Megami Meguri: more details and screenshots (Goddess Jobs)

Yesterday, Capcom shared the latest batch of details for Megami Meguri, which focuses on the Goddess Jobs. Those are presented on wodden plaques (resembling traditional ones you can see in temples across Japan), and if you fulfill them, Tsukumo gets various rewards (such as stats bonuses, and more). If you’re planning to have her take the Goddess Trials, you better make sure to fulfill as many as possible.

Amataresu picks up a wooden plaques at random, and on it, someone’s request is inscribed. After reading, you take on the job (if you want, you can cancel it at any time). To complete the objective of a job, you need to travel to various places. It looks like you can progress more efficiently if you take on jobs that are close to where a Goddess Trial is held.

The game features special Golden wooden plaques, that Amaterasu gives to Tsukumo once she has grown enough. It serves as a test to see how much she has grown, and you absolutely need to complete the job before being able to take on a Goddess Trial.

Here’s some the latest batch of screenshots for Megami Meguri, showcasing the Goddess Jobs:

Megami Meguri (3DS eShop) comes out on December 8th in Japan, as a Free 2 Play title.

Source: 4Gamer.net
Translation by: Gematsu


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