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Daily Briefs (June 13): Famitsu preview / SMT Strange Journey Redux

Today’s Daily Briefs: latest batch of Famitsu previews, latest video clip for Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux, cover of the User’s Best Album for Etrian Odyssey, Physical Contact: SPEED revealed for the Nintendo Switch, latest Nintendo eShop Highlights video, latest Nintendo Switch accessories from Japan, and latest update for Denpa Ningen no RPG Free!!

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JP News (Feb. 8): Puzzle & Dragons X / Monster Hunter XX / Subara City

Today’s Japanese news: update and more free DLC for Puzzle & Dragons X, Famitsu preview and plushies for Monster Hunter XX, Subara City release date and screens,
Pokémon figure and puppet show, Valentine’s Day event for Denpa Ningen no RPG Free!, screenshots and livestream recording for Megami Meguri, and livestream recording for the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer!

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JP News (Feb. 1) – RPG Maker Fes Player: over 300 000 downloads / Puzzle & Dragons X

Today’s Japanese news: RPG Maker Fes Player downloaded over 300 000 times, screenshots for the latest batch of DLC for Puzzle & Dragons X, latest episode of NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time, screens and art for the latest batch of new content for Megami Meguri, and celebrations for the 5th Anniversary of the Denpa Ningen no RPG / Denpa Men series!

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JP News (Dec. 28) – Culdcept Revolt: Start Dash Ver. / Puyo Puyo Chronicle

Today’s JP News: Culdcept Revolt: Start Dash Ver. finally available for download from the Nintendo eShop, guidebook for Puyo Puyo Chronicle, latest Wii U Virtual Console release, New Year event for Denpa Ningen no RPG Free!, Densha Unten Shirei! Tokyo Wan-hen now available on Nintendo 3DS (via the Nintendo eShop), and latest gameplay video for TorqueL!

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JP News (Dec. 13) – Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns getting 4th update this week / Famitsu previews

Today’s Japanese news: Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns getting a 4th update this week, latest Famitsu previews, latest gameplay video for Megami Meguri, trailer for Run Run and Die, Christmas event for Denpa Ningen no RPG Free!, latest series of Monster Hunter figures, and a guidebook for RPG Maker Fes!

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Japanese news (Sept. 15) – Denpa Ningen no RPG Free: over 2.8m downloads, more

Today’s Japanese news: over 2.8 million downloads for Denpa Ningen no RPG Free!, promotion on Nintendo eShop pre-paid cards on, promotional video for the Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary, release date + boxart + screens for Beyblade Burst, release date + screens for Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, a book based on Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, and release date + boxart + screenshots + artworks for Lil’ Lil’ Fairy Kirakira ☆ Hajimete no Fairy Magic ♪!

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