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Super Animal Royale (Switch): all the updates (latest: Respawning Day 2024 / Next: Super Animal World)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Super Animal Royale on Nintendo Switch (originally released on August 26th 2021 in Europe and North America)!

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Super Animal Royale – Ver. ??? (Super Animal World)

  • Release date: Summer 2024 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:

No patch notes available yet. This update brings the following to the game:

  • Super Animal World expansion (free)
    • The Super Animal World expansion invites players to relax together in a new social hub, where they can fish, catch bugs, compete in hamster ball races, and more. [teaser trailer]
    • The expansion was inspired by the playful social atmosphere already present in pre-game lobbies, and arose out of the desire to give players more ways to connect and make friends, on those rare occasions when they’re not trying to kill each other. It will broaden the ways people can enjoy the game world, while seamlessly integrating with the competitive modes that more than 11 million players have enjoyed.
    • Between now and then, Pixile has planned multiple surprise content drops for the game, including new Super Animals and free cosmetic items to celebrate the final months of the first chapter of Super Animal Royale before the big expansion arrives.
  • Additional notes: none.
  • Source: Pixile Studios PR (18/06/2024)

Super Animal Royale – Ver. ??? (Respawning Day 2024)

  • Release date: March 12th 2024 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
Respawning Day Event

Respawning Day is a time where Super Animals celebrate the pod-grown clone technology that makes their endless participation in Super Animal Royale possible!

Springtime reminds Super Animals of more than just their functional immortality via cloning, though, so this year’s celebrations include three different spring themes, starting today with St. Pawtrick’s Day.

If this is your first event or if you need a refresher, here’s a crash course on how events in SAR work:

  • When each week begins, a set of five weekly challenges will unlock for you to complete. Once each week’s challenges have unlocked, you’ll have until the event ends to complete them and earn their rewards.
  • Each week also debuts a new Super Animal breed in the Research Lab! As always, Super Animals introduced as part of an event are permanent additions so there’s no time limit to unlock them. Take your time and pace yourself!
  • Join the island’s Super Egg hunt around Super Animal World! Each egg provides a small heal and counts towards progressing certain event challenges. You’ll earn them from completing matches, too.
  • Fabergé Giant Emu eggs have been placed around the island! You can destroy them to progress some of your challenges, and don’t forget to nab the Super Egg pickups inside.
Respawning Day Event Week 1: St. Pawtrick’s Day

Top o’ the morning to you, Super Animals! The event’s first week features 5 lucky challenges to complete as well as the new Super Lucky Pig in the Research Lab.

5 Challenge rewards to earn
  • Lipstick Sticker | Collect Super Eggs (1,000)
  • 1500 XP |Smash Faberge Giant Emu Eggs (7)
  • Golden Horseshoe Gravestone |Get Kills (12)
  • 750 Carl Coins |Destroy Skunk Mushrooms (5)
  • Clover Umbrella |Land Under A Cherry Blossom Tree
New Super Animal Breed
  • Super Lucky Pig
New Super Animal: Super Octopuses

You’re not being suckered, the new Super Octopus really just arrived in the Research Lab. It took a bit of convincing (and genetic modification) to avoid them using eight guns at once, but never fear, the Lab Labs have made sure to fully “balance” them against other combatants.

Super Octopuses are available to unlock in the Research Lab beginning at level 60, with four total breeds to unlock:

  • Super Octopus
  • Super Pink Octopus
  • Super Blue Octopus
  • Super Blue Ring Octopus
A Pot o’ Gold for You: Code “LUCKY”

Worried about getting pinched? We’ve got you covered. From now until the event ends on April 5th, you can use the code LUCKY to nab these mean, green St. Pawtrick’s Day items:

  • Lucky Top Hat
  • Lucky Suit
  • Lucky Dress
  • Lucky Beard
  • Lucky Hunting Rifle
New in the SAW Shop: The Spa Bundle & More

The island can be a chaotic, stressful place for any Super Animal, but Macawsome has just the solution! The new Spa Bundle in the SAW Shop will help you unwind and get a little self-care in between (or even during) royale matches.

The Spa Bundle includes:

  • Towel Wrap outfit
  • Towel Hat
  • Cucumber Glasses

The new Sakura Dual Pistols have also arrived in the SAW Shop to get you in the spirit for the Sakura (cherry blossom) Festival, kicking off next week! Plus, tomorrow (Wednesday) the new Tinfoil Hat will rotate into the shop for 48 hours. Grab it quickly before anyone questions whether it was ever really there.

New in Carl’s Cart

Carl’s got some new stock, fresh from the garden! The Leek melee weapon (which in an ironic turn of events, got leaked yesterday) has arrived in Carl’s Cart and tomorrow (Wednesday) the Daikon Radish melee will join it. Respawning Day cosmetics from previous events have also been moved into the Cart so keep an eye on its rotations for those throughout the event.

Small Additions & Bug Fixes
  • Added /hidenames command to genericize other player names in matches (particularly useful for streamers).
  • Private match hosts can now use /admin # command to set a player as a helper admin (use shift+~ to see a list of players to get their number). These helpers can use all of the same commands as the host, aside from kicking the primary admin. The command can also be repeated on the same person again to revoke their privileges.
  • Fixed SFX volume being at 100% on first install, despite showing 50% on the settings screen.
  • Fixed a bug where high ping player could pick up two downed teammates at once with fast clicking.
  • Fixed Firecrackers melee missing animation sometimes.
  • Edited tap dance draw order to fix blush moving on top of glasses.
  • Fixed kestrel’s (and others) eyes in aerobics emote.
  • Fixed some cosmetic positions on the Super Blackbird.
  • Fixed Ninja Booties draw order during zipline.
  • Added missing foot splashes on water to some emotes.
  • Added some follow-through animation to raccoon’s mask and dragon wings in some emotes.

Super Animal Royale – Ver. 1.9.2 (The Dragon’s Loot Update)

  • Release date: December 12th 2023 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:


  • The Dragon’s Loot Pass is a treasure trove of fantasy-themed cosmetics to earn, including sets like the Wizard and Ranger outfits, the Penguin Palace Photo Booth scene, Coconut Canter emote, and of course, the adorable Mini Horse pet. Just… don’t try to ride it into battle.
  • The Season 10 Starter Pack DLC is now available, and features the delightful Super Fairy Skullcat.
  • Super Dragons have been released from their slumber to the Research Lab, with 6 distinct breeds to unlock!
  • It’s the jolliest, most genetically-modified time of the year: CRISPRmas! For the next 3 weeks, new weekly challenges and Super Animal breeds will unlock as the event progresses. There’s a ton of legacy items to earn, too!
  • A wealth of UI improvements, gameplay changes and bug fixes have been implemented to improve player experience.
  • It’s Super Animal Royale’s 5th Anniversary! To celebrate we have a coupon code for 4 free items, a new Super Animal, and a sneak peek of some of what’s coming in 2024.

The Dragon’s Loot Pass


Gather your fellowship, Super Animals, because the Dragon’s Loot Pass is a golden hoard of classic fantasy-themed cosmetics to earn. It’s like an island-wide LARPing session… just with weapons that aren’t made out of cardboard.

  • During Season 10, the Dragon’s Loot Pass will be available for a discounted price of 550 S.A.W. Tickets.
  • As always, you can continue working on passes you own from previous seasons on your second track for as long as you need, and you can purchase them from The Archive for 750 S.A.W. Tickets.

Season 10 Starter Pack DLC


A new season means a new Starter Pack DLC, available all throughout Season 10!

The Season 10 Starter Pack features these magical items:

  • Super Fairy Skullcat
  • Fairy Armor
  • Fairy Sword melee weapon
  • 600 SAW Tickets

The Starter Pack DLC for last season (Season 9) will be going into the vault on December 19th, so if you’ve had your eye on the Kitsune Fox and its set, don’t forget to get it before then.

Thar be Super Dragons


The highly-requested Super Dragons have awakened from their slumber to burninate the competition! As the island’s first mythical Super Animal species, they intend to prove why the tales of yesteryear held them in such fearsome regard.

Super Dragons are available in the Research Lab beginning at level 80, with six total breeds to unlock (two of which are Wyverns with a unique design):

  • Super Dragon
  • Super Orange Dragon
  • Super Forest Dragon
  • Super Superite Dragon
  • Super Ice Wyvern
  • Super Black Wyvern

We get a whole lot of requests for mythical species, and Super Dragons in particular, from all of you, and they’ve been in our plans for a long time so we’re so excited to finally release them from the labs! The whole team was so thrilled to see all the excitement for them when we released the first teaser trailer (above), and we hope you’ll all love their season.

Peace on Earth is Overrated: It’s CRISPRmas


As winter arrives, Super Animal World is ready to celebrate everything CRISPRmas means to its Super inhabitants: friendship, generosity, peace (for now), and most importantly, the miracle of genetic modification! The event includes:

  • 3 new Super Animal breeds
  • 15 challenges to complete with 9 new event cosmetics
  • 20 legacy cosmetics return from previous CRISPRmas events

This year’s event functions differently from past years, with challenges to complete to earn the rewards. Here’s how it works:

  • When each week begins, a set of five weekly challenges will unlock for you to complete, with three of these challenges awarding you with the event’s new cosmetic items. Once each week’s challenges have unlocked, you’ll have until the event ends to complete them and earn their rewards.
  • Each week also debuts a new festive Super Animal breed in the Research Lab! As always, the animals are permanent additions so there’s no time limit to unlock them!
  • Candy canes are scattered around the map to consume for a small healing effect and to count towards some of your challenges.
  • Snowmen (or are they snowanimals?) have been built around Thomas’ Tundra! You can smash them to get some candy canes, and some of the event’s challenges will require you to destroy them.

CRISPRmas Week 1


We’ve got three weeks of gifts to unwrap this CRISPRmas, so check back for new Steam news posts each week with the debut of a new Super Animal breed and challenges!

Here’s what’s coming down the chimney in Week 1:

5 challenge rewards to earn

  • Candy Cane Tie | Collect Candy Canes
  • 1500 XP | Smash Snowmen
  • Present Outfit | Get Kills
  • 750 Carl Coins | Chop Grass
  • Present Tophat | Land on Ice

New Super Animal breed

  • Super Icicle Deer (available to unlock beginning at level 10 in the Research Lab and featuring transparency!)

New SAW Shop and Carl’s Cart Items


Ms. Macawsome’s got some new items in stock, just in time for CRISPRmas! The Street Art Bundle is available now, as well as the stylish Checker Glasses!

The Street Art Bundle contains the following items:

  • Street Artist Outfit
  • Street Artist Bandana
  • Spray Paint melee weapon


Carl’s Cart also has some new additions to its rotation: Balloon Swords! They come in three colors (red, blue, and green), and don’t ask Carl how he makes them deal as much damage as a typical melee weapon. They just do.

UI Updates

The game’s user interface has received some improvements and fixes that will help to save time and add clarity.

  • Cosmetic & item icons now load from hard drive dynamically instead of on game launch. Considering how much SAR has grown over the years, this change will help improve load time and save hundreds of megabytes worth of memory usage.
  • When viewing cosmetic items, users may now briefly see hamster ball load spinners depending on hard drive speed.
  • Adding an animal in the Photo booth now refreshes from Customize each time, in case there were changes made to the preset.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Show Pet” toggle in the Photo Booth wouldn’t work if you had updated your preset with a pet later.
  • Fixed the game modes screen being bugged on first launch for new players in certain regions.
  • Fixed two bugs with death explosions in the shop: changing tabs while mousing over an explosion would position it in the wrong spot, and controller users changing shop tabs would leave the explosion running overtop of the character.
  • Changed ‘Grenade’ to be ‘Throwables’ for hotkey settings.

Gameplay and Map Changes

  • Several hamster balls and Giant Emus are now available to use in the pre-game lobby!
  • Banana Forker healing has been reduced from 25 to 20 HP.
  • Additionally, the Banana Forker no longer increases range and healing from event currency items like candy canes.
  • Slightly increased banana drop rate from slicing grass.
  • You can eat mushrooms, coconuts, and health fruit while downed. No hands required!
  • Added priority back for the “Ride Emu” interaction, which should make dismounting to gather ammo easier, similar to before. Note that SvR flags, mole crates, Giant Mole boss crates, and downed teammates will not be overridden by a nearby emu (also similar to before).
  • While riding a zipline, input for chain-riding versus exiting should be more accurate now, as previously it was very generous on detecting inputs to continue the ride.
  • The Super Sea Land gift shop now has animated screens.
  • You can now see other player characters picking up coconuts, mushrooms, and health fruit (previously, only your own character performed the animation).
  • Cleaned up a few muzzle flashes so the last animation frame isn’t as easily mistaken as a bullet.
  • Reduced collisions behind the Giant Mole boss.
  • Added a private match command for /saw # and /rebel # to force a player to be on a specific SvR team.
  • Improved player name tag position lag at low FPS.
  • Fixed a spot at Lab to Table where emus would get stuck.
  • Fixed a collision spot in Pete’s Swamp between thorns and a stump.
  • Fixed shadows on Le Waddle wall.
  • Fixed Security HQ table having zip-lines go under it.
  • Adjusted conveyors so bananas don’t spin in circles on the corners. Sorry little dudes, no free rides.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a shadow sometimes appearing for broken hamster balls.
  • Fixed a bug where breaking different types of destructible objects would only play the sound of one type.
  • Fixed duplicated sounds when eating multiple things on an emu.
  • The emoting while parachuting bug should be fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where swapping to a weapon just after dropping it (while at higher ping) would leave the character stuck on the dropped weapon.
  • Fixed vertical flicker issue with controllers and petting mini animals.
  • Players spawning far in the skunk gas in the Bwoking Dead should be fixed now.
  • Fixed event loot items fading out if on screen while becoming a Zombie Joe.
  • Fixed bots not being able to go into secret rooms.
  • Fixed some hit-reg issues when in high ping mode and shooting at walls.
  • Several minor soft crashes should be fixed now.

Super Animal Royale – Ver. 1.9.1 (Party Animal Update)

  • Release date: September 26th 2023 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:


  • The Party Animal Pass brings 49 tiers of festive party favors including gun skins with animated firework muzzle flashes, the rockin’ Hound Dog emote, Croc Club Photo Booth Scene, Mini Croc pet (just watch your fingers around him) and more.
  • The Season 9 Starter Pack DLC is available, featuring the enchanting Super Kitsune!
  • Twelve new party guests have arrived, fresh from the Labs! A wide variety of favorite Super Animal species have gotten new breeds, including the Super Caracal, Super Blue Poison Dart Frog, and the Super Blob Fish.
  • Pixile has partnered with Snoozy Kazoo for SAR’s first-ever collaboration: a 2-week Turnip Boy event! Tear down wanted posters and complete challenges to earn six Turnip Boy themed cosmetic items in a brand new event format.
  • SMoMA has updated its displays to feature the finalists of the Life of the Party Super Fanart Contest!
  • A moshpit of quality of life changes and bug fixes round out this update, including bot changes, a light matchmaking system for the SAW vs Rebellion game mode, and more.

The Party Animal Pass

In Season 9, the island’s inhabitants are doing what Super Animals do best, which is killing. But, they’re ALSO doing what Super Animals do second best: throwing a wild party!


The Party Animal Pass includes tons of party favors, with some especially fun additions like the Mini Croc pet (watch your fingers), the Crocodile Club Photo Booth Scene, weapon skins with unique firework muzzle flashes and sound effects, and a Disco Umbrella skin that has a custom eject sound.

  • During Season 9, the Party Animal Pass will be available for a discounted price of 550 S.A.W. Tickets.
  • As always, you can continue working on passes you own from previous seasons on your second track for as long as you need, and you can purchase them from The Archive for 750 S.A.W. Tickets.

Season 9 Starter Pack DLC

A new season means a new Starter Pack DLC, available all throughout Season 9! 


The Season 9 Starter Pack features these Japanese folklore inspired items:

  • Super Kitsune
  • Miko Outfit
  • Kitsune Scroll melee weapon
  • 600 SAW Tickets

Last season’s (Season 8) Starter Pack DLC will be going in the vault on October 3rd, so if you’re looking to get it, be sure to pick it up before then!


New Breeds for Favorite Species


A party is only as exciting as its guests, and so to be sure the Party Animal Update has no shortage of partying animals, the Lab Labs have released 12 new breeds of favorite Super Animal species!


Unlock each of them in the Research Lab once you reach the appropriate level for the species they belong to:

  • Super Caracal (Cat)
  • Super Blobfish
  • Super Tiger Tiger Shark
  • Super Gummy Shark
  • Super Elephant Seal
  • Super Blue Poison Dart Frog
  • Super Fire Hawk
  • Super Inverted Skunk
  • Super Flamingo (Seagull)
  • Super Komodo Dragon (Lizard)
  • Super Tibetan Fox
  • Super Sacabambaspis (Fish)

Turnip Boy Collab Event

Turnip Boy’s thirst for crime can no longer be satiated by his own games Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion and his upcoming sequel, Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, so he’s crossed over to cause some mayhem in Super Animal World!



From now through October 10th, you can complete challenges and tear up wanted posters to earn Turnip Boy themed cosmetics in this newly revamped event format.


Earn six Turnip Boy-themed items via event challenges:


  • Soil Revolver magnum skin
  • Turnip Boy Leaves
  • Turnip Chan Outfit
  • Turnip Boy Umbrella
  • Turnip Boy Wanted Poster gravestone
  • Soil Sword melee weapon

The Turnip Boy-inspired Super Apple Cat has also arrived in the Research Lab!



The event won’t be your last chance to get your paws on them, so if you miss the event, just keep your eyes peeled for future opportunities to unlock them.



You might notice when you visit the Welcome Center that Turnip Boy has left its iconic fountain a bit worse for wear (you know how he feels about animals), but you’ll get to enjoy a new Turnip Boy X SAR track from Jake Butineau and Snoozy Kazoo’s Jake “Okinoth” Currier for the 2 weeks of the event!


We’re super excited to hear what you all think of our first-ever collaboration project and new event format, and are proud to hit this milestone with our friends at Snoozy Kazoo. We’re huge fans of the first game, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, and for any of you who are fans of single-player roguelite games, you should definitely keep an eye out for its sequel: Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, which launches later this year and is available to wishlist now. You may be surprised by what you’ll find in the Botanical Bank…


New in the SAW Shop & Carl’s Cart


Ms. Macawsome’s stock has expanded once again with a new bundle and emote! She’s always one to be improving her catalog… or would it be parrotalog? 

  • Diner Bundle, including the Diner Server Dress, Hat, and Milkshake melee weapon
  • Hit the beach for an end-of-summer luau with the new Hula emote

We have three colors of party hats to watch out for in Carl’s Cart too that will be rotating in this week.


Quality of Life Improvements

  • A soft matchmaking system has been implemented in the SAW vs Rebellion game mode. At the start of a match, teams are balanced based on player level for an improved and more balanced experience. This means you won’t get your helmet until the match begins and your team is assigned.
  • Scout I’s skunk bomb count has been reduced to 1, and Scout II’s to 3.
  • Teammates in the SAW vs Rebellion mode no longer trigger friendly Lucky Cat Mines. This will allow them to be more useful, as players often found them being accidentally detonated by allies in large-team modes.
  • The Wave emote is now a milestone reward, achieved by playing 20 team-based games.
  • The legendary BCG’s max damage has been lowered from 76 to 72. This will make it typically still able to two-shot players wearing level 1 armor, but now fairly unlikely to two-shot players wearing level 2 & 3 armor.
  • Common magnum damage at the muzzle has been increased from 51 to 53, and uncommon magnum damage has been increased from 54 to 55. This keeps them more in line with the rare magnum.
  • Up and down melee swings have been adjusted to occur within 40 degrees of north and south aim (previously, this was 30 degrees).
  • Throwables now make a sound while traveling mid-air to better alert players of their presence.
  • Sparrow trackers can now apply to Giant Emus.
  • Removed local rollback upon death, so higher ping players don’t feel like they are teleported after dying.
  • While dead, the chat field will now show a message about not being able to type (and block text input) for all-chat.
  • Added creep (walk) and creep (idle) to the photo booth.
  • Exclamation alert badges that notify about Photo Booth Scenes that are earned now appear on the main menu and the Photo Booth tab.
  • Added a support code option for email-linked players in Manage Account.

Bot Tweaks

  • Many changes have been made to the game’s bots to improve the player experience, especially for newer players.
  • Bots aim more smoothly, making them more realistic in how they look around, and with fewer abrupt snaps.
  • Bot aim has more randomization now.
  • Pursuit range, aim, and vision have been reduced against lower level players (below level 40).
  • Fixed hunting rifle bots shooting too quickly.
  • Bots will roll less while pursuing players under level 20.
  • If targeting a downed player, bots will look for new enemies in line of sight that are not downed to prioritize before the downed player.
  • Lowered attack speed of bots slightly.

Zip-and-Go Improvements

  • Carry/place limit is now 4 (6 with bandolier).
  • Zip-and-Go throwables now spawn in the world as packs of two rather than individually.
  • Deployment animation has been lowered from 0.50s to 0.39s.
  • Drone speed is 30% faster.
  • Increased minimum exit time after riding, to reduce spam [E] clicks causing accidental exit.
  • Server predicts exit position and waits based on player ping to avoid players seeing themselves stuck in water.

New Private Match Host Functions

  • Private match hosts now have a /weight command:
  • This command can be used to regenerate the loot table with various weapon spawn weightings, while in lobby.
  • Valid weight types include ‘all’, any gun class, any gun ID, and any grenade ID (with values from 0.0 to 5.0).
  • Priority is given to the most specific type, for instance ‘/weight all 0 gunhuntingrifle 1’ will allow for a match with only hunting rifles.
  • It is important to note that the weight value is a multiplier on the original weapon weight, so the minigun is still zero spawn chance in the world, even with a 5.0 weight.
  • Mole crates are not affected by weight but a weight of zero will stop a weapon from being in the drops.
  • Weight does affect rebel caches as well as grenades/bananas from grass and breakable crates.
  • For mystery mode, weights are applied after any mystery mode specific modifiers.
  • The command ‘/weight reset’ can be used to reset all weightings.

Private match hosts can also enter a ‘/mystery #’ command to change the Mystery Mode type in the lobby. One minor thing to note is that if picking Western mode, all player hats will change to a cowboy hat, but changing to another mystery type will not undo the hat.


Other functionalities have been added for private match hosts, as well:

  • Added ‘/kill all’ command for private match hosts.
  • Added ‘/nade’ command for private matches, to spawn grenades.

Map Updates

  • Added animated jellyfish & water to some of the tanks at the Super Sea Land aquarium!
  • Added posts to many boardwalks around the map, especially at Super Sea Land.
  • Updated the shape of the sand islands at Super Sea Land.
  • Improved collisions at the aquarium by removing the rocky corals and removing collisions from tube corals.
  • The Sea Legs Restaurant’s side hut has been revamped.
  • Stage seating was updated at Super Sea Land so players can walk between rows. A barrier has also been added at the water’s edge.
  • Improved rail visibility around the Super Sea Land stage.
  • Widened some door openings around Super Sea Land and added patios.
  • Adjusted Super Sea Land stage lights and added markings where the stage TVs fell in the animated YouTube short.
  • Crates near the broken saw mill line that blocked collisions abnormally have been moved.
  • Fixed some construction walls at Beaver HQ that were able to be hidden behind.
  • Fixed a corner of the houses at S.A.W. Villas that could be seen through.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed upward melee swings not able to hit fences if right against them, and fixed downward swings sometimes not playing tree-hit sound.
  • Fixed phantom mole crate pulse appearing on the map if viewing it after the mole has left.
  • Fixed map being openable while the report panel is active.
  • Fixed the water at Nautitorium stage not being treated as water for throwables such as bananas.
  • Fixed z-order on Nautitorium rails especially with zip-lines.
  • Fixed pets sleep sound playing repeatedly in the fruit press if you died there at the end of the conveyor belt with a pet.
  • Fixed being able to board teammate emus through walls.
  • Fixed a bug where changing emus and eating a second speed mushroom would add the stacked effect to the second emu.
  • Fixed giant emu and your own mushroom speed boost timer getting mixed up when dismounting/remounting an emu while both boosts are active.
  • Healing emus no longer incorrectly contributes to the healing stat & milestone.
  • Fixed sparrow tracker position on player when riding a giant emu. Sparrow will also match the direction the player and emu are facing.
  • Fixed a bug where grenades and other throwables being tossed while becoming a Zombie Joe would end up stuck on the map.
  • Phantom respawn timer in the Bwoking Dead should be fixed now.
  • Fixed Zombie Joes spawning in the fruit press. Might have to recall those last few batches of juice…
  • Fixed a bug where changing to MP4 in the photo booth didn’t do transparent checkbox toggling in one case.
  • Fixed friends in the Photo Booth not having their proper gem level after being duplicated.
  • Fixed gem emote flipping the gem upside down in the photo booth.
  • Fixed controller bug with navigation on the Customize emote tab not showing an emote when using dpad-left.
  • Fixed random vertical flickering for controller users when drinking or taping.
  • Can no longer change the fill toggle while matchmaking (prevents desync bug).

Super Animal Royale – Ver. 1.9.0 (Sea Legs Update)

  • Release date: July 11th 2023 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • The Sea Legs Pass celebrates upright marine life with a wide range of Super Sea Land inspired items and the coveted Sip emote and Mini Otter pet.
  • The Season 8 Starter Pack is now available, featuring the Super Cartoon Fennec Fox.
  • Super Fish and Super Dolphins have arrived as the island’s first aquatic combatants, with 11 total breeds to unlock between them.
  • Super Sea Land is the largest and most ambitious new location in years with an Aquarium, Nautitorium, and Sea Legs restaurant to explore, connected by zip-lines. We’ve even created a limited edition tee for it on the Super Merch Shop that you can check out below!
  • The new Zip-And-Go throwable can be deployed anywhere to get you over gaps, and connect with other zip-lines.
  • The Superite Laser, a superite-powered laser blasting cousin of the minigun, has been released from Thomas’s Workshop!
  • The Super Summer Royale event is live for the next 3 weeks, with new event cosmetics and 2 new Super Animal Breeds: the Super Apricat and Super Banana Dog!
  • Tons more gameplay and sound improvements to read about below including a complete overhaul of melee attacks with a 3-strike sequence.

Before we dig into everything in the update we also just wanted to thank you all for helping us hit a massive milestone. We’ve officially crossed 10 million unique players who have played Super Animal Royale!

Your constant excitement, love and support through this journey means so much to us, and it can still be hard to believe how far we’ve come as a small indie team. We’re so proud of what we’ve built with all of you, and hope you have a ton of fun with this update.

Time To Get Your Sea Legs

The Sea Legs Pass celebrates the uncanny wonders of upright marine life, with forty-nine tiers of seaworthy items including the Oasis Photo Booth scene, Mini Otter pet, Sip emote, and a flotilla of Super Sea Land swag.

  • During Season 8, the Sea Legs Pass will be available for a discounted price of
    550 S.A.W. Tickets.
  • As always, you can continue working on passes you own from previous seasons on your second track for as long as you need, and you can purchase them from The Archive for 750 S.A.W. Tickets.
Season 8 Starter Pack DLC

A new season means a new Starter Pack DLC, available all throughout Season 8!

The Season 8 Starter Pack features these retro cartoon-inspired items:

  • Super Cartoon Fennec Fox
  • Cartoon Suspenders
  • Ink Nib Pen melee weapon
  • 600 SAW Tickets

Last season’s (Season 7) Starter Pack will be available until Tuesday, July 18th, so if you want it, be sure to pick it up before it goes into the vault.

Super Fish and Super Dolphins

Lab Labs have never been the sort to ask whether they “should,” and so they’ve gleefully yanked the fish out of water…and given them machine guns. Some call giving fish legs a step too far, but the good, good pups at S.A.W. Labs call it two steps in the right direction.

If it’s fishy characters you seek, seek no further. Start earning DNA for these two new Super Animal species by playing matches!

Super Fish are available in the Research Lab beginning at level 10, with six total breeds to unlock:
  • Super Fish
  • Super Goldfish
  • Super Perch
  • Super Black Goldfish
  • Super Catfish
  • Super Cat Fish
Super Dolphins are available in the Research Lab beginning at level 50, with five total breeds to unlock:
  • Super Dolphin
  • Super Blue Dolphin
  • Super Pink Dolphin
  • Super Common Dolphin
  • Super Lilac Dolphin
See You At Super Sea Land!

Built around Super Animal Bay on the island’s Southeast corner, Super Sea Land is one of the island’s largest locations, containing three significant points-of-interest:

  • The Super Animal Bay Aquarium is a hypnotic warren of towering fish tanks, many of which have been smashed open for land-based fighting to flow through them.
  • The Sea Land Nautitorium is an outdoor amphitheater where guests floated in pools watching Super Dolphins perform on land.
  • The Sea Legs restaurant once allowed guests a chance to taste a genetically crafted delicacy found only in the park.

Zip-lines crossing Super Animal Bay allow for fast travel within the area, and sand bars provide even more looting opportunities between the buildings.

Additional Map Updates
  • There are several new permanent zip-lines around the map to discover beyond those found at Super Sea Land! They create new shortcuts over bodies of water, including a particularly long line east of Superite Mountain.
  • The beaches, rivers, dam, swamp, and Welcome Center fountain all have new animated water effects.
  • The forest and beach area above Pixile Port has been expanded.
  • The top left corner of SAW Security HQ’s barracks has a new opening.
  • New paths have been added throughout the island’s grassy forests to better link parts of the environment and guide players through them.
  • A pillar has been removed from bungalow houses to link paths up to their entrances properly.
Zip-and-Go: New Deployable Zip-line Throwable

Unlike the new permanent zip-lines that can also be found around the park, these zippy throwables can be placed wherever you want. Throwing them works similarly to a grenade, but deploys a usable zip-line via a small drone that flies to where you’re aiming.


You can make paths across water and over small objects using this, but be careful – you’ll have your hands busy while riding and can’t shoot! You’ll exit the zip-line upon reaching a node, or you can press the interact button to jump off, so long as you’re above ground you can stand on.

  • Zip-lines can be linked together to extend their length. You can ride along multiple nodes continuously by pressing in the direction of the next line you want to ride.
  • Collect and deploy up to 3 Zip-and-Go lines (or 4 with the Bandolier powerup).
  • Ninja Booties give a 15% faster zip-line travel speed while equipped.
  • If you run out of health while on a zip-line, you’ll end up in a downed or dead state upon reaching the end of the line.
  • A new daily challenge has been added for riding zip-lines!
  • And just because we know some of you will try it: you cannot squish someone with a hamster ball while they’re riding on a zip-line.
Superite Laser: A Superite-Powered Powerhouse!

The newest paragon of Super Animal technology has been released from Thomas’ Workshop: the Superite Laser! This charge-up light machine gun fires beams of superite at an astounding rate. Its low damage per shot and high recoil compensate for its frenzied firing speed.

The Superite Laser uses superite cartridges for ammo, which can be found by breaking special new superite crates found around the map, and the gun itself can be found in uncommon and rare varieties.

All of the regular kill milestones for colored weapon skins have been added for this new gun, and it also has its own entry for kills on the stats screen.

Cool Off with the Super Summer Royale event

2023’s Super Summer Royale event has begun! Fruit has been scattered around the island to collect, redeemable for 8 new event-exclusive cosmetics. A wave of legacy items has also returned from past Super Summer Royale events. Some can be earned in the event using fruit and some have made their way into Cackling Carl’s Cart.

The Super Summer Royale Event runs from July 11th to August 1st.

Two new sweet breeds of Super Animals are available in the Research Lab, too: the Super Apricat

and Super Banana Dog!


Pillage Some New SAW Shop Swag

Before you ask, no, Ms. Macawsome will NOT stand on your shoulder.

The Pirate Bundle is available for purchase in the SAW Shop! Remind those landlubbers that the sea’s not all fun and games with the included cosmetics:

  • Pirate Dress outfit
  • Pirate Bandana hat
  • Black Flag melee weapon
  • Flintlock magnum skin

We have two more new SAW Shop items that are also currently available this week: the Monkey Dance emote

and Water Pistol skin! More brand-new SAW Shop items will be rotating into the shop over the coming weeks as well, so keep an eye out.

Melee Attack Overhaul

We’ve completely overhauled how melee attacks work in SAR to make them feel more dynamic, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of the new mechanics! Attacking with your melee now initiates a directional combo of 3 different swings, with the third, circular strike gaining increased hit radius.

In the previous system, swinging your melee weapon used to slow you down similar to firing a gun. Now, when you swing you’ll actually get a slight boost in speed, faster than your regular walking rate. It’s not as fast as Super Jump Rolling, but it’s a big help in chasing down foes when you’re stuck without a gun.

In the Bwoking Dead game mode, Zombie Joes also get this directional improvement and have a new attack animation, however they do not cycle through different swing types since they’re not armed with a melee weapon.

This overhaul aims to make attacking with your melee weapon a better, more fluid option in close quarters if you don’t manage to snag a weapon early game, or if you run out of ammo, and it also makes chopping grass and breaking crates feel much better while looting.

Also Surfacing This Update
Listen Up – New Audio Effects and Improvements

SAR’s gotten a ton of audio overhauls this update to improve the auditory experience! Here’s some changes to keep an ear out for:

  • Most character-related sounds and emotes now use stereo audio. This improves the quality and depth of many sounds that were previously only played in mono.
  • Added stereo spread to environmental music (for example, the stage shows and water fountain).
  • Updated the sound for using Super Tape so it provides a more distinct ending to mark completion. Also, a bug where the tape sound effect could play multiple times if pressed quickly at higher pings has been fixed.
  • Impossible Tape has a new taping sound (sounds more super!)
  • Added a new spatial hit impact sound for when enemy players are hit. This sound plays immediately when you hit another player (client side), while the original ‘ding’ hit sound will still also play when the server confirms the hit & damage.
  • Updated enemy player hit sounds to be louder and more reactive sounding.
  • Less important sounds will now have audio levels ducked if important sounds are triggered (ie hits, grenade landing, squadmate knocked).
  • Fixed player hit sounds triggering multiple times in one frame.
  • Fixed hamster ball hit sounds triggering multiple times in one frame.
  • Self-damaging poison no longer plays the sound for an enemy player being hit.
  • Waterfalls in close proximity no longer play identical audio clips, which caused audio phasing issues
  • Sound added for the large screen at S.A.W. Security HQ.
  • Sound added to the fish tanks at Penguin Palace.
  • Added a specific sound for breaking the wood blockades at S.A.W. Security HQ.

Be sure to stop by Super Sea Land to enjoy some of the new tracks too, especially the Aquarium’s ambiance track! We’ve been excited to share it with you, as it’s quickly become one of our favorites. That Jake guy really knows what he’s doing.

New Milestones
  • Kill milestones for the Superite Laser have been added, as mentioned above.
  • New win milestones have been added for reaching the Top of the Food Chain, along with new cosmetics as rewards! These are the Royal Scepter melee weapon at 50 wins, and the King’s Outfit at 100 wins (Super Edition required to claim).
  • A new milestone has been added for becoming the unfortunate victim of a Health Juice Factory production accident. Hopefully its reward is suitable workman’s comp (Super Edition required to claim).


More Gameplay Changes
  • The most important change: you can now pet other player’s Mini Animals in the lobby!
  • The gas radius of damaged Skunk Mushrooms has been increased from 15 to 20, and the number of total damage ticks has been increased from 13 to 14.
  • Minigun windup time is now 0.48s, down from 0.72s. This change aims to help the weapon become better equipped for a variety of situations and worth its legendary status.
  • The Super Juicer now increases your Health Juice maximum to 300, gives double the previous amount from juicing, and if you are at maximum juice it will produce lootable juice cans. Its style has also been updated.
  • Eggs from the BCG now properly check the height of downed players when calculating mid-air collisions.
  • Reworked object interaction so that the nearest interactable object will always take precedence. This prevents issues with zip-line boarding while loot is around, and fixes various other long-standing issues such as boarding Giant Emus inside loot piles.
  • In SvR mode, points are now only deducted for respawning if you died to another player.
  • Adjusted pet movement on conveyors so it can push them while idling.
  • If you eat a Speed Mushroom while already under its effects, the boost’s duration now stacks.
  • Quick chat pings on mushrooms now indicate the type.
  • Dart guns by default will now heal Giant Emus, since they are non-hostile creatures. However, they will still damage the emu if a rider is non-friendly.
  • Wins will now count towards the “Survive until the final gas circle” challenge.
  • Many improvements have been made behind the scenes regarding textures, sounds, characters, and code to reduce the total memory usage of SAR.
  • Several TV screens throughout the map (SART screen, Mini ranch ad screens, and so on) now use video as opposed to sprite sheets, which saves a lot of memory usage.
  • Blush and Black/White Warpaint are now equipped using the beard slot instead of glasses.
  • Players can now use the emote wheel in the main menu.
  • The Laugh emote’s animation and sound has been adjusted to fit the tone of the game better and be used more generally.
  • The Customize screen now uses a recycling scroll rect so that players with large inventories will not have lag when changing tabs.
  • On the Challenges screen, you can click on the faded daily/weekly side to change tabs.
  • Buying an archived Animal Pass now automatically switches to the progress tab and animates the pass into position.
  • Improved vignetting to scale with zoom while in private match ghost mode.
  • Added /noboss command for private matches to toggle whether the Giant Mole boss arrives or not in SvR.
  • SAR is now using Unity’s incremental garbage collector, which should help prevent stutters that occur after long play sessions on lower end machines.
Bug Fixes
  • Lucky Cat Mines will self-destruct if more than 4 are placed, beginning with the oldest mine. This was the original intended design, but it was not working due to a bug.
  • Fixed a bug where 2 people eating a blue mushroom at the same time would both see the speed effect.
  • Fixed Giant Emus not being able to peck health fruit.
  • Fixed Super Juicer sound playing when eating coconuts & mushrooms on a Giant Emu.
  • Fixed military tent geometry to no longer allow throwables through some corners.
  • Fixed emoting while slipping on a banana causing glitched character animations.
  • Squadmates who leave while in the lobby or disconnect mid-match will have their paw markers removed from the map.
  • Added a tiny start delay to most bullet trails which fixes some longstanding visual issues with bullets appearing through muzzles.
  • Fixed a soft crash if dropping your weapon at high ping and changing to that slot during that brief drop window.
  • Fixed a gem scale bug in the photo booth.
  • Fixed many death explosions that didn’t scale up properly in the main menu.
  • Archive passes can now be reactivated if missing any claimed items, even if completed on experience.
  • Fixed credits being unopenable if the Esc key was pressed as it was opening.
  • Fixed a bug where controller users would see item reward popups on the Animal Pass screen, but have selection stuck on the pass itself.
  • Fixed the Research Lab’s tube showing the wrong Super Fox in certain cases when first going to the Research Lab tab.
  • Fixed a soft crash if going to the Research Lab tab before player data was loaded.

Super Animal Royale – Ver. 1.8.0 (Season 7)

  • Release date: March 28th 2023 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • The Super Healthy Pass celebrates the many ways to stay super healthy with 49 tiers of fruit and health-themed items, plus the new Mini Lemur pet and Aerobics emote.
  • A New Starter Pack features the Super Alchemist Tiger, S.A.W. Tickets and some mad science swag.
  • The New Photo Booth Feature lets you place, pose and photograph your Super Animals in a variety of layered scenes.
  • The Super Lemur leaps into the fray, with 6 breeds total to add to your lineup of Super Animals.
  • A New Map Location lets you ride functioning conveyor belts through a factory fully operated by crabs. Discover how Health Juice is made at the Health Juice Factory!
  • The Respawning Day event (previously known as Super Easter) is live until April 18th! Celebrate the miracle of cloning with 8 new and 18 returning legacy cosmetics as well as three new Super Animal breeds, fresh from the vats: the Super Bilby Bunny, Tailed Frog, and Chipmunk.
  • The Super Juicer powerup lets you carry more Health Juice and blends coconuts, mushrooms and more into portable Health Juice.
  • A healthy dose of gameplay updates listed below including a new style of tents, Bwoking Dead balancing, new music and improved bot AI.
  • We’re also super excited to finally be launching a new Super Merch Shop next week, including the long awaited Health Juice tumblers!
Replenish Your Style: The Super Healthy Pass Is Here!


Season 7 is all about getting healthy, staying healthy, and the delicious drink that makes it all possible: Health Juice. The Super Healthy Pass is more than ready to flex its wealth of wellness-themed goodies, including the Mini Lemur pet, the Aerobics emote, and the Thermometer Pistol which comes with a custom reload sound!

During Season 7, the Super Healthy Pass will be available for a discounted price of 550 S.A.W. Tickets.

As always, you can continue working on passes you own from previous seasons on your second track for as long as you need, and you can purchase them from The Archive for 750 S.A.W. Tickets.

Season 7 Starter Pack DLC


The new season also brings with it a new Starter Pack, available until the end of the season!

The Season 7 Starter Pack features the following items:

  • Super Alchemist Tiger
  • Alchemist Outfit
  • Potion melee weapon
  • 600 SAW tickets
Super Lemurs Join the Party!


The primate posse has expanded: Super Lemurs have arrived in the Research Lab, and they’re ready to move it, move it and prove they belong right at the top of the food chain.

Super Lemurs are available in the Research Lab beginning at level 60, with six total breeds to unlock:

  • Super Lemur
  • Super Taro Lemur
  • Super Pomegranate Lemur
  • Super Sifaka
  • Super Red Ruffed Lemur
  • Super Aye-aye
Health Juice Factory: Where the Juice is Produced


The Health Juice Factory has arrived on the island, revealing the long-awaited secrets of how sweet, refreshing Health Juice is made! Here, the beverage’s main ingredient, Health Fruit, is grown and harvested for processing. You can also steal it off the conveyors to restore 5 health, and your consumption will be rewarded with 2 new milestone cosmetics to earn.

The factory’s diligent Health Crab workers can be seen picking Health Fruit, inspecting the line, operating machinery, and bartending. These crustaceous critters are hard workers, so be sure not to bother them on the job.

Conveyor belts throughout the factory transport Health Fruit (and anything/one that finds its way onto them) to an industrial-sized juice press. Super Animal World’s operations team asks that Super Animals please refrain from riding the conveyors, and will not be held liable for any resulting impurities in its sweet, refreshing Health Juice product.

Flex Your Creativity in the Photo Booth


With the new Photo Booth, accessible from the main menu, you can place, pose, and record your Super Animals in a variety of themed scenes!

In the Photo Booth, you can:

  • Choose from 7 backgrounds, including a green screen, S.A.W. Welcome Center, Pixile Port, and more.
  • Place up to 12 Super Animals in a scene (from your own saved presets, or from friends you’ve recently squadded up with).
  • Choose from a set of standard animations or any emotes you own. You can keep them animated, or pause and scrub through their animation frames to find the perfect pose for snapping a photo.
  • Freely adjust each animal’s weapon, size, brightness, and shadow.
  • Take photos or record .gifs and .mp4s of your completed scenes (note: some recording options may not be available on all platforms).

Additionally, due to popular demand we’ve increased the maximum number of animal presets from 20 to 30 so you’ll have lots to fuel your creativity in the Photo Booth.

Respawning Day: An Egg-celent Event


Commemorating the first successful cloning of a Super Animal, Respawning Dayis the island‘s new twist on a typical Easter celebration! In this season of spring when nature comes back to life, Super Animals celebrate their own decidedly unnatural origins.

The Respawning Day event will take place from March 28th through April 18th.

Scour the island for eggs to redeem for 8 new event items and 18 returning seasonal items and create three new Super Animal breeds, fresh from their comfy, cozy cloning vats:

  • Super Tailed Frog
  • Super Bilby Bunny
  • Super Chipmunk (a Super Squirrel breed)

We’re planning to evolve our event format in the future, so if you have any feedback on what you like, don’t like, or would like to see added or changed in future events, let us know in the Steam comments! For this event, we made the decision not to bring back the event currency leaderboard. We originally created the leaderboard to provide a use for surplus event currency, but we feel that it has clashed with our design philosophy of encouraging healthy amounts of play and being respectful of player time.

Super Juicer: Juiced in Time


The Super Juicer is a new powerup that allows you to carry 250 max Health Juice (up from 200) and convert consumable healing pickups into Health Juice while at full HP. 

The overall spawn rate of all powerups has also been increased as part of this addition.

New to the S.A.W. Shop: Sheep Bundle


Have you herd? The SAW Shop has an ewe-tiful new bundle available this week: the Sheep Bundle!

Flock to Ms. Macawesome’s boutique to get:

  • Sheep Costume
  • Wool Pistol
  • Shears melee weapon
Gameplay Changes

Update v1.8’s got a healthy amount of gameplay updates, so let’s waste no time in juicing them for all they’re worth:

  • All camping tents on the island have been opened up for looting, and have a more squared style to make collisions more clear.
  • Quick chat pings will now display in-world for your extended team in SvR or the Bwoking Dead game modes (previously, they were visible only on the map and minimap).
  • Pinging armor will now show its remaining ticks of armor if it is damaged or broken.
  • The “get a win in a limited time mode” challenge has been changed to “play matches of a limited time mode.”
  • Heavy I in SvR now has a rare magnum in place of the uncommon magnum.
  • Super Turducken now counts for the “Winner Winner Super Turkey” milestone.
  • You can now emote while sliding on ice!
  • Added additional rebel cache spawns in Murre Woods.
  • The Crocodile Club now plays Pete and the Swampcat’s hit song “Slow Jam” from its stage speakers.
  • SMOMA now has calming background music playing throughout its halls.
  • Max FPS in settings increased from 250 to 360.

Win rates for survivor players in the Bwoking Dead have been on the high side, and so we’ve made some changes to the mode to even things out:

Lowered Zombie Joe respawn times to get players back into the action faster.

*Zombie out of combat health regeneration is now 8 per second (up from 5).

  • Zombie explosion meter now fills up 15% from hitting emus (up from 10%), and 10% from edibles (up from 5%).
  • Event collectibles (ex. eggs during Respawning Day) now only spawn in the survivor-safe area of the skunk gas circle during the Bwoking Dead game mode.
  • Getting a kill as a zombie now counts towards melee kill milestones and stats.
Other Updates and Fixes
  • Umbrella holding animation is now smoother.
  • Updated a few screens to use faster performing scrolling rects rather than Unity’s default ones. This primarily translates to faster loading when clicking on milestones and the research lab.
  • Changed how files are loaded at app launch, which should speed up load times for slower systems.
  • Fixed a rare bug where a wall or environment piece would be invisible.
  • An occasional bug where players would have an invisible umbrella has been fixed.
  • Improved server handling of packet loss. This means that high-lag players should no longer slide through walls.
  • Fixed some grenade/throwable position sync issues between the client & server.
  • Removed player collisions for hamster balls and emus (this was a change that was originally implemented along with the new netcode and has now been ported into the current netcode).
  • Fixed a bug where if any inventory controls were bound to the (B) controller button, they wouldn’t work since (B) closes inventory.
  • All lighting-related bugs should now be fixed on consoles.
  • Private match hosts can use “/yell” to send a message to all players on the map. This works while in ghost spectate mode too.
  • Private match hosts can use “/god all” to toggle god-mode state on or off for all players.
  • Private match hosts can use “/tele all X Y” to teleport all players to a position.
  • The “/getplayers” command in private matches will now include squad ID, team ID, kill counts, and placement.
  • Fixed minigun needing to wind up before reloading when the clip was empty.
  • Fixed minigun not needing to wind up after a forced reload, while holding down the shoot button.

Some improvements have been made to bots:

Bot survivors in Bwoking Dead will shoot zombie bots more quickly.

  • Bots with dart guns will heal teammates in all modes.
  • Aggressive bots are now a bit more common, and will flee faster and attack-move faster.
  • Bots will now reload when outside of combat, as opposed to waiting for the next fight.
  • Some bots will travel to the Giant Star-nosed Mole in SvR to fight it.
  • Bots no longer jump roll while reloading, so they’ll avoid canceling their reloads as often.
  • Bots will change back to their gun after a fight if they ended the fight with their melee weapon out.

Super Animal Royale – Ver. 1.7.1

  • Release date: January 10th 2023 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
Year of the Super Bunny event


Ring in the new year in style with new and returning Lunar New Year cosmetics:

  • 8 new event items, redeemable with red envelopes, earned in-game.
  • 18 returning legacy items in the event, and 8 moved to Carl’s Cart.
  • 7 new SAW Shop items, including the Lion Dance bundle.


The Lab Labs have also multiplied the Super Bunny population to bring you 4 new Super Bunny breeds (available beginning at level 20): 

  • Super Golden Bunny
  • Super Lunar Bunny
  • Super Celestial Bunny
  • Super Lop Bunny


Please note that the new Super Bunny breeds are permanent additions to the Research Lab and are not time-limited. Bamboo Resort’s statue, wall pictures, and couplet have been updated as well for this year! 


Netcode Changes

Thank you to everyone who shared their connectivity issues and concerns regarding the new netcode that was implemented in the v1.7 update. Because of this feedback, we have reverted SAR’s netcode to its older version, and will be improving it as time goes on.


We now have the ability to switch between the new and old netcode on the backend, so that we can more easily adapt and test the new netcode further without requiring game updates. Thanks to this, in the coming months we will be slowly testing and adding new netcode features piece by piece over time. We super appreciate your feedback and patience as we work to keep improving the experience of playing SAR in every way we can!


AWW Umbrella Coupon Code


Over the past year, the talented artists and content creators at AWW (Antler & Wool on Wings) have been making high-quality stream assets for any Super Animal Royale content creators to use in their streams, all for free. 


To celebrate them and all their amazing work, we’re releasing the AWW Umbrella, which you can get your paws on by inputting the coupon code “AWW” in the in-game coupon code menu. Thank you so much FluffubSheepub, wvbBB, and CocoaCaa for making such incredible assets for our community!


If you’re a content creator or are looking to start streaming Super Animal Royale, be sure to check out the AWW Workshop at and follow their Twitter for future releases.


Gameplay Changes and Bug Fixes
  • The milestone details screen UI design has been updated to match the newer style.
  • Increased vertical size of the Recent Players screen, made the scroll bar more visible, and fixed some report options being hidden for controller users.
  • Fixed quick chat and emote wheels not disappearing when alt-tabbing.
  • Fixed weapon tooltips showing projectile ranges that were incongruent with the weapon’s actual effective range.
  • Fixed controller users being able to skip the reward popup while the Research Lab animal unlock animation is playing.
  • Fixed the Research Lab occasionally still showing “Create” after unlocking an animal.
  • Weapon skin sounds are now loaded during a match rather than at game launch, to reduce load times a bit.
  • Skeleton Bow & Sparrow renamed to Bone & Sparrow. How’d we miss that one?!

Super Animal Royale – Ver. ???

  • Release date: December 19th 2022 (North America) / December 20th 2022 (Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • Resolved an issue with SAW Ticket claiming on consoles
  • Sparrow tracking daily challenge reduced from 30 to 20 (thanks to your feedback!)
  • Small improvements made to the netcode, with more coming in early January

Super Animal Royale – Ver. 1.7 (Season 6)

  • Release date: December 13th 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • The Slow Jam Pass celebrates music, swamp life, and all you animals who like to take things slow and steady.
  • Super Crocodiles take a bite out of the competition.
  • Sneaky new throwables arrive from Thomas Sleddison’s workshop: Lucky Cat Mines!
  • Pete’s Shack and the Crocodile Club add some vibrance to Pete’s (newly-expanded) Swamp.
  • CRISPRmas 2022 is here, with 8 festive new items and even more returning legacy cosmetics to get you in the holiday mood.
  • Celebrate SAR’s 4th Anniversary with the “BIRTHDAY” coupon code.
  • The game’s netcode has officially been overhauled (thanks to all of you who participated in the PTR).
  • Plenty more new game features, balancing and bug fixes to read through below!
Season 6 Hits the Stage with the Slow Jam Pass!


The Slow Jam Pass brings you the swamp rock aesthetic of the bayou’s biggest sloth-fronted band, Pete and the Swampcats. Named after their hit pre-incident album, Slow Jam celebrates the creatures, music, fashion, and languid pace of Super Animal World’s southern marsh. Drift leisurely down this stream of down-home items en route to the premium Mini Sloth and guitar emote.

  • During Season 6, the Slow Jam Pass will be available for a discounted price of 550 S.A.W. Tickets.
  • As always, you can continue working on passes you own from previous seasons on your second track for as long as you need, and you can purchase them from The Archive for 750 S.A.W. Tickets.

As of this season, rewards from Animal Passes need to be claimed manually with the new “claim all” button in the Animal Pass screen. This lets you choose when and on which platform to claim your rewards. As always, cosmetic items sync between all platforms, but manually claiming makes sure that you can claim your S.A.W. Ticket rewards on whichever platform you want to spend them on!

Season 6 Starter Pack DLC


Along with the debut of a new season comes the Season 6 Starter Pack! You’ll receive the following comfy and chic items upon purchasing the pack:

  • Super Topiary Bear
  • Cottagecore Dress
  • Hedge Clippers melee weapon
  • 600 S.A.W. Tickets
Croc and Roll: Super Crocodiles Join the Fight


Super Crocodiles are here and ready to take a bite out of the competition. They’ll be fighting tooth and…well…tooth to reclaim their coveted spot on the food chain.

Super Crocodiles can be unlocked in the Research Lab once you reach level 50. Play matches to earn their DNA, and unlock all six of their breeds:

  • Super Crocodile
  • Super Dark Green Crocodile
  • Super Orange Crocodile
  • Super Yellow Crocodile
  • Super Alligator
  • Super Albino Alligator
Lucky Cat Mine: the Purrfect Trap


The Lucky Cat Mine first teased in Super Animal Royale Tonight Season 1 can now be used to meow down unlucky opponents.

This new throwable item is a proximity explosive that detonates one second after an enemy moves within range. If you hear that trademark “meow,” you’d better hope you’ve got reflexes like a Super Cat.

  • Keep an eye out for red pulsing glows (visible even outside of line of sight) to spot active Lucky Cat Mines.
  • Teammate mines have a green glow, and while teammates can still detonate friendly mines if they walk over them, they won’t take damage from friendly mines.
  • You can place as many mines as you can carry, which is 4 (3 in the Bwoking Dead game mode). If you place an additional mine beyond your carrying capacity, your oldest active mine will be deactivated.
  • The Bandolier powerup increases capacity for both held and placed mines while equipped.
  • A new stat has been added to track for Lucky Cat Mine kills, and at 10 kills you can get a Lucky Collar as a Super Milestone reward (requires Super Edition DLC to claim)!
  • Mines can only damage a player once every 0.06s, so if multiple mines go off at a single location they will not deal more damage.
Swamp and Circumstance: Pete’s Swamp Expansion


One of Super Animal World’s first biomes gets a makeover. Pete’s eponymous swamp has increased in size and picked up two new points of interest: Pete’s Shack and the Crocodile Club!

Kick back at the reclusive Super Sloth crooner’s shack, listening to his still spinning gramophone, or visit the Crocodile Club, where Pete and the Swampcats performed when the park first opened to the public. The swamp’s water has also been upgraded with subtle new animations to bring it more to life!

Get into the CRISPRmas Spirit!


As winter arrives, Super Animal World is ready to celebrate everything CRISPRmas means to its Super inhabitants: friendship, generosity, peace (for now), and most importantly, the miracle of genetic modification!

Candy canes have been scattered around the island to be redeemed for 8 festive new items and 17 returning legacy cosmetics! Plus, a CRISPRmas miracle has brought three new holiday Super Animal breeds to the Research Lab to be unlocked:

  • Super Snowman Blue Jay, a breed of the Super Blue Jay
  • Super Stoat and Super Winter Stoat, breeds of the Super Ferret
Snowman Bundle in the S.A.W. Shop


Additionally, the Snowman Bundle has arrived in the S.A.W. Shop! Get in touch with your happy, jolly soul and grab the bundle for these frosty cosmetics:

  • Snowman Beanie
  • Snowman Costume
  • Snowboard melee weapon
  • Frozen Umbrella
SAR’s 4th Anniversary!


It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 years since Super Animal Royale was released in Early Access! Four years is enough time for college students to form lifelong friendships, and we’ve formed a similar bond with many of you in our amazing community over this time. Thank you Super Animals new and old for enjoying the game and supporting it over these years; it’s been an amazing journey to take with you and we can’t wait to reveal what we have planned next for 2023.

To celebrate, input the coupon code “BIRTHDAY” in the coupon code field accessible from the game’s main menu to redeem four unique cosmetics:

  • 4th Anniversary Cake Gravestone
  • Pixile Party Hat
  • Pixile Umbrella
  • Pixile Firework Melee
Super Challenge & Milestone System Updates


The Super Challenge and Milestone systems have been updated and integrated to improve the experience of earning them.

  • Players will now receive 5 daily and 5 weekly challenges up from 2 and 3 respectively.
  • Many new challenge types have been added, and some existing ones have been reworked. For example, the “Eat Mushrooms” challenge has changed to include all edibles. Overall, challenges should provide more variety and be more enjoyable to complete.
  • The Milestones screen now displays both Super Challenges and Milestones. As such we’ve renamed the screen “Challenges” to encapsulate both types.
  • Milestones now display as a single vertical scroll with inline headers and a shorter design to fit more in the vertical space.
  • A Claim All option has been added to instantly claim all completed milestone items.
  • Reduced experience per minute survived in all game modes by about 25%, since challenges now gain players more experience overall.

The goals of the new design are to:

  1. Put more emphasis on dailies and weeklies so that players earn more from playing less per day/week over the long term.
  2. To make challenges more rewarding and fun by increasing their variety and range from easy to hard.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new system and UI design and, as always, provide us feedback so we can keep improving it!

New Netcode

SAR’s netcode has been revamped to provide a smoother, more polished experience.

For the most part, the game should feel the same as before, but under the hood, it’s now using a fixed timestep, client side prediction plus interpolation, and rollback. The end result is that lag related issues such as players jittering or sliding through walls are resolved.

Since the PTR took place, additional improvements have been made, including:

  • Clientside prediction for looting weapons, armor, and powerups.
  • Improved ping-related delay for meleeing breakable crates as well as seeing them break visually.
  • Fixes for bugs related to ejecting and parachuting, hamster ball desyncs, healing applied to self with a dart gun, banana slip sound effects, and more.

Thank you to all of you who participated in the PTR, and we hope that this netcode revamp will provide better experiences for all of you!

Note: now that the PTR is over, the tick lead information in the top right is disabled by default, but you can type /net in chat to display it again.

New Artwork in SMOMA

SMOMA’s art gallery has been updated to reflect the top 20 pieces and Golden Paint Brush winner of the most recent Super Fanart Contest! Congratulations to all the finalists, and a huge thank you to everyone who participated. The submissions this round were amazing so we highly recommend that everyone check out the beautiful artwork on the contest website:

Gameplay Changes

This update’s jam-packed with gameplay updates, so let’s get right into them!

  • 2 new variants of mushroom have been added: the Super Speed Mushroom which grants players and emus that eat it a 15% boost to their movement speed for 8 seconds, and the Super Skunk Mushroom. Eating the latter is not advised, as they apply a 20 poison damage effect over 2.4 seconds… however, they also can be attacked with a melee weapon or projectile to cause them to explode into a mini cloud of skunk gas!
  • Trees will now shake when hit by melee, bullets, explosions, emu pecks, hamster balls, and throwables. Note that you don’t need line of sight to see trees shaking, so they can provide intel about nearby fights.
  • The Quick Chat wheel has been increased to 8 options and has different options depending on whether it’s activated in the lobby or in game. New quick chat options include: “Thanks! On my way! Hi! Good game. GLHF.”
  • Game mode selection will now automatically change as necessary when additional players join a party (ex. if Solos is selected and a second player joins the party, it will automatically switch to Duos).
  • S.A.W. Impossible Tape now has a secondary effect of increasing taping speed by 15%.
  • Dogna’s Dartfly Gun now has 10% zoom when crouching, similar to the Sniper.
  • Grenades, Lucky Cat Mines, BCG eggs, and explosive barrels will now destroy nearby grass.
  • Redesigned the emote equip UI on the Customize screen to use a wheel so it more closely resembles how it will appear in-game.
  • Long challenge and milestone names now scroll, instead of being downsized to fit the UI.
  • The main menu and paws menu will preview up to 5 of your challenges at once.
  • Zombie Joes now get the same speed bonus while ice skating that survivors do.
  • A new animation has been added for Zombie Joe death explosions.
  • Bots will no longer roll while reloading to decrease the chances of frequent reload canceling.
  • Improved the consistency of scrolling for controllers on the Customize screen when reaching the bottom of a list (it will now always let you scroll to the very bottom of the list even if your currently selected column lacks an item below it).
  • Added an AFK option for player reports.
  • Added /dmg # command for private matches to modify all damage from players. Range is from 0.0 to 10.0.
  • Added /noroll command for private matches to disable super jump rolls.
Game Balancing
  • Increased Chonk Emu’s move speed to match the common emu, and increased Speedy Emu’s health to match the common emu. We made the decision that since they are rarer, they should only be stronger or the same as the common emu across the board to make them extra exciting to find and use.
  • Bullet range for Shotgun and JAG-7 have been decreased, while damage at max range has been increased (numbers for each below). These changes are to further differentiate shotguns from other weapons and avoid cases where a hit would still register (and potentially take off a tick of armor) despite doing barely any damage.
  • Shotgun range lowered from 51/53/55 to 41/43/45 respectively for each rarity tier. Damage at this new range has been increased from 10/11/12 to 15/17/19 for each tier.
  • JAG-7 range lowered from 54/58 to 43/47 respectively for each tier. Damage at this new range has been increased from 7/8 up to 14/15.
  • The BCG’s damage radius has increased to 17, up from 15, and has improved explosion visuals and sounds to make it more impactful. Additionally, regular movement speed with the BCG equipped is now 90%, up from 89%, and movement speed while charging is now 68%, up from 55%.
  • Loot spawns in Bamboo Resort, Research Labs, Pete’s Swamp houses, Superite Mountain, Thomas’s Tundra houses, and Saharahland shanty houses have been increased so they can better compete on loot density with the newer points of interest.
  • Increased the chance of getting a Grenade, Skunk Bomb, or Lucky Cat Mine from destructible crates, since the loot pool in this category is more diluted now.
Additional Map Changes
  • Added an opening in the Beaver Construction HQ conveyor belt so the barrier isn’t as long (this is particularly nice for rebels in S.A.W. vs Rebellion).
  • Widened the opening on the left side of Superite Mountain, next to the bridge.
  • Added more trees on the left side of Goldwood Woods so there’s more cover and paths.
  • Improved visibility on the right side of the Research Labs office entrance by making the end of the wall have a gray pillar.
  • Updated lobby Shooting Gallery weapon positions to improve the weapon groupings.
S.A.W. vs Rebellion Game Mode Changes
  • The Giant Star-nosed Mole’s HP now scales from 5,500 to 14,000 depending on player count (linear between 15 and 48 real players). Previously, it was scaling between 6,900 to 10,000 health, which was a bit high for less populated matches, and a bit low for full matches.
  • Since the Giant Mole has more health in most cases, it will start arriving at 450 Reinforcement Points rather than 400.
  • Ammo drops from killed players now give 3x as much, to help alleviate some of the ammo issues that players faced.
  • Assault gets a rare pistol now.
  • Sniper II has been changed from having 1 Skunk Bomb to 2 Lucky Cat Mines.
  • Heavy II now gets the SAW Impossible Tape powerup.
  • Marking or pinging the map on a flag will now ping as Defend or Capture based on context rather than the standard paw marker.
  • Lowered respawn time for Giant Emus and Hamster Balls in SvR from 30s to 20s.
  • Removed a rock above Beaver HQ that made the Giant Mole boss area imbalanced.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bots occasionally meleeing through walls.
  • Fixed a bug where rebel caches that were opened previously would appear to animate open when coming into vision range.
  • Fixed a bug where changing presets while on the emote customize tab would show the previous preset’s melee weapon after emoting finished.
  • Fixed a bug where bundles with an emote in the shop would play the emote sound but not animate.
  • Fixed a bug where equipping an emote from the shop tab would equip it twice if it had already been equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where closing the equip confirmation popup while in the shop would leave emote music playing.
  • Fixed a bug where spamming through milestones rapidly would cause the player’s arms to get stuck in a broken position.
  • Testing a fix for a rare bug where edge of screen spawned loot can be invisible.
  • Fixed the previous weapon hotkey (T) not working with respawn in SvR mode.
  • Fixed flickering with overlapping players in parachute.
  • Moved some loot spawns a bit further away from Dr. Dogna in the pyramid to reduce looting issues around her.
  • Fixed a fridge at the Slow Food restaurant not fading.
  • Bwoking Dead now forces UI to show at match start and can’t be hidden again until the opening sequence is finished (no more peeking!).
  • Fixed selection getting stuck from time to time when closing the Guidelines page with a controller.
  • Fixed a bug where you could pet mini animals while emoting.
  • Fixed a bug where opening the map and emote wheel at the same time would have the map stuck on screen.
  • Fixed a bug where opening the emote wheel and pressing escape would leave the emote wheel stuck until pressing emote again.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing (B) on controller during an item reward popup would not highlight it in Customize with the exclamation mark.
  • Fixed non-looping emotes getting stuck on the main menu for other players in parties.

Super Animal Royale – Ver. 1.6

  • Release date: September 27th 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
Season 5 Update Highlights
  • Super Animal Royale Tonight’s season finale is here, with the conclusion of the nearly 2-year journey of intrepid reporter Joe Cluck and his rebel friend Peep.
  • Season 5’s Friends of a Feather pass offers colorful bird-themed items (including many seen on SAR Tonight), and the new Mini Chicken pet!
  • Super Peacocks join the fight, flaring their fans with four unique breeds!
  • A new biome centered around a sprawling redwood forest: Murre Woods, featuring new lighting effects and Peep’s Camp, as seen in the season finale of SAR Tonight.
  • A new weapon: Dogna’s Dartfly Gun is an upgraded, epic and legendary version of Dogna’s Dart gun, designed in collaboration between S.A.W. weapons expert, Thomas Sledison, and S.A.W. Lab Lab, Dr. Jennifer Dogna.
  • The Bwoking Dead game mode has been reworked, with explosive results!
  • The emote wheel has been overhauled: now EVERY emote you have can be accessed in-game, with the ability to set 8 as favorites for easy access.
  • A new neck cosmetic slot, mini animal dances, and more!
SAR Tonight Season Finale

It’s been a long and winding road, but the nearly 2-year journey of SAR Tonight’s second season has come to a close in the season finale! In case you missed any of the previous episodes, check out the SAR Tonight playlist on YouTube so you can catch up.

After the finale, the show will now be taking a break to give us time to plan and write the next big chapter of Super Animal Royale’s story. In the meantime we’ll be continuing to release game updates, short videos and Animal Pass seasons, with a new chapter of the show planned for 2023!

Season 5: The Friends of a Feather Pass!


Inspired by the season finale of SAR Tonight, the Friends of a Feather Pass celebrates friendships and birds of all kinds. It contains dozens of flashy and feathery cosmetic items that are sure to grab attention, including the Splits emote and the pass’s exclusive new pet, the Mini Chicken! With unique animations and sounds, the Mini Chicken is a fantastic battle buddy, even if the weapons team has been grumbling about a shipment of BCGs that never got made. It’s a worthy sacrifice.

  • During Season 5, the Friends of a Feather Pass will be available for a discounted price of 550 S.A.W. Tickets.
  • As always, you can continue working on passes you own from previous seasons on your second track for as long as you need, and you can purchase them from The Archive for 750 S.A.W. Tickets.
Season 5 Starter Pack


Split the sky with the latest purchasable DLC, the Season 5 Starter Pack! It’ll be available for the duration of Season 5, and includes the following electrifying cosmetics and currency:

  • Super Marble Skullcat
  • Zeus Outfit
  • Lightning Bolt melee weapon
  • 600 S.A.W. Tickets
Streetwear Bundle in the S.A.W. Shop


Ms. Macawsome has really outdone herself this time, with a new and trendy look available in the S.A.W. Shop: the Streetwear Bundle! And of course, no self-respecting fashionista would turn down a CRISPR Frappé: it’s not a milkshake, it’s a marvel of genetic engineering.

The Streetwear Bundle includes the following hot-to-trot items:

  • CRISPR Frappé (melee weapon)
  • Pink Streetwear (outfit)
  • Pink Streetwear Glasses
Super Peacocks Strut Their Stuff


An ostentation of overtly ostentatious avians has arrived in the Research Lab: Super Peacocks! You can unlock them at level 70:

  • Super Peacock
  • Super Green Peacock
  • Super Purple Peacock
  • Super White Peacock
New Map Location: Murre Woods


Take a hike… to the scenic Murre Woods, a new location to explore on the island! Fight amidst tall sequoia trees and on mossy forest floors, enjoying the occasional beam of light peeking through the canopy. A prime camping location, plenty of tents and wild forageable mushrooms can be found here, as well as rebel caches for a nice arsenal upgrade to get you back in the fray.


Near its heart is a key location seen in the season finale of SAR Tonight: Peep’s Camp. Be sure to check it out, and maybe give the Mini Chicken a couple pets for good luck.

New Weapon: Dogna’s Dartfly Gun


We hope you bought some super bug spray for your Murre Woods getaway: the Lab Labs’ newest invention is here and it’s got a sting!

Dogna’s Dartfly Gun is a new, upgraded version of Dogna’s original Dart Gun that comes in epic and legendary varieties and fires a pair of intertwined dartflies. Once the gun’s projectile hits an enemy or teammate, the second dartfly will choose the closest additional target to bounce towards, spreading even more healing or poison to nearby friends and foes.

  • The bounce will only occur if an enemy or damaged teammate is within 50 SAU of the first target, and within line of sight of where the target was hit. The second dart is also able to go from a teammate to an enemy, and vice versa.
  • The dartfly projectile bounce can be dodged, as it does not home in on its target, but it’s pretty accurate so you’ll need to be quick if you want to get out of the way.
  • The second dartfly dart has reduced damage/healing compared to the first dart, with 50% effectiveness at the epic rarity, and 75% effectiveness with the legendary version of the gun.
  • Existing Dart Gun challenges can also be completed with the Dartfly Gun, including the “Dart the (not a) Rat” milestone.
  • Dogna’s Dartfly Gun has its own kills stat and 8 colored milestone skins to unlock, as well as a Paint Splatter skin in the Friends of a Feather Animal Pass.
  • The initial hit damage of the original Dogna’s Dart Gun has been slightly lowered to 10/11 for uncommon and rare varieties respectively, while the Dartfly guns do 12 and 13 initial damage for their epic and legendary varieties. All dart guns still take 3 shots total to kill a player from max health.
  • The new gun will be available in the S.A.W. vs Rebellion mode too, as part of the Medic II class, which you can read more about below.
The Bwoking Dead: Updates and Balancing


The Cluckles are still running rampant on the island, infecting Super Animals and turning them into Zombie Joes in The Bwoking Dead infection-style game mode. In this update, we’ve revamped the mode to make for a more engaging (and explosive) experience for both sides of the brutal conflict.

  • Zombie Joes can now explode on death to damage survivors caught in the blast! Zombies will be able to fill a green explosion bar by hitting survivors and emus or eating mushrooms and coconuts. Once the bar is filled, they’ll be visually ready to burst with green goo, and their next death will result in a small explosion that deals between 30 and 45 splash damage depending on the recipient’s proximity to the blast. Those lucky enough to have body armor will be protected from half the damage.
  • To reduce the amount of time that Zombie Joes have to spend wandering around, and to make the survivor experience more engaging, the match will now begin with a pre-made Skunk Gas circle. This means that the match length will be a bit shorter and take place within a smaller playing field. As such, loot spawn rates have been increased, so survivors can get kitted up and start mowing down the horde faster than before.
  • Additionally, during certain parts of the match, zombie respawn times have been increased a little to accommodate the smaller play area.
  • Survivors using Dogna’s Dart Gun or the new Dartfly Gun can now see teammate health bars.

We also heard your feedback about how getting unlucky with randomness and being infected in a single hit can be frustrating, so we’ve adjusted the way infections work to make it feel fairer for survivors while also balancing to avoid putting zombies at a disadvantage.

  • If you don’t have body armor, or your armor is fully broken, your infection chance when getting hit is the same as before (10% for regular Zombie Joes and 15% for red Super Zombie Joes) and you can still get infected on the first hit if you’re unlucky.
  • However, if you have any undamaged body armor equipped, the first hit from a zombie can no longer infect you.

For body armor above level 1, infection chance is also reduced per tick of armor as follows (the first percentage being a hit from regular Zombie Joe and the second being a hit from red Super Zombie Joe):

  • If you’re hit 2x in a row while wearing level 2 armor, the 2nd hit has a 4% / 6% infection chance (the first hit with armor always has no infection chance).
  • With level 3 armor, the 2nd hit has a 2% / 4% infection chance and the 3rd hit has a 4% / 7% infection chance.
S.A.W. vs Rebellion Updates

With Howloween right around the corner and the past two updates featuring major SvR updates, we focused more on Bwoking Dead updates this season, but we still managed to include some nice quality of life updates for SvR as well, including one highly requested new feature:

  • By popular demand, we’ve added class counters in SvR on the class selection screen, so you can see how many players on your team are playing as each class and help balance the team with your own selection.
  • The Medic II class gains an epic tier Dogna’s Dartfly Gun in place of the rare Dart Gun, but its secondary weapon has been changed from the Thomas Gun to an SMG to help balance the class’s offensive power.
  • Bots no longer pick up ammo, Super Tape, or health juice in SvR so that there’s more available for players. To balance this, Super Tape and health juice now despawn after 30s like ammo, and repeated flag captures within 20s no longer drop items.
  • Bots in SvR will also no longer ditch a flag capture to fight someone or to flee from damage if the flag is within 1.5 seconds of capture.
Express Yourself in New Ways
Emote Wheel Update

You asked for more emote slots, so not only are we upgrading the wheel from 6 to 8 emotes that you can set as favorites (as well as optional keyboard bindings for all the slots) we’re also letting you access and use ANY emote you own at any time, using the mouse wheel or controller bumpers!

Additionally, your 8 favorite emotes are now saved globally to your account rather than tied to specific presets, so all your loadouts will share the same equipped emotes without needing to edit your favorites for every preset.

Mini Animal Dancing

If you thought Super Animals were the only ones getting new moves, you’d be cri-mini-ally uninformed – Mini Animals will now dance with you! They have two variations depending on the type of dance being performed. This works in both the main menu and matches, so get groovin’, because you’ve got a backup dancer now!

Neck Cosmetics

We’ve also added a new character customization slot: neck cosmetics! Several existing clothing items such as bowties and scarves have been moved to this category, so you can now mix and match them with your regular outfits for extra fashion freedom.

More Updates, Quality of Life Features & Balancing
  • The Cardinal Bow & Sparrow has a new custom projectile, custom sparrow tracker, and custom feathery impact. These effects are client side to avoid any risk of competitive impact. The Cardinal Bow & Sparrow’s price has been increased slightly in the S.A.W. Shop due to the new effects, but players that already purchased it can enjoy the updates for free!
  • The walls of SMOMA have been updated to feature the winners of the “War!” Super Fanart Contest. Take some time to check out all the amazing and poignant pieces made by the community!
  • The T-pose emote now allows you to move while emoting. We’ve also improved the idle/walk animations that mix with the T-pose, Hungry, and Point emotes.
  • Added footstep sounds when walking in BCG yolks. Squelchy.
  • Added a footstep effect for players walking out of BCG yolk splats: for 2s they will leave behind footsteps visible to everyone through line of sight. Ninja Booties prevent this effect.
  • The clip sizes for the AK and M16 are now 25, down from 30. This is to rein in their overall ability to sustain automatic fire, while not changing the core functionality of the guns.
  • In accordance with the rifle changes, the carrying capacity for big bullets is now 80, down from 90. However, in the Bwoking Dead and SvR game modes, it will remain at 90.
  • The Thomas Gun’s clip size is now 35, down from 40. While not a huge change, this is meant to help keep it in line with the rifle changes and reduce its oppressiveness slightly.
  • Moved railings inward a bit at the top Beaver Construction HQ dam walkway to help players avoid getting stuck near the shallow water.
  • The recoil indicator hotkey (F6 by default on PC) now also applies to BCG charge markers.
  • Triggering a campfire while riding an injured Giant Emu now contributes to the “use campfires” challenges and milestones too.
  • Improved posture of the Super Border Collie, Super Raven, Super Rat, Super Duck, and Super Parrot. Don’t forget to improve yours, too. We see you slouching.
  • Moved controller hotkeys for unlocking animal breeds to display along the bottom of the screen rather than directly on the ‘Create’ button. This fixes translation and text spacing issues and helps clean up the UI a bit.
  • The end of match report button no longer displays if you die to the Skunk Gas or yourself. That’s on you.
  • Fixed a bug where melee attacks and Giant Emu pecks could break boxes through walls occasionally.
  • Reduced character flickering while rolling and aiming up with a controller.
  • Fixed a bug where BCG aim markers would appear while using the Scout class in SvR after having charged a BCG in the lobby.
  • Fixed a rare bug where looting weapons in a certain way could cause your aim to be stuck until rolling or reloading.
  • Fixed dart and sparrow projectiles having trails visible through line of sight.
  • Improved the visual of dart trails to make it cleaner and avoid breaks in the line.
  • Fixed a bug in the “pick up legendary weapons” challenge where it wouldn’t count if you looted the same type of weapon later on in a match.
  • Fixed pets flipping left and right when following an emu vertically.
  • Fixed a bug in SvR where dying while creep zooming with a sniper caused the camera to be briefly zoomed out upon respawn.
  • Fixed a bug where emus would sometimes still spawn in private matches after using the command to turn emus off.
  • Fixed a misaligned grass patch at the Welcome Center.
  • Fixed an issue on MacOS where the news box would fail to load.
  • The Snakeskin Hat is now allowed in the Wild West Mystery Mode.
  • Fixed mohawks on the Super Goat.
  • Repositioned the blue beanie on the Super Ferret.
  • And finally, we’ll leave you with some huge news: the dot at the Welcome Center docks is now gone. Whatever you were, wherever you are now, little dot… you will be remembered.

Super Animal Royale – Ver. 1.5

  • Release date: June 28th 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
Season 4 Update Highlights
  • SAR Tonight is back with a new episode!
  • Huge update to the S.A.W. vs Rebellion mode including the Giant Star-nosed Mole boss battle
  • Sense of Scale Animal Pass (featuring the much requested T-pose emote and a Mini Lizard pet) + Season 4 Starter Pack DLC
  • You asked, and we’re delivering: Super Lizard (+ 4 additional breeds)!
  • Updated Locales: S.A.W. Research Labs and Pixile Port
  • New in the S.A.W. Shop: The Sunflower Bundle
  • New Rock & Roll Twitch Drops items available for the next week
  • And tons of quality of life updates, game balancing, and more
S.A.W. vs Rebellion Boss Fight
The Giant Star-nosed Mole


He’s big, he’s angry, he’s visually impaired: the Giant Star-nosed Mole has clawed his way into S.A.W. vs Rebellion matches!

Once either team drops below 400 Reinforcement Points, a warning message will signal the Mole’s imminent approach, so you can use the time to converge on his location and join the fight, or hang back to defend or steal flags while others are distracted by the battle.

He’s got a bone to pick with both sides, and will make that fact known by throwing heavy crates at players within range and performing a devastating ground-slam attack if anyone gets too close. Plus, you’d be surprised how good of a shot the guy is with a wooden crate despite the near-blindness – it seems crate-chucking runs in the mole family.


Our goal with the design of the mole was to create more opportunities for comebacks, but you’ll need to work hard to earn one. It can also function as an early mercy, for the winning team to secure a faster, decisive victory if they kill the mole first. Overall, we wanted to avoid matches feeling too predetermined and difficult to sway at mid-game, and the mole is one of multiple ways we’re aiming to address that in this update. Before we dig into the others, here’s a rundown of the key mechanics of the mole boss fight:

  • Once a team reaches 400 Reinforcement Points, there will be an announcement signaling the Mole’s approach. After 25 seconds, he’ll spawn at a fixed location.
  • To attack, he throws crates at players around him and can perform a high-damage ground slam if anyone gets too close. The crates he throws have a chance to drop ammo, so be on the lookout for mid-fight ammo restocks!
  • At half health, the Mole will dive back underground, emerging again shortly after in an enraged state, throwing 40% faster than before!
  • The player who lands the final hit on the Mole will give their team a morale boost that rewards a 20% move speed buff for one minute.
  • The Mole will also leave behind a special reward crate when killed. Opening this crate causes the opposite team to lose 100 Reinforcement Points, so be sure to secure it before the other team gets the chance!
  • A new Super Milestone has been added for owners of the Super Edition DLC: killing the Mole for the first time will net you a Star-nosed Mole Beanie. (Note: this is our first milestone for a rotating mode, which means it will be occasionally unavailable. However, since the modes typically rotate weekly, there will be plenty of opportunities to grab the milestone over time.)
  • Your Giant Star-nosed Mole boss kills will be tracked in the Stats menu, and the Top Players section at the end of SvR matches will sometimes highlight the player who killed the mole.

Beyond the mole, we’ve made further changes to the SvR mode that aim to make matches more dynamic:

  • Capturing flags is now faster, taking only 5 seconds (reduced from 8). This aims to create more opportunities for flags to change hands, and reward flanking behind enemy lines.
  • Capturing a flag now instantly deducts 10 Reinforcement Points (RP) from the team who lost the flag, and the player who captured the flag gains 1 tick towards Tier II of their current class.
  • When your team holds more flags than your opponent, your Reinforcement Points now drain slower, and your enemy’s points drain faster, creating the potential for bigger swings when flags change hands, and reducing the feeling of constant decay.
  • In v1.4 there was a persistent RP drain of 0.667 per second for each team, and each flag owned also added another 0.667 per second drain to the opposing team. In v1.5 each team only decays at 0.25RP per second as a baseline, making flags more significant. Flag drain now also varies based on how many flags your team owns: 1 captured flag drains the enemy at 0.5RP per second, 2 captured flags drain 1.5RP per second, and 3 captured flags drain 2.75RP per second.
  • Respawning also drains fewer Reinforcement Points: now 1.5RP, down from 2.

Additional quality of life changes to the mode include:

  • Hamster balls will now spawn nearby spawn hatches. When these hamster balls are broken, they will respawn after a while.
  • Giant Emus will respawn at their original spawn location about 30 seconds after dying (if no players are nearby). Their spawn chance has also been slightly increased in SvR.
  • Medic II now has level 2 armor (down from level 3), 5 bananas (down from 10), and 5 initial tape (up from 4). These changes are to balance the overall strength of Medic II, as it often extended outside of its intended defensive/support niche.
  • If you swap your weapon order, the order will be remembered on a per class basis. So the next time you play that class, your preferred weapon order will be retained, even in a new match.
  • The positions of flags A and C in the Security Situation map have been adjusted to balance how close they are to the main spawn pathways on each side.
  • The healing buff at spawn hatches has been removed (it wasn’t visible before, and wasn’t very useful since there’s no need to defend a hatch, especially since players spawn briefly invulnerable).
  • We’ve fixed an issue where close matches could display as a 0 – 0 tie at the end of the game, even though one team did actually win. This happened when decimals were rounded down to 0. Decimals will now be rounded up to 1 when displayed, and if it is actually a perfect tie at the end of a match, by some extremely rare act of Banan, the victor will be decided by a coin toss.
Season 4 is Here: The Sense of Scale Pass


To celebrate the introduction of the Giant Star-nosed Mole and Super Lizards, Season 4 introduces the Sense of Scale Pass! This pass is packed full of cosmetic items, themed around all things big, small, or scaly, as well as a few surprises, like the highly requested T-pose emote. It also includes the Mini Lizard pet, which might just be one of the sweetest Mini Animals the Lab Labs have whipped up yet — so long as you have crickets to feed him. Lots and lots of crickets.

  • During Season 4, the Sense of Scale Pass will be available for a discounted price of 550 S.A.W. Tickets.
  • As always, you can continue working on passes you own from previous seasons on your second track for as long as you need, and you can purchase them from The Archive for 750 S.A.W. Tickets.
Season 4 Starter Pack DLC


Along with the debut of Season 4 comes the Season 4 Starter Pack! You’ll receive the following items upon purchasing the pack:

  • Super Platinum Fox
  • Ninja Outfit
  • Sai melee weapon
  • 600 S.A.W. Tickets
Super Lizards Join the Cold-Blooded Rumble


The Lab Labs have heard your rallies for reptiles, Super Animals! For too long, the Super Turtles have been alone in representing their scaly phylum of the Animal Kingdom. So, what better followup member of the reptile family to brew up in the Lab than Super Lizards?

Super Lizards have arrived in the Research Lab to create once you reach level 20. Play matches to earn their DNA, and use it with Super Serum to unlock all the breeds:

  • Super Lizard
  • Super Dark Green Lizard
  • Super Blue-Tongued Skink
  • Super Red and Blue Lizard
  • Super Iguana
Updated Locales: S.A.W. Research Labs and Pixile Port

Two longstanding points of interest on the island are getting an update!


Firstly, the S.A.W. Research Lab’s tank room in Building #3 has been remodeled so that the gestation tanks better match the versions seen in the game’s menus and SAR Tonight. Giant Eagle-eyed players will also be able to spot different Super Animals floating in the tanks, including a Giant Emu in a specially designed pod for Giant Animals.

The room’s layout has also been improved for gameplay, so that the tanks provide more cover and corners, while also leaving some open space for fighting.

Rubble and a blast mark have also been added to the opening on the right of the building, to make the opening more visible and to make it a bit more clear what the historical reasoning behind the opening was (an explosion that breached the Lab in the past).


We’ve also updated the central region of Pixile Port to bring back something we all loved from the old S.A.W. Shipyards point of interest. There’s now a maze of shipping crates scattered all around to create lots of interesting pathways and cover to fight around. Just don’t tell the Forebeaver how much the beavers working at the port have been slacking in their container organization…

New in the S.A.W. Shop: Sunflower Bundle


As spring melts into summer, the bright and cheerful Sunflower Bundle has bloomed in the S.A.W. Shop! Have you ever wanted to hit people with a giant sunflower? Have you ever wanted to be hit by one? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, this bundle might just be for you or a friend. If you answered “no,” just… think about it for a bit longer.

The Sunflower Bundle includes the following sunkissed items:

  • Sunflower Dress
  • Sunflower Outfit
  • Sunflower Hat
  • Sunflower melee weapon
Quality of Life Improvements and Balancing
  • BCG range indicators: while charging a new range UI will appear to help you line up your shots. This should help with visualizing the trajectory of eggs when you shoot.
  • BCG balance changes: The epic BCG’s max damage is now 59 (up from 58) and the legendary BCG’s max damage is now 76 (up from 67). Both rarities now deal 75% of their max damage (up from 65%) when hitting an enemy with the edge of the yolk, i.e. an indirect hit. These changes improve the ability of the BCG to finish off enemies, especially with the legendary version. This should help bring it up to the power level of other crate-exclusive items.
  • In addition to providing increased view while sneaking, the Hunting Rifle and Sniper will now also get extended bullet range while zoomed out. This helps makes the experience of sniping while zoomed out more reliable, so you can hit the players you see with your extended view. We’ll be actively monitoring the effects of this change and make further adjustments as necessary.
  • Healing from Dogna’s Dart Gun will now stack by time in all game modes, up to 12 ticks of healing total. Previously, in all game modes but SvR, hitting an ally with multiple darts would override the standard 4 ticks with another set of 4 rather than stacking efects. Now, all modes have the same healing mechanics as SvR where hitting an ally with multiple darts will stack into a longer, more substantial heal over time.
  • The Ninja Booties powerup now provides a permanent 5% movement speed buff and makes all movement sounds (including passing through bushes) 50% quieter. Previously, this powerup was situationally useful, but didn’t feel like it was competing well enough with alternative powerups. We hope this change will make it more competitively viable, but be sure to leave us feedback so we can continue to fine-tune it!
  • You can now hit and damage a Giant Emu that a teammate is riding if the Emu has an enemy passenger on it.
  • Added a spawn animation for hamster balls. This mainly applies to the respawning balls in SvR, but it’s also used for any spawned by an admin in Private Matches.
  • Added an /emu admin command for Private Matches to spawn a Giant Emu.
  • Updated the Soda Bottle melee weapon hit and equip sounds.
  • The game mode screen has been refreshed to display the current rotating mode more clearly, and also displays the game mode coming up next.
  • Translation updates, as well as some edits to the end-of-match puns in some languages.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed several couches making metal clang sounds when hit by a melee weapon. Turns out, S.A.W. was skimping on the comfortable furtniture.
  • Fixed victory music occasionally being incorrect in the Bwoking Dead mode.
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing many items at once (such as from Animal Pass tiers) would not display reward popups.
  • The inventory tooltip description now automatically sizes to the text length, which fixes some language-related issues for powerups.
  • Added a proper background image to the Customize screen’s animal preset name field.

Super Animal Royale – Ver. 1.4.1

  • Release date: May 24th 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
S.A.W. vs Rebellion

SvR 2.0 made a ruckus on the island in the 1.4 update, bringing new life and features to SAR’s first rotating game mode. We’re glad the matches have been every bit as chaotic and fun as we’d hoped for, and have some improvements in store to make them even better!

S.A.W. vs Rebellion Map Improvements


With help from the S.A.W. Lab Labs, we’ve tirelessly poured over the S.A.W. vs Rebellion data, and identified a few battlefields that could use some minor balancing!


Flag configurations have been changed for the following SvR maps: Battle of Bamboo, Operation Lab Labs, and Saharaland Skirmish. We hope these changes will aid in balancing these maps, and we have even bigger improvements for the mode coming in our June update!

S.A.W. vs Rebellion Gameplay Improvements

As always, we’ve been gathering and carefully considering your feedback, and have made the following adjustments and tweaks to provide better balance and improve quality of life:

  • Sniper I now gets a rare Hunting Rifle, and Sniper II gets a legendary Sniper rifle.
  • The Sniper rifle has reduced recoil in this mode and in The Bwoking Dead.
  • In order to rank up as a Medic, you must now heal 75 HP to gain a tick towards Medic II (up from 50 HP).
  • If you or a player in your squad is featured in the Top Players section after a match, the name of that player will be highlighted in green.
  • The sound effect for respawning has been updated to be as explosive as its animation. Up you go, pup!
  • Controller navigation for the Class menu is only enabled once the corresponding UI animation finishes (this is to prevent accidental class changes using the joystick).
  • A font sizing issue with some languages has been improved on the Class ready button.

If you’d like to submit feedback of your own about SvR or any other aspect of the game, be sure to share your feedback and join the discussion in our Discord server! We have lots more in store for SvR fans in June.

Sweet New Super Animal Breeds, Fresh from the Lab Lab!


New from the Lab Lab comes a pair of sugary sweet new breeds: the Super Cotton Candy Sheep and the Super Cotton Candy Snow Leopard!

Thankfully, the magic of genetic engineering has helped make sure that wading in shallow water won’t cause these candy critters to melt away… probably! You can unlock them in the Research Lab under the Super Sheep and Super Leopard categories, respectively.

Rainbow Shutter Shades Arrive in the “LOVE” Bundle


The LOVE bundle has a brand new addition: Rainbow Shutter Shades! To get your pair (along with the other two items, if you haven’t claimed the bundle yet), you can enter the code “LOVE” in the Coupon Code box, accessible from the Options menu.


Gameplay and Visual Updates
  • Mushroom spawn chance has been increased from 28% to 40%, to make them a more plentiful option for healing, especially since some forested areas have been replaced over time. Coconut spawn chance has also increased from 35% to 40%, so there will be more available for healing along beaches.
  • Skunk Bomb damage stacking has been reduced. If you are standing within 2 overlapping enemy Skunk Bombs, each one will only do 70% damage (11 per tick rather than the full 16 damage per tick). If you are standing in 3 or more, each will only do 57% damage (9 per tick).
  • Grenades and explosive barrels have been changed so that 20-39 damage will remove 1 tick of armor, 40-59 damage will remove 2 ticks, and 60+ damage will remove 3 ticks. Previously, explosions would remove all armor if they dealt any more than 20 damage.
  • Emus have received some obedience training: now when they’re dismounted they’ll wait a small period of time before they begin to wander again on their own.
  • The sounds for the Chainsaw melee item have been updated.
  • Added tape over the wires at S.A.W. Security HQ. Wouldn’t want anyone to trip on them!
  • The Rebel Desert Outfit has a better animation mesh on its cape now.
  • The reward popup for Super Animals will say “NEW SUPER ANIMAL,” rather than “NEW ITEM.”
  • Added some missing translations for Animal Pass tier purchasing.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed spelling on the Hopperfield writing on the Super Animal Super Stage roof.
  • Fixed an issue with spectating teammates where an incorrect weapon would be displayed initially.
  • Fixed the Research Lab breeds list being highlightable while in the animal unlock sequence.
  • Fix for buying Animal Pass tiers not updating the archive screen.
  • One Hit Kill (Mystery Mode) fixes: the S.A.W. Impossible Tape powerup no longer spawns in this mode, and clams no longer drop grenades.
  • Fixed a bug where the eject and parachute/freefall bindings were not properly updating when switching between keyboard/mouse and controller bindings.
  • Fixed a bug where enabling a controller while on the map screen wouldn’t show the aiming reticle on the map.
  • Fixed an animation bug in the initial frame of respawning in S.A.W. vs. Rebellion, and fixed a gun size bug during the animation.
  • Fixed some classes being able to loot light bullets in S.A.W. vs. Rebellion when they have no use for them (in the mode you can only pick up ammo relevant to your class).
  • Private Matches no longer kicks players for AFKing in the S.A.W. vs. Rebellion and Bwoking Dead modes.
  • Fixed “S.A.W.” text being lowercase in the Animal Pass tier purchase UI.
  • Fixed a bug where private match admin ghosts couldn’t see players on the map or minimap after they died in S.A.W. vs. Rebellion.
  • Fixed minimum font size issue for the equip/purchase button on Animal Pass items.
  • Fixed a sound clipping issue on the Rebel Guitar melee weapon.

Super Animal Royale – Ver. 1.4

  • Release date: April 5th 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
Season 3 Update Highlights
  • S.A.W. vs Rebellion 2.0: Class-based Control Point mode
  • Season 3: S.A.W. vs Rebels Pass & Season 3 Starter Pack DLC
  • New Map Location: S.A.W. Security HQ
  • New Super Cats & Dogs (and Super Leopard and Super Wolf)
  • Super Easter Event
  • Gameplay updates, quality of life improvements & more
S.A.W. vs Rebellion 2.0
Class-based Control Point Chaos!


The S.A.W. vs Rebellion mode has been revamped from top to bottom, turning it into something brand new. It’s still a clash between two teams, Super Animal World (S.A.W.) security forces and the Super Animal Super Resistance (S.A.S.R.) rebel fighters, with strategic flags to capture, but that’s just about where its similarities with its previous incarnation end. With classes, respawning, and 8 battle maps, it’s unlike anything the island has seen yet!

Let’s go over some of the biggest changes to the game mode to get you prepped.


Choose from five unique class loadouts – Scout, Medic, Assault, Sniper, or Heavy – each specializing in different weapons and tactics. Pick your preferred playstyle or experiment with unfamiliar ones!

Respawn until the Super Cows come home… or until your team’s Reinforcement Points run out, whichever comes first. Each time you respawn you can stick with the same class or change up your strategy with a new class. It’s a ruff world out there once you emerge from the underground Lab Labs, pups, so make sure you’re ready for action!

Note from S.A.W. Legal: Please do not allow Mini Animals to ride on your helmet. Even if they beg.

When you achieve 4 kills with a particular class, your next respawn will see you upgrade into Tier 2 of that class, with improved gear and weapons! Medics can also gain points towards Tier 2 by healing teammates.


SvR matches take place in 8 condensed battle maps, each featuring different locations around Super Animal World island!

  • This is the same island you know from the battle royale mode, but the Skunk Gas has a preset size, forming an unmoving oval shaped area for you to duke it out with your enemies.
  • S.A.S.R. rebels and S.A.W. Security forces respawn from their respective HQ Hatches on each side of the map, where Lab Labs loyally supply clone reinforcements from their underground…Lab Labs. Rebels spawn on the left side of each battlefield, and S.A.W. on the right.

To reflect the new scale seen in the new battle maps, the number of players has been reduced to 24v24. With tighter maps, closer flags, and more focused fights, this change in lobby size brings a whole new flavor to combat.

Since reinforcements will be continuously respawning for both teams, the methods of claiming victory have changed as well. Flags A, B, and C will still need to be captured and defended, but their placement between spawns in the narrow battlefields focuses the fighting.

  • Both teams start with 999 Reinforcement Points. Each flag your team owns drains the enemy’s points faster.
  • Respawning costs your team points, so it’s important to get lots of kills and keep your team alive while fighting for control of the three flags.

The game mode has also been fully themed with new animations, music, custom UI, and more, bringing its production values up to par with the Bwoking Dead mode we released last year.

We’ve also made some smaller changes to improve the flow of gameplay in the mode:

  • Mole Crates and regular loot (ex. guns and powerups) do not appear in this mode, but grass and breakables will still drop their usual contents.
  • Upon death, players drop some ammo, and have a chance to drop some Health Juice and Super Tape.
  • You can only pick up ammo that your class can use, and you cannot drop items. Ammo will despawn after 30 seconds.
  • Healing from Dogna’s Dart Gun will stack in this mode, but healing is still delivered over time. For instance, if you hit your teammate twice, the second dart’s healing time will add on top of the existing duration, rather than replace it like it does in battle royale.
  • Since the mode has changed significantly from its previous iteration, its stats will be tracked separately in a new category. However, you can also view your legacy S.A.W. vs Rebellion stats on the stats screen if you played the previous version of the mode.
  • Kill & win challenges can still be completed in this mode, but kill & win milestones cannot.
  • Gravestones and any sleeping Mini Animal pets next to them fade out after death in this mode.
  • At the end of a match, the top players and those who achieved notable stats will be highlighted.

The new mode will be available for the entire 3 week duration of the Super Easter event, and after that, weekly rotations will begin between S.A.W. vs Rebellion and our Bwoking Dead zombie survival mode so there’s always an additional rotating mode to complement the battle royale modes.

Season 3 is Here: S.A.W. vs Rebels


In tandem with the triumphant return of the S.A.W. vs Rebellion game mode, Season 3 marks the debut of the S.A.W. vs Rebels Pass! Highlights from the pass include the “Sit in Peace” emote, Mini Hippo Pet, and outfits to dress up as the secret rebel Catfive from SAR Tonight, or the political head of Super Animal World, Governor Moosevelt.

  • During Season 3, the S.A.W. vs Rebels Pass will be available for a discounted price of 550 S.A.W. Tickets, as with previous passes.
  • As always, you can continue working on passes you own from previous seasons on your second track for as long as you need, and purchase them from The Archive for 750 S.A.W. Tickets.
  • You can now equip items directly from the Animal Pass screen.
  • Once you own a pass, you now also have the option to purchase tiers for 100 S.A.W. Tickets each.


You know the drill, Super Animals: a new season means a new Starter Pack DLC! The Season 3 Starter Pack includes:

  • Super White Bengal Tiger
  • Roman Armor Outfit
  • Gladius Melee
  • 600 S.A.W. Tickets (500 + 100 bonus tickets)
New Location: S.A.W. Security HQ


Situated to the immediate west of Pixile Port and east of Bamboo Resort, S.A.W. Security HQ is where S.A.W.’s loyal team of Super Dogs keep an eye, ear, and extra-sensitive nose out for trouble on the island. Super Dogs aren’t the only type of Super Animal trained to crush the Rebellion, but the canine cavalry definitely finds some comfort in the HQ’s choice of decor.

The area isn’t all doghouses and squeaky toys, though. S.A.W. Security HQ is surrounded by heavily fortified walls, blocking access until player-controlled gates and doors are opened. Some Rebels have also heard rumors of flimsy wooden barriers in the complex that might give them another sneaky way to snag some loot…

New Super Animal Breeds

There are six new breeds coming to the Research Lab, with 3 canine and 3 feline breeds to serve as reinforcements for both S.A.W. and Rebel sides.

S.A.W. is famous for their elite team of Super Dogs, so it was only natural that more found their way into the fray for this update! Though some might argue a Super Chihuahua offers much more bark than bite…

Unlock two new Super Dogs and one new Super Wolf in the Research Lab:

  • Super Chihuahua
  • Super Poodle
  • Super African Wild Dog

And where would the Rebels be if not for their cunning feline operatives like Catfive? Some more claws on S.A.S.R.’s side to combat the new Super Dogs seems like a purr-fect countermeasure…

Unlock two new Super Cats and one new Super Leopard in the Research Lab:

  • Super Himalayan Cat
  • Super Chimera Cat
  • Super Cheetah
New S.A.W. Shop Items

Spring is a wonderful time of year to do some gardening, and while on the Island there’s nothing saving your geraniums from grenades or your hibiscus from hamster balls, the S.A.W. Shop is featuring some flowery new items!

Check with Ms. Macawsome and get your paws dirty with these new items:

  • Gardening Apron
  • Flower Bundle (Flower Hat, Flower Apron and Daisy Umbrella)
Gameplay Updates and Quality of Life Improvements
  • Skunk Bombs now display a ring to make their area of effect clearer, and to help distinguish between your allies’ bombs that won’t hurt you (white ring) and ones that will hurt you (red ring).
  • A delivery mole will now personally deliver your cosmetic items or Carl Coins at the end of a match. (It’s only a visual upgrade, but isn’t that thoughtful of them?)
  • Hamster balls now stay in their full-damage mode more consistently (for example, you’ll no longer lose full-damage mode after running over an enemy).
  • Removed compression from Super Animals on the main menu so they’ll all look extra clear and sharp now.
  • New music and sound effects at the end of a match for victory and defeat. This especially helps distinguish when you come in second or almost win.
  • “Mark Map” and “Remove Marker” hotkeys will now display for keyboard users on the map screen.
  • The event screen’s leaderboard does a more obvious blip animation now when starting in a closed state, since the previous animation was too subtle.
BCG Updates

We’ve been monitoring the BCG (Big Clucking Gun) since adding it last update, and it quickly became clear that the BCG reigned in close range frenzies but needed some improvements for longer-term engagements. These changes should help push in that direction, but we’ll be continuing to monitor it for overall balance.

  • Reload time has been reduced from 2.2s to 1.8s.
  • Self-inflicted damage from BCG eggs has been increased from 50% to 65% of their normal damage.
  • Minimum charge time for BCG shots has been increased from 0.08s to 0.10s.
  • The BCG’s egg impact sound is also more eggs-plosive now.
Bug Fixes
  • Shooting gallery targets can now be hit mid-air by BCG eggs.
  • Fixed BCG charging up unnecessarily if you had an empty clip while rolling.
  • Fixed visual delay with grenade explosions that was introduced in v1.3.
  • Reduced minimum time between hamster ball bounce sounds from 0.7s to 0.35s, which fixes some cases where repeat bounces wouldn’t play any sound.
  • Fixed several spots on the map where Emus could get stuck in what looked like viable paths (this mostly applies to forest areas).
  • Fixed incorrect size issue with some gravestones.
  • Fixed soft crash when viewing and walking away from SMOMA artwork before it could load.
  • Fixed glitch in the Shop where Carl Coin or S.A.W. Ticket icons could disappear temporarily.
  • Fixed a rare bug where crates would become indestructible.
  • Fixed 1s invulnerability after being downed not applying to all types of damage (was only affecting bullet damage previously).
  • Fixed some emotes (such as Rap) sometimes having distorted face animations on characters in-game.
  • Fixed hat positions while using the Country emote.
  • Fixed body showing during the Country emote while wearing the Warrior Monk Outfit.
  • Fixed sleeve on the Warrior Monk Outfit.
  • Fixed campfire animations becoming jittery when near the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed z-order issue with a weapons box in the SASR hideout room.
  • Fixed mole crate sometimes not fading if you stood at certain spots behind it.
  • Fixed small glitch where the Hamster ball was doing > 101 damage on ice.

Super Animal Royale – Ver. 1.3

  • Release date: January 25th 2022 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
New Weapon: BCG (Big Clucking Gun)

Super Eagle eyed players will have noticed that Thomas Sledison has been hard at work on an explosive new weapon, but the final form that has hatched in his workshop might not be what you eggspected…


The Big Clucking Gun (BCG) is a grenade launcher style weapon that shoots eggs that bounce off walls and explode on impact with enemies.

  • Egg explosions deal serious area of effect (AOE) damage and leave a sticky pile of egg yolk that slows anyone standing in it.
  • The gun uses a charge-up mechanic so you can control the distance your eggs will fly. The longer you hold down the fire button the further it’ll go!
  • The BCG is only available in epic (purple) and legendary (gold) rarities, and as such you’ll need to open rebel caches or mole crates to get your paws on one during a match. But you can always take it for a spin in the Super Shooting Gallery north of the Welcome Center while you’re waiting for your match to start.
  • It also comes with a full set of colored gun skins that you can earn by getting kills while using it to complete its milestones.
  • There will also be two premium skins making an appearance in the S.A.W. Shop: the Retro BCG and the Tiger BCG.

Note: the BCG is disabled in the “One Hit Kill” Mystery Mode.

Year of the Super Tiger Event


Play the 2022 Lunar New Year event from Jan 25 to Feb 15 and collect red envelopes to redeem for exclusive event cosmetic items! There’s 8 new items debuting this year:

  • Lunar Dress (2022)
  • Coin Glasses
  • Gold Yuanbao
  • Lunar Headband
  • Peach Blossom Hat
  • Lunar Flower
  • Lunar Paper Umbrella
  • Peach Blossom Branch

There’s also 16 returning legacy items from previous years, and you’ll be able to redeem red envelopes to collect each of these too until you own them all! Be sure to also check out Carl’s Cart during the event for some additional legacy items.

Year of the Super Tiger Breeds

To celebrate their lunar year, 4 new Super Tiger breeds are also arriving as permanent additions to the Research Lab:

  • Super Golden Tiger
  • Super Toy Tiger
  • Super Bengal Tiger
  • Super Lunar Tiger
Map Updates


S.A.W. Bamboo Resort has been updated for the Year of the Super Tiger!

  • The beavers have moved 2021’s Super Ox statue out of Bamboo Resort and into storage at Beaver Construction HQ, and replaced it with a new Super Tiger statue!
  • You’ll also find a new portrait of the tiger on the wall in the resort next to all the previous years’ animals.
  • The entrance gates are also now adorned with a new Spring Festival Couplet for the new year, provided again by the Chinese SAR community!


Beaver Construction HQ Updates

  • Increased size of the Forebeaver’s Den building in the north, added additional detail to the interior, and added some breakable mini beaver dams around it for cover.
  • Adjusted the dam’s wooden rails to be a bit shorter so they don’t poke out onto the boardwalks quite so much.
  • Added shadowing to the concrete floor in the workshop to better distinguish interior and exterior ground.
  • Added edge lip to outdoor concrete.
  • Added a curved concrete end-piece on the front-left of the dam, and extended the boardwalk on the front-right side of the dam.


More Island Improvements

  • Added snow grass throughout most of Thomas’s Tundra for more looting opportunities (and because it just looks really pretty).
  • Improved grass in several areas around the map that were sparse, and updated some of the deciduous tree biomes with improved tree placement (both to provide a better mix of cover and open areas for fighting and to look more natural)
  • Made some collision/walkability improvements to the Super Animal Super Stage.
  • Adjusted some shipping containers in the top right corner of the military camp near research labs based on community feedback.
S.A.W. Shop Additions
New Mini Animals


Adopt 4 new mini pets from the Pets tab of the S.A.W. Shop!

  • Mini Sheep
  • Mini Skunk
  • Mini Deer
  • Mini Raccoon
Emotes, Lunar New Year, BCGs and Duos Day

The Shop tab in the main menu now displays an exclamation mark whenever new items have rotated in, and you’ll want to make sure to keep an eye on it around the update for all the new items! Some new items you’ll see rotating into the S.A.W. Shop include:

  • Rap emote
  • Country emote
  • Kumquat Tree (melee weapon)
  • Dragon JAG-7
  • Moneybag Gravestone
  • Tanghulu
  • Scimitar
  • Retro BCG
  • Tiger BCG

Note: the Dragon JAG-7 also has custom muzzle confetti effects.

Cupid’s Bow will also be returning on February 12th for 96 hours (we’re giving it two 48hr slots back to back so you have a bit of extra time to grab it for Duos Day)!

S.A.W. Shop Bundle Improvements

In addition to purchasing a full bundle at the discounted price, if you only like one or two items in a bundle you now also have the option to purchase individual items from the bundle at regular price. Just click on the bundle and navigate to any item within it!

Because of this new feature, bundle items won’t be rotating through the shop in individual slots anymore, they’ll just be accessible from their bundle whenever it’s available. As always, if you own any individual items from a bundle, you’ll still be able to purchase the rest of the bundle together at a discount to complete your set.

We’re also debuting a new bundle!


The Ming Bundle includes:

  • Ming Hat
  • Ming Outfit
  • Ming Dress
Hamster Ball Update


We’ve made a bunch of key refinements to gameplay in this patch, and the first one is one we think a lot of you will be happy to see: an update that makes hamster ball kills feel a whole lot better whether you’re the one getting the kill or on the receiving end.

  • Hamster balls now take a bit longer to reach the point where they’ll get a 1-hit kill.
  • Once you’ve been rolling at max speed for at least one second, speed lines will appear and a sound will play indicating that you’ve now entered full damage mode where a hit will score 101 damage and kill your opponent upon impact.
  • Before the speed lines appear, hamster balls will only do up to 80 damage (still influenced by acceleration for precisely how much damage you do).
  • From our play tests we think this mechanic helps a lot with clarity and makes rolling at full speed and getting kills feel extra satisfying. We’ve also added a rare easter egg animation where your animal can trip while in the ball (just for fun, this doesn’t impact gameplay in any way).
More Gameplay Updates
  • Sparrows, Darts, and BCG egg ammo have been combined into a single new ‘Specialty Ammo’ that is used in all 3 weapons.
  • The Bandolier boosts max carrying capacity for the new Specialty Ammo from 35 to 50 (previously Sparrows and Darts were boosted from 35 to 45)
  • Sparrow Launcher clip size increased to 5.
  • Dogna’s Dart Gun will now auto-fire darts if you hold down shoot.
  • A visual dart now appears stuck into the animal when they’ve been hit and are being actively poisoned by Dogna’s Dart Gun.
  • Grenades & BCG egg impacts now play the “hit” sound effect when you hit yourself with them.
  • Grenades, Bananas, Skunks Bombs, and BCG eggs now make bounce sounds when bouncing off of walls.
  • Bananas no longer deploy in deep water (ex. ocean), and all throwables will splash upon landing in the water. Grenades and eggs still do damage and Skunk Bombs deploy despite splashing into the water, but eggs do not create yolk traps in deep water.
  • Traps (ie. bananas, Skunk Bombs, and BCG yolks) will now have their positions checked and corrected by the server upon landing. Server simulation should rarely differ from client, so this shouldn’t occur very often but helps make them more precise.
  • Minigun (and the new BCG) aiming should now more closely and consistently match the cursor’s aim (added a new aiming bone on the character skeleton for guns held in the low position).
  • Added a small release buffer at the start of a jump roll for charged weapons such as the Bow & Sparrow and BCG. This should improve the feeling of releasing the bow while rolling. There was already a small buffer at the end of jump rolls, which is staying the same, so this just adds something similar to the beginning of the roll.
  • Shooting right after reloading or picking up an item will now force the player model into the aim animation, which fixes a long-standing issue where bullets would spawn at undesired angles while the animal was completing an animation.
  • Added custom muzzle flower effect to the Sakura Sniper from the Early Access (Season 0) Animal Pass.
  • Weighted the random positions of skunk gas circles to get them to appear closer to the edges of the map more frequently. The previous randomness favored the middle of the island slightly, whereas the new randomness is more evenly distributed around the whole island.
  • Added fading to one of the Beaver Construction HQ wall pieces that was able to obscure players too much.
  • In the Bwoking Dead mode, when Zombie Joes break crates or cut grass, loot will not drop (so zombies can now deny ammo to survivors by breaking these things).
  • Changed texture atlas for Bwoking Dead’s opening noise effect to be individual sprites that are loaded from the hard drive only when someone plays Bwoking Dead (cuts down load size by 8MB).
Controller Improvements
  • Added controller hotkey icons to the game interface for taping, healing, and weapon-swap.
  • ‘Switch Weapon’ bindings for controller will now conflict with inventory bindings to prevent double-binding issues.
  • Controller users now have separate bindings for ‘Quick Chat (Inventory)’ and ‘Quick Chat (Map)’, to prevent conflicts.
  • Improved controller selection in most of the shop tabs, where it will now re-select the last item properly after cancelling a purchase or equipping something.
Menu/Interface Updates
  • Added a “Manage Party” UI for party hosts that groups all party-related options together including viewing/copying the invite code for cross-play parties, kicking players, and leaving the party.
  • Kicking a player from a party will now trigger a popup message and sound.
  • The PC version of SAR now displays a ‘COPIED TO CLIPBOARD!’ popup when you click the copy button to indicate that it successfully copied to your clipboard.
  • The mode selector will now display an exclamation mark if a new limited-time game mode becomes available to play.
  • Increased clarity around Super Edition requirements in the Milestones tab, with a helper label that better explains which milestones require the Super Edition DLC. Additionally, the in-game notification for completing a milestone will now more clearly indicate whether it’s a Super Edition Milestone.
  • When you first open the holiday event UI, the event’s leaderboard button now has a subtle slide animation to help draw attention to it.
  • Updated all buttons throughout the menus that were still using the old blue button style to instead use the new teal style.
  • Added a subtle fade/slide animation when viewing the S.A.W. Shop bundle details screen.
  • A.W. Shop bundle preview images are no longer pre-loaded at game launch, instead being loaded from the hard drive when you view the shop (reduces initial game load time).
  • Translation updates for several languages.
  • For Simplified Chinese users, the Discord button in the main menu will now link to the SAR QQ group instead.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where one account could join the same cross-play lobby from two devices/platforms.
  • Event screen’s character should no longer glitch out on the first frame.
  • Fixed the animal pass preview box’s second pass from showing template blue hat while loading.
  • Coupon code placeholder text should no longer be cut off in certain languages.
  • Fixed a bug where the main menu’s side menu would fail to make elections if a controller was activated while it was open.
  • Fixed a controller navigation bug with the ‘Done’ button and the arrow buttons on the Stats screen.
  • Fixed controller selection going blank after leaving a party.
  • Fixed a bug where controller selection wouldn’t properly revert to the purchase button after cancelling a bundle purchase.
  • Alt-tabbing in the main menu will now cancel your emote if you were emoting (fixes an audio issue).
  • Fixed an audio glitch caused by changing volume while emoting on the main menu.
  • Hotkey icons for the inventory UI will no longer display while spectating another player.
  • Fixed a case where players could get stuck in the grenade throw animation: it will now auto-cancel after 2s if the grenade has not already been thrown.
  • Map can no longer be opened while the Settings screen is open.
  • Fixed minigun retaining charge when opening the Settings screen while shooting.
  • Fixed melee hit sounds on shooting gallery targets being played for all nearby players in the lobby.
  • End-game rewards now force close player inventory if it was open. This fixes a bug for controller users where navigation got stuck and inventory was still displaying in a broken state.
  • Fixed visual bug with bots reloading and appearing to have negative ammo.
  • Bwoking Dead clientside Skunk Bomb capacity issue should be fixed.
  • Dropping the Cupgrade while drinking with it equipped will now stop your healing (fixes audio bug).
Upcoming Events
  • Twitch Drops: watch SAR streams with Drops enabled to unlock the new Guan Yu items! Get the Guan Yu Helmet, Guan Yu Armor and Guan Yu Guandao while supporting your favourite SAR Content Creators on Twitch. You can link your Super Animal Account and Twitch Account to earn Drops at
  • Duos Day is coming and the Duos Day Rose melee weapon will return! Play a duos match between Feb 12th at 12am PST and Feb 16th at 12am PST to earn it.

Super Animal Royale – Ver. ???

  • Release date: December 14th 2021 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • Season 2 Busy Busy Pass + New Starter Pack DLC
  • CRISPRmas Event: December 14th to January 4th
  • New Map Location: Beaver Construction HQ
  • New Super Animals: Super Beavers, Super Reindeer and a new Super Arctic Fox
  • Cross-play parties: invite your friends to squad up with any mixture of Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch!
  • SAR is now available to stream on Google Stadia in addition to GeForce Now, so you can play on your smartphone, in your browser, and more, with cross-play matchmaking and cross-save account syncing.
  • The Bwoking Dead limited-time mode returns during the CRISPRmas event!
Season 2

Season 2 is here, and the formerly-pacifist beavers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep Super Animal Royale humming have finally joined the fight! To see why the beavers finally joined the fray, check out the latest episode of Super Animal Royale Tonight above.

Grab the new Busy Busy Pass for 49 tiers of unlockable items:

  • Construction-themed items inspired by Beaver Construction.
  • Steampunk items inspired by prolific S.A.W. inventor, and noted “busy busy” guy, Thomas Sledison.
  • Items to turn you into a busy bee.
  • And lots more, including S.A.W. Tickets and Super Serum.

Season 2 will last roughly three months and during that time you can unlock the pass for the discounted price of 550 S.A.W. Tickets. After that, it’ll move into the Archive for 750 tickets. As always, once you own it, you can take as long as you need to complete it, and when you own any Animal Pass from the archive you can make progress on up to two at once (including the current season’s pass) for double the earning. No more FOMO or rushing to complete passes!



Season 1 has now moved into the Archive, but if you already own it you can activate it on your second track to keep working on it, or purchase it if you missed it! We also made some improvements to controller navigation of the Animal Pass screen, and made button selection styles clearer.

Season 2 Starter Pack DLC


A new season also means a new Starter Pack DLC! Grab it while it’s available for the next ~3 months for a great deal on S.A.W. Tickets and exclusive cosmetic items and animal breed:

  • Super Moon Bear
  • Warrior Monk Outfit
  • Warrior Monk Sword
  • 600 S.A.W. Tickets (500 + 100 bonus tickets)

Season 1’s Starter Pack DLC will go away on December 20th, so it’s your last chance to grab it now if you don’t have it yet!


CRISPRmas Event


December 14th to January 4th at 11:59pm PST

It’s CRISPRmas, Super Animals! The time of year when all Super Animals come together to celebrate the miracle of ethically dubious gene editing! And what better way to celebrate the cavalier rewriting of life’s sacred code than collecting the candy canes scattered around the island and redeeming them for 8 new limited-time CRISPRmas cosmetic items:

  • Snow Shovel
  • Red Pom Beanie
  • Ice Sunglasses
  • Gingerbread Gravestone
  • Snowflake Silenced Pistol
  • Festive Lights Umbrella
  • CRISPRmas Tree Dress
  • Winter Fur Hat

17 legacy CRISPRmas items also make their return and can be redeemed with candy canes. Make sure to also check out the S.A.W. Shop and Carl’s Cart during the event for additional holiday items.

Two new festive Super Animal breeds are also available in the Research Lab:

  • Super Arctic Fox
  • Super Reindeer

Note: The older versions of these breeds are still available and have been renamed Super White Fox and Super Rudolph. As always, the new breeds are permanent additions to the Research Lab, so you don’t need to rush to earn them during the event!

We’ve also added a leaderboard for the top 10 players collecting candy canes, for bragging rights. The leaderboard is hidden by default, but you can see who’s the candy caniest by pressing the white leaderboard button in the top right of the event window. Note that the amount displayed includes the total candy canes earned at the end of each match (not just from collecting them off the ground).

The Bwoking Dead infection mode returns!


The Cluckles outbreak continues: play The Bwoking Dead for the entire 3 week duration of the CRISPRmas event! Round up a squad of friends and try to survive the zombie chicken apocalypse and escape the island on a Giant Eagle. You can check out a full rundown on the mode in our previous patch notes here.

Beaver Construction HQ


Home to the island’s renowned (and only) general contracting company, Beaver Construction HQ is a hive of busy busy activity between the royales, and makes a dam good spot for gunfights during them. The sprawling complex is built along the river, like a traditional beaver lodge, with three crossable dams connecting the two main buildings, and a water-entry den that serves as the foreman’s (er…forebeaver’s) office.

Other details worth seeking out include the “Three Busy Beavers” lobby statue depicting the legendary founders of Beaver Construction, the lumber mill that feeds all the company’s projects…and some of their employees, the Emu cart loading dock, the vending machines selling choice cuts of fresh wood, a scale model of the Super Animal Super Stage, and a few stashed Lunar New Year statues taking their twelve-year timeouts.

Super Beavers


The beleaguered Beaver Construction workers who once labored tirelessly to build Super Animal World, and now labor thanklessly to clean it up after every messy battle, are ready to make their own messes. As seen on the latest episode of SAR Tonight, the Super Beavers are finally stepping out from their backstage roles and joining the fray!

To start, there’s three breeds that can be created in the Research Lab starting at Level 40:

  •  Super Beaver
  •  Super Pink Beaver
  •  Super Beever
Squad up With Friends on Any Platform


You can now invite your friends to squad up with you regardless of which platform they’re playing on! Cross-play party invites generate a 4 digit code that your friends can enter to join your party (and there’s also a handy button to copy it to your clipboard to help with sharing it with them).

So whether you and your friends are playing on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or GeForce Now, you’ll be able to squad up with any combination of platforms. The PlayStation version of SAR also no longer requires PlayStation Plus to play!

We’ve also added the ability for hosts to be able to kick players from the group if necessary, and this applies to both cross-play and same-platform parties.

Gameplay / Quality of Life Updates
  • Ammo loot no longer glows like other loot to reduce visual clutter.
  • Improved collisions in the bamboo forest so they’re smoother and have fewer jagged edges to get caught on.
  • Increased Bandolier carrying capacity: light bullets from 140 to 150, shotgun shells from 35 to 40, big bullets from 100 to 110, sniper ammo from 35 to 40, dart ammo from 40 to 45, and sparrows from 40 to 45.
  • Dual Pistols initial fixed recoil has been increased from 1/2/3° to 1.5/2.5/4.0°, and random recoil increased from 4° to 4.4°. Dual Pistols perform very well, so this aims to balance them a bit by creating slightly more effort to control them.
  • Increased Hamsterball audible distance from 160 game units to 185 so you can hear them coming from even further away and get out of the way.
  • Skunk Bombs now have 40% reduced spawn rate in the Bwoking Dead mode. The maximum carrying capacity for Skunk Bombs in this mode has also been reduced to 3 (or max 4 with Bandolier).
  • Mole crate icon now displays for 45s, and the minimap icon no longer disappears when someone opens it. We increased its visible duration to 60s last patch and this ended up feeling a bit too long, and the addition of displaying its looted state on the minimap provided enemies too much information of what was happening in the fog of war so we’ve reverted this change.
S.A.W. Shop Sales

We previously added bundle sales to the S.A.W. Shop, and we’re continuing to add more of them (watch the S.A.W. Shop the week of December 28th for a new one), but now we’ll also be having sales on individual items! To start, we’re planning on discounting items that you’ll be familiar with and have already rotated through the shop a few times. If you boot up the game when the update arrives you’ll already see some individual item sales and they’ll continue to rotate in and out over the next few weeks!

Be sure to keep an eye on the S.A.W. Shop during the CRISPRmas event too, as we’ll be rotating in new featured items for the holidays each week.


Other Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Performance optimizations: Spine animations and game loot are now more efficient.
  • Reduced total number of environment texture atlases to help load times and reduce VRAM usage slightly.
  • SMOMA art pieces are now loaded individually from the hard-drive at the time of viewing, rather than all at game load, further reducing load time.
  • Controller Right-Trigger can now open the event shop when pressing it while on the last tab (DLC) of the Shop screen.
  • News box won’t auto-rotate while your mouse is hovering over it or while your controller is selecting it.
  • Bwoking Dead mode now warns the player if they’re leaving the match early and will miss out on the end-game rewards.
  • Improved spawn algorithm for zombies early on in Bwoking Dead matches, which should help eliminate the issue of respawning deep in the gas during the first circle.
  • Fixed a bug where the emote wheel could get stuck on-screen when boarding the escape eagle in Bwoking Dead.
  • Fixed a bug where throwing a grenade while dying would leave you unable to melee as a zombie in the Bwoking Dead.
  • Fixed a bug where loot would sometimes go behind a wall in Pixile Port.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bow & Sparrow’s pull-back sound was not matching the animation of 0.5s.
  • Fixed health bars not displaying while spectating the player who killed you.
  • Fixed a bug where binding a key would only check one conflict (for instance, binding Map to (A) was resetting the Reload binding, but not Mark Map, and now it does both correctly).
  • Animal Pass preview in the top-left of the main menu no longer shows an incorrect initial state (with the blue baseball cap) before finishing loading.
  • Fixed a bug where logging out or unlinking an account wouldn’t refresh the animal pass archive pass screen once logged back in.
  • Fixed controller navigation getting stuck when trying to buy an Archive Animal Pass without enough tickets.
  • Fix for in-game settings screen’s report button not being navigable by controller.
  • Fixed bug where binding (B) control with a controller (while in-game) would close the controls menu.
  • Fixed Coconut Costume being above armor visually.
  • Fixed incorrect icons for Farmer Outfit and RedShift Outfit.
  • Improved compression artifacts on Vampire Hunter items from Twitch Drops.
  • Halloween Tee has been renamed to Howloween Tee.
  • Added translations for errors with coupon code redemption.
  • Added several translation fixes.

Super Animal Royale – Ver. 1.1

  • Release date: October 19th 2021 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
Howloween Event: October 19 to November 9
  • New Limited-time Mode: The Bwoking Dead (Infection)
  • Howloween Cosmetics: collect candy corn to unlock 8 new event items and 19 returning legacy items
  • Howloween Decorations: the island is dressed up for Howloween including limited-time Howloween fountain music
More Game Updates
  • New Map Point of Interest: Pixile Port
  • New Super Animal Breeds: Super Night Mare and Super Calavera Skullcat
  • Quality of life updates and game balancing
The Bwoking Dead (Infection) Mode

Something has gone terribly wrong in Dr. Dogna’s Lab Lab, and animals infected with The Cluckles are turning into zombie-like Joe Clucks. Survivors must try to avoid getting infected and stay alive long enough to escape the island on a Giant Eagle. Zombies Joes continuously respawn and try to infect all survivors before they can escape.

The basics:

  • The mode supports 40 players, and 4 players are infected at the beginning of the match. Their goal is to infect all survivors before they can escape.
  • Zombie Joes are faster than normal players and do 33 melee damage with 10% armor penetration, but cannot use items (except for collecting Candy Corn).
  • Every melee attack from a Zombie Joe’s chicken scratchers has a 10% chance of infecting a survivor. A kill will guarantee that the survivor comes back as a Zombie Joe.
  • If a survivor is infected, they’ll see a 10-20 second countdown to when they’re going to turn, and Zombie Joes will see them tinted green. Other survivors won’t know the player is infected, so they can use the element of surprise to try to infect them!
  • The first 4 Zombie Joes are red and have 130 health rather than the regular 100 health.
    Zombie Joes respawn in waves along the edges of the skunk gas, and do not take damage from the gas. They also automatically recover 5 health per second while out of combat.
  • Up to 4 friends can squad up to queue into the mode together, and will see each other on the map while on the same side, and spawn together as Zombie Joes if they die at similar times.
  • After the final skunk gas circle closes, an evacuation zone will appear and a countdown will begin. Survivors must make it into the evacuation zone before the countdown hits zero to escape and win.


Advanced details:

  • Zombie Joes have excellent hearing and will see gunfire indicators on the map, directing them towards survivors. They’ll also see radial indicators when gunfire is close. Note that quiet weapons including the Bow & Sparrow, Sparrow Launcher and Silenced Pistol avoid these revealing effects.
  • Survivor footsteps are also visible to Zombie Joes through line of sight. However, survivors can hide their footsteps by creeping or wearing Ninja Booties.
  • Weapons that have armor penetration can pierce through multiple Zombie Joes. The number of Zombie Joes they hit in a single shot is tied to their typical armor penetration amount: for example, a Magnum bullet will pierce through one zombie (to hit up to two total), and a Sniper bullet can hit up to 3 targets. Sparrow weapons and Dogna’s Dart Gun also have piercing through 1 zombie, similar to the magnum.
  • There are three delivery moles every game, and each crate has more loot than in regular game modes.
  • Hamster Balls and Giant Emus have reduced spawn rates.
  • Explosive barrels do not damage teammates in this game mode.
  • The number of human players infected at the start (vs bots) is dependent on the number of players in the match.
  • Any disconnected players will become bots, and if they were survivors they’ll be infected with The Cluckles and become a Zombie Joe within 10-20s.
  • New mode-specific stats tracked in the “YOUR STATS” screen.
  • XP earned is calculated slightly differently for survivors and zombies to reflect the different goals of each team and difficulty of certain accomplishments. Zombies earn more XP per kill, but survivors earn more XP for a win.
  • Kill/win related Milestones and Super Challenges don’t apply in this mode, and NPCs are not present.
  • Private matches can use /infect # to infect a specific survivor (only works after lobby).

The mode also features custom music tracks, new animations for zombies, and noise/desaturation screen effects!

Super Howloween Event

Candy corn is back to collect and redeem for new & legacy event-specific cosmetics! Find candy corn around the map and also earn it based on your survival time until the event ends on November 9th at 11:59pm PDT.


Earn 8 new event cosmetic items:

  • Jack-O-Cap
  • Pumpkin Glasses
  • Pumpkin Shotgun
  • Bones Gravestone
  • Haunted Hat
  • Spiderweb Sweater
  • Candy Corn Dress
  • Candlestick

19 legacy cosmetics (from 2019 and 2020) also return for the event, and some additional legacy Howloween items will appear Carl’s Cart during the event.

Several new S.A.W Shop items will also be debuting during the event:

  • Spooky Clown Bundle (3 cosmetics)
  • Zombie Professional Attire
  • Zombie School Uniform
  • Spidery Witch Hat
  • Grim Reaper Scythe
  • Bones Umbrella
  • Coffin Gravestone

Lastly, there’s a new Super Horse and Super Skullcat breed to create in the Research Lab:

  • Super Night Mare
  • Super Calavera Skullcat

Unlike the rest of the Howloween items, the animals are permanent additions to the game!


Map Updates: Pixile Port & More

The old S.A.W. Shipyards have been replaced by the new “Pixile Port” point of interest on the island. Explore and fight between large cranes, warehouses, offices, and shipping containers. There’s also a new lighthouse to visit to the south of the port.


In addition to Pixile Port, SMOMA has been updated to feature the artwork of the winners of the most recent art contest! You can view all the art on our website as well right here.


A few minor edits have also been made around the island to help improve collisions. Some openings in the garden to the left of the Super Animal Super Stage have been widened, some stumps/crates have been added along some swamp water edges, and crates have also been added alongside the shallow water near Giant Eagle Landing.

Quality of Life Improvements
  • Mole icon now displays for up to 60 seconds, or until it has been looted.
  • Improved the vibrance/contrast of the safe zone map circle to help make it easier to see.
  • Animal Pass now displays the selected item’s name.
  • In battle royale game modes, the final gas circle warning time increased to 12s (from 10s), and final circle close time from 8s to 12s. This gives a bit more time for fights to play out and have less gas deaths / heal-offs.
  • Controller users can press the play/ready button more easily, using a controller button (Y for Xbox-type controllers) rather than having to manually navigate to it.
  • Each gun now has an inset distance for where its bullets spawn, so shooting targets who are standing close to you is easier. Some guns have more than others based on muzzle distance (ie sniper bullet spawns 3 distance units in, but pistol only 1).
  • Minor changes made to reduce the advantages of having a non-16:9 resolution screen: gravestones (and sleeping pets) are now only visible within the 16:9 vision area, and the sleeping pet has line of sight checks on it. Teammates and campfire state (active/used) will also only become visible once they’re within the 16:9 vision box. These changes only apply during a match (not in the pre-game lobby).
  • High-ping mode now activates faster for ping spikes, triggering after 2 spikes rather than 3.
Game Balance
  • Bow & Sparrow charge time lowered from 0.633s to 0.5s. As well, projectile speed has been increased from 175 to 178 for uncommon bows and from 180 to 182 for rare bows. These changes help make the bow easier to use and provide more reliable damage.
  • Sparrow tracking time has also been increased: from 5.5s to 6s for uncommon bows, from 6s to 7s rare bows. Sparrow Launcher tracking has also been boosted from 7s to 10s for epic rarity and from 10s to 12s for legendary versions. This improves the utility of both weapons, but further differentiates the Sparrow Launcher with superior tracking.
  • Dogna’s Dart Gun projectile speed has been increased from 136 to 140 for uncommon rarity, and 139 to 143 for rare, to help with hitting targets.
  • AK’s recoil pattern has slightly changed so that there’s more variation between the 3rd and 4th shot (from +4 degrees down to -1 degrees now).
    AK’s spawn weight was reduced in non-solo game modes from 33 to 27, and spawn weight in Rebel Caches from 10 to 8. This makes it a little more difficult to stack AKs in team games.
  • S.A.W. Impossible Tape now only repairs a maximum of 1 tick of armor rather than 2.
  • Claw boots now provide 2.5x loot from cutting grass (up from 2x), and creeping can be used to avoid cutting grass while wearing them.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed gravestones appearing a bit squished horizontally in game.
    Added a check that should fix the bug where the game put the “new item” exclamation mark on all items when signing in and playing on a different device with an existing account.
  • Fixed a bug where pets would appear incorrectly over top of objects sometimes.
  • Fixed compression issues on certain items: Donk/Howl t-shirts, Gray Jeweled Glasses, Military Helmet, SAW Helmet, Medic Helmet, Police Hat, Skunk Hat, and the Variety Tophat.
  • Players can no longer be pushed by other players or emus while capturing a flag in S.A.W. vs Rebellion.
  • Fixed a controller bug where pressing buttons (aside from joysticks) wouldn’t activate controller mode.
  • Reduced stuttering for bots that occurred when they changed targets or paths.
  • Fixed a bug where the beach balls were sometimes not kickable.
  • Fixed a bug where a player at 0 health could survive if healing from campfire or health juice occurred on the same tick.
  • Translation fixes.

How to download updates for Super Animal Royale for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Super Animal Royale, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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