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Japan: screenshots for upcoming games (RPG Maker Fes, more)

Here’s some screenshots for upcoming games on Nintendo platforms, including RPG Maker Fes and RPG Maker Fes Player (NB: if file size is indicated, that means the game is available for pre-loading):

  • Monster Hunter Frontier Z (Wii U, out on November 9th): Free 2 Play [requires 52MB of free space on your Wii U / external HDD]

  • RPG Maker Fes (Nintendo 3DS, releasing on November 24th): 6 264 Yen [requires 826 blocks / 103MB]

  • Aikatsu! My Special Appeal (Nintendo 3DS, releasing on November 24th): 5 724 Yen (retail) / 5 152 Yen (digital) [requires 2 845 blocks / 355MB]
  • LEGO Ninjago Nindroid (Nintendo 3DS, releasing on November 22nd): 5 076 Yen (retail) / 4 536 Yen (digital) [requires 3 600 blocks / 450MB]


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