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[Japan] Media Create sales for Week 52, 2018 (December 24th – December 30th)

Here’s the latest sales report from Media Create (and Famitsu), covering Week 52 2018 in Japan. 2018 ends with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the Nintendo Switch at #1!
Update: added Media Create sales (Top 30)!

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Daily Briefs (Dec. 27) – Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes / Dragon Marked for Death

Today’s Daily Briefs: countdown pictures for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, TV Commercial for Dragon Marked for Death, trailer for Wizard’s Symphony, latest set of pictures for BLADE ARCUS Rebellion from Shining, footage for Zoids Wild: King of Blast, more screenshots for Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi with Power-Up Kit, TV Commercials for Go Vacation, latest sets of DLC for Warriors Orochi 4 and WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom, and latest Tool Assisted Speedrun video!

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Daily Briefs (Dec. 14) – Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes / Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Today’s Daily Briefs: second trailer for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, pictures for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, another soundtrack sample for Team Sonic Racing, latest videos for Fitness Boxing, Japanese overview trailer for GO Vacation, videos and pictures for Onimusha Warlords, latest video clip for Kunio-kun: The World Classics Collection, launch trailer for Atari Flashback Classics, latest promo video for Diablo III: Eternal Collection, and latest videos for Little Friends -Dogs & Cats-!

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Daily Briefs (July 27, Round 3): Rocket League / SNK Heroines ~Tag Team Frenzy~

Today’s Daily Briefs (Round 3): details and pictures for the next update for Rocket League, video presentation for SNK Heroines ~Tag Team Frenzy~, Anime Expo panel recording for Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk, latest video clips for Etrian Odyssey X, Oxenfree pre-orders to go live next week (Limited Run Games), latest player showcase picture for NBA 2K19, latest trailer for Go Vacation, Ver. 2.0 update for Cube Creator X, Nintendo Switch screen cover, latest episode of the Weekly Inazuma Walker webshow, latest set of pictures for Mega Man 11 and Okami HD, and videos for Mega Man X Legacy Collection!

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Daily Briefs (July 27, Round 2): Overcooked! 2 / Gal Metal / SaGa Scarlet Grace

Today’s Daily Briefs: pre-order trailer for Overcooked! 2, details on European release for Gal Metal, more pictures for SaGa Scarlet Grace and Blade Strangers, Japanese release date for LEGO DC Super-Villains, latest player showcase picture for NBA 2K19, Nickelodeon Kart Racers announced for the Nintendo Switch, launch trailer for Go Vacation, video message for Shining Resonance Refrain, and trailers for Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2!

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Nintendo news (July 10): WarioWare Gold / Go Vacation

Today’s Nintendo news: latest trailer for WarioWare Gold, overview trailer for Go Vacation, latest episode of Nintendo Minute (Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker), video for Mario Tennis Aces, results of the latest Party Crash event in ARMS, latest preview for the Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Drama CD, latest videos for Nintendo Labo, and Episode 2 of the Frizzy’s Silly amiibo Theater and Ask Izzy!

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