Medabots Girls Mission: action game for the 3DS, to be announced in Famitsu


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Medabots 9 came out less than two weeks ago (on December 24th), and Rocket Company is already about to announce the next one. This week, Famitsu magazine will reveal a brand new Medabots game for the Nintendo 3DS, which is different from the latest entries. It’s called Medabots Girls Mission, and it’s an action game (not a turn-based RPG).

Medabots Girl Mission will have over 20 female characters from the various Medabots games, and your goal will be to participate and win the Artemis Cup. This time, the Robattles will pit two teams of 2 medabots, and you will get to control your Medabot using buttons (X, B, Y, A correspond to one unit).

It looks like you will be able to deepen your bond with your Medabot partners, which will allow you to become even stronger (which also applies to your Medabots). There will also be local multiplayer (up to 4 players), as well as co-op for the main story (with two players). Finally, there will be online multiplayer, with 1 vs 1 battles.

Of course, Medabots Girls Mission will feature plenty of Medabots: 100 in total, that you will be able to customise at will (head, arms, legs). Winning battles will allow you to get new parts, but also points to strengthen your Medabots.

Here’s some of the staff working on the game:

Chara-designer: Izumi Sai
Medabots designer: Horuma Rin

Just like the previous entries on Nintendo 3DS, Medabots Girls Mission will get two versions: Kabuto and Kuwagata, each with their own exclusive content (Medabots, etc.).

Here’s a first scan for the game:

We should be getting more details and scans within the next few days!

Medabots Girls Mission (3DS) comes out on March 10th in Japan. It will cost 5 800 Yen (+ taxes).

Source: Famitsu
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