Gal Guardians: Demon Purge – Latest details and pictures

Gal Guardians: Demon Purge is the latest game from Inti Creates. It’s a Metroidvania featuring characters from the Gal Gun series, and it’s releasing next February worldwide. And in the weeks leading to launch, Inti Creates are planning to share various details and pictures for the game via social media.

In this post, you will all the latest details and pictures for Gal Guardians: Demon Purge. It will be updated as soon as something new is shared, so keep checking back!

February 17th

In Gal Guardians: Demon Purge, you can switch between the two playable characters (each with their own abilities) at any time. That way, you can cover for each character’s weaknesses, allowing you to reach the deepest parts of the Demon’s Castle. For example, Maya can use her sword to smash down an enemy guarding against Shinobu’s bullets. It’s important for you to correct identify the strengths and weakness of each character!

February 7th

Megumi Tendou (voiced by Kurea Fujie in Japanese) is a pro wrestling fan. She’s usually fairly quiet, but her personality changes completely whenever pro wrestling is involved. When she gets angry, she activates “Wrestler Mode”, and displays sharp, precise movements that nobody would ever expect from her.

February 6th

Uraraka Nishibina (voiced by Anzu Haruno in Japanese) is a shy girl with a severe lack of self-esteem. She may not be a genius, but she’s a veritable jack of all trades who can do almost anything. Be careful when praising her, though: do it the wrong way, and she’ll get mad at you! Truth be told, it can be rather had to deal with her unless you’ve obtained the “Uraraka Grade Pre-2nd Class Certification”.

Rize Kurusubara (voiced by Mizue Tsunashima in Japanese) is the youngest of twin sisters that reincarnated from another world. She lives at her own pace. She quickly adapted to her new life in the human world, and in fact, she’s become quite fond of human entertainment. She entrusts everything to her older sister. In her home world, she was a deadly assassin who could manipulate ice at will.

Kazami Saijou is an energetic and rather noisy mood-maker, albeit a bit fickle. She belongs to the mysterious Curry Lovers Club, but recently, she began cooking tikka masala in the club room, which outraged her fellow club members.

Also, an extra today: some additional screenshots!

February 3rd

Ringo Kotobuki (voiced by Aiko Ninomiya in Japanese), the President of the Drama Club, is known for her voracious appetite. She always makes sure the clubroom is well-stocked with candies, but she always ends up most eating most of it. Some members call her President Foodie.

February 2nd

Tsukasa Nishiguchi (voiced by Haruka Oribe in Japanese) is a flutist from the Brass Band Club, and a real busybody. She’s such a karaoke afficionado that her band mates are worrying she’s neglecting her flute practice as a result. She goes to karaoke no less than 4 times a week.

February 1st

Otome Kurosawa (voiced by Tsumugi Okura in Japanese) styles herself The Maiden of the Black Rose (others prefer to call her Rosie). She loves Japanese confectionary and manga, two things that her friend Maya Kamizone is also fond of. She often shows off her chuunibyou-side to her friend by pretending to be a demon hunter, but she ignores that Maya is a bona fide demon hunter who hides her true identity

January 31st

Mihono Matsubara (voiced by Nozomi Umeoka in Japanese) is known as the “Master Artist” who publishes a surreal 4-panel in the school’s newspaper. Kaoruko-senpai, a legendary alum of the Art Club, was even found saying “This is pretty nice.” about her work.

January 30th

Kasumi Sakaguchi (voiced by Mayu Mineda in Japanese) is the ace runner of the Track and Field Club. She loves running and eating in equal measure, which is why it’s fairly common to see her rush to the cafeteria at lunch time. She’s a bit of a tomboy, but whenever romance is involved, her pure-hearted maiden side comes to the surface.

Ruriko Mikasa (voiced by 宮松芽叶) is the secretary of the Student Council. She is known for her wild imagination. Her greatest joy in life is to be ordered around by the president of the Student Council. In Japanese, she adds “ssu” at the end of each sentence. Her grades are so bad, it’s possible she might be doing it on purpose just to be scolded by the president of the Student Council.

Yurina Gozu (voiced by Kana Yuuki in Japanese) the charismatic president of the Student Council. She’s admired by all students, who call her “Yurina-sama”. Her reputation is such that even teachers can’t ignore her remarks. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds, and she tends to overdo things.

January 27th

Inti Creates have shared the opening video and some footage for Gal Guardians: Demon Purge. Check out this page for the two videos!

Shizuka Ninomiya (voiced by Saki Fujita in Japanese) is the leader of the Disciplinary Commitee. She’s such a stickler for rules she actually memorised every single one found in her student handbook. Her mottos are “It’s a student’s duty to study!” and “Romance is forbidden!”. Despite that, she’s quite interested in love, and secretly bought some romance books in a neighbouring town.

January 26th

Rion Harusame (voiced by Kurea Fujie in Japanese) is a member of the Theatre Club who made a name for herself as a delinquent in middle school. But this is a thing of the past (supposedly): she has fallen in love with acting, and she claims to be the gentlest person in her club. However, her using Anita Bellman, her classmate, as a gofer makes it hard to believe she’s really turned a new leaf.

January 25th

Saki Takada (voiced by Momo Higuchi in Japanese) is the super positive mood maker of the basketball club. She often adds “right?” at the end of her sentences, which is why underclassmen call her “Right-senpai”. It’s such a common occurence that even second and third year students have taken to call her that.

January 24th

Kumi Kibayashi (voiced by Anzu Haruno in Japanese) is a warm and gentle girl whose love of curry led her to found the Curry Lovers Club, where she makes curry every single day. She once had a big fight with Kazami Saijo over whether tikka masala is a kind of curry or not.

January 23rd

Mirai Wakaba (voiced by Kokoro Nanami in Japanese) is a prideful queen. To the surprise of everyone, she lost the last Miss Sakurazaki contest to the Kaoruko statue. She finished second for the second year in a row, a result she simply refuses to accept. She’s also part of the Tennis Club, and serves as its hard-working manager.

Midori Hanba (voiced by Aiko Ninomiya in Japanese) is the President of the Gaming Club. Unsurprisingly, games are her passion, and she wants to try her hand at making one. However, her ideas are too eccentric, and she’s unable to get anyone onboard her project. She picked up programming with the intention of developing her own games, but she’s just about to give up.

Neneko Kosugi (voiced by Mayuka Nomura in Japanese) is a capricious catgirl who belongs to the Swimming Club. She ends all her sentence with “nya”, and everyone treats her like an actual cat. For some reason, the mere sight of a pair of bloomers is enough to bring up some old trauma that makes her say “They’re coming nyao…”. Nobody remembers what happened to cause such a trauma.

January 20th

Roze Kurusubara (voiced by Mizue Tsunashima in Japanese) is the eldest of twin sisters who transferred from another world. She lives with her sister in a cheap apartment. A sincere and diligent girl. While she laments her sister’s laziness (she does not work), she cannot bring herself to hate her. It appears that in her home world, she’s able to freely manipulate fire.

January 19th

Asuka Hattori (voiced by You Taichi in Japanese) is a hot-blooded P.E. teacher and the advisor of both the girl’s soccer team and the Track and Field Club. When she was a student, she participated in a national soccer tournament as a player, and her skills haven’t decreased since then. She is utterly ignorant when it comes to love matters, and in fact, she’s never had a lover.

January 18th

Madoka Tsukimiya (voiced by Aya Suzaki in Japanese) is the president of the Light Music Club. A serious girl with a tsundere side. Following a lost battle of the bands, the girls band LOVEHEARTS took over the flailing club, and Madoka was forced to join them. While she’s since gotten used to the band, she tends to forget that she’s still club president.

January 17th

Aya Takajou (voiced by Haruna Kawai in Japanese) is the president of the Tea Ceremony Club, who exudes a surprisingly mature aura for a high school student. Despite being the daughter of a master of the tea ceremony, she loves to chat more than preparing tea, especially if there’s sweets for her to snack on. Her bust size is the largest in the entire school.

January 16th

Mafuyu Yanagida (voiced by Ari Ozawa in Japanese) is the president of the Ghost Hunters Club, and has been for the past couple of years. She is often seen wandering around school, though she never shows up in class. Her attendance is so bad, there are rumours that she might repeat her 3rd year yet again.

Tsubasa Yomoyama (voiced by Mayuko Kazama in Japanese) is the manager of the baseball team. A listless, unmotivated girl. Her father is a sports trainer, and he’s the one who taught her the very massage skills that has allowed her to earn the trust of the baseball team.

January 13th

Kanko Shishido (voiced by Saori Oonishi in Japanese) is a member of the disciplinary committee who grew up in the countryside. She’s still not used to her new urban environment, which explains why she does use her favourite phrase (“Y’all city-slickers sure are fancy”) a lot.

As member of the disciplinary committee, she has the power to scold other students, she has trouble trouble doing so if if they have too much of an urban aura.

January 12th

Hibari Toba (voiced by Tsumugi Ookura in Japanese) is a genius girl who skipped a grade and transfered to highschool. One after the other, she unravelled the various incidents that occured at school using only her remarkable brains, which really boosted her popularity. For some reason, eating canned crab makes her more alert, which is why people refer to her as the “Canned Crab Detective.”

January 11th

Rikiko Tanaka (voiced by Umeoka Nozomi in Japanese) is the chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, never seen without her trademark round glasses… except when they break. Even though she often sends her glasses for repairs, for some mysterious reason, she always ends up in situations where they get broken again. Thanks god for contact lenses!

January 10th

Kirara Kurashiki (voiced by Minami Muta in Japanese) is a mysterious school nurse with a relaxed attitude. It’s not clear whether she’s a demon or simply naive, but she tends to say things that confuse the opposite sex. Her true intentions are shrouded in mystery.

January 9th

Tsubomi Harune (voiced by Hekiru Shiina in Japanese) is the poster girl of the Drama Club, nicknamed “Bomi”. Her acting skills leave a lot to be desired, but thanks to her smile and personality, she’s the life and soul of the club.

Konomi Kujirai (voiced by Miyu Tomura in Japanese) is a class representative, earnest to a fault. Her family owns a maid café, and she often works as a maid there. She claims to hate everything about otaku, but maid culture is deeply ingrained in her, and she sometimes serves other using the tone and mannerisms of a maid.

January 6th

Yukina Jinbo (voiced by Nana Inoue in Japanese), a genuine young lady. Her lady-like (but caricatural) way of speaking is the result of her upbringing by her mother. Recently, she’s come to realise she was out of touch with the world, which is causing her some worry.

January 5th

??? (voiced by Yumi Hara in Japanese) is a demon that who exudes a mysterious aura. How is she related to the incident that turned a school into a demon’s castle? What is her identity?

January 4th

Risu (voiced by Chisa Kimura in Japanese) is a working angel who constantly fails at literally everything. She considers herself a dependable older sister-type, but that’s not really the case…

January 3rd

Chiru Kondo (voiced by Risae Matsuda in Japanese) is a first year student who, until recently, refused to go to school. She loves sweets and retro games, and is quite good at tinkering with mechanical things. She has quite the attitude for someone so shy.

January 2nd

In Gal Guardians: Demon Purge, you can explore every nook and cranny of a demon’s castle, with various secrets for you to uncover. There’s also students to rescue, and various items to collect to strengthen the demon hunting sisters and help them reach the top of the castle.

Nanako Tamasaki (voiced by Yuna Taniguchi in Japanese) is a second year student who lives at her own pace. She claims to be a perfectly normal girl, but she actually hides a secret that should never come to light…

December 30th

Every time you defeat a boss demon, you acquire a new “exorcism tool”. It’s actually a sub-weapon that grants new actions to the demon hunting sisters (they each get a different one), and allows you to explore more of the demon’s castle, opening new routes.

Kaname Nonomiya (voiced by Haruka Mamiya in Japanese) is a slightly nosy but kind student who’s in her third year at the Sakurazaki Academy. She also works as a shrine maiden at her family’s shrine. She’s not really athletic, but she more than compensates for that flaw with her high spiritual powers. She’s quite strong against ghosts.

December 29th

Akira Hibuki is a courageous girl who considers herself Sakurazaki Academy’s Defender of Justice. She’s a bit of tomboy, but she does have a feminine side. She’s a shy girl, and it doesn’t take much to make her cry.

December 27th

The main themes of the story in Gal Guardians: Demon Purge are:

  • Why did the school suddenly turn into a demon’s castle?
  • What happened to the students?

Shinobu Kamizono and Maya Kamizono are two sisters finally returning to school after finishing their job at demon hunters. But on their way to school, the Sakuzaraki Academy is suddenly turned into a demon’s castle. It’s up to the two sisters to shine the light on that mystery.

All the characters, from the main characters to the demons, and including the schoolgirls to rescue, are fully voiced! Here’s some of them:

  • Shinobu Kamizono (voiced by Emi Uema in Japanese): the elder of the demon hunting sisters. She’s brimming with confidence, and may look rather bossy, but she can also be careless at times. Her main weapon is an “Exorcist Submachine Gun”, which allows her to defeat demon from a safe distance using long-range attacks and a high fire rate!
  • Maya Kamizono (voiced by Chinami Hoshimoto in Japanese): the younger of the demon hunting sisters. She supports her beloved older sister from the shadows. She’s a technical melee fighter who uses origami to build various weapons. She can gain additional actions by acquiring subweapons.
  • Kurona (voiced by Aya Fujita in Japanese): an apprentive demon girl who attends the middle school section of the demon school. A confident girl with a penchant for (good-natured) mischief. In the past, she tried to pull off many pranks, but failed. It looks like she’s finally been order to repeat a year.
  • Aoi Uno (voiced by Nozomi Yamamoto in Japanese): a super energetic girl always sporting her trademark bunny ears. She’s the guitarist and vocalist in a band. She works part-time at a department store to scrap enough money for her activities.

Gal Guardians: Demon Purge (Switch) comes out digitally on February 23rd worldwide, with the retail release following on March 23rd in Japan.

Source: Inti Creates (Twitter)


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