Daily Briefs (April 12) – Mega Man / Minecraft

Today’s Daily Briefs:

  • Fire Emblem Fates
  • Mega Man
  • Minecraft
  • Medabots
  • Natsume

Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem FatesYesterday, Nintendo opened the European page for Fire Emblem Fates: you can click here to check it out! Unfortunately, there’s nothing really new to be found in there… That being said, the page does confirm the download size for the digital version of the game: 12 022 blocks / 1.5GB, which is for both versions of the game (Birthright and Conquest).

Mega Man

Next year, the Mega Man series will celebrate its 30th Anniversary. Capcom previously announced that there would be a animated series, in collaboration with Dentsu Entertainment. And on the official website of the company, Protodude from Rockman Corner found what may well be the official logo of the animated series.

Here it is:


Minecraft is a extremely popular, especially among kids. Naturally, a comic based on that game would definitely be successful. Brandon Sheffield thought it would be a good way to expand the Minecraft universe, so he went to see mojang in order to pitch his idea. Unfortunately, his project ultimate fell through, after three years spent trying to get it going.

On his personal blog, he posted a rather long post in order to talk about his Minecraft comic project, complete with some concept-art:

You can click here to read it!


Today, Rocket Company opened its official store for the Medabots series (the Medarotters Store), which can be found there. Some goodies can be found there, such as a tote bag and some t-shirts. There’s also the official artbook for Medabots 9 and Medabots Girls Mission, which will be released sometime in June. It will cost 5 184 Yen, and includes illustrations, comics, design documents, and more.

Here’s some preview pages:


In the 4th part of their annual Winter Q&A, Natsume once again explained why Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is not coming to Nintendo 3DS. With that game, their goal is to reach new players, which is why they went and planned it for platforms which were yet to get a Harvest Moon game. As for potential upcoming Natsume games for the Nintendo 3DS, they explained that they were “definitely keeping [their] options open”.

Source: Natsume


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