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Omega Strikers (Switch): all the updates (latest update: Micropatch)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various updates for Omega Strikers on Nintendo Switch (originally released on April 27th 2023 in North America and Europe, and April 28th 2023 Japan)!

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Omega Strikers – Micropatch

  • Release date: September 21st 2023 (North America, Europe) / September 22nd 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Asher, on the wings of some bugfixes (and some intended buffs) really carved her own path. We’re reducing the effectiveness her SPECIAL has in locking people down, knocking them out, and scoring. We’re also taking down her Barrier Beam damage substantially; it’s proven too effective as a KO tool even without Awakenings backing it.
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 200 (+100% Power) → 175 (+87.5% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1380 (+200% Power) → 1330 (175% Power)
    • Cooldown :: 35s → 40s
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 120 (+60% Power) → 100(+50% Power)
    • Core Knockback unchanged
    • [BUGFIX] :: Minimum stun time for the knockback is no longer .3s (unintentionally got reverted, which caused players to get locked down by the ability more)
Era is battling with the best of them. We’re bumping the Bewitching Beam back to better balance.


    • Cooldown :: 8s → 8.5s
    • Buff / Debuff Time :: 2.25s → 2s
If you skipped the blurb at the beginning, first of all, how dare you, second of all: bigger Finii changes are coming in a future patch!


Juliette is the preeminent brawler at high MMRs and in tournaments. We’re grounding her a bit, though she’ll probably still rise from the ashes.
    • Cooldown :: 16s → 18s
We gave players more control over Blobbos, but that unintentionally made her a bit harder to use. We’re letting her Strike ‘suggestions’ to Blobbos last a bit longer – and are upping her damage as well.
    • Strike suggestion hold time :: .25s → .4s
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 170 (+85% Power) → 185 (+92.5% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1320 (+170% Power) → 1350 (+185% Power)
We might have given Obscura a bit too much power in the last micropatch. We’re pulling back a bit on the range, and also pulling some power elsewhere from Unstable Anomaly to, well, stabalize it.
    • Cooldown :: 7s- >7.5s
    • PvP Damage :: 250 (+125% Power) → 200(+100% Power)
    • Range :: 750 → 700
We’re making it so if you stick around for her show, it’ll cost you. More visits to the School of Rock will end up in detention.


    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 170 (+85% Power) → 185 (+92.5% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1320 (+170% Power) → 1350 (+185% Power)
    • LIGHT chain hit damage and knockback unchanged
    • Max PvP Damage and Knockback Multiplier for Full Charge :: 2.25x → 2.5x
    • Max PvP Damage and Knockback :: 360 (+180% Power) → 400 (+200% Power)
It’s hard to hit things with your head, even when it’s a big one! We’re giving X more opportunities and more payout for his difficult-to-land dashing attack.
    • Cooldown :: 14s → 13s
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 190 (+95% Power) → 200 (+100% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1360 (+190% Power) → 1380 (+200% Power)
Zentaro has been on the receiving end of a lot of buffs and then a lot of nerfs. While he is most effective (and annoying) at whittling enemies down, we’re giving him some better finishing power for one of his harder to hit abilities.
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 160 (+80% Power) → 180 (+90% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1300 (+160% Power) → 1340 (+180% Power)


Big Fish
Size isn’t everything, but it is a VERY good stat. Like Stagger. In this case, Big Fish will remain big, but it will grant a bit less sturdiness.
  • Stagger :: 300 → 200
Bulk Up
Bulk Up has never been the belle of the ball. We suspect it still won’t be the best in slot for most, but it should provide a better offensive contribution when you’ve accumulated a bunch of stagger.
  • Power per 100 max Stagger :: 1.5 → 1.75
Reverberation, like Bulk Up, grants good defense but doesn’t really convert it meaningfully. We’re taking a big swing here to make it live up to its promise.
  • Cooldown per 100 max Stagger :: .8 → 1.5
Spark of Agility is overperforming largely due to its base stats. We’re going to be pulling that back, but give better bonuses to its neighbors in Sparkington City as they are currently lackluster.


Spark of Agility
  • Base Speed :: 2% → 1%
  • Speed per Spark :: 7% → 6%
Spark of Focus
  • Base Cooldown Rate :: 2 → 4
  • Cooldown per Spark :: 10 → 12
Spark of Power
  • Power per Spark :: 20 -> 22
Spark of Resilience
  • Base Stagger :: 50 → 100
Stacks on Stacks
The pancakes have always been a staple of the meta. Lately, though, it’s risen to the top of the heap. We’re bumping it down to a more reasonable place, so it doesn’t stack up so well against the other options.
  • Speed per Stack :: .12% → .10%
  • Max Speed :: 24% → 20%

Omega Strikers – Micropatch

  • Release date: September 7th 2023 (North America, Europe) / September 8th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Ai.MI has absolutely infected the hearts, minds, and computers of players. She’s still our most popular Striker and is also winning a large proportion of her games. One culprit is the usefulness of Firewall Sentry, given its relative (to her other abilities) ease of use.
    • Cooldown :: 30s → 35s
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 140 (+70% Power) → 125 (+62.5% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 819 (+91% Power) → 800 (+80% Power)
Asher’s shield was patched up a bit and is once again a dominant force at high levels of play, so we’re slowing down her barrier-ing.
    • Cooldown :: 8s → 9s
Atlas has been the stoic angel, protecting his teammates a bit too well. We’re reducing his save attempts and giving patient opponents some better counterplay.
    • Cooldown :: 45s → 50s
    • Duration of Guardian :: 3.5s → 3s
Dubu (and Atlas) have been running the meta from the net. We’re slowing his roll.
    • Cooldown :: 18s → 20s
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 180 (+90% Power) → 170 (+85% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1340 (+180% Power) → 1320 (+170% Power)
The consummate professional has been slowly creeping up the winner boards (that a thing?). She is great at putting the Core in the net! We want her to keep that strength, so we’re just tuning down her damage a tiny bit.
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 130 (+65% Power) → 120 (+60% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1240 (+130% Power) → 1220 (+120% Power)
Bumping up some of Finii’s damage output, following bugfixes to her PRIMARY last micropatch.
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 160 (+80% Power) → 180 (+90% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1300 (+160% Power) → 1340 (+180% Power)
Rune has always been one of the trickiest of the Strikers to play. We’re removing some emphasis on his damage combos and giving him some range so he can better control the Core.
    • Increase Pillar Range :: 600 → 750
    • Same pillar damage reduction :: 90% → 99%
Due to how impactful Vyce was with rocking out initially, we had her SPECIAL at unusually high cooldown. Players have learned better to counter it, so we’re pulling back some of the protection. Time to DODGE.
    • Cooldown :: 45s → 40s
With our micropatch we also bring a new rotation. Sparkington City is back!!! Orbs are out! …temporarily. Oh, and Glass Cannon is joining them on the sideline. Aside from those, we have a couple small adjustments to some of the other ones.



: Orbs (Orb Dancer, Orb Ponderer, Orb Replicator) and Glass Cannon


: Sparkington City (Spark of Strength, Spark of Agility, Spark of Focus, Spark of Resilience)

Built Different
  • Impact bonus damage :: 10% → 5% (2% on Core → 1% on Core)
Bulk Up
All the Stagger conversion trainings have been left behind again. Bumping up their durability and thus their synergy with each other.
  • Max Stagger :: 300 → 350
  • Max Stagger :: 300 → 350
Peak Performance
  • Max Stagger :: 300 → 350
Catalyst has been the keystone of the Energy Exodia build. While the other Energy awakenings are performing below average, Catalyst has been seeing a lot of success and a lot of focus. We’re bringing it down a notch and will reassess the state of the rest of the Energy options afterward.
  • Energy on taking hits :: 6 (2 for LIGHT hits) → 4.5 (1.5 for LIGHT hits)
Eject Button
  • SECONDARY Cooldown :: 25% → 30%
Heavy Impact
  • Cooldown Refund for multi-hits :: 25% → 35%
  • Max CD refund :: 10s → 14s
Missile Propulsion
  • Damage Bonus :: 15% → 20%
Perfect Form
  • Cooldown :: 15% (5% for light hits) (max 1.5/.5s)→ 20% CD reduction (6.66% for light hits) (max 2/.666s)
Primetime took a lot of nerfs and is STILL SLIGHTLY too strong. We’re bringing it down just a final smidge.
  • Damage Reduction for PRIMARY :: 10% → 15%
Siphoning Wand
Siphoning Wand has been underperforming slightly since its back-to-back nerfs.
  • Drain :: 3.5% → 4%
Specialized Training
  • 55% → 50%
Super Surge
  • Damage Bonus :: 25% → 30%

Omega Strikers – Micropatch

  • Release date: September 1st 2023 (North America, Europe) / September 2nd 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:


The Slip (Closed Secondary)

  • Cooldown 10->11

Crooked Leverage (Closed Primary)

  • Cooldown 10->11
  • Damage 170->140 (0.85->0.7 Power)
  • Knockback unchanged

(Open) Secondary + Special

  • Damage + Knockback 200->180 (1->0.9x Power)
  • Core hits 1380->1340 (2->1.8x Power)
  • Cooldown: 13->15

Stagger grow tier: 500->375


Misdirection (Primary):

  • Projectile is now like 15% bigger and a little faster

Omega Strikers – Ver. 3.0 (Season 2)

  • Release date: August 24th 2023 (North America, Europe) / August 25th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Yeah, you read that correctly. There’s an ENTIRE VISUAL NOVEL now in Omega Strikers for Summer Splash.
Head to the beach with Asher, Juno, Estelle, X, Juliette, or Dubu! Progress through the event, hang out with your new friends, get to know them better, and unlock new stuff in game! There’s even missions for you to complete, some of which will even grant you fresh new titles and emotes!

[NEW] Inky’s Splash Zone
  • We have a brand new map that’s incredibly interactive and breaks the boundaries of our previous designs! It’s always summer at Inky’s Splash Zone, always wild, and everyone is always prone to getting SOAKED. When you take down a barrier on this map, the corner without the barrier turns into a KO zone and gives your team access to a water blaster that’ll knock enemies into the deep end.
[NEW] Gates of Obscura
  • The Gates of Obscura take us in a different direction than the fun-loving Splash Zone. Here, we’ll explore the depths of the void and source of Rune’s power. The portals on the map will possibly get you turned-around and upside-down, but once you master them, you can melt the brains of your enemies and dominate the map. There’s crazy new angles on this map and things will get even spicier in Overtime, so keep your head on a swivel.
Maps Rotation
Like Awakenings, we’ll now rotate maps in and out on occasion to highlight new options and improve the meta.
  • Rotated Out: Ahten City and Demon Dais will have their places taken by the new maps: Inky’s Splash Zone and Gates of Obscura.
  • Maps’ Chance to Roll: Historically it’s been completely equal, but for the first weekend, Inky’s Splash Zone will have a higher chance to appear! We’ll probably highlight Gates of Obscura down the road as well!
UI / Systems
  • Recast abilities now have a slightly different icon background color when they’re reactivatable. Applies to:
    • Ai.Mi’s PRIMARY
    • Era’s SPECIAL
    • Finii’s SPECIAL
    • Rasmus’s SECONDARY
    • Vyce’s SECONDARY
    • X’s STRIKE
  • It’s (soft) reset time! Congratulations on your climb for this season. We hope you climbed to where you wanted and didn’t tilt into oblivion. Let’s see what new heights you can soar to in Season 2!
    • Almost everyone will end up in silver or below, with the highest ranks (challenger and above) resetting to gold or platinum.

Yeah there’s A LOT OF NEW SKINS. Some in the shop, some in the Striker Pass!

  • Summer Splash
    • Asher
    • Juno
    • Estelle
    • X
    • Dubu
    • Juliette
  • Spirit Warden Zentaro
    • Blackheart Spirit Warden Zentaro
    • Ghostwood Spirit Warden Zentaro
  • Red Rose Estelle
  • Cat Butler Kai
We’ve seen some higher lethality overall during the early stages of matches than we’d like. We’re giving strikers a bit more breathing room before the brawl becomes overwhelming.
  • Base Stagger :: 1125 → 1200
[NEW] Kazan
Say hello to our little frenzied enforcer. Kazan is… crazy, but he’s got a soft side for family. Much like his personality, he has a wild and unique playstyle where he utilizes his umbrella in a variety of different ways – swapping forms, leaping about the map, and comboing his abilities together to be our most mechanically challenging Striker to date. He’s here to lend Clarion Corp a little extra muscle in exchange for their help curing his big Sis.
    • Knock the Core with a LIGHT hit that has greater force generated by the point of the umbrella.
    • Dash a short distance, passing by all targets.
    • Float up in the air, becoming Elusive. Elusive targets are invulnerable and untargetable.
    • Hook all enemies in a line towards you.
    • LIGHTLY hit all enemies in a line, pushing them towards the top of the umbrella. The umbrella will then spin rapidly, dealing multiple LIGHT hits leading up to a final, more powerful flourish..
    • Pop open or Retract the umbrella, unlocking a different set of abilities per form.
    • Maddening Descent: While floating from Carried Away, reactivate to dive downwards and slam all nearby enemies.
      Pop-Up: During The Slip, popping the umbrella will hit all nearby enemies and stop the dash.
Finii is not really winiing so we’re reducing her Special cooldown. While we expect this to be an overall buff, we do have bugfixes that will also make the BIG FINISH slightly more fair for opponents to play around.
    • Cooldown :: 35s → 30s
    • The Core now can escape Big Finish noticeably easier especially when Energy Burst is used
    • [BUGFIX] No longer slows or vacuums enemies who are EVASIVE
    • [BUGFIX] Finii ultimate no longer incorrectly holds on to the core when being hit with Energy Burst
    • [BUGFIX] Implemented a likely fix to a rare bug where Finii ultimate would crash custom games.
      • If this still occurs, please let us know.
We’re giving Juno more control over Blobbos, especially for chained hits. The commands to Blobbos have to be made within a tighter window, but Blobbos will also hold the Core for a tad longer while waiting for Juno’s command.
    • Blobbos hold time :: .15s → .25s
    • Blobbos speed (as a % of Juno’s) :: 90% → 100%
    • Strike override (Juno’s command to direct Blobbo’s) linger duration :: .75s → .25s
    • [NEW] :: Juno’s Strike cooldown refreshes when a Blobbo uses Juno’s strike override direction
    • [BUGFIX] Juno can now consistently strike the Core underneath her while she’s jumping
Her inventiveness has her more prepared than the average Striker to explore new maps!
    • [NEW] Now extends duration when teleporting (relevant for Gates of Obscura)
Trying to fix more bugs on one of our more… bug prone Strikers.
  • [BUGFIX] Can now cast primary during her secondary without the ability cancelling 
  • [BUGFIX] Primary shield has had some bug fixes to prevent the core from going through it. Again.
Even with recent buffs, Hotshot is still more like warmshot. We’re touching it up to really push the pace.
  • Core Hit amplifier :: 12% → 15%
  • [BUGFIX] Description updated to include the maximum refund amount
Momentum Boots
Momentum Boots have been dominating the goalie gear slot for a while. By taking the Speed down a notch, they’ll grant less coverage of the goal arc.
  • Movement Speed per Stack :: 1.75% → 1.5%
  • Max Movement Speed over 10 seconds :: 22.5% → 20%
The time has been prime for too long. We’re taking serious swings because it was simply the best for too many characters.
  • Hit Amp :: 5% → 0%
  • Hit Reduction :: 0% → 10% (2% for Core)
  • Standard recast time between charges :: .5s → 1.5s
    • Drek’Ar’s recast timing is unchanged
Strike Shot
Accidentally got shortened in 2.3, we’re finally bringing it back to its previous glory.
  • [BUGFIX] No longer unintentionally shorter. Missile speed corrected as well.
  • [BUGFIX] Speed buff is no longer lost when another haste effect is applied
  • [BUGFIX] Now correctly increases damage and knockback for:
    • Ai.Mi special
    • Finii Special
    • Asher Special
  • A new set of Orb trainings can be found in Quickplay!
  • Ai.Mi Secondary no longer locks her out from using eject button slightly longer than intended
  • Dubu Special no longer sends the Core flying at mach 5 (it’ll still go fast, but won’t break the Core speed cap)
  • Rasmus’s and Drek’ar’s SECONDARIES are now appropriately tagged as BUFFS (previously just HASTES).
  • Heavy Impact should now work when an ability hits two friendly units
  • Tactical callouts probably work correctly now all the time. (Probably. We did some stuff and can’t reproduce the bug any longer, but it

    still occur. Let us know if it does.)

  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to experience some issues when entering overtime when playing in non-english languages
  • Emotes and tactical callouts should no longer get stuck above player’s heads for the whole game.
    • Added Melee Tag to Zentaro Special
    • Added Buff tag to Rasmus Secondary
    • Added buff tag to Drek’ar SecondaryAdded missing tags on the following abilities: (gameplay unchanged)
  • Can now activate Night Market speed gates while elusive.
  • Fixed a bug causing Rasmus to lose Twin Drive benefits if his secondary was recast at the last second.
  • Kai Special now properly explodes when hitting targets at close range.
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused Juno to become stuck in her secondary.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to report extremely incorrect latency values, which resulted in poor server placement
  • Made some additional stability improvements to Dubu special to prevent the core from passing through it.

Omega Strikers – Ver. ???

  • Release date: August 17th 2023 (North America, Europe) / August 18th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
The boy is still dominating the net with no regard for human, or opposing giant hamster thing, life.
    • Cooldown :: 8s → 9s
We created a new stagger grouping in the last micropatch for Kai, Juno, and Finii. Era should fit in this grouping better than the heavy weights she was previously with.
  • Stagger Growth over levels :: 500 → 425
Juno doesn’t excel at dishing out damage but she should excel at avoiding it. Giving her some more opportunities to be elusive.
    • Cooldown :: 10s → 9s
One-Two Punch
One-Two Punch has notable high moments (like Juliette looking at you sideways) but despite some of its best users being great in the meta, it wasn’t performing great on a whole. We’re boosting its brawlin’ effect a tiny bit but amping up its Core Hit a bigger bit so it can be used for goals or powerful passes too!
  • Hit amplifier for second hit within 2.5s :: 25% → 30%
  • Core Hit amplifier :: 5% → 15%
Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire used to be a go-to pickup. Ole reliable. Nowadays, it’s bland, overshadowed, and weaker than other options. We’re bumping up the rapidity of the fire so it will get rapidly selected in drafts.
  • PRIMARY cooldown reduction :: 33% → 40%
Stacks on Stacks
The pancakes withstood the previous nerf and remained one of the best pickups in the game. We’re toning down the reward for stacking up once again.
  • Speed per Stack :: .15% → .12% (30% Speed at Max Stacks → 24%)
Twin Drive
Charges are real powerful! We’re reducing the extra sweetness of Twin Drive to make up for it. Primetime is in our sights, but it needs more extreme work. That’ll be in the coming larger patch.
  • SECONDARY cooldown reduction :: 10% → 5%

Omega Strikers – Ver. ???

  • Release date: August 3rd 2023 (North America) / August 4th 2023 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
She’s still more trick(y to play) than magic. We’re giving her a few more attempts at sleight of hand and a sturdier frame to boot so she can stay on stage.
    • Cooldown :: 8s → 7s
  • Stagger Gain Over Levels :: 375 → 425
When it comes to brawling and lethality, it’s no surprise that Juno can’t hang. Though, with a little help, she might be able to take it, SURVIVE, and let the Blobbos do their work.
  • Stagger Gain Over Levels :: 375 → 425
Kai used to set the pace for goalies and forwards. These days, picking Kai forward might send you a bit backward. We’re giving him some buffs that will hopefully make him blaze along more freely in the midfield.
    • HASTE Duration :: 3s → 4s
  • Stagger Gain Over Levels :: 375 → 425
Vyce has toed the line of nerfs since her release. She’s been a staple of brawling based teams and is finally getting some of her most consistent damage tuned down to a lower chord. Where does that leave her on the tier list now? B flat? Sorry. Bad joke.
    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 185 (+92.5% Power) → 170 (+85% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1350 (+185% Power) → 1320 (+170% Power)
    • Chaining LIGHT Hits PvP Knockback and Damage :: 120 (+60% Power) → 110 (+55% Power)
    • Chaining LIGHT Hits Core Knockback :: 878 (+120% Power) → 858 (+110% Power)
Zentaro is the most banned Striker in the high elos, in part due to his blade just being literally everywhere. We’re slowing down his tirade by increasing his cooldowns. He might miss a stuffing opportunity or two now.
    • Number of hits required :: 10 → 12
      • (This won’t show up in-game but it’s there. Source: just trust me bro)
    • Cooldown :: 35 → 40

As a general approach, we’re buffing options that are more defensive or rooted in utility and nerfing those that contribute to damage. We also eyed some outliers that were clearly out of whack!

Big Fish
Size is a really strong stat! Both Big Fish and Built Different continue to overperform, so we’re pulling back specifically their size buffs (but leaving other bonuses in the game alone).
  • Size Gain :: 35% → 30%
Built Different
Size is a really strong stat! Both Big Fish and Built Different continue to overperform, so we’re pulling back specifically their size buffs (but leaving other bonuses in the game alone). (I just copied and pasted this from above lol)
  • Size Gain :: 35% → 30%
Catalyst is underperforming a little bit on average, but it does have pop-off moments for multi-hitters which didn’t feel all that appropriate. So we’re giving it a bit of a… burf? The offensive pop-off moments should be less egregious, but it should be much better when you’re actually tanking hits. Like a LOT BETTER. Maybe even twice as good? Quick maths.
  • Additional Energy Gained on Hit :: 50% → 20%
    • Energy gained on taking Hit:: 3 (1 for LIGHT hits) → 6 (2 FOR LIGHT hits)
Alright, we get it you egomaniacs. When you take Egoist, you want the ball and you’re gonna score. This should help.
  • Energy Refund for Evade :: 5 → 10
  • Energy Refund for Burst :: 15 → 20
As the preeminent Core Control option, it’s not surprising to see Hotshot struggling when brawling is on the table. Hopefully this will be a small shift in the larger swing of tides.
  • Cooldown Refund :: 30% → 35%
Perfect Form
Perfect Form performed pretty poorly even for its prime people. It should be a more-perfect form after this.
  • Hits reduce other ability cooldowns by :: 12% (4% for LIGHT hits) → 15% (5% for LIGHT hits)
Powerhouse Pauldrons
Giving another buff to this Gear for goalies to deal with brawlers up in their business.
  • Damage Reduction :: 15% → 20%
Prize Fighter
While Prize Fighter isn’t the most popular of pick-ups, it can be very dominant when it’s taken, so we’re knocking it down a peg.
  • Power Per Stack :: 25 → 20
Extra Special
The happy star is now a slightly more emotionally neutral star.
  • Cooldown reduction :: 40% → 30%

Omega Strikers – Ver. ???

  • Release date: July 20th 2023 (North America) / July 21st 2023 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Ok but first maybe one nerf. Dubu is the king of Dubs. He’s been consistently the winningest goalie at all ranks, and now wears the crown at high level play, too. Heavy is the (proportionally smaller) head that wears the crown, so tuning him down a bump. His competitors are pretty close by, and we don’t want to lower the strength of goalies too much more.
    • Cooldown :: 35s → 40s
Era is speccing into Fly mode. Allies are going to be shooting out of the gates with this buff.
    • Initial Speed :: 40% → 60%
    • Min Speed :: 10% → 15%
Finii has some really complex magic tricks. No, seriously, she’s very hard to play! Some might even say 3-star difficulty? While she has some really high highs, we are giving her some more consistent damage to… consistently contribute with.
    • Hiitbox linger lifetime :: .25s → .15s
    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 140 (+70% Power) → 160 (+80% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1260 (+140% Power) → 1300 (+160% Power)
    • Cooldown :: 40s → 35s
    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 180 (+90% Power) → 200 (+100% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: Unchanged
Speaking of tricky tricks and difficulty: Rune has also struggled for a long time to get a foothold. While there are definitely Rune masters, they are few and far between. For this set of buffs, we’re bringing up his Core controlling potential.
    • Cooldown :: 7.5s → 7s
    • Fully formed duration :: 1.5s → 1.75s
Octavia is still the least favored twin (among players. We have no data to suggest which of the two are the parents’ favorite). We’re giving her a tiny buff that’ll help give her more pressure and bridge the gap for Flow State.
    • Cooldown :: 8s → 7.5s
X was the best. Now he’s the rest. As in, he’s RESTing on the sidelines behind all the other bruisers. We’re letting him ring some following the last micropatch. Ding ding ding!
    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 185 (+92.5% Power) → 200 (+100% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1350 (+185% Power) → 1380 (+200% Power)
The blade has been studied. The mastery is complete. Zentaro has sliced and diced competition on every map and in every way imaginable. It’s time we dulled his sword. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you last patch!)
    • Cooldown :: 16s → 18s
    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 180 (+90% Power) → 160 (+80% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1340 (+180% Power) → 1300 (+160% Power)
For this round, no rotations! Just simple, old-fashioned, good-natured, well-meaning buffs. The options below were underperforming, so we’re giving them slight nudges in the right direction. The buffed direction.
  • Powerhouse Pauldrons
    • Power :: 20 → 30
  • Egoist
    • Lingering Haste :: 5% → 10%
  • Fire Up!
    • Energy Share Percent :: 15% → 25%
  • Hot Shot
    • Core hit amplifier :: 10% → 12%

Omega Strikers – Ver. ???

  • Release date: July 13th 2023 (North America) / July 14th 2023 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Atlas should be a great pick against brawl-heavy teams, but he still seems to be falling behind competitors, even when his stars align. To help with that, we’ve giving his heal more… heal?
  • Celestial Intervention [SPECIAL]
    • Percent of max Stagger healed per second :: 10% → 15%
Juliette has been an incredibly strong choice since *checks notes* …forever. She also happens to dominate at high levels of play AND for the average player, so we’re setting our sights on her before Rasmus and Zentaro, who are only problematic in the uppermost echelons. Yeah, that’s right you two, we’re watching you.
  • Flame Flurry [SPECIAL]
    • Cooldown :: 30s → 35s
All aboard!! Last call to Sparkington City! Sparkington Express is shutting down for Summer break (terrible timing if you were waiting for a Sparkington Summer) but, as with all rotated Awakenings, it may be back in one form or another. Which is exactly what we’re doing with some old friends of yours this patch! Most of them are just as you remember, but Stagger Swagger splurged and got a bit of a makeover. Hopefully you dig the new look!
Rotated Out: Sparkington City (Spark of Focus, Strength, Resilience, and Agility)


Rotated In: Perfect Form, One-Two Punch, Stagger Swagger, Prize Fighter


Stagger Swagger
A fresh new, more consistently defensive look for an old friend.
  • Base Speed :: 2% → 8%
  • Enhanced (below 50% Stagger) Speed :: 40% → 20%
  • Healing :: 100 Stagger per second → 150 Stagger per second
It’s still deadeye, just maybe less dead.
  • Hit units over 600 Range harder :: 35% → 30%
Glass Cannon
Because it can be shut down by opponents, Glass Cannon has a bit of additional power baked in compared to other awawkenings. It’s just quite a troublesome task to actually shut it down, and we’ve seen it overperforming for a while, so it’s getting a slight bump down.
  • Speed :: 5% (20% max after not being hit for 10 seconds) → 4% (16% max)
  • Power :: 10 (40 max) → 8 (32 max)
Orb Ponderer
The Orb enhancing Awakenings are sitting close to where we want them. Decent on most maps, excellent in Ahten City. Ponderer was part of the pack that wasn’t quite living up to expectations, though, so we’ve given it a boost!
  • Active Cooldown Reduction :: 20% (40% when fully stacked) → 25% (45% when fully stacked)
Peak Performance
Move over Sparkington City. Staggerton Suburb is the new destination of choice. While most of the Stagger options are adding some heft, Peak Performance is losing a bit of the speed because it was already a dominant selection.
  • Stagger :: 250 → 300
  • Percent of Speed per 100 max Stagger :: 7% → 5%
Bulk Up
  • Max Stagger :: 250 → 300
  • Max Stagger :: 250 → 300
Quick Strikes
Quick Strikes has mostly felt like a niche X pick so we’re making it stronger and making it play real nice with other Energy Awakenings.
  • Energy bonus for strikes :: 1 → 2
Matchmaking Adjustments

We recently upgraded our matchmaking tools to let us fine tune our matchmaking system to a more precise extent.

Using these new tools, we’re rolling out some new matchmaking systems to NA, EU, and JP servers first as a trial to see how it performs on a larger scale.

We’ll be looking to eventually use these new tools to improve the matchmaking experience in other regions as well. However, due to regional differences, the changes on other servers will likely be different from the changes below.

To better suit the variety of ranks on the ladder, this system will differ depending on the ranks.
Here’s a rough breakdown of what we expect to see per rank:


The matchmaker will wait longer before matching into players below challenger, and generally make it much less likely to match with diamonds and below.


The matchmaker will create fewer lobbies with both Omegas and Diamonds. Instead it will create more lobbies with only Challenger+Omega or Challenger+Diamond. It should also be less likely to match with players below diamond. Queue times on average should be slightly higher as a result.


Similar to challenger, there will be fewer lobbies with both Challenger and Platinum, with more matches dedicated to Diamond + Plat only or Diamond + Challenger only. It should also be less likely to match into players below Platinum. As a result, high and mid-diamond queue times will be slightly longer.


There should be fewer games with players from three different ranked tiers. Queue times should be roughly the same.

Gold and below:

Matchmaking will take slightly longer to find matches as it will spend more time looking for players near your rank.

Omega Strikers – Ver. 2.3

  • Release date: July 11th 2023 (North America) / July 12th 2023 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:
High Tea Hijinx
Someone finessed, flipped, and faked out people on a new mode full of fantastic freedom. The mode features 4 new wild maps!! Strikers will battle it out in insane new environments in a first-to-3 frantic showdown.

The 4 maps:

  • Flipped
  • Corner Pocket
  • Back to Back
  • About Face

All Strikers on the map will have their own Hijinx buff which will grant the following:

  • 125 Move Speed
  • 75 Power
  • 30 Ability Haste
    • Note: the maps are larger so the size isn’t particularly apparent but missiles and movement abilities cover relatively less distance35% Size
  • Increased in-game experience gain.
UI / Systems
  • Updated Strike Shot indicator for mobile and console
  • Updated Voiceover logic
    • Strikers will now more frequently play their VO to allies and enemies when using their Specials
      • Octavia and Rune in particular will ALWAYS play their VO to help assist for counterplay purposes
  • Emote Muting!
    • Check it out on the scoreboard!
  • Decay
    • We’ve added a rank decay system for challenger and above.
    • You can bank up some days depending on your rank.
      • You’ll decay LP per day if you don’t have any days banked.
    • You’ll lose previously banked days when you promote.
  • High MMR central server
    • Challenger and above


  • Delicious new Juno flavors! (DO NOT EAT HER)
    • Taro
    • Pumpkin
    • Milk Tea
    • Matcha
  • Gamer Juliette
  • Dubu Barista emote
  • New Titles!
    • Tea Time Tussle – Boba
    • Tea Time Tussle – Jelly
    • Tea Time Tussle – Caffeinated
    • Event – Ignited


Atlas is returning to his lab to soup up his Projection. He’s been a tiny bit behind other meta goalies so we’re giving him some more aggressive options.
  • Astral Projection [PRIMARY]
    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 160 (+80% Power) → 170 (+E damage up : 160->170 (+85% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1300 (+160% Power) → 1320 (+170% Power)
Drek’ar has been a high MMR staple for a while and has made good tournament showings. He cloaked away from nerfs last patch but can’t escape our aim this time.
  • Molten Bolt [SPECIAL]
    • PvP total DoT damage :: 200 (+100% Power) → 180 (+90% Power)
Sibling buffs! Atlas didn’t want to leave his sister in the dust, so he tinkered with her gear too. Hopefully now when she takes the ultimate risk of launching herself at an enemy, it’ll pay off!
    • Cooldown :: 14s → 12s
    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 210 (+105% Power) → 220 (+110% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1385 (+202.5% Power) → 1390 (+205% Power)
The Pendulum has finally swung the other way. After bribing his way into numerous buffs, Rasmus then had the AUDACITY to show off at the tournament stage with his advantaged cooldowns and consistency. We’re pulling them back in line.
  • Whiplash [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown :: 14s → 16s
  • Pendulum Swing [PRIMARY]
    • Cooldown :: 7.5s → 8s
X can still make a game all about himself when he gets the right Awakenings, so we’re treading lightly and letting him stampede over enemies slightly more.
  • Bull Rush [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown :: 15s → 14s


Infinite Awakenings are gone.


We found that the negatives outweighed the purpose it served, which was a safety measure to ensure that players had a higher chance of grabbing a usable Awakening. We want players who succeed in a draft to always feel like their success matters, which failed too often when the best choice was an Infinite Awakening. Additionally, strategies could become too easy to shut down (via infinite Unstoppable, for instance) or too overbearing (like infinite Stinger). While we want Awakenings to change the experience of the game, the shared choices should only be presented at the beginning of the game so you can plan around them with your picks and bans.


  • Fire Up! will no longer grant double energy at round start under some circumstances.
    • The tooltip also now accurately shows how much energy is shared with the team on use of Energy Burst
  • Rune’s Shadow Swap (SECONDARY) will now work in Practice mode
  • Certain abilities will no longer bring the Core to a halt when using a gamepad
  • Knockbacks that knock you directly away from a KO zone will no longer knock your striker out (most relevant to Ai.Mi’s App map)
  • Cast to Last no longer appears as having no effect for Vyce in awakening draft.
  • Eject button now works with Octavia’s secondary
  • Vyce Special no longer casts on release if you attempt to cast any other abilities during the channel
  • Players will no longer consistently go into loading screen and get kicked back to main menu.
  • Alternate language unicode symbols are now useable in name creation.

Omega Strikers – Ver. ???

  • Release date: June 22nd 2023 (North America, Europe) / June 23rd 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
We can’t cap the App. Even following some nerfs targeted at Ai.Mi goalie, she’s still overperforming as the most played and a very winning Striker. We’re bringing down the damage that has been long kept her on top of the charts.
  • Glitch.Pop [PRIMARY]
    • Damage :: 170 (+85% Power) → 160 (+80% Power)
    • PvP Knockback :: 190 (+95% Power) → 160 (+80% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1340 (+180% Power) → 1300 (+160% Power)
    • Missile hitbox linger lifetime :: .15s → .1s
      • We want there to be a slight linger to make the ability easier to use but it was staying out in the world too long. To be clear, it should have never have been invisible but now it’ll end more towards the front end of the VFX
Our favorite shield wall has been a bit crumbled since her small rework. She’s getting a small buff to tide her over.
  • Breakthrough [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown :: 20s → 18s
Juliette has always been THE brawler. With no Unstoppablers to get in her way, she’s risen to the top – especially at high levels of play.
  • Flying Phoenix [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown :: 14s → 16s
  • Fiery Fist [PRIMARY]
    • Damage and PvP Knockback :: 165 (+85% Power) → 155 (+77.5% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1310 (+165% Power) → 1290 (+155% Power)
We overestimated the potency of Octavia’s bugfix and see she’s a bit out of the spotlight. We’re pulling back some of the nerfs and giving her a touch extra to bring her back to a nice place. Maybe we’ll get to hear Thousand Absolutes more!
  • Flow State [SECONDARY]
    • Starting Speed :: 25% → 30%
    • Duration : 2s → 2.25s
  • [NEW] :: New Awakening sets with the new Energy Awakenings and Reverberation added to Quick Play
Vicious Vambrace
  • Stagger restore percent of damage dealt :: 30% → 40%
Specialized Training
  • Extra Damage and Healing for Specials :: 50% → 55%
Siphoning Wand
Even with previous nerfs, Siphoning Wand is overperforming against its competing options, so we’re giving it an even lighter tap.
  • Bonus Damage and Heal :: 4% of enemies’ max stagger → 3.5% of enemies’ max stagger 4% healing and damage dealt → 3.5%
Built Different
  • IMPACT abilities hit 15% harder (3% on Core) → 10% (2% on Core)
Fire Up!
The new Energy Awakenings landed well but Fire Up! was a bit problematic when stacked with allies. We’re reducing the amount it batteries itself in those cases.
  • Energy share for allies :: 30% → 15%
  • Note: Tooltip will still show 0% until next major patch

Omega Strikers – Ver. 2.2

  • Release date: June 13th 2023 (North America, Europe) / June 14th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Surrender System
  • In Normal and Competitive modes, either team may now surrender during the Awakening Draft phase between sets if they have lost at least 2 sets in the game or have a player on their team that is inactive.
    • “Inactive” in most cases means disconnected from the match, but will also apply to players that haven’t made any inputs in 40 seconds of one point.
    • Everyone on the team (not including inactive players) must vote to surrender for a surrender to occur.
  • Teams that surrender lose the match and will lose rank as if they had lost normally.
Auto Match Cancel System
  • If a player is detected as inactive early on into a match, the match will automatically cancel
  • A player that causes an automatic match cancellation will be penalized as if they had lost the match. This penalty will also apply to players in their pre-made group they queued up together with.
  • Penalties will not be incurred if you/your premade member caused an auto-match cancel and it was the first time within the last 2 weeks.
Competitive Mode Integrity Changes
  • Players above Challenger will no longer be able to enter Competitive mode in a premade group, they must queue up solo.
  • Players that solo queue at ANY rank will benefit from higher minimum rating gains if they win a match to balance out cases where they had to fill into a less than ideal match
    • Minimum win rating gains reduced at Challenger tier and above.
New Rank Tier – Pro League
  • We’ve introduced a new rank tier: Pro League. Only the top players in each region can qualify to be within the Pro League tier. A player needs to have at least 100 points in the Omega Tier to be promoted into the Pro League tier.
    • That doesn’t mean once you hit 100 points in Omega you are automatically added to the pro-league!
    • There is a hard limit to the amount of players that can be in the Pro League, so be sure to fight for every LP you can!
  • There is no longer a multiplier that will weigh events more favorably later in the game for the purpose of determining the end of game MVP
Game Content Refund System
  • All accounts start with 3 refund tokens that you can use to refund eligible content.
    • Details on how to use the refund system can be found on our support site.
Night Market and Oni Village

Doing some maintenance on these maps by making the Speed boosts boost speed a tiny bit more, but largely aimed at making the rules more consistent.

  • Oni Village Core speed bonus :: 75 → 100
  • Max Core Speed :: 2,000 → 2,100 (now matches previous Night Market max speed)
  • Night Market Core speed boost will more consistently grant speed up to the max (2,100)
  • [BUGFIX] No longer will slow the Core down if it’s already beyond it’s max speed (most frequently happens with Energy Burst into strike)
Practice Mode
  • You can now head into PRACTICE MODE from the queue selector and practice those sick trick shots

Our favorite app has gone viral: she’s particularly popular and pretty potent. 5 stars. We’re pulling back on how much reach she has, which we suspect will especially tap her down as a goalie.

  • Glitch.Pop [PRIMARY]
    • Range :: 980 → 900
  • Barrier Beam [PRIMARY]
    • [BUGFIX] Shield no longer occasionally lets the core pass through.
  • Flutter Fly [SECONDARY]
    • [BUGFIX] Resolved an issue where quick casts of her secondary in succession via Twin Drive would not correctly apply the full duration of the buff
  • Flame Flurry [SPECIAL]
    • [BUGFIX] Staggered targets getting hit by the light hit portion will no longer be able to Evade before the final hit

Clarion Corp has been hard at work upgrading Rasmus’ signature ability, allowing it to benefit from size, duration, and power modifiers such as Monumentalist and Timeless Creator. Note: Death Touch is still considered a projectile during its initial travel, so it’ll will benefit from projectile modifiers such as Missile Propulsion, but transforms into a creation once it expands. We hope this change gives Rasmus some fun new options during the Awakening draft, even if everyone bans him on Ai.Mi’s App!

  • Death Touch [SPECIAL]
    • Cooldown :: 20s → 18s
    • [NEW] Now considered a CREATION after it enters its empowered state

When Octavia gets flowing, she gets winning. She’s already actually pretty strong AND she has a bugfix buff incoming so we’re making sure she doesn’t flow out of control.

  • Flow State [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown :: Increased from 16s → 18s
    • Base Duration :: Reduced from 2.5s → 2s
    • Haste Gain per Second :: reduced from 2.5% → 2%
    • BUGFIX :: Fixed a bug where Octavia would use a random player’s BUFF duration enhancement stat instead of her own to extend the duration of Flow State
  • Power Chord [PRIMARY]
    • [BUGFIX] Recharge time is no longer unintentionally increased to 8s with Prime Time (always 7s now)
  • Iai Rush [SECONDARY]
    • Indicator now shows full area he’ll hit, instead of location of his dash. This should be much more accurate for enemies now. Note: it’ll also seem bigger for Zentaro but his range is unchanged!
  • Oni’s Blade [SPECIAL]
    • [BUGFIX] If a singular enemy is Staggered within the area during the Special, they will be knockback-locked until the final hit
    • [BUGFIX] Hopefully no longer falls off the map while in the middle of this Special

Gear is sitting in a relatively balanced place, but we’re giving Pummelers a bonus to its speed bonus so those KOs translate to wins.

  • Speed on Striker Advantage :: 15% → 20%

We’re welcoming some new Energy related Awakenings, rotating out some Awakenings that have been stifling in high MMR play, and doing some bugfixing and light balance. As a reminder: getting rotated out doesn’t mean gone forever!

  • Aerials
    • [BUGFIX] No longer shows a warning for Strikers with mobility abilities
  • Bulk Up and Peak Performance
    • [BUGFIX] Tooltips in game now accurately represent the extra stats given for Stagger
  • Primetime
    • Primary ability hits 10% harder → 5% harder
  • Super Surge
    • DASH, BLINK, and HASTE abilities hit 20% harder → 25% harder
Rotated Out
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Stagger Swagger
  • Stinger
  • Unstoppable
Rotated In
  • Egoist
    • [NEW] Evades refund 5 Energy (15 from Energy Bursts). Reaching max Energy grants 75% Speed for 8s, reducing to 5% Speed while you remain at max Energy.
  • Catalyst
    • [NEW] Gain 50% more Energy from dealing hits. Being hit generates 3 Energy (1 for LIGHT hits).
  • Fire Up!
    • [NEW] Gain 10 Energy on round start. Casting Energy Burst restores 30% of max Energy to other allies and Speeds up your whole team by 40% for 5s.
  • Reverberation
    • [NEW] Gain 250 max Stagger and .8 Cooldown Rate per 100 max Stagger.
  • Some Goal explosions no longer look very low quality on Ultra or lower settings.
  • UI Mission Timers are now all displayed correctly.
  • Strikes are no longer able to “stop” the core in some situations
  • MVP animations no longer “pop back” to idle just before transitioning to the end of game screen.
  • Audio and SFX are no longer dropped during active gameplay.
  • If Vyce is KO’d while using Super Nova [SPECIAL], the VFX will no longer remain playing for the entire match.
  • Striker Ability Information UI will no longer get stuck for controller and gamepad during a match.

Omega Strikers – Ver. 2.1.9

  • Release date: May 30th 2023 (North America, Europe) / May 31st 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Era has been a staple of tournament play for longer than the game has been released! Her potential to keep a debilitating debuff on enemies for up to 84 years had to be trimmed somewhat.
  • Bewitching Beam [PRIMARY]
    • Buff and Debuff Duration :: 2.5 → 2.25
    • Slow Amount :: 30% → 25%
Before Vyce rocked our worlds, ‘Vyce at home’ was committing war crimes against us. We’re going back to those good ole’ days – the risk and difficulty in landing her abilities should have more of a payoff.
  • C.R.A.T.E.R. [SPECIAL]
    • Inner radius PvP Knockback and Damage :: 360 (+180% Power) → 380 (+190% Power)
      • Outer radius (40% reduced) :: 216 (+108% Power) → 228 (+114% Power)
    • Inner Radius Core Knockback :: 1460 (+240% Power) → 1470 (+245% Power)
      • Outer Radius (25% reduced) :: 1095 (+180% Power) → 1103 (+184% Power)
  • B.O.O.S.T.
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 200 (+100% Power) → 210 (+105% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1380 (+200% Power) → 1385 (+202.5% Power)
Rasmus performs pretty on Ai.Mi’s App for some reason, but he’s been underswinging everywhere else. We’re putting some more weight into his pendulum so when he smacks you with it, it hurts more.
  • Pendulum Swing [PRIMARY]
    • Sweetspot PvP Damage and Knockback :: 180 (+90% Power) → 190 (+95% Power)
      • Non-Sweetspot (45% Reduced) :: 99 (+49.5% Power) → 104.5 (+52.25% Power)
    • Sweetspot Core Knockback :: 1340 (+180% Power) → 1360 (+190% Power)
      • Non-Sweetspot (22.5% Reduced) :: 1038.5 (+139.5% Power) → 1054 (+147.25% Power)
X is strong. Size is strong. Both are a bit less so, beginning today.
  • X Maximus [SPECIAL]
    • Size :: 40% → 35%


Powerhouse Pauldrons
  • Size :: 40% → 35%
Built Different
  • Size :: 40% → 35%
Big Fish
  • Size :: 40% → 35%
Eject Button
Eject Button does so many fun things for goalies and is a cool tool on its own, yet it still is being overshadowed by the other options.
  • Secondary Cooldown :: 20% → 25%
Siphoning Wand
This wand is being put to good use by a lot of intended users and some surprise beneficiaries (Zentaro studies the Wand now??). We’ll be keeping a close watch on its impact on game health, but for now we’re toning it down as it’s just a touch too magical.
  • Drain percent (health and damage) :: 5% → 4%

Omega Strikers – Ver. 2.1.8

  • Release date: May 23rd 2023 (North America, Europe) / May 24th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Ahten City
The map where it all began is now being Awakened into the spotlight as a true competitive staple. With its higher focus on Orbs and (spoiler) synergy with certain Awakenings, we believe it’s distinct enough to rise to the occasion.
  • Now part of the Normal and Ranked map rotation
May 17th Micropatch:

We nerfed Octavia and Vyce in the May 17th Micropatch. They were just playing their music too dang loud!! Here are the deets if you missed it:



Octavia is intended to be weaker when she’s not rolling around at the speed of sound. However, she wasn’t feeling particularly vulnerable at lower stagger. She should now be easier to KO and interrupt her Flow State.
  • Stagger Gain Over Levels :: 250 → 125
  • Flow State [SECONDARY]
    • Increased speed per second :: 2.5% → 2%
    • Duration :: 2.75s → 2.5s
  • Sonic Boom [PRIMARY]
    • Cooldown :: 7.5s → 8s
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 175 (+87.5% Power) → 160 (+80% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1330 (+175% Power) → 1300 (+160% Power)


Vyce is always down for an encore, but her long sets gave opponents too little counterplay. She’ll end her riffing a bit earlier now so Evades are more feasible.
  • Thunderstruck [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown :: 14s → 16s
  • Super Nova [SPECIAL]
    • Hold time allowed : 2.5s → 2s (time to fully charge unchanged at 1.25s)
No matter if the strategy is to score or KO, Atlas has tools at his disposal to thwart the attempt. We’re tuning down how often he can use his abilities – and we’ll see what he cooks up in his Lab to counter us next.
  • Cosmic Expanse [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown :: 20s → 22s
  • Celestial Intervention [SPECIAL]
    • Cooldown :: 40s → 45s
We like that Juno and her buds provide some KO threat, but they’re going a bit overboard now. They’re supposed to be squishy and comfy and FRIENDLY!!
  • Friend Fling [PRIMARY]
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 180 (+90% Power) → 170 (+85% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1340 (+180% Power) → 1320 (+170% Power)
Rune clearly has a high skill ceiling, but his floor is way down in the shadow realm. We’re giving him a slight boost to the baseline effectiveness of Banish so you don’t need all of your cooldowns up to make it worth.
  • Banish [SPECIAL]
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 240 (+120% Power) → 260 (+130% Power)
Zen’s gonna pass that test with all the blade studying he’s been doing.
  • Oni’s Blade [SPECIAL]
    • Cooldown :: 40s → 35s
Hitting Gear and Awakenings with some light balance changes as data continues to roll in!


Magnetized Soles
  • Speed :: 30% → 25% (will not be reflected in the tooltip but trust me it’s there)
Vicious Vambrace
  • Stagger restore :: 25% of damage dealt → 30%
Stacks on Stacks
  • Speed per Stack :: .175% → .15% (35% Speed at Max Stacks → 30%)
Stagger Swagger
  • Base Speed :: 4% → 2%
Tempo Swing
  • Max Stagger Percent for Heal/Damage on hit :: 4% (1.33% for LIGHT hits) → 5% (1.66% for LIGHT hits)


We’ve got ideas for fun and exciting Awakenings that can really change the game and your focus on the round. We don’t want a million awakenings always active, reducing your chance of getting stuff you want or stuff that works well together, so we’re going to implement a “rotating” system of awakenings. Some older ones are gone, some newer ones are in. That doesn’t mean the older ones will be gone forever, you’ll see your beloved Prize Fighter again in the future
. The new Awakenings should be enticing to get in every game, but you shouldn’t have to ponder taking them on Ahten City where the Orbs are plentiful.


Rotated In
  • [NEW] Orb Dancer :: Power Orbs increase Speed by 40% for 6s. After collecting 10 without being KOed, this effect is increased to 80%.
  • [NEW] Orb Ponderer :: Power Orbs reduce active cooldowns by 20%. After collecting 10 without being KOed, this effect is increased to 40%.
  • [NEW] Orb Replicator :: 50% of benefits from Power Orbs you collect is also granted to allies.
Rotated Out
  • Perfect Form
  • One-Two Punch
  • Prize Fighter

Omega Strikers – Ver. ???

  • Release date: May 20th 2023 (North America, Europe) / May 21st 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the game would not start and be stuck on loading screen for too long.

Omega Strikers – Ver. 2.1.1

  • Release date: May 17th 2023 (North America) / May 18th 2023 (Europe, Japan)
  • Patch notes:

Omega Strikers – Ver. 2.1.0

  • Release date: May 16th 2023 (North America, Europe) / May 17th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:




[NEW] Vyce

Vyce is an explosive long-range Striker who uses an electrified guitar to deal heavy damage and warp across the field. She can drop thunderbolts from the sky to stun enemies from a distance, launch chain lightning attacks, and emit a MASSIVE shockwave that sends enemies flying. With Vyce, it’s all about finding the perfect moment to warp into your enemies and start melting their faces with a ripping guitar solo.

  • Thunderstruck [SECONDARY]
    • Summon a thunderbolt from the sky to a target location, hitting and stunning enemies for .75s. For the next 3.25s, recast to assume a form of pure energy and teleport to the cast location.
  • Power Chord [PRIMARY]
    • Launch a lightning riff, hitting and slowing the first target struck before chaining LIGHT hits to nearby opponents.
  • Super Nova [SPECIAL]
    • Push-and-hold this ability to start rocking out, gaining 100% knockback resistance. Upon releasing the ability or after 2.5s, emit a shockwave that blasts enemies away from you. The wave increases in size and power for the first 1.25s it’s charged.
[NEW] Octavia

Octavia is a speedy but fragile Striker who excels at controlling the core and evading enemy attacks with her pair of psychically-controlled speakers. Her entire playstyle is built around Flow State, which grants her a scaling speed boost that refreshes its duration whenever she hits something. To become a true virtuoso with Octavia, you’ll need quick reflexes and a focused mind in order to continually extend your Flow State for as long as possible.

  • Flow State [SECONDARY]
    • Gain 25% Speed for 2.75s, increasing by 2.5% per second. Hitting anything refreshes the duration, scaling infinitely.
    • Sonic Boom [PRIMARY]
      • Launch a sonic wave that hits all targets it passes through and slows them for 1s. Deals light hits to subsequent targets.
    • Bass Drop [SPECIAL]
      • After a delay, emit 5 sound pulses over a short duration that hit surrounding enemies.
Asher – Mini-rework

Asher’s kit was too oppressive at keeping the Core forward, which made it very frustrating for opponents when trying to counter her core control. We’re removing her passive shield barrier and moving that to the duration of her PRIMARY ability cast only. If she casts PRIMARY on her side of the field, her barrier will be larger and unbreakable. We think these changes, along with a defensive buff to her SECONDARY, will improve her tank-like playstyle. All of these changes should improve counterplay against opposing Asher forwards, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on how she performs as a Goalie as well. Does that fit the criteria for a “mini-rework”? You tell me!

  • Striker Barrier (STRIKE)
    • Passive Barrier Creation on ability casts :: Removed
    • Now is just a normal Strike
  • Breakthrough [SECONDARY]
    • Fixed a bug where Asher could move during the channel time of the dash (0.125s channel before dash)
    • Tuned to be more forgiving to hit units slightly in front of and behind her
    • Now grants Asher a BUFF that reduces incoming Knockbacks by 30% and damage taken by 25% for 5 seconds. This buff loses its effects if Asher is staggered.
  • Barrier Beam [PRIMARY]
    • Renamed from Arc Beam to Barrier Beam
    • [NEW] Creates a barrier while cast that deals a LIGHT hit to enemies it comes in contact with before breaking. If cast on Asher’s team’s side of the field, the barrier is
      larger and unbreakable

      for its duration.

    • Asher is no longer further slowed if the barrier hits something (she is still slowed while channeling)
    • Beam Range :: Increased from 340 → 350
  • Magical Maelstrom [SPECIAL]
    • Maximum knockback angle to the cast direction :: 90 degrees → 60 degrees
      • This will keep both the Core and knocked-back players moving in the direction of the Maelstrom, instead of it being all funky.
  • Strike with Friends (STRIKE)
    • [BUGFIX] Blobbos will now reset their overridden strike direction when Juno strikes the Core
      • This should make it easier for Juno to set up some pass plays with the Core
  • Pendulum Swing [PRIMARY]
    • [BUGFIX] The head of his chain sickle (circular area) now scales with increased size
  • Unstable Anomaly [PRIMARY]
    • [BUGFIX] Now scales at a fixed rate, instead of being slowed down by increased Creation Duration
    • [BUGFIX] Will knock back targets multiple times if they stay inside the Anomaly
  • Banish [SPECIAL]
    • [BUGFIX] Now banishes additional targets hit for the same amount of time as the first target.
[NEW] Demon Dais
  • Our first brand-new map! It pairs perfectly with the Oni twins of Ahten.
  • On this new music stage, we have a unique Barrier setup with two concentric circles that you have to break through. On breaking the outer barrier, the speakers on the sides of the map activate, pumping out sonic waves! These waves will push Strikers and the Core away from them. When the inner barrier on either team drops, the speakers get amplified, expanding the impact of the sound waves further into the map!! You might want to bring earplugs.
Ahten City
  • Now spawns 6 Orbs per wave instead of the standard 3
    • This is intended to give Ahten City a little bit of variety and have a unique feel to it, rather than it just being the “standard” map. We’ve got a couple things in the future brewing around Ahten City as well, so keep your eyes peeled for that.
Night Market
  • [BUGFIX] Speed gate now grants bonus to all units within its area when it is activated.
  • [BUGFIX]On being hit by the Core, barriers take the standard 1s to fully deactivate (was shorter to match previous visuals)
Oni Village
  • [BUGFIX] Speed zones now better match the visuals and do not extend into the corners.
  • Updated to better teach players how to aim their Strike and Abilities with controllers and on mobile
  • Default setting for Controllers now has Aim Guidance turned off, letting players aim with their movement stick (Left Stick)
  • [BUGFIX] Goal gates now meet in the middle instead of appearing slightly open during tutorial
  • [BUGFIX] Goal gates in tutorial will no longer disappear when they’re closed in the tutorial
  • Healing :: 20% of Max Stagger → 7.5% to 30% based on current stagger (more healing when more damaged)
UI and other improvements
  • More Striker info on lore page
  • Improved layout in lore book
  • Barriers now have a VFX on destruction

We’ve gone and added all those cute and cool skins we made from the first Creator VS. They’re cool. And cute.
We also made some super rad stuff for the Ahten City Music Festival!!!! Be sure to check these out 8)

Creator Skins

You might’ve seen ’em shared by us before, but they’re finally here!

  • Moist Asher
  • Rakin Juliette
  • Lily Juno Bee
Music Skins

The Oni twins aren’t the only ones ready for the music festival! A couple of your other favorite Strikers are getting into the groove:

  • Idol Ai.Mi
  • Pop King Kai
  • Soundwave Atlas
Goal Explosions + Emotes

What’s a music festival without a little visual effects? We threw in a nice new goal explosion and a couple emotes into the patch, just to take this concert to the next level.

Nintendo Switch
  • Now playable at 60FPS!
  • [NEW FORWARD GEAR] Siphoning Wand :: Hits deal bonus damage equal to 5% of the enemy’s max Stagger over 2.5s, healing the user for the same amount.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed an issue where gear benefits would sometimes be lost when if goalies ventured to the very edges of the map.
  • 25% bonus knockback to staggered targets → now grants 10% more knockback to all targets

Making a video game is hard. We ran into some bugs, but we squashed some bugs too! Here’s a couple in particular that we squashed. Thank you for all your diligence in reporting them!!

  • End of match screen in non-English languages no longer shows weird debug text.
  • Omega Strikers no longer crashes Nintendo Switch when playing in 60 FPS!
  • Core, goal gates, and goal barriers no longer disappear when dead.
    • THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR IS REALLY NASTY. It will likely still occur on consoles, so if this keeps happening to you, PLEASE let us know!Fixed an error that repeatedly caused players to fail to connect to games during the loading screen.
  • Battle pass icon has been updated to show Season 2 content.
  • Atlas Lab Recharge time indicator is now red instead of green. Just an additional warning that you should get away from the area instead of trying to pick it up because it will explode.
  • Various other small bug and crash fixes.
  • Fixed a bug on Gamepads where quick casting a cast at location movement ability on certain settings would cast directly at your Striker’s feet instead of at maximum range.
    • Affects:
      • Juno Secondary
      • Estelle Secondary
      • Ai.Mi Secondary
      • Zentaro Special

Omega Strikers – Ver. 2.0.3

  • Release date: May 9th 2023 (North America, Europe) / May 10th 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:

While it’s good to have Strikers who are behind to have some options of getting back into the game, the catch-up experience for knockouts provided too much of an XP Swing.

  • Catch-up experience for KOs and assists :: 60% of the difference between KO’ed and KO’er (30% for Assisters) → 40% of the difference (20% for Assisters)

It’s been raining Cats and Blobs out there. Juno is excelling, so we’re hampering her ability to clog the alleys a bit.
Make it Rain [SPECIAL]

  • Cooldown :: 30s → 35s

Last time, Rune got the knockback buffs. We’re now giving him the damage to match.

  • Unstable Anomaly [PRIMARY]
    • Fully formed Damage :: 220 (+110% Power) → 250 (+125% Power)
    • Fully formed Core Knockback :: 1390 (+205% Power) → 1405 (+212.5% Power)
      • Unformed damage and knockback unchanged
      • Also applies to the Unstable Anomaly left by Shadow Walk [SECONDARY]

X has been nonchalantly kicking in goals after bashing heads. He can still do that, it just won’t be as X-cessive.

  • Bell Ringer
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 200 (+100% Power) → 185 (+92.5% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1380 (+200% Power) → 1350 (+185% Power)
  • X Maximus!
    • Size gain :: 50% → 40%
    • Cooldown :: 30s → 35s
    • No longer has a minimum knockback duration per hit

Mastering the blade is no easy task, but we think Zentaro could use a little help from our end. Now, when he’s dashing, he might bring an enemy with him.

  • Iai Rush (SECONDARY)
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 170 (+85% Power) → 180 (+90% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1320 (+170% Power) → 1340 (+180% Power)

Sparkington City needs to boost its tourism revenue. Stop by sometime!

Spark of Focus
  • 2 Cooldown Rate, plus 8 per Spark → 2 Cooldown Rate, plus 10 per Spark
Spark of Strength
  • 4 Power, plus 16 per Spark → 4 Power, plus 20 per Spark

Omega Strikers – Ver. 2.0.2

  • Release date: May 2nd 2023 (North America, Europe) / May 3rd 2023 (Japan)
  • Patch notes:
Night Market

Night Market is a bit tame in comparison to the explosions and firepower of our other maps. We’re turning up the speed a bit!

  • Speed Zone recharge time :: 5s → 4s

Atlas can use Astral Projection to win trades with frequency. This is a minor touch – he’ll still be winning trades with said frequency, but he’ll be paying a slightly higher cost for it.

  • Astral Projection [PRIMARY]
    • Cooldown :: 7.5s → 8s

Asher’s special is quite good at stun-locking and creating forward pressure, given how easy it is for her to hit it. We’re reducing its effective range and stun power to keep her more in line with other Strikers.

  • Pathsplitter [SPECIAL]
    • Base Creation Duration :: Reduced from 2.25 → 1.9s
    • Minimum hit stun duration :: Reduced from 0.3s → 0.05s

Fixing a Drek’ar bug that made his Molten Bolt last longer than intended, especially when he’d selected Cast to Last.

  • Molten Bolt [SPECIAL]
    • [BUGFIX] No longer gains CREATION benefits for the ability

Our favorite hampter sure is a stalwart defender. Honestly though, sometimes he also wants to slam. We’re giving him some more opportunities and payoff for belly flopping on his enemies. (Just like he did in the Trigger trailer!!!! He did the thing!)

  • Somerassault [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown 20s → 18s
    • Damage and PvP Knockback :: 200 (+100% Power) → 210 (+105% Power)

Magic Maelstrom (Era’s SPECIAL) was blocking off large sections of the map too frequently and effectively. We’re increasing its cooldown to make it more punishing when she has a poor cast.

  • Magic Maelstrom [SPECIAL]
    • Cooldown :: Increased from 15s → 20s

Luna’s W.H.A.M.M.Y (that’s her missile) is a little too punishing to miss, given its short-ish base range and acceleration time to get a stronger hit. We’re going to give Luna a bit more opportunity to fish for good hits by reducing its cooldown. And more chances for you to launch a random missile across the map for a free goal.

    • Cooldown :: Reduced from 7s → 6.5s

Kai can deny too many opportunities, so we’re knocking down his rapid firing barrage’s rapidness and its range a bit.

  • Barrage [PRIMARY]
    • Cooldown :: 10s → 11s
    • Range :: 775 → 650

Rune’s combinations aren’t as lethal as we’d like. While he has a lot of tricks in his bag, his KO bread and butter Banish into Unstable Anomaly should be confirming knockouts on players close to the edge of the arena.

  • Unstable Anomaly [PRIMARY]
    • Fully formed PvP Knockback :: 220 (+110% Power) → 250 (+125% Power)
      • PvP Damage and Core Knockback unchanged
      • Unformed damage unchanged
      • Also applies to the Unstable Anomaly left by Shadow Walk [SECONDARY]

We’re giving Rasmus a bit more mobility and agency over when he can utilize his Whiplash. This should mean he can do more than just Death Touch unsuspecting victims.

  • Whiplash [SECONDARY]
    • Duration :: 2s → 2.25s

Goalie Gear seems to be a toss up between Strike Shot and Eject Button. We’re giving the other options a bit of love to make them do what they do… except better.

Momentum Boots
  • Move Speed per Stack :: 1.5% → 1.75%
  • Max Speed :: 20% → 22.5%
  • Power :: 15 → 20
Extra Special
  • Special cooldown reduction :: 35% → 40%
  • Creations hit bonus :: 20% → 15%

How to download updates for Omega Strikers for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Omega Strikers, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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