Daily Briefs (Nov. 7): Sonic Forces / Steins;Gate Elite / Mario Party: The Top 100

Today’s Daily Briefs: launch trailer and pictures for Sonic Forces, but also…

  • Steins;Gate Elite
  • Mario Party: The Top 100
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
  • VOEZ
  • River City: Rival Showdown
  • ARMS

Sonic Forces

Here’s the launch trailer for Sonic Forces, now available in Europe and North America:

And here’s a fake propaganda video for Dr. Eggman’s Army:

Finally, here’s some more screenshots and character + Wispon art for the game:

Sonic Forces (Switch) comes out on November 9th in Japan.

Source: Famitsu

Steins;Gate Elite

Today, 5pb. updated the official “website” for Steins;Gate Elite, revealing that it would be released on March 15th in Japan.

There’s also a “trailer” with actual gameplay footage, which shows how the game mixes the footage from the anime series with the game:

Steins;Gate Elite (Switch) comes out on March 15th in Japan. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Mario Party: The Top 100

Here’s the latest video for Mario Party: The Top 100, showcasing the Eatsa Pizza mini-game:

Mario Party: The Top 100 (3DS) comes out on November 10th in North America, December 28th in Japan, and January 5th in Europe.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Here’s the music videos for the two bonus tracks from the CD included in the Collector’s Pack for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, sung by Apollo Justice and Klavier Gavin themselves (or rather, their voice actors):

1. Apollo Justice ~ A New Chapter of Trials! featuring KENN (Apollo Justice’s Japanese voice actor) (2017 Arrange Version)
2. Klavier Gavin ~ Guilty Love featuring Ryouji Yamamoto (Klavier Gavin’s Japanese voice actor) (2017 Arrange Version)

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (3DS) comes out on November 21st in North America, November 22nd in Japan, and November 23rd in Europe.


Here’s a picture of the packaging of the retail version of VOEZ, releasing on January 25th in Japan. It comes with 3 IC Card stickers (also pictured below).

VOEZ (Switch) comes out at retail on January 25th in Japan.

Source: Gamer

River City: Rival Showdown

Here’s one new screenshot for River City: Rival Showdown on Nintendo 3DS:

River City: Rival Showdown (3DS) comes out on November 21st in Europe and North America.

Source: Natsume (Twitter)


Here’s the full recording of the lviestreams for the two ARMS Japan Grand Prix 2017 tournaments held this week-end in Japan, in Tokyo and Osaka:



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