eShop news (June 22): 10tons on Nintendo Switch / Death Squared / Bloodstained

Today’s Nintendo eShop news: 10tons bringing several games to the Nintendo Switch, trailer and release date confirmed for Death Squared, gameplay footage for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, boxart for The End is Nigh, Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi Hen coming to the Nintendo Switch, trailer and screenshots for Touch Battle Tank SP, and screenshots for Oceanhorn!

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JP News (Nov. 17): Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi Hen / All Kamen Riders: Rider Revolution

Today’s Japanese news: livestream recording for Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi Hen, commercial for All Kamen Riders: Rider Revolution, more screenshots for Otomon Drop: Monster Hunter Stories, some Monster Hunter jewelry, and the Level-5 Stadium to be called that for another 3 years.

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Japan: screenshots for upcoming games (RPG Maker Fes, more)

In this post, you will find screenshots for some upcoming games on Wii U and Nintendo DS, including RPG Maker Fes (Player), and more!

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JP News (Nov. 7): Monster Hunter XX / Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi Hen

Today’s Japanese news: some additional screenshots for Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross), trailer for Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi Hen, some Kirby soft vinyl figures, gameplay footage for Beyblade Burst, and some Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON news!

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JP News (Nov. 1): Gurumin 3D / Famitsu previews / Kirby Café / Splatoon

Today’s Japanese news: Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure coming to Japan, latest Famitsu previews, Kirby Café now closed and soundtrack + merchandise to be sold in stores/online, some Splatoon pens, e-Manual for Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi Hen, and trailer for Gudetama: Okawari Ikakaga’suka!

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Daily Briefs (Sept. 30): Kirby figures / Nintendo Badge Arcade (JP) / Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi Hen

Today’s Daily Briefs: some Kirby figures now available for pre-order on AmiAmi, Nintendo Badge Arcade update (Japan), new release date for Nyoki Nyoki Tabidachi Hen, gameplay clip for Rhythm Paradise Megamix, and separate upload for the second Yo-kai Watch: The Movie trailer!

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BitSummit 4th: 14 games to be playable on Nintendo’s booth, trailer

Today, Nintendo revealed the line-up of 14 Wii U and Nintendo 3DS titles that will be playable on its booth at BitSummit 4th, this week-end in Kyoto!

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