Medabots: Girls Mission – Gameplay details and screens (Hyper Finish, Ogre Maxim)

Medabots Girls MissionA few weeks ago, Rocket Company announced one more Medabots game for the Nintendo 3DS, called Medabots: Girls Mission. As the name implies, it puts the focus on the many female characters from the series, and it’s certainly not a choice that was made in order to attract a female audience… quite the opposite.

Unlike other entries in the series, Medabots: Girls Mission is rated Cero C (Japanese equivalent of a PEGI 16). There’s a good reason for that: the game features a clothes-breaking system. During battle, you can use a Medaforce attack if you manage to fill up the the special attack gauge. If you keep filling it up to 200%, you can then use a Medaforce Burst attack.

But that’s not all: you can also perform a “Hyper Finish” move if you deal the finishing blow with a Medaforce Burst attack, and successfully inputting the command that appears on the screen. What’s so special about that move? When it lands, it damages the clothes of the opponent: each girl and Medabot have their own animation for that.

Rocket Company also gave details about a feature called “Ogre Maxim”, which allows you to significantly increase the capabilities of your Medabot:

  • increases parts abilities
  • shortens cooldown of parts
  • increases the Medaforce gauge

Of course, there’s some restrictions: you can only use it once per battle, and its efficiency/duration depends on the points for parts (the lower, the better). Using it at the right time will be key to winning many battles!

Finally, here’s the latest batch of screenshots for Medabots: Girls Mission on Nintendo 3DS:

Medabots: Girls Mission (3DS) comes out on March 10th in Japan.

Via: Siliconera


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