3Souls to have a co-op mode, video

3soulsYesterday, Red Column sent a press release to introduce the co-op mode of 3Souls, a puzzle platformer coming soon to Wii U (in several episodes). This mode can be activated at any time during gameplay, and lets a second player take control of the character (who happens to be Nelesa in the first episode) using a Wii Remote or the Wii U Pro Controller.

Meanwhile, the player on the GamePad still has control over the ghost, in order to solve the various puzzle on the GamePad. According to the developers, this mode is there for players who are not too good at platformers, or for those who want to share the experience with their friends or family members.

It also provides a different experience, since the two players have to cooperate and share information (such as what is only available to the player playing on the GamePad, for example).

Here’s a video teasing the co-op mode in 3Souls:

The first episode of 3Souls has already been sent to Nintendo for lotcheck, and should be released in late June / early July.

3Souls is coming to Wii U, and will be released in three separate episodes.

Source: Red Column PR


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