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Daily Briefs (March 6): 7th Dragon III – Monster Hunter X

Today’s Daily Briefs:

  • 7th Dragon III code:VFD
  • Monster Hunter X
  • Denpa Ningen no RPG Free!
  • Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3
  • Pokémon
  • Monster Strike
  • Yo-kai Watch Busters

7th Dragon III7th Dragon III code:VFD

On March 31st, the 7th Dragon III code:VFD VISUAL COLLECTION will be released in Japan. On Friday, Famitsu revealed the illustration for the cover, but also the contents of the ebtenDX Pack.

Here’s the cover of the artbook:

Here’s a picture of the clear files (with an artwork drawn by Shirow Miwa) that comes with all purchases at the SEGA Store:

The ebtenDX Pack costs 4 800 Yen, and includes:

  • a tapestry, with an artwork drawn by Shirow Miwa (size: B3, 364×515mm)
  • Graphical Cross SAMURAI ALL SERIES (size: 200×200mm)
  • Acrylic Key holder

Talking of key holders, many are currently available on ebten:

7th Dragon III code:VFD (3DS) comes out this Summer in North America.

Monster Hunter X

Here’s some screenshots for the latest batch of DLC, that came out on Friday in Japan:

Talking of Monster Hunter Generation (western name of Monster Hunter X), Siliconera took a look at the concept-art artbook disitributed at the Monster Hunter Festa 2016, and found out about two weapons that were cut:

  • Hunting Hound was a gunner class with a dog as a primary weapon
  • Wyvern Boomerang

Click here to learn more about these two weapons!

Source: 4Gamer.net

Head after the break for the rest of this post!

Denpa Ningen no RPG Free!

Back in September 2014, Tokuma Shoten released a guide book for Denpa Ningen no RPG Free!. And on March 26th, they’re going to release an extended version of that guide book, covering Stages 1 to 20, the Extra Stages 1 to 34, details on Denpa Men to capture, treasure maps, details on all the monsters, and much more. You can pre-order it on Amazon.co.jp for 1 296 Yen.

And on March 9th, a new update for the game will be released (Ver. 1.10). It will be available at:

  • Japan: 10AM
  • Europe: 2AM
  • UK: 1AM
  • North America (ET): 8PM (March 8th)
  • North America (PT): 5PM (March 8th)

The update will add quite a few things:

  • a recycling pot, that allows you to get new items (including some available on via that method) by recycling some of your items;
  • Event Stage: after the update, some event stages will regularly be available to players
  • various new features, including an option letting you add equipment to your favorites (in order to easily find a specific set);
  • the size of the island will be increased;
  • and more (click here for more details)

Here’s some screenshots for the update:

Finally, to prepare for the update, all online services will be down from:

  • Japan: 12AM to 11AM (March 9th)
  • Europe: 4PM (March 8th) to 3AM (March 9th)
  • UK: 3PM (March 8th) to 2AM (March 8th)
  • North America (ET): 10AM to 9PM (March 8th)
  • North America (PT): 7AM to 6PM (March 8th)

Source: 4Gamer.net

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3, on March 24th, Square-Enix will have another Dragon Quest collaboration with a Lawson store in Akihabara). There will be:

  • special decorations inside and outside the store (including a flag)
  • plastic bags with a slime design
  • some goodies on sale, such as tote bags (click on the source link for more details, only in Japanese)

Source: 4Gamer.net


In Spring, Pokémon are invading KFC restaurants in Japan:

  • from March 17th, you will be able to order some Pokémon figures to put on your straw. They cost 190 Yen each, but you can buy the whole set (Froakie, Chespin, Fennekin, Sylveon, Pikachu, and Pancham) for 2 500 Yen. If you do, you will also get a display stand, six free drink coupons, and a tote bag.
  • from March 17th, two special game kits (cardboard) will also be available. Those games allow you to catch Pokémon by throwing Poké Balls at them.
  • from April 21st, you will be able to order a specially marked bucket with four pieces of the Colonel’s crispy fried chicken, fries, and some Crispy Strips, along with a limited-edition Pikachu-adorned placemat, 1 890 Yen.

Source: RocketNews24

Monster Strike

Did you like the Monster Strike anime, which was streamed on YouTube last year? Good news: a second season will start on March 26th at:

  • Japan: 7PM
  • Europe: 11AM
  • UK: 10AM
  • North America (ET): 5AM
  • North America (PT): 2AM

A new episode will be streamed every Saturday at the same time. On March 20th, there will also be a special screening of the 15 episodes of the first season + the first two episodes of the second season (the voice actors will be in attendance), on March 20th. Click here for more details!

Yo-kai Watch Busters

On March 2nd, Level-5 released another update for Yo-kai Watch Busters, bringing the game to Ver. 2.3. What this update does is add some cross-over content from the arcade version of Yo-kai Watch Busters. You enter a serial code from the Arcade version into the Nintendo 3DS game, and you can fight the exclusive bosses there (you can get some rare items if you manage to beat them).

To download this update, you have three options:

  • launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet (you should get a prompt when doing so)
  • look for Yo-kai Watch Busters on the Nintendo eShop
  • use the option in the Nintendo eShop settings page

Source: 4Gamer.net


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