Medabots Girls Mission

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Daily Briefs (April 12) – Mega Man / Minecraft

Today’s Daily Briefs: a cancelled comic project for Minecraft, a logo for the upcoming Mega Man animated series, official Medabots store in Japan, and more!

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[Japan] Screens and trailer for upcoming 3DS games (Medabots Girls Mission)

In this post, you will find screenshots and trailers for several games coming soon on Nintendo 3DS, in Japan. That includes Medabots Girls Mission!

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Daily Briefs (Feb. 24) – PoPoLoCrois manga / Retro Studios

Today’s Daily Briefs: a new website for Retro Studios, new part of the PoPoPoLoCrois manga, Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympics arcade launch, and more!

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Daily Briefs (Feb. 22) – Splatoon candies / Mega Man Legacy Collection screens

Today’s Daily Briefs: some Splatoon candies in Japan, some screenshots for Mega Man Legacy Collection, artbook for Hyrule Warriors Legends, and more!

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Daily Briefs (Jan. 18) – Fire Emblem Fates map pack, more

Today’s Daily Briefs: map pack for Fire Emblem Fates, a prototype for Rockman EXE 3, a new Nintendo eShop game from Starsign in Japan, and more!

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