Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Garden Event: Brewster’s Sweet Harvest [2nd Half]

Update: the second half of the Brewster’s Sweet Harvest event for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now live. There’s new flowers to grow, new tasks to complete, and new rewards to unlock. Also, the hard tasks are also live: you need to complete the sets of tasks for the first and second halves before you can tackle them, though!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Brewster’s Sweet Harvest: What is it?

As teased in the past few days, the latest garden event for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp went live today. It’s called Brewster’s Sweet Harvest, and it runs until September 11th (with the event divided in two parts, the second one beginning on September 4th).

Here’s what the event is all about: Brewster has come to your campsite in search of a rare type of creatures: bumbledrops. To help him, you need to grow flowers that can attract them. Of course, you will be rewarded for doing so: by completing the tasks set by Brewster, you can earn some special pieces of furniture and more. You can even view an extra special ending if you complete all the tasks!

Starting with this event, there’s a new set of hard tasks, that you can tackle once you’re done with those from the first and second half. As the name implies, they’re harder than regular tasks, but they’re totally worth it: they allow you to get recoloured versions of the furniture and clothes you can get from the regular tasks. Unfortunately, they do not unlock a special cutscene when they have all been completed, and the rewards are not displayed in the Catalog.

Also, rare creatures are now easier to catch, and various adjustments to game balance have been made.

Don’t forget to check the set of Timed Goals that went live alongside the event: you will find details about them on this page! Also, 2 Sweet Harvest Packs are also available from the store (they include bonus flower food), and you can find details about them on the same page.

Here’s the rare creatures available during the event:

  • petite bumbledrop
  • jelly bumbledrop
  • garden bumbledrop (from September 4th)
  • royal bumbledrop (from September 4th)

Here’s the seasonal plants available during the event (cannot be cross-pollinated):

  • green berrypetals
  • blue berrypetals (can be traded for red berrypetals during the second half of the event)
  • red berrypetals (from September 4th)

NB: these plants can only be exchanged for items during the event! Once it’s over, the following will be converted to Bells if they’re in your inventory:

  • petite bumbledrop
  • jelly bumbledrop
  • garden bumbledrop
  • royal bumbledrop
  • green berrypetals
  • blue berrypetals
  • red berrypetals

If they’re in your garden, the following will simply disappear once the event is over:

  • petite bumbledrop
  • jelly bumbledrop
  • garden bumbledrop
  • royal bumbledrop

And here’s some additional notes about the event:

  • if you get more seasonal seeds, seasonal plants, or seasonal creatures than allowed by your inventory limit, any seed, plant or creature in excess will be lost;
  • you can plant seasonal seeds even after the event has ended, but the resulting plants will not attract any rare creatures;
  • you can still collect the rewards from the first half of the event during the second half.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Brewster’s Sweet Harvest: How to play

  • Step 1: collect seeds.

During this event, you can get different types of seeds:

  1. green berrypetals seeds: you can order those from Lloid in the garden, using Bells, and you can also get them by completing Animals requests. You cannot order them once the event is over;
  2. blue berrypetals seeds: you can sometime get these by fulfilling animal requests. You cannot get them once the event is over.
  • Step 2: grow plants.

Once you have seeds, you need to plant them. When the plants bloom, rare creatures will be drawn to them. The type of creature you get depends on the type of seeds you planted.

  1. green berrypetals: petite bumbledrop
  2. blue berrypetals: jelly bumbledrop

NB: you can use flower food to speed up the growing process! You can even have Lloid fertilize your plants for you, but you will have to part with some of your Leaf Tickets to do so.

  • Step 3: collect rare creatures.

Use your bug net to catch the rare creatures attracted by your plants. The more you catch, the more rewards (including limited-time items) you will be able to get!

  • Step 4: help your friends.

Once you’ve caught them, you can share rare creatures with other players, in their gardens. Doing so will sometime reward you with seeds… sharing is caring, as they say! There’s even tasks that require you to trade with your friends (shared creatures do disappear from your inventory, but your task counts will not go down).

If you don’t want to catch rare creatures by yourself, you can use Leaf Tickets and pay Lloid so that he does it for you. He never misses, and you can rely on him when you want to be certain of a catch.

Finally, you can trade seasonal plants you harvest for some happy items (but only during this event), including some that will help you during this event. Just talk to Lloid for more information!

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