ms/MCAddonPacks


  • Fixed a Disconnect Packet vulnerability used to crash Bedrock Server
  • Blocks with their render_methodcomponent set to double_sided now have their back faces properly rendered
  • Limit the number of elements in the conditionsfield of the minecraft:part_visibility to 64
  • Renamed minecraft:aim_collisionblock component to minecraft:selection_box
  • renamed the ‘minecraft:block_light_emission’ component to ‘minecraft:light_emission’ and changed its accepted value type from float to int
  • Renamed ‘minecraft:destroy_time’ to ‘minecraft:destructible_by_mining’ and restructured the component to be either defined as a boolean or as an object
  • Setting the component to true will give the block the default destroy time and setting it to false will make the block indestructible by mining
  • Setting the component as an object will let users define the number of seconds needed to destroy the block with base equipment
  • Changed the minecraft:frictioncomponent to represent friction of block instead of movement
  • Removed the component minecraft:unwalkable
  • Renamed ‘minecraft:explosion_resistance’ to ‘minecraft:destructible_by_explosion’ and restructured the component to be either defined as a boolean or as an object
    • Setting the component to true will give the block the default explosion_resistance and setting it to false will make the block indestructible by explosion
    • Setting the component as an object will let users define the resistance of the block to a base explosion
  • Added /tagsfromitem and /itemswithtag commands which output the tags associated with an item and vice versa
  • Added a new dedicated server property, “chat-restriction”, that can be modified in the “server.properties” file to restrict the chat for all players connecting to the server. The property’s possible values are “None”, “Dropped”, and “Disabled”. See the default file for more information
  • Server developers can now see checksums of the block registry from the server and client to check for mismatch (search “Block Registry Checksum” in the output logs and compare)
  • Added a server property disable-player-interaction which informs clients that they should ignore other players when interacting with the world
  • Modified the json entity file so that it also contains projectile damage in addition to the explosion and fire damage (MCPE-153740)
  • Items with the item_lockcomponent can no longer be placed in Item Frames or Armor Stands (MCPE-138479)

Actor Properties

  • Added Content Errors for when there are too many properties on the actor (more than 32) or when a string enum name is too long (more than 32 characters)
  • Added new Molang had_component_group to allow calculating appropriate default values from previously saved entity data
  • Renamed ‘actor_property’ and ‘has_actor_property’ Molang queries to ‘property’ and ‘has_property’. Also renamed ‘set_actor_property’ to ‘set_property’
  • Update ‘set_property’ to only allow changing properties on the local actor rather than some other target
  • Restored ability to use a Molang expression string for default values of Actor Properties (These are primarily useful for random starting values)

GameTest Framework

  • Performance Watchdog
    • Added a performance watchdog that monitors GameTests for slow-running scripts
    • Executing a slow-running script will result in content log warnings
    • Additionally, long script hangs (more than 3 seconds in a single tick) will result in an exception
    • Added new properties to propertiesfor watchdog configuration on Dedicated Server
      • script-watchdog-enable- Enables the watchdog (default = true)
      • script-watchdog-hang-threshold- Sets the watchdog threshold for single tick hangs (default = 3000 ms)
      • script-watchdog-spike-threshold- Sets the watchdog threshold for single tick spikes (default = 100 ms)
      • script-watchdog-slow-threshold- Sets the watchdog threshold for slow scripts over multiple ticks (default = 2ms)
    • Updated mojang-minecraft-uiforms to respond when the client was unable to show a modal form
      • Renamed isCanceledfield to canceled
      • Added cancelationReasonfield
      • Added FormCancelationReasonenum
    • ScoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions
      • Added ‘ScoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions’ class
      • Added read-only property ‘Objective: objective’
      • Added read-only property ‘ObjectiveSortOrder: sortOrder’
    • Scoreboard
      • Added function ‘removeObjective(objectiveId: string | Objective): void’ – Untracks an objective
      • Added function ‘addObjective(objectiveId: string, displayName: string): Objective’ – Creates and objective to be tracked, identified with objectiveId and displayed on the screen with displayName
      • Added function ‘getObjectiveAtDisplaySlot(displaySlotId: string): ScoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions’ – Gets objective and sort order contained in the DisplayObjective slot specified by displaySlotId
      • Added function ‘setObjectiveAtDisplaySlot(displaySlotId: string, ScoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions: scoreboardObjectiveDisplayOptions): Objective’ – Sets the objective and sort order of the display slot, as specified by displaySlotId
      • Added function ‘clearObjectiveAtDisplaySlot(displaySlotId: string): Objective’ – Clear’s the DisplayObjective of the objective it is currently displaying
    • Block
      • Added Block SignComponent that allows for retrieving of the value of sign text – Accessible from getComponent(“sign”)on sign blocks
    • BlockSignComponent
      • Added read-only property text: string- Gets the sign text
    • System Events
      • Added event beforeWatchdogTerminate– Shuts down the server when a critical scripting exception occurs (e.g. script hang). Can be canceled to prevent shutdown
      • Added enum WatchdogTerminateReason– Specifies the reason for watchdog termination
      • Added new properties to propertiesfor watchdog configuration on Bedrock Dedicated Server
        • script-watchdog-enable-exception-handling– Enables watchdog exception handling via the events.beforeWatchdogTerminate event (default = true)
        • script-watchdog-enable-shutdown– Enables server shutdown in the case of an unhandled watchdog exception (default = true)
        • script-watchdog-hang-exception– Throws a critical exception when a hang occurs (default = true)
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.19.11

  • Release date: July 26th 2022 (North America, Europe) / July 27th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed a bug that could cause mobs to not load into the world if their saved y-position was greater than or equal to 25
  • Fixed incorrect texture rending of players when using RTX on Windows (MCPE-156577)
  • Fixed incorrect texture rendering of some mobs, like Horses, when using RTX on Windows (MCPE-132747)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Command Blocks from saving if a Command Block Alias wasn’t provided while playing on Realms
  • Fixed a bug where suspended accounts could not play local worlds or navigate the menus on Xbox platforms
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.19.10

  • Release date: July 10th 2022 (North America, Europe) / July 13th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

New Features:

Allay Duplication

  • When an Allay hears a Jukebox playing, it will do a dance animation
  • If the Jukebox stops playing, or if the Allay gets too far away from the Jukebox, it will stop dancing
  • If the Allay is given an Amethyst Shard while dancing, it will play a small amethyst sound, make a heart, and duplicate into another Allay
  • After duplication, both Allays will have a 5-minute cooldown before being able to duplicate again


  • Expanded the ‘/locate’ command into locate structure and locate biome
  • The Trader Llama now has its own spawn egg
  • Added the player’s cause of death to the death screen
  • Music is now included in the game files on iOS, so players no longer need to be download the music pack from the Marketplace
  • Added Bluetooth mouse and keyboard support on iOS


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Boats are unloaded from the world
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a Wither is loaded into the world
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in multiplayer when a player left the game while changing dimension
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a Fishing Rod was cast through dimension-changing portals (MCPE-154161)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players died while affected with Withering
  • The game no longer crashes when entering the Coin Starter Bundle screen
  • Loading a world no longer takes a very long time when having the Holiday Creator Features experimental toggle enabled


  • Players are no longer pushed by Doors as they close (MCPE-154734)
  • Items now stack properly in the offhand when inventory is full (MCPE-34959)
  • Equipping items in armor slots through inventory screen now produces sounds (MCPE-46939)
  • Players can now hear each other equipping items in armor slots
  • Fixed a bug where players could take fall damage when walking around on Scaffolding at certain heights (even when not actually falling) (MCPE-154779)
  • Fixed a bug that reset the player’s vertical camera angle upon entering a Boat (MCPE-152762)
  • Advanced Pick Block now copies the items inside when used on a Boat with Chest (MCPE-153410)
  • Resistance effect is no longer one level weaker than it should be (MCPE-156012)
  • Haste I will now properly increase the player’s mining speed (MCPE-102237)
  • Conduit Power I now grants the effect of Haste I instead of Haste II
  • Fixed an issue with extra health from Health Boost not persisting after exiting the world (MCPE-153504)
  • Container entities like Boat with Chest can now be opened on mobile devices without crouching if all the seats are occupied
  • The player no longer endlessly jumps after entering a Boat while holding down the jump button (MCPE-155774)
  • Fixed a bug causing player hitboxes to not reset if they die while swimming (MCPE-155232)
  • Fixed an issue where new users given Operator permissions by default were not able to use operator commands
  • Fixed an issue where worlds that gave Operator permissions to new players only gave Member permissions
  • Removed the Vanilla Experiment and Wild Experiment toggles, since they no longer have any active experimental content

World Generation

  • Fixed a bug where upgrading old worlds could result in water columns below y=0
  • Mangrove Swamps are now denser to more closely match Java Edition (MCPE-153748)
    • There is still work to be done to increase the density of Mangrove trees in water
  • Grass blocks in Mangrove Swamps now have Dirt blocks underneath them (MCPE-155414)
  • Clay patches now correctly generate in Mangrove Swamps
  • Campground structures now generate correctly in Ancient Cities (MCPE-156084)
  • Updated Ancient City structures to match Java Edition
  • Sculk Vein feature can now generate within the same height-span as the Sculk Patch feature (MCPE-156074)


  • Fixed issues with mobs disappearing after going through Nether portals (MCPE-155678)
  • Fixed a bug causing tamed mobs to disappear when they go through a Nether portal in a multiplayer world (MCPE-88322)
  • Villagers now spawn as Swamp Villagers in Mangrove Swamp (MCPE-153731)
  • Villagers will now flee from Zoglins (MCPE-74974)
  • Parrots are once again poisoned by Cookies (MCPE-151671)
  • The Trader Llama now has the correct name displayed when opening its inventory (MCPE-47165)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Trader Llamas from becoming aggressive towards entities that attack the Wandering Trader (MCPE-94996)
  • The Wandering Trader will now flee from Zoglins
  • The Wandering Trader will now drink Milk to clear its Invisibility effect (MCPE-44605)
  • Fixed a bug causing riding passengers to stop riding when reloaded if they were across chunk borders
  • Breaking a Boat with Chest or Minecart with Chest will now anger nearby Piglins (MCPE-153393)
  • Fixed entities disappearing when importing worlds converted from legacy console editions of Minecraft
  • Fixed a bug where Slimes would no longer spawn in flat worlds made before 1.18 (MCPE-119396)
  • Fixed a bug where failed Slime spawn attempts would reduce the spawning rates of other mobs (MCPE-153502)
  • Wither now breaks Obsidian when attacked by players (MCPE-64630)
  • Wither no longer breaks surrounding blocks after a shorter delay than intended after being attacked
  • Entities entering Nether portals exit in same relative position and rotation to the portal (MCPE-139835)
  • Edited health points of Cod, Pufferfish, Salmon, and Tropical fish to be 3, matching Java Edition
  • Shulker projectile now adds effect “Levitation” instead of “Levitation II” on hit


  • Tadpoles now grow up into Temperate Frog in Meadow, and into Cold Frog in Deep Dark
  • Frogs no longer lay Frogspawn on shallow, flowing water (MCPE-152559)


  • Allays can now follow players through Nether portals (MCPE-155678)
  • Taking a stackable item from an Allay now correctly adds this item to existing stacks (MCPE-153540)
  • Taking a stackable item from an Allay no longer cause item duplication
  • Allay pickup range is changed from 64 to 32 blocks to match Java Edition (MCPE-251766)
  • Allay now retains information about the vibration it is reacting to through save and load
  • Items held by Allays now glow in darkness (MCPE-153533)


  • Warden can now path through lava (MCPE-153582)
  • Warden can now pass through water (MCPE-153602)
  • Warden is no longer pushable while emerging or digging
  • If the Warden is in liquid when attempting to despawn, it will not do the digging animation, instead it will just despawn without any animation/sound (MCPE-155706)
  • Warden now always chases a nuisance after it roars at it
  • Warden now increases its anger towards an attacking nuisance by 100 anger for each attack
  • There are no longer graphical artifacts from the Warden’s emerge or dig particle effects (MCPE-153580)
  • Warden’s hurt animation no longer differs between Bedrock Edition and Java Edition (MCPE-153967)
  • Wardens can now spawn on more types of non-full blocks, such as upper Slabs, Redstone Dust, Snow layers, Buttons, and Tripwires (MCPE-155821)
    • Known limitations: The current solution doesn’t allow spawning on some types of blocks such as Leaves and lower Slabs
  • Warden now retains information about the vibration it is reacting to through save and load
  • Warden’s Sonic Boom attack now bypasses enchantment damage reduction such as Protection (MCPE-156282)


  • Nether Sprouts and Fungi can now be placed on Mud and Muddy Mangrove Roots
  • Froglight walk sound volume is now more similar as other blocks walk sound volume (MCPE-154879)
  • Mob Spawners now drop XP only when destroyed by a Pickaxe
  • Fixed a visual issue where Barrier Blocks would show a red texture/overlay when being viewed from the inside (MCPE-98938)
  • Renamed “Flowered Azalea Leaves” to “Flowering Azalea Leaves”
  • Lapis Lazuli Block is now named Block of Lapis Lazuli (MCPE-105452)
  • Cut Copper Slab and its variants can now be placed on the top half of a block on the first attempt (MCPE-154302)
  • Campfires can now provide full-faced bottom support to other blocks
  • Lecterns can now provide full-faced bottom support to other blocks
  • Weeping Vines can now be placed underneath all blocks which can provide full-faced bottom support (MCPE-153083, MCPE-104717)
  • Fixed an issue where Carved Pumpkins launched from Dispensers weren’t equipping to nearby mobs
  • Bell now rings when hit by any type of projectile
  • Hit sound is now played when Amethyst block is hit by projectiles (MCPE-137090)
  • Amethyst Clusters are no longer destroyed if attached to a Sculk Sensor
  • Structure Blocks can no longer be waterlogged (MCPE-59566)

Mangrove and Mud Blocks

  • Muddy Mangrove Roots are now broken fastest with a Shovel (MCPE-153710)
  • Mangrove Roots are now broken fastest with an Axe (MCPE-155606)
  • Mangrove Leaf blocks are no longer collected into different stacks when using Silk Touch (MCPE-153786)
  • Mangrove Leaves are no longer collected into separate stacks when using Shears
  • Stripped Mangrove Logs now craft into Stripped Mangrove Wood instead of Mangrove Wood (MCPE-155365)
  • Mangrove Log is now included in Bonus Chest loot tables (MCPE-153924)
  • Mangrove Propagules are no longer blocked to grow by Leaves (MCPE-154928)
  • Mangrove Propagules now render correctly when placed in Flower Pots (MCPE-155528)
  • Mangrove Propagule now uses grass sounds
  • Mangrove Propagule is no longer destroyed by flowing water (MCPE-154011)
  • Mangrove Signs now use Mangrove Plank textures for breaking particles (MCPE-156568)
  • Mangrove Propagule is now placed at a random offset (MCPE-153735)
  • Iron Bars and Glass Panes now connect to Mangrove Roots (MCPE-153871)
  • Sweet Berry Bush can now be planted on Mud, Muddy Mangrove Roots, and Rooted Dirt (MCPE-153916)

Sculk Blocks

  • A Sculk Vein block now drops as many items as its number of faces when mined with Silk Touch
  • Sculk Catalyst can now spread Sculk through Mud and Muddy Mangrove Roots (MCPE-153924)
  • When a mob dies in proximity of multiple Sculk Catalysts, only the closest one will bloom
  • The “It Spreads” achievement is no longer unlocked when a Sculk Catalysts blooms after the death of a mob which carries no XP
  • Sculk Shriekers now scan for Wardens in a box with side 48 blocks, not 96 blocks
  • Sculk Shriekers now apply Darkness effect to players with threat level 3 or 4
  • Sculk Shriekers now detect players when riding any type of entity (MCPE-153814)
  • Sculk Shriekers now activate repeatedly while players are standing on them (50%) (MCPE-153818)
  • Sculk Shriekers now implicate the player that provokes it from afar
  • Sculk Shrieker now retains information about the vibration it is reacting to through save and load
  • A Sculk Shrieker can no longer summon a Warden underwater (MCPE-153791)
  • Sculk Shrieker particles are now correctly rendered from behind (MCPE-153591)
  • Sculk Shrieker now detects players when riding all types of entities, including Striders, Skeleton Horses, Pigs, and Llamas (MCPE-153814)
  • The Sculk Sensor now correctly detects when a Big Dripleaf block changes its tilting state (MCPE-153115)
  • The Sculk Sensor now correctly detects when a Grass, Grass Path, Dirt, Coarse Dirt, or Rooted Dirt Block is tilled with a Hoe (MCPE-153734)
  • Sculk Sensors cannot detect a player equipping a handheld item anymore (MCPE-153971)
  • Sculk Sensors are now occluded by Wool in a consistent manner, no matter which direction vibrations come from (MCPE-153815)
  • Sculk Sensors cannot detect a Player placing, destroying, walking and falling on Carpets anymore (MCPE-153956)
  • Sculk Sensors cannot detect Wool and Carpets hitting ground in item form anymore (MCPE-152998)
  • Sculk Sensor now retains information about the vibration it is reacting to through save and load
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect a Boat with Chest having its Chest opened and closed (MCPE-156199)
  • Sculk Sensors give out a Redstone Signal of 12 and 13 when detecting fluids being placed and picked up, respectively
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect a player drinking Milk
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect a player picking up Powder Snow via Bucket (MCPE-153817)
  • Sculk Sensors cannot detect an entity jumping on Wool covered by Sculk Veins anymore
  • Sculk Sensors cannot detect an entity standing still in Scaffolding anymore (MCPE-118454)
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect an entity moving in Powder Snow and cobwebs (MCPE-153105)
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect items being placed in the hand of an Armor Stand
  • Sculk Sensors cannot detect any more items being equipped on mobs at spawn time


  • Goat Horn now correctly drops when Goats ram Mangrove Logs (MCPE-154912)
  • Goat Horn now has the same sound for the “Call” variant as Java Edition (MCPE-154886)
  • The last sound for Goat Horn was renamed from “Resist” to “Dream” to match Java Edition (MCPE-155059)
  • Fixed Bottles not usable on water and Boats not placeable on water (MCPE-156451)
  • Wooden tools can now be repaired using Mangrove Planks, Crimson Planks, and Warped Planks (MCPE-153808)
  • Smelting Gold and Iron tools and weapons into Nuggets now rewards XP (MCPE-136467)
  • Shields that are disabled when struck by an Axe or by Warden now plays broken item sound (MCPE-153315)
  • Items in off-hand are once again rendered properly
  • Pufferfish now gives Poison II effect instead of Poison IV when consumed (MCPE-105392)


  • Players now have their hands back when they are holding a Map when they have one item in offhand and one in main hand. Curious how they held it without hands… (MCPE-100259)
  • Darkness effect now works in the Nether and the End dimensions
  • Lava and Powder Snow fogs now take priority over Darkness and Blindness fogs (MCPE-154928)
  • Fixed animation system issues for players in split-screen situations
    • Fixed Crossbow, Trident, and Shield rendering for other players (MCPE-118528)
    • Fixed split-screen render position when sleeping in a Bed (MCPE-65705)
    • Fixed Elytra’s animation during split-screen
    • Fix attached Lead position when second player is using first person perspective
  • Fixed an issue with reloading RTX worlds that caused DX11 to be used, resulting in a black screen (MCPE-152645)
  • Fog settings with negative fog start will no longer cause UI elements get tinted by fog color
  • Fixed a visual bug where liquids could have unexpected heights in the corners depending on diagonally-adjacent blocks (MCPE-152995)
  • Fixed terrain flickering in and out of the fog when playing on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed an issue with underground light sources being generated when breaking or placing a block (MCPE-155808)

User Interface

  • Fixed touch control’s right d-pad button not working when the d-pad area overlapped with the hotbar area (MCPE-156103)
  • Infinite loading should no longer occur when entering the Dressing Room (MCPE-156209)
  • Fixed up some of the text for the emote wheel so it would fit inside the box
  • Added settings to change duration of notifications
  • Friendly Fire game rule toggle has been moved to the Multiplayer tab on the Create New World screen
  • On mobile devices, the experience bar is now centered over the entire length of the hotbar, including the ellipsis at the end
  • Fixed issue where info and buttons did not appear for downloaded skin packs (MCPE-152216)
  • On the death screen in Pocket UI, moved the Main Menu button to the top navigation to avoid accidental button presses when dying mid-fight
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of “Select (A)” tip on the death screen when using a gamepad controller
  • Added correct death message when dying from Sweet Berry Bush (MCPE-103583)
  • Added a minimum size to yellow splash screen text
  • Fixed a typo in notification duration label for Accessibility Settings (MCPE-156901)
  • Fixed “Crafting” word above the crafting slots in the inventory on Classic UI (MCPE-152697)
  • Worlds created with a template will now always disable achievements
  • Fixed an issue where items could be dropped by clicking in the dark gray area of the player inventory when using Furnace, Blast Furnace, Smoker, Enchanting Table, Grindstone, Brewing Stand, Anvil, Beacon, Smithing Table, Loom, Cartography Table, and Stone Cutter
  • Fixed an issue where some paragraphs of text in modals were misaligned (MCPE-153789)
  • Container screen cursor can now be controlled by the wireless controller touch pad on PlayStation 4 (MCPE-106320)
  • Fixed a typo in notification duration label for Accessibility Settings (MCPE-156901)
  • Player can now continuously jump while holding down the jump button (MCPE-117045)
  • Player can now descend from the top of scaffolding with the new touch controls (MCPE-154309)


  • Realms players can once again post screenshots to their Realms Feeds and comment on Realms Feed posts
  • Fixed a bug wherein failure to join a Realm gave misleading or incorrect error messages (REALMS-7242)
  • Different types of Realms subscriptions will always show the “Manage” button on the Settings > Subscriptions page if they are manageable on the current platform
  • Added a popup to notify players on Google Play about holds on Realms subscriptions
  • Clicking “Play on Realm” from World Settings now copies the world’s game rules to the Realm
  • Due to recent changes, packs and worlds with version 1.19-level custom, experimental GameTest Framework JavaScript are rejected at the time of upload within Realms
    • We’re working on more infrastructure to fully support worlds and packs with script in Realms, but in the meanwhile, packs with experimental script are not supported in Realms
    • Note that the recently released Spellcraft Marketplace map, which uses script, is also not supported within Realms

Spectator Mode (Experimental)

  • Players in Spectator mode no longer get effects from gameplay
  • Players in Spectator mode no longer trigger raids while in Village with Bad Omen effect
  • While in Spectator Mode, actors in other chunks are no longer culled away
  • Players in Spectator mode can now breathe anywhere
  • Players in Spectator mode can no longer be pushed by Pistons
  • Spectators will be ignored for sleeping rules to skip the night
  • Moving around as a Spectator will no longer affect player’s hunger level
  • Spectators no longer broadcast self-made sounds; such as footsteps, climbing, watersplash, etc.
  • Player’s insomnia timer stops ticking once the player switches to Spectator mode
  • Render only head for players in Spectator mode
  • Render players in Spectator semi-transparently
  • Projectiles such as Arrows, Tridents, Fireballs will now shoot through Spectators
  • Spectators playing with gamepad no longer are shown unusable tooltips

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

  • Updated Add-On templates for 1.19.10 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation, are available to download at aka.ms/MCAddonPacks


  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a mob had the flocking component
  • Fixed a bug where Soul Campfire was using the wrong tag, resulting in cases where some custom recipes for Campfires were not working correctly (MCPE-98305)
  • Fixed interaction priority when using a Bucket on a waterlogged and interactable block, eg. Lever (MCPE-154221)
  • The Trader Llama is now its own dedicated mob instead of being a normal Llama with specific component groups
  • Ensured content errors are not ignored when loading entity JSON schemas with invalid value types for following fields: The “Runtime_Identifier”, “Is_Spawnable” and “Is_Summonable” fields for “description”, the “component_groups” field and the “event” field for “events” (MCPE-151381)


  • Fixed an issue where, after 1.18.30, teleporting an entity to a chunk that has not been loaded since before 1.18.30 would result in the loss of that entity
  • Fixed an issue in the teleport command where a “facing” argument would calculate an incorrect vertical orientation (MCPE-144870)
  • Teleporting entities into unloaded chunks no longer deletes them
  • Autocomplete suggestions now show only valid parameters
  • New execute command functionality is now available via the “Upcoming Creator Features” experimental toggle
  • Chests with loot tables no longer drop items when removed with ‘/clone’, ‘/fill’ or ‘/setblock’ (MCPE-151876)
  • Fixed an issue where entities loaded by Structure Blocks and commands would cause the despawn of the original mob used to save the structure and any mobs from previous loads of the structure (MCPE-155036)
  • Pillagers and Vindicator Captains spawned with commands are once again hostile by default (MCPE-116971)


  • Renamed minecraft:block_collision block component to minecraft:collision_box
  • Renamed the minecraft:block_light_filter component to minecraft:light_dampening and added appropriate versioning
  • Renamed the ‘part visibility’ component’s field ‘rules’ to ‘conditions’ and added appropriate versioning 
  • Renamed the ‘crafting_table’ component’s field ‘custom_description’ to ‘table_name’ and added appropriate versioning
  • Renamed the ‘minecraft:block_light_filter’ component to ‘minecraft:light_dampening’
  • Renamed the ‘part visibility’ component’s field ‘rules’ to ‘conditions’
  • Renamed the ‘crafting_table’ component’s field ‘custom_description’ to ‘table_name’
  • Blocks with block_light_absorption’ component of value 16 no longer fail to load
  • Renamed the component ‘minecraft:ticking’ to ‘minecraft:queued_ticking’
  • Renamed the ‘minecraft:ticking’ component’s field ‘range’ to ‘interval_range’, which is now described in ticks rather than seconds
  • Renamed the ‘minecraft:flammable’ block component fields ‘flame_odds’ and ‘burn_odds’ to ‘catch_chance_modifier’ and ‘destroy_chance_modifier’
  • Added ability to set ‘minecraft:flammable’ block component using booleans for default flammable or nonflammable values
  • Updated documentation for minecraft:map_color and minecraft:material_instances
  • Cake blocks now emit Block_Change game events when slices are eaten


  • Fixed ‘minecraft:block_placer’ item component to correctly trigger block component ‘minecraft:on_player_placing’
  • Hunger Exhaustion component now uses new correct default values (MCPE-154238)
    • Please note, add-on packs that alter ‘player.json’ may need to ensure that the player saturation rate is set correctly to match the default values, if required


  • Added ‘minecraft:drink_milk’ behavior, which allows a mob to drink Milk based on specified environment conditions
  • Actor properties will now save and load correctly across multiple clients and entities
  • Direction facing will now be preserved through a transformation from one actor type to another
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles with an offset weren’t spawned based on the player’s rotation (MCPE-153880)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the owner of the ‘minecraft:angry’ component from broadcasting anger to its friends if it has no target. A mob with this component will now be able to get angry if it both does not have a target and the component’s ‘filters’ list is empty (MCPE-94996)
  • Mobs can now be hit by projectile when their hitboxes are outside the mob’s bounds
  • Replaced ‘values’ field with ‘range’ field, which only supports array JSON types. Added required ‘type’ JSON field for actor properties with supported values ‘int’, ‘float’, ‘bool’, and ‘enum’. The ‘default’ and ‘range’ fields on the property must match the type specified in the new ‘type’ field


  • Fog setting with negative fog start will no longer cause flames on player model in UI to get tainted by fog color
  • “particles_blend” material is no longer culled
  • Fixed the issue where water fog expanding speed did not match value specified in ‘midPercentage’ field (MCPE-153864)
  • Fixed issue where under water fog transition between biomes is not smooth while affected by eye adapting effect

GameTest Framework (Experimental)

  • Added argument keepVelocity: bool to functions teleport and teleportFacing – If true, preserves velocity when teleporting the Entity
  • The /script profiler command now includes native API calls its trace call stacks
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.19.2

  • Release date: June 22nd 2022 (North America, Europe) / June 23rd 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a bug on certain flat worlds where below-0 terrain was accidentally being removed on level load, if there was bedrock at y=0 (MCPE-156679, MCPE-156698)
  • Mobs that teleport through a Nether portal with a destination above y=128 will no longer have their position adjusted to 128 (MCPE-155465)
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.19.1 (The Wild Update)

  • Release date: June 7th 2022 (North America, Europe) / June 8th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
New Features:

Deep Dark

  • In the depths of the Overworld, you will find one of the scariest biomes in all of Minecraft. Buried undergound, especially at the bottom of mountainous regions, this area is filled with sculk blocks, ancient structures, loot chests, and one, single, solitary mob. To navigate the deep dark, you need to sneak, use Silk Touch, and above all else – don’t wake the warden!


  • The only mob that spawns in the deep dark is none other than the warden. The warden will only make an appearance if its slumber is disturbed, which means that brave explorers must sneak around very quietly. Quick movements risk setting off a sculk sensor that trigger a sculk shrieker. If you have the misfortune of hearing it pierce through the silent shroud of the deep dark, it’s time to get out. Even though the warden can’t see, this doesn’t slow it down but works to its advantage. The warden can sniff out any intruders and uses vibrations to detect their exact location.

Sculk Blocks

  • There are five different types of sculk blocks to be found in the deep dark. If you want to mine them, you will need to stay stealthy and use Silk Touch. The sculk block is a great decorative block thanks to its atmospheric glow. The sculk sensor is a redstone block that detects vibrations, so walk carefully or use a wool block to muffle your steps. The sculk catalyst spreads sculk around it and sculk veins generate around patches of sculk that spawn from the sculk catalyst. Finally, the sculk shrieker is possibly the most dangerous block of all since it will summon the warden if you’re not careful!

Recovery Compass and Echo Shards

  • The recovery compass is the solution for finding the way back to the last location you died. Loot chests in ancient cities to discover echo shards and craft one for yourself!

Mangrove Swamp Biome

  • Towering trees, wide roots, small saplings, and muddy terrain make up the new mangrove swamps. Found in areas with high temperatures and high humidity, this new swamp also introduces mangrove trees and mud blocks, bringing a wide range of new materials to craft builds inspired by the beauty of the Overworld!

Mangrove Trees/Wood

  • Mangrove trees introduce a brand-new type of wood block to build with, the logs can be crafted into planks, stairs, buttons, slabs, fences, doors, signs, and pressure plates. You can also craft with the mangrove tree’s leaves, roots, and small saplings called propagules!

Mud Blocks

  • Mud can be found all over mangrove swamps and crafted with wheat into packed mud! Use it to craft a variety of mud brick blocks including stairs, slabs, and walls. This block is also renewable by using a water bottle on dirt, so there is no risk of running out of mud. Placing Mud above a block that has pointed dripstone underneath will eventually turn the mud block into clay!

Frogs and Tadpoles

  • Frogs feed on small slimes, breathe on land and in water, and lay eggs called frogspawn. The eggs will hatch and turn into tadpoles, making this the first mob that isn’t bred from a smaller version of itself! There are three different types to discover – temperate frogs, warm frogs, and cold frogs – so getting your hands on all three means that you will need to travel through the Overworld!

Froglight Blocks

  • These luminous blocks come in three different variants depending on which frog type produces it. If you want to light up your base with ochre, verdant, or pearlescent froglights, you will need to figure out a way to feed a frog a very small magma cube!


  • The winner of the Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote is flying into Minecraft! Instantly recognizable by its luminous blue sheen, you won’t lose this mob once you find it. Hand it an item and it will pick up matching items it finds in the world. It loves music and will drop items if it hears a note block playing nearby. The allay spawns in pillager outposts and woodland mansions and is waiting for you to set it free!

Boat in Chest

  • The Wild Update makes it possible for you to craft a boat with a chest on it, which is convenient since there are plenty of new blocks to bring back from your new adventures!

Goat Horn

  • Dropped by goats that ram into hard blocks and can be used to make a variety of sounds! Can you find all eight variants?

New Music

  • Added new music by Lena Raine and Samuel Åberg
  • Music Disc 5
    • Unlike other discs, it can only be obtained by finding and crafting nine disc fragments together
    • These disc fragments can be found rarely in ancient city chests
  • Mobile players: To hear the new music, you will need to download the updated Minecraft Original Music Pack, available FREE from Marketplace

Updated Mobile Touch Controls

  • Updated the visual style of the touch control joystick
  • Players can now continuously jump while holding down the jump button (MCPE-117045)

New Achievements

  • It Spreads – Kill a mob next to a catalyst
  • Birthday Song – Have an Allay drop a cake at a note block
  • With Our Powers Combined! – Have all 3 froglights in your inventory
  • Sneak 100 – Sneaking next to a Sculk Sensor without triggering it
Vanilla Parity:


  • Fixed an issue causing baby Llamas to fire llama spit from above their head (MCPE-144948)
  • Mirrored the Spider’s left legs (MCPE-152927)


  • Updated Boat item icon textures to make them consistent with Java Edition (MCPE-153353)


  • Fences and Walls no longer connect to Bells and Brewing Stands (MCPE-152757)
  • Fixed a bug where the Brewing Stand’s arms textures did not touch the base (MCPE-152932)
  • Moved the Brewing Stand’s base UVs and updated the base texture
  • Fixed the Brewing Stand’s arms rotation
  • Created a better transition between the End Portal Frame side texture and the End Stone (MCPE-152930)
  • Removed unused pixels in the End Rod texture (MCPE-152929)
  • Updated the Mycelium’s side texture to match other dirt-based textures (MCPE-152928)
  • Fixed Light Blocks being destroyable from within while underwater (MCPE-148393)

Wandering Trader

  • The Wandering Trader no longer opens or closes doors (MCPE-113452)
  • The Wandering Trader now randomly moves around (MCPE-45756)
  • The Wandering Trader now matches Java Edition’s drinking sounds (MCPE-47057)
  • The Wandering Trader now has disappear/reappear sound effects when gaining/losing Invisibility
  • The Wandering Trader can now be named with a Name Tag (this will not prevent it from despawning)


  • Shulkers are now fire immune (MCPE-33236)
  • Shulkers now remain in upright position in vehicles (MCPE-115269)
  • Shulkers no longer fail to spawn when there’s another Shulker at relative negative y and x axis
Spectator Mode (Experimental):

Our initial implementation of Spectator Mode will not include every feature available in the Java Edition (such as “mob view”, speed control, etc.), we have chosen to focus on the parts of spectator mode that we hope will be most useful. We would like to hear about bugs you have found with the features that are included currently, and you may now report these at bugs.mojang.com if they have not been reported already. Any additional parity breaks, feature requests, or suggestions for what to add next should be made through feedback.minecraft.net.

What’s Currently in Scope

Enabling and Disabling

Players can switch to and from Spectator using the Settings Menu and the ‘/gamemode spectator’ command, if cheats are enabled. Player inventory, health, held items etc are unchanged when switching into spectator mode and then out again


  • Spectators are always flying and cannot become grounded
    • (For this version we will not attempt movement parity with Java edition, but may do more in this area later)

World Interactions

  • Spectators pass through solid blocks and entities without any collisions
  • Spectators can see out of solid objects
  • Spectators are not affected by any in-game blocks, mobs, items, portals, or effects and cannot take damage
  • Portals currently affect spectators, but this is a bug we intend to fix in the future
  • Spectators cannot use items or interact with blocks or mobs (for example, they cannot attack, feed, mount, or trade with mobs)
  • Spectators cannot open their inventory or interact with block UIs like chests (This is not in parity with Java yet)
    • Currently spectators that die drop their inventory, this is a known issue that we want to address

User Interface

  • Spectators have a reduced HUD that does not show the crosshair, hotbar, XP, health, hunger or armor

Visibility and Rendering

  • Spectators cannot be seen by mobs or other players except other spectators
  • Spectators appear as a transparent floating head (to those who can see them). The body, arms, legs, armor and held items are not rendered.
    • Currently the transparency does not work correctly for all skin selection types, this is a known issue
  • When playing in first person, spectators do not see their arm or held item


  • Spectators generate chunks as normal (This is not in parity with Java yet)
  • Spectators don’t cause mobs to spawn

Spectator Bug Fixes:

  • Custom input mapping for Spectator Mode added
  • Spectators are now unable to attack
  • Spectators are now unable to build
  • Spectators are now unable to drop items
  • Spectators are now unable to use items
  • Spectators are now unable to open inventory
  • Spectators are now unable to interact with the world through input
  • Spectators are now unable to interact with chests or other container UI
  • Spectators no longer fly slowly when entering Spectator Mode from ground
  • Players enter noclip and flying when enabling Spectator Mode
  • Players stop riding, using items, sleeping, and gliding when entering Spectator Mode
  • Double-jump no longer breaks Spectator Mode

Performance / Stability

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during splitscreen play
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when lightning hits a Lightning Rod in certain scenarios
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur on some Marketplace worlds
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players are battling each other and both players are wearing Thorns enchanted Armor (MCPE-153593)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players died while affected by Wither
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when trading with a Villager that last traded with a disconnected player
  • Fixed a crash that would occasionally occur in Villages on iOS
  • Cleaned up leftover biome/block/light memory when leaving a world
  • Fixed an issue that caused Marketplace downloads to get stuck in queue (MCPE-54531)
  • Fixed being unable to edit characters in the Dressing Room on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-156209)


  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to take fall damage after getting into a Bed while falling (MCPE-153122)
  • Fixed issue where the Invert Y Axis setting was not working correctly with touch controls
  • The player can now slide from movement directions to jump and not get interrupted when jump and sneak are swapped on ‘Classic’ touch controls (MCPE-151149)

World Generation

  • Several improvements to level chunk blending


  • Mobs do not get stuck into open Trapdoors anymore (MCPE-154106)
  • Fixed an issue causing the Parrot’s head to always face the player while riding the player. We couldn’t handle the constant staring (MCPE-152510)
  • Villagers will no longer begin sleeping while riding something near a Bed
  • Illagers are now allowed to migrate to other villages and progress raids (MCPE-151310)
  • Trader Llamas can now breed after being fed Hay Bales
  • Trader Llamas will no longer be persistent after being unleashed from the Wandering Trader (MCPE-102302)


  • Fixed a bug where End Crystal beams would point far above their target blocks
  • Blocks affected by gravity now fall correctly on replaceable blocks (MCPE-152937)
  • Slabs can once again be placed continuously (MCPE-151887)
  • Torches can no longer be placed on Bells


  • Fixed incorrect names for White Dye, Black Dye, Brown Dye, and Blue Dye (MCPE-153522)
  • Fixed a bug where an undamaged tool, such as Pickaxe, when name-changed on an Anvil, would fail to work correctly when used for the first time (MCPE-152637)
  • The recipes for Minecart with Chest/Hopper/TNT are now shapeless
  • Fixed a bug where the Trident, Bow, Spyglass and Crossbow would not render when picked up by a Fox (MCPE-135346)
  • Fixed a bug causing z-fighting to occur on bottom of player’s head while wearing a Skull (MCPE-149125)
  • Each Minecart variant (Chest/Hopper/TNT) drops itself as a single item when broken, instead of splitting into two items (such as Chest and Minecart)


  • Fixed an issue that caused Leads to render on top of Glass (MCPE-145764)
  • Fixed a bug causing the fire animation to flicker when the player is standing in a Lava Cauldron while in Creative mode (MCPE-148999)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause severe visual glitches when using emotes more than once (MCPE-155049)
  • Fixed graphical corruption issues on Android devices (MCPE-155509)

User Interface

  • Minor changes have been made for Xbox players when switching accounts while the game is open. See this article for details
  • Shift-clicking items will once again combine items of same type into a stack (MCPE-153992)
  • Added settings to change duration of notifications
  • The “Submit Feedback” button is now described as a link by Text-To-Speech
  • Added appropriate messaging when there is no internet connection on Xbox devices
  • Fixed enchantment option on Pocket UI Profile not being displayed
  • Fixed a bug where items could be dropped by clicking in the dark gray area of the left side of player inventory when using Furnace, Blast Furnace, Smoker, Enchant Table, Grindstone, Brewing Stand, Anvil, Beacon, and Smithing Table
  • Players can now sign in with a QR code on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles
  • Featured Servers message text is no longer centered
  • “Controller lost connection” prompt will now be shown after the world generation screen if a controller was disconnected while on that screen
Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

  • Updated Add-On templates for 1.19.0 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation, are available to download at aka.ms/MCAddonPacks

Performance / Stability

  • Fixed a crash when loading a Behavior Pack with non-JSON object in entity components, component_groups, and “add”/”remove” events (MCPE-151377, MCPE-151380)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to render blocks that rely on biome data
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to access a null entity
  • Fixed a crash in variant related to thrown potions and invalid potion IDs
  • Avoid crashes on certain devices when parsing Molang expressions with many OR or AND operators


  • Volume instances are now stored in the world, persisting between play sessions
  • Limit path strings and localized ID strings in data-driven blocks to 256 characters
  • Limit the length of crafting tag strings in CraftingTableComponent to 64 characters
  • Limit the number of elements in the material_instancesfield of the BlockMaterialInstancesComponent to 64
  • Limit the number of elements in the conditionsand block_filter fields of the BlockPlacementFieldComponent to 64
  • Updated documentation for originand size fields of the minecraft:block_collision and minecraft:aim_collision components
  • Set stack limit for brewing station result slot to 1, as to avoid getting input stacks being overwritten when the brew is complete
  • Tied consume animation to consume duration
  • Content errors for data-driven blocks improved to log resource pack, file, and block identifier
  • Limit length of the minecraft:geometryfield of BlockGeometryComponent to 256 characters
  • Updated documentation for specific string types “Localization String”, “Path String”, and “Identifier String”


  • The ‘/spreadplayers’ command will now avoid more hazardous locations
  • Reload command will now discover new function and script files
  • When a Command Block clones itself twice with the ‘/clone’ command, the cloned Command Block will now activate on the first try (MCPE-122188)
  • Command selectors now correctly identify players by name instead of their name tag
  • Title commands fired before a client was done joining will now show instead of being ignored
  • Added the ‘replace entity’ overload to the ‘/loot’ command
  • Fixed an issue with teleporting an entity to a chunk that has not been loaded since before 1.18.30 would result in the loss of that entity

Dedicated Server

  • Enabled the Windows Dedicated Server console to read UTF-16 encoded Unicode input (BDS-3791)


  • Entities that use KnockbackRoarGoal can once again properly use entity filters to determine damage
  • Actor properties can now be applied to player entities. Updated network protocol version to support this (MCPE-129628)
  • Actors using movement prediction will once again teleport smoothly
  • Added in a check to prevent an actor that is a passenger from being ridden by the vehicle it is on, preventing an infinite loop looking for the root vehicle (MCPE-133774)
  • Exposed new data parameter “can_sleep_while_riding” for “minecraft.behavior.sleep”. If set to false, the goal will not start if the mob is riding
  • The is_moving filter now returns the correct value when an actor is moving
  • Added a target_block_filters to “behavior.move_to_block” and “is_waterlogged” filter test to prevent mobs from moving to blocks underwater (MCPE-153783)


  • Updated fog JSON schema to allow distance fog settings to use negative value as ‘fog_start’. Allowing nearby blocks to also be tinted with fog color
  • Added adjustable fog effect that can expand or shrink over time. Users will get the sense of eyes adjusting when going into water
Item Components
  • Added new data-driven Item component minecraft:chargeable– Allows the item to be charged (like Apples or Bows) when the use action button is held on_complete – Trigger executed when the items use duration has been completed


  • Avoid clearing temp Molang variables during hand rendering

GameTest Framework


GameTest module type changed from “javascript” to “script” in manifest.json. Added an optional attribute “language” which has only one supported value – javascript.

New JavaScript modules in manifest.json should look as follows:

  “modules”: [
      “description”: “JavaScript module code”,
      “language”: “javascript”,
      “type”: “script”,
      “uuid”: “<your UUID>”,
      “version”: [0, 0, 1],
      “entry”: “scripts/main.js”

mojang-gametest module: Test

  • Added function rotateVector– Rotates a vector relative to the GameTest structure rotation
  • Removed constraint on maximum travel distance from GameTest structure for SimulatedPlayer.

mojang-minecraft module

  • Entity
    • Added function setRotation(degreesX: number, degreesY: number)– Sets the rotation of the Entity
    • Added read-only property rotation: XYRotation– Gets the rotation of the Entity
    • Removed property bodyRotation– Note: Use rotation.y instead
  • XYRotation
    • Renamed class PitchYawRotationto XYRotation
    • Renamed property pitchto x
    • Renamed property yawto y
  • New events:
    • Added event buttonPushEvent – fires when a button is pushed
    • Added event events.projectileHit– Fires when a projectile hits a Block or Entity
    • Added event events.itemStartUseOn– Sent when the player first interacts with a block
    • Added event events.itemStopUseOn– Sent when fire if the block is successfully interacted with and the block has changed – such as when grass is turned to a path with a Shovel
    • Added event events.itemStartCharge– Sent when the player first starts using a charging/animated item
    • Added event events.itemCompleteCharge– Sent when the item has completed its charge action
    • Added event events.itemReleaseCharge– Sent when the user has finished using the item and released the build action
    • Added event events.itemStopCharge– Sent either when the player has finished an items use cycle or when the player has released the use action with the item
    • ItemStartUseOnEvent Added read only property buildBlockLocation– The result build block position. Useful for determining where a block was placed
    • Added member player?: Playerto the LeverActivate event – The player that activated the lever

New property on Player: onScreenDisplay : ScreenDisplay – exposes a new interface to trigger on screen content.

  • ScreenDisplay Type
    • setTitle(title : String, options? : TitleDisplayOptions) – cause a title to show up on the player’s HUD, optionally specifying the subtitle and fade in, stay and fade out times
    • clearTitle() – clear title and subtitle
    • updateSubtitle(subtitle : String) – update the subtitle (but not the title)
    • setActionBar(text : String) – set the action bar text
  • TitleDisplayOptions object
    • subtitle? : String – optional subtitle
    • fadeInSeconds : Int – number of seconds to fade in new title and subtitle
    • staySeconds : Int – number of seconds to have the title and subtitle stay on screen
    • fadeOutSeconds : Int – number of seconds to fade out title and subtitle

Support of dynamic properties that script can use to persist data per-World or per-Entity. Note that properties must be registered using the propertyRegistry in the new WorldInitialize event.

  • DynamicPropertiesDefinition
    • Added function defineNumber(identifier: string): void– Defines a dynamic number property
    • Added function defineString(identifier: string, maxLength: number): void– Defines a dynamic string property
    • Added function defineBoolean(identifier: string): void– Defines a dynamic boolean property
    • Added event worldInitialize(worldInitializeEvent: WorldInitializeEvent)– Fires during world load and contains the property registry used for declaring dynamic properties
  • PropertyRegistry
    • Added function registerEntityTypeDynamicProperties(propertiesDefinition: DynamicPropertiesDefinition, entityType: EntityType)– Registers dynamic property definitions for the given EntityType
    • Added function registerWorldDynamicProperties(propertiesDefinition: DynamicPropertiesDefinition)– Registers property definitions for the world
  • World object/Entity object additions:
    • Added function setDynamicProperty(identifier: string, value: boolean | string | number)– Adds a dynamic property to the world/entity
    • Added function getDynamicProperty(identifier: string): boolean | string | number– Gets a dynamic property from the world/entity if it exists, otherwise returns undefined
    • Added function removeDynamicProperty(identifier: string): boolean– Removes a dynamic property value from the world/entity

Updated the GameTest Framework interface to add read-only scoreboard support.

  • World
    • scoreboard : Scoreboard – Access world’s scoreboard
  • Entity
    • scoreboard : ScoreboardIdentity – Access the entities scoreboard identity
  • Scoreboard – Object representing the scoreboard data
    • getObjective(objectiveId : String) : ScoreboardObjective – Method to get a specific objective (by id)
    • getObjectives : ScoreboardObjective[] – Method to get all objectives
    • getParticipants : ScoreboardIdentity[] – Method to get all scoreboard identities
  • ScoreboardObjective – Object representing a scoreboard objective
    • id : String – (read-only) scoreboard identifier
    • displayName : String – (read-only) scoreboard display name
    • getParticipants : ScoreboardIdentity[] – Method to get all objective participant identities
    • getScores : ScoreboardScoreInfo[] – Method to get the score info for all participants
    • getScore(participant : ScoreboardIdentity) : Int – Method to get the score value of a participant
  • ScoreboardIdentity – Object representing a scoreboard participant
    • type : ScoreboardIdentityType – (read-only) enum representing the type of identity
    • id : Int – (read-only) Unique identifier for the identity
    • displayName : String – (read-only) display name for the identity
    • getEntity : Entity – get the Entity handle associated with the identity
  • ScoreboardIdentityType – Enum representing identity types : .Entity – An entity .FakePlayer – A fake identity .Player – A player
  • ScoreboardScoreInfo – Score-Identity pair for an objective
    • participant : ScoreboardIdentity – (read-only) The participant
    • score : Int – (read-only) The score
  • Commands
    • Added /script profilercommand to create GameTest script performance traces. Script profiles should be written to the Minecraft logging folder. See this article for more information on the Script Profiler.
  • Dedicated Server has been updated to allow servers to explicitly list which script modules they want loaded when running scripts. A default configuration file is located at /config/default/permissions.json. Without this new file, all script modules are disabled by default. See this article for more information on usage of scripts plus servers.
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.18.33

  • Release date: May 13th 2022 (North America, Europe) / May 14th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Enabled configuration changes of some back-end services
  • Added a new button in Settings to clear local cache data
    • This will not delete save game data
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.18.32

  • Release date: May 9th 2022 (North America, Europe) / May 10th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Addressed chunk loading and freezing issues on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-154110)
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.18.31

  • Release date: TBA
  • Patch notes:


  • Introducing Spectator Mode experimental toggle. Players can now try out an early development version of Spectator Mode
    • For now, we will not be accepting bug reports related to Spectator Mode since its current implementation is very early in development and subject to change


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed an exploit with improperly gaining XP through Furnaces (MCPE-152227)
  • Teleporting entities into unloaded chunks no longer deletes them
  • Fixed the screen turning black when reloading RTX worlds (MCPE-152645)
  • Fixed textures of distant blocks appearing grainy, warped, and distorted when playing on Android devices (MCPE-141316)
  • Fixed flowing water and lava textures not appearing correctly on iOS devices
  • Fixed various framerate hitches, particularly impacting less powerful mobile devices (MCPE-142934)
  • Mobs can no longer spawn on Buttons (MCPE-153897)
  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly saving and reloading specific chunks would result in delayed chunk loading, performance issues, and game instability (MCPE-154110, MCPE-154278)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented worlds from being opened after updating to version 1.18.30
  • The “Sound of Music” achievement now unlocks when requirements are met
  • Fixed issues with Marketplace not opening on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-154120)
  • Fixed an infinite loading screen that could occur when making purchases in Marketplace
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.18.30

  • Release date: April 19th 2022 (North America, Europe) / April 20th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

A new update is now available for Minecraft, featuring a swath of new improvements:

  • Worlds can now be created with 64-bit seeds
  • Many changes to improve damage and hunger calculations
  • New Experimental Features to try like the Deep Dark and Warden
  • Too many bug fixes and quality of life improvements to list!



Realms World Storage

  • We are cleaning up expired Realms that have been collecting dust. Realms that have been canceled for more than 18 months will be deleted. Find out more at aka.ms/expired-realms-update


  • The new Minecraft Bedrock rendering engine, RenderDragon, is now live on Android, iOS, Switch, and Windows 10 UWP x86 builds! Consolidating onto our new graphics engine will allow us to continue investing in future performance and stability improvements, as well as exciting new features for Minecraft!
  • This technical update shouldn’t impact gameplay or experience, but if you run into any new issues, please file feedback so the team can investigate

Vanilla Parity:

World Generation

  • Worlds can now be created with 64-bit seeds (-9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807). These seeds can be used between Bedrock Edition and Java Edition to produce the same world (MCPE-144994, MCPE-148168)
  • Non-numeric seed UI inputs now produce the same seeds as Java Edition
  • Acacia Trees now grow Leaves on every branch below Y = 0 (MCPE-151386)


  • Tweaked hunger depletion rate to better match Java Edition (MCPE-56031)
    • Players can now properly lose hunger when sprinting or swimming
    • Players lose significantly less hunger when jumping
    • Exhaustion rates can now be tweaked in Behavior Packs
  • Players flying in Creative mode are no longer pushed by liquid current (MCPE-84592)


  • Shulkers now have a chance to spawn another Shulker when hit by a Shulker projectile (MCPE-104826)
  • When a mob picks up an item, the item can now be seen slightly “pulled” towards the mob right as it picks it up. This matches the behavior of Java Edition
  • Drowned can no longer spawn where the block light level is above 0 (MCPE-150148)
  • Bees no longer become angry when Beehives are destroyed by Silk Touch (MCPE-83550)
  • Untamed Wolves can now be leashed (MCPE-82050)
  • Mobs can no longer spawn on Campfires (MCPE-152770)
  • The Ravager now targets and attacks the Wandering Trader (MCPE-44606)
  • Mobs spawned from a Dispenser are now persistent (MCPE-110521)


  • Falling blocks once again have full-block hitbox
  • Changed block tick rates for Cactus, Chorus Flower, Crops, Grass, Pointed Dripstone, and Saplings to match Java Edition (MCPE-145612)
  • Cauldrons now only fill with water and lava by Dripstones that are below water and lava source blocks
  • TNT blocks now correctly move in a random X/Z direction once lit
  • Glow Lichen no longer generates hanging in the air inside Strongholds (MCPE-123448)
  • Glow Lichen now correctly checks for the face of the block they are attached to be a full block
  • Glow Lichen can now be attached to Leaves
  • Blocks such as Glow Lichen, Torches, and Redstone can no longer be placed on or attached to Brewing Stands
  • Blocks such as Glow Lichen, Torches, and Redstone can now be placed on or attached to Trapdoors, depending on their state
  • Azaleas and Lily Pads are now broken by flowing water (MCPE-152040)


  • The player’s arm no longer twitches while charging a bow (MCPE-148486)
  • Nether Brick, Iron/Gold Nuggets, Red/Brown Mushroom Blocks, and Chorus Plant/Flower Blocks can no longer be used as fuel in Furnaces (MCPE-114216)
  • Water and Lava Buckets can now be used on waterlogged blocks, such as Light Blocks or Big Dripleaves (MCPE-148392)

Combat and Damage

  • Improved accuracy of damage calculations
  • Fixed some issues where damage invulnerability wasn’t being applied properly
  • The camera now shakes the same way it does in Java Edition when the player receives damage (MCPE-118510)
  • Fixed an issue where the Protection enchantments mitigated too much damage. This has been changed to match Java Edition (MCPE-113191)
  • Absorption Hearts no longer stay yellow while under the Wither effect (MCPE-131852)
  • Added armor toughness
  • Diamond Armor and Netherite Armor now have a toughness value of 2 and 3 respectively
  • Tweaked armor reduction calculation to account for toughness
  • Netherite Armor will now reduce more damage than Diamond Armor
  • Lowered the amount of knockback resistance granted by Netherite Armor (MCPE-109408)
  • Punching deals less damage now, to better match the Java Edition (MCPE-152713)
  • Damage is now calculated more accurately by properly calculating and storing partial damage for larger damage
  • Mobs across higher and lower difficulties had their damage adjusted slightly accordingly
  • Mobs with knockback resistance (e.g. Ravager or Zoglin) now receive less knockback when hit by an Iron Golem
  • Armor and protection reduction calculations have been made more accurate
  • Dragon’s Breath attack now properly deals damage (MCPE-94317)
  • Protection Enchantment now properly works on most damage types (MCPE-40651)
  • Landing on a Stalagmite is now properly considered fall damage (MCPE-151192)
  • Blaze Fireball will deal knockback on impact (MCPE-82421)
  • Blaze fireballs, Fang attack damage, and Shulker bullets now deal consistent damage across all difficulties
  • Small Magma Cubes do slightly more damage, from 2 to 3 on normal
  • Spiders deal slightly less damage, from 3 to 2 on normal (MCPE-94878)
  • Baby Zoglins deal slightly less damage, from 1 to 0.5 on normal
  • Baby Hoglins now attack players for 0.5 damage on normal (MCPE-152577)
  • Skeleton melee attack does slightly less damage, from 3 to 2 on normal
  • Wolves deal slightly more damage, from 3 to 4 on normal
  • Fixed an issue that was causing entities to not be protected from fire damage by the Fire Resistance effect
  • Fixed a desync issue that could sometimes cause health to regenerate only visually


  • Updated Villager trade tables for Armorer, Cleric, Fisherman, Shepherd, Toolsmith, and Weaponsmith to match Java Edition
    • Fishermen Boat trades now change wood type based on Villager biome type
    • Clerics now offer Glowstone instead of Glowstone Dust
    • Weaponsmith enchanted Iron Sword trade moved to Novice
    • Armorer Diamond trade moved to Journeyman
  • Villagers no longer share Seeds and Beetroot Seeds
  • Cartographers now always unlock Woodland Explorer Map trade (MCPE-152725)
  • Fixed an error where Journeymen Clerics would offer Glowstone Dust instead of Glowstone Blocks (MCPE-57524)
  • Farmer Villagers can now use Bone Meal on crops and can turn excess Seeds into Bone Meal at their Composter (MCPE-74079)

Experimental Features:

Reminder: Remember to make regular backup copies of your favorite worlds before enabling experimental features!

Please keep in mind that these features are work in progress, still under in development, and subject to change. If you activate them, your world might crash, break, or not work with future updates. Experimental features cannot be turned off after world creation.

For more information, please see the article about enabling experimental features at aka.ms/MCExperimentalFeatures.

Deep Dark Biome

  • Dimly lit and eerie, the Deep Dark is sure to strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest players

Ancient Cities

  • Wander the halls of these long-abandoned structures in the Deep Dark depths to uncover relics long forgotten


  • The horror of the Deep Dark! A creature with no eyes, roughly resembling the Sculk that can be found throughout the Deep Dark, the Warden is an unstoppable force of nature that inhabits this biome

Sculk Blocks

  • A new variety of blocks that can be found in the Deep Dark

Darkness Effect

  • A new mob effect unique to the Warden and Sculk Shrieker, which will afflict players with the effect when nearby
  • Lowers the gamma down at an equivalent of “Moody” while having this effect


  • Allays will collect all the surrounding items that match the item they are holding
  • Allays will like a player who hands them an item and will bring the items they collect to their liked player

Boat with Chest

  • Function similarly to Minecart Chests, but in Boats instead, so you can take a journey on the water and carry your things with you

Goat Horn

  • Dropped when a Goat with at least one horn rams these blocks: Stone, Packed ice, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Emerald Ore, or any kind of wood log from the Overworld

Axe Changes

  • Attacks with Axes towards a raised Shield will disable the Shield for 5 seconds

Spectator Mode

  • This update contains early functionality for Spectator Mode – a much-wanted feature we’re adding to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. This will launch after the upcoming 1.19 update has shipped, but we’ll be testing it further in upcoming Betas and Previews. We recommend not relying on this in-development feature, which was not meant to be included in the release. We won’t be accepting bug reports related to Spectator Mode until our first iteration is released, as the feature is likely to change during development.

Known Issues:

  • Teleporting entities into unloaded chunks removes them from the world. This will be fixed in an upcoming update
  • Players are unable to invert the camera Y-axis when playing with touch controls. This will be fixed in an upcoming update


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed a crash that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when uploading corrupted worlds to Realms
  • Fixed a crash that could occur upon leaving the Zooming menu in the Dressing Room
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when hovering over the search bar in the crafting menu when playing with a controller
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Android devices when suspending or resuming the app
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when stopping a Bedrock Dedicated Server (BDS-16742)


  • Fixed an issue where the Mending enchantment would not always correctly consume XP Orbs to repair (MCPE-120119)
  • Players in Visitor Mode can no longer break Paintings and Minecarts (MCPE-132869)
  • Teleporting vertically beyond the visibility distance now loads terrain correctly (MCPE-150021)
  • Fixed a bug where the player could switch to gliding when riding in certain scenarios (MCPE-147904)
  • Crouch (sneak) state is now reset when player dies to avoid getting stuck in crouch state after respawning
  • The player’s position when rejoining a world will remain the same if they quit while in lava (MCPE-124219)
  • Players can now fly down through Ladders and other climbable blocks such as Vines in Creative mode without stopping (MCPE-82480)
  • Fixed a Furnace exploit where items could be duplicated if the output slot was selected (MCPE-152411)
  • Fire that existed before the Fire Tick game rule is enabled will continue to spread again (MCPE-140396)
  • Vertical field of view is no longer halved in horizontal split screen, making items such as Book & Quill easier to view when playing in split screen
  • Fixed tick range check excluding chunks that were actually in range

World Generation

  • Fixed duplicate End Crystals spawning on top of End Spikes (MCPE-147817)
  • Improved surrounding terrain for structures such as Villages during world generation (MCPE-145659)
  • Fixed underwater lava lakes not turned into Obsidian during world generation (MCPE-128022)


  • Villagers no longer avoid Zombified Piglins (MCPE-94102)
  • Fixed an issue where Villagers did not hold the item they would trade when presented with Emeralds by the player (MCPE-150303)
  • Mobs are now able to path over Azalea blocks (MCPE-129373)
  • Mobs are now able to path over Dripleaf blocks and properly pathfind on top of them, when not fully tilted
  • Mobs are now able to path over Pointed Dripstone blocks and properly pathfind on top of them (MCPE-133270)
  • Mobs can now move properly on top of solid partial blocks, like Bells, Brewing Stands, and Enchanting Tables
  • Mobs can now jump from high enough solid partial blocks to full ones at a higher position
  • Mobs can now jump over fences if they are standing on an adjacent slab or on another block high enough
  • Mobs can now move through less than half-block tall Top Snow even when the ceiling, if any, is as tall as the mobs themselves (MCPE-148355)
  • Fixed a bug in the Glow Squid’s texture where the glow map in the alpha channel was incorrect, causing patches of non-glowing texture to be seen (MCPE-117507)
  • Fixed an issue where players could not access a Villager’s trades while holding a spawn egg (MCPE-76153)
  • Fixed an issue where Witches spawned during Village raids could despawn during the raid (MCPE-149883)
  • Cod, Salmon, Pufferfish, Tropical Fish, and Dolphins once again spawn in deep variants of ocean biomes (MCPE-150191)
  • Fixed Fangs from Evoker spells not being spawnable in blocks with no bounding boxes
  • Changed the spawning logic for Iron Golems and Cats to make it easier for them to spawn in roofed areas, like underground villages (MCPE-142292)
  • Fixed an issue where some large mobs in Marketplace maps could get stuck
  • Shulkers no longer like to occupy the same block as another Shulker (MCPE-43972)
  • Shulkers now prioritize attaching to neighboring block faces before trying to teleport away
  • Shulkers now stay attached to the current attached blockface if it is valid, instead of switching to upright position


  • Fixed a lighting bug where light level 1 incorrectly dropped to 0 when placing blocks in light level 1 with multiple light sources (MCPE-151266)
  • TNT no longer disappears when ignited with the ‘TNT Explodes’ game rule disabled and the ‘Fire Spreads’ game rule enabled (MCPE-82485)
  • Gravity affected blocks now fall on Top Snow when placed above it instead of hovering over it (MCPE-151407)
  • Fixed an issue with resource drops occasionally remaining black after breaking and placing a block quickly in its place
  • Top Snow no longer clips with the block beneath when falling
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with the Bell while holding a chargeable item would not continuously ring it (MCPE-56968)
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles would ‘bounce’ off of Bells in strange ways (MCPE-47847)
  • Removed water from the extra-block when placing an Amethyst cluster (MCPE-148394)
  • Scaffolding can no longer be placed without support on y=0 (MCPE-150765)
  • Observers placed facing Double Chests no longer send out a Redstone pulse when reloading/re-entering a chunk
  • Save Structure Blocks now correctly detect Corner Structure Blocks at negative Y levels (MCPE-151511)
  • Breaking a layer of snow placed in the same block as a flower no longer destroys the flower (MCPE-151512)


  • Custom armor can now be equipped with the “Use” button when different armor is already equipped (MCPE-125323)


  • Fixed an issue that caused some emotes to have unintended rotations when near the end of their animation (MCPE-134328)
  • Fixed a case where ray tracing resources would be destroyed prematurely on level exit from an RTX-enabled world
  • Fixed the stage 3 carrot texture not showing up in-game, due to an incorrect filename (MCPE-152175)
  • Fixed a bug where the Shield blocking animation stopped playing smoothly after blocking once (MCPE-149838)
  • Fixed the crosshair disappearing when Outline Selection for blocks is disabled
  • Players that are on fire now render fire in front of the player on the inventory screen regardless of in-game camera perspective (MCPE-147777)
  • Fixed a highlight effect on Leather Armor appearing on paper dolls when using higher anti-aliasing (MCPE-75321)

User Interface

  • Added an option in Video Settings to toggle anti-aliasing on the Nintendo Switch (MCPE-123352)
  • Fixed the loading screen when suspending and resuming the game while playing split-screen on Nintendo Switch
  • Increased line spacing on the “Realms Plus subscription has expired” screen
  • Chat changes:
    • Control + Backspace will now erase the whole word before the caret
    • Control + Delete will now erase the whole word after the caret
    • Control + Left Arrow will now move the caret to the beginning of the word before the caret
    • Control + Right Arrow will now move the caret to the beginning of the next word after the caret
  • When first opening the inventory screen in Pocket UI, we now default to the “Craftable” tab on the left-hand side, and the crafting grid on the right-hand side
  • Removed the question mark button on the Pocket UI inventory screen
  • Accessing the recipe book from the Inventory screen now only shows items that can be crafted from that screen’s 2×2 crafting grid
  • Players can now use auto-move to equip or unequip armor in Crafting Table’s menu while in Pocket UI (MCPE-148970)
  • Updated generic controller face button icons on mobile devices
  • Fixed a bug where the label above the inventory screen crafting grid in Pocket UI would get truncated in some languages
  • Fixed an issue in Pocket UI where items could be dropped unintentionally in blocks with custom UIs, and resized those screens to allow for dropping items on the sides instead
  • Improved contrast on multiple UI elements
  • Fixed an issue with the screen reader looping on the Play screen when you had a Realms invite
  • Download popup no longer flickers when closed
  • Added warning popup on Marketplace pages when attempting to equip skin pack skin while character creator item is equipped
  • Fixed issue where info and buttons did not appear for downloaded skin packs (MCPE-152216)

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

  • Updated Add-On templates for 1.18.30 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation, are available to download at aka.ms/MCAddonPacks


  • With the release of RenderDragon for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Win10 UWP x86, HAL will no longer be available on these platforms. We know the community has found ways to build shaders on top of HAL and with this change, these shaders will no longer function. We understand that this is a valuable feature for players and the creator community, and we are working on how we may be able to deliver this sort of creative capability to players and creators in an officially supported way. While we have nothing to share right now, look out for more details in the future.

Additional Modding Capabilities Experiment/JavaScript APIs

  • Important! In this release, we are removing the Additional Modding Capabilities experiment. This experiment contained experimental JavaScript APIs launched in 2018 – and with this removal, JavaScript within worlds associated with this API will no longer function. GameTest Framework – a separate JavaScript API – should not be impacted, nor should behavior pack/resource pack type add-ons more broadly.
  • You can read more about this via this article.


  • A world with “StorageVersion” 8 or lower will be increased to 9 and have its “RandomSeed” upgraded from using only the lower 32 bits of a 64-bit number to using the full 64-bit range while still representing the same number. This is only relevant for negative 32-bit seeds, which need a sign bit extension
  • The world loading screen now shows progress when loading ticking areas marked for preload
  • Experimental: Volume definitions are now stored and read from Behavior Packs instead of being part of the level directory
  • Experimental: Added an optional “mob_amount” parameter to the Damage Event Response that specifies a unique damage amount when used by mobs
  • Due to engine limitations, “minecraft:geometry” data used for blocks with the Holiday Creator Features experimental toggle are now restricted to only allow geometry in the [0,0,0] to [15,15,15] space. Any blocks loaded from Behavior Packs that exceed this limit will render as the info_update block and show a content error in the log
  • The Interact component now has two new fields, GiveItem and TakeItem, specifying if it is possible to give/take items from an entities main hand slot. Taking the item also drops the inventory of the mob
  • Removed preventsjumpingcomponent from data-driven blocks
  • Removed BlockImmovable, BlockBreakOnPush, and BlockOnlyPistonPush components from data-driven blocks
  • Limited the number of elements in the crafting_tagsfield of CraftingTableComponent to 64


  • Biome-specific fog settings can once again be defined
  • Fixed actor definition identifiers not being recognized if the item or block name contains “.”
  • Mobs that are riding a boat, for example, can no longer use JumpToBlockGoal (MCPE-150750)
  • Custom mobs with a format version lower than 1.18.20 and using the minecraft:behavior.knockback_roarcomponent will parse like before if it contains an extra field that the engine didn’t expect
  • Fixed an issue in the Knockback goal where the incorrect owner was being passed into the filter evaluate function
  • Weapon events are now correctly applied when the weapons are used by mobs (MCPE-118692)
  • JumpToBlock behavior is now correctly affected by JumpBoost mob effect (MCPE-137432)
  • Fixed a case where experimental BlockCollisionComponents did not allow partial specification
  • Rotation when riding a mob that has a locked rotation will no longer unexpectedly snap to one side when that mob is rotating


  • Fixed an issue that would cause commands to affect players in all dimensions (MCPE-152218)
  • Added the “hasitem” filter for target selector of entities. This allows the player to target entities based on the items that have in their inventory or are wearing
  • Added ‘/tickingarea’ command preload overload
  • The ‘/tickingarea’ command no longer modifies areas from entities with the tick_world component
  • Entities must now be loaded for an area to be considered fully loaded and ticking
  • Added a new ‘/volumearea ‘ command to create, remove, and list volumes in the world
  • Using ‘/playanimation’ command now properly plays animations on the paper doll and inventory character (MCPE-137353)
  • Correct error output is now displayed when attempting to use the ‘/loot’ spawn command when passing in the position of an unloaded area and there is 0 loot to drop
  • Added ‘/loot ‘ command insert loot and insert kill overload

AI Goals

  • Exposed new data parameter “calculate_new_path_radius” for GoHomeGoal. This is for specifying a distance in blocks that the mob is considered close enough to the end of the current path. A new path will then be calculated to continue toward home
  • Added Knockback Height Cap value to KnockbackRoarGoal


  • JSON format for events sent from websocket server and Code Builder APIs updated to hierarchical JSON format instead of flat format
  • Less useful properties removed with block and item IDs moved to newer name-based format instead of numerical format
  • Agent-based commands in websockets moved to new “action:agent” format, and all commands are now queued and include unique ids to correlate responses
  • Any future breaking changes to websocket and Code Builder APIs will now result in the “protocolVersion” being incremented


  • Molang expressions inside animation scripts for actor resource definition (pre_animation and initialize) that contain capital letters are properly evaluated now with format_version 1.18.20 or higher
  • Clarified documentation for query.is_item_name_any that the slot index is required when there is more than one slot, i.e. the hotbar
  • Fixed Logical AND to evaluate before Logical OR, and for comparison operators to evaluate before equality operators
    • This is a Molang Versioned Change that only takes effect for Molang expressions in packs that use a min_engine_version of 1.18.20 or higher
    • For example, A && B || Cnow evaluates as (A && B) || C and A < B == C > D now evaluates as (A < B) == (C > D)

GameTest Framework (Experimental)

New Module! We added a mojang-minecraft-ui module with API structures for creating simple dialog boxes:

  • Added ActionFormData/ModalFormData/MessageFormData types in the mojang-minecraft-ui namespace. Documentation is available on the Minecraft Creator documentation site.
  • Removed ‘Minecraft’ and ‘GameTest’ imports; please use ‘mojang-minecraft’ and ‘mojang-gametest’

mojang-minecraft module updates:

  • World
    • Changed return type of function getPlayersto PlayerIterator
    • Added function playSound(soundName: String, soundOptions: SoundOptions): void– plays a sound specified by the sound name, at a location, pitch, or volume as optionally specified in the SoundOptions argument
    • Added queueMusic(trackName : string, musicOptions : MusicOptions)
    • Added playMusic(trackName : string, musicOptions : MusicOptions)
    • Added stopMusic()
    • Added MusicOptions JS class with volume, fadeSeconds and loop properties
  • Dimension
    • Added idproperty
    • Added MinecraftDimensionTypeswith constants for built-in dimension IDs
    • Added spawnItemto spawn an ItemStack in the dimension
  • Player
    • Added function playSound(soundID : String, soundOptions : SoundOptions) – Plays a sound for a player, cannot be heard by entities other than that specific player
  • Events
    • Updated property directionto blockFace in world.events.beforeItemUseOn and world.events.itemUseOn
    • Added event beforeDataDrivenEntityTriggerEvent – Fires before the data driven trigger is applied
    • Added event dataDrivenEntityTriggerEvent – Fires after the data driven trigger is applied
    • Added event entityHit(entityHitEvent: EntityHitEvent, options?: EntityEventOptions) – Fires when an entity or block is hit by another entity
    • Added event entityHurt(entityHurtEvent: EntityHurtEvent, options?: EntityEventOptions)– Fires when an entity takes damage
    • Added event leverActivate – fires when a lever is toggled
    • BlockExplodeEvent – Removed property destroyedBlockPermutation
  • DefinitionModifier – Added
    • read only property componentGroupsToAdd: string[] – List of component groups that will be added as part of this modifier
    • read only property componentGroupsToRemove: string[] – List of component groups that will be removed as part of this modifier
    • property triggers: Trigger[] – List of triggers that will fire as part of this modifier
  • Trigger – Added
    • property eventName: string – Event name of the trigger
  • DataDrivenEntityTriggerEvent – Added
    • read only property entity: Entity – Entity that the event triggered on
    • read only property id: string – name of the event
  • BeforeDataDrivenEntityTriggerEvent – Added
    • read only property entity: Entity – Entity that the event triggered on
    • read only property id: string – name of the event
    • property modifiers: DefinitionModifier[] – List of modifiers that will be applied when the event triggers
    • property cancel: bool – If true, the event will not be triggered
  • EntityDataDrivenTriggerEventOptions – Added and inherited from EntityEventOptions
    • property eventTypes: string[] – If specified, will restrict to events with the specified name (i.e., minecraft:ageable_grow_up)
  • EntityType
    • Added read-only property id: string– The identifier for the entity type
  • EntityTypes
    • Added function get(identifier: string): EntityType– Returns the corresponding EntityType for the given identifier
    • Added function getAll(): EntityTypeIterator– Returns an iterator containing all registered entity types
  • MinecraftEntityTypes
    • Provides EntityType constants for each standard Minecraft entity type
  • EnchantmentType – Added
    • Read-only property id: string – The name of the enchantment type
    • Read-only property maxLevel: int – The maximum level this type of enchantment can have
  • EnchantentInstance – Added
    • Constructor EnchantmentInstance(type: EnchantmentType, level : int)
    • Read-only property type: EnchantmentType – The enchantment type of this instance
    • Property level: int – The level of this enchantment instance
  • EnchantmentSlot – Added
    • Represents the item slot or type that an enchantment can be applied to
  • EnchantmentList – Added
    • Represents a collection of enchantments that can be applied to an item
    • Constructor EnchantmentList(slot : EnchantSlot)
    • Read-only property slot: EnchantSlot – The item slot/type that this collection is applied to
    • Read-only property allEnchantments: EnchantmentInstance[] – All enchantments as part of this enchantment collection
    • Method canAddEnchantment(instance : EnchantmentInstance): bool – Returns whether or not the provided EnchantmentInstance can be added to this collection
    • Method addEnchantment(instance : EnchantmentInstance): bool – Attempts to add the enchantment to this collection. Returns true if successful
    • Method removeEnchantment(type : EnchantmentType)– Removes an EnchantmentInstance with type type from this collection if present
    • Method hasEnchantment(type : EnchantmentType): int – If this collection has an EnchantmentInstance with type type, returns the level of the enchantment. Returns 0 if not present
  • ItemStack
    • Added function setLore(loreList: string[]): void– Sets the lore text for the item
    • Added function getLore(): string[]– Gets the lore text for the item
    • Added nameTagproperty
  • ItemEnchantmentComponent – Added
    • Property enchantments: EnchantmentList – Gets a copy of the current set of enchantments on this ItemStack. Or allows the user to set the EnchantmentList for the ItemStack
    • Method removeAllEnchantments– Removes any enchantments that might be present on this ItemStack
  • Vector – Added numerous new helper functions
    • Added function length(): number– Returns the length of this vector
    • Added function normalized(): Vector– Returns this as a normalized vector
    • Added static function distance(a:Vector, b:Vector): number– Returns distance between two vectors
    • Added static function lerp(a:Vector, b:Vector, t: number): Vector– Returns the linear interpolation between a and b using t as the control
    • Added static function slerp(a:Vector, b:Vector, s: number): Vector– Returns the spherical linear interpolation between a and b using s as the control
    • Added static function cross(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector– Returns the cross product of these two vectors
    • Added static function add(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector– Returns the addition of these vectors
    • Added static function subtract(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector– Returns the subtraction of these vectors
    • Added static function multiply(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector– Returns the component-wise product of these vectors
    • Added static function divide(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector– Returns the component-wise division of these vectors
    • Added static function multiply(a:Vector, b:number): Vector– Returns the product of this vector and a scalar
    • Added static function divide(a:Vector, b:number): Vector– Returns the division of this vector and a scalar
    • Added static function min(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector– Returns a vector that is made from the smallest components of two vectors.
    • Added static function max(a:Vector, b:Vector): Vector– Returns a vector that is made from the largest components of two vectors
  • EntityItemComponent
    • Added component EntityItemComponentthat can be used to obtain an ItemStack from an item entity – e.g., getComponent(“item”).itemStack  
  • BlockInventoryComponent
    • Fixed accessing items in a double chest crashing/being inconsistent
  • Exposed the following components for Entities:
    • minecraft:can_climb
    • minecraft:can_fly
    • minecraft:can_power_jump
    • minecraft:fire_immune
    • minecraft:floats_in_liquid
    • minecraft:is_dyable
    • minecraft:is_baby
    • minecraft:is_charged
    • minecraft:is_chested
    • minecraft:is_hidden_when_invisible
    • minecraft:is_ignited
    • minecraft:is_illager_captain
    • minecraft:is_saddled
    • minecraft:is_shaking
    • minecraft:is_sheared
    • minecraft:is_stackable
    • minecraft:is_stunned
    • minecraft:is_tamed
    • minecraft:wants_jockey
    • minecraft:variant
    • minecraft:skin_id
    • minecraft:mark_variant
    • minecraft:friction_modifier
    • minecraft:ground_offset
    • minecraft:scale
    • minecraft:push_through

mojang-gametest module:

  • Removed radiusargument from command /gametest clearall
  • Modified the behavior of function attack()to make the simulated player swing even when no target is found
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.18.12

  • Release date: February 16th 2022 (North America, Europe) / February 17th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Improved the smoothness of player movement (MCPE-152176
  • The pause menu’s “Invite to Game” button is now always enabled on Realms  
  • Fixed issue where ratings count and offer tiles were not visible in the Marketplace  
  • Fixed an issue with experience being granted when moving items from the hotbar in the furnace UI screens (MCPE-152227)  
  • Fixed a bug where animation timeline events at 0.0 would sometimes not run in looping animations
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.18.11

  • Release date: February 11th 2022 (North America, Europe) / February 12th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed players not being directed to minigames on some Featured Servers
  • Fixed NPC dialogue prompts closing if there was a dialogue open command on a button
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.18.10

  • Release date: February 8th 2022 (North America, Europe) / February 9th 2022 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Added Globe Banner Pattern
  • Iron Golems now show different degrees of cracking depending on their health
  • Updated several more textures to match Java Edition
  • New experimental features with Frogs and Tadpoles
  • A huge amount of bug fixes and parity changes


  • World settings can now be changed directly on Realms, just like local worlds
  • If you’re playing in South Korea, we added gameplay timers and notices in compliance with gaming laws to help remind players to take occasional breaks from gameplay

Vanilla Parity:

  • Added the Globe Banner Pattern on Bedrock
  • Raid boss bar says now displays “Raid – Victory” and Fireworks are launched from the ground after a raid is defeated (MCPE-51267)
  • Villagers now make a “No” sound when attempting to make a trade that they are out of stock
  • Players no longer gain a particle effect when obtaining Bad Omen from Pillager Captains
  • Iron Golems now show different degrees of cracking depending on their health. Iron Ingots can be used on damaged Iron Golems to repair them (MCPE-74081)
  • Removed the emerald icon above a Villager’s head when trading
  • Iron Golems now only attack players that have very bad standing in a village after attacking a Villager
  • Glow Lichen now has similar brightness as Java Edition
  • Foxes now aim downwards when they pounce (MCPE-143664)
  • Updated trade tables for Butchers, Cartographers, Librarians, and Wandering Traders
  • Biome decoration features in cave biomes now have similar frequency as Java Edition
  • Adjusted the “otherside” music disc to give off a redstone signal of 14 to match Java Edition (MCPE-145751)
  • Adjusted the “Pigstep” music disc to give off a redstone signal of 13 to match Java Edition (MCPE-74030)
  • Updated textures for multiple blocks and items to remove bugs and achieve parity between Bedrock and Java Edition (MCPE-127539)
    • Lodestone Compass
    • Oak Door, Dark Oak Door, Birch Door, Spruce Door, Acacia Door, and Jungle Door
    • Oak Sign, Dark Oak Sign, Birch Sign, Spruce Sign, Acacia Sign, Jungle Sign, Warped Sign, and Crimson Sign
    • Campfire and Soul Campfire
    • Item Frame and Glow Item Frame
    • Glow Berry Vines
    • Comparator (On)
    • Wither
  • Additional texture updates
    • Updated Glass Pane top to match the new texture on Java Edition (MCPE-148572)
    • Fixed the top texture of Dark Oak Logs (MCPE-148577)
    • Updated Stripped Dark Oak side texture to match the new texture on Java Edition (MCPE-148576)
    • Updated Dirt Path side texture (MCPE-148568)
    • Changed ‘door_oak’ texture filename back to ‘door_wood’ (MCPE-148502)
    • Reversed Parrot head and wing bottom textures (MCPE-148573)
    • Moved Beetroot and Melon Seed textures 1 pixel row down to match Java Edition (MCPE-148561)
    • Removed unused pixels in Cocoa Beans stage 0 and stage 1 textures to match Java Edition
    • Updated Smooth Stone texture in Armor Stand base (MCPE-148565)
    • Removed horizontal lines in Oak and Iron upper Door textures (MCPE-148566)
    • Removed hood in Witch, Evoker, and Vindicator textures to match Java Edition
    • Changed alpha values of Red and Blue Stained Glass textures to match Java Edition (Vanilla Parity)
    • Fixed the hammer icon’s color palette on the Anvil screen (MCPE-148575)
    • Updated Dark Oak Planks on the Cartography table textures (MCPE-148562)
    • Updated Spruce Planks on the Barrel bottom texture
    • Updated Planks on the Lectern base texture (MCPE-148567)
    • Fixed highlight inconsistencies in Gold and Diamond Armor textures (MCPE-148591)
    • Removed wandering pixel in the Carrot stage 3 texture (MCPE-148563)
    • Centered the back texture of Axolotls (MCPE-148571)
    • Boat oars now have the same color as the Boat (MCPE-150492)

Experimental Features:

Reminder: Remember to make regular backup copies of your favorite worlds before enabling experimental features!

Please keep in mind that these features are work in progress, still under in development, and subject to change. If you activate them, your world might crash, break, or not work with future updates. Experimental features cannot be turned off after world creation.

For more information, please see the article about enabling experimental features at aka.ms/MCExperimentalFeatures.

More experimental features will become available in future releases. This is only the beginning of new content for The Wild Update!

Frogs and Tadpoles

  • Frogs will spawn in Swamp biomes
  • Frogs can croak, jump, swim, and walk on land
  • Frogs can eat small Slimes, causing a Slime Ball to drop
  • Frogs can be tempted and bred using Seagrass, but this is just a placeholder food for now
  • Frogs lay eggs after mating
  • Frog eggs that hatch spawn Tadpoles
  • Tadpoles that grow up will turn into a Frog
  • Tadpoles can swim in water
  • Tadpoles “jump around” like fishes when on land, and eventually die
  • Tadpoles grow into a different type of Frog based on the biome they are born in
  • Tadpoles can be caught in a Bucket


  • Three new Froglight blocks have been added (Pearlescent, Verdant, and Ochre)
  • The Froglight blocks emit light
  • The blocks are obtained by luring a Frog close to a small Magma Cube. The Frog will eat the Magma Cube and a Froglight block will drop. Each Frog variant will cause a different Froglight block to drop


  • Sculk block features are now accessible by enabling this toggle


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed an issue that could cause entities in a chunk to not save when exiting a world (MCPE-144208)
  • The game now loads certain seeds and worlds around Mesa biomes without crashing (MCPE-149659)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trading Maps with Cartographer Villagers (MCPE-142388)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when shift-clicking Armor in the Crafting Table while using Pocket UI (MCPE-144863)
  • Fixed issue where breaking blocks, opening chests, and entering portals would be delayed/not work when there are lots of mobs nearby (MCPE-149214)
  • Optimized the placement of geode features in the world
  • Reduced the amount of network packets sent with the subchunk request system and packet optimizations


  • Boats no longer disappear when getting out of them after a long ride (MCPE-108568)
  • Players can now use emotes while standing on Scaffolding (MCPE-147624)
  • Capped the freezing range of the Frost Walker enchantment to 8 blocks to avoid server unresponsiveness
  • The ‘Iron Belly’ achievement can once again be unlocked (MCPE-146036)
  • Players can no longer be hurt by their own armor enchantments such as Thorns
  • Fixed a camera issue when entering a Bed while still in glide mode (MCPE-117339)
  • Pillager Outposts now spawn the correct number of Pillagers and Iron Golems (MCPE-141499)

World Generation

  • Large Dripstone feature does not generate floating on top of lava anymore (MCPE-141131)
  • Pointed Dripstone clusters no longer have a chance of spawning only stalagmites of height one (MCPE-148588)
  • Pointed Dripstone now sometimes generate on large stalactites and stalagmites (MCPE-128128)
  • Lava pools now only generate in positive Y coordinates (MCPE-146459)
    • Lava pools that generate close to Y=0 will have Deepslate and Stone blocks casing
  • Coral now generates in the deeper depths of Warm Oceans (MCPE-147399)
  • The Grove biome now has more variety of Spruce Trees (MCPE-148361)
  • Fixed Mesa and Frozen Ocean biomes having inconsistent generation on Realms
  • The Bedrock layer in old world chunks is now replaced with Deepslate between y=0 and y=8 (MCPE-147373)
  • Copper Ore can now generate in Deepslate variant in Dripstone Caves (MCPE-144800)
  • Ruined Portals under Ocean and Swamp biomes are no longer waterlogged and will spawn dry
  • Chests and Monster Spawners once again generate correctly in structures (MCPE-23416, MCPE-48622, MCPE-97295)
  • The bottoms of hoodoos in Eroded Badlands biomes no longer make flat ceilings in caves underneath (MCPE-146984)
  • Lily Pads no longer generate in aquifers under Swamp biomes (MCPE-125913)
  • Fossils can now be generate below Y=0, with Deepslate Diamond Ore Blocks instead of Coal Ore Blocks (MCPE-144065)
  • Fossils will no longer generate floating in caves or water
  • Mineshafts now always generate above the Bedrock layer (MCPE-147575)
  • Iceberg features no longer replace Snow Blocks of Igloo structures (MCPE-147690)
  • Water in open air mountain caves no longer generates unevenly (MCPE-149417)
  • Aquifers no longer generate with missing water blocks (MCPE-146452)


  • Villagers, Rabbits, and Foxes spawned in the Frozen and Jagged Peaks biomes now spawn as their respective snowy variants (MCPE-119561)
  • Goats now spawn in the Jagged Peaks and Frozen Peaks biomes (MCPE-146886)
  • Axolotl walk animations are now affected by speed (MCPE-131322)
  • Slimes are once again aggressive towards Snow Golems (MCPE-146651)
  • Fixed a bug where the Ender Dragon would become invisible when flying towards the portal fountain after dying (MCPE-149119)
  • When using the Education Edition toggle, Axolotls, Bees, Boats, Cats, Dolphins, Glow Squids, Goats, Hoglins, Iron Golems, Ocelots, Pandas, Parrots, Pigs, Polar Bears, Squids, Striders, Wolves, and Zoglins can now have Balloons attached to them. Wow, that’s a lot of mobs!
  • Skeleton Horsemen now pathfind correctly (MCPE-147521)
  • Farmer Villagers no longer pick up more than 8 stacks of items (MCPE-123412)
  • Untamed Cats can now be leashed
  • Guardians and Elder Guardians no longer sink while targeting an enemy or the player


  • Fire can no longer be placed on top of Lightning Rods
  • The width of Walls connecting to Candles is now correct (MCPE-141156)
  • Improved the animation of falling block entities (e.g. Sand and Gravel) (MCPE-142010)
  • Amethyst Clusters are now properly destroyed when the supporting block is destroyed (MCPE-126076)
  • Copper Blocks and variants now oxidize in the Nether (MCPE-134954)
  • Big Dripleaf placement has been restricted to Clay, Grass, Dirt, Farmland, Moss, Rooted Dirt, Podzol, and Mycelium (MCPE-123392)
  • Water blocks near edges should now flow properly
  • Fixed Monster Spawners that sometimes stopped spawning mobs when the chunks they were placed in were reloaded (MCPE-142285)
  • Fixed End Crystal beams not rendering when an End Crystal was out of the players sight (MCPE-149159)
  • Fixed Structure Blocks infinitely spawning the same entities when loading a structure (MCPE-137617)
  • Structure Block structures now correctly transform (rotate and/or mirror) multiface blocks, like Glow Lichen
  • Big Dripleaf, Amethyst Buds, and Amethyst Clusters no longer break in Structure Blocks
  • Pointed Dripstone can now only be placed on full faces of blocks
  • Glow Lichen is now oriented the correct way when placed
  • Magma Blocks no longer deal damage when the Fire Damage game rule is disabled (MCPE-99718)
  • Flower blocks are now properly destroyed by explosions when inside snow layers (MCPE-146492)
  • Portal blocks are no longer obtainable in Survival mode (MCPE-138819)
  • Primed TNT will no longer explode when spawned using ‘/summon’ and the TNT Explodes game rule is disabled (MCPE-49044)
  • Cocoa Pods placed on chunk borders no longer break upon reloading a world (MCPE-67479)
  • Fixed Observer Block retaining its lit state while in the inventory if destroyed while blinking (MCPE-114173)
  • Fixed an issue where Paintings could overlap with Glow Item Frames, Signs, Banners, and Torches
  • Light Block light intensity can now be incremented periodically while holding right-click/interact (MCPE-137647)
  • Light Block light intensity can now be changed on touch-input devices
  • Light Blocks can now be placed on other Light Blocks while sneaking (MCPE-137744)
  • Fixed Light Block’s brightness not being adjustable when playing in VR
  • Fixed Light Block not being continuously placed while holding the ‘Place’ button (MCPE-135669)
  • Light Blocks can now be waterlogged (MCPE-148391)


  • Furnaces now consistently output the expected number of items after completing a smelt (MCPE-126004)
  • Stored experience in a Furnace can no longer be duplicated (MCPE-71777)
  • The Bow’s shaking animation now only appears when the Bow is fully drawn
  • Food once again applies status effects when eaten
  • Offset the position of Maps held in hand relative to the screen’s aspect ratio so they always stay close to the screen’s edge and remain fully visible
  • Item data no longer gets corrupted when items are placed in mobs’ hands (MCPE-145034)
  • Fixed first person off-hand Shield blocking animation (MCPE-125340)


  • Fixed an issue with Screen Reader on the “Save purchase to a Microsoft Account” screen
  • Screen Reader now correctly reads the names of experimental toggles

User Interface

  • Added appropriate padding to the “Item Text Name” box on the user interface for when players have Armor equipped in Survival mode and select items via the hotbar (MCPE-143928)
  • Fixed an issue where text shadows had a reduced offset when text message contains button glyph
  • Fixed an issue with getting a faulty purchase page for Realms when the maximum number of Realms are already owned on the current platform
  • Fixed the Achievements button not being accessible when scrolling up on the Pause Screen
  • Fixed the food cooldown visual not being semi-transparent on the HUD (MCPE-55206)
  • The “Invite to game” and player role buttons on the Pause Screen now have a white border when focused with custom resolution
  • The “Invite to Game” button on the pause screen now disables correctly when a server is full
  • Fixed tab order on the Settings menu when navigating with gamepad bumpers
  • Fixed the height of the scrolling content panel on the Marketplace sidebar navigation to display the scrolling bar for varying device resolutions
  • Fixed a redundant ” – ” beside player usernames after adding them to the friends list (MCPE-105464)
  • Fixed item tooltip freezing in place on the Creative menu when switching between gaze selection and controller selection on PS VR
  • Fixed player camera perspective not being respected when changing from Immersive Mode to Living Room Mode in PS VR
  • Boss bar info no longer disappears after changing VR display mode on PS VR
  • Fixed coin purchases not updating displayed coin amount until after relaunching the game
  • Removed double space spelling issues on several screens, including the Feedback prompt (MCPE-104037)
  • Fixed the player visual on the inventory screen while gliding. It was previously off-center and could hide elements of the interface
  • Fixed issue where up and down arrow buttons in the Resource Pack Settings screen became bigger when highlighted (MCPE-147708)
  • Fixed Realms buttons disappearing after the Minecraft window lost and regained focus on the Create World on Realm screen
Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

  • Updated Add-On templates for 1.18.10 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation, are available to download at aka.ms/MCAddonPacks

Performance / Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when setting the width or height of a mob’s hitbox to a negative value
  • Fixed an issue where ticking areas would occasionally skip a tick
  • Fixed a bug that caused performance drops when using the ‘/tag’ command (MCPE-139609)
  • The Content Log History panel is now accessible from the second player in split-screen without crashing the game
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when an animation controller referenced itself as one of its “animations”
  • The game no longer crashes when nesting schedule commands in functions (MCPE-144730)
  • Added log messages to help identify the cause of the BDS crash (BDS-12751)
  • Improved performance of RandomStrollGoal
  • Reduced memory and load times for ticking areas


  • Android’s target API has been updated to API 30 for Google Play Store
  • Reapplied changes to use “allowlist” instead of “whitelist” (BDS-14119)


  • Added ‘/loot’ command – Drops the given loot table into the world
  • Added a new ‘/damage’ command to allow players to deal damage to entities
  • Placing Cocoa Beans with ‘/setblock’ or ‘/fill’ commands no longer results in an error
  • The ‘/spreadplayers’ command no longer hangs when given a high spread range (MCPE-137793)
  • Order of function calls triggered by ‘/execute’ inside a function are now consistent (MCPE-111849)
  • The ‘/effect’ command no longer has the redundant argument ’empty’ (MCPE-62903)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the ‘/kill’ command to not kill entities with the Absorption effect (MCPE-142763)

Data-Driven Blocks

  • Added support for blocks having the same name, as long as they belong to different namespaces
  • Updated documentation for several components:
    • BlockExplosionResistance
    • BlockFrictionComponent
    • BlockMaterialInstances
    • BlockBreathabilityComponent
    • CraftingTableComponent
    • BlockLightFilterComponent
  • Changed BlockLightDescription JSON name from “minecraft:block_light_absorption” to “Minecraft:block_light_filter” and field name from “block_light_absorption” to “block_light_filter”

Data-Driven Entities

  • The random chance for a wild adult Ocelot to spawn with two children is now handled by components added in the entity JSON definition
  • Fixed many missing “Description” entries in the documentation
  • Added AI Goals documentation for “behavior.move_to_liquid” and “behavior.move_to_block”
  • Added AI Goals documentation for missing parameters of “behavior.tempt”, “behavior.rise_to_liquid_level”, and “behavior.random_fly”
  • Added Components documentation for missing parameters of “movement.sway”
  • Fixed some typos and inconsistencies in the Entities documentation

Data-Driven Items

  • Added nine new shapeless recipe JSON files, replacing hard-coded Smithing Table crafting recipes
  • Updated documentation for BlockCollisionComponentDescription
  • Changed BlockCollisionComponentDescription JSON name from “entity_collision” to “block_collision”
  • Updated documentation for FuelItemComponent
  • Renamed DamageableItemComponent to DurabilityItemComponent
  • Updated documentation for BlockRaycastComponent
  • Updated documentation for FoodItemComponent
  • Changed SaturationModifier in FoodItemComponent to take a float instead of a string
  • Fixed custom food behaviours not being replicated to guest clients


  • The “controlling_seat” field on “minecraft:rideable” now works as intended for both Boats and Horses
  • Mobs riding other mobs and pathing towards a target will no longer wiggle back and forth along their path
  • Match tool conditions now work on mobs (Experimental)
  • JumpToBlockGoal can no longer be used when the mob is in water
  • JumpToBlockGoal now correctly searches the same distance upwards and downwards when looking for jumpblockcandidates, allowing a mobs that use the goal to jump equally high as low
  • Fixed an issue where animation controller events defined in the default state would get skipped if the controller immediately transitioned to another state (This is a versioned change that will only be applied for animation controllers starting at format_version 1.18.10)


  • Fixed an issue where animation events, sound effect events, and particle events would not trigger if the event time specified was equal to the total “animation_length”
  • Fixed an issue where event times were not considered within the animation length calculation that happens when “animation_length” is not explicitly specified


  • Fixed arrow operator to return 0 if the left side is not a valid entity or item, rather than causing the entire expression to return 0
    • For example, if bis not valid variable.a = variable.b->variable.c will now assign 0 to variable.a
    • This is not a Molang Versioned Changebecause no known content is currently using the arrow operator
  • Add non-experimental is_name_any, is_item_name_any, and is_owner_identifier_any queries
  • Fixed relative_block_has_all_tags block_neighbor_has_all_tags and biome_has_all_tags queries to require all tags rather than just any tags
  • Fixed nested conditional (ternary) operator parsing to go right-to-left instead of left-to-right
    • This is a Molang Versioned Change that only takes effect for Molang expressions in packs that use a min_engine_version of 1.18.10 or higher
    • Previously nested conditional expressions like ‘A?B:C?D:E’would evaluate as ‘ (A?B:C)?D:E’, now they evaluate as ‘A?B:(C?D:E’
  • Access of missing public variables on other entities will return 0.0 and not cause an error
  • Fix loading of public variables containing capital letters to not cause an error
  • Added “slot.equippable” added as a slot option for WearableItemComponent and Molang
  • Added alland query.any to check if a value matches all or any of the following values
  • Added in_rangeto check if a value is in the (inclusive) range between a min and max value

Block Components (Experimental)

  • Fixed BlockPartVisibilityComponent for multiplayer by adding network save/load tags (MCPE-141908)

GameTest Framework (Experimental)

There are some important breaking changes in APIs creators should be aware of:

  • Renamed mojang-minecraft:Worldobject to mojang-minecraft:world 
    • In practice, this means “World.getDimension” code should now read “world.getDimension”
  • Removed mojang-minecraft:Commands- Instead, we are adding runCommand methods on dimension, entity, and player
    • In practice, this means that “Commands.run(“say Hello World”, dimension)” should now read “dimension.runCommand(“say Hello World”)”

Other major API adds and updates:

mojang-minecraft module


  • Replaced function getPlayers() : Player[] with function getPlayers(options: EntityQueryOptions = undefined) : EntityIterator- Returns an iterator to a collection containing all players in the dimension. Optionally, options can be used to filter the result


  • Added blockBreak and blockPlace events, which are called when a player breaks or places a block in the world
  • Added optional argument to events.addEffect. This argument will limit the callback to only fire for specific entities (see EntityEventOptions)
  • Item use events:
    • Added event events.beforeItemUse – Fires before an item is used. Can be canceled
    • Added event events.itemUse – Fires when an item is used and the before event is not cancelled
    • Added event events.beforeItemUseOn – Fires before an item is used on a block. Can be cancelled
    • Added event events.itemUseOn – Fires when an item is used on a block and the before event is not cancelled
  • Note that the following definition events only function with data driven items created as part of the Holiday Creator Features experiment:
    • Added event events.beforeItemDefinitionEvent – Fires before an Item definition event is processed. Can be canceled
    • Added event events.itemDefinitionEvent – Fires when the Item definition event is processed and the before event is not canceled
    • Added method triggerEvent(eventName : String) – Triggers an event on the ItemStack if an event with the given eventName, as defined in the Items JSON file


  • Added property brokenBlockPermutationto indicate which kind of block was broken

Entity (note that derived types Player and mojang-gametest:SimulatedPlayer also added these APIs as well)

  • Added runCommandmethod to run a command as an entity
  • Added dimensionproperty to get the dimension the entity is in
  • Added function addTag(tag: string): bool- Adds a tag to this entity. Returns true if the tag does not already exist
  • Added function hasTag(tag: string): bool- Returns true if the tag exists on this entity
  • Added function removeTag(tag: string): bool- Removes a tag from this entity. Returns true if the tag was removed
  • Added function getTags(): string[] – Returns all tags on this entity
  • Added target property to Entity. targetrepresents the Entity that this Entity is currently targeting, for purposes such as AI targeting
  • Added function getEntitiesFromViewVector(options: EntityRaycastOptions): Entity[] – Gets all entities that intersects the ray from the entities view vector
  • Added function getBlockFromViewVector(options: BlockRaycastOptions): Block – Gets the first block that intersects the ray from the entities view vector
  • Added function setVelocity(velocity: Vector): bool- Sets the velocity of this entity
  • Added property viewVector: Vector- Represents the direction that the entity is looking, as a vector
  • Added property headLocation: Location- Represents the location of the head of the entity
  • Added property bodyRotation: number- Represents the body rotation of the entity as a float (in degrees)
  • Added function teleport(location: Location, dimension: Dimension, xRotation (optional): float, yRotation (optional): float)
  • Added function teleportFacing(location: Location, dimension: Dimension, facingLocation: Location)


  • Added method startItemCooldown(itemCategory : string, durationTicks : int) – Starts or resets a cooldown on an item category (e.g., ender_pearl) for the given duration in ticks
  • Added method getItemCooldown(itemCategory : string) – Returns the remaining duration in ticks that this player has of the given item category. If no cooldown is present, returns 0


  • Added ItemCooldownComponent (item.getComponent(“minecraft:cooldown”))
  • Read-only property cooldownCategory : string – Represents the cooldown category of this item.
  • Read-only property cooldownTicks : int – Represents the cooldown time in ticks for this item if cooldown is enabled
  • method startCooldown(player : Player) – Starts or resets a cooldown for this item on the given player if cooldown is enabled for this item


  • Removed getName method and added read-only property .id


  • Added runCommandmethod to run a command in a dimension
  • Added function getEntitiesFromRay(pos: Location, direction: Location, options: EntityRaycastOptions): Entity[]- Gets all entities that intersects the ray starting at a location which extends in direction
  • Added function getBlockFromRay(pos: Location, direction: Location, options: BlockRaycastOptions) : Block – Gets the first block that intersects the ray starting at a location which extends in direction
  • Added function getPlayers(options: EntityQueryOptions = undefined) : EntityIterator- Returns an iterator to a collection containing all players. Optionally, options can be used to filter the result
  • Added function getEntities(options: EntityQueryOptions = undefined) : EntityIterator- Returns an iterator to a collection containing all entities in the dimension. Optionally, options can be used to filter the result
  • Updated spawnEntityto take a Location or a BlockLocation


  • Added class EntityQueryOptions- Provides additional filtering options when calling getEntities and getPlayers


  • Added class EntityQueryScoreOptions- Used with EntityQueryOptions to provide scoreboard filtering


  • Used to filter events that fire on entities to restrict the callback to only certain ones.
  • Property entity: Entity[] – If specified, will restrict to just this entity
  • Property entityTypes: string[] – If specified, will restrict to entities with the specified type (e.g., minecraft:creeper)


  • Renamed destroyedBlock to block

mojang-gametest module

  • Added registerAsync method to register and properly track the state of GameTests using async functions


  • Added getDimensionto get the dimension in which the test is being ran
  • Added gameMode: GameModeparameter to spawnSimulatedPlayer method


  • Added function giveItem(itemStack: ItemStack, selectSlot: boolean)
  • Added function setItem(itemStack:ItemStack, slot: number, selectSlot: boolean)
  • Renamed destroyBlockto breakBlock
  • Renamed stopDestroyingBlockto stopBreakingBlock
  • Removed selectSlot method
  • Added property selectedSlot: int – Gets or sets the currently selected hotbar slot for the player
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.18.2

  • Release date: December 9th 2021 (North America, Europe) / December 10th 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Interacting with certain containers will once again properly open the inventory screen (MCPE-148531)
  • Fixed issue where breaking blocks, opening chests, and entering portals would be delayed/not work when there are lots of mobs nearby (MCPE-149214)
  • Fixed some worlds not correctly replacing Bedrock blocks with Deepstone blocks after upgrading to 1.18 (MCPE-149251
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.18.1

  • Release date: December 2nd 2021 (North America, Europe) / December 3rd 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when chatting and playing on Realms
  • Decreased the amount of Diamond Ore that generates to match Java Edition
  • Fixed lighting bugs when removing light sources after returning to the Overworld from other dimensions (MCPE-145828)
  • Players no longer have problems moving after respawning or getting out of a Bed
  • Added a warning prompt explaining potential loss of data when setting File Storage Location to External on Android devices
  • Fixed simulation stopping in multiplayer sessions when other players move away from one player’s render distance (MCPE-147391)
  • The teleport command will no longer succeed when ‘checkForBlocks’ is true and the destination is obstructed
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a faulty purchase page for Realms when the maximum number of Realms are already owned
  • Optimized the Marketplace Inventory screen and improved loading of content images
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.18.0 (Caves & Cliffs Part II)

  • Release date: November 30th 2021 (North America, Europe) / December 1st 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

New Features:

Increased World Height and Depth

  • Overworld height and depth for new and existing worlds has been extended to y320 and y-64, opening up more space to explore and build in

World Blending

  • Players can now update existing worlds to include the new overworld height dimensions and world generation features. See our World Upgrading FAQ for more details
  • The bedrock layer at y0 below saved chunks will be replaced with Deepslate and feature new cave generation underneath
  • Biomes and terrain generating across new and existing chunk borders will blend seamlessly, creating natural-looking environmental transitions

New Terrain and Mountain Generation

  • Terrain shape and elevation is no longer always determined by biome, resulting in new biome placements such as deserts on top of hills
  • Mountains are taller than ever and can now generate up to a maximum height of 256 blocks

New Biomes, 3D Biome Generation, and Biome Distribution

  • Added 3D biomes – cave biomes can now generate directly below surface biomes
  • New cave and mountain biomes added, including Jagged Peaks, Meadows, Lush Caves and Dripstone Caves

New Cave Generation

  • Added noise caves – the three primary types of noise caves are large, open Cheese Caves, wide, tunnelling Spaghetti Caves and the narrow, winding Noodle Caves
  • Added aquifers – these create local level bodies of water such as flooded caves or underground lakes

Ore Distribution and Large Ore Veins

  • Added large ore veins – these long formations stretch through cave systems and contain larger deposits of ore than the clusters usually found underground
  • Ore distribution has been adjusted to compensate for the new world height

Mob Spawning

  • Monsters will now only spawn in complete darkness. Players can spawn-proof dark areas such as caves using light sources

New Music

  • Added new music by Lena Raine and Kumi Tanioka
  • Added a new music disc from Lena Raine titled “otherside”. This can be found rarely in Stronghold corridor chests or much more rarely in Dungeon chests
  • Mobile players: To hear the new music, you will need to download the updated Minecraft Original Music Pack, available FREE from Marketplace

New Achievements/Trophies

  • Caves & Cliffs – Free fall from the top of the world (build limit) to the bottom of the world and survive
  • Feels Like Home – Take a Strider for a loooong ride on a lava lake in the Overworld
  • Sound of Music – Make the Meadows come alive with the sound of music from a jukebox
  • Star trader – Trade with a villager at the build height limit

Check out the FAQ article for a deep dive on the new features in Caves & Cliffs: Part II!


Vanilla Experiments

  • Added new “Vanilla Experiments” experimental toggle containing some blocks and items from The Wild Update, coming in 2022
    • Goat Horn
    • Sculk
    • Sculk Vein
    • Sculk Catalyst
    • Sculk Shrieker
    • Sculk Sensor
  • Be sure to backup your worlds before enabling experimental toggles and see our updated FAQ on how to enable Experiments

“Old” World Type

  • Removed “Old” world type from the world creation screen
  • Locked Old worlds to BaseGameVersion 1.17.40
  • Existing Old worlds are still playable but will not be updated with 1.18 features
  • For more information on Old world changes, please see the FAQ article

Menu Panorama

  • Added a new main menu panorama showing the beautiful cliffs of the Overworld

Android External Storage

  • Players with external storage will be migrated to new location at start up, due to storage changes required by Google. You can still play if migration fails by closing the results window
  • With external storage being migrated to its new location in preparation for Google’s new API requirements, you will now lose your data if you uninstall Minecraft, unless you check the box indicating you want to keep your data. We recommend checking this box if you wish to keep your worlds in the event you choose to reinstall Minecraft
  • For more information on storage changes, please see the FAQ article

Known Issues:

  • New world generation in this release is currently incompatible with the ‘Creation of Custom Biomes’ experimental toggle. Expect worlds with custom biome generation to be potentially unstable and for custom biomes to only exist in currently saved out areas of the world.
  • World generation for the Minecraft Overworld has changed entirely with this release. This means old seeds will no longer spawn players in the same positions when playing 1.18. If creators are version locked to an old version of the game, their seeds will generate worlds as they were prior to 1.18.


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading certain world chunks (MCPE-138139)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when going through portals with tamed pets (MCPE-129738)
  • Optimized the time it takes to place Vines in the Overworld during world generation


  • Replaced the missing “Always Day” option in world settings (MCPE-137790)
  • Players with higher than recommended render distance settings are now prompted to change it to the recommended value
  • Render distance default and max settings have been updated for better performance, including improvements to the slider in video settings
  • A prompt now warns players that they will be taken back to the main menu if they sign-in while in-game
  • Increased Realm upload and download timeouts to 15 minutes


  • Corrected Portal locations when the Portal was moved but the location was not updated (MCPE-28765)
  • Hero of the Village effect now applies to all players who helped kill a raider once a raid is defeated, and the effect remains on the players, even if they travel outside the village (MCPE-53384)
  • Fixed an issue where terrain could be seen through
  • Fixed player hitbox not resetting after gliding with Elytra (MCPE-109925)
  • Fixed player flight with Elytra being cancelled when hitting a wall and taking damage (MCPE-54031)


  • Mobs can now path over Trapdoors
  • Fixed issues with mobs and entities disappearing from chunks (MCPE-144208)
  • Mobs no longer walk through Campfires (MCPE-142054)
  • Axolotls now animate correctly when airborne (MCPE-131322)
  • Sweet Berry Bushes now damage mobs, with the exception of Foxes (MCPE-56142, MCPE-140012)
  • Mobs no longer try to path through Sweet Berry Bushes
  • The riding position of Llamas no longer shifts after being tamed (MCPE-143006)
  • Raid mobs now despawn after a raid ends, if the player moves too far away
  • Vindicators no longer naturally spawn in Illager Patrols
  • Lightning bolts no longer have shadows (MCPE-140689)
  • Fish now attempt to avoid Axolotls
  • Magma Cubes are now correctly aggressive towards Iron Golems and Slimes are no longer aggressive towards Snow Golems (MCPE-51162)
  • Phantoms should now be able to free themselves after getting stuck when trying to pathfind into mountains (MCPE-119773)
  • Villagers will keep following their schedules in worlds that have been ticking for a very long time, and when game time is negative (MCPE-98361)
  • Education Edition: NPCs no longer have idle sounds (MCPE-141856)


  • Breaking a block below fire no longer creates an invisible fire block when the ‘doFireTick’ gamerule is disabled (MCPE-101371)
  • Players can once again continuously place water, lava, and Powder Snow by holding down the ‘Place’ button (MCPE-139671)
  • Light blocks no longer support blocks that need support, e.g. Beds and Paintings (MCPE-144311)
  • Light blocks will now survive a TNT or Creeper explosion (MCM-1417)
  • All ground vegetation can now be placed on Mycelium (MCPE-125928)
  • Fixed shallow water turning brighter when aimed at while holding a Small Drip Leaf (MCPE-123373)
  • Tall flowers will now drop only one item when broken by water placed in the upper half of the flower (MCPE-142799)
  • Campfires no longer drop only one Charcoal when broken by a Piston or an explosion, instead dropping two units as expected (MCPE-139467)
  • In the Stonecutter, a Block of Copper can now be crafted into four Cut Copper (MCPE-144067)
  • Copper Ore now drops 2-5 (from 2-3) Raw Copper items (MCPE-144071)
  • Nether Sprouts can once again generate when using Bone Meal on Warped Nylium (MCPE-139672)
  • Snow Grass Block and all types of Snow blocks now use similar colors (MCPE-57022)
  • Fixed Leaf Blocks not remaining transparent when surrounded by partial blocks such as Buttons or Slabs (MCPE-139213, MCPE-53731)
  • Fixed face culling of blocks placed below Leaf blocks, fixing an x-ray effect


  • Adjusted the smoothness of movement for Primed TNT, Lingering Potions, Splash Potions, and Bottle o’ Enchanting when far from players (MCPE-101102)
  • Fire Charges are no longer consumed when used on lit Candles, Candle Cakes, Campfires, activated Nether Portals, or on other blocks that are already on fire
  • Multiple Education Edition items no longer show the “craftingScreen.tab.none” tooltip (MCPE-102444)
  • Ender Pearls can no longer generate as Glow Sticks in Woodland Mansion chests (MCPE-137440)


  • Added missing screen reader on the “Controller lost connection” prompt


  • The Carved Pumpkin enchantment glint now only covers the item instead of the entire slot
  • Fixed a bug that could occur on older worlds where looking up in a Minecart would display the inside of the Minecart, blocking the player’s view
  • Updated item rendering so enchanted are no longer be invisible in the Nether (MCPE-116880)
  • Fixed a visual glitch where taking a plant from a Flower Pot would result in the plant still being rendered (MCPE-143661)
  • Water drips now trigger splash effects
  • Shield blocking animation now plays smoothly (MCPE-125951)

User Interface

  • Fixed Java Edition parity while lying in bed in multiplayer game. A message will now show how many players are lying in bed while waiting for all players to fall asleep
  • Updated the “out of storage” message with additional clarity when a device is out of storage for saving new worlds
  • The raid boss bar color has changed from purple to red, matching Java Edition (MCPE-46047)
  • Raid boss bars now decrease whenever a raider takes damage
  • Structure Blocks can now be saved and loaded properly within current dimension height limits (MCPE-122643)
  • All setting changes made to a new world are carried over when creating it on a new Realm
  • Renamed some occurrences of “level” in the user interface to the more accurate “world”
  • The store update prompt no longer appears for no internet connection or session start failure
  • Improved the error messaging in the Play screen when Microsoft Account permissions are set to block multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where searching for non-existent content brought up the incorrect “1 result” message
  • Fixed overlapping text on Marketplace offerings occurring on 4:3 resolution screens
  • Fixed the rendering of the icons in text, making the colors not appear distorted

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

  • Updated Add-On templates for 1.18.0 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation, are available to download at aka.ms/MCAddOnPacks


  • Players are disconnected if server and client have different Runtime Block IDs
  • Fixed a rendering error that could occur when attempting to render a Vanilla mob in a base game version prior to the version that mob was introduced through JSON files
  • Most content errors and warnings will now only display once per world (MCPE-135153)
  • Improved performance in ‘RangedAttackGoal’ for mobs that do not move
  • Fixed mobs’ default summonability when not specified in JSON (MCM-1390)
  • Fixed a versioning error with animation controllers that was causing the wrong schema to be utilized on Marketplace worlds with an animation controller version 1.8.0
  • Order of function calls triggered by ‘/execute’ inside a function are now consistent (MCPE-111849)


  • The ‘/clone’ command has been updated to properly check for overlapping source and destinations areas no longer allowing for a 1 block depth overlap on each axis. This can continue to be overridden via the force clone option
  • Added the ‘/loot’ command with spawn loot overload

GameTest Framework

  • New Item API updates: ItemStack
    • Exposed interfaces for accessing script-enabled ItemComponents on ItemStack. Note that these item components only work in conjunction with custom items defined via the Holiday Creator Features experiment
    • hasComponent(componentId: string) – returns true if the ItemStack has the component [componentId] attached to it
    • getComponent(componentId: string) – returns a handle to the component attached to this ItemStack. Returns an undefined handle if the component does not exist or if the component is yet to be exposed to script
    • getComponents() – returns an array of all attached script-enabled components on this ItemStack
  • Script Enabled Item Components
    • minecraft:food
      • Read-only property nutrition – number that describes how much nutrition this food item gives the player when eaten
      • Read-only property saturationModifier – number that is the saturation modifier used to apply the saturation buff when eaten
      • Read-only property canAlwaysEat – if true the player can always eat this item (even when not hungry)
      • Read-only property usingConvertsTo – string name of the Item this will be converted to when eaten. If empty, the item will not convert to anything else
    • minecraft:durability
      • Read-only property maxDurability – the number amount of damage this item can take before breaking
      • Read-only property damageRange – a NumberRange describing the chance of the item losing durability
      • Property damage – gets or sets the current damage on the ItemStack
    • getDamageChance(unbreaking: number = 0) – gets the maximum chance that this item would be damaged using the damageRange property if given an unbreaking level. Incoming unbreaking parameter must be greater than 0
  • Added deltaTime read only property to TickEvent which represents the time between the last Level tick in seconds


  • Fixed content error when Molang expression has no tokens to only fire when ‘min_engine_version’ is 1.17.40 or higher
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.17.41

  • Release date: October 27th 2021 (North America) / October 28th 2021 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Fixed a problem that caused certain worlds to drastically increase in size, causing high memory usage (MCPE-143156)
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.17.40

  • Release date: October 19th 2021 (North America) / October 20th 2021 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Experimental Features:

Reminder: We are still tweaking world generation and features may change. Please remember to make regular backup copies of your favourite worlds!

Please keep in mind that these features are work in progress, still under in development, and subject to change. If you activate them, your world might crash, break, or not work with future updates. Experimental features cannot be turned off after world creation.

For more information, please see the article about enabling experimental features at aka.ms/MCExperimentalFeatures.

  • Added new world/cave generation when upgrading saved chunks below “Y=0” using the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle
    • Chunks previously upgraded with Bedrock underneath will not see this change
    • For more information, please see our FAQ! We’d love to hear your feedback about it at aka.ms/CavesCliffsFeedback
  • Added a new mountain biome: Stony Peaks!
    • This is a variant of lofty/snow-capped peaks that uses stone and gravel instead of snow and ice, and is used to avoid temperature clashes such as a snow-capped peak sticking up from a jungle 
  • Corrected vegetation in Mountain Meadows
  • Dripstone Clusters can now only be found in the Dripstone biome
  • Dripstone features now only generate in Dripstone biome
  • Mountain biomes now have correct feature places to match the Java Edition side-snapshot
  • Infested Stone can be found under new mountains
  • Tweaked ore distribution to match the Java Edition side-snapshot
  • Clouds are now at Y level 192
  • Tweaked biome placement, river size, and terrain shapes for a better overworld experience 
  • Tweaked mob spawning in mountain and cave biomes to match the Java Edition side-snapshot 
  • Trees in swamps can now generate slightly deeper when in water
  • Deepslate now generates at lower depths (MCPE-125117)
  • Dripstone features now generate at Deepslate depths
  • The placement logic of Small Dripstone feature has been refactored so frequency is similar but exact positions will differ
  • Copper Ore now generates up to y=96 instead of y=64 (MCPE-125233)
  • Flat worlds with the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle enabled will properly upgrade to use the new dimension heights
  • Upgrades older flat worlds to the new extended heights available with the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle
  • New flat worlds using the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle will generate starting at “y=-64”
  • Maps now correctly show the colors of blocks below a Y level of zero (MCPE-136638)
  • Vines now generate in Lush Caves instead of generating above the surface (MCPE-125800)
  • Vines can now grow down below zero height
  • Villages now generate in the style of the biome they are located in (MCPE-136939)


  • New achievements screens are now available on Windows 10 ARM-based PCs


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Character Creator
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur when on the Realms world slots screen and the internet connection was lost


  • Fixed an issue causing Marketplace downloads on Nintendo Switch to fail after entering and leaving a world
  • World settings are now carried over on to Realms when replacing worlds


  • Fixed a most unfortunate issue that caused players to be set on fire upon changing dimensions if there was Lava underneath the Nether Portal (MCPE-28765)
  • Improved world visibility culling for underground situations to eliminate seeing sky at the end of tunnels/stairs (MCPE-128372)
  • Players can no longer eat food at full hunger in Survival mode (MCPE-60807)
  • Amethyst geodes are now much less likely to generate in Strongholds, and if they do they will not destroy End Portals (MCPE-129861, MCPE-128799)
  • Dungeons are no longer misplaced or missing outside of the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle (MCPE-121708)
  • Vanilla Parity: Players are now able to activate Elytra gliding while moving upward (MCPE-59580)


  • Tropical Fish no longer lose their colors upon grabbing them with a Water Bucket and then releasing them (MCPE-137158)
  • Bees now spawn properly in the world (MCPE-132195)
  • Mobs no longer casually stroll into open flames (MCPE-23835)
  • Villagers can no longer spam doors open and closed (MCPE-28055)
  • Cartographers now more consistently give new maps on all platforms
  • Improved mob pathing around partial blocks (MCPE-127381)
  • Armor no longer renders on Pillagers and Vindicators, but the mobs are still granted armor effects (MCPE-74242)
  • Fixed an issue with mob rendering that caused Vindicator Axes to be visible even when they’re not attacking on older Resource Packs (MCPE-123229)
  • More mobs will now spawn underground in the Overworld
  • Fixed failure to render Leads when attached to mobs out of view (MCPE-63931)
  • Iron Golems now spawn only on solid blocks (MCPE-140145)


  • Falling Stalactites are now offset properly to avoid interacting with entities outside their intended hitbox (MCPE-132772)
  • Beehives now generate in the world facing South
  • Trapdoors now rotate correctly when loaded from a Structure Block(MCPE-66933)
  • Powder Snow no longer disappears when looking at it from a distance (MCPE-127565)
  • Sea Grass no longer spawns under Lily Pads during world generation to avoid breaking them
  • Holding Top Snow in hand while hovering over Grass Blocks no longer causes incorrect behavior (MCPE-140659, MCPE-140660)

User Interface

  • Riding an animal now displays the correct button prompt when playing with non-touch controls
  • Using Dye on Signs that contain formatted color text will now overwrite the formatted color text
  • Fixed text on Signs losing their formatting when new lines or word-wrapping are encountered. Formatting will now persist until the reset code or an overriding code is found. This is not retroactive and previously created Signs will not be changed
  • Altered the message that is displayed when players change skins in-game (MCPE-92772)
  • Fixed an issue where the D-pad and directional keys could not be used to navigate in certain parts of the user interface (MCPE-132826)
  • Fixed an issue where an error message could be shown after suspending the game on the Achievements screens with Screen Animations disabled (MCPE-132269)
  • Fixed an issue where an obscure game rule was added to Settings (MCPE-139025)
  • The sign in text on the main menu no longer overlaps the Marketplace button
  • Added space between tab title and the word ‘Tab’ for text-to-speech on Settings screen
  • Added a “More Info” button to the sign in error screen


  • All changes to settings made on new worlds before creation are now transferred to the world after creation

Character Creator

  • In Character Creator, tweaked color tint for the default Steve skin to match default Steve (MCPE-120818)
  • Back appearance pieces will no longer cover the left and right arrows in the profile screen
  • Sidebar no longer opens upon expanding any of the classic skin packs in the Dressing Room
  • Improved the navigation flow for Character Creator so that it always switches to the selected Character Creator profile (MCPE-139022)
  • Skins that are equipped from Marketplace while in-game now apply to the player’s character


  • Education Edition items are no longer shown as an option when using @e[type=] (MCPE-78363)
  • Command Blocks with ‘Needs Redstone’ and a non-zero ‘Delay in Ticks’ will now execute only if they remain powered for the delay duration (MCPE-74281)
  • Fixed alignment of the sidebar display from the ‘/scoreboard’ command when text length changes
  • Fixed the ability to summon experience orbs via the ‘/summon’ command (MCPE-130835)

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs


  • Fixed display only entity destruction in chunk discard scenarios
  • Fixed a bug that caused animations to be restarted when changing render controllers

Data-Driven Blocks 

  • Updated documentation for the Block Rotation component
  • Updated documentation for ‘BlockExplosionResistance’
  • Added required toggles to documentation and to content error for block components


  • Added a content error for using a material but not providing the required number of textures to the render controller


  • Fixed ‘item_remaining_use_duration’having improperly scaled or inverted results (This fix is a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.30)
  • Add new compile errors for expressions like ’text’ + 3, which were previously ignored (This is a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.40)
  • Molang expressions that contain capital letters are properly evaluated now
  • ‘query.get_equipped_item_name’ will now recognize Sea Lanterns (MCPE-67893)
  • Added new compile errors for expressions like 1 + (9 10), which were previously ignored (This is a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.40)

GameTest Framework (Experimental) 

  • Renamed method ‘succeedWhenBlockTypePresent’ to ‘succeedWhenBlockPresent’
  • Fixed a bug where property id would return “Unknown” for custom entities (MCPE-137786)
  • Identifier strings returned from property id now include the item’s namespace
  • Updated the GameTest Framework interface and added a new SimulatedPlayer capability:
    • Added ‘SimulatedPlayer’class to GameTest. This class enables GameTest to simulate a variety of player behaviors such as movement, using items, and interacting with blocks and entities. See the GameTest API reference documentation for more details
      • Added function spawnSimulatedPlayer(blockLocation: BlockLocation, name: string): SimulatedPlayer
      • Added function 
        removeSimulatedPlayer(simulatedPlayer: SimulatedPlayer): void
    • mojang-gametest.Test type
      • Changed signature of function assertEntityInstancePresent(entity: Entity, blockLocation: BlockLocation, isPresent: boolean = true)
    • mojang-minecraft components
      • Component ‘inventory’now works with Player inventories


  • Removed method ‘thenWaitWithDelay’
  • Added method ‘thenWaitAfter(delayTicks: number, callback: () => undefined)’- After a delay, executes the given callback every tick until it succeeds. Exceptions thrown within the callback will end sequence execution


  • Fixed a bug where the location property would return an incorrect height for players
  • Added property ’id’


  • Replaced method ’getLocation’ with property ’location’
  • Replaced method getPermutation with property ’permutation’
  • Replaced method ’getType’ with property ’type’
  • Replaced methods ’isWaterlogged’ and ’setWaterlogged’ with property ‘isWaterlogged’
  • Replaced method ’getBlockData’ with property ’permutation’
  • Replaced method ’isEmpty’ with property ’isEmpty’
  • Removed property ’canBeWaterlogged’


  • Replaced method ’getName’ with property ’id’
  • Replaced method ’canBeWaterlogged’ with property ’canBeWaterlogged’


  • Replaced method ’getType’ with property ’type’
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.17.34

  • Release date: October 7th 2021 (North America) / October 8th 2021 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed an issue with owned content not appearing in the inventory after redeeming a retail code
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.17.32

  • Release date: September 30 2021 (North America, Europe) / September 31st 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when navigating the Marketplace sidebar
  • Fixed issues with content not loading, even when connected to the internet (MCPE-102994)
  • Fixed an issue where light blocks would force players to spawn at the surface of the Overworld
  • Fixed the Looting enchantment not being applied when a mob was killed with a projectile (MCPE-141935)
  • Fixed issue causing “Couldn’t pack your world file for upload” error when uploading a world to Realms on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed some chunks being deleted when reentering a flat world and old world with the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle enabled, as well as other world generation issues (MCPE-140428)
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.17.30

  • Release date: September 21st 2021 (North America, Europe) / September 22nd 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

New Features:

Respawn Blocks Explode Game Rule

  • Added the “Respawn Blocks Explode” game rule, which can be used to prevent Respawn Anchors and Beds from exploding (MCPE-76687)

Structure Block: Corner Mode

  • Corner Mode is used with the Detect button in Save Mode to define the area to save. It will only detect Corner Blocks with the same name as the structure being saved

Experimental Features:

More experimental features from Caves & Cliffs: Part II are available in this update and can be enabled on the world creation screen!

Please keep in mind that these features are work in progress, still under in development, and subject to change. If you activate them, your world might crash, break, or not work with future updates. Experimental features cannot be turned off after world creation.

For more information, please see the article about enabling experimental features at aka.ms/MCExperimentalFeatures.

Monster Spawning

  • Monsters now only spawn in complete darkness
  • This change is being made to balance the player’s ability to light up the new larger caves and make them safe from monster spawning
  • Note that this change only affects block-light and not sky light
  • Please send us your feedback on this change at aka.ms/CavesCliffsFeedback!

Multi Noise World Generation

  • New and improved terrain and biome generation algorithm that creates more natural terrain and biome transitions
  • Improved surface decoration that detects the difference between when blocks are generated underwater and underground
  • Introduces large ore veins to world generation adding more strategy to mining
  • Introduces noodle caves to world generation, creating small pathways between bigger caves
  • Introduces the possibility of dry cave entrances that make it easier to access the new noise caves
  • Introduces a new algorithm that finds suitable spawn positions closer to origin
  • Added logic to save and load SubChunks by absolute Y index to support data-driven dimension height ranges


  • Updated the Achievements button and moved from the Profile screen to the Main Menu and Pause screens


Performance / Stability

  • Optimised pasting Unicode text into Book & Quill (MCPE-119651)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when crafting a Crafting Table with Gameplay Tips enabled
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after disconnecting from the internet while playing in an online session as the client on iOS
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when downloading large Marketplace worlds


  • Worlds with the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle enabled are now more likely to have the same default world spawn position as worlds without the experiment using the same seed (MCPE-127708)
  • Matched respawn from Bed behavior with Java Edition by attempting to avoid placing players on damage dealing blocks when waking up and attempting to place players on the side of the bed they entered from (MCPE-118654)
  • Nether Portals placed between chunks no longer break when leaving the Nether (MCPE-74333)
  • Damaging buff effects no longer bypass absorption hearts (MCPE-62360)
  • Enchanting Table’s enchantment probability is now weighted (MCPE-101588)
  • Fixed incorrect position when dismounting at a negative world height (MCPE-136622)
  • Abandoned villages are now far rarer, more closely matching the Java Edition (MCPE-71769)
  • Fixed emissive light propagation in ray tracing mode by increasing irradiance cache sample size (MCPE-135157)
  • Fall damage is no longer applied when falling into Scaffolding (MCPE-108459)


  • Cartographers will now only give maps to undiscovered monuments (MCPE-29375)
  • Tweaked Iron Golem spawning logic to better match Java Edition
  • Axolotls now spawn only when there is stone up to 10 blocks under them, and not inside bubble columns
  • Collecting Fish or Axolotl with a Bucket no longer immediately releases them (MCPE-44320)
  • Armor Stands now drop equipped items when destroyed by fire or lava (MCPE-94603)
  • Limited the maximum number of Phantom mobs that can spawn (MCPE-106557)
  • Goats now play their “impact 3” sound (MCPE-127757)
  • Grown up Goats no longer lose their Horns when reloading a world
  • Baby Goats no longer have horns (MCPE-123253)
  • Fixed an animation parity issue with Skeletons not using both arms to hold their Bows (MCPE-670)
  • Undead mobs standing near Powder Snow now burn normally (MCPE-131005)
  • Powder Snow above undead mobs now prevents burning effect
  • Multiple Shulkers are no longer able to spawn in the same position from spawn eggs or End City generation (MCPE-43972)
  • Mobs can now pathfind correctly when standing on Amethyst Buds (MCPE-130010)
  • Lightning no longer randomly strikes mobs that are under blocks (MCPE-121688)
  • Fixed mobs sometimes rendering with incorrect geometry when viewed from the Structure Block preview window (MCPE-95183)
  • Experimental Features: Wither can now be spawned at negative heights (MCPE-125270)
  • Ghasts no longer spawn in less than 5x4x5 areas (MCPE-133687)
  • Magma Cubes no longer spawn in less than 3x3x2 areas (MCPE-46540)
  • Medium Magma Cubes now have a larger hitbox (MCPE-132159)
  • The Thorns enchantment now does Knockback to mobs (MCPE-56212)


  • Cave Vines can now be pollinated by Bees (MCPE-127821)
  • Enchantment Tables now emit light level 7 (MCPE-130868)
  • The falling position of Pointed Dripstone is no longer slightly offset (MCPE-119548)
  • Disabled biome tinting for Spruce and Birch Leaves (MCPE-128996)
  • Bubble Columns are now placed properly when loaded with a Structure Block (MCPE-97027)
  • Vanilla Parity: Using Bone Meal on Moss Blocks now also replaces Tuff blocks (MCPE-125922)
  • Grass and water block tint colors are no longer slightly randomized with noise
  • Fixed Light Block not being displayed correctly when being held (MCPE-123249)
  • Weeping and Twisting Vines now grow correctly after the player breaks them (MCPE-90932)
  • Minecart with Chest will now copy over its chest contents when advanced pick blocked
  • Crimson Roots now have a small chance of growing on Warped Nylium blocks when using Bone Meal (MCPE-83616)
  • Candle now drops when Candle Cake is pushed by a Piston (MCPE-130594)
  • Renamed Structure Blocks will no longer have the incorrect data mode on creation (MCPE-41625)
  • Unicode font now correctly highlights on Signs with glowing text (MCPE-130072)
  • Pumpkins placed facing South, East, or West now can now be used to trade with Villagers if they were mined with Silk Touch tools (MCPE-105540)
  • More Candles can no longer be added to Candles placed without any support block (MCPE-130810)
  • Shulker Boxes now remain in Dispensers when dispensed at world height limit (MCPE-130085)
  • Monster Spawners no longer emit light
  • Powder Snow can now be collected with a Dispenser (MCPE-127564)
  • Target Blocks now conduct Redstone signals (MCPE-75034)
  • Fixed text from signs drawing on maps on ray tracing enabled hardware
  • Amethyst Cluster and Amethyst Bud can no longer be placed on Grass Path blocks
  • Corrected “Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore” name from “Deepslate Lapis Ore” (MCPE-123605)
  • Fixed Bed display if the foot of the Bed is in a brighter area than the head (MCPE-123592)
  • Fixed Large Chest display so the brightest end of the Chest is chosen to light the whole Chest
  • Dispensers now remove bubble columns when removing water (MCPE-56462)
  • Sea Pickles now change light depending on being in underwater or not (MCPE-131642)
  • Snow layers are now melted by light from torches, etc. (MCPE-131272)
  • Vanilla Parity: Falling gravity blocks will no longer break when landing on certain blocks  (MCPE-20109)
  • Half of the Enchantment Table book doesn’t render dark anymore (MCPE-106627)
  • Blocks moved by a Piston no longer appear white while moving (MCPE-66250)
  • Spore Blossoms no longer have a randomly offset hitbox (MCPE-121658)
  • Measurements of hitbox of Spore Blossoms now match Java Edition
  • Moss Block and Moss Carpet now break when moved by Pistons and Sticky Pistons can no longer pull them (MCPE-121751, MCPE-122004)
  • Water dripping from Pointed Dripstone can no longer fill Cauldrons with Potions. Sorry, we knew it was fun but too overpowered! (MCPE-131180)
  • Fixed an issue causing Slime and Honey Block movement slowdown to not be fully applied to players
  • Light Blocks are once again visible while holding one and properly show their brightness value (MCPE-123249)
  • Fixed Light Blocks not being removed when destroying them while holding a Light Block (MCPE-123258)
  • Fixed Light Block brightness not being adjustable when interacting with it (MCPE-123387)
  • Fixed Barrier Blocks being destructible while not holding a Barrier Block


  • Shulker Boxes now drop their contents when destroyed as an item (MCPE-129470, MCPE-87877)
  • Bows and Tridents are now held more similarly to Java Edition (MCPE-126717, MCPE-44418)
  • Eating Chorus Fruit while gliding no longer deals fall damage to the player (MCPE-112621)
  • Swords now break Bamboo in a single swing (MCPE-64013)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Trident, Shield, and Crossbow to render incorrectly when an additional player is connected over the internet using a Marketplace skin (MCPE-118358)
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the Spyglass to appear as if it’s being thrown when using a custom skin (MCPE-127498)
  • Using a Powder Snow Bucket on a Cauldron filled with Powder Snow no longer creates a new Powder Snow block (MCPE-131177)
  • Clock and Compass items no longer function in the Recipe Book (MCPE-36354)
  • Lava Buckets can now be emptied into a Cauldron filled with Lava
  • Fixed offhand Shields clipping into players’ arms while in third-person perspective (MCPE-122672)
  • Holding a Shield in Marketplace maps no longer shows a content error
  • Made projectile items move more smoothly when far from players (MCPE-101102)
  • Strong/Long/Splash/Lingering Potions can now be placed in the Brewing Stand manually (MCPE-86636)
  • Soul Speed Boots can now be unequipped properly after losing durability (MCPE-106367)
  • Diamond Pickaxes found in Hoglin Stable chests are now enchanted (MCPE-129750)
  • Fixed held items not disappearing visually to other players after a player dies when the Keep Inventory game rule is enabled (MCPE-64235)
  • Shears now correctly cut Vines and Glow Lichen faster (MCPE-123139)
  • Campfires and Soul Campfires now stack in the inventory (MCPE-67890)


  • Amethyst walking sounds are now affected by the “Player” volume slider
  • Deepslate walking sounds are now affected by the “Player” volume slider
  • Moss Block walking sounds are now affected by the “Player” volume slider
  • Sounds of moving in/on Powder Snow are now affected by the “Player” volume slider
  • Jumping and landing on blocks have now their sounds affected by the “Player” volume slider (MCPE-116135)
  • Dripstone drip sounds are now affected by the “Block” volume slider
  • Block interaction “click” sounds are now affected by the “Blocks” volume slider (MCPE-104983)
  • Turtle Eggs no longer produce the Bone Meal sound when placed on Sand (MCPE-127189)
  • Swapped the toggle sounds for Levers so they are now parity with Java Edition (MCPE-30379)
  • Using a Water Bucket on a fully filled Cauldron now produces the correct sound (MCPE-131177)


  • Text to Speech chat setting once again correctly narrates chat messages (MCPE-129901)
  • Text to Speech now correctly reads item names in the inventory
  • Inventory grid slots are no longer double counted for Text to Speech focus controls

User Interface

  • Fixed the hotbar being misaligned with XP bar by 1 pixel (MCPE-46975)
  • The hotbar is no longer too dark when anti-aliasing is increased (MCPE-54213)
  • The crosshair no longer flickers during multiplayer sessions (MCPE-123918)
  • Using the touch interface, holding the output slot on the Stonecutter or Loom will now rapidly craft items (MCPE-128423)
  • Fixed an incorrect popup when attempting to activate a pack with a missing dependency (MCPE-130978)
  • Fixed translation issues for some keys containing upper case letters
  • Replaced loading bars with new loading spinner in the Marketplace
  • Recipe Book crafting estimates no longer differ from the actual results
  • Cursor items no longer count towards recipe ingredient in Recipe Book
  • The selected recipe in the Recipe Book is now deselected when the player runs out of ingredients
  • Non-craftable recipes no longer displayed in Recipe Book when search mechanism is used
  • Nether blocks now appear in the crafting grid if any other ingredient is unavailable
  • Fixed a wireless network connection error message that appeared when players were connected via a wired network
  • Fixed various spelling errors in Character Creator
  • Hover of widget buttons were showing corrupted appearance before full load was complete
  • Fixed a legibility issue with some Japanese font characters
  • Riding an animal now displays the correct tooltip term when played on a non-touch screen
  • Experimental warning message is no longer displayed inconsistently when loading beta worlds
  • A debug string is no longer shown for how to open chat (MCPE-128955)
  • Fixed an issue where the item category text color did not match the item text color if it was changed in Resource Packs
  • Fixed an issue where patterns in the Loom would not display correctly with some texture packs
  • The emote wheel no longer appears when pressing Ctrl+B in-game (MCPE-125246)
  • Fixed Input Method Editor (IME) not working after suspending the game on Windows 10 (MCPE-59722)
  • Added a new sidebar to some Marketplace and Dressing Room related screens to help better improve the experience of navigating these areas
  • There is now an item transferring animation when deselecting a recipe
  • Sidebar text is now localized properly when a new language is loaded or the current language changes
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Sign In button to appear behind the Marketplace button
  • Fixed the Noto Sans Smooth font on Windows and Xbox platforms with the Japanese locale to address legibility and usage of correct characters
  • Fixed “CR” characters incorrectly appearing at the end of lines for some display languages
  • Enabled new achievements screens for VR (not including PS VR)
  • Placing a Sign on Rooted Dirt now correctly opens the text editor (MCPE-129280)
  • The Sign In dialog is no longer shown on a split-screen game to anyone other than the primary player on PlayStation 4
  • Fixed tamed Wolves being transparent on the Structure Block screen


  • Improved responsiveness of Realms menus, particularly on Nintendo Switch
  • The “Download World” button is now visible for worlds on expired Realms
  • 2 player Realms no longer count against the 10 player realm limit
  • Realms reset button will now navigate to the loading screen while reset is happening
  • The Realms Slots screen will now open faster and have a loading dialog if it takes a long time
  • The Realms Backup page now only shows the most recent 1100 Realms backups to prevent text overlap issues (REALMS-8425)
  • Switching the active world slot in Realms no longer spams the “Fetching World Info” prompt
  • Renaming a Realm now takes effect immediately while playing
  • Fixed some issues with being unable to kick players via the user interface or the ‘/kick’ command
  • The text on the Realms Plus trial button on the play screen no longer changes when hovered
  • Pressing the View Privacy Policy button now opens properly on Nintendo Switch


  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a structure was placed with a command in an unloaded area, and that structure was deleted
  • Teleporting a mob between dimensions no longer causes the mob to despawn (MCPE-127414)
  • Loading a structure with the ‘/structure’ command now displays the correct output messages (MCPE-132813)

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs


  • Data-driven blocks can now be added to the Creative menu
  • New chemistry material reductions for Education Edition can now be defined in the JSON files
  • “potion.prefix” and “potion..postfix” potion string resources have been renamed to “potion..name”
  • Potion name string resources have been changed so there are separate “Splash” and “Lingering” string resources
  • The old style of using “potion.prefix” and “potion.*.postfix” is still supported
  • UI bind objects can now utilize the ‘ignore’ field
  • Attachables that are visible in first person view will no longer render backwards


  • Fixed a bug where an entity might fail to initialize its tag component
  • Sky no longer renders through walls of a large enclosed area when using fog
  • Updated documentation formatting for item components and how they work within Resource Packs and Behavior Packs
  • Using Water Buckets to collect fish has been version locked to prevent breaking old world templates
  • Fixed controller support when editing NPC dialog (MCPE-135175)
  • ‘behavior.knockback_roar’ now has a vertical and horizontal strength value
  • Adjusted padding for HD Textures in mipmaps level 1 in texture atlas to fix texture bleeding
  • Killing a custom mob with an unknown loot table entry type will no longer cause a crash, and will now throw a content error (MCPE-129006)
  • Rabbit with initialEvent specified now scales properly to adult rabbit size (MCPE-76643)
  • Similar to the spawns_on_block_filter, the spawns_above_block_filter specifies a list of blocks and a distance. The mob can then spawn only if the nearest block within the specified distance below the desired spawnpoint is in that list (water and air not included). “minecraft:spawns_above_block_filter”: { “blocks”: “minecraft:stone”, “distance”: 10 }
  • Improved documentation for ‘DamageableItemComponent’
  • Fixed the ability to add launch point positional offset for projectiles spawned with the ‘spawn_entity’ component
  • Fixed the ability to add angular offset to launch vector for projectiles spawned with the ‘spawn_entity’ component
  • Fixed offset not working for projectiles summoned through an interaction
  • Fixed projectile ‘angleoffset’ value only reflected if shooter is riding another entity
  • Fixed rotation of projectile launch point around a mob when projectile offset specified
  • Parsing of UI json field “ignored” now throws a content error if it is invalid
  • Fixed movement prediction interpolating with invalid data in even more scenarios (MCPE-108568)
  • Removed the “replace” element from ‘sound_definitions.json’ for being ambiguous in its usage (and was never used) (MCPE-99304)


  • Commands ran through animations now will run in the order defined in animation files on all platforms, including Realms
  • Animations and events defined in Behavior Packs can now run commands that require cheats without the player enabling cheats (such as setting certain rules with the ‘/gamerule’ command)
  • Target selectors ry and rym now support wrapping around north
  • The ‘/particle’ command position argument is now optional (MCPE-128379)
  • The ‘/particle’ command will now output on success (MCPE-80348)
  • The ‘/particle’ command no longer shows an error when run successfully through ‘/execute’ (MCPE-129001)
  • The ‘/clone’ command now copies signal strength for Levers and Redstone Dust
  • The ‘/structure’ command can now specify a <to: x y z> position argument with y below 0 as long as it is equal or above the minimum height for that dimension
  • Added functionality for Intellisense options: “d” and “default” in the gamemode command selector (MCPE-92198)
  • Minecart with Command Block can now use the self selector (@s) in its commands to target itself (MCPE-60126)
  • The “/time set” command now sets the correct time and day when specifying a time above 24000 or below the current time (e.g. “/time set 0” sets the day to 0, “/time set 28000” sets the day to 1), and “/time” can now set or add to a negative world time (MCPE-43394)
  • The ‘/spawnpoint’ command can now be used while the player is sleeping and outputs success when setting to the player’s existing spawnpoint (MCPE-106720)
  • The camera shake command no longer shakes every player’s screen when “@s” is used as the selector (MCPE-120383)

GameTest Framework (Experimental) 

  • Renamed module “Minecraft” to “mojang-minecraft”
  • Renamed module “GameTest” to “mojang-gametest”
  • GameTest (now mojang-gametest)
    • Added helper method spawnAtLocation(location : Location) : Entity – Spawns an entity at the given Location
    • Added helper method walkToLocation(mob : Entity, location : Location, speedModifier : number) – Commands an entity to move to the given Location
    • Added method assertCanReachLocation(mob : Entity, location : BlockLocation, bool canReach) – Asserts that the given mob can reach the target block location
    • Renamed helper method worldLocation(location : BlockLocation) to worldBlockLocation(location : BlockLocation)
    • Renamed helper method relativeLocation(location : BlockLocation) to relativeBlockLocation(location : BlockLocation)
    • Added helper method worldLocation(relativeLocation : Location) : Location – From a Location with coordinates relative to the GameTest structure block, returns a new Location with coordinates relative to the world
    • Added helper method relativeLocation(worldLocation : Location) : Location – From a Location, returns a new Location with coordinates relative to the current GameTest structure block
    • Added helper method spawnWithoutBehaviorsAtLocation(entityIdentifier : string, location : Location) : Entity – Spawns an entity at a location without any AI behaviors
    • Added helper method rotateDirection(direction : Direction) : Direction – Rotates the given direction relative to the GameTest structure rotation
    • Added helper method getTestDirection() : Direction – Returns the direction the GameTest is facing based on its structure rotation
    • Renamed function assertBlockTypePresent to assertBlockPresent
    • Renamed function assertEntityData to assertEntityState
    • Removed function assertBlockTypeNotPresent (added boolean isPresent to assertBlockPresent instead)
    • Removed function assertEntityNotPresent (added boolean to assertEntityPresent instead)
    • Removed function assertEntityNotPresentInArea (added boolean to assertEntityPresentInArea instead)
    • Removed function assertEntityNotTouching (added boolean to assertEntityTouching)
    • Removed function succeedWhenEntityNotPresent (added boolean to succeedWhenEntityPresent)
    • Modified signature of function assertBlockState(blockLocation: BlockLocation, callback: (Block) => boolean)
    • Modified signature of function assertBlockPresent(blockType: BlockType, blockLocation: BlockLocation, isPresent: boolean)
    • Modified signature of function assertEntityPresent(entityTypeIdentifier: string, blockLocation: BlockLocation, isPresent: boolean)
    • Modified signature of function assertEntityPresentInArea(entityTypeIdentifier: string, isPresent: boolean)
    • Modified signature of function assertEntityTouching(entityTypeIdentifier: string, location: Location, isTouching: boolean)
    • Modified signature of function succeedWhenEntityPresent(entityTypeIdentifier: string, location: Location, isPresent: boolean)
  • Minecraft (now mojang-minecraft)
    • Renamed BlockTypes class to MinecraftBlockTypes
    • Renamed Effects class to MinecraftEffectTypes
    • Renamed Items class to MinecraftItemTypes
  • Events
    • Added event World.events.beforeExplosion – Fires before an explosion occurs
    • Added event World.events.explosion – Fires when an explosion occurs
    • Added event World.events.explodeBlock – Fires when a block breaks due to an explosion
    • Added event World.event.beforeActivatePiston – Fires before a piston is activated
    • Added event World.event.activatePiston – Fires when a piston is activated
    • Added read-only property currentTick to tick event – Returns the current server tick
    • Renamed event createEntity to entityCreate
    • Renamed event addEffect to effectAdd
    • Renamed event activatePiston to pistonActivate
    • Renamed event beforeActivatePiston to beforePistonActivate
    • Renamed event explodeBlock to blockExplode
    • Renamed event changeWeather to weatherChange
  • Block
    • Added method getDimension() : Dimension
  • Added BlockPistonComponent


  • Added experimental queries for item cooldowns: ‘query.is_cooldown_type’, ‘query.cooldown_time’, and ‘query.cooldown_time_remaining’
  • Updated many Molang content errors to specify which operator or query was involved
  • ‘min_engine_version’ from Resource Pack and Behavior Pack manifests is now passed into Molang expression parsing. This allows for future breaking changes tied to a specific engine version
  • Added ‘BlockPartVisibilityComponent’
    • Allows creators to specify Molang conditions for each “bone” listed in the geometry JSON that turn on/off bones based on the block state
    • Must have the Experimental toggle enabled to use
  • Fixed experimental ‘query.bone_orientation_trs’ to have correct translation Y and scale results
  • Added experimental ‘block_neighbor_has_any_tags’ and ‘block_neighbor_has_all_tags’ Molang queries
    • Takes a block relative position and a set of tags
    • Returns 0/1
    • Must have the Experimental toggle enabled to use
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering a world with a custom Resource Pack that contained ‘query.armor_color_slot’ (MCPE-106437)
  • Fixed ‘query.item_remaining_use_duration’ having improperly scaled or inverted results (This is to fix a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.30)
  • Added ‘query.facing_target_to_range_attack’, which returns whether or not the queried actor’s ‘minecraft:behavior.ranged_attack’ goal is currently running
  • Moved experimental Molang queries (other than those related to Actor Properties) to a new ‘Experimental Molang Features’ toggle
  • Improved Molang documentation related to experiments
    • Experimental queries and language expressions now list which experiment(s) they require to be available
  • Versioned Changes are now detailed in the documentation, starting with the ‘query.item_remaining_use_duration’ fix
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.17.11

  • Release date: TBA 2021 (North America, Europe) / TBA 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Players no longer die and instantly respawn after traveling back to Overworld from the End in certain circumstances (MCPE-135226)
  • Players no longer die and get stuck on the respawn screen when entering an End Portal after dying in the End in certain seeds (MCPE-132484)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Xbox when suspending and resuming the title for the second time
  • Horses no longer become invisible after being dismounted (MCPE-108568)
  • On Realms, the ‘/msg’ command once again works when the world is in Survival mode and cheats are disabled (REALMS-7760)
  • After renewing an expired Realm, the Realm is now properly renewed instead of a new Realm being created (REALMS-7263)
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.17.10

  • Release date: July 13th 2021 (North America, Europe) / July 14th 2021 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

New Features:


  • Candles are now available in the game!
  • Can be placed in clusters up to four and lit using Flint & Steel
  • Put a Candle on a Cake and make a wish!
  • Candles can be crafted using a Honeycomb and String
  • Combine with dye on a crafting grid to craft different colored Candles

Potted Azaleas

  • Added potted Azalea and Flowering Azalea variants
  • Just place an Azalea in a Flower Pot!

Experimental Gameplay:

Experimental features from Caves & Cliffs: Part II are available in this update and can be enabled on the world creation screen!

Please keep in mind that these features are work in progress, still under in development, and subject to change. If you activate them, your world might crash, break, or not work with future updates. Experimental features cannot be turned off after world creation.

For more information, please see the article about enabling experimental features at aka.ms/MCExperimentalFeatures.

  • World height now goes up to 320 blocks and down to -64 blocks
  • New surface biomes including Lofty Peaks, Snow Capped Peaks, Snowy Slopes, Mountain Grove, and Mountain Meadow
  • New cave biomes including Lush Caves and Dripstone Caves
  • Revamped cave generation adds cheese caves, spaghetti caves, lava aquifers, and flooded aquifer caves
  • New ore distribution
  • Skulk Sensor
  • Goat Horn


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a structure was placed with a command in an unloaded area and that structure was deleted


  • Underwater fog is once again dependent on biome and appears as it should (MCPE-124266)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Nether Portals to sometimes take players to wrong coordinates (MCPE-115933)
  • Fixed split-screen players not able to rename items on Anvils (MCPE-108405)
  • Thunderstorms now happen as often as Java Edition (MCPE-72798)
  • Bastion loot now closely matches Java Edition (MCPE-104330)
  • Players can no longer swim through the air under a platform, though it looked pretty cool (MCPE-48958)
  • Fixed players going through Cobwebs taking fall damage before hitting the ground (MCPE-121550)
  • Descending through Powder Snow with touch controls now uses the same button as descending through Scaffolding
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the player’s head to not animate properly with emotes (MCPE-126902)


  • Empty Buckets can no longer be used to collect Fish
  • Axolotls no longer move their tails while playing dead (MCPE-123309)
  • Feeding Axolotls with Bucket of Tropical Fish now returns a Water Bucket instead of an empty Bucket (MCPE-127382)
  • Axolotls now only spawn in complete darkness to prevent spawning in unwanted places
  • The hitbox on Axolotls is now smaller to match the size of the mob
  • Drowned, Guardians, and Elder Guardians now attacks Axolotls on sight
  • Skeletons now turn into Strays after 20 seconds in Powder Snow, reduced from 45 seconds
  • Strays no longer drop Wither Skeleton Skulls when killed by Charged Creepers (MCPE-35876)
  • Burning mobs can no longer destroy Powder Snow when the Mob Griefing world option is disabled (MCPE-221842)
  • Tempted Goats now move at the same speed as goats in Java Edition, and other similar mobs that are being tempted (MCPE-123261)
  • When Goats are performing a ram attack, mobs no longer retaliate against the Goats (MCPE-129619)
  • Goat fall damage reduction is now in parity with Java Edition (-10 reduced fall damage)
  • Goats can now continue ramming when on Slime Blocks and Honey Blocks
  • Baby Sea Turtles no longer despawn after being hatched (MCPE-70664)
  • Baby Horses, including their variants, are now taller and no longer exhibit Z-fighting from their legs (MCPE-92462)
  • Iron Golems and Evokers are no longer sometimes aggressive on Peaceful difficulty (MCPE-47012)
  • Amphibious mobs no longer get stuck when pathing over slabs and Daylight Sensors
  • Attacked Glow Squids no longer go dark only for the aggressor in multiplayer sessions
  • Glow Squid now darkens to match the surrounding light level when hurt (MCPE-121754)
  • Villagers spawned from Villager spawners on Marketplace worlds that were created after version 1.11 now correctly spawn as V2 villagers
  • Fixed a warning that could appear in split-screen when encountering Guardians


  • Falling Anvils and Stalactites now deal damage to mobs when landing in liquid
  • Azaleas can now be Bone Mealed when placed on Clay
  • Using Pick Block on Azalea Leaves and Flowering Azalea Leaves now results in the correct blocks being picked (MCPE-128092)
  • Hanging Roots are now destroyed by water (MCPE-121676) (MCPE-127677)
  • Lightning Rods no longer break falling blocks that land on them (MCPE-116545)
  • Rooted Dirt texture is now randomly rotated, matching the behavior of regular Dirt blocks (MCPE-123197)
  • Small Dripleaf now only drops itself when broken with Shears
  • Glow Lichen now only drops itself when broken with Shears
  • Jukeboxes now only ejects Music Disks into non-solid blocks (MCPE-85635)


  • Projectiles, such as Snowballs and Eggs, no longer cast shadows
  • All dropped items now have a similar floating height
  • Disenchanting an item using the Grindstone once again resets the enchantment cost penalty correctly (MCPE-107211)
  • Data-driven items now swing faster when not targeting blocks (MCPE-119702)
  • Firework Rockets obtained from ‘/replaceitem’ command now have a flight duration (MCPE-109037)
  • Firework Stars obtained from ‘/replaceitem’ command now have proper color values (MCPE-109037)
  • Glowing text on Signs now has an outline (MCPE-129123)
  • Black text on Signs can now be lit by using a Glow Ink Sac (MCPE-128079)
  • Tooltips are now present when holding Ink Sac and Glow Ink Sac when using a controller
  • Ink Sac and Glow Ink Sac can no longer be used indefinitely on signs in Adventure mode
  • Players can no longer dye text on Signs in Adventure mode (MCPE-126489)
  • Pumpkins are once again accepted by Farmer Villagers regardless of their rotation when mined (MCPE-105540)

User Interface

  • Glow Item Frame is now placed after regular Item Frame in the Creative inventory (MCPE-117532)
  • Copper Ore is now placed after other Overworld ores in the Creative inventory (MCPE-119724)
  • Deepslate is now placed after other stones in the Creative inventory (MCPE-127592)
  • Hotbar item tooltip duration now scales with the length of the tooltip’s text
  • Added a new Accessibility icon in the Settings menu
  • Items can now be previewed in the Character Creator and equipped using the Equip button
  • Added Equip button to Classic Skins and Capes tabs
  • The profile screen reload button is now properly localized to all supported languages
  • The “Reset to Default” button in the Accessibility settings now resets the Text Background Opacity slider
  • Fixed a typo in the “Loom” section of “How to Play” (MCPE-128735)
  • The counters on empty tabs of the Play screen now display zero instead of an empty, grey box (MCPE-110535)
  • Featured Item thumbnails now fit within the Featured Items window in Character Creator
  • When not signed into a Microsoft Account, players are now presented with a button prompting them to sign in on the Play screen so that they can view Realms
  • Realms Plus content expiration timers now appear properly
  • Realms Plus timers now only appear within 30 days of expiring


  • ‘/title clear’ now correctly clears the title and subtitle from the HUD (MCPE-97636)
  • Frosted Ice can now be used in any command that accepts a block, such as ‘/setblock’ and ‘/testforblock’ (MCPE-126741)

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

Stability and Performance

  • Added better error handling for JSON parsing. Also added several new content errors for item parsing as well as for loot tables


  • Players are given a content error when custom recipes are invalid
  • Renamed “minecraft:scaffolding_climber” to “minecraft:block_climber”. It now processes climbing both Scaffolding and Powder Snow


  • Loot chests with Seed=0 now correctly randomize if placed on the same coordinates. Note that Pick Blocking a Vanilla loot chest before opening it will now result in identical loot in each copy unless the seed is set to 0 in the NBT

Dedicated Server

  • Added back missing symbols for Bedrock Dedicated Server on Linux (BDS-13482)

NPC Dialogue

  • Content creators can now create multi-page dialogues with branching narrative for NPCs using the ‘/dialogue’ command and dialogue JSON files

Data-Driven Mobs

  • The Ender Dragon rendering and animations are now fully data-driven
  • The Ender Crystal rendering and animations are now fully data-driven
  • The Horse rendering and animations are now fully data-driven
  • This work supports all Horse variants (Horse, Mule, Donkey, Zombie Horse, Skeleton Horse) and all Horse versions including:
    • v1 (engine version 1.2.5 and earlier)
    • v2 (engine version 1.2.6 to 1.17.0)
    • v3 (engine version 1.17.10 and onward). This will be a cleaner version of the v2 model, with less confusing bone naming

Data-Driven Items

  • Updated documentation for ‘DisplayNameItemComponent’

Data-Driven Blocks

  • Updated documentation for ‘BlockUnwalkableComponent’


  • Incoming client-sync properties for newly seen types will properly register with client-side Actor Property Manager groups


  • “query.wing_flap_position” now works with the Ender Dragon
  • Added “query.show_bottom” – a query for determining whether or not the entity’s bottom is rendered
  • Added “query.death_time” – a query for determining the elapsed ticks since a mob started dying
  • Added “math.min_angle” – a math expression for minimizing the angle magnitude (in degrees) into the range [-180, 180]
  • Fixed experimental ‘query.target’ to work on client-side queries

Chunk Loading

  • Limits writing of chunks unless necessary. Chunks upgraded from older formats will not automatically save when loaded, but when modified (Through blocks or actors, for example) they will be marked for saving

GameTest Framework (Experimental)

  • Updated the ‘/clearall’ command to also clear tests outside of loaded areas
  • Dimension
    • getEntitiesAtBlockLocation(location : BlockLocation) : Entity[] – Returns an array of all entities at the given block location
    • spawnEntity(identifier : String, location : BlockLocation) : Entity – Spawns an entity with the given identifier at the given block location
    • [Removed] function getName()
    • property id : String – Gets the entity’s identifier
    • property nameTag : String – Gets or sets the entity’s name tag
  • Player
    • property name : String – Gets the player’s name
  • method getPlayers() : Player[] – Returns all players in the server
  • Updates to how blocks are handled in APIs:
    • BlockType, BlockPermutation, and Block instances replace BlockState-based updating
  • Exposed chest block component and Container
  • Added location and velocity read-only properties to Entity
  • function createExplosion(location : Location, radius : number, explosionOptions : ExplosionOptions) – Creates an explosion
    • ExplosionOptions : class – Provides additional configuration parameters for createExplosion
  • method triggerEvent(eventName : string) – Triggers an event on an entity
  • Added ‘thenExecuteFor’ to ‘GameTestSequence’, which repeatedly calls the callback for the specified number of ticks
  • Events
    • Renamed ‘World.event.weatherChanged’ to ‘World.event.changeWeather’
    • Added event ‘World.event.addEffect’ – Fires when an effect is applied to an entity.
    • Added event ‘World.event.createEntity’ – Fires when an entity is added to the world.
    • Removed function ‘World.addEventListener’
    • Changed function ‘getDuration()’ to property ‘duration’
    • Changed function ‘getAmplifier()’ to property ‘amplifier’
    • Added property ‘displayName’ – Gets the display name of the effect
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.17.2

  • Release date: June 22nd 2021 (North America) / June 23rd 2021 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Andesite, Diorite, and Diamond Ore now generate in expected amounts, as they did prior to version 1.17.0 (MCPE-127555, MCPE-130185)
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.17.1

  • Release date: June 15th (North America) / June 16th 2021 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Fixed errors that occurred when logging into Featured Servers on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-130282)
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.17.0 (Caves & Cliffs: Part 1)

  • Release date: June 8th (North America) / June 9th 2021 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

New Features:


  • Axolotls are amphibious creatures that spawn in underground water
  • Holding a Bucket of Tropical Fish will cause nearby Axolotls to follow the player on both land and in water. Axolotls cannot be tamed but can be bred by feeding them Buckets of Tropical Fish
  • Axolotl will attack Fish, Squid, Drowned, and Guardians!
  • Axolotls come in a variety of colors, all with an equal chance of spawning except for blue. Blue Axolotls have a small chance of spawning as a mutation when breeding two Axolotls
  • Axolotls can survive on dry land for a few minutes. After that they will start to dry out and take continuous damage until rehydrated
  • When taking damage, there is a chance that the Axolotl will play dead. While playing dead, the Axolotl will regenerate health and mobs will be unable to target the Axolotl
  • When a player kills a mob that the Axolotl was attacking, they are rewarded with the regeneration effect and their mining fatigue is removed, if they had it
  • Axolotls can be picked up with buckets, just like fish!


  • The winning mob of the MINECON Live 2019 mob vote!
  • For now, Goats spawn in Extreme Hills. This will change with Caves & Cliffs: Part II
  • Goats will occasionally ram into players and other mobs
  • Goats can jump high and take less fall damage than other mobs
  • Goats will avoid walking onto Powder Snow
  • Goats can be bred and tempted using Wheat
  • Use an empty Bucket to get Milk
  • Keep an ear out for the elusive Screamer Goat!

Glow Squid

  • The winning mob of the Minecraft Live 2020 mob vote!
  • Glow squids are aquatic creatures that spawn in underground water
  • When killed, glow squid drop Glow Ink Sacs

Glow Ink Sac and Glow Item Frame

  • Craft a Glow Item Frame by combining a glow ink sac with an item frame in a crafting table
  • Any item in a Glow Item Frame is perfectly illuminated, even at night!

Glow Ink Sac and Glowing Sign Text

  • If a Sign is interacted with a Glow Ink Sac, the text will then get a glowing effect

Powder Snow 

  • Mobs inside a block of powder snow start to freeze and eventually take damage 
  • Players can protect themselves from powder snow by equipping leather armor 
  • Cauldrons fill up in snowy weather, creating a renewable source of powder snow. It will also generate naturally in certain snowy biomes when Caves & Cliffs: Part II releases
  • Buckets can be used to scoop up and place powder snow 
  • Most mobs cannot walk on powder snow and fall into the block instead 
  • Skeletons transform into strays after standing in powder snow for awhile
  • Wearing Leather Boots allows a player or mob to walk on Powder Snow without falling in

Glow Lichen

  • A dim light source that appears on cave walls and in underground lakes
  • Use bone meal to spread it along block surfaces and harvest it using shears

Amethyst Geodes

  • These huge Geodes can be found anywhere underground of newly generated chunks in the Overworld
  • Amethyst Geodes have an outer layer of Smooth Basalt Blocks and a second layer of Calcite Blocks
  • Inside Geodes, there is an inner layer of various Amethyst Blocks
  • All types of Amethyst blocks (including Clusters) create beautiful sounds when you walk on them, break them, place them, or hit them with a projectile – go make some music!
  • Amethyst comes in block form inside the Geodes in two ways: Block of Amethyst Block and Budding Amethyst

Amethyst Clusters

  • Amethyst Clusters grow from budding Amethyst, which can be found inside Geodes
  • Clusters have four growth stages: Small Amethyst Bud, Medium Amethyst Bud, Large Amethyst Bud, and Amethyst Cluster
  • Fully-grown Amethyst clusters drop four Amethyst Shards (or more with the Fortune enchantment) when a Pickaxe is used, and drop two Amethyst Shards when broken by hand, Piston, or other means
  • Clusters can be mined with the Silk Touch enchantment at any stage of growth

Budding Amethyst

  • On any side of a Budding Amethyst Block where there is air or a water source block, a Small Amethyst Bud will eventually grow
  • Amethyst Buds can only grow when attached to Budding Amethyst, and will grow until they become a full Amethyst Cluster

Cluster Amethyst Blocks

  • Clusters can only grow when they are placed on budding Amethyst Blocks

Amethyst Shards

  • Amethyst Shards are items used in a variety of crafting recipes

Tinted Glass

  • Though visually transparent, light does not pass through Tinted Glass
  • Can be crafted by putting a Glass Block in the middle of four Amethyst Shards on a Crafting Table
  • Tinted Glass can be obtained without the Silk Touch enchantment and does not shatter when broken, like normal Glass


  • Copper Ore can now be found underground in newly generated chunks and can be smelted into Copper Ingots
  • Block of Copper and Cut Copper can be crafted, as well as stairs and slabs
  • After being placed in the world, Copper Blocks will oxidize slowly over time, turning to exposed Copper, Weathered Copper, and Oxidized Copper
  • Copper Blocks that are not fully oxidized can be waxed to prevent further oxidation, either by using a Honeycomb item on them, by using the crafting grid, or by using a Dispenser loaded with Honeycombs
  • Axes can scrape off wax and oxidation from Copper Blocks

Lightning Rod

  • All lightning strikes that happen within a radius of 64 blocks from a Lightning Rod will strike the Lightning Rod
  • Lightning rods can be crafted using Copper ingots in a Crafting Table
  • A Lightning Rod struck by lightning will emit a full Redstone signal for 8 game ticks


  • The Spyglass is used to see far away places and can be crafted with Copper Ingots and an Amethyst Shard
  • Camera movement when looking through a Spyglass is slowed to make it more comfortable to use. This is adjustable using the Spyglass Damping slider in Settings on Bedrock Edition

Raw Ore Items

  • Added Raw Copper, Raw Iron, and Raw Gold items
  • Ores that are smeltable now drop raw item forms of the ore instead of the ore block, and these can be smelted just like before
  • This is to prevent cluttering the inventory and have consistency with Fortune on all ores
  • Ore blocks are still smeltable, meaning you can still smelt ore blocks you’ve obtained previously or with the Silk Touch enchantment

Raw Ore Blocks

  • Added block of Raw Copper, Raw Iron, and Raw Gold
  • Just like other ore materials, you can craft a compact block with raw ore items to save inventory space or use as decoration
  • Raw ore blocks can be placed on a crafting grid to break down into the original raw ore items


  • Deepslate is generated in blobs below y = 16
  • Mining it with a Pickaxe will drop Cobbled Deepslate, which can be smelted back into Deepslate
  • When ore is generated in the same place as Deepslate, Deepslate variants of that ore are now generated instead
  • Deepslate Blocks can be crafted into Polished Deepslate, Deepslate Tile, and Deepslate Brick Blocks, including slabs, stairs, and walls
  • Deepslate Blocks also come in Cracked Tile, Cracked Brick, Chiseled, and Infested variants
  • Stone tools can be crafted using Cobbled Deepslate


  • A new decorative block
  • Blobs of Tuff Blocks generate in the world below y = 16

Smooth Basalt

  • Basalt blocks can now be smelted into smooth basalt blocks as a new decorative block

New Cave Blocks

  • While Lush Caves and other new cave biomes won’t generate until the Caves & Cliffs: Part II update, many new blocks are now available through the Creative mode inventory or certain aspects of Survival mode

Trade & Loot Table Additions

  • Added the following trades to the Mason:
    • Will sell 4 Dripstone Blocks for 1 Emerald
  • Added the following trades to the Wandering Trader:
    • Will sell 2 Pointed Dripstones for 1 Emerald
    • Will sell 2 Rooted Dirt for 1 Emerald
    • Will sell 2 Moss Blocks for 1 Emerald
  • Moss Blocks can be found in Shipwreck Chests
  • Glow Berries can be found in Mineshaft Chest Minecarts

Dripstone Block and Pointed Dripstone

  • Pointed Dripstone can be placed on the ceiling (stalactites) or ground (stalagmites)
  • Watch out! If a stalactite is broken, it will fall and cause damage to players and mobs
  • Players and mobs will take damage if landing on a stalagmite
  • If a stalactite is under a water source or lava source, it will slowly fill Cauldrons
  • If a stalactite and stalagmite touch, they will connect into a full column
  • A Dripstone Block can be crafted with four Pointed Dripstone


  • Small Dripleaf will grow into Big Dripleaf when fertilized with Bone Meal
  • Big Dripleaf is a platforming block. Players and mobs on top of the block will cause the block to tilt and drop

Moss Block and Moss Carpet

  • When Moss Blocks are fertilized with Bone Meal, Moss has a chance of spreading to other blocks. Moss Carpet, Azaleas, and Flowering Azaleas also have a chance of growing
  • The Hoe is the most efficient tool to harvest Moss Blocks and Moss Carpet


  • Azalea and Flowering Azaleas are new decorative plants
  • Azaleas have a chance of growing after using Bone Meal on Moss Blocks
  • Fertilizing an Azalea with Bone Meal will transform it into a tree with Azalea Leaves and Flowered Azalea Leaves, which can be harvested using Shears
  • Azalea and Flowering Azalea can also be used as Furnace fuel

Rooted Dirt and Hanging Roots

  • Tilling Rooted Dirt with a Hoe turns the block to normal Dirt and drops Hanging Roots
  • Fertilizing Rooted Dirt with Bone Meal causes Hanging Roots to grow below

Glow Berries

  • Glow Berries can be planted on the bottom of most solid blocks to grow cave vines
  • They can be eaten and are as nutritious as Sweet Berries
  • Use them to lure and breed Foxes

Cave Vines

  • When Cave Vines grow or are fertilized with Bone Meal, they have a chance of growing Glow Berries
  • A Cave Vine that has Glow Berries emits light. So pretty!
  • Cave Vines are climbable

Spore Blossom

  • Currently, Spore Blossoms are only available in the Creative mode inventory
  • Spore Blossoms are a new decorative block that can be placed underneath any block

New Achievements and Trophies

  • Wax On Wax Off – Apply and remove Wax from all the Copper blocks
  • Float Your Goat – Get in a boat and float with a Goat
  • The Healing Power of Friendship – Team up with an Axolotl and win a fight



  • Improved visibility when swimming in underwater caves
  • A new, beautiful main menu panorama for Caves & Cliffs: Part I
  • Updated the appearance of the initial loading screen
  • Compass and Clock item textures have been updated
  • Ore textures have been updated to better differentiate in more ways than just color
  • Added distinct damage sounds for burning, freezing, and drowning (MCPE-111645)
  • Bone Meal now makes a sound when used
  • Drowned now drop Copper ingots instead of Gold ingots


Known Issues:

  • The update size on iOS is over 200MB, which exceeds the limit of downloads over cellular data. The update can be downloaded over a Wi-Fi connection
  • Players sometimes do not receive game invitations on Android devices (MCPE-58759)
  • Featured Servers cannot be joined by players on Nintendo Switch – we hope to have this resolved soon
  • Players on Windows 10 updating to 1.17.0 with certain graphics hardware may experience a black screen on launch – this only affects players who had changed the anti-aliasing setting from default and can be rectified by resetting that setting. Please see MCPE-129319 for more information


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when curing a Zombie Villager in another dimension if the player had not travelled back to the Overworld since entering the world (MCPE-121559)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching between owned and non-owned Character Creator items
  • Fixed a crash on Windows 10 that can occur in ray tracing mode


  • Fixed an issue where taking dyed wool from a chest would not trigger the Rainbow Collection Trophy, presuming all wool colors were collected
  • Android players should once again see achievement notifications (MCPE-54902)


  • Players who receive negative damage no longer generate absorption hearts (MCPE-94178)
  • When a player using the touch interface presses and holds the crafting output window, they can now rapidly craft items up to one stack (MCPE-28689)
  • Picking up part of a stack no longer picks up the entire stack and drops the excess (MCPE-105330)
  • Fixed the player spawning in unsafe locations when entering a random world for the first time (MCPE-42310)
  • Fixed the player’s hand still bobbing even when the View Bobbing setting was disabled (MCPE-79380)
  • First person eating animation is now centered in the frame (MCPE-116678)
  • First person main hand blocking animation now plays properly (MCPE-115536)
  • First person main hand and off-hand Shields are now symmetrical (MCPE-116736)
  • Tridents in players’ and mobs’ hands are now correctly positioned in all perspective modes (MCPE-116681)
  • Trident raising animation modified for first person to match the previous version more closely
  • Fixed players showing the Bow holding animation after respawning when killed by another player (MCPE-58861)


  • Rabbits can once again raid Carrot crops (MCPE-113321)
  • Animals can no longer be fed infinitely until they are bred (MCPE-19309)
  • Charged Creeper aura is rendered correctly in most cases now (MCPE-65798)
  • Zombie Villagers now properly shake while being cured
  • Bees no longer gather nectar from Sweet Berry Bushes
  • Bees can once again enter Beehives and Bee Nests (MCPE-122705)
  • Blazes and Endermen once again receive damage from Splash Water Bottles (MCPE-97483)
  • Strays no longer drop Wither Heads when killed by Charged Creepers (MCPE-35876)


  • Using an Axe on Wood Blocks once again turns them into Stripped Wood Blocks (MCPE-105998)
  • Renamed Structure Blocks no longer have the incorrect data mode on creation (MCPE-41625)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause certain blocks to grow too quickly when ticked


  • Water Buckets can once again be used to pick up Fish (MCPE-94520)
  • Switching between some items (Bow, Trident, Crossbow, Shield) in your main hand will no longer skip animations (MCPE-116680)
  • Boats now break when they collide with a Cactus from the side (MCPE-106044)
  • Changed the position of the Bow to match previous versions (MCPE-116741)
  • Crossbows in players’ and mobs’ hands are now rendered correctly in all perspective modes (MCPE-116737)
  • Fixed an animation issue causing an off-hand held Shield to appear to re-equip whenever the player changed their main-hand item (MCPE-116773)
  • Cauldrons that have been emptied after containing a potion are now correctly filled with water when it rains
  • Fixed an issue where Fireworks of all colors could be crafted from any other color of Firework Charges (MCPE-90715)


  • Fixed a bug where the screen reader did not read the focused button on some screens
  • Fixed a bug where English screen reader pronounced “A button” as “a button”, now saying “Button A” instead


  • Fixed water flickering on PS VR
  • Colors applied to text on Signs are no longer barely visible (MCPE-117516)
  • Old Signs no longer glow when being dyed (MCPE-117835)
  • Critical hit particles now generate around a mob instead of under it (MCPE-39599)
  • Fixed Strider, Hoglin, Zoglin, Piglin, and Piglin Brute spawn eggs turning red when quick-moved inside any inventory in RenderDragon builds (MCPE-110463)
  • Fixed enchantment glint shape of charged Bow and Crossbow icons in RenderDragon builds
  • Fixed items playing “attack” and “using ” animations at the same time when using touch input (MCPE-117133)
  • Fixed an issue that could occur on older worlds where looking up in a Minecart would display the inside of the Minecart, blocking the player’s view
  • Fixed an issue that minimizing the title would disable anti-aliasing in RenderDragon builds (MCPE-120532)


  • Kick Player button now works again
  • Fixed a softlock when trying to set friend permissions on a Realm on initial invite
  • Updated Realms membership invite icon to be more obvious
  • Further improved Realms permission error messaging
  • Added a button to access the Realms membership invitation management screen in Profile Settings
  • Automatically close Realms invite screen if all invites are handled
  • Fixed PlayStation 4 players with Parental Control Communication and User-Generated Content restriction settings being able to join Realms through invites

User Interface

  • Fixed controller cursor sensitivity scaling (MCPE-33868)
  • Fixed an issue where patterns in the loom with high resolution assets would not display correctly
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling joining a world while generating it caused players to get stuck on the loading screen (MCPE-114776)
  • PS VR players can activate the start screen VR mode toggle using a keyboard
  • PS VR players can now proceed past the VR Align screen with a keyboard
  • Chemistry item icons no longer disappear after suspend/resume in Education Edition worlds
  • On PlayStation 4, fixed keyboard bindings when using an external keyboard configured to a non-US layout
  • Clicking “Get Help Fixing This” when unable to access multiplayer features now redirects to the proper help page on the Nintendo Switch
  • Adjusted the background color of Settings screens for increased readability
  • Added controller tooltips for “Collect” and “Empty” Lava from Cauldron using Bucket
  • The panoramic main menu background no longer blinks when loading the game, loading into a world, or leaving a world (MCPE-103842)
  • Fixed text overlap issue on some resolutions in the Realms Plus product description page


  • The ‘/kick’ command once again works properly if Cheats and Command Blocks are disabled, and it no longer uses target selectors
  • Fixed issue where Minecart with Command Block was not affected by the ‘CommandBlocksEnabled’ gamerule (MCPE-93666)
  • Fixed output message for ’/stopsound’ being incorrect (MCPE-116772)
  • Fixed issue where the ’/structure delete’ command was listed in the middle of both ’/structure load’ commands (MCPE-114022)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using the ‘/stopsound’ command to stop the elytra.loop sound (MCPE-120336)
  • Fixed an issue where the clone command was changed and not versioned
  • The ‘/setworldspawn’ command is now prohibited in legacy worlds, and affected worlds will reset their altered spawn positions to the original position (MCPE-27797)
  • Function’s positional offset is no longer re-evaluated for every command inside the function when run with the ‘/execute’ command. It is now only evaluated once for the whole function (MCPE-124890)
  • Fixed an issue where the Agent till command would not till blocks in Minecraft: Education Edition
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.16.221

  • Release date: April 22nd 2021 (North America) / April 23rd 2021 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Paintings are once again visible when placed (MCPE-121718)
  • Fixed some instances of the game not launching past the loading screen after updating on PS4 (MCPE-58897, MCPE-84790)
  • Fixed a soft lock that occurred when trying to set friend permissions on a Realm on initial invite
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading Behavior Packs containing GameTests


  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.16.220

  • Release date: April 6th 2021 (North America) / April 7th 2021 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Dye can now be used to change the color of sign text

Known Issues:


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to rename a map on an anvil while its second slot was occupied (MCPE-112905)
  • Fixed a crash when entering a Nether Portal and throwing a Bottle o’ Enchanting at the same time (MCPE-114793)


  • Fixed fog in Nether biomes not rendering properly in some Resource Packs (MCPE-111680)
  • Players with Visitor permissions now drop inventory on death (MCPE-47563)


  • Fixed Drowned holding tridents backwards during attack (MCPE-118213)
  • Drowned will now swing their arms when throwing tridents
  • Zombie, Zombie Villager, Husk, Pillager, and Vindicator now use correct bone to attach shields (MCPE-98606)
  • Mobs that pick up shields now place it in their off-hand
  • Non-persistent mobs no longer despawn immediately after loading into the Nether


  • Projectiles now pass through Structure Void blocks (MCPE-103579)
  • Improved placement rules for placing blocks on sides of stairs, slabs, and Top Snow blocks
  • Pistons and Sticky Pistons no longer appear black when Outline Selection is disabled (MCPE-53858)


  • Enabled screen narration with touch input on the new achievements screen
  • Fixed a bug where the screen reader didn’t read out default controller focus and checkbox state on the ‘Online Play is not Rated’ prompt
  • Fixed a bug where the screen reader would read the wrong text while using VR

User Interface

  • Controllers are now able to select the “Button Mode” toggle in the Advanced Settings NPC screen in the Jurassic World pack (MCPE-66446)
  • The “Results” field for search within the marketplace inventory now updates properly between different sections within the screen
  • Selecting the featured offer on the profile screen now properly redirects to the complete list of featured offers
  • Made the Sign In button text fit the button in Portuguese-BR
  • The Storage menu on now uses lighter text color
  • Fixed an issue where button textures weren’t scaled properly when applying Resource Packs
  • Enabled navigating to the Back button using only keyboard in some screens where it was not possible


  • Entity selectors no longer allow self-selection with cheats disabled (MCPE-92635)
  • The ‘/clear’ command will now apply the correct “data” argument for the sapling item (MCPE-117889)
  • Command blocks in a command block chain will now list the correct amount of ticking areas when a new ticking area is added before listing
  • Title command no longer duplicates % symbols in message (MCPE-51033)
  • Using teleport with the execute command now uses the dimension of the origin for its operations (MCPE-44104)

Character Creator 

  • Steve’s Pants no longer change the color of the bottom of feet when no footwear is equipped
  • Fixed other players appearing as Steve in multiplayer
  • Changing skins while in split-screen now properly saves for all local players and update properly for remote players
  • Alex’s shirt no longer looks corrupted when equipped with different pants
  • “Hooray!” emote will now display in the emotes section if already owned (MCPE-111165)

For Map Makers and Add-On Creators:

Updated Template Packs

Technical Changes and Fixes

  • Renamed all references of Actor to Entity
  • Renamed ‘BlockPos’ to ‘BlockLocation’
  • Added ‘startSequence’ to GameTest, which allows finer control over advanced test sequences
  • GameTest sequence callbacks no longer take test as a parameter as the initial test object now lives as long as the whole test
  • Updated Behavior Packs to require explicit module dependencies when using other native modules
  • Identifiers within “render_controllers” will now be considered content errors if there is no render controller matching that name
  • Entity json before version 1.16.100 will no longer give a content error for the deprecated field “minecraft:foot_size”
  • modified condition in ‘trident.animation_controllers.json’ to allow mobs to enter  ‘wield_third_person_raise’ (MCPE-118213)
  • Fixed an issue where loading into a world would cause continuous MoLang errors around “unhandled request for unknown variable”
  • A black screen no longer covers the player icon in the pause menu in some worlds. Content creators no longer need to override both focus_border_frame.png and pause_screen_border.png for correct behavior
  • Items can now have the “transparentattachable” tag applied to make attachable items not render for the player wearing them in the first person perspective
  • Fixed an issue where V2 Villagers were not properly updating their MoLang variables on initialization

Updates to GameTest Framework

  • Updated Blocks shorthand helpers to be camelCase
  • Updated Blocks shorthand to only include vanilla blocks
  • Added Blocks.get to fetch a block and return null if it doesn’t exist
  • Added BlockStates to enumerate all block states
  • Added setState to Block to update its block state
  • Added BlockPos class
  • Added ItemStack class GameTest Module
  • Added Tags to enumerate all built-in tags
  • Updated all methods that took x, y, z position to take a BlockPos
  • Exposed padding when registering game test
  • Fixed issue where previous failed GameTest markers still show up in new worlds

Movement Prediction

  • Fixed projectiles on third-party servers ignoring server movement packets
  • The server will adjust the player’s fall distance to take into account the client player’s position when a player movement correction or anomaly is detected

Network Packets

  • Changed cipher algorithm to AESGCM256 for UDP stream
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.16.210

  • Release date: March 9th 2021 (North America) / March 10th 2021 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Vanilla Parity Changes and Fixes:

  • Players now experience ambient sounds in the Nether (MCPE-74756)
    • Mobile players need to update the Minecraft Original Music Pack via the Marketplace to hear these new sounds
  • Using bone meal in warm ocean biomes now only generates sea grass, coral, and coral fans (MCPE-100085)


  • Added F11 as a keyboard shortcut for Full Screen mode
  • Added text-to-speech volume slider in Audio Settings
  • Android Devices
    • Our ability to support Android devices on KitKat OS or below is coming to an end. For more information, please see our help article
    • Players running this KitKat OS or below are not able to purchase a Realm from that device

Known Issues:

  • Please be assured that we are still working on the issue that is causing some players to get stuck on the red loading screen on PS4 – to help us investigate this further, the game will now detect if it has failed to load correctly after 30 minutes, which will help us to diagnose and rectify the problem (MCPE-84790)
  • Player may be unable to change back from Local Network to Online Network on Nintendo Switch due to infinite loading
  • Players are unable to see and join LAN sessions on Xbox without on Xbox Live Gold subscription
  • The chest inventory menu is not visible when a chest is placed close to wall on PS VR (MCPE-109860)
  • There are are no animations when using items and punching at the air when playing on mobile devices


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed a number of crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the achievements screen when the Anti-Aliasing setting was set to 1 (MCPE-110164)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading ‘.mcstructure’ files into the world that include entities (MCPE-63387)
  • Teleporting away from a structure animation no longer causes the game to crash
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving a world
  • Fixed a crashing issue related to corrupted biomes during world load for various Marketplace worlds
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Code Connection (MCPE-113355)


  • Players are once again able to join servers when the server has view-distance set to 4 or less (BDS-8855)
  • Split-screen characters are now stored in memory and re-joining the game will keep the character that the player had (MCPE-58640)
  • Brought back capability to rejoin a server after it has been suspended and resumed
  • Sign in failures now have a more helpful error message and provide error codes
  • Clicking “Download Template” when missing required templates of an existing world now correctly downloads the required templates
  • Resolved an issue where, in certain cases, a world could not be properly synced to the cloud (Xbox only). If you are having trouble syncing worlds, please try opening the world on the original Xbox, save/quit, then wait a few moments while the world is re-synced into the cloud
  • Fixed an issue where crafting a bed with the recipe book unlocked the “Change of Sheets” trophy


  • Fixed players taking fall damage when opening Shulker Boxes (MCPE-105490)
  • Players will no longer dismount into liquids (lava or water) from rideables such as boats
  • In all worlds created with the same seed, the same chest will now always generate the same content in the same order (MCPE-72432)


  • All mobs that use a melee attack have had their ability to hit targets above and below them restored
    • The target still must be within melee attack distance to be hit
    • This only affects world versions greater than or equal to 1.16.210
  • Fixed a bug where parrots could fly upwards indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Ender Dragon animation to appear jittery (MCPE-105892)
  • Added new logic for mobs dismounting rideables
    • This also introduces a more fine-grained entity height check allowing different dismount places for entities of different heights
  • Fixed a bug where foxes wouldn’t knock off and eat sweet berries (MCPE-70790)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to place custom spawn eggs by default in Adventure mode
  • Minecarts now properly update their effects (looping sound, player coordinates) when the minecart is not being rendered for the rider (MCPE-104044)


  • Mining crimson hyphae with Silk Touch now returns a placeable block
  • Fix for certain Marketplace worlds having incorrect block data when played on Realms and multiplayer between mobile and PC
  • Fixed dried kelp block bottom and carried textures so the rope pixels are aligned (MCPE-35476)
  • Fixed an issue where snow accumulated in lines with certain simulation distances (MCPE-73468)
  • TNT submerged in water will once again launch players in Survival mode (MCPE-47047)


  • Ink Sacs obtained from the Wandering Trader can now be used for crafting and can be stacked (MCPE-101087)
  • Redstone Dust is now displayed as “Redstone Dust” instead of “Redstone”
  • Nether Brick now gives XP from being smelted (MCPE-100030)


  • Fixed an issue with screen resolution which could flicker when resizing a window (MCPE-69721)
  • Fixed an issue with maps rendering over transparent objects when attached to item frames when using ray tracing
  • Reduced ghosting of fish when viewed through the water with DLSS enabled


  • Fixed the screen reader not reading the title on the Permissions screen
  • Emote wheel now supports the screen reader on Android and iOS devices
  • Keyboard inputs can now adjust slider settings when the cursor is outside the UI frame
  • Fixed a bug where the screen reader did not read the permission toggles’ titles on the Permissions Screen
  • The screen reader now reads Whisper and Announcement messages
  • The screen reader now informs the player when the “Chat Settings” menu has been opened
  • The screen reader now properly reads Edit/Create character button text for each character on the profile screen
  • The screen reader now announces the names of the A/B Button Swap and X/Y Button Swap options correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the screen reader would intermittently fail to announce some button names

User Interface

  • Command blocks no longer censor numbers (MCPE-106296)
  • Improved the smoothness of menu transition animations (MCPE-41772)
  • A warning now appears when attempting to move a locked item in and from containers
  • Updated outdated loading screen tips (MCPE-98977, MCPE-102293)
  • Added more helpful Video Settings messages for ray tracing on supported and non-supported platforms
  • Golden Apple and Enchanted Apple now have colored hotbar text when selecting them (MCPE-64427)
  • Tool and armor recipes now display the selected item background when selected in the recipe list
  • Wireframe of a structure block in the Overworld will no longer render in Nether and The End (MCPE-75231)
  • Audio sliders now always highlight when hovered over with a mouse
  • The durability bar is now visible when holding items with decreased durability in a window (MCPE-105893)
  • Fixed an issue where achievement names and descriptions would not be translated, independent of language selection (MCPE-85813)
  • The online status of cross-platform friends’ shown on the invite screen will now update when a change has been detected (MCPE-70004)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented achievement rewards from showing correctly after changing the language setting
  • Owned and purchasable skins no longer get mixed into different categories while offline
  • Emote title no longer shows previously previewed emote upon re-entering the emotes tab. Emotes!
  • Updated the in-game links to the proper support pages
  • Fixed Skin Preview navigation when using a controller
  • Fixed missing Incompatible button on the Marketplace Inventory screen
  • Fixed some interface issues with scrolling and clearing store filters
  • Raised the time limit for selecting whether to download a resource pack on connect from 5 seconds to 5 minutes
  • The in-game invite screen will now refresh when you return to it from the add members screen

Achievement Screen

  • The new Achievement screens are now enabled by default (Except in VR, on PS4, or on touch devices with narration enabled)
  • Removed the input legend of the Achievement page Summary panel when narration is enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the scrollbar could be hidden behind the input legend
  • Fixed achievement details page getting its content hidden behind the Input legend
  • Updated size of achievement reward frame
  • Updated frame art for locked achievements


  • Teleport command now correctly aligns your rotation with the destination entity (MCPE-35979)
  • Selector argument options can again be seen and auto-completed correctly after specifying one (MCPE-59794)
  • Spawn events now show as suggestions for the ‘/summon’ command (MCPE-101112)
  • ‘SendCommandFeedback’ no longer prevents display of outgoing messages (MCPE-95217)
  • Multiple ’/tickingarea add’ or ’/tickingarea remove’ commands performed during the same tick will no longer result in inaccurate messages about the number of ticking areas in use
  • Players can no longer overrun the maximum number of standalone ticking areas in use by adding them all in the same tick
  • Added stop action to the ‘/screenshake’ command
  • Score values on the scoreboard now align to the right of the table (MCPE-64973)
  • The ‘/setblock’ command now supports setting the connected state for Soul Lanterns (MCPE-89609)
  • The ‘/setblock’ command now supports setting the rotation state for the chain block (MCPE-105912)
  • Fixed an issue that preventing player interaction after using the ‘/clone’ command on a double chest block (MCPE-109119)
  • Using the ‘/clone’ command to clone a block of the same type is no longer treated as a failed operation (MCPE-83352)

For Map Makers and Add-On Creators:

Updated Template Packs

  • Updated templates for 1.16.210 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation are available for download
  • Added the “fogs” folder to the Resource Pack template
  • Added Fog documentation


  • Horses, Donkeys, Mules, Skeleton Horses, and Zombie Horses can now properly be given custom names, and identified using their respective “runtime_identifier”
  • Improved performance for actors using ‘TemptGoal’
  • Zombie villagers spawned from zombie spawners on Marketplace worlds that were created after version 1.11 now correctly spawn as V2 zombie villagers. When cured, they will now correctly turn into V2 villagers
  • Fixed upgrade path for ’format_version’ 1.13.0 boats to be properly upgraded to 1.16.100, which resolves a bug where boats templated worlds with a version lower than 1.16.100 had no gravity
  • Documentation for Bedrock Server Commands has been updated to show the correct commands for permission reloading and listing (BDS-2341)
  • Structure blocks no longer auto-save data when structure name text box is deselected (MCPE-101055)
  • Entities that use material state “Blending” now render correctly behind transparent parts
  • The scoreboard data of an entity is no longer removed if the entity is being teleported to an unloaded area of the world
  • Custom blocks now can only drop default state when broken, even with Silk Touch


  • Structures can now be deleted from the saved structure list using the new ’/structure delete <name>’ command
  • Added new slash command options for ‘/setblock’, ‘/fill’, and ‘/clone’ commands for passing in a list of block states to set on the block being spawned
  • A boolean parameter called “ignore_game_mode” has been added for the block event response “decrement_stack”, set to false by default. Thus “decrement_stack” no longer decreases the item stack when playing in Creative by default
  • Changing ‘RideableComponent’ property “rotate_rider_by” to function for custom mobs
  • ‘SetBlock’ and ‘SetBlockAtPos’ events now support custom block states (MCPE-104747)
  • Attachable items created in 1.16.2 and before will not render for their player in first person. Attachable items created after 1.16.2 will render for their player in first person unless they are armor

GameTest Framework

  • GameTest is server-side test automation tool that is based on pairing test code with test structures. You can trigger the tests via the ’/gametest’ command once you have enabled the “Enable GameTest Framework” experimental toggle for a world
  • NOTE: GameTest is not functional on console platforms

Custom Biomes and Blocks

  • Disabled loading of entities in custom biome features
  • Fixed UVs of data-driven blocks to not be slightly shrunk, which caused texel warping
  • Fixed data-driven blocks being pushed by pistons not working correctly

Render Offsets Component

  • Simple items, like swords or pickaxes, can have an optional offset applied to them to modify the way they are rendered. Note this component should not be added to an attachable item
  • Component Variables:
    • main_hand – An optional object storing optional transform data for ‘first_person’ and ‘third_person’ for the player’s right hand
    • off_hand – An optional object storing optional transform data for ‘first_person’ and ‘third_person’ for the player’s left hand
    • first_person – An optional object storing 3 vectors ‘position’, ‘rotation’, ‘scale’ used to build the first person matrix
    • third_person – An optional object storing 3 vectors ‘position’, ‘rotation’, ‘scale’ used to build the third person matrix

Bedrock Dedicated Server

  • On server side, added protection from semicolon usage in server-name parameter in ‘server.properties’ config file. If semicolon symbol(s) are used by the user in server-name parameter then any semicolon(s) will be removed to provide correct client-server interactions. Additional comments are added to ‘server.properties’, which are not allow to use semicolon symbol(s) in server-name parameter
  • On server side, added protection from semicolon and symbols illegal for file name usage in level-name parameter in ‘server.properties’ config file. If semicolon or symbols illegal for file name are used by user in level-name parameter then those symbols will be removed to provide correct client-server interactions and correct level-name parameter usage on server side. Additional comments are added to ‘server.properties’, which are not allow semicolon or symbols illegal for file name usage in level-name parameter
  • On client side, added additional verification and correction for Unconnected Pong packet data to prevent incorrect server parameters parsing and inability of the client to connect to the server as result of that. Unit-tests are added for parsing, additional verification and correction of Unconnected Pong packet data (BDS-6825)
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.16.201

  • Release date: December 15th 2020 (North America) / December 16th 2020 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed the game failing to launch on multiple Windows 10 devices (MCPE-102530)
  • Double Chests placed at chunk borders no longer become partially invisible and don’t crash the game when they are opened (MCPE-106030)
  • Shulker boxes no longer lose everything inside their inventory when undyed using a cauldron (MCPE-108196)
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.16.200

  • Release date: December 8th 2020 (North America) / December 9th 2020 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

New Features:

New Volume Settings

  • Added a variety of volume sliders for sound categories (eg. hostile, blocks, weather etc.)
    • These play a preview of the relevant sounds in the main settings menu, and play the default click sound when in-game

Vanilla Parity Changes and Fixes:

  • Basalt can no longer be destroyed by Ghast fireballs (MCPE-75252)
  • Basalt blocks now take slightly more time to destroy
  • Dragon Egg now always drops as an item when it’s destroyed by an explosion (MCPE-52632)
  • Right-clicking a snow block with a shovel no longer breaks the snow block
  • Dirt Paths (formerly Grass Path) can now be made by using a shovel on Dirt, Podzol, Mycelium, Coarse Dirt, and grass
  • Updated the Netherite leggings texture (MCPE-103016)
  • Twisting Vines can no longer be placed on Composter blocks while sneaking (MCPE-78973)
  • Netherite Armor now gives a ninety percent reduction in Knockback (MCPE-77430)
  • Bees will no longer stray more than 22 blocks from their home Beehive (MCPE-60252)

Known Issues:

  • Players running Minecraft on Windows 10 N 32-bit systems may encounter a crash when loading the game if the Media Foundation Pack is not installed. This can be resolved by downloading and installing the Media Foundation Pack
  • Players are unable to rejoin a world after being disconnected from a suspended session
  • In VR, Living room hint text doesn’t change correspondingly when input method changes from gamepad to motion controller


Performance and Stability

  • Improved chunk loading speed when flying with Elytra (MCPE-85614)
  • Large numbers of scheduled instant updates no longer crash the game (MCPE-94942)
  • Fixed a crash that could occasionally occur when going through a portal or flying around in Creative mode
  • Fixed a crash that could occasionally occur while flying or moving around the game world
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading a local world
  • Fixed an issue where some mobile devices would lose audio after suspend and resume (MCPE-101027)
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash on Nintendo Switch when trying to load a 256x resolution resource pack
    • The system now blocks that selection and notifies the player they cannot select it


  • Players that own The Founder’s Cape will once again see it within the Capes tab of the Dressing Room


  • Only preview items will be shown in crafting screen when auto crafting an item on controller. This prevents rapid updates of the Recipe Book
  • Fixed the player’s hand still bobbing if View Bobbing was disabled (MCPE-79380)


  • Fixed mobs and other entities freezing and becoming desynced with their bodies o_O (MCPE-71243)
  • Villagers will no longer steal workstations from each other (MCPE-43071)
  • Mobs no longer randomly stop attacking and following their targets (MCPE-48144)
  • Piglins that are close together can no longer pick up the same item if it’s dropped between them (MCPE-95644)
  • Update Zombified Piglin texture to remove flickering of loincloth (MCPE-96793)
  • Mobs no longer spawn in Wither Roses (MCPE-97331)
  • Bees now only exit at the front of Beehives and Bee Nests
  • Mobs are no longer teleported back and forth outside solid objects if there is not enough space for multiple entities (MCPE-101202)


  • Compass is no longer consumed when used on a Lodestone in Creative mode (MCPE-96258)
  • Glowsticks no longer use placeholder textures (Education Feature) (MCPE-45686, MCPE-68417)


  • Cocoa Pods generated in Jungles now generate in the proper direction (MCPE-102399)
  • Signs no longer replace decorations when attempting to place in the same space as the decoration
  • Fixed a bug where End Portal blocks were not removed after an End Portal Frame block was destroyed. Filled blocks other than End Portal blocks will remain in place


  • Owned packs are now refreshed correctly after restarting the game when playing in VR


  • Fixed the screen reader not reading the screen title in-game
  • Fixed the screen reader not reading the shortcut button on the Pause Screen
  • Fixed the screen reader not reading the screen title and shortcut buttons on the Invite to Game Screen
  • Fixed the screen reader not reading the title on the Profile and Edit Character screens
  • Fixed the numbering of buttons on the Pause Screen being wrong when using text-to-speech
  • The Emote Wheel now supports the screen reader
  • Fixed an issue where the screen reader was not reading updates often enough on some devices
  • Fixed the screen reader so messages with controller icons in the Chat Screen are read correctly
  • The screen reader now reads the Open Chat Message while Text To Speech For Chat is turned off
  • Fixed several issues regarding text contrast in the user interface
  • Fixed an issue where the Servers tab would not correctly read text-to-speech prompts when not signed into a Microsoft account
  • Fixed various issues where text-to-speech indices on the start screen were not correct
  • Fixed issues where user interface controls would be improperly indexed in text-to-speech for popup modals
  • Reduced transparency on top row of buttons in Touch UI to improve readability

User Interface

  • Added UI start up screen to inform players if they are running on outdated graphics drivers
  • Fixed several death messages (MCPE-30360)
    • “slain by Llama spit” –> “spitballed by Llama”
    • “slain by shulkerBullet” –> “sniped by shulker”
    • “slain by Blaze” –> “fireballed by Blaze”
    • “slain by Ghast” –> “fireballed by Ghast”
    • “shot by arrow” –> “shot by skeleton”
    • “slain by Trident” –> “was impaled to death by Trident”
  • Fixed paperdoll such that it can now always be rotated with the mouse when in the Dressing Room (MCPE-101210)
  • “Classic Controls – Intense” font color now matches the surrounding text in VR Controls menu
  • Preview items in the crafting grid now have a different colored background depending on item availability in the inventory
  • The Player Permissions menu can once again be navigated using a controller regardless of the player’s permission level
  • [X] button in Chat Settings is no longer present when using a controller
  • Profile screen has been improved, now characters are visible and can be selected or modified as soon as they load
  • Avoid purchasing a Realm if the player cancels out of “Purchase History Needed” dialog screen
  • ‘Strawberry Blonde’ color now has correct name in the Character Creator (MCPE-102674)
  • Loading screen tips no longer display the “tips.game.62” (No ID)
  • Fixed the visual focus indicator disappearing in VR when hovering on tabs in VR with screen reader enabled
  • Scoreboard now displays properly on the pause screen when displaying in list mode (MCPE-106012)


  • ‘/playsound’commands now play the sound correctly for all players in range
  • ‘/effect’ command duration is now capped at 1,000,000 seconds (MCPE-92916)
  • Add ticking area commands performed in the same tick now disallow adding areas with the same name twice
  • Placeholder text message for the ‘/titleraw’ command success no longer returns to player (MCPE-63618)
  • FadeOut argument is no longer ignored in the ‘/title’ times command

For Map Makers and Add-On Creators: Updated Template Packs


  • Turning bandwidth optimizations off to see if it fixes stationary mob problem and entity “lag” issues (MCPE-105892)
  • Custom projectiles once again animate properly
  • Fixed an issue where loot tables with a ‘set_data’ function produced incorrect loot items
  • Fixed face occlusion with data-driven blocks to properly account for unit cube transparent vs unit cube opaque
  • Data-driven blocks no longer have their top faces rotated 180 degrees when carried or in inventory (MCPE-63134)
  • Fixed an issue with a runaway block ticking queue that occurred on a looping data-driven block that changed itself to a different permutation. The bug could cause memory issues, increased load and save times, as well as stalling the game periodically (No ID)
  • Fixed data-driven blocks to shrink UVs the same way as actors to prevent UV bleeding (No ID)
  • Fixed some culling issues with data-driven blocks larger than 1x1x1 when placed on a chunk boundary. Also added content warnings for larger blocks
  • Changed ‘set_block’ and ‘set_block_at_pos’ to use ‘BlockDescriptor’ when specifying ‘block_type’
  • Old command versions now use the previous position instead of current one
  • Fixed issue where ‘query.cardinal_block_face_placed_on’ no longer worked with ‘on_player_placing’
  • Changed texture atlas padding size from 0 to 1 when disabling mipmap
  • Fixed issue of blocks listed in the “minecraft:block_placer” component not working correctly
  • Fixed player smaller hitbox while swimming and gliding from being reset after an event is sent on the player
  • Fixed custom spawn egg generation in template worlds
  • MoLang geometry, material, and texture variable names can once again contain dots
  • Items with the item lock component no longer cause the recipe book to show invalid recipe results


  • Added ‘query.cardinal_facing_2d’ to get a ground plane direction that doesn’t return up or down
  • Added the ability to put block models into the models/blocks folder
  • Added the ability for item triggers to send events to the block they are interacting with (when there is one such as ‘on_use_on’)
  • Added the ability to query the interacted face for both interactions with blocks and using ‘minecraft:on_use_on’ in an item. Face can be queried with ‘query.block_face’


  • Fixed using ‘query.get_equipped_item_name’ with an item that was renamed not returning the right result. We now tie this to vanilla versioning so that the old name is returned if the world is tied to a specific vanilla version
  • “add_mob_effect” and “remove_mob_effect” no longer throw content errors when valid effect names are passed in
  • Added documentation for “remove_mob_effect” to make creators aware they can use the value “all” in effect to remove all mob effects from a target
  • Fixed items not being placeable in additional horse equipment slots. Does not fix all equippable behaviors
  • Inventory size on the minecraft:inventory component has to be increased to match the equippable slots in order for the server to accept the item placement
  • The tooltip for item with item lock component will no longer show when game rule ‘showtags’ is disabled
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.16.101

  • Release date: November 23rd 2020 (North America) / November 24th 2020 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Fixed players unable to connect to Realms when playing on cellular data on mobile devices (MCPE-55405)
  • Fixed Minecoins not appearing after purchase until after restarting the game
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.16.100

  • Release date: November 16th 2020 (North America) / November 17th 2020 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

New Features:

  • Added a new Achievements screen design and brand new achievement artwork
  • Over a dozen new Character Creator items have been added and can be unlocked with achievements

Vanilla Parity Changes and Fixes:

  • Sea Turtles now play a sound when they lay eggs
  • Dolphins will now dry out at the same rate as they do in Java Edition; 120 seconds
  • Undamaged Mending items will no longer prevent damaged Mending items from being repaired (MCPE-80156)
  • Basalt can no longer be destroyed by Ghast fireballs (MCPE-75252)
  • Basalt blocks now take slightly more time to destroy
  • TNT no longer activates when a Redstone Torch is placed directly on it (MCPE-81258)
  • Experience Orbs now float in water (MCPE-64039)
  • Adjusted Netherite movement in lava (MCPE-65372)
  • Netherite armor no longer take durability loss when standing on magma blocks (MCPE-76532)
  • Trade discounts from Hero of the Village and Curing Zombie Villagers now match the Java Edition (MCPE-70782)
  • Phantom wings now make flapping sounds
  • Pistons can no longer be extended above the build height limit or into the void (MCPE-37825, MCPE-51067)
  • Brewing Stands can now be crafted with Blackstone (MCPE-90465)
  • Players can now spawn farmland with the /give command and pick it with Pick Block (MCPE-25691)
  • Cod and Salmon killed by fire damage now drop cooked fish (MCPE-30693)
  • It’s now possible to place chains so that they are aligned horizontally (MCPE-93995)
  • Floor and ceiling surface generation now correctly match Java Edition
    • Soul Sand Valleys now have ceilings covered with Soul Soil and Soul Sand (MCPE-69159)
    • Basalt Deltas now have Basalt ceilings (MCPE-79608)
  • Striders with passengers can now be tempted
  • Piglins now drop their inventory when zombified (MCPE-81503)
  • Allow Piglins and Piglin Brutes to preserve equipment when zombified (MCPE-83683)
  • Piglin Brutes now give 20xp instead of 10 when killed by player (MCPE-94089)
  • Lanterns can now be placed underwater and do not pop when a water source block is placed on them
  • Piglins now offer similar bartering items as they do in Java Edition (MCPE-92662)
  • Soul Fire no longer melts snow or ice blocks (MCPE-74901)
  • Zombified Piglins no longer float above Striders while riding (MCPE-80188)
  • Warped Fungus can now grow in Crimson Forests (MCPE-83616)
  • Piglins now offer Nether Bricks instead of Nether Brick blocks when bartering (MCPE-74395)
  • Baby Zoglin and Baby Hoglin now have drops after being killed by the player
  • Baby Zoglins now have cute, oversized heads (MCPE-65454)
  • Wither Skeletons now automatically attack Piglins and Piglin Brutes (MCPE-65456)
  • Hoglins will now flee from Respawn Anchors (MCPE-71534)
  • Iron Golems now attack Hoglins (MCPE-73838)
  • Zoglins now take damage from Healing effect and heal from Harming effect (MCPE-79314)
  • If Ruined Portal chests contain Glistering Melon, they no longer contain only a single melon slice (MCPE-92675)
  • Zombified Piglins that are jockeys on Striders now hold a Warped Fungus on a Stick (MCPE-94002)
  • Piglin Brutes no longer have enchanted Golden Axes
  • All expected Nether plants can now be composted (MCPE-78026) (MCPE-82999) (MCPE-94671)
  • Crimson and Warped Fungus can now be placed on Mycelium (MCPE-88588)
  • Soul Speed enchantment found in chests is now limited to Bastion Remnant chests (MCPE-75468)
  • Soul Campfires now drop Soul Soil instead of Charcoal when mined (MCPE-74709) (MCPE-74709)
  • Increased Strider health from 15 to 20 (MCPE-76425)
  • Piglins can now equip Shields, Elytra, Turtle Shells, and various Mob Heads (MCPE-75863)
  • Piglin Brutes no longer become angry from specific blocks being broken, they still always attack a player on sight though (MCPE-94106)
  • Baby Zombified Piglins now correctly display items held in their hands
  • Quick crafting a Piston will now work with Warped Planks and Crimson Planks (MCPE-87659)
  • Baby Hoglins now deal appropriate damage
  • Piglins now spawn naturally in Nether Wastes on Peaceful difficulty (MCPE-95718)


  • Added several new experimental toggles to enable previews of upcoming engine technology and support Add-Ons and Marketplace content


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed a crash that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the player opened a Shulker Box they’re standing on after rejoining a multiplayer session (MCPE-51711)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a player joined a game in a sleeping state (MCPE-79465)
  • Improved reliability of Nintendo Switch players joining other Nintendo Switch games
  • Adding tags to the Ender Dragon will no longer crash the game when reloading the world (MCPE-89076)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a stunned entity loaded into the world
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Player 1 in a split-screen session disconnected their controller (MCPE-99565)
  • Optimized chunk loading performance (MCPE-85614)
  • Various bandwidth optimizations


  • Fixed worlds disappearing from the worlds list during crash at world start on Xbox One (MCPE-84649)
  • “The Beaconator” achievement can now be reliably unlocked
  • The “Archer” can now be reliably unlocked (MCPE-86371)
  • Fixed the ‘Super Fuel’ achievement not being awarded when using lava bucket in a furnace (MCPE-64453)
  • 24-bit PNGs without an alpha channel are no longer accepted as valid custom skins (MCPE-50094)


  • Fishing Rod will now correctly cast when close to a mob (MCPE-65249)
  • Custom named boats and minecarts will now save their name after placing and breaking. Their names will also be shown in the world (MCPE-25845)
  • Fixed empty worlds getting generated after closing a PS4 world import midway through the process
  • End City loot chests once again generate correctly (MCPE-72920)
  • Fixed players and mobs not taking damage when walking through berry bushes
  • Killing mobs that have armor equipped with ranged weapons now results in armor loot (MCPE-44408)


  • Villagers no longer get locked into the wrong profession (MCPE-62080)
  • Bees now leave their hive/nest after an allotted time in the End and Nether dimensions (MCPE-58322)
  • Hostile mobs can now spawn in thunderstorms during the day (MCPE-34409)
  • Foxes no longer take damage when falling on berry bushes (MCPE-82273)
  • Fixed Vex movement along the x and z directions (MCPE-41879)
  • Blaze now switch between melee attack and ranged attack based on the distance from the player (MCPE-45469)
  • Mob’s inactivity timer is now reset when closer than 32 blocks from the nearest player
  • Shearing a Snow Golem now drops a carved pumpkin (MCPE-66967)
  • Turtles and Dolphins on land will now successfully move towards water (MCPE-44918)
  • Ghasts once again spawn in all light levels (MCPE-85747)
  • Mobs in lava were not able to find a path out. This fix makes it so they can enter a lava block if they are already in lava
  • Mobs can no longer move Minecarts they stand in (MCPE-46804)
  • Mob spawn range now scales with simulation distance (MCPE-95568)
  • Villagers from older versions now level up correctly when trading (MCPE-85013)
  • Improved performance of farmer villagers when harvesting or sowing crops
  • Fixed a bug which could prevent farmer villagers from harvesting crops
  • Player-ridden Striders now jump onto magma blocks as well as non-full blocks in front of them when guided by Fungus on a Stick (MCPE-77096)
  • Baby animals can once again be tamed, before growing up (MCPE-96973)
  • Bees can now only exit Beehives and Bee Nests through air blocks (MCPE-97185)
  • Slimes can now spawn in slime chunks inside frozen biomes (MCPE-49303)


  • Fixed issue where some walls were not correctly connected on world load
  • Walls converted from Console Edition saves are now joined properly
  • Water from bubble columns now flows as it should (MCPE-36463)
  • Hoppers with containers above them can no longer collect dropped items (MCPE-80555)
  • Fence gates now align with Blackstone Walls (MCPE-78002)
  • Placing blocks on Crimson Roots and Warped Roots will now properly remove the roots (MCPE-81521)
  • Target blocks no longer power additional blocks above them (MCPE-85455)
  • Beehives and Bee Nests now show the correct front-facing texture (MCPE-92468)
  • Lava and water textures are now visible after placing Slime block or Honey block next to or above them (MCPE-62255)
  • End gateways will now correctly calculate distance to the center block when searching for an exit position (MCPE-48922)
  • Plants and crops now grow more consistently when near chunk borders
  • Brown and Red Mushrooms can now be grown into huge mushrooms on Nylium
  • Cocoa Beans can now be placed on and survive on all jungle wood variants (MCPE-46638)
  • Gravity affected blocks no longer break when their supporting block is moved by a piston (MCPE-81106)
  • Falling blocks now break after falling for extended periods of time (MCPE-73124)
  • Podzol no longer generates below the top layer when spawning large spruce trees (MCPE-71995)
  • Observer block textures no longer get stuck in an active state after being moved by a piston (MCPE-61175)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause falling blocks to duplicate near a portal (MCPE-68229)
  • Fixed an issue that caused rails to not be powered correctly along the x-axis (MCPE-81987)
  • Saplings no longer incorrectly transform into a bee nest when next to a tree and flowers (MCPE-80543)
  • Dragon Egg no longer disappears if placed on pedestal and Ender Dragon is respawned (MCPE-78400)
  • Signs can no longer be placed on End Rods


  • Compass items will now point the correct direction when the player is in a boat (MCPE-56876)
  • Compasses with custom names now retain their names when linked to a Lodestone
  • Compasses with Curse of Vanishing now retain their enchantment when linked to a Lodestone
  • Lodestone Compasses can now be enchanted with the Curse of Vanishing using an Anvil (MCPE-74016)
  • Boots enchanted with Soul Speed no longer become stuck on mobs or the player after breaking (MCPE-75375)
  • Smelted items (prior to 1.13) no longer contain incorrect damage values and can be stacked (MCPE-54617)
  • Dropped items no longer float too low to the ground
  • Dragon Egg now always drops when it is destroyed by an explosion (MCPE-52632)
  • Totem of Undying now applies the correct effects upon dying (MCPE-52364)
  • Armor no longer gets stuck in the hot bar after interacting with an armor stand (MCPE-84368)
  • Corrected map color representation for multiple blocks (MCPE-19228) (MCPE-83797)
  • XP orbs once again ignore world lighting, allowing it to always be at max brightness (MCPE-67448)
  • Banner patterns can now be crafted in the 2×2 crafting grid (MCPE-91247)
  • The “Thing” banner can now be crafted at the Loom (MCPE-70449)
  • Fixed an issue that caused item durability to not be assigned until a world was reloaded (MCPE-62324)
  • Spawn Eggs can now be used on an underwater Monster Spawner
  • Fixed dropped item stacks becoming invisible after merging with another item stack (MCPE-71139)
  • Iron pickaxes can now be dropped by mobs during raids (MCPE-44417)


  • Added more detailed error messages with possible solutions when a world fails to upload to a Realm (REALMS-474)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when downloading large worlds from Realms (MCPE-69269)
  • Selecting the “Manage” button for Realms subscriptions now opens the appropriate Microsoft account page
  • Content that is owned through a Realms Plus subscription now roams across all platforms (REALMS-5171)


  • Fixed an issue with the skybox background graphics not rendering correctly on some devices
  • Fixed an issue with missing animation when damaging bamboo
  • Fixed a graphical issue with glass blocks on the City Living world that affected some devices on Windows 10
  • Touchscreen input “Chat and Commands” UI element now has a darker border


  • Music is no longer interrupted when entering water in ocean biomes (MCPE-76213)
  • Reduced raid horn sound (MCPE-85593)

Crafting Screen

  • Various improvements to the Crafting Screen experience when using a controller
  • Cobblestone is now shown as the default ingredient for stone tools (MCPE-71843)
  • Items in the inventory will no longer move into the crafting grid when hovering over recipes
  • The selected recipe will no longer be cleared when changing tabs, even if you don’t have all the necessary ingredients for that recipe
  • Picking up items while the cursor is hovering over a recipe now updates to the recipe’s new index
  • Crimson and Warped Stems/Hyphae are now in their correct Creative inventory groups (MCPE-74611)
  • Nether and Warped Wart blocks are no longer in an unfolding section in the creative menu

Structure Blocks

  • Removed the name field from the structure block 3D Export screen
  • Fixed incorrect chunk position calculation for block changes that occur during the Structure Block preview window
  • Structure loading/saving no longer affects ticking blocks in nearby chunks
  • Fixed the Reset button not re-rendering the wireframe bounding box

User Interface

  • Added Noto Sans font license button and pop-up dialog to Profile section of the Settings screen
  • Updated splash texts and loading screen tips (MCPE-85381)
  • Fixed system language settings for Simplified and Traditional Chinese not honored by the game
  • Fixed an issue that meant the block highlight/selection box was extending above blocks
  • Time played now displays correctly on the Achievements screen (MCPE-66331)
  • The Beacon container interface no longer shuffles items around the inventory slots when trying to quick-move items from the inventory while the hotbar is full
  • Pressing the ‘Leave Boat’ button on touch devices will no longer make the player hit a passenger or destroy the Boat (MCPE-78113)
  • A button icon has been added to the NPC dialog screen to show which gamepad button to press to close the window (Education Feature)
  • The hovered slot data is now cleared properly whenever the cursor is moved off an item slot. This way the gamepad helpers are correct when not hovering over an item slot
  • The item name text that appears when the player changes the hotbar selection now anchors from the bottom. This way when it grows, it will not overlap with the hotbar (MCPE-79566)
  • Fixed the ‘Profile’ button in the Pause Menu not being sized correctly
  • “Ride Exit” hint now clears action bar messages (MCPE-75097)
  • The Smithing Table screen now contains the hammer icon and user interface elements appear correctly when using the “Pocket” UI profile setting (MCPE-79541)
  • Custom names now modify boss bars (MCPE-43473)
  • Grindstone no longer shows a result unless it changes the item (MCPE-54256)
  • Fixed navigation problems between Featured Items, Achievement Rewards, Emotes, and the Dressing Room (MCPE-89179)
  • Change Gamertag and Manage Account buttons on the Settings screen now open xbox.com URLs on iOS and Android
  • The Dressing Room now shows cached items when not connected to the internet


  • Fixed a crash could occur when using the ‘/fill ‘ command to fill huge amounts of blocks with Portal blocks
  • Text and background for the title command (Title, Subtitle, and Actionbar) have been adjusted and spaced out
  • Fixed a bug where a request queued with ‘/schedule’ would not clear out when executed and would execute when re-entering a level
  • Added to the ‘/schedule on_area_loaded’ command with an overload that allows you to track a circular area, by specifying a center and a radius. Also added serialization for the queue of requests
  • Fixed issues with the ‘/schedule’ command that would consider an area loaded before it was actually loaded, and the command now respects which dimension it is queued in

For Map Makers and Add-On Creators:

Updated Template Packs


  • Fixed particles when using animation controllers to play particles and switching to a different state that also plays particles
  • Striders now have a separate texture mapping for each leg, and their leg textures are properly mirrored
  • Pitch written in ‘sound_definitions.json’ is now correctly played (MCPE-49430)
  • FMOD music channel now sets its priority to 0 when music is played to prevent FMOD virtual channel from stealing it when a regular sound is played in game (default priority is 128)
  • Villagers/Zombie Villagers once again correctly spawn as a baby when using the summon command to summon them with the event “minecraft:entity_born”
  • Attempting to load a custom material that is not defined no longer causes a crash. A proper content error is now thrown


  • Added ‘/structure’ command that allows saving and loading of structures without having to use Structure Blocks
  • Added the ability to animate the placement of a structure with the ‘/structure’ command
  • Added the ‘/music’ command, allowing creators to play and control custom music
  • Added ‘/playanimation’ command that allows you to run a one-off animation. It assumes all variables have been setup correctly for the animation to run
  • Added ‘/camerashake’ command to enable a camera shaking effect
  • Added ‘/ride’ command that allows you to make entities ride other entities, stop entities from riding, make rides evict their riders, or summon rides and riders
  • Added ‘/clearspawnpoint’ command that allows you to clear a player’s spawn point
  • Added ‘/event’ command that can be used to trigger an event on an entity
  • Using the ‘/spawnpoint’ command will no longer affect Players that are sleeping (MCPE-91565)
  • Older command versions using ‘/execute’ now use the proper position for command selectors when calculating the radius

Data-Driven Blocks

  • Added documentation for block event responses and re-organized block documentation
  • Blocks that have ticking components will now clear their pending ticks from the ticking queue upon removal
    • Added the ‘on_player_destroyed’ trigger component
  • Made data-driven blocks pathable with disabled collisions
  • Added the BlockDisplayNameComponent to allow display names to be configured in the localization table
  • Added support for parsing and performing the following event responses:
    • Added the ‘set_block_at_pos’ event response
    • Spawn Loot
    • Set Block
    • Added support for the ‘on_interact’ trigger component
  • Added support for the ‘on_player_placing’ trigger component
    • Also added MoLang queries for ‘cardinal_block_face_placed_on’ and ‘cardinal_player_facing’ for getting placement context

Data-Driven Block Models

  • Added the first pass of the new data-driven block tessellation pipeline
  • Added the “minecraft:geometry” component to allow using a block model for rendering
  • Added the “minecraft:unit_cube” component to allow using a default unit cube for rendering. Unit cubes get some extra effects like ambient occlusion and face removal
  • Added the “minecraft:material_instances” component to allow mapping faces and material_instances in a geometry file to an actual material
  • Fixed smooth lighting and ambient occlusion with new data-driven blocks

Placement Filter

Added “minecraft:placement_filter” component which allows you to set conditions for where this block can be placed. This component will also kick in whenever neighboring blocks change and pop its loot if it is no longer in a valid location

  • Added serialization to Block Descriptor
  • Added static anyMatch functions to BlockDescriptor to compare a list of BlockDescriptors against: Block*, BlockLegacy, or BlockDescriptor
  • Added a function to compare two BlockDescriptors. This covers: matching blocks, any tag of either descriptor match, block states with matching permutations
  • Changed the BlockDescriptor BlockLegacy member variable to a Block* so we can set the block states during deferred block resolution and get the block with the states set
  • Removed all the existing Block* json parsing


  • Split ‘allowed_blocks’ into ‘use_on’ and ‘dispense_on’
  • ‘use_on’ specifies what blocks an entity placer item is allowed to be used on, omit to allow all blocks
  • ‘dispense_on’ specifies what blocks an entity placer item is allowed to be dispensed on, omit to allow all blocks

Execute Command

  • Added support to item json events for the ‘execute_command’ keyword. It supports both a string and string array format, where the string is the command intended to run. Commands are compiled at load time and executed after add/remove_mob_effect and teleport actions, but before other triggers for events. Commands will be segmented in sequence and randomize nodes as expected

Run Command

  • Added support to entity json events for the ‘run_command’ keyword alongside the current add and remove keywords. It supports both a string and string array format, where the string is the command intended to run. Commands will be run after component groups have been added and removed, and will be segmented in sequence and randomize nodes as expected
  • Updated the following components to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*
    • BlockBreakSensorComponent
    • BlockListEventMap
    • BreathableComponent
    • BreedableComponent
    • BuoyancyComponent
    • EntityPlacerItemComponent
    • PreferredPathComponent
    • SeedItemComponentLegacy
  • Updated the following features to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*
    • NoSurfaceOreFeature
    • OreFeature
    • SingleBlockFeature
  • Updated the following goal definitions to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*
    • GoalDefinition
    • RaidGardenGoal
    • VanillaGoalDefinition
  • Updated the following surfaces code to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*
    • MesaSurfaceAttributes
    • SurfaceMaterialAdjustmentAttributes
    • SurfaceMaterialAttributes
  • Updated the following tests to reflect the changes from updating code to use BlockDescriptors
    • BuoyancyComponentServerTests
    • FeatureHelperTests
    • NoSurfaceOreFeatureTests
    • OreFeatureTests
    • SingleBlockFeatureTests
  • Updated the following trees to parse and use BlockDescriptor instead of Block*
    • AcaciaTreeCanopy
    • AcaciaTreeTrunk
    • FallenTreeTrunk
    • FancyTreeCanopy
    • FancyTreeTrunk
    • MegaPineTreeCanopy
    • MegaTreeCanopy
    • MegaTreeTrunk
    • PineTreeCanopy
    • RoofedTreeCanopy
    • SimpleTreeCanopy
    • SimpleTreeTrunk
    • SpruceTreeCanopy
    • TreeHelper


  • Squid rendering is now data-driven
  • All types of minecarts are now data-driven
  • The ‘minecraft:behavior.controlled_by_player’ goal is now data-driven
  • Physics component’s ‘has_gravity’ field is now used to decide whether a mob should apply water gravity, if the mob does not have a navigation component
  • Spatial Bandwidth Optimizations are now exposed through a component, “minecraft:conditional_bandwidth_optimization”
  • Spatial Bandwidth Optimizations are now utilized by every actor using “minecraft:conditional_bandwidth_optimization”
  • Added the selector component to raw text, which can be used to print entity names in commands such as ‘tellraw’ and ‘titleraw’
  • Pathfinding will now account for the “minecraft:scale'” component
  • Updated BrewingStand, ButtonBlock, ChestBlock, EnderChestBlock, SlabBlock, and SoulSandBlockblock types to allow path-finding and navigation (MCPE-47075)
  • Updated Actor Properties. Two fields that were invalid and appeared in some vanilla content will now give a content error. The field “value” on “minecraft:can_fly” and the property “minecraft:foot_size” should simply be removed from any entity files
  • The ‘MoveToLiquidGoal has been changed to use data for its target block
  • Strider now correctly executes the ‘move_to_liquid’ goal
  • Made boats use the Buoyancy component. Added two new components, the “inside_block_notifier” component, which fires specified events when the actor enters or exits specified blocks, and the “out_of_control” component, which sets a corresponding actor flag, in order to make this possible
  • Exposed new data parameters to control the behavior of Drop Item For Goal. This includes: “seconds_before_pickup”, “cooldown”, “minimum_teleport_distance”, “max_head_look_at_height”, “teleport_offset”, and “entity_types”. Check out the new Actor component documentation!
  • Exposed new data parameters to control the behavior of Harvest Farm Block Goal, including “max_seconds_before_search”, “search_cooldown_max_seconds”, and “seconds_until_new_task”. Check out the new Actor component documentation!
  • Added error checks to parsing of Minecraft shareables items. Displays content log if item name is invalid or the array is empty


  • Created ‘/fog’ command for managing active fog settings for players; these fog settings override fog driven from the client such as biome location of player camera
  • Updated “biomes_client.json” to link each biome to a fog definition identifier
  • Added child object “volumetric” which contains “density” and “media_coefficients” objects. These hold the data values used for the volumetric fog

Record Item Component

  • Items can now be made records to play music in Jukeboxes
  • Component Variables
    • sound_event – A string value correseponding to a sound event in the game code. This string must be one these for music to play: “13”, “cat”, “blocks”, “chirp”, “far”, “mall”, “mellohi”, “stal”, “strad”, “ward”, “11”, “wait”, “pigstep”
    • duration – A float value that determines how long particles are spawned from the JukeBox Block, should approximately match length of sound event
    • comparator_signal – An integer value that represents the strenght of the analog signal, used by the Comparator Block
  • Examples
    • When added to JukeBox Block this will play the sound clip of “record.chirp”
    • Example 1: “minecraft:record”: { “sound_event”: “chirp”, “duration”: 185.0, “comparator_signal”: 4 }


  • Renamed items to be consistent with the list of Java Edition items
  • Created RepairableItemComponent that data-drives how an item is repaired in game
  • Items can now override their display name with a localized ‘value’. If a value is not supplied, the component will stay with its default name. If the value supplied is not in the localization file, the display name will be the value string
  • Added a Lock in Inventory component that can be applied to an item via the ‘/give’ and ‘/replaceitem’ commands. This prevents the item from being removed from the player’s inventory, dropped, or crafted with
    • Example of use: `/give @s apple 1 0 {“item_lock”: {“mode”: “lock_in_inventory”}}`
  • Added a Lock in Slot component that can be applied to an item via the ‘/give’ and ‘/replaceitem’ commands. This prevents the item from being moved or removed from its slot in the player’s inventory, dropped, or crafted with
    • Example of use: ‘/give @s apple 1 0 {“item_lock”: {“mode”: “lock_in_slot”}}’
  • Added a Keep on Death component which can be applied to an item via the ‘/give’ and ‘/replaceitem’ commands. This component prevents the item from being dropped when the player dies
    • Example of use: ‘/give @s apple 1 0 {“keep_on_death”: {}}’

Item Icon Component

  • Items now have an easy way to set the icon for an item for displaying in the user interface
  • Component Variables
    • “texture”: Full path to icon image to use as item’s icon. No default
    • “frame”: Molang script to be executed at runtime to determine the icon’s current frame. Can be a constant, defaults to: 0
    • “legacy_texture_id”: The name of the texture used on legacy items. No default
    • “legacy_frame”: Molang script to be executed at runtime to determine the icon’s current frame. Can be a constant, defaults to: 0

Item Parsing

  • ‘any_tag’ functionality added to several actor components. In addition to representing items as item names in json they can now be represented as a set of tags
  • Examples:
    • “item”: {“any_tag”: “food”}
    • “item”: {“any_tag”: [“food”, “wood”]}
    • “bribe_items”: [“emerald”, {“any_tag”: “stone”}]
  • Components and fields that can now use ‘any_tag’ functionality:
    • ‘minecraft:ageable’
    • ‘minecraft:breedable’ breed_items
    • ‘minecraft:bribeable’ bribe_items
    • ‘minecraft:giveable’ items
    • ‘minecraft:healable’ items
    • ‘minecraft:tamemount’ feed_items and auto_reject_items
    • ‘minecraft:equippable’ accepted_items

Technical Changes

  • Item names of the format “minecraft:item.someitem” no longer need the “item.” portion and it will be ignored
  • Added Entity Movement Prediction
  • Changed LegacyCubemap from opaque to transparent (MCPE-94275)
  • Added ‘decrement_count’ event response for items
  • ‘minecraft:behavior.send_event’ Changes
    • ‘minecraft:behavior.send_event’ no longer uses -1 in ‘max_activation_range’ as a value to indicate unlimited range, the default has been changed to 32
    • Added content log warnings for when ‘min_activation_range’ and ‘max_activation_range’ is less than 0
    • Added content log warnings for when ‘min_activation_range’ is greater than ‘max_activation_range’
  • ‘minecraft:behavior.summon_entity’ Changes
    • ‘minecraft:behavior.summon_entity’ no longer uses -1 in max_activation_range as a value to indicate unlimited range, the default has been changed to 32
    • Added content log warnings for when ‘min_activation_range’ and ‘max_activation_range’ is less than 0
    • Added content log warnings for when ‘min_activation_range’ is greater than ‘max_activation_range’
  • Fixed a difference with the default return type of the script function, which differed from the usual return type (No ID)
  • Added new BlockRaycastComponent that can override the AABB used for outlines and raycasting
  • Added new BlockCollisionComponent that can override the AABB used for entity collision
  • Added new BlockPropertyComponent that can replace the blockProperties : Unwalkable, Infiniburn, PreventsJumping, Immovable, BreakOnPush, OnlyPistonPush and BreaksWhenHitByArrow
  • Added new BlockQueuedTickingComponent that triggers events for a block on a range of time set by the creator
  • Added new BlockRandomTickingComponent that triggers events for a block randomly
  • Added a Rotation Component that allows a block to rotate. The component only allows axis-aligned rotations
  • Adds the base implementation of the CraftingTableComponent
    • Allows the creation of custom crafting tables
    • Currently only supports 3×3 grids


  • Added a new ‘loop_delay’field to skeletal animation files that controls how to wait between each iteration of a looping animation
  • Fixed a bug where ‘start_delay’fields in skeletal animations were being used for both the initial delay before playing an animation and for inter-loop delays


  • This goal has been removed in favor of the two new child goals that make the behavior clearer. The behavior works the same, but is now separated out properly into the two goals


  • This goal is for Actors that are part of the Village construct
  • The “DwellerComponent” is necessary for this goal


  • The “HomeComponent” is necessary for this goal
  • Exposed a new data parameter for the range at which the Actor will stay within in relation to their home: “restriction_radius”

Send Event Goal

  • “minecraft:behavior.send_event” no longer uses -1 in ‘max_activation_range’ as a value to indicate unlimited range, the default has been changed to 32
  • Added content log warnings for when ‘min_activation_range’ and ‘max_activation_range’ is less than 0
  • Added content log warnings for when ‘min_activation_range’ is greater than ‘max_activation_range’
  • Added a new json field ‘look_at_target’ which allows and disallows entities to turn and face their target


  • Now supports customizing non-Illager banners
  • Up to 6 patterns and colors can be specified
  • Accepted Banner Types
    • “default” “illager_captain”
  • Accepted Color Values
    • “black” “red” “green” “brown” “blue” “purple” “cyan” “silver” “gray” “pink” “lime” “yellow” “light_blue” “magenta” “orange” “white”
  • Accepted Pattern Values
    • “base” “border” “bricks” “circle” “creeper” “cross” “curly_border” “diagonal_left” “diagonal_right” “diagonal_up_left” “diagonal_up_right” “flower” “gradient” “gradient_up” “half_horizontal” “half_horizontal_bottom” “half_vertical” “half_vertical_right” “mojang” “piglin” “rhombus” “skull” “small_stripes” “square_bottom_left” “square_bottom_right” “square_top_left” “square_top_right” “straight_cross” “stripe_bottom” “stripe_center” “stripe_downleft” “stripe_downright” “stripe_left” “stripe_middle” “stripe_right” “stripe_top” “triangle_bottom” “triangle_top” “triangles_bottom” “triangles_top”
  • Possible Input
"function": "set_banner_details",
 "type": "default",
 "base_color": "blue",
 "patterns": [
     "pattern": "flower",
     "color": "white"
     "pattern": "triangle_bottom",
     "color": "brown"

Format Version Checks

  • Updated the ‘format_version’field in geometry, particles, and animation files to behave as entity behavior files do. That is, you no longer need to specify a specific version for it to be accepted, instead you can just specify the version of the release you are targeting
  • Additional notes: update went out early on Nintendo Switch, causing multiplayer compatibility issues. It will be available on other platforms later today.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.16.40

  • Release date: September 8th 2020 (North America) / September 9th 2020 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed the Microsoft account sign-in screen repeatedly appearing after losing internet connection on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-95651)
  • Fixed an issue with the account sign-in button becoming unresponsive after backing out of the sign-in prompt screen
  • Additional notes: release date TBC
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.16.21

  • Release date: August 11th 2020 (North America) / August 12th 2020 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed stability issues discovered when interacting with Minecraft and the home screen while signed in to Microsoft Accounts (MCPE-95621)
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.16.20

  • Release date: August 11th 2020 (North America) / August 12th 2020 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
New Features:

Piglin Brute

  • Piglin Brutes are stronger versions of Piglins that live in bastion remnants and protect the treasures there
  • Unlike their cowardly and greedy counterparts, the Piglin Brutes cannot be distracted by gold and aren’t afraid of anything
  • Piglin Brutes attack players on sight, no matter how the player is dressed
  • Piglin Brutes wield axes and don’t need any armor because they’re just that tough!
Crafting Interface Changes:
  • Recipe Select button prompt shows when hovering over a non-craftable recipe book item using controller (MCPE-79725)
  • Recipe selected items put in crafting input grid can now be hovered over with controller to see their tooltip names
  • On controller, hovering over recipes will show them in the crafting grid when no recipe is selected
  • On controller, you can deselect a selected recipe when hovering above that selection in the recipe book. You can also clear the crafting grid by clicking the right thumbstick
  • Performance / Stability
    • Fixed a crash that occurred on PlayStation 4 due to other players using custom skins
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when pressing the Manage Account button in Profile settings
    • Loom blocks no longer cause an out of memory crash when using high resolution resource packs (MCPE-69848)
  • General
    • Worlds can once again be uploaded to Realms on Nintendo Switch (REALMS-474)
    • Players can once again host 8 max player worlds on PlayStation 4 (MCPE-85009)
    • Fixed an issue where the Hot Tourist Destination trophy would not unlock after visiting the last required Nether biome on PlayStation 4 (MCPE-85496)
    • Meeting requirements for some achievements offline will now unlock it after reconnecting
    • Custom skins once again work properly in multiplayer (MCPE-48207)
    • Emotes can no longer be equipped before unlocking them (MCPE-84810)
    • Fixed notifications not appearing on iOS
  • Gameplay
    • Breaking a Furnace will now drop the stored experience from smelting (MCPE-71651)
    • Boats are no longer slowed down by objects with no collision (MCPE-81316)
    • Legacy chunk upgrades will no longer cause chunks to become 100% air (MCPE-58514)
    • New Nether biomes, blocks, and structures no longer generates into worlds with a fixed version (MCPE-66357)
    • Parity: Fixed chests with loot tables not generating loot until opened or destroyed
    • Local split-screen players can once again see the Ender Dragon and Ender Crystal (MCPE-67596)
    • The bounding box of the player used for spawning is now the correct size, so we don’t think a player is in a dangerous spot when they are actually safe
  • Mobs
    • Mobs max spawn radius is now 44 blocks at sim distance 4 (MCPE-79359)
    • Zombies can spawn underground again (MCPE-52743)
    • Dolphins, fish, and squid now spawn in bubble columns again (MCPE-73967)
    • Baby pigs now despawn properly (MCPE-76373)
    • Hoglins no longer attack on Peaceful mode when too close (MCPE-71939)
    • Piglins and Brutes can now spawn with enchanted weapons (MCPE-83536)
    • Piglins now spawn on Peaceful difficulty
    • Piglins no longer naturally spawn on Shroomlights
    • Piglin arms are now behaving more like the players arms and less like zombie arms (MCPE-74089)
    • Piglins killed with a single blow while admiring Gold Ingots now drop the admired the Gold Ingot :(
    • Gold Ingots given to baby Piglins are no longer consumed
    • Piglins no longer drop up to a full stack of Gold Ingots upon giving them one by right-clicking and reloading a world while they are admiring it, instead it drops something from its loot table
    • Piglins no longer pick up entire stacks of Gold (MCPE-76080)
    • Piglins no longer spawn with enchanted gear
    • Tweaked arm animation for mobs that have their weapons removed (MCPE-83581)
    • Tamed wolves no longer disappear when returning to overworld through a Nether portal
    • Husks now prefer iron armor over chain armor
  • Blocks
    • Walls now connect to open trapdoors (MCPE-79490)
    • Walls now connect to glass blocks (MCPE-79483)
    • Pressure plates have been fixed to have no collision again (MCPE-80276)
    • Melon and pumpkin stems now break again when the block below them is destroyed (MCPE-79577)
    • Slime blocks pushed by pistons launch players correctly again (MCPE-62419)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being able to place beehives or bee nests from their inventory after an update (MCPE-62067)
    • Soul Campfires now emit the correct light level (MCPE-73890)
    • Hyphae blocks now take as long as stem blocks to destroy (MCPE-72045)
    • Quartz Block can no longer be created from Chiseled Quartz Block and Pillar Quartz Block in a Furnace
    • Fixed recipes when crafting a Barrel from Warped or Crimson Slabs
    • Quartz Bricks can no longer be crafted from anything but Quartz Blocks on the Stonecutter
    • Target Block’s zones for particular redstone signal strength are no longer misplaced because of old Arrow geometry
    • Setting Soul Sand on fire no longer produces a placeholder Soul Fire block on pre-Nether version locked content
  • Items
    • Netherite items no longer bounce on lava (MCPE-65372)
    • Using Bone Meal on flowers or grass blocks no longer consumes the item if nothing can grow (MCPE-73889)
    • Fixed issues around duplicating items when reloading a world while Piglin is admiring an item
  • Audio
    • Zoglins now have sounds distinct from pigs (MCPE-73220)
    • Netherite armor now has a unique sound when equipped MCPE-69047)
    • Climbing vines now plays sound (MCPE-69741)
    • Corrected sound for placing Nether Wart
    • Placing or stepping on Warped or Crimson processed materials or planks now make wood sounds (MCPE-69029)
    • Ambient cave sounds are no longer played in Marketplace content prior to 1.16
  • User Interface
    • Wither health bar no longer depletes to zero after half of the health is gone (MCPE-79661)
    • Wither health bar now reappears when returning from another dimension
    • The ‘Open’ tooltip is no longer displayed when looking at Piglins (MCPE-79376)
    • Speed of credits roll is no longer dependent on framerate
  • Commands
    • Fixed an issue with several commands being used while cheats were disabled (MCPE-92557)
    • Made using the ‘/fill’ command more efficient, improving performance
    • Using the ‘/locate’ command to find a Ruined Portal will no longer return placeholder text (MCPE-79323)
    • The ‘/clear’ command now correctly removes all blocks with the same block name when no data argument is passed in
    • Making command selectors use the current position of an actor rather than the previous position of an actor
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Command Blocks to stop working unexpectedly
  • Add-Ons
    • Updated Piglin geometry and entity files: Fixed issue with scaling carried item for baby humanoid mobs
    • Accessing a Beacon no longer spams the content log with warnings (MCPE-66357)
    • The ‘rider_can_interact’ field on ‘minecraft:rideable’ is now used again
    • Behavior animation components will no longer try to reload after a suspend resume and a mob/player rides something
    • Drowned geometry is no longer broken in content packs
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.16.1

  • Release date: TBA (North America) / TBA (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed several issues with Netherite items being lost in fire or lava (MCPE-70774MCPE-79753MCPE-84796)
  • Recipe Select button prompt shows when hovering over a non-craftable recipe book item using controller (MCPE-79725)
  • Recipe selected items put in the crafting input grid can now be hovered over with the controller to see their tooltip names
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when playing an emote and suspending the game (MCPE-73325)
  • Emotes can no longer be equipped before unlocking them (MCPE-84810)
  • Custom skins once again work properly on multiplayer (MCPE-48207)
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.16.0 – Nether Update

  • Release date: June 23rd 2020 (North America) / June 24th 2020 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Four new Nether biomes including Crimson Forest, Warped Forest, Soulsand Valley, and Basalt Deltas
  • Watch out for a collection of new dangers like Piglins and Hoglins, and keep your eyes open for the ridable, lava walking Strider
  • Get building with new bricks and wood galore and get growing with eerie new vegetation
  • New music and ambient sounds fill the air, including fresh tunes from Lena Raine and includes a snappy tune called “Pigstep”
  • Keep yourself safe and take your diamond gear to the next level with Netherite
  • Over 300 bug fixes since the Buzzy Bees update, with fixes to over 180 community reported bugs
  • Be sure to check out the list of parity updates, as we address some issues regarding mob spawning, curses, villages, aquatic music, and sounds

New Biomes:

Warped Forest

Warped Forests can now be found in the Nether!

  • Warped Nylium carpets the cave floor with all kinds of strange new vegetation
  • Huge Warped Fungi make up the “trees” of this forest, with Shroomlights lighting up the forest floor
  • Warped Wart blocks can be cleared quickly using a hoe
  • A dark blue fog covers the forest!
  • Warped spores swirl through the air
  • Twisting Vines grow from the cave floor and fungi
  • The Warped Forests are strange, but also the least hostile place of Nether

Crimson Forest

Crimson Forests can now be found in the Nether!

  • Crimson Nylium carpets the cave floor with all kinds of strange new vegetation
  • Huge Crimson Fungi make up the “trees” of this forest, with Shroomlights lighting up the forest floor
  • Nether Wart blocks can be cleared quickly using a hoe
  • Weeping Vines grow from the cave ceilings and fungi
  • Hoglins wander these forests
  • Crimson spores swirl through the air

Soulsand Valley

Soulsand Valleys can now be found in the Nether!

  • An open space made mostly of Soul Sand and Soul Soil
  • Basalt pillars span from floor to ceiling
  • Fossile remains of unknown creatures from the past litter the valley
  • Ash falls through the air
  • A light blue glow envelopes the valley
  • Beware of Skeletons here

Basalt Deltas

Basalt Deltas can now be found in the Nether!

  • Remnants of volcanic eruptions, this biome sports a high concentration of Basalt columns and lava deltas
  • Walking through, you will be surrounded by flakes of flowing white ash
  • Magma Cubes finally have a place to call home, spawning very frequently
  • A new block, Blackstone, can be found in large patches here

Nether Wastes

  • The original Nether biome is now called Nether Wastes

Nether Biome Fog

  • Biome fog color smoothly blends between biomes. Smooth.

New Mobs:


  • Piglins are an aggressive civilization that live in the Nether
  • They mostly hang around in the Crimson Forest, but you might find some in the Nether Wastes, too
  • They think of players as target practice and will attack on sight
  • However, if you dress appropriately, they will see you as a respectable figure, or tolerable at least
  • Piglins are suspicious of strangers and if they see you opening a chest or mining a block of gold, they will assume that you’re stealing and will treat you accordingly
  • Piglins LOVE gold and get very distracted by gold items
  • Gold ingots are currency to piglins, and you can throw ingots at them or interact with them while holding an ingot to barter for various goods
  • Piglins sometimes get hungry and hunt hoglins for food. Or they try at least. The results… vary
  • Piglins prefer to hunt and fight in groups and when a fight is happening, everyone wants in
  • Piglins that somehow end up in the overworld become zombified fairly quickly
  • Piglins are creeped out by soul fire and zombified piglins, and will stay clear whenever possible
  • Wither skeletons are a historic enemy and piglins will attack on sight
  • Baby piglins are not as dangerous but they can be mischievous, so watch your back
  • … and they like to play with baby hoglins


  • Hoglins are big aggressive beasts that live in Crimson Forests
  • They attack players on sight so be careful, they can easily knock you off a ledge!
  • Hoglins drop pork and sometimes leather, but not willingly
  • You can breed hoglins by feeding them crimson fungi, but do so at your own risk
  • Hoglins get hunted by piglins sometimes, but they don’t go down without a fight!
  • Despite this, hoglins and piglins aren’t enemies – they are more like an ecosystem
  • Baby hoglins like to pretend they are tough – but don’t worry, they are more like angry puppies with no teeth
  • Want to keep hoglins off your back? Pro tip: Hoglins hate the smell of warped fungi!


  • Striders are neutral mobs that stride the Nether, preferably through lava
  • Striders can be mounted if they first get a saddle placed on them
  • Similar to pigs, they can be controlled by the player, using mushroom-on-a-stick!
  • They are not hostile
  • They spawn in lava, and are fire immune
  • When they are not in lava, they freeze, shiver, and move slower
  • You can breed striders by feeding them warped fungus
  • Baby striders follow their parents

Zombified Piglins

  • Zombie pigmen are now known as zombified piglins, and they now have ears… well, at least one ear


  • Zoglins are zombified hoglins – the result of bringing a hoglin into the overworld
  • Unlike hoglins, they can’t be bred or fed, and they don’t care about warped fungus
  • Beware – these beasts are raving mad and attack just about everything they see!

New Gameplay Features:

Ruined Portals

  • Remains of ancient Nether portals can now be found in the Nether and Overworld!

Bastion Remnants

What’s made of Blackstone and full of Piglins and Hoglins? Bastion Remnants!

  • Added 4 separate Bastion Remnant types: Bridge, Hoglin Stable, Housing Units, and Treasure Room
  • You can find these sizable structures in all biomes in the Nether, except for the ashy cliffs of Basalt Deltas
  • Explore, loot, and conquer a Bastion Remnant to call it your home…but beware, Piglins don’t take kindly to intruders stealing their things
  • Added a new music disc from Lena Raine titled ‘Pigstep’, which can only be found in Bastion chests


The only stone whose color is almost as dark as the humor of Mojang’s former writer and friend, Tom Stone!

  • Added a new set of stone blocks with regular, polished, and polished brick variants!
  • Added Gilded Blackstone – Blackstone which has been imbued with gold and has a chance of dropping gold nuggets when broken
  • You can find these new blocks in Bastion Remnants
  • Blackstone can be used to craft a Furnace
  • Blackstone can be used to craft stone tools

Respawn Anchor

  • Added the respawn anchor that can set your respawn point in the Nether
  • Use while holding Glowstone to charge to a maximum of four charges – each respawn depletes one charge
  • You can charge the Respawn Anchor using a Dispenser


  • Netherite items float in lava so you don’t lose all your gear after that unplanned lava bath
  • Netherite tools work faster and last longer than diamond
  • Netherite weapons do more damage than diamond
  • Netherite armor have higher toughness and durability than diamond
  • Netherite items have higher enchantment value than diamond (but not as high as gold)
  • Netherite armor gives you knockback resistance, so you barely get knocked back at all when hit by arrows and such- Netherite blocks can be used as the base of a beacon and netherite ingots can be used as the fuel for a beacon. Weird flex but ok
  • And it looks cool!

Crafting Netherite

  • Mine ancient debris in the lower depths of the Nether. At own risk. No insurance coverage for that
  • Refine it into netherite scrap in a furnace or blast furnace
  • Combine 4 netherite scrap with 4 gold ingots in a crafting table to make a netherite ingot

Crating Netherite Tools and Armor

  • Add one of your diamond tools or armor pieces into a Smithing Table with a netherite ingot
  • The Smithing Table will preview your new netherite item in the right slot. Take it out to craft!

Target Block

Because let’s face it, your aim could use some practice

  • The closer you hit to the center, the larger the redstone signal!
  • You will need one hay block and four redstone for this recipe

Soul Speed

Never suffer again drudging through Soul Sand Valleys – Soul Speed has you covered!

  • Shine your boots of choice with this soul-sucking enchantment to speed around on Soul Sand and Soul Soil!
  • There’s a downside: Enchantments will slowly degrade your boots each Soul block you walk on
  • Can only be obtained by bartering with those pesky Piglins


A new block that can help you get your bearings!

  • Crafted from a netherite ingot and chiseled stone bricks
  • Use a compass on a lodestone to point the compass to that lodestone

New Blocks:

  • Two new non-flammable wood-like materials – Crimson Stems and Warped Stems
  • Hyphae of Crimson and Warped Stems, including their stripped versions, can be crafted. Similar to wood from the Overworld
  • Basalt blocks – you can find them as pillars, but they can be placed in any direction
  • New ground surface blocks: Crimson Nylium and Warped Nylium
  • Using bone meal on Netherrack can spread Nylium
  • New vegetation: Nether Sprouts, Crimson Roots, and Warped Roots
    • Warped and Crimson roots and fungi can be placed into pots
  • Two types of Fungi: Crimson and Warped – try using bone meal to grow them!
  • Warped Wart blocks
  • Weeping Vines that grow from the bottom of a block downwards!
    • Weeping vines are climbable!
  • A new natural light source: Shroomlights
  • Added Soul Soil! Whenever fire burns on Soul Soil, it burns with a blue flame!
  • Soul Soil can be used to craft Soul Torches – and those can be crafted into Soul Lanterns!
  • Soul Campfire – A campfire with blue flames craftable with Soul Soil or Soul Sand
  • Added patches of Blackstone and Gravel to all Nether biomes at and below lava level
  • Nether gold ore can now spawn in the nether!
  • Nether gold ore can be mined with any pickaxe and will drop gold nuggets
  • Added Chiseled Nether Bricks, Cracked Nether Bricks, and Quartz Bricks blocks

Music and Sounds:

  • We’ve added three new tracks, all composed by the very talented Lena Raine
    • Rubedo is played in the Nether Wastes
    • Chrysopoeia is played in Crimson Forests
    • So Below is played in Soulsand Valleys
  • Added moody sounds to the Nether
  • Added underwater music
  • Added ambient cave sounds
  • A large amount of sounds have had their volume and pitch slightly changed in order to get close to Java Edition parity


  • Players can now use Emote animations in game as a fun way to express themselves! Emotes are assigned to an Emote wheel within the Dressing Room. There are Emotes available for free, purchase, and as achievement rewards

Achievement Rewards:

  • This feature rewards players with Dressing Room items when completing achievements. If an achievement is already unlocked, the reward can be redeemed immediately. Rewards are the full gambit of Dressing Room items, including Emotes

New Achievements:

  • Bullseye – Hit the bullseye of a Target block (15G)
  • Cover me in debris – Wear a full set of Netherite armor (50G)
  • Oooh, shiny! – Distract a Piglin using gold (30G)
  • Hot tourist destination – Visit all Nether biomes (30G)


Mob Despawning

  • Bedrock mob despawn rules have been changed to now work similarly to Java Edition’s mob despawn rules. This allows mobs to more consistently despawn around the player
  • Any mobs that have been set to persist (tempted, name-tagged, tamed, bred, etc.) will never naturally despawn
  • Almost all naturally spawning mobs will automatically despawn when they’re 44 blocks or further away from the nearest players in a world with simulation distance 4. On higher simulation distances, mobs are despawned when they’re in a chunk at the edge of the simulation distance up to a distance or 128 blocks from the nearest player
  • Fish automatically despawn at a max range of 40 blocks or further on all simulation distances
  • If mobs are between 32 and 44 blocks from the nearest player, they must not take damage for 30 seconds as well as succeeding a 1 in 800 chance
  • The following mobs do not follow these despawn rules:
    • Wither Boss
    • Ender Dragon
    • Evocation Illager
    • Vindicator
    • Bee
    • Iron Golem
    • Snow Golem
    • Elder Guardian
    • Villagers
    • Wandering Trader


  • Curse of Binding
  • Curse of Vanishing


  • Updated block sounds for Bone block, Netherrack, Soul Sand, Nether Wart, Nether Brick, Quartz Ore, Honey block, and Honeycomb block
  • Tools now make noise when they break (MCPE-32355)


  • Villager trade values have been changed to closely match Java Edition (MCPE-47141)
  • Players more reliably raise their popularity within a village
    • Trading with villagers now correctly increases popularity
    • Curing a Zombie Villager now grants additional popularity
    • Popularity will become more neutral over time
  • Increased golem spawn rate and modified spawn rules (MCPE-47157)
    • At least 75% of the villagers must have worked in the past day
    • Minimum 20 beds and every villager has a bed
    • Only 1 golem will spawn for every 10 villagers
  • Villagers no longer close powered iron doors (MCPE-44621)
  • Villagers no longer run around their houses during raids
  • The raid boss bar now reappears when returning to a raid from another dimension

More Parity Changes

  • Dropped items are now three-dimensional objects and spin
  • Passive mobs now spawn on blocks they are supposed to (MCPE-47596)
  • Pufferfish now have a middle inflation state when approached
    • We will update the missing sounds in a future update
  • Planting an oak or birch sapling next to a flower now has a chance of spawning a bee nest, once the sapling has grown
  • Water now freezes from the edges, matching the Java Edition
  • Players now receive Conduit Power effect when in the rain (MCPE-35941)
  • Podzol is now generated under large Spruce trees when grown by the player
  • The Wither no longer breaks obsidian during its spawning animation (MCPE-59502)
  • Fence Gates can now be placed without supporting blocks underneath (MCPE-31026)
  • Oak and Birch saplings grown within 2 block radius of a flower now have a 5% chance to grow a tree with a Beehive
  • Updated the texture of Nether Brick blocks
  • Damaged Bows can again be used to craft Dispensers (MCPE-55861)
  • Flowers can now be removed from flower pots using interact/right-click
  • Changed Eye of Ender explode particles to match Java Edition
  • Tweaked the texture of the Iron Bars item so they match Java Edition (MCPE-25802)
  • Pumpkins can be placed without a support block underneath (MCPE-35761)
  • Boats placed on top of Cactus blocks will now take damage and break
  • Observer blocks no longer immediately detect a state change when placed
  • All mobs (including the player) will no longer drown in lava. This means that a potion of water breathing is no longer required for swimming in lava! (MCPE-17073)
  • Blocks moving underneath top snow now correctly cause top snow to be destroyed
  • Top snow can now be placed on composters and cauldrons
  • Corrected book render location on lecterns to match Java Edition (MCPE-43109)
  • Grindstone now removes repair penalty when removing enchantments (MCPE-45130)
  • Particle color for Bad Omen is now dark green
  • Woodland Mansion ‘arena’ room had incorrect slab type floor (MCPE-41335)
  • Cocoa Pods now break when in water (MCPE-36335)
  • The Ender Dragon fireball no longer causes excessive damage (MCPE-40344)
  • Carrot on a stick, shield, and shovel now lose durability consistently in Bedrock


Gameplay Changes

  • Knockback resistance is now a scale instead of a probability
  • Entities now get pushed by flowing lava
  • The Wither can now be summoned using Soul Soil as a base
  • Creepers now deal damage when in a boat on the water
  • Mobs that panic now do so for all damage types
  • Hoe is now a digger-item and can dig Nether Wart Block, Warped Wart Block, Hay Block, Dried Kelp Block, Target Block and Shroomlight. Hoes can be enchanted like other diggable items

New Server Window

  • Created a new server tab play screen layout to provide more information about third-party servers: Description, screenshots, available games, and news/updates
  • Removed colors from third-party server messages for accessibility purposes
  • Fixed ping latency clarity for players, now provides latency value separate from player count
  • Added messaging to explain what adding a server does

Kicking and Banning Changes

  • Kicking
    • Problem players can be now be removed from your world by pausing and going to the Player Permissions screen
    • Anyone with Operator permissions will be able to kick players. Trusted players can help moderate your world
    • Kicked players will not be able to rejoin LAN games while the world is open
  • Kick Command
    • Problem players can also be kicked with the new /kick command, optionally including a reason for kicking
    • The kick command can use target selectors, such as /kick @a [c=-2]
  • Banning and Realms Permissions
    • Realm owners can also ban problem players by pausing and going to the Player Permissions screen
    • Realm owners can now change permissions of players in their Realm from the Player Permissions screen
    • The name of the Realm is now shown on the pause screen

Spawnpoint Command

  • The ‘/spawnpoint’ command can now be used in the Nether

Mojang Studios

  • The splash screen has been updated with the shiny, new Mojang Studios logo!



  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking ‘Read More’ on Resource Pack screens
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur in split-screen when the host saves and quits the game
  • Fixed an issue with invisible Shulker Boxes which could cause a crash when trying to open or break them (MCPE-55894)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in The End
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when dispensing Bone Meal into a Grass block (MCPE-53033)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting a world with particles present
  • Fixed a crash caused by fire spreading to Beehives
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur after resuming the game on Xbox One
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adjusting certain JSON strings in Behavior Packs
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with the use of custom blocks in Add-Ons
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using a custom recipe Add-On that returns items to the player
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the ‘/kill’ command was used while the Ender Dragon was respawning


  • Improved performance when breaking lots of Kelp plants
  • Improved performance related to maps in item frames (REALMS-1532)
  • Improved reliability of loading characters (MCPE-55968)
  • Optimized key frame animation playback


  • Fixed an issue that could cause chunks to be overwritten when converting worlds from Console Edition to Bedrock (MCPE-58480)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented achievements from being unlocked offline
  • Fixed the main menu getting stuck after cancelling the sync prompt on Xbox One (MCPE-53266)
  • Fixed Experimental Gameplay not being enabled for clients when the server level has it enabled
  • Fixed a world conversion issue that was causing some items in chunks to convert incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with the Marketplace not always loading in correctly
  • Fixed an issue with invite notifications not appearing on iOS
  • Fixed an issue where imported world templates (.mctemplate) were not visible on Gear VR devices


  • Fixed an issue that would cause blocks to reappear after they have been broken (MCPE-48914)
  • Changed mob population cap to only count mobs with spawn rules (MCPE-54378)
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Villagers to not link up to job sites correctly in multiplayer worlds (MCPE-49580)
  • Flying too fast with elytra into an unloaded chunk will no longer cause death by kinetic energy (MCPE-55671)
  • Fixed players being able to duplicate items by closing the title while on the respawn menu (MCM-66573)
  • Players can transition from swimming to running on land more smoothly now
  • Controls on the inventory screen are now more user friendly and closer resemble the controls when using mouse and keyboard (MCPE-34912)
  • XP orbs once again shoot in random directions (MCPE-58715)
  • It is now impossible to use beds if there is no room for the player to stand next to or on top of the bed when they wake up (MCPE-42881)
  • Fixed an issue related to chunks not loading correctly in Realms (REALMS-2037)
  • Movement will now properly switch to water controls when getting out of a bed underwater (MCPE-49632)
  • Casting a fishing rod whilst running no longer slows the player down (MCPE-56199)
  • The ‘Sound the Alarm’ achievement is now only triggered by hostile mobs and not players
  • The player’s hitbox is now correctly reset when unequipping Elytra mid-flight
  • Sneak will now allow the player to move downwards correctly when swimming
  • Fixed the respawn location so that players no longer wake up with their head in a block after sleeping
  • Fixed an issue that prevented inventories from being opened after riding a mount (MCPE-63196)
  • The Raid bar will now appear correctly when returning to an active Raid from another dimension
  • Prevented Elytra gliding rotations on player when in first person view (MCPE-53092)
  • Explosions can now deal damage in water
  • Player is no longer displaced into solid blocks on respawn by non-solid blocks, resulting in x-ray vision (MCPE-53460)
  • The state of flying in Creative mode now remains after accessing world settings
  • Flying players are able to return to the overworld if an End Portal is on their spawn point
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed Villagers and players to respawn inside blocks when getting out of bed (MCPE-46064)
  • Players no longer teleport through partial blocks when reloading into a world (MCPE-46858)
  • Players no longer swim through the air after swimming in a bubble column (MCPE-48958)
  • Players can no longer breathe underwater when swimming under blocks with a Turtle Shell equipped (MCPE-35769)
  • Flying with Elytra at high speeds no longer causes sound to become jittery (MCPE-19945, MCPE-52931)
  • Stacked minecarts that occupy the same space will now load and unload as expected (MCPE-54244)
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing chunks from loading in correctly when travelling between dimensions (MCPE-63268)
  • Casting a fishing rod will no longer attach itself to a Parrot mounted on the player’s shoulder (MCPE-60361)
  • Boats can now move and don’t get stuck when on top of partial blocks (MCPE-34580)
  • Boats no longer continue sliding on bottom half slabs
  • The smooth camera option (from full keyboard gameplay) is no longer jittery and is smooth again (MCPE-54969)
  • The screen no longer twitches when the player dies in the Nether or End
  • Light propagation now works correctly, fixing hostile mob spawning (MCPE-49616)
  • Chunks should no longer fail to load properly in worlds over 250MB (MCPE-58514)
  • Fixed an issue with light persisting after a block change
  • Lighting now propagates correctly through chunk borders (MCPE-58182)


  • Tweaked the strolling animation of Iron Golems (MCPE-63151)
  • Mobs are now damaged and items are destroyed when on top of Cactus blocks (MCPE-14303)
  • Fixed the jumping animation of tamed horses
  • Spawned cave mobs aren’t counted as surface mobs anymore (MCPE-41273)
  • Mobs now pick up items and equip armor (MCPE-14211)
  • Fixed Blaze pathfinding and navigation (MCPE-45469)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Ghasts to spawn when the difficulty was set to Peaceful (MCPE-53383)
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Pillager Captains from being hostile (MCPE-44987)
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing fish to spawn in flowing water above Ice blocks
  • Creepers in boats now deal damage to nearby players
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Polar Bears, Parrots, Ocelots, and Dolphins from being leashed (MCPE-63095)
  • Fixed mobs in monster spawners not being visible (MCPE-56879)
  • Hostile mobs now correctly seek out and jump on turtle eggs (MCPE-36244)
  • Wolves now spawn in more biomes (MCPE-49792)
  • Small mobs will no longer get trapped in gaps created by stair blocks
  • Villagers no longer run around inside their houses when being raided
  • Villagers now have a chance to offer Trident enchantment books as trades (MCPE-35406)
  • Villagers will no longer become preoccupied with sharing carrots (MCPE-32627)
  • Cured Zombie Villagers can now offer discounted trades (MCPE-47040)
  • Cured Zombie Villagers no longer inherit XP unexpectedly, which would prevent them from acquiring a new profession (MCPE-48712)
  • Cured zombie villagers can once again breed (MCPE-48533)
  • Mobs can now pathfind on Soul Sand blocks
  • Angry Bees now move slower (MCPE-53689)
  • Mobs no longer start shaking when entering minecarts
  • Mobs killed by lingering potions now drop XP and uncommon loot when the potion comes from a player
  • Polar Bears no longer chase players on two back legs
  • Sheep no longer eat grass through partial blocks
  • Creepers no longer lose aggro immediately after losing sight of their targets (MCPE-32815)
  • Ghast hitbox now matches its rendering (MCPE-44326)
  • Fixed an issue where Enderman would not attack players when looked at
  • Endermen no longer pick up Netherrack
  • Minecarts no longer collide with other minecarts on parallel tracks (MCPE-59302)
  • Tamed horses can no longer be tempted by food that cannot be used to breed them
  • Fixed some mobs having a large delay for finding their nearest attackable target (Wolves attacking sheep)
  • Iron golems will now ensure they can reach a target before choosing to attack it (MCPE-42402)
  • Reduced the melee attack range of mounted mobs (MCPE-48539)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented mobs from burning on bottom slabs (MCPE-32822)
  • Sea turtles once again lay eggs correctly (MCPE-59043)
  • Guardians can now spawn in bubble columns (MCPE-37671)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Vex mobs to move too slowly when moving on X and Z axes (MCPE-41879)
  • Fixed a bug where a mob could catch on fire if it was standing on an entity that was in lava
  • The Wither’s spawning explosion no longer breaks obsidian (MCPE-59502)
  • Bees no longer get stuck under stairs (MCPE-61625)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Ender Dragon to reset after the player left and returned to the fighting area (MCPE-51501)
  • Fixed an issue with too many cats spawning in Villages (MCPE-60331)
  • Guardians and Elder Guardians will no longer float in the air as they try and reach water (MCPE-33641)
  • Fixed Pillager Patrols spawning in unexpected places (MCPE-58285)
  • Vindicators that spawn in Woodland Mansions are now aggressive before being attacked (MCPE-43208)
  • Squid will now spawn more frequently. Ocean cap is now 4 and river cap is now 2 (MCPE-39758)
  • Drowned can no longer drop tridents without having them equipped (MCPE-32731)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented cats from sleeping on a bed with the player
  • The Snow Golem can now try and shoot snowballs at mobs when it is behind a fence block (MCPE-24840)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Zombie Villagers to break iron doors (MCPE-43725)
  • Sitting mobs will no longer slide around and breed (MCPE-62160)
  • Mobs now consistently take damage when spawning on magma blocks (MCPE-47518)
  • Ghast sounds are now heard at a shorter range


  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Redstone power from passing through barrels after reloading a world (MCPE-46742)
  • Signs attached to doors are no longer left floating after the bottom half of the door is broken (MCPE-43748)
  • Smooth Quartz now uses the correct texture (MCPE-42276)
  • Using Silk Touch on Giant Mushrooms now drops the correct blocks (MCPE-34114)
  • Blocks will now lose their waterlogged state when pushed by a piston (MCPE-43166)
  • Kelp will now keep growing after being partially broken by a piston, and the piece below will have a maximum random age of 24 (MCPE-57330)
  • Falling top snow can no longer break solid blocks (MCPE-63214)
  • Paintings can no longer be placed on top of item frames
  • Cactus blocks now break when next to lava
  • Flowers in snow now break properly and drop the correct item (MCPE-30147)
  • Coral and coral fans now drop when mined with axes or shovels enchanted with Silk Touch
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Kelp to stop growing too soon – Kelp now checks the block in the ticking queue when attempting to add itself (MCPE-57330)
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Redstone torches to get stuck on or off when reloading a world (MCPE-48054)
  • Magma blocks now melt top snow sitting on it
  • Falling blocks no longer break when falling on ice blocks and glass
  • Mycelium no longer wrongly turns to dirt due to not having enough light
  • TNT no longer drops as an item when detonated by a nearby explosion
  • Fixed trapdoor collision shape (MCPE-13451)
  • Falling blocks (such as sand) will no longer break when falling onto retracted pistons (MCPE-20109)
  • Bamboo has been changed to be unpathable by mobs to prevent them getting stuck (MCPE-46805)
  • Bamboo can now be placed on top of bamboo saplings without Experimental Gameplay being enabled (MCPE-50088)
  • Using a Quartz Block in a Stonecutter now produces Quartz Slabs instead of Smooth Quartz slabs (MCPE-57925)
  • Iron Bars and Glass Panes now connect to Walls (MCPE-73989)
  • Moving blocks now have the correct collision box (MCPE-62419)
  • Activator Rails now dismount players and other mobs at the correct position (MCPE-30744)
  • Cakes now have the correct texture states when partially eaten (MCPE-14757)
  • Crafting multiple Honey Blocks now returns the correct amount of items to the player (MCPE-63461MCPE-58579)
  • Attempting to craft multiple Honey Blocks no longer breaks anvil and grindstone use (MCPE-63030)
  • Adjusted Hopper hitbox shape (MCPE-47541)
  • Armor stands no longer shift and fall through blocks when a world is reloaded (MCPE-29170)
  • Fixed Armor Stand and its contents dropping as items when broken when the ‘Tile Drops’ rule is disabled
  • The hay blocks in the town center in the Abandoned Village seed are now generated correctly
  • Pumpkins and Melons can now grow underneath observers (MCPE-48717)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a ‘phantom’ water block to appear when placing water on a fire near a sponge block (MCPE-57063)
  • Walking on scaffolding now plays the correct sounds (MCPE-53279)


  • The correct amount of berries can now consistently be collected from Sweet Berry Bushes (MCPE-47160)
  • Fully grown Sweet Berry bushes can now be harvested when holding bone meal (MCPE-54206)
  • Maps will now convert from Editions to Bedrock at the correct scale (MCPE-58796)
  • Newly-created maps now start with the correct zoom level (MCPE-63416)
  • Minecart with Hopper now drops a Hopper and a Minecart when broken with ranged weapons (MCPE-55859)
  • Enchanted bows are no longer consumed when auto-crafting dispensers
  • TNT no longer drops as an item when it explodes (MCPE-38101)
  • Fire Charges are now consumed after igniting a TNT block (MCPE-42938)
  • Unloaded crossbows no longer display incorrect icon in inventory (MCPE-53545)
  • Shulker Boxes can now be undyed in a cauldron
  • Fire charges are now consumed when used to light campfires (MCPE-46217)
  • Corrected Fishing Rod’s bobber movement
  • Fixed an issue where water in bubble columns could not be collected with a bucket (MCPE-37571)
  • Potions can now be fully removed from Witch Hut cauldrons


  • Stopped the offhand shield animation and bow animation from playing at the same time (MCPE-41262)
  • Fixed incorrect player hand animations when using a fishing rod with third-person camera (MCPE-63088)
  • Fixed low light emitting block items not matching the placed block’s brightness
  • Maps in item frames no longer have lines through them (MCPE-46154)
  • Fixed the excessive hand bob motion caused by playing an animation on the hand and camera together (MCPE-54072)
  • Items no longer flash green when being removed from a furnace
  • Fixed a bug where glass and water could be drawn incorrectly when close to each other
  • Items held by Baby Foxes now render correctly (MCPE-52885)
  • Stained glass now has the correct colors on maps (MCPE-25702)
  • Enchanted Elytra will now show the enchanted glow when equipped (MCPE-23020)
  • Fire on half-slabs is now visible (MCPE-44395)
  • Secondary players in a split-screen game will now animate properly when you look at them
  • Enchanted skulls and blocks now have the enchanted glow effect in the inventory
  • The second player’s hands in a split-screen game will no longer disappear when the first players looks at them (MCPE-58806)
  • Suspending and resuming the game will no longer make a player’s model disappear on Android devices (MCPE-63119)
  • Player icons no longer appear as white squares on locator maps
  • Fixed skin texturing issue on the left leg of “Alex” model
  • Changed Eye of Ender exploding particles to match Java Edition
  • Fixed an issue that would cause armor to unexpectedly render on a mob when being held in its hand
  • Lingering and Splash Potion particles now stay within their boundaries when in a confined space
  • Fixed rendering issues for sign text through transparent blocks such as glass (MCPE-55327)
  • Fixed maps in item frames flashing purple and black image before the map loads
  • Animation scale now uses linear interpolation between keyframes


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the narrator to read text twice on Xbox One
  • Text-to-Speech now reads URLs properly
  • The screen reader now only reads the generating world message once when converting worlds to Bedrock for the first time

User Interface

  • The “Require players to accept Resource Packs to join” option is once again visible on the Create World screen
  • Set the default chat font back to Mojangles (MCPE-45857)
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause fonts to disappear after quitting to the main menu
  • Fixed an issue with flickering usernames above players’ heads
  • Interacting with a Minecart with Hopper now opens the hopper screen and no longer blocks other screens from opening
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent loading screen tips from appearing
  • Added the missing text for locked maps in the Cartography Table (MCPE-58527)
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the main menu background from rendering correctly on Xbox One
  • Entities and blocks are now shown consistently in the Structure Block’s preview
  • The Command Block’s screen now fits correctly inside screens with 4:3 aspect ratio (MCPE-41730)
  • Placing a block against an interactive block while crouched no longer opens the block’s menu
  • “Your home bed was missing or obstructed” message once again appears correctly
  • The XP cost is once again readable on the Anvil screen (MCPE-51908)
  • Obfuscated text color code works on signs placed in the world (MCPE-33780)
  • Fixed an unhelpful error message that appeared when trying to play online without proper account permissions
  • Fixed getting stuck loading resources after pressing ‘Back’ while on the ‘Your Realm will soon be updated screen
  • Fixed an issue that prevented native text/character input when using Korean or Chinese virtual keyboards (MCPE-62596)
  • Fixed account “error number -9” being displayed when launching the game while signed into an account, but no network connection
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented inventory items being selected when using touch controls with Classic UI
  • Fixed an issue with music disc names not appearing in the correct language
  • The tooltip for leaving a boat is now consistent across platforms
  • The “Grow” controller tooltip will now show when pointing Bone Meal at Grass Block or blocks underwater
  • The “Carve” tooltip is now displayed when pointing shears at pumpkins
  • Fixed the iOS keyboard covering the text input box when typing (MCPE-53030)
  • Adjusted the hover text position in inventory to respect input mode (Controller mode should show hover text at the edge of the currently selected element)
  • The player can no longer type beyond what can be seen in the Book & Quill
  • The keyboard can no longer be accidentally opened when using Book & Quill with touch controls
  • Fixed issue where the download bar in the Marketplace was not always functioning correctly
  • Fixed the “Take a Tour” navigation arrows in the Marketplace
  • Marketplace ratings now appear correctly when scrolling (MCPE-60287)

Character Creator

  • Fixed an issue that caused some selections to not be saved between sessions (MCPE-32089)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Wings items to disappear with certain hairstyles
  • Fixed the default player model to overcome some texture issues that could be seen when choosing different heights and sizes
  • Various fixes to the user interface


  • Updated the grammar in the ‘/scoreboard’ command description to make it consistent with other commands
  • The ‘/locate’ command now correctly displays the nearest structure (MCPE-45526)
  • Instant effects now use ticks instead of seconds when used with the ‘/effect’ command (MCPE-43393)
  • Ticking areas can no longer be removed on the same tick they are created (MCPE-36769)
  • Now when teleporting an Armor Stand to a player, it rotates the Armor Stand to the player’s orientation (MCPE-35979)
  • Added new overload for ‘/replaceitem’with an option for destroy (the old behavior) or keep (the command will return an error if an item occupies that slot)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from being teleported to a nearby chunk that the game thought was too far away

For Map Makers and Add-On Creators:

Updated Template Packs

Data-Driven Features

  • Most attack goals are now data-driven
  • Most Slime and swim goals are now data-driven
  • Experience Orbs have been data-driven
  • Fireballs have been data-driven
  • Elytra have been data-driven
  • NPC geometry and animations have been data-driven
  • Tree generation is now data-driven
  • Drowned are now data-driven
  • Wither skull attacks are now data-driven
  • Item sprites are now data-driven
  • Updated documentation for new data-driven features

Admire Item Component

  • Mobs can now admire items they pick up or receive during an interaction. For a mob to admire an item they need to have both the admire_item goal and the admire_item component, and the relevant configuration need to be done in the interact component and/or the shareables component

Angry Component

  • Several new variables have been introduced to the angry component
  • Goal Variables
    • broadcast_anger_on_attack – If true the mob will send a pulse of brodcast anger whenever it attacks, broadcast_anger must also be true for this to work
    • broadcast_anger_on_being_attacked – If true the mob will send a pulse of brodcast anger whenever it is attacked, broadcast_anger must also be true for this to work
    • angry_sound – The sound event to play when the mob is angrysound_interval – The range of time in seconds to randomly wait before playing the sound again

Avoid Mob Type Goal

  • Several new variables have been introduced to the avoid_mob_type goal
  • Goal Variables
    • avoid_mob_sound – The sound event to play when the mob is angry
    • sound_interval – The range of time in seconds to randomly wait before playing the sound again

Barter Component

  • Mobs can now barter when they pick up items, or when they receive an item during an interaction. For a mob to barter they need to have both the barter goal and the barter component, and the relevant configuration need to be done in the interact component and/or the shareables component
  • Component Variables
    • barter_table – A path to a loot table, which is used to determine what items the mob gives out during barter
    • cooldown_after_being_attacked – Specifies for how long the goal will be unavailable after the mob is attacked, the default value is 0
  • Barter Goal
    • Mobs can now barter when they pick up items, or when they receive an item during an interaction. For a mob to barter they need to have both the barter goal and the barter component, and the relevant configuration need to be done in the interact component and/or the shareables component
  • Goal Variables
    • priority – Specifies how the mob should prioritize this goal

Celebrate Hunt Component

  • Specifies that the mob should have the hunt celebration behavior
  • Component Variables
    • broadcast – If true, celebration will be broadcasted to other entities in the radius. Default value is true
    • radius – If broadcast is enabled, specifies the radius in which it will notify other entities for celebration. Default value is 16
    • duration – Duration, in seconds, of celebration. Default value is 4
    • celeberation_targets – The list of conditions that target of hunt must satisfy to initiate celebration
    • celebrate_sound – The sound event to play when the mob is celebrating
    • sound_interval – The range of time in seconds to randomly wait before playing the sound again

Equip Item Component

  • Mobs can now equip armor and weapons that they pick up

Equip Item Goal

  • Mobs can now equip armor and weapons that they pick up

Interact Component

  • Component Variables
    • barter – If true the mob will try to activate the barter goal after the interaction, default value is false
    • admire – If true the mob will try to activate the admire goal after the interaction, default value is false


  • Added the MoveToLava goal, similar to MoveToWater goal. Mob tries to find and move to lava

Navigation Component

  • Navigation component now has can_path_over_lava and can_walk_in_lava parameters, allowing mobs (like the strider) to traverse lava

Panic Goal

  • Changed the priority from the damage type to the “ignore_mob_damage” flag (if that flag is set and a mob attacks the mob with the Panic Goal, they will not panic even if the damage type matches one in their “damage_sources” list)
  • Changed damage types from being hard-coded to being data-driven using the existing “Entity Damage Sources”
  • Changed the default from “fire, fire_tick, magma” (old, hardcoded behavior) to “all”
  • Pre-1.16 mobs will default to “fire, fire_tick, magma”

Pickup Items Goal

  • The PickupItemsGoal only considers items that the mob can reach
    • When determining whether the goal can be used, we now check whether the mob can reach an item it’s interested in, before committing to it as the target of the goal. This is to avoid mobs getting stuck in this goal after deciding to pick up an item they cannot reach
  • PickupBasedOnChance variable
    • This new variable was added to be used for monsters that can pick up items sometimes but also preserve mobs that used this goal in the past like Villagers. If this variable is true, the mob will have a calculation done (based on things like time played by the player, game difficulty, and moon brightness) to determine if this is a mob that is allowed to pick up items. That value is only calculated on the mob’s first spawn, which means it is forever saved on that mob and doesn’t change. If the variable is false (which it is by default), the mob will always be able to pick up items using the goal
  • CanPickupAnyItem variable
    • The PickupItemsGoal is dependent on the ShareableComponent and the items that are added to its items list. This new variable overrides that list and tells the component that this mob can pick up any item even if it isn’t in the list. Items picked up because of this variable still honor the priority set to items in the list of items, however. This means that any items with a set priority in the list will still be picked up over any item that may be picked up because of this variable. By default, it is set to false
  • CooldownAfterBeingAttacked variable
    • The variable cooldown_after_being_attacked has been added to the goal, specifying for how many seconds after being attacked the goal should be unavailable. The default value is 0
  • CanPickupToHandOrEquipment variable
    • Specifying if the mob can equip items that it picks up or put items in its hand, or if it belongs in the inventory

Shareable Component

  • Component Variables
    • item/barter – If true the mob will try to activate the barter goal after picking up the item, default value is false
    • item/admire – If true the mob will try to activate the admire goal after picking up the item, default value is false
    • item/consume_item – Specifies if an item should be consumed, for instance Piglins consume (eat) porkchop. Default value is false
    • item/stored_in_inventory – Specifies if the item is desired to be picked up and stored in the mob’s inventory. Default value is false

Splash Text

  • The Splash Text loading code has been augmented to allow splash text JSON files to be additive, rather than replacing them completely, and to allow some conditional statements to disable splash text entries. Use a field called “canMerge” that sits next to the “splashes” field, it is a bool that defaults to ‘false’. Also, another sibling of “splashes” is “conditional”, which is an array of objects. Those objects contain a “requires” field and a “splashes” field. The “splashes” field is an array of strings like the original “splashes” field, and the “requires” field contains three fields – “platforms”, “treatments”, and “stores”, each of which is an array of strings that is compared with the relevant data

Fixes and Changes

  • Made several Bedrock Dedicated Server documentation updates and fixes (BDS-1084, BDS-1085, BDS-2341, BDS-3051BDS-3141)
  • The “minecraft:density_limit” component is now documented in the Spawn Rules documentation section (MCPE-61126)
  • Item tags can now be toggled in the UI using ‘/gamerule’ showtags
  • Added a new loop mode to animations – Now instead of omitting “loop” to have it stop playing when finished, or setting “loop”: true to have it loop when finished, you can now say “loop”: “hold_on_last_frame” to keep applying the last frame of animation (MCM-675)
  • Optimized sound loading – “load_on_low_memory” is now deprecated in sound_definitions.json, as all audio can now play on low memory devices
  • Removed type property from “minecraft:shooter” as it was never used
  • Updated “minecraft:spawn_entity” to have an internal entities object or array
  • Added “attack_chance” to the “minecraft:behavior.defend_village_target” goal
  • Fixed removed or destroyed entities querying as valid in script
  • Invalid items in the “spawn_item” field of a “minecraft:spawn_entity” now display an error
  • “StompEggGoal” no longer uses “search_count” as it now searches all blocks in the specified area
  • Implemented ‘AvoidMobTypeDefinition’ and converted hardcoded properties to be data-driven
  • A content error will now appear if you provide an invalid item name to ‘minecraft:interact’ in the ‘transform_to_item’ field
  • Added documentation for ‘minecraft:density_limit’ (MCPE-61126)
  • Adding a new subject to filters so damage sensors can filter on projectiles
  • Custom brewing recipes can now output non-potion items
  • Implemented a fix to the player’s mount that ensures consistent, smooth rotation for all riders
  • Custom bones in geometry now respect their custom parent bones’ transformations
  • The ‘delayed_attack’ behavior no longer causes mobs to freeze when they lose their target
  • Fixed the “MeleeAttackGoal” to allow entities to hit target entities beneath them
  • A content error will now show up if you provide an invalid item name to “minecraft:interact” in the “transform_to_item” field
  • The ‘on_unleash’ event is now triggered correctly when unleashing from a fence
  • The ‘Create New World’ button text is now using the global color component
  • Custom entities that use the runtime identifier field now use the custom entity’s name rather than the vanilla entity’s name (MCPE-56229)
  • Fixed collision boxes not updating from the ‘collision_box’ scripting component
  • Functions with any invalid commands (E.g. incorrect selector syntax) will no longer register and cannot be called (MCPE-64770)
  • Fixed an issue where sounds would sometimes have incorrect settings applied to them, causing 2D sounds to play as 3D and vice versa
  • Comments in JSON arrays no longer cause an error (MCPE-40873)
  • Entities no longer freeze when a component group containing a navigation component is removed
  • The ‘damage_sensor’ component will now work on non-mob actors (Such as Ender Crystals)
  • Dispensed splash and lingering potions now have potion effects in their projectile component
  • ‘pre_effect_script’ no longer runs when an entity is despawning with ‘minecraft:despawn’
  • Fixed a bug where custom mobs with the ‘runtime_identifier’ field set would not return a custom mob spawn egg, if one was available
  • A mob spawned in the air will no longer think it’s on the ground once its movement is ticked and the ‘on_ground’ filter no longer always returns true
  • Bee spawn eggs can now be edited
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the ‘minecraft:timer’ component to fire prematurely in some conditions
  • Fixed an issue that was causing particle animations to become inverted
  • Using the ‘minecraft:pushable’ component will no longer break older content
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing animation controllers in Behavior Packs from running on dedicated servers and Realms (MCPE-59881)
  • Fixed “navigation.walk” to handle the case where it is used on a flying entity, so that the flying entity will not cause lag while it is touching the ground
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.14.60

  • Release date: April 15th 2020 (North America) / April 16th 2020 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Crashes / Performance
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Minecraft not to launch past the loading screen after updating (MCPE-58897)
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting a world
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when a split-screen player left the game
    • Fixed a crash that could occur during gameplay on Nintendo Switch
  • General
    • Fixed an issue that showed a false prompt that a device was out of storage space (MCPE-32501)
    • Fixed an issue with the Marketplace not loading when not signed into a Microsoft account
    • Fixed issues with content not transferring to a Microsoft account if the content was purchased without being signed in
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed some special characters not appearing on Signs or Book & Quill
  • Add-Ons
    • Animation Controllers in Behavior Packs can now run commands on Realms (MCPE-59881)
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.14.30

  • Release date: February 18th 2020 (North America) / February 19th 2020 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Crashes / Performance
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
    • Fixed a crash that could occur in certain worlds (MCPE-59756)
  • General
    • Split-screen will now display a message to join when the main controller is disconnected
    • Realms can no longer be purchased if not logged into Xbox Live
    • Players that are not linked to a Nintendo account on Switch are once again able to edit characters
    • Fixed an issue where joinable friends on Nintendo Switch were still visible after the world has been closed
  • Gameplay
    • Auto-jump will no longer trigger unexpectedly when trying to walk through open doors (MCPE-52213)
      • Further fixes will be made in the future to allow auto-jump to work more consistently, for example, when trying to jump up one block through an open door
  • Blocks
    • Restored kelp growth to its proper, faster rate (MCPE-57330)
    • Bamboo in Flower Pots are no longer empty after converting a world from Editions
  • Items
    • Crafting multiple Honey Blocks now returns the correct amount of empty glass bottles on a 2×2 grid (MCPE-58579)
  • User Interface
    • The ‘Sign In’ button is now scaled properly on all platforms
    • Fixed placeholder text appearing on the pause menu when hosting a game without an internet connection
  • Add-Ons
    • Entities no longer stop moving when the ‘circle_around_anchor’ behavior is added via a component group added by an event and/or there was a block close to their hitbox
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.14.20

  • Release date: February 4th 2020 (North America) / February 5th 2020 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Crashes / Performance
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur when loading into world on Nintendo Switch
    • Placing a compass and locator map in the crafting grid no longer causes the game to crash (MCPE-57882)
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when travelling through a Nether Portal with another entity (MCPE-58568)
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when converting a world with fireworks equipped in a crossbow
    • Fixed a crash that could occur with raids on converted worlds
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading the ‘Extreme Speed Runner’ Marketplace world on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • General
    • Classic skin choices no longer revert after reloading the game (MCPE-55278)
    • Fixed .mcworld and .mctemplate files not importing on devices running iOS 13
    • Fixed the LittleBigPlanet world and textures not being usable if the game was installed from disc
    • Fixed issues with the ‘Chroma Hills’ texture pack not loading on Nintendo Switch
    • Split-screen players can no longer be left in a limbo state when joining the game while the primary player quits at the same time
  • Gameplay
    • Projectiles can now be shot through the gap between two honey blocks
    • Players no longer bounce when being pushed and pulled by honey blocks and pistons (MCPE-53815)
  • Mobs
    • Fixed an issue that prevented mobs from spawning under transparent blocks (MCPE-59682)
    • Bees no longer fly in and out of a beehive or nest that is on fire (MCPE-53872)
    • Fixed tamed wolves not breeding by increasing their breeding priority (MCPE-59570)
    • Tamed parrots sitting on the player’s shoulder are now transitioned after world conversion
    • Fixed Pillagers not attacking players after world conversion
    • Fixed players not obtaining Bad Omen when killing a Pillager Captain after world conversion
  • Items
    • Tridents no longer bounce continuously on the sides of honey blocks (MCPE-53626)
    • Honey Bottles now show the proper item tooltip (MCPE-61195)
    • Undyed Shulker Boxes now retain their color after world conversion (MCPE-36744)
  • User Interface
    • A confirmation prompt now appears if purchasing Realms on Nintendo Switch
    • Fixed an issue that could cause text to overlap when using different window resolutions in the Marketplace
  • Commands
    • Beehives and bee nests now have proper textures when placed with the ‘/setblock’ command
    • Defining an execute location no longer breaks the “detect” argument
  • Add-Ons
    • Fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent Behavior Pack animations from working on Android (MCPE-56117)
    • The sensing component (used for ranged attacks) now calculates the view direction like it used to, making it so mobs can see their target on the y-axis
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from being teleported and rotated smoothly
    • Fixed the order of ‘on_exit’ and ‘on_entry’ events being reversed in animation controller state transitions
    • Local space for particles attached to entities will once again inherit the locator’s bone rotation
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.14.1

  • Release date: December 18th 2019 (North America) / December 19th 2019 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Crashes / Performance
    • Fixed several of the top crashes that occurred during gameplay, across all platforms
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when signing into Xbox Live on some Android devices
    • Added a potential fix for a crash and user interface corruption that occurred after updating the game on Xbox One
    • Improved performance in areas with high numbers of players
    • Increased performance when loading skins on Featured Servers
    • Made several improvements to improve the stability of online features like Marketplace and access to purchased content
  • General
    • Fixed errors with logging into a Microsoft account on PlayStation®4 (MCPE-58464)
    • Fixed some achievements and trophies unlocking for all players during a multiplayer session
  • Gameplay
    • View bobbing once again behaves correctly when facing North and South (MCPE-56214)
  • Mobs
    • Bees now become angry when baby bees are attacked
    • Bees will now die after attacking (MCPE-53860)
    • Monsters no longer spawn on glass and leaves
  • Items
    • Fixed items disappearing when crafting several items (MCPE-56118)
    • Fixed some instances of milk randomly disappearing from buckets (MCPE-57194)
  • Character Creator
    • Fixed some Character Creator items appearing incorrectly
    • Fixes to Character Creator screens when scrolling with the right thumbstick
  • Graphical
    • Fixed broken textures appearing after Resource Packs are deactivated
  • User Interface
    • Fixed the prompt that appears when split-screen guests attempt to join a multiplayer world without a Nintendo Switch Online subscription
    • Fixed the Sign In button on the main menu having the wrong position and touching the edge of the screen with some languages
    • Fixed an issue that caused some players not to be able to leave the Inventory screen on the Marketplace
    • Fixed placeholder text appearing on the Resource Packs and Behavior Packs screens
    • Various fixes to the user interface when using Japanese language
    • Fixed the Mario Skin Pack’s description never loading on Nintendo Switch
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.14.0

  • Release date: December 10th 2019 (North America) / December 11th 2019 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

New Features:

  • Bees!
    • Bees are cute, fuzzy, neutral mobs
    • Don’t hurt them, they don’t want to hurt you
    • Bees love pretty flowers and spend their lives gathering pollen from them
    • After gathering pollen, bees fly back to their nest
    • If a bee can’t find pollen, it will return home
    • If a bee doesn’t have a home nest, it will wander around until it finds one it can use
    • Bees don’t like the rain and they sleep at night. They will return to their nest in these cases
  • Bee Nests and Beehives
    • Bee Nests generate in Flower Forests, Plains, and Sunflower Plains biomes
    • When a bee visits a nest and completes its journey undisturbed, the level of honey increases
    • Using shears on a full hive or nest will harvest Honeycomb and using a glass bottle will give a Honey Bottle
    • Campfire smoke calms bees – Place one underneath the nest or hive to keep them in chill mode
    • Redstone friendly! Dispensers can shear honeycombs from hives and nests
  • Honey Block
    • Greatly reduces movement speed and jump height, but also reduces fall damage
    • You can “slide” down a wall of honey blocks to slow your fall (Parkour FTW!)
    • When a honey block is piston-moved, adjacent blocks also move
    • When a honey block is piston-moved, entities on top are moved along with it
  • Honeycomb Block
    • A decorative block that can be crafted with Honeycomb


  • Updated to a fresh menu background full of bees
  • Leads can now be used on Polar Bears, Parrots, Ocelots, and Dolphins (MCPE-46866)
  • Dispensers can now fill bottles with water and honey
  • Tweaked the amount of XP dropped by animals to match Java Edition
    • Most animals will now drop 1-3 XP when killed, but Dolphins now drop 0 XP
  • Item tags can now be hidden in the inventory using the ‘/gamerule showtags’ command


  • Crashes / Performance
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when signing into Xbox Live on Android
    • Fixed an issue with kelp growth causing lag in specific chunks (MCPE-50175)
  • General
    • Fixed a render distance issue that could cause an old style (limited) world to not load correctly if a player logged out in a specific corner of that world
    • Fixed an issue that was causing scripting error messages to show on the Alien Worlds Marketplace world
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing chests to become invisible (MCPE-52790)
    • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause touch screen controls to become inverted (MCPE-50256)
    • Players once again experience kinetic energy and get dead upon gliding into walls at high speed with Elytra (MCPE-21141)
    • Players can no longer initiate swimming in shallow water
  • Mobs
    • Improved the accuracy of pathfinding for flying mobs
    • Pillager Patrols can no longer spawn in the End or Nether dimensions (MCPE-51481)
    • Baby Pigmen now hold their swords in their hands, rather than around their necks (MCPE-53454)
  • Blocks
    • Updated the Slime Block texture to match Java Edition
    • Fixed an issue that was causing sugar cane to break when a nearby water source became waterlogged (MCPE-52314)
  • Items
    • Arrows and tridents no longer fall through the ground after being deflected by a shield (MCPE-44721)
    • Dragon Heads now appear at the correct height (MCPE-53129)
    • Buckets can once again be used to milk cows (MCPE-54623)
    • Milk buckets can again be used to craft cakes (MCPE-52774)
    • Fixed acacia leaves sometimes becoming stuck in the inventory hotbar
    • Placing Armor on an Armor Stand in Creative mode no longer equips it on the player as well
  • Character Creator
    • Various fixes to the Character Creator
    • Fixed an issue that was causing worn items to transfer between Character Creator models unexpectedly
    • Adding or removing the Founder’s Cape now updates the skin in-game without needing to restart
    • Platform restricted skins can now be previewed in the Character Creator
    • Fixed capes not rendering in some skin packs (MCPE-54181)
    • Fixed another issue that was causing player skins to revert to a default Alex or Steve after relaunching the game
    • Skins that don’t roam to Minecraft Earth no longer display ‘Usable Everywhere’ in the Character Creator
    • Equipping a new custom skin will now update the player model without needing to restart the game
    • Optimized the size of Character Creator skins to improve performance when playing in multiplayer
  • Graphical
    • Fixed the held item bobbing animation when moving in first person view (MCPE-51212)
    • The block breaking animation will again show if a block is below water when the player is above
    • The player’s hand no longer disappears when gliding with Elytra (MCPE-53092)
    • Water now renders correctly when Kelp is placed next to a Glass block
  • User Interface
    • Fixed a navigation issue that could cause an incorrect focus change when choosing an option from the pause menu
    • Fixed an issue that could cause menu flickering when navigating through the Character Creator
    • The ‘See Pack in Store’ button in the Character Creator can now be highlighted and selected when using a controller
    • Fixed some misspelled splash text
  • Add-Ons and Script Engine
    • Custom entities once again show their health bar correctly while being ridden
    • Fixed an issue with particle billboarding that was causing them to appear flipped in the wrong direction
    • Fixed an issue with pivot points for custom geometry cube models
    • Fixed a bug that was causing tamed entity damage to be counted as coming from mounted players

For Map Makers and Add-On Creators:

  • Updated templates for 1.14.0 with new resources, BEEhaviors, documentation, and example packs can be downloaded from minecraft.net/addons
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.13.1

  • Release date: November 12th 2019 (North America) / November 13th 2019 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Crashes
    • Fixed a crash that could occur during gameplay
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur when joining Realms
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when joining Featured Servers
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when throwing lingering potions
  • General
    • Error message ‘Failed’ displays when attempting to ‘Create on Realms’ while there are expired Realms for the account 
  • Character Creator
    • Elytra will no longer be invisible or blocky when using a custom imported skin (MCPE-54439)
    • Players can now apply the Founder’s Cape to custom (imported) skins (MCPE-53513)
    • Waiting for a skin to load will no longer block players from getting into a game (MCPE-45038)
    • Players no longer share the same custom skin during multiplayer sessions (MCPE-48207) 
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed chests sometimes being invisible (MCPE-52790)
    • Going through portals will now take you to the correct place in the corresponding dimension (MCPE-54519)
    • Tweaked view bobbing movement (MCPE-54645)
      • We intend to tweak this further in a future update! 
  • User Interface
    • Closed Realms are no longer displayed on the ‘Create on Realms’ screen
    • Fixed incorrect Japanese and Korean characters appearing in Language settings
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.13.0

  • Release date: October 29th 2019 (North America) / October 30th 2019 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

New Features:

  • Foxes!
    • Keep your chickens safe and your belongings close, otherwise you’ll find them dead or gone – especially come nightfall. Foxes are more active at night and seek shade to sleep during the day. However, if you’re patient enough to feed two of them Sweet Berries, you can end up with a trusty one!
  • Brown Mooshroom
    • Transforms whenever a red Mooshroom is struck by lightning
    • Feed them flowers and use a bowl to harvest Suspicious Stew!
  • Suspicious Stew
    • Craft stew with different flowers to grant different potion effects for a short period of time
    • Share the suspiciousness with your friends and see how they like Suspicious Stew!
  • Wither Rose
    • A new, scary looking flower that is planted wherever a living entity dies to the Wither
    • Might be useful when crafting Suspicious Stew?
  • Item Frames can now be placed on the floor and ceiling!
  • Added abandoned villages
  • Added a celebration event that occurs if Pillagers successfully raid a village
  • New Note Block instruments
    • Make some sweet new jams by placing certain blocks under Note Blocks!
    • Discover the new instruments with Glowstone, Haybale, Block of Emerald, Pumpkin, Soul Sand, Block of Iron, Bone Block, Wool, Packed Ice, Clay, and Block of Gold
  • Added five dead coral types
  • Added the Light Block for mapmakers
    • Supports auxiliary data from 0 to 15 for light level
    • Light blocks are supported via /give, /fill, and /setblock
    • The invisible End Rod (variant 6) is now automatically updated to the new Light Block
  • Added new in-game chat settings to improve accessibility
  • Added game credits
    • A way to see all the lovely people that work on the game!
    • The credits can be viewed after defeating the Ender Dragon, and also through a new button found in the Settings menu

Character Creator:

  • Personalize your character in a number of ways, including body size and shape, limb replacement and tweaking of eyes, mouth, hairstyles and colors, facial hair, and skin tones
  • More than 100 items will be available for free. There will also be a range of custom accessories, created by the Minecraft team, available for purchase
  • Traditional custom skins can still be imported as before, on Windows 10 and mobile, using the following steps: Profile > Edit Character > Classic Skins tab > Owned > Import > Choose New Skin
  • For even more details, check out the Character Creator FAQ

Experimental Gameplay:

(Work in progress features that are only available when Experimental Gameplay is enabled in world settings)

  • New and improved Structure Blocks
    • Structure Blocks give creators the ability to copy and save out sections of their world into structures. Saved structures can then be pasted back into the world
    • To get a Structure Block, you must use the ‘/give’ command
    • When a structure is being loaded in, it can also be mirrored or rotated
    • Structure Void blocks can be placed in an area to not copy air into the target area
    • See How to Play in the game for more details and tips!


  • Crashes
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
    • Fixed a crash that could occur while navigating menus
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to create new world or when joining a multiplayer game
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when a player left a multiplayer game
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when signing into a Microsoft account
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching profiles on Xbox One
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when launching the game on Xbox One
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when typing certain characters onto a sign
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when exploring world templates
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when choosing certain skins
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when breaking a block underneath a Detector Rail
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when creating a new world using some Marketplace packs
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the game on Windows 10
    • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when approaching world spawn (MCPE-46686)
    • Fixed a crashing issue on iOS when relaunching the game with a global resource pack applied
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when accepting the storage permission on Android
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when resuming the game on Oculus Rift
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when launching the game on Oculus Rift
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when typing certain characters into chat (MCPE-44419)
    • Fixed a crash that could occur if a split-screen player left the game while an execute command targeted them in a function
    • Fixed a crash that could occur after a player left the game on 3 or 4 player split-screen on the “Wildlife: Jungle” map
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving and rejoining a world whilst an adult panda is eating bamboo
    • Fixed a freezing issue that could occur when resuming the game on Windows 10 Mobile
    • Fixed a crashing issue that affected certain worlds when approaching spawn (MCPE-46686)
    • Fixed a crash that could occur after changing the File Storage location on Android devices
    • Fixed a crash that could occur on low and mid-end Android devices
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to double-tap on an item on the Beacon screen
    • Fixed a crash that could occur while downloading multiple Marketplace items at the same time on some iOS devices
    • Fixed a crash related to cached resources
  • Performance
    • Improved world launch time by optimizing network and resource tasks
    • Improved performance when opening the inventory
    • Several performance improvements regarding block rendering
    • Fixed a drop in performance when flying with Elytra in The End
    • Optimized terrain light calculation
    • Optimized grass growth block ticking
  • General
    • The “We are being attacked!” and “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” achievements can once again be unlocked (MCPE-45060)
    • The “Renewable Energy” achievement is once again unlockable (MCPE-39661)
    • The “Where have you been?” achievement now unlocks correctly on Android
    • Maps are now drawn more quickly when exploring, meaning the “Map Room” achievement now unlocks more consistently (MCPE-27720)
    • Fixed some instances of skin selections not saving and reverting to Alex or Steve (MCPE-32089)
    • Fixed the “Multiplayer Restricted Skin!” error message that would pop up when trying to join a world before the skin had loaded in (MCPE-48494)
    • The world loading screen now closes once an acceptable amount of chunks have loaded (MCPE-44815)
    • Fixed issues related to unloaded chunks that could appear in Realms and local worlds (REALMS-1553)
    • Partially fixed an issue that caused global resources not to be applied after relaunching the game
    • Minecraft on iOS will no longer show the “Do you want to Close Minecraft” pop-up since iOS doesn’t support that app behavior
    • Added a new option in Accessibility settings that to auto-enable Text to Speech when the platform has it enabled. This prevents the screen reader from unexpectedly being enabled each time game is restarted (MCPE-43306)
    • Fixed various Text to Speech issues
    • Players can now switch between user accounts on Xbox One without restarting the game
    • Fixed the messaging when trying to import a world template created in a newer version
    • Fixed a controller issue when docking the Nintendo Switch
  • Gameplay
    • Players in water are now knocked back by TNT explosions
    • Split-screen players that join a world will now spawn in the correct safe place and no longer spawn in the void
    • Fixed an issue that could cause some worlds to become corrupted during gameplay (MCPE-50496)
    • Players now properly receive stored XP from Furnaces (MCPE-47324)
    • Eating when using a Nether Portal no longer causes players to teleport to random locations. Weird interdimensional eating problems! (MCPE-39147)
    • The player can once again open the inventory correctly while sitting in a Boat
    • Using Bone Meal on a flower now generates more flowers of that type around it, rather than just Dandelions and Poppies (MCPE-7979)
    • The player now correctly receives the Bad Omen effect whenever the Illager Captain dies in combat with the player
    • Fixed an issue with block updates on a waterlogged block triggering a Redstone update in the same chunk
    • Fire Charges launched from Dispensers will now ignite Minecarts with TNT
    • The damage sound is no longer heard when a player falls or lands in Creative mode (MCPE-515)
    • Corrected player sprint/swim state when exiting water
    • Fixed pitch issue with camera that caused player to walk backwards when looking straight up
    • Players can now teleport on top of non-full or transparent blocks when eating a Chorus Fruit
    • The camera will now rotate correctly when in third-person view
    • The player no longer keeps on rowing when opening the inventory during boat rides (MCPE-36522)
    • Arrows hitting players underwater no longer play multiple hit sounds
    • Lightning from Channelling Tridents now affect more than a single mob in a small area (MCPE-44393)
    • Lightning now strikes less frequently (MCPE-38768)
    • Arrows now destroy Armor Stands properly (MCPE-47785)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from moving while sneaking on top of Shulkers and Boats (MCPE-44644)
    • Area of effect clouds such as Lingering Potions now work correctly if world is set to ‘Always Day’ (MCPE-39595)
  • World Generation
    • Chests that generate in Desert Temples now face the correct direction (MCPE-37393)
  • Mobs
    • Tweaked Drowned despawning rules to help prevent too many being present in the world (MCPE-34032)
      • Drowned will now despawn if the following conditions are met: The player is at least 54 blocks away, the Drowned has not performed any actions in at least 30 seconds, and it is daytime
    • Iron Golems are no longer knocked back by explosions (MCPE-43662)
    • Fixed the sitting position for baby zombie jockeys
    • Fixed the death animation of spiders (MCPE-41417)
    • The Wither once again has its blue shield!
    • Lazy pandas no longer float above the ground when lying on their backs (MCPE-43164)
    • Baby pigs now turn into baby Zombie Pigmen when struck by lightning (MCPE-38134)
    • Pillagers now spawn around Pillager Outposts more frequently (MCPE-43396)
    • Fixed player alignment to beds when sleeping
    • Zombies can no longer break Iron Doors (MCPE-43725)
    • Zombies once again spawn in caves (MCPE-52743)
    • Village mobs (Such as Iron Golems and cats) can no longer spawn inside of blocks (MCPE-44442, MCPE-41886)
    • Ravagers can now pathfind through water
    • Cured Zombie Villagers now keep their trade level
    • Jockeys no longer get stuck trying to move to unreachable mounts
    • Cod, salmon, tropical fish, and pufferfish now drop XP when killed
    • Mobs will no longer break Turtle Eggs when mob griefing is disabled (MCPE-36245)
    • Mobs can now pathfind correctly through waterlogged blocks (MCPE-37005)
    • Mobs can now pathfind correctly on unlit campfires
    • Mobs once again drop armor and equipment as loot (MCPE-48891)
    • Mobs no longer drop fully repaired weapons as loot (MCPE-45953)
    • Leads now connect to mobs at the correct position
    • Mobs no longer attempt to path find over 1.5 block high obstacles (MCPE-45256)
    • Villagers will now all go to sleep correctly at night
    • Creepers no longer lose aggro when line of sight is broken briefly
    • Zombies no longer get stuck on doors
    • Mobs standing on slabs are no longer immune to sunlight damage after reloading the world (MCPE-32822)
    • Witches can no longer spawn in 1.8 high gaps (MCPE-45935)
    • Animal breeding cooldowns no longer reset after reloading the world
    • Endermen holding Red Sand no longer drop regular Sand when killed (MCPE-25926)
    • Endermen are correctly affected by the Invisibility effect, when applied (MCPE-44492)
    • Fixed the held sword position for Vex mobs
    • Entity hit and collision boxes no longer exist during mob death animations (MCPE-9999)
    • Wither Skeletons are no longer affected by the Wither effect (MCPE-46317)
    • Mobs and entities are no longer slowed when walking one block above ice (MCPE-13852)
    • Baby zombies are now able to ride Zombie Pigmen (MCPE-20163)
    • Increased the speed that Phantoms’ wings flap (MCPE-42935)
    • Drowned on land now attack based on brightness levels rather than time of day
    • Dolphins once again follow players in boats
    • Nether Portals now spawn Zombie Pigmen on Easy difficulty (MCPE-45934)
    • Fixed Creeper farms by adjusting mob height spawning logic (MCPE-45935)
    • Strays and skeletons now show enchanted bows when held
    • Villagers now show angry particles when hit by a player, even if they haven’t been traded with yet (MCPE-29700)
    • Parrots can now be picked in Creative mode using pick block
    • Mobs now attack the player correctly while standing on Soul Sand
    • Villagers now close doors that have been opened by a player or Redstone (MCPE-21946)
    • Villager trade levels now match Java Edition with 5 profession level badges (MCPE-43206)
    • Farmers now correctly harvest crops when their inventory is not full (MCPE-47166)
    • Villagers now hide more consistently during a Raid
    • Fixed the “Toast” rabbit easter egg (MCPE-44510)
    • Updated Mason trades
    • Fixed a Cartographer trade so it now requires 11 glass panes instead of 10
  • Blocks
    • Beacons now play the correct ambient sound (MCPE-34413)
    • TNT no longer falls through blocks when lit (MCPE-41313)
    • Lava now correctly affects mobs that come into contact with it. Usually this means death (MCPE-45531)
    • Standing in a cauldron of lava now deals the correct amount of damage to players. It usually means death, as well (MCPE-39356)
    • Falling snow can no longer replace other blocks (MCPE-44613)
    • Using pick block on lit Redstone now gives the player the correct block (MCPE-43450)
    • Frosted Ice no longer causes performance issues when it is waiting to melt underground (MCPE-39698)
    • Leaves collected with Silk Touch now stack correctly with other leaves of the same type (MCPE-32347)
    • Shulker Boxes can no longer be placed in the same space as the player (MCPE-39674)
    • Wood blocks now have proper directional placement (MCPE-43367)
    • Jukeboxes now stop playing music after being broken (MCPE-47587)
    • Furnaces now play all applicable sounds at the correct pitch (MCPE-43915)
    • The Beacon block can now suffocate players and mobs like other opaque blocks (For example, when being clipped into when using a minecart)
    • Hoppers now pick up items from above correctly (MCPE-31393)
    • Pistons now have the correct textures when placed in any direction (MCPE-38053)
    • Granite, diorite, and andesite can no longer be smelted into smooth stone (MCPE-45914)
    • Explosions no longer destroy and drop End Gateway blocks (MCPE-47174)
    • Sneaking on Redstone ore no longer triggers glow
    • Anvils now take damage correctly after use
    • Water being dispensed from a dispenser no longer breaks End Portals and Gateways
    • Dispensers now place Boats correctly
    • Falling snow layers no longer breaks blocks in Redstone contraptions (MCPE-49773)
    • Barrier Blocks no longer stop grass growth (MCPE-41262)
    • Farmland blocks once again prevent grass growing underneath
    • Breaking an extended piston in Creative mode no longer drops an item (MCPE-10853)
    • TNT can now be crafted from red sand, in addition to plain old regular sand
    • Campfires can be doused with splash water potions only, to match Java Edition
    • Coarse Dirt is no longer replaced with dirt when a tree is grown on top (MCPE-26215)
    • Invisible bedrock no longer emits stone particles when fallen on
  • Items
    • Turtle Egg items now have the same 2D texture as Java Edition
    • Buttons no longer appear rotated in the hotbar (MCPE-11365, MCPE-42584)
    • The durability bar for shields now updates correctly when sustaining damage (MCPE-44788)
    • Locked maps now have a unique inventory icon
    • Enchanted books with three or more enchantments no longer always have Feather Falling IV and/or Blast Protection IV (MCPE-41944)
    • Items that have been smelted can now be crafted and stacked correctly for use in furnaces, stone cutters, etc. (MCPE-47907, MCPE-48421, MCPE-47684)
    • Arrows will cause sand and gravel to fall again (MCPE-18257)
    • Splash water bottles once again deal damage to Blazes and Endermen (MCPE-42589)
    • Fixed Trident position issues when being held and thrown
    • Fixed Riptide Tridents not propelling players forward correctly
    • Loyalty Tridents now return to the correct player after bouncing off a Shield (MCPE-44225)
    • Equipment on Armor Stands now renders correctly if the armor stand is affected by the Invisibility effect (MCPE-39779)
    • The LT controller button can once again be used to quickly equip or replace armor (MCPE-35579)
    • Players are now able to use items like fishing rods while aiming at nearby mobs
    • Nether Wart now has a chance to drop more items when broken with Fortune tools (MCPE-31107)
    • Fire Aspect swords no longer set Creative players on fire (MCPE-14036)
    • Drinking sound for milk and potions now plays correctly (MCPE-38340)
    • Trapdoor items now have the correct inventory textures (MCPE-44214)
    • Six-sided wood block variants can now be smelted or used as furnace fuel (MCPE-47170)
    • Damaged Elytra now have their own texture (MCPE-47758)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented certain items not being suggested in the recipe book correctly
    • Items cooked on the campfire now stack together correctly (MCPE-47684)
    • Fixed the default recipe for beds
    • Players no longer lose items when moving stacks of items into a Cartography Table
    • Changed how the bell item is held in the player’s hand, so that it is held like an item rather than a weapon (MCPE-43638)
  • Graphical
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the home screen to show black corrupted textures after resuming the game on Android (MCPE-39031)
    • The player model is now visible again while sleeping on a bed
    • Boat paddling animation now matches Java Edition and resynchronizes when paddling stops
    • Fixed an issue with water not rendering correctly on some servers (MCPE-46813)
    • Fix an issue that caused block entities (such as beds) to not render after suspending and resuming the game
    • Arrows now render correctly when held by Armor Stands
    • Armor Stands and players can again wear helmets with secondary layers
    • Fixed Elytra position for skins that don’t use the standard humanoid model
    • Fixed some graphical errors when launching the game on Oculus Rift
    • Flowers no longer become invisible in flower pots (MCPE-40806)
    • Players no longer show the flying animation when using scaffolding while Elytra are equipped
    • Improved the texture for the stonecutter with non-fancy graphics (MCPE-42487)
    • Tweaked first-person hand attack animations
    • Multiple blocks no longer change color to black when moved by pistons
    • Tweaked the position of the shield when held in the off-hand to fix a minor texture clipping issue
    • Fixed hand animation when switching to empty hand from held item
  • User Interface
    • Accessibility color and contrast fixes and tweaks for dropdowns, buttons and the Play screen
    • The Text to Speech narrator now works correctly with punctuation in text boxes
    • Players using touch screens can no longer break blocks when using touch-and-hold to use a fishing rod
    • Chat instructions no longer appear on screen every time the player travels through a portal (MCPE-45073)
    • Removed duplicate and overlapping progress bars
    • Fixed the safe screen area prompt not appearing, when necessary, on certain devices
    • Keyboard inputs now work correctly when the game loads out of window focus
    • Fixed the “Open Chat” message for touch screen devices
    • Flight controls will no longer show when sleeping in a bed in creative (MCPE-44928)
    • Fixed the inventory screens of some blocks not appearing on the first attempt after the block’s state has changed, like Hoppers and Dispensers
    • The wither’s health bar no longer disappears during the fight if the player moves away (MCPE-40881)
    • Using ‘Place All’ (Y) on the Cartography Table output slot now only crafts as many of the shown result possible
    • Joining a Realm through the ‘Joinable Friends’ list no longer shows world info (MCPE-47731)
    • The background tint of the player coordinates is now consistent with the chat background (MCPE-43791)
    • Tweaked the controller cursor position when auto-crafting with a full inventory
    • Obfuscated text once again works with the smooth font chat setting
    • Fixed duplicated ‘Sign In’ messages that were overlapping
    • The correct Marketplace Inventory items are now shown when switching between players
    • Global resource packs in Settings will now update to the new chosen language
    • Updated the How to Play section so that it specifies that carved pumpkins should be used as protection from Endermen
    • Updated the How to Play section about repairing Elytra, which now describes using Phantom Membranes to repair them instead of leather (MCPE-41608)
    • Updated the How to Play section regarding Raids
    • Updated the How to Play section regarding Host and Player Options (MCPE-28976)
    • Updated the How to Play section about taming cats (MCPE-43490)
  • Commands
    • Execute detect command now uses local coordinates correctly (MCPE-29942)
      • Modified ‘CommandPosition’ so that an optional offset can be specified to move the rotation point in case of a local coordinate
      • Fixed the ‘ExecuteCommand’ detect option to correctly use an entity rather than a position so that it can use the entity orientation to calculate camera relative offsets
    • Using ‘/spreadplayers’ no longer permanently loads distant chunks
    • Powered rails placed using ‘/fill’ now work correctly when powered by Redstone
    • Using ‘/setblock’ on a piston base no longer leaves an invisible piston arm
    • Cloned active mob spawners now have an animated mob when placed (MCPE-23106)
    • The ‘/clear’ command once again works correctly with damageable items
    • Running the “/clear” command message now shows correct amount of items removed (MCPE-34750)
    • Carpet is now removed correctly when using the ‘/clear’ command
    • Using ‘/clear @p item’ now clears correctly auxiliary values
    • Pistons with data values 6 and 7 can no longer be placed using slash commands (MCPE-21558)
    • Players can no longer use the ‘/spawnpoint’ command in the Nether
    • Using the command ‘@s[type=…]’ will now work correctly (MCPE-49766)
    • Fixed an error message that occurred when using the ‘/help’ command
  • Add-Ons and Script Engine
    • Fixed MoLang scripting errors that were being logged for older content
    • Endermen with modified behaviors can now be shot and damaged with projectiles
    • Loading packs with lots of custom items now works correctly
    • Custom rideable entities now show the correct action hint when added
    • Fixed the positioning of particles that were only showing correctly when centered on screen
    • The ‘timer’ component once again functions on vanilla projectiles
    • Fixed an issue with the ‘must_see_forget_duration’ component not working
    • Fixed humanoid eating animation
    • Fixed the ‘scale’ component failing to scale certain entities
    • Running the ‘tick_world’ component now removes ticking areas correctly and consistently
    • Added stone slab aliases to allow backwards compatibility on Add-On packs
    • The ‘spawn_entity’ component is now executed when an entity is being ridden
    • Ghasts no longer keep looking at players if the behavior component has been removed
    • Fixed minecart rider rotation not being updated correctly in some packs
    • Particle UVs no longer include lines of textures next to the selected UV
    • Custom entities using ‘nearest_attackable_target’ now re-evaluate current target validity
    • Fixed mini bows rendering on all mobs other than players in scripting packs
    • The ‘has_equipment’ filter now works correctly with damageable items
    • Fixed a scripting error that would appear when shooting arrows from a dispenser
    • When a global resource pack is deleted, it will now remove itself from the active stack

For Map Makers and Add-On Creators:

  • Updated templates for 1.13.0 with new resources, behaviors, documentation, and example packs can be downloaded from aka.ms/MinecraftAddons
  • New Data-Driven Objects for Add-Ons
    • Brewing stand potion recipes are now data-driven
    • Arrow shake animation (MCPE-40744)
    • Item breaking particles
    • Data-driven environment damage for entities
    • Added ‘push’ component that determines whether an entity can be pushed
    • Added ‘persistent’ component that determines whether an entity should be persistent in the game world
    • Turtle Lightning interactions are now data-driven
    • Pufferfish puffed states are now data-driven
    • Guardian/Elder Guardian animation and rendering
      • Fixed unparented geometry on pre-1.8 guardians
      • Elder Guardian spike animation
    • Fishing hook
    • Horse models and animations
    • Snow Golem trail behavior
    • Dragon Breath particles
    • Sparkler particles (Education)
    • Balloons (Education)
  • Script Engine
    • Actor Definition Events can now be triggered from scripts
    • Scripting logs can now be opened and viewed while the game is running
    • Added new scripting Actor tags
    • Added ‘container’ scripting component for blocks
    • Added ‘projectile_hit’ scripting event
    • Added ‘entity_hurt’ scripting event
    • Added ‘entity_sneak’ scripting event
    • Added ‘entity_attack’ scripting event
    • Added ‘block_exploded’ scripting event
  • Added new feature rules data that implements existing biome decoration through JSON
    • Final infrastructure changes required to support fully data-driven features. Rules themselves must be provided in a behavior pack with Experimental Gameplay enabled
  • Significantly increased the maximum ‘spawnRadius’ distance
  • Levers now have their own block state
  • Changed Breathable, RideTick, and Transformation systems to use ViewedEntityContext
  • All pillar blocks now have their own block state instead of using some values of the direction block state. This allows mirror and rotating with structure blocks
  • Changes to Pack Manifests
    • Summary
      • As of 1.13, we have made some changes to the pack manifest with a new format version of “2”. We recommend that any new packs or world templates that you create use format version of 2 from now on. With this new format, there are a few additional changes to be aware of, detailed below
    • All Pack Types
      • The ‘name’ field in the header is now required for all pieces of content
    • World Templates
      • The ‘lock_template_options’ field is now required. This Boolean field determines whether the world options for your template should be locked to default values when a player creates a world from the template. They can still choose to unlock and modify the options, but will be warned that doing so could affect gameplay
      • The ‘base_game_version’ field is required (see below for more info)
      • The ‘min_engine_version’ field should no longer be used as it isn’t parsed on world templates and produces a warning on import
    • Resource and Behavior Packs
      • The ‘min_engine_version’ field is now required. This affects how the game interprets some of the assets loaded from Resource and Behavior Packs. We recommend using the latest available version of the game for this field (e.g. ‘[1, 13, 0]’) to ensure your pack works correctly
    • Base Game Version Field
      • For this field, we recommend using the value “*”. This will ensure that anyone using your content in their Minecraft worlds will always get the latest base game (Vanilla) content when an update is available.
      • In the case that your content relies on specific base game behavior, you can use this field to specify a base game version, starting with 1.13. If you choose to do this, you should omit the third octet; for example, if the version of the game you are targeting is ‘[1, 14, 2]’, you would specify a version of ‘[1, 14, 0]’). If you specify a version this way, any worlds using your custom content will not get new base game content when it becomes available in future releases, which could help prevent unwanted changes to behavior in your content caused by updates to the base game. However, we still recommend using the “*” value to ensure players can continue to enjoy your content in their Minecraft worlds long-term while also receiving updates to the base game
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.12.1

  • Release date: September 3rd 2019 (North America) / September 4th 2019 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed players getting stuck on “Generating World” when loading into a world while located in The End (MCPE-49778)
  • Fixed an issue that caused many players on Nintendo Switch not being able to sign in to their Microsoft Account (MCPE-34662)
  • Multiple Ender Dragons can no longer spawn at once in The End (MCPE-37590)
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.12.0

  • Release date: July 9th 2019 (North America) / July 10th 2019 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Increased the frequency and volume of the ambient mob sounds made during raids, to make them easier to locate
  • Added new Wandering Trader sounds (MCPE-41191)
  • Updated the main menu splash text
  • Updated the default main menu panorama from Aquatic to Village & Pillage
  • The “Store” button on the main menu has been renamed to “Marketplace”
  • Realm owners can now set relevant permissions for players invited to their Realm
    • Default settings can be set for all new members entering a Realm
    • The owner can set permissions for an invited player to either visitor, member or operator
    • When resetting a world, or uploading a new world, already set permissions stay in place


  • Crashes
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when launching the game on some Windows 10 devices
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when certain interactive blocks are loading in when joining a Realm (e.g. beds, chests, furnaces)
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching players on Xbox One
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when engaging in a fight with an Elder Guardian in an Ocean Monument
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading the game
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when throwing an Egg or Snowball (MCPE-40435)
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when trading with a Villager
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when throwing a trident with Loyalty enchantment
    • Fixed a crash that could occur on Nintendo Switch when the game was saving or loading (MCPE-45862)
    • Fixed a crash on Nintendo Switch that could occur when suspending and resuming the game
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the game
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when signing into Xbox Live
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when choosing a skin on first launch of the game
    • Fixed a Marketplace issue that could result in the game getting stuck or crashing when loading in items
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when the game was checking for previously downloaded content
  • Performance
    • Made further performance improvements when opening inventory screens (MCPE-27167)
    • Made several performance improvements related to various UI screens and interactions
    • Significantly reduced bandwidth usage by allowing the client to reuse chunks it has already seen
    • Improved chunk loading performance in multiplayer
    • Improved performance around new villages and villager job sites
    • Several other performance improvements, included some related to mob AI pathfinding
    • Frosted ice blocks no longer drops performance while they’re melting (MCPE-39698)
    • Endermen teleporting particles no longer cause consistent performance drops, especially during boss fights
    • Reduced the amount of memory required to load textures
    • Cached resource packs no longer decrease performance on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-36976)
  • General
    • Removed an unnecessary Xbox Live sign-in notification
    • Fixed an issue where consuming the last item in a stack to unlock an achievement could cause the achievement not to unlock
    • The Haggler achievement once again unlocks when requirements are met
    • The Zombie Doctor achievement now unlocks when curing a zombie villager (MCPE-46271)
    • Marketplace resource packs are now immediately applied after downloading in the world edit menu (MCPE-33121)
    • Player permissions now apply correctly when more than one operator tries to adjust them
    • Made improvements to roaming skins, which should apply correctly after reloading or reinstalling the game and signing in
    • Custom skins are now applied correctly without needing to restart the game to see them (On compatible platforms) (MCPE-37926MCPE-45476)
    • Skins equipped from the ‘Recent’ section are once again applied when selected
    • World settings now sync correctly between different Xbox One devices
    • Resource packs are now applied correctly after downloading through the world or global settings
    • Newly purchased Realms are now always visible after finalizing the purchase
    • Fixed an issue that would show an error message when attempting to renew a Realm subscription on Xbox One (REALMS-1686)
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed several related issues with End Gateway portals. These should now teleport the player to the correct safe location when used (MCPE-19699MCPE-43176MCPE-43177)
    • Villager trading now properly takes away items from the second slot, when applicable (MCPE-45506)
    • Only players who fought in a raid now receive the Hero of the Village effect in Realms
    • The Bad Omen effect is now only received when killing an Illager Captain, not when dealing non-fatal damage with a bow or potion
    • Players no longer see through the world when clipping into blocks after leaving a boat (MCPE-42593)
    • You can now interact with blocks while holding a charged crossbow on touch devices
    • Players no longer clip through walls when transitioning from swimming to standing in water
    • Players that are being healed can now still be knocked back by TNT. Did I say that right?
    • Arrows that are shot into blocks keep their position when reloading the world
    • Area of Effect clouds no longer try to spawn excessive numbers of particles when time of day is changed (MCPE-39595)
  • Mobs
    • Corrected the position of leads on Wolves
    • Tamed cats no longer slide around while sitting (MCPE-44491)
    • Fixed the missing Taiga Zombie Villager skin
    • Fixed a z-fighting texture issue on some Villager skins
    • Dyed leather horse armour colour no longer effects other horse armour (MCPE-43230)
    • Vindicators can now path correctly over carpet during raids
    • The Wither no longer plays its spawning animation when reloading a world (MCPE-32415)
    • Mobs will no longer path-find over Brewing Stands
    • Added a sound to indicate when a villager does not want to trade (Like during a raid)
    • Illager Captains now drop banners correctly even if the world is reloaded
    • Mobs will now spawn on double slabs (MCPE-30765)
    • Fixed the sitting model for cats that were previously tamed ocelots (MCPE-41929)
    • Fixed missing zombie villager sounds (MCPE-43329)
    • V2 zombie villagers now have the correct name in death messages instead of a placeholder name (MCPE-45932)
    • Mobs no longer get stuck when pathfinding on ladders (MCPE-43034)
    • Evokers no longer move too fast when moving towards villages in raids
    • Mobs no longer spawn inside leaves during raids
    • Villagers that are actively trading with players will no longer run and hide when the raid bell rings
    • Clerics now correctly pathfind to their job sites
    • Tamed tuxedo cats now use the proper texture (MCPE-43527)
    • Stray cats can no longer claim beds in villages for worlds converted from version 1.10 (MCPE-44299)
    • The ghast spinning model in monster spawners is now the correct size
    • Fixed wandering trader podzol and coral trades
    • Fletchers now trade 16 arrows instead of 5
    • Changed the cost of butcher’s cooked rabbit trade
    • Leatherworker’s saddle trade is lowered from 10 to 6 emeralds
    • Removed the sand trade from the wandering trader and adjusted the cost of a diamond hoe from tool smith villagers
    • Iron Golems no longer run to the world center after their village is destroyed (MCPE-45509)
    • Villagers without professions now follow regular schedules and will actually sleep, which they deeply need
    • Fixed the creeper model in some Marketplace maps
    • Converting a normal Pillager to a Captain with tag commands now displays the banner correctly
  • Blocks
    • Fixed various scenarios where certain blocks couldn’t be placed until the game was restarted
    • Frosted ice blocks can now be broken (MCPE-41256)
    • Fixed Sea Grass texture brightness (MCPE-34795)
    • Bamboo leaves are now lighter (MCPE-42635)
    • Flowing lava once again turns into cobblestone when hit by water (MCPE-43990)
    • Red sandstone stairs now have correct textures on all sides (MCPE-20677)
    • Players no longer lose villager job site locations if they replace a job site block that is tied to an experienced villager
    • Village job site blocks now have consistent sound volume levels when used by players
    • Scaffolding can no longer be placed on Conduit blocks
    • The Bell now swings towards a player when it is hit (MCPE-42469)
    • Note Block particles now correctly correspond to the notes played
    • The grindstone now correctly combines and repairs two damaged items
    • Farmland now has the correct side and bottom textures (MCPE-42746)
    • Smokers now have the correct bottom texture (MCPE-43944)
    • Fixed door and trapdoor textures (MCPE-43173)
    • Cocoa beans now break and drop when pushed by pistons (MCPE-41868)
    • Slabs and other non-solid blocks once again prevent grass from growing on dirt (MCPE-42975)
    • Flowing water is no longer left behind after flowing over string (MCPE-36343)
    • Bells now ring when hit with splash and lingering potions
    • Composter growth particles now appear in the correct location
    • Blocks can once again be placed on unlit Redstone Ore (MCPE-44305)
    • Fixed animated textures for flowing lava and water on several texture packs
  • Items
    • Efficiency pickaxes now break packed ice at a faster rate (MCPE-23648)
    • Dropped items no longer prevent minecarts from being placed on rails
    • Empty glass bottles now stack correctly when removed from brewing stands (MCPE-42175)
    • Banner patterns can no longer be lost or duplicated when switching them in a loom with a full inventory
    • Using Pick Block on sweet berry bushes now gives the player the correct item (MCPE-41877)
    • Bone meal is now consumed correctly when used on grass
    • Cactus blocks of different growth stages can be smelted into green dye again (MCPE-42497)
    • Stripped birch wood is no longer used to craft acacia planks when playing on Realms (MCPE-44398)
    • Shields no longer appear too bright in item frames (MCPE-41222)
    • Updated the Illager Banner texture (MCPE-43233)
    • Barrels now appear in the proper place of the creative inventory (MCPE-43946)
    • Correct colors of wool are now displayed as a material required to create colored banners in the recipe book
    • The player’s arm is no longer displaced in first person view after eating food (MCPE-40135)
    • Tinted spawn eggs are now properly scaled in item frames
  • World Generation
    • Fixed a bug on dedicated servers and Realms which could cause the wrong block types to generate in the world
    • Tweaked the number of job sites that generate in villages
  • User Interface
    • Updated the glass texture for locked maps in the Cartography Table UI (MCPE-43314)
    • Adjusted the Cartography Table screen to fit Android screens when using Classic UI
    • Pressing the Y button on controller on the Cartography output slot now only crafts the correct amount
    • Added controller tooltips for the Lectern screen
    • The villager trading screen no longer opens and closes if the player is standing too far away
    • Items that are split between slots in the villager trading screen still count as a total trade amount
    • The How to Play button on the Cartography Table now directs to the proper screen
    • Killing a wandering trader’s llama can no longer display their inventory screen
    • The screen reader prompt no longer appears every time network settings are adjusted on Nintendo Switch
    • The ‘Always Day’ toggle now correctly animates and shows the correct setting (MCPE-43304)
    • Dates appear again next to player earned achievements in the Achievements menu
    • The ‘Invite to Game’ button is no longer enabled on Featured Servers
    • Going back to the Play screen (or Settings screen) will now properly select the previously selected tab when Text to Speech is enabled
    • The “Wheel Turning” button is now only shown once in the Minecraft VR settings
    • Made improvements to the patch notes to make sure the correct ones show up after an update
    • The Marketplace search screen now displays the proper pack icons
    • The ‘New’ tag will be properly removed from a Marketplace collection once it has been viewed
    • Fixed Marketplace sale items not showing the discount percentage
  • Commands
    • Further improvements to performance when using selectors with commands
    • Removed “tile” prefix in the ‘/give’ command (MCPE-44667)
    • Made item names more consistent by removing “tile” from the beginning of some of them
    • Blocks and entities that aren’t available in the Creative inventory no longer require the “minecraft” namespace when used as parameters in commands
    • After ‘fishing_hook’ is killed by command, players can now cast the hook again without having to cast twice
    • Killing a rideable entity no longer respawns its rider when killed in the same tick
    • The ‘testforblock’ command now works reliably with items renamed in the language files
  • Add-Ons and Script Engine
    • The Behavior Pack template once again contains the ‘spawn_rules’ folder
    • Removing a timer component and adding a new one should no longer have the new timer inherit the old timer’s time value
    • Custom underwater mobs can now spawn naturally
    • Custom entities now correctly re-evaluate current target validity
    • ‘getBlocks’ now returns a 3D array of block objects
    • Fixed a scripting issue that could cause the player to float
    • ‘ScriptAttackComponent’ and ScriptCollisionBoxComponent’ now correctly retrieve updated data
    • Pick Block now works correctly on non-vanilla entities that have been added using Add-Ons (MCPE-38205)
    • Functions ran on a game loop now use an origin which has Game Master permissions, not Owner permissions
      • Added a new constructor parameter to the ‘ServerCommandOrigin’ so that the Function Manager can create an instance with upgraded permissions
    • Player Position is now reported for the player feet like other mobs
    • Collision Box and Attack components report the correct data now

For Map Makers and Add-On Creators:

  • Updated templates for 1.12.0 with new resources, behaviors, documentation, and example packs can be downloaded from aka.ms/MinecraftAddons
  • Created a screen to view content log errors for Behavior and Resource Packs
    • The log screen can be opened using Ctrl + H after enabling in Profile Settings
  • Enabled content logging for creators on Bedrock Dedicated Server to debug pack errors
  • Mob events can now be toggled using the new ‘/mobevent’ command
  • Particle emitters can now trigger slash commands, actor events, and MoLang expressions
  • Added the ability to play single animations at any time, overriding an entity’s current state-based animation
  • Animations and particles can be spawned without being linked to entities using animation timelines
  • Sound effects can now be triggered by animation events
  • Added auto-complete to the Command Input field for command blocks
  • Delay in Ticks for Command Blocks
    • A delay can be added to the command block using the new field, measured in Redstone ticks
  • Data-Driven Crafting Recipes (Experimental)
    • Allows custom crafting recipes for shaped crafting, shapeless crafting, and furnaces using Behavior Packs
    • Recipe JSON files have been added to the Behavior Pack template
  • Add New Simple Item (Experimental)
    • New “simple” items can be added to the game using Behavior Packs
    • Currently, only a subset of components has been exposed, with more being added in future updates to allow more complex behaviors
    • Some items, such as food, are now data-driven and their JSON files have been added to the Behavior Pack template
  • Add New Simple Block (Experimental)
    • New “simple” blocks can be added to the game using Behavior Packs
    • Currently, only a subset of components has been exposed, with more being added in future updates to allow more complex behaviors
  • New Data-Driven Particles:
    • Llama Spit
    • Large Explosions
    • Colored Flames
    • Redstone Dust
    • Falling Dust
    • Lava
    • Enchanting Table
    • Conduit
  • New Data-Driven Animations:
    • Wolf
    • Fang Attack
    • Arrow
    • Shulker Bullet
    • Bow
    • Water Movement
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.11.4

  • Release date: May 24th 2019 (North America, Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed several crashes on Nintendo Switch that could occur during gameplay, especially surrounding villager job site blocks
  • Fixed issues with Marketplace maps so ‘villager_v2’ works in command selectors again, targeting both V1 and V2 villagers

Additional Fixes from 1.11.3:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when mobs found the nearest attackable mob
  • When converting from V1 to V2, villagers now keep their XP level
  • Villagers cured of zombification can no longer change their profession if they have enough XP (MCPE-42348)
  • Another fix for villagers changing their professions when they’re not supposed to
  • Fixed pathfinding so when an entity can’t float, swim, or be amphibious, it can still walk at the bottom of water
  • Fixed gamertags and gamerpics of Realms members not appearing on the members list
  • The Realms members list no longer returns to the first page when navigating to another page
  • When using commands, the villager and zombie_villager target selectors now target both V1 and V2 mob types
  • Additional notes: update includes both Ver. 1.11.3 and Ver. 1.11.4
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.11.1

  • Release date: May 2nd 2019 (North America) / May 3rd 2019 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during gameplay (198369)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when signing into Xbox Live (194319)
  • Mobs no longer spawn from monster spawners in areas over light level 7 (179567 / MCPE-42427)
  • Villagers now always spawn as V1 when using template worlds, including Marketplace worlds
  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred with the Script Engine (197629)
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.11.0 – Village & Pillage

  • Release date: April 23rd 2019 (North America) / April 24th 2019 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:


  • Updated Villages
    • Many new building types and enhanced village generation
    • Biome specific architecture for plains, desert, savannah, and taiga
  • New Villagers
    • Villagers have new clothing to indicate their level, profession, and biome
    • Added Mason and Nitwit villagers
    • Villagers now sleep in beds
    • Villagers now visit their job sites during the day and go home at night
    • Greatly improved villager pathfinding
    • Villagers in existing worlds will convert to new villagers (if they are not part of a template world)
    • Zombie Villagers now have biome-specific and profession skin layers
  • Village Job Sites
    • Villagers can now take on a new profession when near a job site block
    • While villagers claim these sites, they also have functions for players
    • Cartography Table – Provides an easier way to copy and enlarge maps. Maps can be locked by using glass panes
    • Grindstone – Used to repair weapons and tools, plus disenchanting
    • Barrel – Stores items like a chest but can still be opened with blocks on top of it
    • Smoker – Cooks food much faster than a furnace
    • Blast Furnace – Faster ore smelting
    • Composter – Adding enough crops will produce bone meal
    • Stonecutter – Easy crafting for stone and cobblestone items
    • Smithing Table and Fletching Table – Functionality coming in a later update
  • Villager Trading
    • Added brand new villager trades
    • Villagers now have a visual based trading system and will hold up an item they wish to trade if the player is holding something they want
    • When villagers make trades, they gain experience. When they gain enough experience, they level up. Leveling up unlocks new trades
    • Villagers will resupply their trades when arriving at their job site
  • Wandering Trader
    • A villager mob that will appear at a village’s gathering site periodically and stays for a period of 2-3 game days
    • This trader offers items from a wide variety of different biomes, random dyes, and other rare materials
    • Accompanied on their journey by two fancy llamas!
  • Bells
    • When rung, all villagers will run into their houses
    • Bells ring when players interact with them or are powered by redstone

New Features:

  • Campfire
    • A new light source to cozy up your village
    • Works great as a fireplace in a home, with no fire spread to worry about
    • Throw some food on it and become a campfire cooking pro!
  • Sweet Berries
    • A new source of food
    • Sweet Berry Bushes can be found in Taiga biomes
    • Watch out for thorns!
  • Bamboo Jungle
    • Bamboo is now generated in Jungles and more densely in the new Bamboo Jungle biome
  • New Achievements
    • Plethora of Cats – Befriend twenty stray cats (20G)
    • Kill the Beast! – Defeat a Ravager (30G)
    • Buy Low, Sell High – Trade for the best possible price (50G)
    • Disenchanted – Use a Grindstone to get experience from an enchanted item (20G)
    • We’re being attacked – Trigger a Pillager Raid (20G)
    • Sound the Alarm! – Ring the bell with a hostile enemy in the village (20G)
    • I’ve got a bad feeling about this – Kill a Pillager Captain (20G)
  • Roaming Skin Choice
    • When choosing a skin from a skin pack, the selected skin will now be selected automatically on other Bedrock devices using the same account
    • Some skin packs may not be eligible for roaming selection
  • Accessibility Features
    • Text to Speech can now be enabled to read in-game chat
    • UI Screen Reader can be enabled to say the name of interface controls and their current state
    • Accessibility features can be enabled in Settings


  • Note on World Generation: In order to deliver the coolest generated villages possible, some world seeds may have villages generate in different areas than they used to before this update
  • A fresh new batch of seeds are now available in the Seed Picker when creating a new world
  • Added even more new textures to blocks and items, including stained glass
  • Increased the amount of scaffolding that can be placed out from its initial support
  • Changes to the way cats spawn in villages:
    • Cats now respawn based on number of beds in the village
    • The number of cats = 1/4 the number of beds
    • Cat total caps at 10 cats per village
  • Lecterns now emit a redstone signal when turning pages
  • Darkened portions of the game’s menus to provide stronger contrast for accessibility


  • Crashes/Performance
    • Improved the performance when opening the player inventory with the crafting recipes open (MCPE-41772, MCPE-41166, MCPE-27167)
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when using invalid characters on signs (MCPE-41671)
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when enabling Texel Anti-Aliasing
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when spawning a Vile Spider from the MINECON Add-On pack
    • Fixed a crash that could occur on Bedrock Dedicated Server
    • Using pick block on a nether portal no longer causes the game to crash (MCPE-41735)
    • Giving the player a cobblestone wall variant no longer crashes the game (MCPE-41657)
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when selecting Save & Quit on Nintendo Switch
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when signing in or out of Xbox Live on Xbox One
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when resuming gameplay while connected to a server
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when replacing a world with an unsynced world
  • General
    • Windows 10 players with Minecraft installed on a different drive no longer get an error message saying that they are out of storage space, unless they are truly out of space (MCPE-32501)
    • The Treasure Hunter Achievement can now be unlocked when using a treasure map in the off-hand slot (MCPE-33382)
    • Global resource packs will now stay applied if you revisit the settings screen after restarting the game, then restarting the game
    • Disabling the Multiplayer Game setting will now apply when the world is packaged as a world template
    • Players on Xbox are no longer prompted to sign into Xbox Live if they have already done so
    • Made further improvements to world saving, to prevent worlds becoming disappearing from the world list
    • Players can view skin selection menu when offline on Nintendo Switch without receiving the internet connection message
    • Nintendo Switch payers can now select the Super Mario skins from the expanded skin pack list while in game
    • Fixed an issue with renewing Realms on Windows 10 (REALMS-1319)
  • Gameplay
    • Players no longer float around beds while sleeping (MCPE-41344)
    • Players can now climb vines and ladders using the jump button again (MCPE-40535)
    • Fixed players falling through blocks at around 65K blocks on the X or Z axes (MCPE-39299)
    • Players using VR Controllers no longer fly after swimming (MCPE-39833)
    • Players can no longer suffocate in the ground while spawning into the world (MCPE-42310)
    • TNT now knocks back healing players
  • World Generation
    • Fixed mineshaft generation – no longer generate in a giant cluster and should more closely resemble those found in the Java Edition (MCPE-28485)
    • Mesa Plateau biomes now generate more like those in the Java Edition
  • Mobs
    • Villagers will actually follow proper etiquette and close doors behind them (MCPE-41170)
    • Mobs can now path their way through waterlogged blocks, such as seagrass (MCPE-37005)
    • Underwater mobs no longer spawn on land (MCPE-40783)
    • Panda eating animation is now faster. Om nom nom! (MCPE-40743)
    • Shulkers now have a chance to drop more shulker shells when killed with looting  (MCPE-39893)
    • Vindicators no longer become passive when renamed (MCPE-27927)
    • Guardians no longer spawn outside water (MCPE-39941)
    • Pandas no longer roll into dangerous blocks
    • Creepers can now spawn in a 1.8 high space, like under trapdoors (MCPE-24120)
    • Skeletons once again turn before shooting
    • Skeleton horses spawned in from earlier versions can be ridden once again (MCPE-40857)
    • Tamed cats now lay on their sides when sleeping on a bed (MCPE-40726)
    • Mobs now rotate correctly after exiting boats (MCPE-41341)
    • Farmer villagers no longer produce infinite amounts of bread (MCPE-33608)
    • Drowned converted from zombies will now attack players
    • Villagers no longer get stuck on lanterns
    • Reduced the range of drowned attacking the nearest player
  • Blocks
    • Fixed particles not appearing while mining blocks
    • Seagrass can no longer delete blocks above it as it grows (MCPE-43617)
    • XP can now be stored for auto smelters using furnaces, blast furnaces, and smokers
    • Coral plants and sea grass now break when a supporting block is removed
    • Smooth and Chiselled Quartz blocks no longer have directional placement (MCPE-39074)
    • Scaffolding placed over the void now supports the player (MCPE-38064)
    • Using Ctrl + Pick block no longer creates a new bed with extra data attached (MCPE-42494)
    • Surrounded leaves are now the correct color
  • Items
    • Banners can once again be copied in the crafting grid (MCPE-42534)
    • Fixed some items having invisible bits when placed in item frames (MCPE-42415)
    • Maps once again show underwater terrain differences (MCPE-40740)
    • Smelting stone into smooth stone now gives XP (MCPE-41551)
    • The fishing bobber now floats slightly higher in water (MCPE-32976)
    • Silk touch tools now work correctly right up to their very last use (MCPE-41789)
    • Renamed Firework Stars and Firework Rockets now display their new names
    • Fixed an item duplication issue that involved sticky pistons
    • Leather horse armour is now properly coloured (MCPE-40124)
    • Banners no longer render as wall variants when held (MCPE-41228)
    • Shields held in the off-hand are no longer upside-down (MCPE-41221)
    • Creative players no longer get additional buckets when collecting water or lava (MCPE-37070)
    • Renaming items using an anvil no longer increases the prior work penalty (MCPE-36931)
    • Signs can now be used as fuel in furnaces (MCPE-35740)
    • Chorus fruit now plays the teleport sound after eating it
  • User Interface
    • Fixed signs not having a text limit, leading to performance issues (MCPE-42647)
    • Items can now be split if they are spread in a crafting grid on touch devices
    • The on-screen keyboard no longer obscures text entry when writing in a book on Xbox One
    • The outline of the saddle item on the horse inventory screen now matches the new saddle texture
    • Fixed the lack of controller tooltip for interacting with the lectern
    • Global resource reset message now appears if the load screen is taking too long on some devices (MCPE-39045)
    • Ratings button for server consumables now shows ‘Rate this pack!’ instead of the purchase button
  • Commands
    • Fixed performance issues when using selectors with commands
    • The ‘replaceitem’ command now takes selector arguments into account when replacing items in the offhand slot
    • Fixed command suggestion icons offset (MCPE-41169)
    • Different cauldron types will no longer overwrite each other in the player’s inventory when using the give command
    • End portal blocks no longer drop as items when destroyed using the ‘setblock’ command (MCPE-42991)
  • Add-Ons and Script Engine
    • Fixed pivot point changes to Endermen made with Add-Ons
    • A component group is now correctly removed on second activation of ‘minecraft:damage_sensor’
    • Target selectors are no longer case-specific
    • Scoreboard scores are no longer saved earlier than other information when exiting a world
    • Leash positions now use vanilla positions if not specified in the pack
    • Renamed blocks in resource packs now keep their custom names
    • Fixed baby Zombie Pigman sword scale with Add-Ons
  • Additional notes: none
  • Source: Mojang

Minecraft – Ver. 1.10.0

  • Release date: February 5th 2019 (North America) / February 6th 2019 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Highlights from the 1.10 Update:

  • Shields have arrived!
  • New features including the Texture Update, crossbows, lanterns, and the loom
  • Many experimental features coming in the Village & Pillage Update (1.11)
  • The ability to create new entities using Add-Ons
  • Several gameplay tweaks
  • Hundreds of bug fixes

New Features:

  • Shields! Shields! Shields!
    • A long-requested community feature has made its way to Minecraft
    • Shields can be used to block enemy attacks
    • Sneaking activates the shield when equipped in either hand
  • Texture Update
    • Many items, blocks, and more have fresh new textures!
    • More updates to textures and tweaks will be arriving in the upcoming 1.11 update
  • Crossbow weapon with new enchantments
    • Multishot
    • Piercing
    • Quick Charge
  • New Wood blocks and Stripped Wood blocks
    • Known to many players as Bark blocks
    • Existing wood blocks have been renamed to Logs and Stripped Logs
  • Lantern
    • A new light source that can be placed above or below blocks
  • Lectern
    • Place a Book and Quill or Written Book on the lectern, which will allow multiple players to read it together
    • A Book and Quill can be read, but not edited when placed on a lectern
    • Redstone functionality will come in a later update
  • Loom
    • A much easier method to create banners!
    • The Loom only uses one dye to apply a pattern. It can also use Banner Patterns to apply special patterns
    • Banner Patterns can be crafted using Paper and various items
    • Pressing the help button links to the relevant How to Play section for more information
  • Jellie
    • Winner of the community cat contest!
    • A new cat variant that can be found in villages
  • Pillagers
    • A new illager mob that engages players and villagers with ranged attacks
    • In the 1.10 update, pillagers are only available in Creative Mode
    • Further functionality and spawning in Survival Mode will be released in the 1.11 update
  • New Achievement: Fruit on the Loom
    • Make a banner using a Enchanted Apple Stencil (20G)

Current Experimental Features:

(Work in progress features that are only available when Experimental Gameplay is enabled in world settings)

  • New Villages
    • Many new building types and enhanced village generation
    • Villagers have new clothing to indicate their level, profession, and biome
    • Villagers can now take on a new profession when near a job site block
    • Villagers now have their own schedules throughout the day
    • Villagers now mingle together around bells in a village
    • Villagers now sleep in beds
    • Improved villager pathfinding
    • Added Mason and Nitwit villagers
    • Villagers will attempt to find a door when it rains during the day, but will navigate to their bed at night
    • Villagers now have a visual based trading system and will hold up an item they wish to trade if the player is holding something they want
    • Zombie Villagers now have biome-specific and profession skin layers
    • Bells may spawn in villages, with more functionality coming in a future update
  • Village Job Sites (We’ve added in the basic blocks in Experimental Gameplay, which can be used for decoration for now. Full functionality will be added at a later date)
    • Cartography Table
    • Fletching Table
    • Grindstone
    • Barrel
    • Smithing Table
    • Smoker
    • Blast Furnace
    • Composter
    • Stonecutter
  • Wandering Trader
    • A villager mob that will appear at a village’s gathering site periodically and stays for a period of 2-3 game days
    • This trader offers items from a wide variety of different biomes, random dyes, and other rare materials
    • Accompanied on their journey by two fancy llamas!
  • Sweet Berries
    • A new source of food
    • Sweet Berry Bushes can be found in Taiga biomes
    • Watch out for thorns!
  • Pillager Outpost
    • Outposts generate in the same biomes as villages, and Pillagers will respawn around the tower
    • Clear them out and score some loot
  • Illager Beast
    • A powerful, new enemy mob
    • Animations and full behavior will be added in the 1.11 update
    • Will be renamed to Ravager in the 1.11 update
  • Campfire
    • A new light source to make your villages look extra cozy
    • Works great as a fireplace in a home, with no fire spread!
    • Cooking functionality and smoke particles will be added in a future update
  • Bamboo Jungle
    • Bamboo is now generated in Jungles and more densely in the new Bamboo Jungle biome
  • Minecraft Script Engine
    • The Minecraft Script Engine uses the JavaScript language
    • Several bug fixes and updates are listed at the end of this changelog
    • Scripts can be written and bundled with Behavior Packs to listen and respond to game events, get and modify data in components that entities have, and affect different parts of the game.
    • See the Minecraft Wiki for reference guides and sample packs
    • This functionality is currently only available on Windows 10 PCs when using Experimental Gameplay


  • Placing a wet sponge in the nether immediately dries it out
  • Decaying leaves now have a chance of dropping sticks
  • Chorus Fruit Flowers now break when struck by arrows 
  • Added Dead Bush as a furnace fuel 
  • Rabbit Stew and Beetroot Soup now have shapeless crafting recipes
  • Creepers now drop music discs when killed by strays 
  • Dispensers with shears can now shear sheep 
  • Undyed glass panes and white carpet can now be dyed directly in the crafting table 
  • Improvements to Operator status and permission settings, with the added option to enable cheats or not

For Map Makers and Add-On Creators:

  • Updated templates for 1.10.0 with new resources and behaviors can be downloaded from aka.ms/minecraftaddons
  • New Add-Ons Functionality
  • Mob events and behavior can be scheduled using the ‘minecraft:scheduler’ component 
  • Resource packs are now separate from world templates and can be updated independently in existing worlds 
  • Added default parenting to the Evoker nose, in line with over villager-derived mobs


  • Crashes/Performance
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay 
    • Fixed several crashes that could occur when loading the game 
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when repeatedly attempting to cancel joining a multiplayer game 
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when rejoining the game in The End dimension 
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering a portal on some servers 
    • Resource packs that are nested in an extra folder no longer cause the game to crash 
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when adding a resource pack with a missing pack icon 
    • Stacking slabs to make a double slab no longer crashes the game 
    • Fixed a crash that could occur on Xbox One if a player was not signed in correctly 
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a world and reentering it on Xbox One 
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when using a jukebox on Nintendo Switch 
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when downloading or copying a large world on Nintendo Switch 
    • Fixed a crash when trying to launch the marketplace packs “City Cars” and “Mineville Film Studios” on mobile devices 
    • Fixed a crash that could happen after running scripts for a long period of time 
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading large world templates 
    • Optimized particles to improve performance 
    • Looping UI animations no longer increase memory usage over time 
    • Removing ticking areas from the game now correctly frees up used memory 
    • Fixed a scripting crash that could occur when using ‘SpawnParticleInWorld’ events 
  • General
    • Fixed another issue that could cause the game to sometimes not load past the Minecraft splash screen on some devices (MCPE-35078)
    • Players are now informed if they are disconnected from Xbox Live when the Xbox One console is resumed from standby
    • Various fixes and improvements to the Marketplace sorting and search results 
    • Fixed an issue on Xbox One that would disable LAN games when the player did not have multiplayer permissions 
    • Fixed a bug with converted worlds on Nintendo Switch that prevented cross-platform multiplayer (MCPE-34641)
  • Gameplay
    • Players can once again travel through End gateway portals without suffocating and no longer encounter world loading issues as a result (MCPE-41533, MCPE-40538)
    • Player position is now accurately saved when exiting and rejoining a world
    • Lightning no longer has a downward area of effect when hitting blocks, so will no longer strike mobs sheltering underneath blocks
    • The descend button now works correctly when underwater and using touch controls 
    • Fixed a bug where players could respawn some distance away from their beds (MCPE-39261)
    • Fixed a bug where lava could hurt a player through block corners (MCPE-37726)
    • The re-center button on Minecraft VR has been mapped to Y now instead of X 
    • Players using Oculus Rift can no longer fly in Survival mode after swimming (MCPE-39833)
  • World Generation
    • Trapdoors in shipwrecks are now correctly rotated 
    • Snow layers generate around grass and flowers again in snow biomes (MCPE-38018)
    • Strongholds now generate with the correct stair variants again (MCPE-39380)
    • Mutated Birch Forest biomes now generate with extra tall Birch trees again (MCPE-29698)
    • The correct amount of white terracotta now generates in Mesa biomes
  • Mobs
    • Reduced the number of Drowned mobs that can spawn in an area (MCPE-34032)
    • Passive mobs now spawn on the correct block types (MCPE-39727)
    • Turtles no longer levitate above the ground 
    • Damage cooldown no longer hinders other mob attacks 
    • Wither skeletons and Vex mobs can now be renamed with nametags (MCPE-20701)
    • Fixed the pathfinding for zombies chasing villagers inside buildings (MCPE-37424)
    • Fixed the Wither’s ranged and swoop attacks (MCPE-39773)
    • Skeletons once again attack iron golems 
    • Cats can now be healed by feeding them fish 
    • Cats are no longer tempted by food when they are too far from the player 
    • Fixed an issue with the sword held by the Vex mob 
    • Fixed sleep goal so mobs can get in beds that have blocks on the sides
    • Mobs can no longer destroy paintings if Mob Griefing is disabled (MCPE-38916)
  • Blocks
    • Bamboo saplings no longer destroy blocks above them as they grow (MCPE-39854)
    • ‘Monster Egg’ blocks are now named ‘Infested’ blocks to match Java Edition 
    • Infested Bricks mined with silk touch now drop as its non-infested variant 
    • It is now possible to climb through snow layers placed on top of scaffolding (MCPE-39324)
    • Hanging banners no longer show as floor standing banner variants (MCPE-39507)
    • Scaffolding no longer gets left hanging unsupported when being placed rapidly (MCPE-38338)
    • Horizontal scaffolding extensions can now be placed over non-solid blocks correctly (MCPE-39296)
    • Fixed a bug where kelp would grow in horizontal flowing water (MCPE-37155)
  • Items
    • Items can no longer be duplicated in the crafting grid (MCPE-40253)
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to gain unlimited items from the recipe book (MCPE-41905)
    • The new dye types can now be used to dye Shulker mobs (MCPE-40279)
  • Graphical
    • Players on split-screen no longer have limited visibility underwater (MCPE-39539)
    • Fixed a bug that could cause missing textures if the player suspended the game while it is still loading 
    • Fixed an issue that could cause lighting issues in chunks when flying around
    • Pandas eating bamboo now show correctly colored food particles (MCPE-38285)
    • Food held by pandas is now sized, positioned, and textured correctly (MCPE-39061)
    • Upside-down Shulkers now have the correct opening animation (MCPE-40110)
    • Graphics no longer become corrupted when disabling Texel Anti-Aliasing on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-34820)
    • Colored beacon beam textures no longer appear compressed 
    • Mobs no longer spawn with heart particles 
    • Weapons held by armor stands are now the correct size (MCPE-39064)
    • Fixed Skeleton melee attack animation 
    • Firework Stars no longer appear black in the Creative inventory 
    • Fixed animations for cow and parrot mobs 
    • Ender dragon attacks now show a particle trail 
    • Cornflowers now render correctly in item frames 
    • Existing armour stands no longer turn white 
    • Fixed the spider leg animation in the Dwarven Mining Company marketplace map 
    • Fixed Wither Skeleton model geometry issue that was affecting some Marketplace content 
    • Fixed the head rotation of Pigmen when non-standard texture packs are used (MCPE-40629)
  • User Interface
    • Menu buttons no longer stay highlighted after being selected (MCPE-37640)
    • Worlds no longer show single player only warning message when multiplayer is enabled (MCPE-39194)
    • Texture packs applied to a freshly created world are now displayed in the active list 
    • Global resource packs no longer show in the active packs list if they are not applied to a specific world 
    • The ‘Unlock Template World Options’ popup no longer has a placeholder message 
    • Fixed an issue with the black and pink missing texture icon that would sometimes appear in the marketplace 
    • Players are prompted to redownload packs if they have been applied to a world but removed from the cache 
    • Players who are disconnected while downloading a multiplayer pack no longer get stuck on the saving world screen 
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the player to get stuck on the ‘Converting World’ screen if the game is suspended 
    • Enabling ‘Touch only affects the hotbar’ on Nintendo Switch now works as expected: (MCPE-38614)
      • Controller sensitivity setting (touching the screen no longer interferes with controller movement)​
      • Removed increased build distance in creative including place/mine tooltips​
      • When the last hotbar slot selected, touching the screen no longer switches to 8th slot
    • Fixed the ability to unblock players from Realms on the Members list for pages two and above
  • Commands
    • Giving a Cobblestone Wall variant with commands no longer crashes the game (MCPE-41657)
    • Chest minecarts now drop their contents if destroyed with the /kill command 
    • Multiple commands run from Functions now run from the correct point of execution (MCPE-38983, MCPE-39785)
    • Players no longer receive command feedback when cheats are disabled (MCPE-39590)
    • Fixed an issue related to scoreboard not showing the correct entries 
    • Using scoreboard selectors no longer adds extra characters to player names 
    • Scoreboards now work correctly with custom named entities 
    • Scoreboard data is now saved more accurately when exiting a world 
    • Various fixes and improvements to the randomTickSpeed function
  • Add-Ons / Script Engine
    • Renamed blocks in resource packs now keep their custom names 
    • Packs missing ‘experimental_custom_ui’ don’t allow loading UI any more 
    • Script queries no longer show error messages when detecting dropped item entities (MCPE-40437)
    • ‘minecraft:look_at’ component now has consistent naming between scripting and JSON 
    • The scripting event ‘entity_created’ will now fire correctly 
    • Fixed an issue with the scripting event ‘isValidEntity’ not working as expected 
    • Fixed the ‘damage_sensor’ scripting component that was not working as expected 
    • Scripting can now be used to attach particles to mobs correctly 
    • Fixed issue of region filters not working if inside a custom spawn event 
    • Renamed the ‘player_attacked_actor’ scripting event to ‘player_attacked’ 
    • Scripting ‘isValidEntity’ now correctly checks for valid entities only 
    • Fixed incorrect results for ‘hasComponent’ on some entity components
    • Players without scripting enabled now see an appropriate message if they try and join an incompatible server that has scripting enabled 
    • Updating a player’s position with scripting now correctly syncs with the player 
    • Creating actors via script now avoids the spawning logic. This prevents hard coded logic like ocelots spawning along with baby ocelots 
    • Improved the message wording for players who get disconnected due to unsupported scripts 
    • Renamed Views to Actor/Entity Queries
    • Added sound events
    • Added Event Data to ‘load_ui’ 
      • Custom UIs can now be made like regular in-game UI screens
    • Added ‘Global Objects’
    • Refactored JavaScript object registration
    • Added ability to enable and disable scripting error and warning logging
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Mojang

How to download updates for Minecraft and Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates manually, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet



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